Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, November 21, 1912, Image 3

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We A Food Give Thorough d does the grinder You at Our Try These K. K. Food and Roaster, Dinner are not convinced best roaster, get your money back. Expense! want you to know Choppers and and are Delmonico willing more about Roasters, that you Home A Delmonico Enameled cook your Thanksgiving in it, Then if you it the Return it and Take Keen Kutter Chopper. it a trial if it not prove most satisfactory have ever used. Harney & Adams GEYSER, MONT. Hardware Co. Market Report [Corrected Thursdays] Mr. and Mrs. Mike • Lynch are ocupying rooms over the Times ece. Several farmers have purchased new The following prices are in force at ! wagons from our local merchants this claim north of this city, returned home the local elevator at the time of going week. on Tuesday. to press: I Matt Puranen was taken to the The state bank has made arrange - No. 1 Northern wheat, per bu_ _$0.62 !Great Falls hospital from Belt, suffer- : ments whereby' ones taxes mar be paid No. 2 Northern, per bu. .60 I kti . ing from an attack of pneumonia, at the ban nstead of Great Falls. It .61 is a big accommodation to people of . 59 Mrs. Dan Nlerideth left Tuesday I for a visit the vicinity. 1 . 11 for her home in NI whigan, 90c with her parents and expects to re - 1 When the 65c to 75c main for the winter No. 1 Turkey Red, per bu No. 2 Turkey Red per bu Flax, per bu Barley, per cwt Oats, per cwt Geyser Locals Pasture for 150 cattle or 75 head horses. Inquire John Loberg—advt 32 M. E. Parrish is in Great Falls this week and is expected back next Sun- day morning. Best old dred. Mrs. wheat font - $2.60 per Cash Grocery. adv. 35 Cobb left for Great Falls last It tin - Monday. while Mr. Cobb, Miss NVilliams and F. A. Southerland went by auto to Lewistown. Wanted—Cattle or work horses to feed. Plenty of feed and water. For terms, address Mr. C. A. Jones, R. F. D. No. 1, Raynsford, Mont.—Adv.4w In another column will be found the advertisement of Harry Thompson, the butcher, who has just opened a much needed meat market in Geyser. He has a first class place and has meat to sell, con- sequently has an ad in this issue to let the public know where he is. 1 am still selling the best over shoes made, from $1,25 to $3.00. Cash Grocery. adv 35. groceries cost no more than the cheapest why not pur- chase the Gopher Brand and have the Notice the changed advertisements of the Purdy Trading Co. and that of I hest? Cash Grocery. adv. 35 Harney & Adams. They have the ! •Fhe southwest corner of Geyser is goods and want you to know. Ibuilding and growing like a weed. The household goods of R. fl 11 'he foundations for three new houses are laid, and building operations will Dudley arrived the first of the week, and Mrs. Dudley and son expect toj be comfortably domiciled in the 1 O'Hara house, north of the track, in the near future. not cease until Harry Tdlitson, James Karnaghan and Lee NI. Benedict have moved into their new houses. Geyser has enjoyed a season of If the Great Northern does not cut prosperity and the past summer has been the crossings' very soon, more than a busy one in this village. There has one woman in Geyser will b e eligiable been quite a number of du things as breakmen, for even now they can built and several store buildings erec- climb over or under with out the least ted and some men have est2blished trouble. J. A. Kerneghan of Spion Kop, was a visitor last Tuesday. Ile is manager of the Spion Kop hall and he antici- pates a large crowd to the . dance on Miss Steege who holds the position of head bookkeeper of Strain Bros. at Great Falls, and who has been on her best - - --- - Frank Churchwell and _I. A. San ders were out in the 1)avis Creek lc0111111) Olt a deer hunt, last week. 'They mete smcessful to the extent of one deer, and came home &imbed. 11 anted—To bus bunch of stock cattle. — Wales K, iith, S I O013 K op. NIont.—Adv. 34-3 Ranchers in this vicinity are im proving this line we:Juliet l Mushing then fall work. Those who are fin- tunate enough to be dim thre_.'one have set to work breaking up ne-a land, and several gasoline and steam plow rigs are at work. There is no complaint about the weather. A few boxes of fancy apples left at $1.40 per box. l'ash (irot ely . ads. 35. SPION KOP NIrs. J. Trege arrived Tuesday morning for a short 'visit at the old • homestead. NIr. and NI rs. H. C. Lyng of Gey- ser drove up Saturday afteinoon and visited at the Swan home. James Rector of Great Falls visited friends here between trains one day - this week. Wilmar D. Irvine had the misfor- tune to have his collar bone broken Tuesday morning. \lite accident made the possible. J. Bigelow atiived the lirst of the week to relieve Glen Ilolmes as Ry. Agent. Mr. Holmes will go home to eat ThanksgivIng turkey with The i .Iit is' P ' 114 \'\ Nidid his parents and we are glad to say that me Ih \ t \ 1 \ . will return among us. . Little Paid's Thanksgiv mg died Abbey . Hie First Thanksgit ing and Song: Charlie Kula. Ruth Thaxter. Clar- ence Sanders. Bernice Sutherland: Joe Burros% s, Selma .1nderson. l'he Story of To -Day - Julia Hatt - giving Day to enjoy the big turkey Oa. shoot and d ince. Pumpkins and Corn Frank Day. Stanfords's piogressive owe Sanders. clothier spent Sunday evening with Ten I.ittle Pumpkin Faces and Song: Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Peterson. ('Is de Abbey. Frank liacka Clar- Nliss O'Niell who has just cum- ence Sandeis, George Waymire. pleted a term of school at Belt Park Noel Anderson. Leslie Simpson, 0 A Building Material Missouri River I ;umber Co. GEysEit_spioN Kop lloffman. I The Pilgrims Boys 1 'Fhe Thanksgis mg Feast and Song: , s i r' f '('kinks Bernice Sutherland. II enry Backa, t \ I. ‘ ', 0 , raYer ''' ( ienev ieve Nlorkluilm. Ella I I off- I I I ' ' aYnme ' 111:111. Dave Simpson. NI ,'y Bellel Song - On the Eve of Thanks- NIcK es.. Walter Simpson, Selina I I I autala. Fran( is Harney. N iv ledman. Nlildred Markham. Daisy Congregational Church Simpson, Kenneth Stevens. An Choir practice Friday evening. Purdy . K ernaghan, Semite Sunday School 11 a. in. Thank s - was caused by the team starting quick- ,11.:;kaila. ! giving :Nddress 7:10 p. Ladies Iv just as NIL Irvin was getting into ' Tme \ •• Selma ' \nderm Aid will nut meet ne \ week ' Ow agon throvis ing him to the ground. ; Merino: Di s a f li n e4 . Polly Prim's Puritan l'11- :giVing Address. 11:30 a. ne - be Borrows Sunday School 10:30 a. \lhanks- De Chamberlain was called and soon Thanks °` ; \ patient pits: Rosa Nleredith, I,es- :Swim Kop: lie Simpson, NI ildred A Ithey, Clar- ne‘t en, x' Sanders. Bernice Sutherland. 3 : 45 II. Selma Anderson. Re l. Sikes returned f - Comm! hist ounciay, where ;officiated at the Futuna' of NI r. II. (i. NI ii- late of this city. NI is. Church has taken up her residence eeilh her steri-danehlef. NITS. Waller L e wis of St. Johnsbury. Vermont. The SyMpAthy of our entire common- ity goes out to her in her bereavement. he as coniforiable aS Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Hammer autoed up froni Stanford Sunday afternoon and spent a few pleasant hours visiting Spion Kop friends. To judge by all reports eYery one intends to come to Spiim Kop l'hanks art wed Wednesday nnnniag to teat hi the balance of the term in the Sp . Kop school. Mrs. 1. 1. Walker who commenced the term has resigned be- cause of illness. One pound baking powder given Free with each purchase of $1.110:flour. Cash Grocery. adv. 35 The Thanksgiving Exeicises will be held in the Congregational chum It - luesday evening NOV, The following program dered: themselves in business and are all Song Thanksgiving Joys doing well and have encouragment Give Thanks - Walter Simpson that the future has a rich store for Dear Old Thanksgiving Day - Ella them and the people of this vicinity. Spring will show that this section nf the country has interested people with Thanksgiving. NIL Kerneghan gem- ! gives, : capital ho are coming here, and erally has a good time Ashen he people party and this one will be no ex- eople with moderate means are co mg here and make themselves a home. ception. I At least fifteen dwellings are being ' Geyser now supports a two chair I planned (or he first thing in the spring. barbershop. F. E. Stevens the bar- ire„d the town is crowded to its Icier, installed another chair on files - I capacity and lucky is the man who is day afternoon and now Geyser sup- at present living in Geyser and has a ports one of the finest roof to cover his head. Houses are the west. You are next. The Geyser Meat Harry Market Thompson, Proprietor. The Salt Best Meats on of hand. Fresh always and . Geyser - Mont. , ii.. ............ all are rented and many are living in places which hardly deserves the name house are rented to newcomers who waiting for spring to commence the erection of a home for themselves Spring will see quite a difference in the appearance of this little cite, where there is now raw prairie will be sev- rcal new residenoes, gardens and parks. Watch Geyser grow. You can pay your taxes at the First State Bank. Bring your card with you. 36-7 E Parish, founder of the (ley- ! ser Judith Basin Times and publisher of that sheet until last week. Via, a 1Isi- • tor in Stanford between trains Satur- day. NI r. Parrish disposed of the ! Times to R. H. 1)odley. of I liii, hin- I son. Nlinnesora. some ten da. , ago .111d is making preparations to least- for Chicago December first. where lir ex- pects to reSIIIlle his old position in Otle of the large punting s•stablislinienis. \Vith the departure of Mr. I '.mmii'Ii mitt' Basiii loses one of its nifel ipable editors and coneastent booster .. be hay ing been a material factor in and adt ancement of liii teriii”s% -n , introducing the Times to it\ icsd. Sianford lVorld. 26, 1912. mill be reit- Clar- .1rs hie (byrne. Carl Iledman, Niel- s in Thaxier. Nets liacka. The I' Ills1 . 111: , 1111‘,NUIA 1111! - tin iii. : The I list lhauksgis mg 1)ay - .1ohn \lakalal 1)ialo2 and Song: II arvest Carnival Clvdt..NIthey. Frank Backa. Niel - 1 Thaxter. Nels Bat km. Noel .1nder- Nek liacka. Noel .1nderson, Cail I 'Milian. Rosa N 1 eieditli, Ar. hie Ils roe. Leslie Simpson, Semite Ilium NIonte don't leat e tulsin until you ii a, Bernice Sutherland. Lila I toff - hay e laid up a couple feet more on ma n, J o ll a I I :t otal:1, Selma Ander- the ('htirch chimney. 1Ve have the Iledman. Nlildred brisk and bey, Ruth Thaxtei. Nlildred Nlark- ham. - Dave Smili- I I amid Siinslat : I)ec. 1st. at Verslore lie Rev. Fr nces Vaskre, Conerega- tional pastor at Iledgesville, N 'hum 11 and .futlith Gap. is spending a few days at tIve parson:nu% Ile has had a nine weeks' siege of typhoid feser at the Deaconess I Iiisporal. Ile is gain- ing strength very rapidly. •I'he Ladies Aid Society seems very muds in evidence these days. Th.! tidies meet every wee's with good attendance. Various projects are con- stands- on foot. both so' al and finan- cial. The spirit Of achievement and good will is in Cu: ail .111 et. wen can CIO Is to Step ball arid, look on. Two i-oars of oil has in-ide :4 great difference in the appearance of the church floor. cement. 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Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 21 Nov. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.