Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, December 05, 1912, Image 3

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The Rose In the Rin David impulsively gave utter:nee to I talked of the stubborn stand he made the hungry cry was the cause of much speculation and , his Iliroat: that was struggling in at the rear of the dressing tent, where uneasiness. The 'entire company lived he swung ii stake with savage elYee- in dread of hl* return, yet each indi- \Oh Mrs. Bratidoek, If I were free theness iii combat with half a dozen vidual was eager to have it over with. to go hack to Jettison hall: I could rioters who had cut the ropes, allowing No man liked the new partner; every ask you and Christine to come there the side e ails to drop while ninny of one knew where his real interest lay. and stay. You'd love it there. It's the the women were dressing. Thomas Braddock cursed him in ear: linest old place Iii\--- lie was fighting for Christine Brad- eret for remaining away while the \Why. David:\ cried Mrs. Braddock dock, Who was waiting In the tent for show was totterlug on its last legs. in surprise. him, instead of going to the hotel with Mrs. Braddock never spoke of the man, \Forgive me:\ lie cried abjectly. her mother earlier In the evening. He but It was not difficult to Interpret the \Oh. I should hove it --I should lore glorified himself forever in the eyes of anxious, haunted -expression in her ft. David,\ cried Christine In a low, the terrified girl. Ile WaS never to Mr- eyes as day after day she appeared at , estful voice. It seemed to him that get the soft, tremulous words of loving the tent, nor was the temporary gleam ' -,re was a strange, mysterious wail anxiety she used. quite unconsciously, of relief less plain when she convinced le the bao•k of the words. while she eent - about the task of ban- herself that he was not on the grounds. By GEORGE PARR M'CUTCHEON Mrs. Braddock tittered a short, bitter daging the (-Ills oil his tnee half an There was method In Colonel Grand's ;alight- \How good you are, David. hour later in her mother's room, where aloofness, lie held off resolutely, with What would your friends think if you many of their intimates had gathered almost Satanic cruelty, while Thomas took strolls people there to visit yosir f o r attention. Braddock and the weather brought the lie replied with grave dignity. \My I CO. frielools, Mrs. Braddock, include the \We must find Dirk Cronk and at. show to the last stages of desperation. Copyright 1910 by Dodd, Mead I tend to his wounde,\ protested David, At the psychological moment he would circus people you niention. I am not PROLOGUE. of the spot where David's clothing was for him at the lot until the men began and\- likely to forget that you took tne in addressing the others who were there. present himself and exact his pound of flesh. Christine's attitude toward her father \And made a clown of you,\ she in- changed forever on the night of David's David Jettison, a young Virginian, to pull down the dressing tent. Da- terrupted. Ile was gratified to see a luckless appeal. She had the whole deposited. bunted as a fugitive, seeks refuge tin -Thomas Braddoek was not a thief, yid was with them. Not far away was smile on her lips. The light from a story of her mother's life before she Ile never Ltil stolen anything in his Joey Noakes. the center of a group of der a eitatus tent. He Is found asleep window shone in her face. Her eyes went to bed that night From that un- life. Ile dtd not intend to steal now. performers held together by his won - by Grittaltil, the clown, otherwise Joey were wet and glistening. happy hour of truth she gave all of her Itefore he entered the dressing tent, : derful tale concerning the sensational Noel:etc In the dressing tent Grinaldi tie held his tongue for a moment, love to the abused gentlewoman whose half an hour ago, he had justified him- bit of pocketpleking that had occurred self unto himself; lie was not going early In the evening. A congressman wavering between Impulse and e recognizes lent as the \boy murderer.\deli- willfulness and folly had resulted in who are impressed by David's declare that the boy be surrendered to the au- thorities. Braddock changes his mind difficulties, and Braddock, in spite of had been resolutely convinced. Ile depot. The town was wild over the the proteste of his wife and daughter, meant to surreptitiously borrow the theft. (Ion of Innocence. roughly demandu fered. Braddock - 's circus Is in money was an honest one or so his conscience $.300 while waiting for a train at the end of the season, when lie was vast- Dick sauntered up to the group, corn - Idle money, that was all. Toward the In the midst of the narrative Artful ly prosperous -as he was sure to be- lug, It seemed, from nowhere. The he would go to David and restore the gossiper abruptly stopped les tale. money with Interest, whereupon the \They say it's going to rain before this to you, but I want you to know it soinelliing mere than mere maims - thy that filled her heart? hastily, \I'm right young to be saying half averted face. \Vas she beginning to suspect the real attitude of Colette! Itoh Grand toward her mother? Was \See here, Mrs. Braddock,\ he began 74 g _, 11111 11, , A‘, ,......_ I titUde toward this daint3', bewitehing ture he had known at flrst. Now she when she was happily alone with her ni T ot h h e e r r e a w nd as li n a o vi m d.tataking was no longer the gay, sprightly erea- lived well withld herself, a curb on her spirits that seldom relaxed except David . \ at- e:icy. Ills gaze went to Christlite'a her own appearance in the world. She for whose capture $500 reward is of- to steal David's money. His purpose had been \touched\ for his purse and when David produces $3,000. an filbert- grateful young man would fall upon morning,\ said Dick airily. \You guys that I am terribly distressed by what comrade of those troublous, trying his neck and rejoice. He needed the will get rust on your joints if you stay has taken plave in -in 3our - life. I lance from his father, of which he of. days. The whole company saw and fers Braddock the amount of the re- money. David did not need It, know youuhate Colonel Grand. I know out In it Ta-tit! I'm looking for my was delighted. \Jacky said Joey one ward if permitted to remain. He be. W'hat would his wife say if she came brother. Seen him?\ cornea a clown to evade his pursuers to know of this? What would Chris- He strolled on as If he owned the o tt i e le i . s .. a bad man. His new interest in this ahow Is the outgrowth of an old but is it going to endure? Don't blush. evening, \I see how it le with you now; and later Is stuffed into a circus wagon, tine think of him? They were harsh earth, my lad, and don't tlare up. We all questions and they troubled him. But \That feller 'II he as rich as the devil She started. Her eyes were full know you're terrible took with 'er. It's At the next stop Braddock offers him a upon his face. hink to be ashamed of. Wot I'm above these questions throbbed a still some day if he keeps on,\ said one of /g2 7 7,6 - X!, not steady position and warns him to de \You are not likely to know any going to say Is this: She's a puffect posit the rest of the inheritance with greater one -the one that made his the group. him. But Mrs. Braddock, distrusting body damp with fear -was the money That was the mild form of opprobri- more peace or happiness here. Why He Was Fighting For Christine, child yet and you are still a schoolboy. her hied:noel, already has taken the money for safe keeping. Colonel Bob still In the boy's pocket or was he urn that followed Artful Dick into the carrying it with him In the ring? shadows. As he passed by the Brad- don't you give It tip? IVity don't you leave the show? Why\- : 2 11 1 ,, e ( c .l a se me ai t i o i, t e nd y. asIsIshthaiinickebbeefdotroepapnedy t., A ,00 r u e st eice. you kt s b o y i l t de i t g b r i t s o a t . li ee i t r i Grand, a race track grumbler. who has gallantly. To this knowing chap there I front the sky.\ means so mach to 'er now? Are you : :: liFi l l! li i r e 4:7 E7 it Of one thing he was sure: David docks and David he doffed 1113 derby \David she said, laying her hand Braddock in his grasp financially, ap trusted to the integrity of his fellow was eomething significant in the are sa y in g .\ on his arm, \you don't know what you : Ruby Noakes closed her eyes sod- going to love 'er antis, Just as I dessaY performers. As for that, so dld Thom - pears at the circus and, as usual, is at - as Braddock. In all hi a experience dreary, half hearted smile that the \You could go hack to your father.\ amity to laile the telltale gleam that you'll Mel she will do by you?\ tentive to Mrs. Braddock. much to with circus performers be had never mother and daughter gave him. At he went on ruthlessly. • I know it had leaped into them. e. Site knew tilat \But -but, Joey,\ stammered David her Magnet. Grinaldl recites to his known one of them to steal; somewhat any, rate. he took a second look at would be all right. Ile would not\- Dick Count; was fighting for her, and in confusion -\she doesn't care for tee daughter. Ruby, and David the story her alone. Irrelevantly he reminded himself that them out of the corner of his eye. She Interrupted him quickly, in that way.\ of Braddock's changed character since Lily chaste. \Brad's up to something,\ he thought. \ just now,\ she said aft- Joey closed one eye and puffed thrice circus women were note Who has been talking to you of my -1, bag . ei ni under the Influence of Bob Grand. also er a moment. \Ile didn't have a at his Pipe. No; David's money\ was quite safe in The smile he bestowed upon Ruby affairs?\ telling of how Mrs Braddock fell in Ile bit his lip. \Why 11 ---well, JoeY scratch, arid he Is perfeetly mad With \Jacky it's not to your credit as a that dressing tent. \ N Noakes, who stood near by with ser- love with arid married her present Jes- over the whole thing.\ Two full minutes pAesed before he eral of the women, was all enveloping. Brinalill. He Is your hest, truest gentlentats to be so blooming stupid.\ husband, being disinherited by her fa- \He could Mil out of a balloon rind \She's so very young,\ murmured ther. Braddock orders David not to could whip his conscience -into sub- Ruby's dark eyes looked after him tin- friend. He told me a ll -- head. that Da\ id. mission. It was, as it afterwards tit his long, jaunty figure disappeared Christine was leaning forward, peer- not even get a lump ott his talk with his wife and daughter, but feller could,\ grumbled the contortion- - Well, love grows up, my lad, just through the compassion of some of the turned out to be, the last stand of the in the darkness. lug past him at her mother's averted - ist. who had two very black eyes mind thing called honor as It applied to \Too bad he's a thie-what he Is,\ fa ''' , the same as folks does,\ said the old circus troupe he is led Into a meeting whisky soaked Tom Braddock. Then ventured the Iron jawed woman pity- - Mother,\ she said wonderingly, 'several -humps.\ el . c . uwn wisely. with Christine. to whom he relates his he shot forward across the black what does he mean? isn't -Isn't Braddock, partially sobered by the Ingly. She addressed the reflection to ''Isf-if I thought she'd love me when story. He mentions bow his disgraced seriornt consequenaps likely to nrise shadows to the tilde pole he had been Ruby, who started and then positively your father dead. X% lint is It that she's old enough to\ - uncle returned after the war and of - glaring at for a quarter of an hour, glared at the speaker. Joey Noakes has told you. David?\ front the rtot, spent en uncomfortable - You mean by that that you'd go fered proofs of his innocence to Da- duty in the town. 'The circlet manager ' so far as to marry 'er?\ vid's grandfather and how thls uncle. Through the lacings in the side wall he saw that the section was empty. David escorted Mrs. Braddock and airs. Braddoek hesitated for a ino- suceeeded in halfway eonvitteing the I David flushed. Then his eyes flashed ' Christine to the hotel, where he also meld and then said to him, dreer des - together with Isaac, a negro lawyer, authrwities that his people had been •Pt • • • • • • * I was to \put up\ under the new die- pair In her voice: : with resentment: \See here, Joey, forged a will and slew David's grand- 'Poor David'. You don't know what upon nnol were in no way responsible , father to cover up the deed, cirostim- When David put his hand inside the pensation. They had bet little to say . you have done. No. Chrletine. my fa- for the affray. Threats of suit nestrist 1 . that's not the way to speak of her. lining of his waistcoat an hour later to each other. A deep sense of re- She's a lady. She's not a\- He stances, together with his uncle's ac- titer is not dead. Be patient, my dar- the tom; for Ilaninges lind the desired be turned pale and his eyes narrowed i straInt had fallen upon them. Ile uti- checked himself suddenly. cusation, making it appear that David I will tell you' all there is to effect: the autherlfles were eager to let i ...e rg . with suspicion. For an instant he per- derstood and appreciated their lack of ' ling- t i ;titans are very 'Igh and mighty was the murderer. Braddock secures witted them to sweep the laughing, ' ' interest In anything but their own un- puseons, I've been told,\ said Joes„ the aggregation depart. a hunchback follower of the show In a tell.\ viol Jettison had won more limn h:s adroitness. more money from David. Darkt helps unconscious group of men surrounding expressed thoughts. As for himself, \Tonieht?\ half whispered Christine, But in that sanguinary conflict Da- leading hint on with considerable ' he was sick at heart over the discovery moved by the herrid fear that there street fight and wins the thanks of the him. : he had made. Not for all the world 'd m \ - .1.1 \\ v^i ' llic '' ha l' i \\\ hie - Perhaps you have also been told cripple's big brother, Dick Cronk, a \Joey he said a moment late. Mk- , was some dark secret In her lit' which was to pia a barrier between hint and people, hi ilisdale ler their own posl• ing the clown aside, \my pocketbook would he have added to their nahappl- that we require no lessons In chive'. pickpocket The ungrateful hunch- tions in life, were saying, \1 d ill 1 ness by voicing the thonglits that were her forever. lin° - trill , ry.\ announced David, somewhat pomp - back, jealous of David's attentions to hi gone.\ \Wot:\ gasped Joey. \'Ave you lost ! : uppermost In Ills mind. rioting there ' tell.\ Don - n to the lewilest menial ths ouslv. It?\ with an Insistent clamor Boat' almost 'rite ...irons encountered vile weather sentiment reearding him underwent a \Yes. my dear.\ Joey chuckled softly. \Don't got Christine, informs on hint, but the po- lice are misled by Dick Croak, who front that Bine on. Day after day. subtle but noticeable change. lie was quickly- disguises in David's clown cos- \It has been stolen.\ deafened him. night after night. define the last twe HO 1011Cer flu' guileless outsider. lie _ •uffy, Jacky. Let's get back to the Joey's face crew very sober. \Don't ' Christine's father was a thief: lust subject 'Ow is it going to be tome. Bob Grand again appears with weeks In June there Wr191 rain, with was exalted even among those who say that, Jacky. It was In your ves'eut From time to time as they walked I with you two when you've really the show after a short nhsence and raw winds that chilled and depressed once had scoffed, announces that he I a third owner In as usual?\ \Yes The lining is slashed with a down the dark. still street he glaneel ' at her face. half fearing o mt i s ! the strollers. The route of the show Anxiety, worry and a mighty craving In the woods just now.\ glowed up? You're a couple of babes the outfit. warning David to act toward for exoneration, with a gliirione return him as pitch. Ile Invites David to form knIfe.'' thote:las might have reaelled her to: ran t home', the Ohio river valley. E a part of the \select circle,\ composed \Jacky are you sure?\ almost groan- means of some mvsterbous teletoathie ordinarily a profitable territory at that to the land of his people, triumphant in David was silent for a momeuL „ [lieu he faced the old clown proudly. of the Braddock family and himself. ed the clown. \Wily-ss ity. Ito - ' re :toeless'. ven heh lit t saolw oos her fooso lime of the :k ear. July wouloi see the hi s i ni ,„,. e „,, e. ,,,,,re telling on proud high spirited youth. A gaunt- - She s perfect, Joey; she's wonderfuL ain't nobody 'ere as would steal a pia, was adorable. Ili. could mit see her snow well started for the northern eh - - concealing his motives. Braddock plans !less settled in his face. There was n I expect to love her always. When No. sir, not one of\-- /mit, where the floods were lees trim - to secure all of David's money, whieh dark eyes. but hue knew they were n ..,. rui look in his eyes. His she s old enough I am going to ask \I know that, Joey.\ said Putrid. He troubled sad afraid. lie would have blesome anti the weather bade fair to hungry. 1 I had been secretly deposited in a bank. ever winning snOle reepended less read- her to be my wife.\ was very white and his eyes were turn favorable. So bail were the floods NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY. given woriiis to have taken her in his fly than before. Sharp Ilne3 began to \Provided you escape the gallows,\ heavy with pain. \I know who stole arms then and there to pour into her in one particular region that the con - reveal themselves. flanking his nostrils. remarked Joey seutentiously. It.\ cern Wil9 Obliged to cancel dates in little sore heart all the comfort of his Yes,\ said the boy, setting his jaw, Ills heart was bitter. The weeks had - A Thief In the Night. Grinahil looked up sharply. Some- new found adoration. three tewns, lying idle in a God fir- ills him to a filler realization of but turning very white. \But eh* band's sudden ebullience, his \You -you don't mean\- she had Cottle to stand for 111 1M1 life. him, this detliiiitis realization of what For days it hail been growing upon days and traveling as if pursued by saken river place for two wretched the horrid blight upon his falr name. Ile had 'cute to see the wreck In nil Its lug for the cause of her hum- of lightning. thing darted lato his mind like a flash RS. BRA DDOCK was search - M astounding surrender to her \I won't say the name. And yen She had crept lute kis heart, and he amen needed rest. Performers mid that he Was a haunted. branded thing, nail under another name I would not. should(' always live under this shadow knows I nal innocent. Even though I feel that I was doing her a wrong In ii• devile on the third. The horses. over- worked and half starved. obtained a ecild. brutal aspects. The renlization : ow -n views regarding their (laughter. mustn't say It either-hwy. Ilia I 11111 was glad. Duette gtollaittry and a As for Christine. she woe more afraid as sure of It as I arn sure my heart sense of the fitness of things had kept employees alike grew taeiturn and oh- with a priee on his head. sank deeper asking her to share my lot with me. of him than she had been In all her life. beats. Casey said he -the man came him from uttering one word of love to sorbed In speculation as to the imine- rind deeper into his soul. Dente Nothing could be worse than what she ' , This new mood suggested sorne vague, In here for half an hour -I can't be- (Bate future. No one believed that the Chased an a criminal! He, a Jentson has to bear now; bat Joey\ h. eon - I undefinable trouble for her mother. To here he iS a thief! JoeY, they innst show could continueu against sit -hi dis- of Virginia: eluded firmly, \I am going to clear my Nor was he permitted at any time to name as sure as I live.\ her horror she was beginning to look never know. We must not mention ' treseIng odds. At no performance feel that he Wits safe froom arrest_ The old clown nodded his head, eyed for sotnething elnister in all that he this thing to any one. I don't mind undertook to were the receipts half adequate to the Thomas Braddock. savagely diseppoint- hie protege furtively and lovingly and do or say. , requirements. Faith day sac's- the Chi Thomas money. It is nothing\- ed on that shameful night. made life lapsed into silence. For a long time Unable to face the speculative :mg- Joey wiped the perspiration from his terprise sink deeper Info a mire of debt misernble for the young o-lown. Only neither spoke. It was David who lety in the eyes of Ids wife and child, forehead, from which there was no apparent Itraildoek edged off to the Men ' s see- \Itiglit-o! Not a blooming word. I prostueet of esentie. All manner of \had a sodden hope that there was till e . 13. ' chanee to secure the trensure kept him ! \ I Joey, I wonder If you know how broke the strain. tion of the tent. His fill - tire. nervous see your meaning. By cripea. he's Ittek\ sights er)pped out to sustain this from actually doing bodily harm to much Dick Crook loves Ruby?' He glateses :Oge e the small npartment es- sinking pretty lows Bid.\ hopefully, multitude of loeliefs. Every one was linvid, to such an extent that he put the question tentatively. caved ill , notice of the men who were \ntrioloy Inc didn't do It.\ resort :rig to his luck stone or an anni- chanting their npparel. To his own \I hope lie didn't but\- The boy let. Even David Jenison fell under might he forced to leave the show. \I do,\ responded Joey promptly.. digst a cold perspiration began to shuddered. \Joey. I passed hm i ns I the spell of so rs pet itntion. Ile carried a \leek piece\ given ffim by illthY The proprietor was sinking lower \He loves her so much and so honest- oozes:ru 4lint all over his body -the mois- inure from the ring awhile ago. De and lower In the mire of dissolute, ly that he won't tell 'er about It\ Nonkee, and not once hut many times tare of extreme nervonsnese and inile- wet; leaning against a cplarter pole / ness. There was no longer any pre- \I feel very sorry for eision. Ile took a stiff pull at his The loek he cave me was so queer, so was lie guilty of can u ine-pon It for re- ietttie o f sobriety. Ile drank with vi- \So do I. Ile', often told me that brandy flask. sereo•ious, t lint I t turned away. I s lier from the general misfortune. does disregard for the common as- he's mad In love with 'er. But he saps Love Wings a Timid Dart m m wets of decency. He was ugly, guar- she can't haf-efford to 'eve anything His shifting gaze ultimately rested couldn't unilerstnnil It. Bet I do now. relsoe, resentful of any effort on the to do with a pickpocket He says It on Da V id JelliSOICS neatly deposited Joey. It's as elesr as day to me. hi' ----a BLOODY fight on the circus part of his friends to guide him out of wouldn't be right. So he's just going clothing. The boy was In the Ong. had discovered that insteed of SO.Soloo suit's grounds between the show- the slough In which he WAR losing him- on loving 'er and saying nothing-- ills \street wear\ lay on I a \keester\ Loire were but six t\ It -donor notes is 1 men and an organized hand self. More than one kindly disposed I That's the way It'll be to the end.\ e mnewhat apart from the betel - wen- Hint pocketbook. Do you understate)? . eons pile of Inen ' S apparel on the ad- lie was black with rege and disuiss I 11 o r tewn ruffians crime near to person had been knoeked down for hie \And Ruby?' bringing the utnneern to an mei. The riot \interference as Itraddoek called IL \Well she knows 'ow it Is with '1m. lacent boxes. Daviil's \pile\ was clos e p o int nwiir-- to the ontside wall of the tent Brad- \.Incky we're got to keep our eyes sz . ..... ,.._ ,_.,,_. happened In one of the hill towns along David Jenlson shrank from contact I dareetty that's why she's anus try - dock merked its lecultin in respest to pe^14 -4 1, yol1 tool me nett another toe hse2se - az g , _ the river, and was dile to the ugly hum- with him, revelting Realest the Ian- Mg to get 'im to give up wet he's do - Mother, \Mother isn't your father dead?\ mor of the unpaid • anvasmen and the melee he used, despising him for the Mg now and go out west, where he A certain side pole, De bessin to trent- soon too. We got to stand by bonisSt lute: a weakness fell nisei him: ths to prooteo•t 'oir. Ile ors'oaloly thinks (lint this young, trusting. unsoo - .: 1 rl. roustnbouts who w ent sesr ehing f or thr e ats he held over blre, distressed by could begin all over again.\ resolution ;tartly fornas1 lit the hi:: oessoon cell teil 'Itn where it Is.'' Op was s ery yontlgs-slupod suns trouble as nut outlet fur their feeissgs. the stinriing 1 - o4.41negta for money. A \If he did that wroth.] you let her\ --- tent and which liaol dsawn Lim resist- But Themes it ee dd,,,,k 1;.,19 itr,t thi n k., h e f e lt -sh u t h e was old es.sos:t to Guy roopes were \ t 1 Y :In attaeking sInele magnet held him -Christine. Flo salters the question, my lad,\ inter - row d:es. The canvases endured ternielit 111Id obloquy that he rupted Joey very soberly. \I don't lessfy to this very spot. gained strew:ill jots or u..: wife in osonneetion with the lolow that 04 e woUNI not webs -land. force of drunken as his iilbikbp: I. is strut\ - '1 t heir gaze Ilisaiiiiolitt men f that lisd coMe to 114 1 11 lit! was eolitetit (,, Is nit. 1 s e 0 Were ShiStird 1111(1 WagnIll os erttirned. might n Its 8 Y 8 he aere to defend her think I conld let 'Cr marry a c h a p as from time to 11111e 111 the ollreethon it in that Irost honr of degradation. Ile , woulol come when Inc could te : ' sr , ir Th.. old yell or \trey Rube:\ marshal- anol the Rod eyed, broken woman who 'nil been n thief. I -I -well, you see. the \one.\ All the while lie Was talh- was thinking of Colonel Bob Grentl ' the lore that Was ill Ills ii'.1 l'.11 t, oh the circus forces. There was a bat. lind defended him. Jacky, I went my gal to marry a gell- ing s - iihrbly rind without a sentient . and wondering e hat rived , Influenee I It was not to be thought of 11 Ilt• royal. in which the looini contingent ' if It had not been for the plight of Bernell.\ purpose, he had exercised over the boy to corn- He walked betwee n th e m , snying was badly used lip, more than one wan fl l i tI l e ad s e m lo h v i e: n t se o l l f le t so he might have\ t al e d ve J n oe a y sk aft e e rr a .o l w oug eam t l im ho.s, After nfteen inlatites he sauntered rue! him to deliver so nee h money Into Mrs. Braddock's handling. 4 lesstlite being seriously injured. f e rg p in e i r- a \he \N o vr : o ' n from the tee -tees o'old wen neeretten- his bends. Down lo the darkest eor- refused to burden hin t with her:. As David Jellison fought beside his fei - and give himself up for trial. Time feeling as he does about Islamic) y o u' Mon. but nliseitirely det e rmined CM the ner of his sold lie Was sursing Bob they neared the businesa tiestsosof the low performers. who 131 111 e ,1 to Protect had encouraged him In the belief that see, he says he's going to be ' t ing e d 'teflon whieli was t o f o ll o w. Leaving Grand for a ssileming thief. Before town -one of the ohm river low 11141 -- the dressing tent and the terrified wo his Innocenre would prevail. Ile had some day afore he gets through, lies the tent he strolled o ff t ow ards the tick- the wagons were well under WAY for they encountered drunken norei and men. In the tinrkliess and ruin. !trier talked it over with Joey and Dick that positive about it I can't t a lk iim et wagon, carefully mot ets the posi- the next stand he was dead drunk in merrymakers!. chrbotee iiert.ously the night performance , the oPPosing crolok. Booth of (hem had advised out of the Mee. He sass it won't d o tion of the men who wero bonding the the itiley litio'k of the hotel liar, having clutched David's arm. she oseo e very forces iningied and fought like is -Ill hilli to Steed to his ortginel determine- no good to reform If he's su re to to e menagerie tent fos the trip ahead. A fliot thrnshed a porter who Undertook close to him. Ile wits tisS1 , ' l s the beasts. Tile soling N - Irginian, stsooreus lion to find lassoPerry before , 'Itt1lig . 44na' In the end. He says It's destiloy. o•ntSloes detour brought hint flak 1. - 1 It. 4.10 0 1 him front the pia& contact. ns n l'it. was ii her , amens his o e'tuthimself in lcT :ardy wotever that is.\. • V, desire altar ward 0111I'y 0,11-4 ' Colossal Grand's nentongss1 ahacmr• the &easing teut &fel directly Lu :resit Sirs. iikrsolduck and Chrlattsse wellad They were 'snaring tiss WA, wLuso reams IT• ba aontInua.LJ 1 I I ;

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 05 Dec. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.