Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, December 05, 1912, Image 1

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$, 4 VOL. 2. Ai .5 0\11 1 1 / //: - ---• 7 - - \-7— - 4'41 ' 6 \ #:)/4;\ - ..\+;•V )4'1 's•Y' 4„, - =— GEYSER, MONT., DEC. 5, 1912 NO. 38 Roberts Takes Office And Goes Ahead Ichun when the church will be ap- • I propriately decorated. 1 he program lhas not yet been completed but it will J. W. Roberts a Man Well Known and Liked in Cascade be a good one and one which will in- ' terest both young and old. Perhaps next week we will be able to publish Office Opened Monday. the program in full. Watch for the program. County. His. Appointment Satisfac- tory. James W. Robetts will check up the business of the office of receiver of the Great Falls land office Saturday evening and become the receiver of the office. That will be in accordance with \instructions of Commissioner Dennett of the land office at Wash- ington, D. C., conveyed to Receiver Roberts by telegram yesterday after- noon and follows in due sequence the appointment of Mr. Roberts a few days ago to be the receiver in the lo- cal office after the shakeup of the office by the requested resignation of Regis- ter E. L. Barnes and Receiver Charles A. Wilson, the latter complying but the latter waiting till his official head was chopped off by an executive order of President Taft. Mr. Roberts, following his appoint- ment, under the old rule would have been required to give a bond $50,000 but the department voluntarily reduced the size of the bond very materially and he furnished a bond several days ago. It went through the regular channels and was approved and every - found to meet the requirements of the department and Commissioner Dennett took step yesterday to make Mr. Roberts register of the local office. Receiver Roberts will thus start his term as receiver of the land office De- cember 1, for he takes charge at the close of business today so that when the office next opens for business it will be with Receiver Roberts in charge. Sunday being the first day of Decem- ber, he will not open the office to the publicfor business until Monday morn- ing, though it is a pretty safe guess that he will be busy about the office tomorrow familiarizing himself with its duties. The office since been under the management of former Receiver Wilson who was acting on special instructions from. the depart- ment at Washington. He will leave the office this afternoon and will short- ly take a position is ith the Amalga- mated Copper company. Mr. Roberts is well qualified to fill the position to which he has been named and his appointment meets with general approval. He has been prom- inently identified with political affairs of Cascade county for some time and . served as a member of the Cascade , county delegation to the last session of the Montana legislature. He formerly served terms as county and city treasurer respectively, with credit to himself andl satisfaction to the taxpayers. The! land office of Great Falls is one of the most innponant at the precent nine of any in the northwest. Program at the Church. On Christmas Eve there will be an elaborate program carried out at the • Will Fight Case W. D. Scott the man accused of practicing medicine without being licensed under the laws of the state, will have his first hearing in the dis- trict court. NI r. ' Scott was arrested a few days ago on a warrant sworn to by Dr. F. J. Adams representing the -state board of medical examiners. The action came as the result of the death in this city of Ira Barkley of Stanford some weeks ago, when, it was alleged, he was under the care and attention of Scott who held himself out as a practicing physician and who undertook to diagnose the trouble of the patient and to prescribe remedies therefor. An inquest was held shortly after the death of Barkley at which Scott testified, admitting that he had provided medicines Tar Barkley and that he was a manufacfurer of medi- cines which he sold for certain ailments. A Christmas Night Dance. it was testified to by other witnesses Dance promoters of Geyser have that Scott had treated others; that he settled the fact that there will be a had examined and percribe.d for them dance here on Christmas night. •, and had taken money therefor. Dancing will begin promptly at 91 The warrant was secured in the o'clock and about midnight there will court of Justice of the Peace W. H. be a Christmas supper served at the Safford k but Scott elected to have his Geyser Hotel and Landlord Hedman hearing in the district court and it was and his assistants have promised to do , sent directly to that tribunal. Th themselves proud in serving refresh- penalty, in case of convictions on such ments. The best of music has engaged a charge, is from $250 to $1,000 fine for the occasion and all who attend is or a term in jail, or both.—Great Falls promised the best times of the year Tribune. and one that they will remember until ' another Christmas. Dance tickets • Several resident lots have been sold will be one dollar and supper tickets the past week and this would indicate will be $1.00 per couple. Do not that some more puddings were going make arrangements to go elswhere but up in the near future. Gradually come here on Christmas night. I Geyser is becoming a resident town, • where people come to settle down and Louis Coughlin is again in his make their home. There is room for accustomed place at the store, after a a few more. Come on in—the water the shakeup has I short tussle with a sore throat. s fine. Will Save the Elk. ,ludith Basin Show For several days all of the soldiers from Fort Yellowstone have been on the boundary line firing blank cartridges in an effort to keep the elk within the reserve of the Yellowstone National park. Last week Wednesday snow ne(i)‘v Many Settlers Will Visit and Locate in This Vicinity. This and rain began falling along the boundary, and the elk started to move Place Will Profit by the Land Show. Attracts Attention. acress the line where scores of hunters waited. The hunting season closes 1 .11ember 1 and unless the soldiers succeed in keeping the elk in the re- With J. II. Suprenant of Lewis- I livelihood and many of the luxuries serve it is expected that the slaughter town as designer of the exhibit, - the independent of the outside world. It this season is ill be greater than last )ndith Basin disoict of NIont 3113 has produces enminous yeields of winter year, when, it is stated, more than 250 erected. at the land show, one of the wheat— flow thirty to . sixty bushels were shot on the last day of the season , most striking booths on the floor. Mr. to the acre—oats. barley, • alfalfa. tim- in that section. Supr'enant has the distinction of hat- only, doter. pototoes, sugar beets, and , I Mg won the silver cuo at the show last all kinds of vegetables, and many \year in St. Paul. for the best decor- varieties of fruits, such as cheeries, The oldest man in the world lives ation and display. He created the plums and apples - --- Nlinneapolis n Montana, if the authority of the peacock of grain which was the center Journal. of attraction anion. , visitors to the show. Chicago Record Herald is to be accep- ted. He is an Indian 131 years old. This year he has adopted an entirely ahd attests to the invigorating qualities new design. but it promises to attract of the Montana climate. The article ' as much interest. owing to his adaption Judith Basin a Fertile Spot. The Place to Live Long. A Double Header. Nloss Evelyn In in and Nliss Alma Irvin. sisters whose home is at Splint Kop, were the brides at a double wed - reads: of the grains of the district, which the ding yesterday, afternoon at 5 in the \Wah-hagun-ta Fire Nlaker, exhibit represents, in decorative work. The 131.year-old Blackfoot Indian from Heads of oats are employed effectively 'Glacier reservetion, is on his way. east , and oat straw is woven into ropes. to attend the United Stated land show , The interior frieze of the booth is at the Coliseum. Chief Fire Maker. made of lace; but the lace is not of and Miss Mina was married to Everett so far known. is .. the oldest Amman , cloth. Instead, oat heads are used.1Cope. Mr. and Mrs. Isaacson will being in the world, having 'wen hot is \The Judith Basin offers homes , reside at Billings and NI r. and Nfts. in the region now known as Glacier :for thousands who seek to get back to Cope at Spion Kop. National park in 1781, according to - the soil\ said Mr. Nlatthews today. well authenticated tradition. Death of a Little One. I The greater part of the western half \The chief was the first red man Last 1Vednesday afternoon 114r. and of Fergus county is embraced within in that territory to visit the \Great • the limits of what is known as the Mrs. J. S. Henley took their little four White Father,\ and his journey to the Judith •Basin *Fhis remakably year -old daughter, Lillian Marie to the -. national capitol when President Jeffer- o drained by the water's of rhe iValls for treatment. all that medical son was in the White House was a , c . l ti k e Ti t t I r t y' river and tributary streams, is, aid could do was done, the child died msmorable event in his life. 1;in immense basin„extending about last Friday ' it kne hour, The 1 \ . '` Iv - 'He was regarded in his tribe as an • ty miles east and west andninety miles was taken to an undertaker's pailio oracle. At the time of his birth, so! where it was piepared for burial. north and south, comprising an area! the Indian legend goes, the father of of over 2.000.060 acres, \The gen- I The fx\1%. takei to Anti's all spirits, standing on a mountain, shot er..I altitude of the Basin Is front 3,5(11) cathedrial is here ser ‘ Ice' were \H- an arrow which found a mark in a tree ducted by Rev. D. J. Dineen, chan- to 4.0110 feet. with long stretches of • near his fathet's tepee. The prophecy, level land and occasional gentle rolls \ celliq of the diocese of Great Falls and as interpreted by the medicine man, along the creeks. It is practically suir- , burial took place in the Calvary ceme- was that he would live forever and rounded hi small mounta i n ranges. tery. Mr. and Mrs. blender have a large circle of friends who estend their assist the gods in their councils. - 'An empire in itself' nit ' l fittin g ly sympathy in their sorrow. Mrs. NI. Jenson and daughter left describes the unparalleled Judith Basin. Tuesday for Great Falls, where they In the opinion of a keen and very con- Land deals and teal e!tate sates are will shortly be joined by Mr. Jensen, servative observer of agricultural re- becoming it conmem thing in Ceyser and together they will spend a short sources in a new country, the Judith and if von want some you will have to time in California. Basin supply all the necessities for a hurry and get on the band wagon. Presbyterian manse, Rev. E. P. Oho- nes.. pastor of the First Presbyterian church officiating NI us Evelyn Irvin became the bride of Henry Isaacson Buy Your Christmas Goods in Time while the Stock is Complete, and the variety in all the lines are Bigger and Better to select from. We are in a very good position to supply all your Nvants in the following lines: Groceries, Dry Goods, Clothing, Furnishings - and Shoes. Ladies and Children's Shoes You need a Pair of new shoes for Xmas. Let us show you What we have to offer von. Our line Men's, Ladies' and Childrens Shoes is bigger and better than ever before. We are handl- ing some of the best lines in the country, Whether you want the cheaper or the high- er priced goods. We 1 lave Them. See Us For Wear, Style and Comfort Give us your Xmas Order NOW! And we will fill it to your satisfaction Men's Made to Measure Suits and Overcoats. 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Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 05 Dec. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.