Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, November 28, 1912, Image 1

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• 4,:. 1 , 4 TalloV% : • cEysmi, mo,N NOV._28, 1912 Thr Church Will Valued at $5,000 Rev. Sikes to Preach Funeral Serman—Relatives bered. Burial at Old Home. Carried Out. That Hiram G. Church, a late resi-• dent of Geyser who died in Great Falls November 1, 1912, made pro- vision in his will for the shipment of his body back to his former home in Vermont ; and even provided for the 0136 ; 0es:of the rnitti'ster whom he, de, sired to accompany the body and to preach the funeral sermon, was shown yesterday when the will was filed for probate in the district court . with the petition of Allen'A. Freseman; Jr., of Geysir. , The petitiOn shows the estate in Montana to consist of cash and notes in the Geyser bank amounting to $3300, and real estate in Geyser val ued at $2,000. The will, which was qn;the day Prior to the death qf test- ator, provides first that the exPense his daughter, Ethel, in 'coming to and returning from his deathbed shall be paid, that all of the expenses of his last illness and burial shall be paid, that his wife's expenses in returning to Vermont with the body should be paid that the fare for the transporting 9f his body to Vershire, Vt., should then be paid \also the expenses of Rev. Erie B. Sikes whom I wish to accompany my body to Vershire and to preach the ftmeral.settnon.\ Matt Farman Dies at Hospital Man parnanan who his been living on this ranch north of town, was taken to The hospital some time ago suffer- ing from pneumonia. Word was re- cei v&I here last Sunday that he had died. Mr l'uranen had lived in Montana for the past 22 years and was 57 years of age. He is survived by a wife and three grown children. The body was laid at rest in the Sand Coulie cern- tery. Will Remem- Help Her Grow. If you like the old town best, Tell em so! ; 'If you'd have her lead the rest, Help her grow!. When there's anything to do Let the fellows Count on you, You'll feel bully when it's through, Don't you know. If you want to makia hit. Get a name! If the o,her fellow's it, Who's to blame? Spend your money in the town, Where you pull the sheckles down, Give the mail concern a frown— iThat's the game! If you're used to giving knocks, Change your style! •Throw bouquets iristead of rocks, For a while. Let the other fellow roast. Shun him as you would a ghost, Meet his hammer with a boast And a smile. When A stranger from afar Comes along, Tell him who and what we are— Make it strong Needn't Aatter, 'never bluff; Tell the truth, but that's enough, Join the boosters—they're the stiitf. We belong. J. G. Finbrook of Stanford was here Sunday and Monday of this Week. It is a fact that no one who has ae- vertised liberally and energetically feels like disputing t h at : it was the best spent money he put into his husinesi. As a horse was never made fat by a single bushel of oats, so a single adver- tisement is never a perfect test of the benefits of advertising. Musical Treat at Stanford. , The. Hallowell. Concert Company of Chicago, will ,give a , Concert and Grand Ball thcfc, on Thursday Eye. Dee., 5th., . , • Undoubtedly the biggest hInsical Attraction travelling in the %Vest, is the ..Hallowett COncert Company which . is billed as the attraction in Stanford for Thursday even . ng December 5th„ The , Company consists of ten peOple incfusling Mr. J. Lester. Haberkorn, a a baritone Soloist of the highest class. and each one of the entite Company Carries a reputation that should induce ev4ryOne in this vicinity to take ad- vantage of the opportunity to hear theni. . • They . are appearing in Stanford only through in enormous guarantee from Mt. F. W. Lester who is manager of the Opera House there, and during the same week they will be the feature attraction,at ..latath• Great -.Falls and Lewistown, playing there for Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars for each performance. • After a two hours concert given by the entire Company there will be a three hours, dance with a nine piece Orchestra for the music. Tickets for the Concert will be One A \Bachelor\ Supper. 'Last Sunday evening about thirty. five \bachelors\ gathered about a banquet table, generously supplied with rceast turkey, and excellently pre - paired by Chef Alekandria and there aatisfied their inner self 'with the.good thiqg_kpwivided,.. This will be an ann- ual affair(providing the turkey can be had) • and; -those. , who are fortunate enough to get an invitation will surely be there. William Huhnerkoch - returned to the city Friday from RWwOod Falls, Minn.. where he was attending to his business interests. He will now es- tablish residence - (in his homestead north of town. %Val says that one whiff of Montana ozone has more in- spiration in it than a million • cubic feet of Minnesota atmosphere.— Hedges Herald. The ab we picture shows Philan det,C. Knox. secretary of state, on the rear platfo7m of a Great Northein ob- servation car crossing Montana, en - route to Washington. I). C.. from the west coast country. As NI r. Knox observed the great stretches of rich ag- riculture land in Montana as he jour - lo niisvfa tinvfig irs , 4:49 11.,, 44 ., T , niiaieff Hilt le 1, , 1r I te.tvipi 1, et .1,111:11; t.aft tedlirrej : f 'it • • - 5 • Y - 1.1 ' t .„ *, .1; 1 rw.lorra, 1441; /1 910,i 1 •..1 .11 ,1/11... , , p)1,,upo1 041 'IA I c ;1 , 12 ),1 1 1191 •• I • 1 , 1 IVY/osis • 1 '0 . . el.. 7 ')\.: neyed eastward he Was moved in do -1 quence by the impreaaiiin he received , of the •l'reasure state's present great- ness 'and its exceedingly ; bright future.' Himself a student i if 1111:11 conditions and realizing the need of modern meth- ods in agriculture. Ni r. Knox spoke i . to iris companions at length on the , prominent position Montana occupy- ing in the agricultural states of the nation. He told veldt enthuslasin of the 'wonderful productivity of N•loril tana soil and the progress the state making in an agricultural way. say ing that the. „problem., of . teduring the people 40 get hack to was here being automatically solved: • • .. Laying aside all political animosities, let consider the important mattCr of buying our ChriiiMas ills early. - 0 :4 7en Keasons for Hume Buying. 1 Your home merchants can dup- licate the prices made by any respon- sible concern anywhere on goods of equal quality, in the same quantities and nn the same basis of delivery and payment. 2 You can examine your purchase a in the home stores and he assmed of satisfaction before investing your 111011 - CV . 3 Your home merchants are al- ways ready and willing to make right any error or any defective article pnr- chased. 1 .. ht..11)i'st cif liehs in this -rrti- , 4 Your home merchants help sup- 111 \ I ‘Y• 41 e: Ill.!\ •IWIN% LII $154 port, through dotal and indirect tax- P lircl'IPe 11 , 12 \\ e— t' a t!''' . alum sirlil a, Wilk,i hun h ce; li b iane „ and other public onstiomons. 'fi Your home mere hams help make a good local marker lot ee 11 Int; you have to sell, and that 104i l.e'i . — In ore than any other one factor—gives our land Its piesent value. our home merchants are v om gcod friends, ever wady to extend a helping hand in time of need. • 7 If this community is good enough for you to live in and make your money in, 'tis good enough to spend it in. I . . ...4 , 9 N1i'4,1;ants in die - ;Ftatit give you , noth rig „valuable . hat- .the home in . eiv`N'ants. vanrot give ion -- and the torniel cannot.and . vvi11 not do: for ) mmii in all) 1111110 the latter do glade 10 Every dollar kept in circulation in this tonsmiinhiy helps increase prop- erty• values. Lvery: dollar sent out of this community that conk] as well be spent here hinders the wheels of prog-. teas and helps to build up some other comm Unity at your erepense. UNISISETX21;11113kilar1=1111113M. 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Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 28 Nov. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.