Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, November 21, 1912, Image 2

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— FUR THE CHILDREN My Girl. The dear little childten who pass all day I watch from my window above -- Darlings, with blue eyes and black and sray„ But one little gut I love. It isn't because of her lovely face: Her hair is as straight as a suing. It isn't because of some wondrous gram , She's a round little dumpy thing. But she always mothers the littlest tots And is kind to the weak and small. Swift on her two busy feet site trots To comfort and help them all. Once when the circus was passing by And the band was blaring along At the sound of a baby's piteous cry She turned from the hurrying throng. She lifted the baby and kissed the smart. (I saw from my window above.) She lost the circus, but won my heart. This dear little girl I love. —St. Nicholas. A Bird magician. In some parts of Europe the tourist may have a little bird called the slit - kin pointed out to him by a peasant, who says: \That bird practices magic. When he builds his nest he puts into it a certain stone which makes it in- visible. Any one who could find this stone in a Makin's nest would also be Invisible as long as he carried the stone in his pocket. When 1 was a boy I used to watch for the slaking building their nest. and whenever I saw one 1 would climb the tree to get the stone. Hut the nest had always be- come invisible before I could reach R.\ It is quite true, as the peasants any. that you may see a sisidn busily mak- ing its nest, and yet, when you crawl out on the very same branch where he was at work, you cannot find the nest at all. But there Is no magic In the siskin's methods of building. He simply makes his little home of material whose color exactly matches Its surroundings. Generally he hides his nest in the branches of a fir tree, front which the long tufts of lichen hang like an old man's beard. The nest Itself Is a small, round struc- ture, and when covered on the out- side with lichen and built to nestle close among the drooping lichen gm c ths of the fir tree it cannot be seen at n11 from below. Even when one era wls out on the limb from which It hangs, oftentimes he cannot find the nest. because It is so perfectly con- cealed by a branch as to escape no- tice even at close quarters—I\. K. Noyes In Volta Review. Kitten Rescues Girl. We often hear of dogs and horses saving the lives of human beings, but it is seldom. indeed, that a kitten manages to do this. Yet that Is just what a pet kitten did for its little mistress out in Venice. Cal. The two had been for a walk and had been gone for some time when the kitten came home alone. it went imtnedlately to the girl's mother and began to \me -ow - and to do all kinds of things to attract the woman's attention. When it saw that it was noticed it started off. but the girl's mother (11(1 not follow it at first. The kitten persisted. however, and finally the woman followed it and kept at the heels of the kitten as it led the way to an amusement pier. There the little girl was found hang- ing head downward from n large spike She had fallen front the pier. and her clothing had caught to the spike. Life guards restated her Immediately. and she was untie the worse for what was nearly a very serious accident. Odds end Evans Game. This Is lin Interesting little gain , ' for two players. They throw an odd number of matches on the table—Ray fifteen. Now eanh takes In turn (till'. two or three matches (whichever he likes t. and the whiner Is OP player who gets the odd number. Thus, sup- posing you secure seven matches and your opponent eight, yon win: If you secure six and he gets nine he wins Try to find out whether the first or second player ought to win in iii.' case of fifteen matches. Then, if you are interested, seek the general law tin' any odd number of matehes and under the extended emplitions that you can draw up to four or five or any number of matt:hen. --- business visitors at the Big Sag ranch in Lone Tree Monday. Mr. and Mps. W. A. 1-larris brought out the latt load of lumber for their house Monday. • Mr. Delany is sup- erintending the carpenter work. Mrs. Silve and Mrs. Brach spent Suaday at the R. E. Dickson home. . Mrs. II. 11. Dickinson was the g test of J. P. Mansfield Thursday. James Flynn returned home from Great Falls last week and is now pre- p tring to build his new house. Two capenters came out from Geyser Sat- urday to assist him. R. C. Petty was a caller at Kner- ville post office Monday. J. Y. 1Varren is threshing at his p!ace this week, useing his own ma- etine. R. E. Warner of Great Falls spent Thursday night at the N. M. Silve home. Mr. Warner has a homestead near Square Butte and is hauling lum- ber o: building a house on it. r C. H. Tillotson and D. C. Mac- Dathe brought home a bunch of 22 h 'ad of cattle last week that Mr. MacDuffie purchased out of Geyser. RAYNSFORD Henry Grundstrem and daughter callers in Belt last week. Oscar Swanson was a caller in Great Falls last week returning Sunday. Miss Kate Colarchik is the guest of hm - sister in Belt for a few days. Mr. and kiss. John Chambers re tuned from Great Falls Sunday after spending a few days there. J. W. Hershberger was a caller in Great Falls from Friday until Monday Mr. and Mrs. Goon of Cascade are visiting at the home of Mrs. Goon's aunt. Mrs. James Keith. NI iss Alma Pimperton went to Great Falls yesterday to visit friends and relatives for some time. Nliss Nlary Pattsner attended the f wedding of her friend Miss Mary Robar last Saturday. Mrs. and Mr. J. A. Bright of High - wood visited their sons Abe and Sam daughter Mrs. R. L. Fish for a few days. On Saturday last a prairie fire was started by a train going up the line trailing quite a lot of pasture of R. L. Fish, before it was seen by two young ladies of Raynesford, who eventualLs put the file out after wearing out their sw,•aters fight trig the tire. Thus prov- i ig themselves heorines. We understand that the men of Raynesford have organized a chit) known as \The Joil)ification Club.\ The first meeting being held at the home of Samuel M. Wright on Clark street. The time for the next ing has not yet been set. Jack and the Beans Talk. Jack is the lender and asks a ques tion of each person in the room The reply must he neither \yea\ not \no and must Invariably bedn with some letter In the word -litemi.\ Any player falling to answer prompt ly must take the place of the question em and become .lack. After Mares 4th PresAent Taft will follow his profession. that of prac tiring law. The first victim of football has been killed and given a decent burial. On with the game—let slaughter be unconfined. NI r. and NI rs. Joseph meet - Written fOr last week. Miss Ella Wood is the guest of her au it Mrs, John NI. Lindsay.. Mr. and Henry Hansen who have been visiting their son near Fort Ben ton returned home Monday morning. Mrs. W. A. Lavoie who has been visiting in Great Falls and Helena re- turned home first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lynch and little daughter are guests at the home of B. J. Kennedy for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. James Keith were business visitors in Great Falls last week. Mrs. B. F. McConkey and Miss Ni art' Pattsner wet:: shopping in Great Fails Saturdav, tenoning Sunday morn- ing. Miss Pattsner got off at Belt where she visited with the home folks over Sunday Rev. Van Orsdale and Rev. Ham- mer held services at the Church Sun- day, quite a large crowd attended. they also held a business meeting Nlonday at the home of B. F. NIc- Conkey. Alexander Nit -Neil and family passed through town on Tilesday on their way to Lewistown having drove through imin Denver, Colorado. Watson and KNERVILLE son Kenneth returned from Great Falls 0. G. Osnes and J. W. Watkins last Sunday morning, where they had were among the Knerville people who been visiting for a few days. visited Lewiston last week. NIL Walter Armstrong of Duptiyer. Montana, and Gayton Armstrong of Sace. Montana, were callers in town yesterday. Walter says that there is a A. J. McDonald was a recent caller great change in the country, it being in• the neighborhood looking after a the first time he has been hvte since bunch of cattle that he had bought of the railroad was built. Mr. Tillotson. XVilliam McInnis was a Belt carer J. P. Bain and W. H. Delany were one day last week. D. C. MacDuffie and son Neil re- turned friday from a visit to Great Falls. Total Vate in Cascade Ca (Continued from page 1) Probst Noren 615 ' _593 almberg 610t Peterson Cameron 708 County Commissioner— • M Iver. 2775 Phillips_ _ 928 Clerk and Recorder— Dennis Tintinger Livingston Sheriff— Kommers Fousek Nelson 2474 1266 - 680 2199 1875 519 County Treasurer— Craig Wood Rector 1493 2223 75 Clerk of District Court— . Harper 2984 Edgerton 813 County Attorney— Meigs Greene Imhoff Assessor— Harrison Giffin Dickinson 771 County Auditor— Roosevelt 1883 Hall 1839 Peck 705 Surveyor— Johnson Neal County Superintendent— McAnelly J unk in Livingston Public Administrator— Ashton 1949 Bennett 1657 Small 767 Coroner— Irwin 1823 Madden 1706 McLean 783 State Bonds— For Warm Springs 2202 Against Warm - Springs 1533 Militia Bill— 4. For Ref. Measure 300 1066 Against Ref. Measure 301 _ _2733 Nomination by Direct Vote— For In. Measure 3( 2 1949 Against In. Measure 303.,1322 Limiting Campaign Expenses— For In. Measure 304 1899 Against In. Measure 305_ _ _1355 Election of Senators— For In. Measure 306 1973 Against In. Measure 307_ _ _1240 Presidential Primaries— For In. Measure 308 1987 Against In. Measure 309 _ A266 For permit to sell jail 2065 Against permit to sell jail _ _1749 For jail bonds 1743 Against jail bonds 2148 For bridge bonds 2528 Against bridge bonds _ _1371 ___ 1975 1786 689 _1681 1983 2252 1605 2187 1602 720 For the best kind of insurance ob- tainable, see W. 1. Peterson. WEDDING 61.1475 StiverPlate that Wears - Dear to the heart of every woman is the silver she receives on her wedding clay—especially if it is 1841 ROGERS BROS: Long after other gifts have lost their charm and usefulness, the beauty and durability of \a43 ROGERS BROS.\ silver remain un- impaired—proving it to be \Saver Plate that Wears.\ Fite beauty and quality of this famous brand make it the ideal ware for gifts. We carry a full line of the leading pattern& HARNEY & ADAMS, Geyser, Mont. GEYSER JUIATH BASIN TIMES Published every Thursday at Geyser, Mont. K. H. Dudley( Editor and Publisher Entered as second-class matter March 25, 1911, at the postoffice at Geyser, Montana, wider the act of March 3, 1879. Subscription: $2.00 per year in advance. This has been a great year for apples and politicts. The democrats gets the plums. The year 1912 is likely to go down in history as the year in which busi- ness refused to be scared by a national campaign. While Great Falls businessmen are fighting about having two telephone systems, Geyser would be thankful if t had one. Watch Geyser get one in a short time. A dog that will do the work a dog should do on a farm, is worth his keep and tax, but the worthless cur that chases things he should leave alone, should be destroyed in the cheapest possible way. President-elect Wilson and family are going away to Bermuda for a winter's vacation. They will be gone until about the first of the year when they will return and commence to get acquainted with the ways of living as the first people of the land. Just to show that his heart is in the right place, President Taft invited the Wilson family to spend a day last week at the White House, The in- vitation was accepted and the Wilsons spent the day at their future home. They report a good time. It is peculiar but true, that when one feels as if the west had not treated him right - , he will go back east and try and think he is satisfied. Sooner or later he returns and is louder in his praise of the west than ever before. Two cases of this kind happened in Geyser this week. With a democratic president and ; majority in the House and Senate, and an extra session of congress pending, the democrats have a chance for their lives. If their arguments are logical at all, they now have a chance to show that their way of thinking and running things are superior and let us hope that they are, and that this country will enjoy a season of prosperity never before witnessed. So mote it be. Prof. E. W. Clark is in communica lion with representative stockmen for the purpose of forming a Stock Breed- ers' Association to improve Montana live stock. A meeting will be held in Bozeman in January in cor.netited with the Farmers' Week and Country Life convention. Courses in live stock and dairying will continue thru the entiae week, A plan to offer prizes for the best animals under one year old the progeny of pure bred sires is being considered. The governor of this state, persuant to a wise custom, has set apart one day in the year as \Fire Day.\ The custom is a wise one and probably has saved thousands of dollars worth of property. The idea of Fire Day is not to see how many fires can be had, but to see how many possible fires can be prevented. While this day was l'uesday, it behooves all property owners of Geyser and vicinity to lo3k about their premises and remove rub- bish of all kinds, see that their chim- neys are clean and in good order, and all refuse removed, thus lessening the chances for a fire. An ounce of pre- ventative is worth a whole fire com- pany. Teacher's Examination. On the last Friday and Saturday of this month, November 29, 30, there will be a teachers' examination held in the east side court room of the court house at Great Falls commenc- ing at 8:30 on Friday morning Novem- ber 29. Third grade subjects will be given on Friday and first, second and professional subjects on Saturday. All teachers who are teaching on per- mits are requested to attend this ex- amination. ANNIE A. NILANNELIN. County Superintendent. Notice for Publication (Non -coal.) Department of the Interior, U.S. Land Office at Great Falls, Mont., Oct. 12, 1912. Notice is hereby given that William H. Delany, of Knerville, Mont., who on June 2, 1909, made desert land entry No. 06230, for S% NEX, NW( NE X section 8, and swy t spA. section 5, township 19 N., range 11 E., M6fftana meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before M. E. Parrish, U. S. Commissioner, at his office, at Geyser, Mont.. on the 26th day of November, 1912. Claimant names as witnesses: Frank R. Spencer, James P. Mansfield, John Watkins, Julius P. Bain, all of Kner- ville, Montana. 10-24 E. L. BARNES, Register. Notice for Publication (Non -coal.) Department of the Interior, U.S. Land Office at Great Falls, Mont., Oct. 12, 1912. Notice is hereby given that Char- lotte A. MacEtuffie of Knerville, Mont., who, on Nov. 21, 1908, made desert land entry, No. 01984, for sS swa t , sS sea t . sec. 12; nS nwa t , nS neat, section 13, township 19 N, range 11 E, Montana meridian, has filed notice of intention to make proof to establish claim to the land above de- scribed, before M. E. Parrish, U. S. Commissioner, at his office, at Geyser, Montana, on the 26th day of Novem- ber, 1912. Claimant names as witnesses: Frank R. Spencer, Charles H. Tillotson, William H. Delany, DeWitt C. MacDuffie all of Knerville, Montana. 10-24 E. L. BARNES, Register. Notice for Publication (Non -coal) Department of the Interior, U. S. Land office at Great Falls, Montana, Oct. 12, 1912. Notice is hereby given that Eva B. Fisher. of Lonetree, Mont. who on Oct. 25, 1905, made homestead entry No. 2787, serial No. 03717, for s.\m sea t . section 1, tvvp. 20 N.. range 10 E, Montana meridian, has filed notice of intention to make five year proof, to establish claim to the land above de- scribed, before Chas. H. Boyle, U. S. Commissioner, at his office, Ft. Benton, Montana, on the 29th day of November, 1912. Claimant names as witnesses: Fred Fletcher, Bert H. Beckler, John 0. Stilwell, James L. Stilwell all of Lone - nee, Montana. 10-24 E. L. BARNES, Register. Notice for Publication (Non -coal.) Department of the Interior, U.S. Land Office at Great Falls, Mont., October 12, 1912. Notice is hereby given that Hildia B. Nottingham, of Shonkin, Mont., who, on June 18, 1909, made homestead entry No. 06444, for seX sea t , sec.1. eS neat, nea t sea t , Section 12, township 20 N., range 9 E., Montana meridian, has filed notice of intention to make three-year proof to establish claim to the land above described, be- fore Chas. H. Boyle, U. S. Commis- sioner, at his \office at Ft. Benton, Mont., on the 5th .day of December, 1912. Claimant names as witnesses: August Klay, August Heydt, Charles Skilling, Charles Sea. all of Shonkin, Montana, 10-24 E. L. BARNES, Register, Notice for Publication Non Coal Department of the Interior, U. S Land Office at Great Falls, Mont., Oct. 12, 1912. Notice is hereby given that Joseph D. Prevost, of Raynesford, Mont., who on May 12. 1909, made home- stead entry No. 06003, for lot 1, sS neat, neYt se3.i. section 6. town- ship 16 N., range 9 E., Mont. meridian. has filed notice of intention to make final three-year proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before NI. E. Parrish. U. S. Commissioner, at his office, at Geyser, Mont., on the 25th day of November, 1912. Claimant names as witnesses: John Chambers, John McLaughlin. Louis Bergeron, James Prevost, all of Ray- nesford, Montana. 10-24 E. L. BARNES, Register. Notice for Publication Non -coal. Department of the Interior, U.S. Land Office at Great Falls, Mont., Oc- tober 12, 1912. Notice is hereby given that John Bradley, of Geyser Mont., who. on July 21, 1911, made homestead entry. No. 023858, for swa t seRi. 5!4 sw,nw% sw;‘, section 35, township 19 N., range 10 E., Mont. meridian, has filed notice of intention to make commutation proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before M. E. Parrish, U. S. Commissioner. at his office, at Geyser, Nlont., on the 25th day of November, 1912. Claimant names as witnesses: Roderick N1cCormick. of Kner- ville, Montana, Aaron Sundberg. A. J. NIcDonald, Andrew Salonen all of Geyser, Montana. 10-24 L. L. Patnes. Ret;ister. Great Northern Time -Table No. 43—For Great Falls, Spokane, Seattle and all points north, noithvvest and in Canada (mail trAild 12:19 p. m. No. 49—For Kansas ('ity, St. Louis, Chi- cago and eastern and southeastern points, (mail train) 12:14 p. m. No. 43 and 44 on the division from dreat Falls to Billings stop only at Broadview, Judith Gap, Hobson, Stanford and Belt. No, 241—For Great Falls and intermediate points_ _ 3-15 p. in. No. 242 — For Billings and intermediate points 9:15a. m. General Blacksmith Horseshoeing Wagon and Carriage Repairing All Work Guaranteed ' Agent for J. I. Case Machinery J. A. Sanders Geyser, Montana H. W. BRANT, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON GEYSER, MONT. Office at Geyser Hotel DR. NILES DENTIST Guaranteed Dental Work at Moderate Prices Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4, Vaughn Block Great Falls, Nlontana ANTON D. STROUF LAWYER STANFORD, - MONTANA All Information from the LAND OFFICE and Plats Furnished Promptly T HERE are enough uncertainties about trading in lands without guessing at the title. Be on the safe side —demand an Abstract of Title. The Hubbard Abstract Company Great Falls, - Montana. Dr. R. It. Armond Dr. Loretta B. Nelson Osteopathic Physicians Conrad Block, Rooms 7 and 8, over Strain's Dry Goods Store, Great Falls, Montana. limb graduates of the A. T. Still Kirks- ville College of Osteopathy. Acute and chronic cases successfully treated. Office hours 9 to 12a. in.; 2 to 5 p. m. Both Phones 196, COL. STARK, The Noted AUCTIONEER For all kinds of sales as well as PED- IGREED STOCK A SPECIALTY Let me know at once, so I can arrange the date and everything. It means Y3 more to you in the end. Any advice freei terms reasonable. GREAT FALLS, - MONTANA PIANOS We represent fourteen of the world's great- est piano factories. Great Falls Music House FRANK CANTON Easy Terms 13 Fourth St. South Great Fails, Most, ATENTS Valuable info, rnation free If you have an invention or any parent matter si me immediately to ‘V. WRIGIFF. registered attor- ney, Loan & Trust Building, Wash- ington, D. C.

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 21 Nov. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.