Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, December 19, 1912, Image 1

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• • • • .• A VOL. 2. I . _ - \ - . • - \ - • - t. • • , t :;• _ GEYSER, MON' • DEC. 19, 1912 •0 - School Law Change; Practical and Good. State Board of Education Recommend Reforms in Laws. Will Ask the Legislature to Help in the Work. J. P. Nash and Chas. Bridgeman of Clyde Park, have been awarded the five thousand dollar prize for the best i-lrels of wh,•at grown in the American northwest during 1912 13) the Northwest Development league. T i I vas made late tonight -.ecau e Nash and Bridoman were aide to tile affidavits showing they had tts't - wheat on .iieir 0 tints r on quality. as se. , ss ti .1. l• 4. ..)1C of 84 as a...taiost the I. 01 llr , d sin and Nash. . q1,1 , 11, grain exchange and milled two points '• the \inner when the mil - ho lieu r.r intl . , 40 ottshels to 1 ,,, 1 Nash D)1-3 u h , acres. . was Sco ired high - so far st s. heat ', el a yield rid lost ,rs four.h -I 1).ck Heun Id have of School Christmas Offerings. (;F.YSER'S MEAT MARKET. This little place is appreciated by the people of Geyser and vicinity for until he started there was nothing to eat but cured meats, and now just be- fore the holidays itdOtrtainly is a pleasure to step in a neat, clean. wellkept ,mar- ket and get anything from a juicy steak to a tender roast which is far ahead of common turkey. For your Christmas dinner a nice loin roast cannot be beat and Mr. Thompson knows how to put it up. Santa Claus is surely making On the whole the Holiday offer - Geyser his headquaters this year as ings exhibited in Geyser this year is y I w II bel e:e whi.n visifr g ifar beyond anything that has been at - Vie stores in this prosperous little i tempted in former years, and the price - town. The merchants have rightly es are so reasonable that a little money spent for Christmas presents will make anticipated the enthusiasm which pre- vails and have laid in an assortment of Holiday goods that is second to none in this part of the Judith Basin. THE PURDY TRADING CO. They just now have all the avail- able room they have piled full of Christmas goods and their selection ks nod for they have anything tl e heart desires. If you are in doubt as one is looking to what to get a visit to this store will be the proper thing for the many ap- propriate gifts will offer you many sug- gestions. , HARNEY & ADAMS. This store has made special preparation for the holidal') and have laid in a stock of goods that is far be- yond any handled in a small city of this size. From a small sugar spoon to the biggest stove can be had at this store. Their stock of silverware and the heavier things would make useful presents to the older ones. Presents of this kind are appreciated and are the exhi');tors would have shon n a :useful. le • _o d a:L. .v rh 13rid2,eman and C. R. JOHNSONS STORE. ! C. l. Johnson's little store which ihe recently put into operation this fall G . D i o d ge , s filled to overflowing with goods in K ,, p tlos neck putting „p the line he carries. From his stock • , . ; li tt l e one can get a whole Christmas with •. mmit- thrown in. His stock is all nelk :rid he has goods arriving every dr, :1,1 any man can go in there and . ,,uth: from a pair of sox to a sa:d neck tie. He has a new stock of rec- ords for the holidays: stockings. the whole family remember this Christ- mas. There are a few days left before he Holiday shopping is over and it is your pleasure and benefit to come and look over the stock in Geyser be- fore you make your purchases. This is the time of year when ever); for someteing new in The Salt Lake,. police department have several women detectives at work. The Chief of Police is so well satisfied with their work that he has mide a place for them on the force. KNERVILLE . J. F. Dickinson was a visitor at the Montana Wins Again ; penes ranch Sunday. • .;MacDuffie and Tillotson are supply- ing the near by railroad camps with beef.•: Percy King of Lone Tree took din- The State of Montana Walks of With the $5,000 Prize for tie at the Bain home Monday. the Best Wheat. Geyser Country Holds ,James Flynn returned from a visit fcc Fort Benton last week. Takes the Beg Prize Wm. Earl and son were callers in the neighborhood Sunday. John Abbers finished up the Kner- ville threshing Friday and stored his machine in one of 0. G. ()snes large sheds for the winter. • Mrs. Bain and Mr. Delany spent a couple of days at the MacDuffie home last week. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Dickson and sons spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Silve. Giles Nelson is hauling wood from the mountains for the Mansfield ranch. Mrs. L. J. Silve and Mrs. Lucy Brach visited Mrs. 'N. M. Silve last week Wednesday. Help yam public school teacher by helping the children to attend school regularly and instilling into their little minds a love of education. Teach them to respect their teacher. A Well Known Hardware Store. 1911 Prize. The state board of education con- vened in Helena last week and made !many beneficial changes in Montana !school laws, that will be recommended to the next legislature for enactment. says the Laurel (Montana) Outlook. The most important recommend- ation to be made will be an amend- ment regarding the changing of text hooks, fixing the date of such changes for January first instead of June first, thus preventing the confusion usually caused am the beginning of the school year. Another proposed change that will meet with the hearty approval of parents, by preventing unnecessary ex oense, is that not more than three text ! lhooks shall be changed during one year.1 A law designed to prevent the im- poverishment of one district by the creation of another, will be recom- Mended hy the board, tinder the present law regarding this subject, any territory having an assessed valuation of $10,000 and a population of 1,000. I may create a new district without con- sideration as to the condition in which such a division would leave the re- ' maining portion. - Pie board proposes la change in the law that will make in- justice less possible in such cases. The board will also recommend the centralization of school facilities in yer. rain territories within the state having a sufficiently dense population to make !advantageous the consolidation of sev- eral districts into one. • A new system governing the election :of .school trustees will be proposed, whereby the terms of a majority of the members of a school board will not expire at one time, which, if enacted. will always leave a majority of exper- ienced members on the board. A re- . construction of the present law regu- lating the election of a minority of the school boards in districts of the first and second classes will he brought to the attention of the legislature. In districts of the first and second class, the Jaw now requires that four out of seven, or three out of five must he re- tired and their places refilled. The board will recommend that in counties having 50 or more districts, the county superintendent of schools shall be allowed assistants to aid in the supervision of the school work. One of the most expedient of Om recommendations to be made lir the board will be a measure drawn for the equalization of county certificates with those of other states. This is a meth- od that has been adopted by siat, s recognized as tic( upying very advanced pos;tions in educational matters. The Best of AIL Remember when you are platinin:z ; your Christmas gifts for sour many friends who live at a distance, that a year's subscription to this paper will be the most acceptable gift for the ones who have at some time lived in this vicinity. It is a weekly letter telling of the doings of the old-time friends and can be sent for the same cost' as a written letter less the time taken to write the pages. The pap, r will tell more things each is ee k than l'you would write in fiftv-two weeks. Whoever is the recipient of your kind- ness will remember you with thanks each week for a whole year. Lee Benedict and family epect to be comfortably keeping house in thcr new home by this time next week. Mr. Benedict has recently built him a new home and is one of the hest and largest in Geyser and is modem in every was so far as possible. - Merry Christmas Christmas Presents Fancy Ties, Suspenders, Hose, Garters, .-Armbands. Handerchiefs of a descr:ptions in Plain and Fancy. Mufflers Scarf... 'aps , n plain and fancy. Silk Waists, Bags Silverwear in the very best quality. Quadriple silver plated Toilet Sets, Shavings Sets, and Cuts Glassand lots of other thing too numbrous to mention. I Give In Your Order DAY! There is only a few days left before the old Santa will again make his appearance distributing his toys and Christmas presents. Better give in your order now while there still is time. You will find a very good assortment of eveything in that line to suit your requirements and purse, on display in our Dry Goods Department. With a present, small or big, you will gladen the hearts and make a more enjoyable Christmas for young and old. Toys For The Little Ones. What will make a little girl more happy than a nice doll, a doll - bed or a doll -crib, or the boy a tool chest, horse, gun, drum or some kind of mechanical toy. Our selection is nice and big! Melly Christnzas Groceries For delicious things to eat for the - Holidays, vkit our Grocery department. We are stacked up on every- thing eatable in fancy and staple. Fruits of every descrip- tion—fresh, canned and dryed. Meats, Fish, Oys- ters, Clams, Lobster, Shrimp. Jellvs, fresh and pure. Candies and nuts in a big quantity. Come and sec our display. We will have all kinds of fresh vege- tables for the holidays. PURDY TRADING CO.. GEYSER. 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Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 19 Dec. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.