Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, January 09, 1913, Image 1

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t•i•it 1. . VOL. 2. ^ • . . • - Zs. --. • •• _ taka\ - - •- A ' A \ . — • Ara. -clo — 11•Z. _ GEYSER, MONT., JAN. 9, 1913 NO. 43 Stolen Horses. A man giving his name as H.C. Harris struck town last week and stopped at the Anaconda stables. He Wl& riding a saddle horse, with a good saddle and carrying a gun. Appear- ing anxious to sell the outfit a trade was made with the proprietor of the stable, Jake Hedrick, and the latter parted with fifty good bucks for the horse. Harris said he would call later for the gun and saddle, and then left. In the meantime Deputy Sheriff McLeod had received notice of the theft of horse, saddle and gun from Cascade and located the horse as the one bought by Mr. Hedrick. Harris was apprehended in Great Falls and is now in custody. Mr. Hedrick has got fifty dollars worth of experience to show for his end of the trade.—Belt Times. MERINO A Happy New Year to all. The Merino farmers meeting at the church Saturday was an entire success, especially the dinner which our women excell in. After dinner the probability of a farmers .telephone was discussed and committee was appointed to lay plans and to see about connecting with Dover or Geyser. This should suc- ceed as does nearly every undertaking of this neighborhood. The snow on New Years morning in place of the wind is a very welcome change. A good snow now will do the wheat crop much good. Alve Moore and family of Stanford, attended the farmers meeting Saturday. A very pleasant surprise was given on Mr. and Mrs. Tanburg New Years eve, the party stayed till the New Year arrived. Jean Alger expects his father and family to arrive here some time this month, they expect to make their fu- ture home here, we welcome all such families among us. B. F. Sikes has been on the sick list this week but is improving. A new piano decorates the home of Mrs. S. C. Purdy and was a Christ- mas gift from Mr. Purdy to her. O'Neill -- Anderson. Miss Ethel O'Neill of Hersey, Wis., and Louis Anderson of Raynes- ford Mont., were united in marriage Thursday, January second, at Ham- mond, Wisconsin. Rev. Father Duffy officiating. The bride was attired in a white serge gown and carried white bridal School Report. Report of Geyser School for month ending Dec. 29th, 1912. No. days taught, 19: No pupils enrolled 33: , Total No. days attendance 594: Average daily attendance 31.26. Those present every day: Clyde Abbey, Archie Byrne, Sennie roses. She was attended by her sister flautala, Simpson, Noel Anderson. Jennie, who wore a pink silk dress and Mildred Abbey, Selma Anderson, carried pink roses. Walter Siinrison. Dave Simpson, A bounteous wedding dinner at the Mamie Hedinan, Mildred Markham, home of the bride was enjoyed by rel- Kenneth Stevens, Bernice Sutherland, atives and intimate friends. The Marie Kernaghan, Joe 'Burrows, house was decorated in pink and white , Mary Belle McKee, Mary Hannula. college crepe, together withiiink and Those absent one half day: white roses and carnations. Eli Dudley. The bride is a well known and pop- Those absent one day: ular young lady of this %.icinity,,haViiig i Nels Backa, Frank Backa, Clarence •beep a succeessful teacher in the public Sanders, Charlie Backa, Rosa Mere - schools of Wisconsin and other states. dub, Harold Way mire. The groom a promineni cattleman Those not absent but tardy once of Montana was attended by a brother during the Four months: of the bride. The happy couple departed on an extended honey -moon to Chicago, Sioux / City,'Omaha and other sottthern points. They will be at home to their many friends after 'Feb. 1st, at Itay,iiesfotd:';', Montana: They catty wih thefn'oiti heartiest congratulations and' best wishes for a long and happy life. H. C. Lyng, the Geyser lumber- man, was in the Falls the first of the week ordering a big supply of lumber for spring building. Hola your thumbs touching one an- other hOrizontally and extend the fore- fingers perpendicularly. Now hold the hands toward the sun so the shad- ow of one finger falls upon - the other or upon the thumb of the other hand. Where the thumbs join is 12 o'clock, the tip of one finger 6 o'clock a. m., that of the other 6 p. in. The shadow• will tell you what time it is with more accuracy than you can estimate it front the sun's position in the sky, ,after you have learned through experimenting what are the approximate - hour marks - on your improvised \clock.\ But, remember that these positions will change with the seasons, according as the days are long or short.—Ex. Mildred Abbey. Walter Simpson, Nlamie liedman. Niddred Markham. No. Visitors 6. Cora V. (7Iapper. '1'eacher. Dr. Brant went to the Falls the first of the Week and was there a few days previous attending to his wife who has seriously sick, but at this writing was notch unproved in health. KIBBEY Written for last week. , to business matters. Jim Callen stopped at the home of Mr. LaVoie Monday night. ;- hi:twice Callan was a caller at 11 e el'hursday. Lsheep camp today. He reports that Mr. LaVoie mule a trip to his home of sister Mrs. Jos. LaVoie; his sheep are doing nicely. A farewell dance was given in honor Everyone in this vicinity seem to be of Miss Nettie Gahan Thursday eve - enjoying a pretty ,bad cold this nitk, • All the members were present •; week but hope they will soon atiri•had a good time. In the morn - o be , aomit again. Gahan took the Monarch tril . p . '16 'Ft. Benton where she will Telephones Will be Installed. cOntinue her duties as nurse. last be able A Petition was circulated here the Mr. and Mrs. LaVoie Sr. made a first of the week , for the, purpose of trip to Monarch Friday. , ascertaining the feeling as to how the Seandavian services were held at the local People felt inward the installation home of August Anderson Saturday of a telephone system and a central al evening, at this point. The petition was in charge of S. C. Purdy who met with Miss Mae and Florence LaVoie very much ens omagement and before were callers in Ravnesford Saturday. the end of the week it is safe to say Miss Florence LaVoie visited with that a list of over thirty phones will be Miss l,eaf Sunday'. spoken for. Interest in the establish - Mrs. McFee called at the home of ment of a phone system is not alone her daughter Mrs. W. A. La Vole confined to Govser, but the farmers in Stinday evening, ibis section are taking hold of the Adolph Johnson visited Sunday at matter and are determined to have lines liextrson home. run to their ranches so they may be in • Miss Mae LaVoie spent Sunday to uc h with the .rest o f th e \\ odd. with its. W. A. LaVoie. Nloney has already been subscribed for Mr. and Nits. Bextrom accompanied a farmers line and spring will see con - by NIT. Leaf and daughter Sigrid went siderable activity in this line, for the to ',rem Falls Sunday. Nirs. Rex- local sc stem is a sure go and then there trout ;In d M r . L ea f re tl irne d M on d a y will be SeVCIA lines built into the while Mr. Bextrom remained to attend country. The installing of telephones Interior view of the State Bank of Geyser. system is almost as indespensible as a railway and when once put into prac- tical use cannot be gotten along with- out. Send in your name to Mr. Purdy and help swell the list of subscribers, and besides having one installed in your business place have one placed in VOW\ residence, I ratterf - States Commissioner Parrish came down from the Falls last week Thursday and several had land papers iwide out. Try These on Your Piano. The other day a friend called our attention to the following little rules of condor - , for daily living. and we pass them (1t1 to our readers for \\bat they may be worth. If all of its would sincerely try to follow them what a great old world this would be. Now 9 - I will speak and act truthfully, that the Christmas spirit is in the air living with sincerity toward God and and the time for good resolutions is man.\ present with new year, it may be a little easier to rtsolve . ti at we will do our best to practice everyone of them, is . none will deny that they are good doctrine, What a world of satiafac- tion . there is in ..doing a kindly act and skaking the cheerful word as we fol- low the furrow of life's plow. . 'Of course, folks will slip now and ttOp r — even as you and 1\—but we an do our best, and that will he \going some.\ yes, that will be \going some.'' 1 \I will not permit myself to speak while angry, and I will not make a bitter retort to another person who speaks to me in anger.\ 2 \I will neither gossip alxiut the failings of another, nor will I permit any other person to speak such gossip to me, Gossip will die when it can- not find a listner.\ 3 \I will respect weakness and defer it on the street car, in department stores and in the home, whether it is displayed by men or women.\ 4 \I will express gratitude for any favor or service rendered to me. If prevented from doing it on the spot then I will seek an early opportunity to give utterance to it in the most gracious way within my power.\ 5 will not fail to expres sym- pathy' with another's sorrow or to give hearty aterance to my appreciation of good works 1)5' another, whether the party be friendly to me or not. One button hole bouquet offered amid life's stress of trial is worth a thousand wreaths of roses laid on the coffin of the man who died discouraged and broken hearted.\ 6 \I will not IA about my per- sonal ailments or misfortunes. They shall be one of the subjects on which I am silent. - 7 - I will look on the bright side of the circumstances of my daily life and I Will seek to carry a cheerful (ace and speak hopefully to all whom I meet. - - I will neither eat nor drink what I know , YY ill detract front my ' ability to do my best is ork. - Our Annual Clearance Sale! Will commence Saturday January 11th and continue until Saturday, February 1st. We will place on the Bargain Counter for quick sale odds and ends in the following lines— Dry Goods, Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes, and wo will also give a big discount on all winter goods. Whether you want a Fur or Sheepskin lined coat, I teavy Underwear, Sweaters, Overshoes or Caps. Come and see us if you want to save money. There will be some very rare bargains in our Dry Goods Department this time. Take advan- tage of this opportunity we are offering you of saving dollars and cents on your purchases. Everything in our Store is marked in plain figures. PURDY TRADING CO.. GEYSER. MONTANA: 4,

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