Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, November 28, 1912, Image 2

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Queen of the Meeptionegrins. Queen Mena of Montenegro, the gat of the Balkan states to open hos- tillUes against the Turks, Is a patriot of the warmest devotion to her coun- try. tam strongly favored the upris- ing and, In fact, for years has worked to promote a united Balkan movement to wrest from the sultan his Euro- pean provinces of 'abject Christians. Like all the Montenegrins, she hopes for the resbpstion of the old kingdom, which formerly embraced not only Montenegro, but likewise all northern MILKNA OF 110217112CEORO. 'Albania. The capital of the former kingdom was Scutari, which has beeis the scene of some hot fighting. Athena became the wife of King Nicholas, then prince of Montenegro, In 1860 and is the mother of three sons and six dateghters. She was the daugh- ter of Voyevi.xl Peter Vukotech, one time senator and vice president of the Montenegrin council of state. tier daughters have made excellent mar- riages from a political standpoint. Zocka, the eldest, now dead, was the wife of King Peter of Bervia. Two others married grand dukes of the roy- al house of [tussle. Helena, queen of Italy. made the best match of all, while a tifth is the wife of Prince h'rancis of llattenberg. Thus it will be seen that the royal house of Montenegro is well fortified with friends in the courts of Europe. origin of Old baying.. The ancient Greeks are retzponsible for the expression \to throw dust in one's eyes.\ Epamitiondas, wishing to surprise the Lacedaernonlans. is said to have caused 1.600 cavalry to advance In front, kicking up a great dust that the wind blew into the faces of the enemy, thus blinding them to a flank movement he was executing with a view to taking the coveted heights in their rear. \Dead man's shoes\ Is undoubtedly to be traced to an old Hebrew custom. On the transfer of an inheritance the successor received a shoe belonging to the deceased owner. There are several factors that are responsible for the making of an in- dustrial and thrifty man out of an act- ive and wide awake boy, and one of the most important of these is getting the boy to start a bank account of his own in his early teens or before. Not only should the lad be encouraged to put most of the money he earns on deposit in such an account, but it will help to still further encourage him if the fund is increased a bit now and then by those most interested in him. The having and building up of such a bank account will not only make a boy saving and thrifty, but he will at the same time learn the value of a dollar, while the incentive he will have to add to the sum on deposit will keep him from spending foolishly the money he earns. Help that restless, active boy to start a bank account. It may make a man of him. KNERVILLE Mr. and Mrs. NI. NI. Jensen of Lone Tree were recent callers in Kner- ville. Herbert Dickinson was visiting at the Ed and Kit Wilson homes in Lone Tree last Friday week and was accom- panied home by Miss Lula West and Edward and Francis Wilson who were over Sunday guests at his home. Ole G. Osnes is in Chicago this week looking after the sale of several bands of his sheep. Mike Muckeleroy of Geyser Was a visitor at the Bain ranch Sunday eve- ning. Ted Boadle and .lohh Sto'n' e of Black Rock were Knerville visitors Friday. John W. MacDtiffia of Oregon City Oregon is visiting his son D. C. MacDuffie and family. J. W. Watkins transacted business in Geyser Tuesday. H. A. Nottingham and Mr. Dun- can of Great Falls and Mrs. Ed Wil- ion and son of Lone 'Free spent Sun; A\ — _ GETSE:' THE TIMES IS A Visitor to nearly every home in Geyser and nearly every farmer re- siding in the trading district. That's ),vhy it is a good advertising medium. And a word to those who do not subscribe for the TIMES. Do you know the money you would save on your purchases by buying according to the display advertisements in this paper. It pays you to subscribe for the TIMES if for no other reason than to take advantage of the Bargains and Opportunities offered by Geyser businessmen. The Times, Geyser. day at the kV. E. Dickinson home. Herbert Learning was a recent Felt Benton business visitor. J. Y. Warren finished threshing on the Dickinson ranch Thursday. NI r. and Mrs. Juluis Bain and Mr. Delany were Belt visitors Monday. Two sisters of Charity of Great Falls were recent callers in the neigh- borhood. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Dickinson are visiting friends in Great Falls. They w:II probably leave for California later for a few months stay. During the terrific wind of last Thursday night the nearly completed new house on the Harris ranch was blown down. Each end and side was wrenched apart and the roof split in two lengthwise. Mr. Harris will at once rebuild in a different location. Several claim cabins near the Buttes ‘'ere also demolished. Nit - . and NIrs. Lew Williams of Lone Tree were guests at the home of Mr. and NIrs. jam is Nlansfield 'Tuesday. Miss Elia Ray spent Saturday on her ranch near Round Butte. Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Dickinson and daughter went to Great Falls Monday for a brief visit before leaving for the coast where they expect to spend the winter. Herbert Dickinson will join his parents the latter part of the winter. Herbert Dickinson will join his parents the latter part of the week and accompany them on the trip. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. MacDuffie spent Monday in Geyser. Frank Sutherland and A. L. Clen- denen were recent callers in Knerville. MERINO Renner and Johnson has completed their thrashing contracts for the sea- son. They threshed nearly fortyfive thousand bushels in . this vicinity which we think a good showing for a new community less than four years since the first settlers located here. B. e. Sikes is improving his farm by moving his barn and adding about double the room to it. Quite a number of our people have been hauling some wood down from ths mountains while the roads were good last week. Rev. E. B. Sikes was with his cong- regation again Sunday after an absence of about three weeks we are always glad to have him with us. Leslie Wright was calling on his neighbors on the Bench Sunday. He is now foreman of the Rockey Nloun- tain elevator at Dcv.,1 - . H. W. Fm'th purchased . a new Goodenough plow of Harney & Ad- ams last Saturday and expects to use it som this fall as are sortie of the rest of the Bench farmers. N1rs. Isaac Roberts was about the only lady of this community who can boast of sending a fine lot of Thanks- giving turkeys to the Great Fall mar- ket lair Saturday, there were thirty birds which would weigh about four - hundred pounds. Mr. Buckner of the Montana Ele- vator Co. ir0111 G Ser aCC0111 pan ied Rev. E. B. Sikes here Sunday. Albert Peterson is back In our neigh- borhood again from his homestead near Havre. Notice. Having sold my livery and dray business to Carl Hutton, all bills due me up to Nov 23 are now due and payable to. H. C. 1 TILLOTSON UPPER OTTER CREEK Mrs. Geo. Isaacson came out from Geyser on Saturday. Ed Landry Sr. came up from Belt on Friday to get another load of fur- niture, NIT. and Mrs. Landry will spend the winter in Belt. Malcolm Poole was a Geyser caller during the week„ Messers Joe and James Prevost al- so Louis Bergerson were transacting business with the U. S. land commis- sioners in Geyser on Monday. Dick Meredith was among the weekly visitors in our neighborhood. Arthur Thaxter accompanied by NI iss Louise Hoffman of Geyser came out to superintend the spread for a threshing crew however when the covers were being laid the machine had passed and gone to another farm. NI iss Elva Jones has returned home after closing a successful term of school at Kibbey. Miss Georgia Lane visited Miss Tintinger on Sunday. A. J. Stough and B. F. McConkey autoecl thru our neighborhood on Sat- urday. Frank Stocklin was a business caller in Geyser on Saturday. Frank Winford of Great Falls was here on Friday selling certificates on reduced prices of photographs at the Ford Studio. UPPER ARROW CREEK Mike Donaheau who has been em - , ployed at the Alex Stronach ranch left for Great Falls Monday where he will spend the winter. Clide Smith and Hoby Belknap were visitors at James Todd's Friday. Mr. Benedicts sale vv - s a very suc- cesf u I one. S. J. McAllister and Alex Stronach has been very busy , the last few days getting their flax thrashed which turned out better than they expected. Harry Dodge, Clide Smith and Nlatthew Todd were Geyser visitors Th ursday. Wm. Lacey was visiting friends here Thursday. Mr. and NIrs. Wm Braun who has been visiting in New York for the past three weeks returned home last Thursday. Mrs. Irwin who has been keeping house for them while they were absent departed for her home in Stanford Friday. N1iss Alger who has been with her brother for some time returned to her home in Iowa Monday. H. D. Myrick was over from his ranch north of Suare Butte visiting with I. G. Finfrock and attending business here. A. J. Henly and wife took their little daughter Marie to Great Falls ‘Vednesday to put her under the doc- tors care at the hospital she seemed to be in a critical condition probably with diabetus. H. D. Myrick and j. 0. Finfrock sold their holdings at Geyser of 176 acres to A. A. Fresenian Wednesday of this week. GEYSER JUDITH BASIN TIMES Published every Thutsday, at Geyser, Mont. R. H. Dudley, Editor and Publisher Entered as second-class matter March 25, 1911, at the postoffice at Geyser, Montana, under the act of March 3, 1879. Subieripries: /2,60 per year is advapoes. William Jennings Bryan is now spoken of as a member of the Wilson cabinet. Yet no one seems positve, and until the announcement is made we know as much about it as anyone. Austria and Russia are mobilizing troops on their borders and are acting very war like. They do not like to have any other nation cutting up the earth and they not getting any of it. Let them fight, it raises the price of wheat in this country. Although \back to the soil\ move- ment is one of the most praisworthy, and one to which many are turning their attention, often does not last as it should, for ten days of doing chores for three hours before breakfast generally cures the fever. At the close of his speech at the Lotus club last Saturday night, Presi- dent Taft gave the following toast to his successor: \Health and success to the able, distinguished and patriotic gentleman who is to be\—and he raised his glass while his hearers rose to their feet—\the next president of the United States.\ Notice for Publication (Non -coal.) Department of the Interior, U.S. Land Office at Great Falls, Mont., Nov. 25, 1912. Notice is hereby given that Jacob Kett). of Geyser, Montana, who, on April. 26, 1909, made homestead, No. 05833, for e3 seM, nw, se,, ne t sw sec. 18, township. 18N, range 10 E, Montana meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final three year proof establish claim to the land above described, before M. E. Parrish, U. S. Commissioner, at his office, at Geyser, Montana, on the 2nd day of January, 1913. Claimant names as witnesses: Gabriel Takilla, Lee M. Bennedict, Otto Put.; anen Matt Puranen, all of Geyser, Montana. 37-41 Julius C. Peters, Register. Congregational Church Friday Afternoon:—Ladies meet for work rat the Church. All welcome. Friday Evening:—Choir practice, All members requested to be present. Sunday Morning:—Sunday School at Eleven O'clock. Sunday Evening:—Address at 7:30. Merino: Sunday School at 10:30 a. m. Church Service at 11:30 a. m. Spion Kop: Afternoon Services at 3:45 p. m. Subject: \How a young couple solved the problem of the high cost of living and gained Social and Financial inde- pendence\. The Thanksgiving program rend- ered by Miss Clapper and her +sChool was efficient and delightful. But few people realize the amount of work in- volved in such a program. Miss Clapper is certainly to be congratulated upon the showing her pupils made, and with them. to be thanked for the en- joyable evening afforded the large aud- ience present. We believe the address Sunday eve- ning will be of interest to everyone. It will be the story of a man with a family who was on the verge of pov- erty with a salary of $1440 a year; but who suddenly began to save money as a day laborer at $9.00 per week, and rapidly rose to a permanent position of influence and financial independence. We are sorry to note that there is so much illness of late. But the way our people respond to the need of mis- fortune is but another evidence of the spirit of brotherly love, much regard- less of race creed or position, prevails throughout our community. Minister ERIE B. SIKES. You will probably find something in your paper you cannot endorse. Even the Bible is rather plain and hits some hard licks. If you were to get mad . and burn up your Bible, the hun- dreds of presses would still go on print- ing them. Call the editor all sorts of names, the paper will still be published. And what is more you sneak around and borrow a copy of it from neighbor. It is much better to your vest pulled down and your cription paid up. your keep sub- Noticefor n Pubirtion (Non-coal,) Department of the Interior, U.S. Land Office at Great Falls, Mont., October hereby that Hildia B. Nottingham, is g i ham 1 , e4 of Shonkin, Mont., who, on June 18, 1909, made homestead entry No. 06444 3 for s0‘ sex, sec. 1, neM, neYs seg. Section 12, township 20 N., range E., Montana meridian, has filed notice of intention to make three-year proof to establish claim to the land above described, be- fore Chas. H. Boyle, U. S. Commis- sioner, at his office, at Ft. Benton, Mont., on the 5th day of December, 1,912. Claimant names as witnesses: August Klay, August Heydt, Charles Skilling, Charles Sea, all of Shonkin, Montana, 10-24 E. L. BARNES, Register. Notice for Publication of Time Ap- pointed for Proving Will. Probate Department: In the District Court of the Eighth Judicial Dis- trict of the State of Montana, in and for the County of Cascade. In the Matter of the Estate of Hiram G. Church, Deceased. Notice for publication of Time ap- pointed for proving will, etc. Pursuant to an order of said Court, made on the 23d day of November, 1912, notice is hereby given, that 18th day of December, 1912, at 10 o'clock A. NI., of said day, at the Court Room of said Court, in the City of Great Falls, County of Cascade, has been appointed as the time and place for proving theWillof saidHiramG.Church deceased, and for hearing the applica- tion of Allan A. Freseman, Jr., for the issuance to him of letters TestamAtary when and where any person interested may appear and contest the same. Dated the 23rd day of November, 1912. George Harper, Clerk. 37-39By Pat Mullin, Deputy Clerk. I. W. Church, Attorney for Petitioner. Notice for Publication (Non -coal) Department of the Interior, U. S. Land office at Great Falls, Montana, Nov. 25, 1912. Notice is hereby given that John J. Oja of Geyser, Mont. who on July. 22, 1908, made homestead entry' No. 0351, for nwa sec. 13, neYa neYa sec. 14 twp. 18 N. range 10 E, Montana meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final Three year proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before Ni. E. Parrish, United States Commissioner, at his office, at Geyser, Mont., on the 2nd day of January, 1913. Claimant names as witnesses: Jacob Ranton, Isack Luoma, Emil Holman, John Felt°, all of Geyser, Montana. 37-41 Julius C. Peters. Notice for Publication Non Coal Department of the Interior, U.S Land Office at Great Falls, Mont.,. Nov. 25, 1912. Notice is hereby given that Abram F. Bright, of Raynesford, Mont., who on June 9, 1911, made home- stead entry , No. 021826, for e;':c sv,•Y t , Lot 7, swY t se t . section 6,town- ship 17 N., range 8 E., Mont. meridian, has filed noticeof intention to make com- mutation proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before R. H. Bemis. U. S. Commissioner, at his office, at Belt, Mont., on the 2nd day of January, 1913. Claimant names as witnesses: Roy L. Fish, Samuel Bright, Bert Brown, Henry D. Livix, all of Raynsford, Montana. 37-41 Julius C. Peters, Register. Notice for Publication Non -coal. Department of the Interior, U.S, Land Office at Great Falls, Mont., No- vember 25, 1912. Notice is hereby given that Howard E. Rickard, of Geyser Mont., who, on July 10, 1907, made homestead entry, No. 04039, for n% sw t , nw section 26, township 18 N., range 9 E., Mont. meridian, has filed notice of intention to make five year proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before NI. E. Parrish, U. S. Commissioner, at his office, at Geyser, Mont., on the 3rd day of January, 1913. Claimant names as witnesses: John L. Mears, of Geyser. Mon- taua, James P. Mansfield. of Knerville, Montana, Neal R. Silve, of Knerville, Montana, Geo. R. Kernaghan, of Geyser, Montana. 37-41 Julius C. Peters, Register. Teacher's Examination. On the last Friday and Saturday of this month, November 29, 30, there will be a teachers' examination held in the east side court room of the court house at Great Falls commenc- ing at 8:30 on Friday morning Novem- ber 29. Third grade subjects will be given on Friday and first, second and professional subjects on Saturday. All teachers who are teaching on per- mits are requested to attend this ex- amination. ANNIE A. MCANNELLY. County Superintendent. Time of Trains Great Northern Time -Table No. 43—For Great Falls, Spokane, Seattle and all points north, northwest and in Canada (mail train) 12:14 p. in, No. 44—For Kans'as City, St. Louis, Chi- cago and eastern and southeastern points, (mail train) 12:14 p. m. No. 43 and 44 on the division from Great Falls to Billings stop only at Broadview, Judith Gap, Hobson, Stanford and Belt. No. 241—For Great Falls and intermediate points 315 p. nt. No. 242 — For Billings and intermediate points 9:15a. m. General Blacksmith Horseshoeing Wagon and Carriage Repairing All Work Guaranteed Agent for J. I. Case Machinery J. A. Sanders Geyser, Montana H. W. BRANT, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON GEYSER, MONT. Office at Geyser Hotel DR. NILES DENTIST Guaranteed Dental Work at Moderate Prices Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4. Vaughn Block Great Falls, Montana ANTON D. STROUF LAWYER STANFORD, - MONTANA All Information from the LAND OFFICE and Plats Furnished Promptly HERE are enough uncertainties about trading in lands without guessing at the title. Be on the safe side —demand an Abstract of Title. The Hubbard Abstract Company Great Falls, - Montana. Dr. R. H. Armond Dr. Loretta B. Nelson Osteopathic Physicians Conrad Block, Rooms 7 and 8, over Strain's Dry Goods Store, Great Falls, Montana. Both graduates of the A. T. Still Kirks- ville College of Osteopathy. Acute and chronic cases successfully treated. Office hours 9 to 12 a. m. ; 2 to 5 p. in. Both Phones 146. COL. STARK, The Noted AUCTIONEER For all kinds of sales as well as PED- IGREED STOCK A SPECIALTY Let me know at once, so I can arrange the date and everything. It means Ya more to you in the end. Any advice free; terms reasonable. GREAT FALLS, - MONTANA PIANOS We represent fourteen of the world's great- est piano factories. Great Falls Music House FRA,VK CANTLON Easy Terms 13 Fourth St. South Great Palls, Mont. ATENTS Valuable information free If you have an invention or any patent matter NI rite immediately to W. W. WRIGH•1', registered attor- ney, I,oan & Trust Building, Wash- ington, D. C.

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 28 Nov. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.