Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, January 09, 1913, Image 5

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_ part one \That We way and Special 10 , on all before Stove Is what they WILSON 4,., .,-..-- . .. ' Makes , 4 it all HEATER. , , — , . ---- --:-.- . .• , ..--. % . say Me of the Hot ,, Room the Stove Now are per We So willing to go -; to have you try will give • ., Discount of , cent Heaters bought Need the You need Buy Jan. 15th. Harney & Adams • GEYSER, MONT. Hardware Co. Alarket Report [Corrected Thursdays] The following prices are in force at the local elevator at the time of going to press: No. 1 Northern wheat, per bu_ _$0.59 No. 2 Northern, per bu. .57 No. 1 Turkey Red, per bu__ .58 No. 2 Turkey Red per bu .56 Flax, per bu .97 Barley, per cwt Oats, per cwt 75c to 90c 65c to 90c • For Sale—A good second hand 20 h. p. engine been used one year, ins good condition.—Inquire of elevator man. Geyser Locals Over shoes, for men, women and children at right prices. CashqGrocery 40tf. George Arnold of Stanford, was a business caller in Geyser the first of week. A. K. Nordquist left Tuesde for McHenry, Ill., where he will spend a couple of months. He will return to this point about the middle of March when his services as carpenter will be needed. The Belt Times reports the finding the dead body of a man in the out- skirts of that city, and was identified as Juno Johnson, an empluyee of the railway construction crew. The Geyser Meat Market Harry Thompson, Proprietor. The Best of Fresh and Salt Meats always on hand. Geyser - Mont. Fresh dried fruits at lowest prices. Cash Grocery. 40tf According to an advertisement in this paper the streets of Geyser are being converted into a military post and Uncle Sam has planted one of his pocket Pistols here for instant use. In these days of settling up, don't kick and froth when a man presents his bill. Just pay him and let him go and pay his debts, and by and by the man who is owing you will pay up and the world will look brighter and you will be happier for having done your part. When you have a cold, always use Foleys Honey andTar for sale at Cash Grocery. 40tf. An exchange tells the story of a boy who was sent to market with a sack full of rabbits, lingering around town all day and coming back without selling them. When asked by - his mother why he had not sold the rabbi s. he said no one asked him what was in the sack. How many of our mer- chants are like this little boy? They have plenty of goods for sale but fail to tell the people what is in the sack. If you expect to sell goods in this day and age, you must open your sack Ind keep shouting the merits of your stock in trade. Piano and Organ Lessons Do you have a Piano or Organ and can you play? Mrs. Dudley has set- tled in Geyser and is a teacher of both piano and organ and will take a limited , number of sc dars. She is a gradu- ate of the C servatory of Music of Minneapolis and has taken the B. M. I degree and is a pupil of William H. , Sherwood of Chicago. Very best of , - , references. Address for appointment Geyser. Mont. Adv38 Sleighing is good—in spots. Misses Mae Todd and LaVoie were at the I' alls Monday. Miss Sylvia Swan of Spion Kop a nd John Skelton carried off the first prize as waltzers last Saturday evehing at the dance. For ,Sale or Trade -160 acres of , Minne s sota Land, would consider land , in the Judith Basin or a Stock of Nler-j. chandice.—Inquire at this office. .t17•11111•0 NI. E. Parrish, formerly editor of the Geyser Times, but more recently employed in The Tribune composing room, left last Friday night fcit Chicagol for a two weeks' visit.—Great Falls ! Tribune. Harry Thompson and family spent New Years day in the country as guests of Mrs. Thompsons father and mother. Harry is loud in the praise of his !10=0 mother -in-laws cooking and when he gets real hungry he knows where to go. Lee Parrish came back front Spion Kop last Friday. and the report that he hartgone away to get married is strenuously denied by Lee. He knew nothing of his reported marriage until he arrived home, and says that when he gets married he would like to be somewhere in the vicinity when it hap- pens. COAL Building 4 1 Material Missouri River Lumber Co. GEYSER—SPION KOP 6 - .0 Coal oil is a quick and easy fire . n starter. But be very careful that it 10 does not prove a funeral starter. • Use fl every precaution in pouring it directly on the..flame and be sure that it is not gasoline you are using in starting the fire. Ye skillful manipulators of figure , , solve the following: A man owned a square farm, fenced with rails. The fence was five rails high and there were two lengths to the rod. The farm con- tained as many acres as there were rails in the entire fence. How many acres in the farm? E. B. Sikes has the thanks of the people of the community for plowing out the paths in the manner in which he did the first of the week. The re- cent fall of snow made walking a task moat' difficult. and that the kindness of Mr. Sikes with his snow plow, paths were made all over town, which act wis much appreciated by those who! 0 have any distance to go. 0 =10 1==10= 01=1 0E30=30= 0 0 We want your Checking Account. NOW is the time to give us your application for your Real Estate loan. Money on hand—no delay. ' 6 Start the New Year right by keeping an account o 11 with the 11 . First State Bank, 0 0 a a O Geyser, Montana. o ii ...t 0 =10=0E30 ===== 0E30 = 011::10 . Ii 0 11 11 0 U , U ., :0 Plowing contract to let : — 400 acres for May and June breaking, mould boards plowing prefered. E. C. Tamberg, Merino Siding. Mont. 40tf. Congregational Church Announcements: (Friday. Jan. 10 Thurs. Jan. 16.) Friday night choir practice. Sunday Morning—Sunday School at Merino. 10:30 Church Service: 11:30 , Sutiaay school at Geyser 11:00 Sunday Evening:— Song Service at 7:30 Address at 8:00 Subject - Jesus Christ The Di- vine Son of God. - Wednesday evening:—Prayer meet- ing at the parsonage. Subject: - Re- ality of the New Life. - Thursday afternoon — Meeting of Ladies Aid Society at Mrs. David Simpsons. Though Sunday was a very cold day, sixteen were present at Sunday school. • It is very gratifying indeed that so many are so interested in their work:ihat bad weather cannot keep them at home. twnefit six dii s in the week. Both the Merino and Nihill churches are fully equipped for school work. They were built su th this understanding. The Stmdav evening addresses for the next three months. NV dl he largely devoted to setting forth the Divine Personality. Teachings, and work of I Jest's Christ. There is only one way ihat a person can reach a correct con- clusion regarding the Christ—that is to study Him, his teachings, and the results that he has produced in human The Buffet and Restaurant. PROPER BROS. Props. Wines,' Liquors and Cigars. O Lunches Served at all Hours on 101:301===01=101:301===101=0 u to=o====acrio=rocso=o=oa 0 U El 0 ' The pastor greatly regretted his in- society. Die great nations of the ability to keep his appointment Sunday earth reckon time . from His birth, morning at Merino. cotnmemorate His nativity in Christ- , mas festivities, keep Lent and cele- The new school house equipment will probably be installed in the church hrate Easter in memory of His suffer- ing and Resurrection. To say that a this week. As the people have so mere man could so have impressed generously donated to the erection of Himself upon the universal customs this building, it affords us genuine sat - of men, and so have gripped and touched isfactiuu have it used for Pliblic their hearts as to cause them gladly to call Him - Lord - -to say that a mere man could have done this in three short sears, is to claim to believe in . something more impossible than the Incarnation, miracles or Resurrecfon lof Jesus Christ. Your pastor believes in a resurrected Lord who can help a man to realize the hest that is in him. He also believes that the best thing • one man can do for another ia,to help , IstiHrn to see the Christ as He iI \- Erie B. Sikes, Minister. 2.0•••••• The Cheapest Cash Store Northern Montana Will tell you next week. Uncle Sam has the largest shoot,ing gun in world. The breach stands in the City of Geyser. The muzzle reaches plum over to the Philippine Islands. It costs twenty million dollars to fire this gun once, and it kills a whole nation at one shot. How would you iik to pull the trigger? .11.••••••••••••. • •••••••••••••••••• iron•••11•••11•11•Mal••••••••=11••••• ffe

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 09 Jan. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.