Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, January 02, 1913, Image 2

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It is just as easy to make a 3 in- 11 stead of a 2. 0 0 Geyser is already for the electric 9 currant to be turned on soon—or later. Dry farming in Montana ptoduce,' the best wheat in the world, whid• drew the $5.000 prize this ve7u. ----------- Soon after his retiiement from offici Gov. Non is has decided to locate ii Great Falls and practice his profession —that of law. Does the Got crab know that Geyser wants a lawyer I(, locate here?. • TIMES , Published every Thursday at Geyser, Mont. R. kk. 1)udley, Editor and Pvblisier • Entered as second-rlaks matter March 25,- 1911, at the postoffice at \ Geyser, Montane, under the act ot March 3, 1879. 11 0 Subscription: ,$2.00 per year lu advance. Front all repoits this year will be a record breaker in the line of railroat' building. The Gteat Northern. Mil- waukee and NO11110 . 11 Pacific are con- templating the constructuin of mort road than any year prey ruts. The county others are all busy this week getting acqaainted with thent n •w duties at the (awn h t iose ;I nd t h t . same thing is: IlliVen:n,z all met - tht northwest IA here nea I. elected to:icet - , take possession the first of the year. Vt ill they keep polincal•pron,•- ises that ,1 cit !rade a shore rate a g : Si • 0=0, or M, II C•es ic rke the lar,ze manor IN of 'Sew Year ros:iiitnin . is - In a len;thy and nol••:et.y addres: at Ow re‘vnt iineap-- ol•s, Gov. Nort.• s k ! . of th e ro : s . - nes of ai (Li 41 part (L;14,e , C1. , rec resi.urk es. sri p, 0 0 1:1 U A ran Geyser Opera House, GEYSER, MONTANA. _ 00 = I lerbert Magnuson was a caller at = • \ Camerons last Friday. SPION KQP Written for last week. Louis I. Anderson of the firm of [hosted Anderson left this week for g aii extended visit with relatives and 0 \ wends in lowa. be Kernaghan and W. I. Peterson made a flying trip to Geyser Saturday. Miss M ary Swan arrived Saturday ,\ ening to spend her Christmas vaca- n ion at home. \ I u Archie Dawson has just finished .,iading a car of oats that goes to Great 0 Falls parties and Gust Seduhelen and o Emil Anderson are loading their sec- ond car. Miss Esther Anderson is spending the holidays at the old home. Isaac Maki is busy loading a car of O of hay. His is a fine quality hay and Isaac always gets top-notch prices. Jack Walker came home Tuesday evening to spend Christmas. - Your correspondent extends to his readers the compliments of the season. Christmas spirit • Everybody, far and near, including strangers, %%ill be given a royal welcome, are invited. Music by the Celebrated ahalan 4 rchestra aRSIIIISIMNIMMIESOM.MIEDMIn Remember the Cahalans have their own promp- tor, also a quartet. Don't miss this hall when such high-class entertainers are to fuenish music. - — Midnight supper at Geyser Hotel. Dance Tickets $1.00 Saturday Evening, 0 January 4th, 1913 II . a O In no vicinity can the 0 be more thorely enjoyed than here, I the past season has been very generous ' to us all, and may 1913 prove a con - 0 ' tinuation of prosperity. i . o U II o n, 01:30) 10=10 0=0 C. dance Chtistmas eve. hne time. M. 1,al'oe is bailing C. A. Jones th, s week. _ All report a were business callers at the Wales ranch last Tuesday. hay for Mrs. i I Miss Chrissie Cameron and Ruth !Atkinson were visitors at %Varner John - Jos. LaVoie Jr. left this morning sons of 1 Villow Creek last Monday for a business trip to Great Falls. and Tuesday. A number of Kibbe3 people attend-i Mrs. John Magnuson was a Great th-e • :r. the e d the Christmas dinner arid tree given Falls visitor last week. t.tIts in-!. c (me- m rs. C. A . J ones. f ! Those who attended the entertain- A. J. McDonald enjoyed the holi- fill of i.e aft, t - Mr. LaVoie Sr. has been sick the ment and Christmas tree at the Cora days with his family in Belt. Clan raent;etla 71 of tilt past week with a severe cold. Creek school house, report a good time. Adrian White was transacting busi- tv•ed. Nate,. 4,t,1- -noir an - tract ye • Z.s et 311‘.1 1:r.i• InStfoitriO esss Lit SC. - - -- A ot ;tTi r.i)7!.nee rs II.... I '. (!•• ,J the uni-not nu the C : 1; , t \ \ . Lis :it.: r 1.\CF 11111111 deo lilt 'a- tiv..t for ice DM\- Illr h reference tit rt.-:--idenre. the abode lit the Ill :11 ' S t.iIiI IS liii Ilt - C- k\ .11 Y ( \V''.. 1 \' '. t'\It it `1,'\11' oil the t onild-ed Adolph Johnson% accompanied A. J. McDonald and son. Joseph. by Mrs. August Anderson and of the Merrimac Ranch were callers daughter made a business trip to in this section last week. Raynsford the first of the week. Nliss Annie and Sigrid Leaf spent Tuesday with their sister Mrs. C. A. Bextrem. Edwin Gahan who has been work- ing in the mines in Neli!hart c.:me out to spend a week at home. Miss Nettle Gahan a nurse ern- ploed in the hosonal at it. Benton. aura. home to spend Christmas ith ' 'Air mother. Nlessers Vial Laundry and Tomas .Miss Esther Anderson of Great Falls is spending the . holidays with her par- ents at this place. done. Mr d Mrs Neil Cameron s ent . an Christmas with August Probst and family. A large number of the young. people in this section attended the dance at Geyser Christmas. they report a fine time and especially the hospitality of the Geyser people. %tub h r t.;0 1211.• Lane % isited at the LaVoie baine i A party as given at the Magnuson 111 rut! I ueskiav es enit1 4 . ! home last Saturday evening, quite a few of tte neighbors were present. I - t•I • 1 • • i • Nlr and Mrs Julius Bain were KNERVILLE W. A. Harris has disposed of his wheat crop to C. H. Tillotson. Ed. Boyd and J. P. Mansfield were business visitors at Raynsford one day last week. Mr. Louis Holmes of Belt and Miss Susan Watkins of Armington, were married Christmas eve in Belt, by Rev. A. W. Hammer of the M. E. Church. Mrs. Holmes is well known in Kner- ville, having resided here for a num- ber of years. C. H. Tillotson, Neil MacDuffie and Miss Dorothy MacDuffie spent Christmas in Geyser. ness in Geyser Thursday. J. P. Connelly of Shonkin spent Christmas at thy, home of his sister Nirs 1 . - J. P. Mansfield. Wm. H. Delany was in Great Falls Saturday having some dental work cnor.t.t be n.ieti ass is ti,nttst. enti.ri., whit- ROC'AY RIDGE tel stitiun J land ab •itt four in and Helen Magnuson are front that c -'v about three y . ears at spending their vacation with home folks - and pro( ceded to it and made th i s week. •- soote minim iii, lie worked at , Messrs Fred Connors and Theodore the 13 \ - (;ardner were calers at Neil Canteronsi ard I is 1.trn rt-rde,'. t•scrl 1111..:ht in in a It claim ers itt- stntiui.--t a cclae-1 4.11 uht rottlid that . as Shen ss ood's CII:Yrt - 11 it - - fated in hi rite %%.i , !Item and that 10! 0.1i , rc.tst.a he failed to fulttli !lie rttpunni, , n s i iith`_. tra- went. \Flie gen.qal land office lick'. that SIR rw111111,1 'I.. to tlic 1.11:d W.17 good nutsi the athrined In secretary of the interior. KIBBEY Carl Peterson loaded a car of timo- thy hay last week. M'ss Sioad Leaf who has been at- tending school in Great Falls cam, home to spend a weeks vacation with her pars ins. A p ar ty of yOUng (Ft' Messer- W:fred LaVoL, Adolph Johnson. Nlaurice Gahan, J o h n W;ili ai n, Lomas 1loll:m(1..10m. Hansen and Mi-s. W. L a V o i e , t i lt . Misses Mae. Fioier,ce.•iyld Blanch 1..1 Voie, Annie and pja: Lear. \I Anderson and lary the Christmas tree. emenamine.Li and dance go en at the White school house. Miss Nlarie Van Winkle who has been attending the Academy in the Falls was taken ill and oilliged to re- turn to her . hoMe. She is 'mo i l ' proved bltev'ery dissapoMted it having to give up her icluxd for the w A number of young folks as well as1 pld attendcd the emmainment and ' last Saturday eytnirv.z. John Kinkaid was a Great Falls %isito: last week. NVm. lacy was a I usiness caller in this neighborhood last week. John Spalding left last Tuesday for his old home in Indianr. Bert Browil and P117 11i1 • Richardon Nlusic and card playing were the chief . amusements of the evening. At 12:30 a delicious lunch was served by the hostess, and the good time was kept up until the wee hours of the morning. Ruth Atkinson and brother FIarry.. were guests at Neil Camerons last week. Those from here who attended the Christmas dance at Raynsford were Messrs John and ‘Vm. Cameron, Harry Atkinson and Sam Johnson and the Misses Ruth Atkinson, Chrissie Cameron and Helen Magnuson. _ GEYSF,R:, ...c.0/4. D . • THE TIMES IS A Visitor to nearly every home in Geyser and nearly every farmer re- siding in the trading district. That's why it is a good advertising medium. And a word to those who do not subscribe for the TI NI ES. Do you know the nionev you would save on your purchases by buying according to the display advertisements in this paper. It pays you to subscribe for the TIMES if for no other reason than to take advantage of the Bargains and Opportunities offered by Geyser businessmen. \The Times, Geyser. Harry Tillotson visited at the Mac- Duffie home several days last week. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Harris enjoyed the Christmas dance at Geyser. John Sack who recently arrived from Germany is visiting Ed Simpson. The Sack brothers were former owners of the Merrimac ranch. Mrs. Janey Boyd is a guest at the Mansfield home. • • 'Great Falls visitors the latter part of the week. Howard Siefred came out from !Geyser Monday, for a few days visit in the neighborhood. Same Thing Here. Nearly every western community is afflicted with the stray dog nuisance, in a more or less aggravated form. :The canine population has a way of enjoying itself that is not always pleas- ant to human residents, and the latter are occasionally compelled to resort to measures of suppression until the nuisance is abated. • Complaint is made that the stray I dogs in this locality are holding mid- , night.carnivals correspond to what is known as disturbing the peace, and the owners of the offending canines are advised to place them under restraint. Discordant rehearsals of Christmas carols by a bunch of stray dogs at midnight is resented as an invasion of the right of local residents to peace and quiet at that hour, and the strong arm of the law may be invoked to protect the victims of these canine serenades. The city ordinances of Fort Benton provide that it shall be the duty of the marshal to kill or impound every dog running the streets without a responsible owner, or unless the same is registered, or has a collar giving the name of the owner and number of to re save liey him from the disgrace of being * owner of any dog who wishes impounded, or ignominious death at the hands of the public executioner, should give heed to the intimation conveyed in this municipal enactment. —River Press. 'Notice of Annual Meeting. The regular meeting of the share holders of the First State bank, of Geyser, Montana, will be held at the bank on Monday the 6th day of Jan- uary, 1913, at 1 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of electing directors and trans- acting such other business as mry prop- erly come before such a meeting. Standing on the threshold of the New Year, 1913 and looking back over the past nine months in which I have been in business in Geyser, I feel it my duty to thank the people of Geyser and vicinity, for their courteous treatment and liberal patron- age given me in my business. I earn- estly solisit a continuance of your pat- ronage. Thanking you in advance for same and wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year, I remain yours Cash Grocery. A. J. McDonald of Geyser, is spend- ing the holidays with his,, family . here. Mr. McDonald, who is part 'owner and manager of the Merrimac ranch says, that a recent investment of $300 in a pack of mixed stag and grey hounds, is rapidly thinning out the cayotes and wolves in that section. The running Of the pests provide fine sport and return a profit at the same time. During the present season over a score of wolves have beert killed be - s ,des numberless cayotes.—Belt Times. Notice for Publication (Non -coal) Jan. 4 -Jan. 30. Public land sale, department of the Interior, U. S. . Land office at Great Falls, Montana, Dec. 23, 1912. Notice is hereby given that, as di- rected by the Commissioner of the General Land office, under provisions of Act of Congress approved June 27, 1906 (34 Seats., 517,) pursuant to the application of Charles M. Dahlgreen, Serial No. 021946, we will offer at public sale, to the highest bidder, but at not less than $1.25 per acre, at 2 o'clock p. m., on the tenth day of Feb- uary 1913, at this office, the following tract of land: Se Yt se 3i(, seY) neV) sec 15, e34 seYs sec. 10. 1' 21 N, R 11 E, M. M. Any persons claiming adversely the above -described land are advised to file their claims, or, objection, on or before the time designated for sale. Julius C. Peters, Register. J. W. Roberts, Receiver. Federal Judge Anderson. Judge Albert 11 'Anderson. who pre - aides over the trial of forty-six labor men Indicted for complicity in the sii called \dynamite conspiracy\ case at Indianapolis. has had n distinguished career on the federal bench. During his judicial career be has tried many big corporation cases involving alleged ALBORT B. AND11180N. Violations of the United States laws. One of these was the rehearing of the famous $21).000.000 Standard (ill case. A native of Indiana. Judge Anderson Is fifty-five years old Ile was edu- cated at Wabash college, where he dis- tinguished himself as an Orator and acholar. He studied law in Indian- apolis, and after ills admission to the bar he practiced his profession with great success. first at Crawfordsville Ind.. and later at Indianapolis. Ile wits appointed judge of the United States court for the district of Indiana ID 1002. Judge Anderson's home is in In. ddetuu-wilia Origin of • Saying. \A feather In one's cap\ is derived from Scotland. Among the woodcraft enthusiasts it was the custom for the IndivIdnal first to kill a woodcock to pluck out a feather rind plrb•e It in his cap. Oliver Cromwell Conferred dig- nity upon this expression when, on his refusal of the English crown. he ob- served: \Royalty Is but a feather In a man's cap. Let children enjoy their rattle.\ I lime of Trains Great Northern Time -Table NO. 43—For Great Falls, Spokane, Seattle and au points north, northwest and in Canada (mail train) . 12:14 p.m. No. 44—For Kansas City, St. Louis, Chi- cago and eastern and southeasterp points, (mail train) ' 1236 p. an. No. 43 and 44 on the division front Great Falls to Billings stop only at Broadvie•v, Judith Gap, Hobson, Stanford and Belt. No. 237—For Great Falls and intermediate points 10:32 a. m. No. 238 — For Lewistown and intermediate points 4;54 p. in. General Blacksmith Horseshoeing Wagon and Carriage Repairing All Work Guaranteed Agent for J. I. Case Machinery J. A. Sanders Geyser, Montana H. W. BRANT, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON GEYSER, MONT. Office at Geyser Hotel DR. NILES DENTIST Guaranteed Dental Work at Moderate Prices . Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4. Vaughn Block • Great Falls, Montana ANTON D. STROUP LAWYER STANFORD, - MONTANA All Information from the LAND OFFICE and Plats Furnished Promptly T HERE are enough uncertainties about trading in lands without guessing at the title. Be on the safe side —demand an Abstract of Title. The Hubbard Abstract Company Great Falls, - Montana. Dr. R. D. Armond Dr. Loretta B. Nelson Osteopathic Physicians Conrad Block, Rooms 7 and 8, over Strain's Dry Goods Store, Great Falls, Montana. cloth graduates of the A. T. Still Kirks- ville College of Osteopathy. Acute and chronic cases successfully treated. • Office hours 9 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 5 p. Both Phones 146. COL. STARK, The Noted AUCTIONEER For all kinds of sales as well as PED- IGREED STOCK A SPECIALTY Let me know at once, so I can arrange the date and everything. It means more to you in the end. Any advice free; terms reasonable. GREAT FALLS, - MONTANA PIANOS We represent fourteen of the world's great- est piano factories. Great 'Falls Music House FRANK CA NTLON Easy Terms 13 Fourth St. South Great Falls. Moot. ATENTS Valuable information free If you have an invention or any patent matter write immediately to W. W. WRI(;H T. registered attor- ney, Loan & Trust Building, Waih- ington, D. C. • ••5

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 02 Jan. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.