Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, January 23, 1913, Image 5

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• - Belt, During the Next TWO WEEKS we will continue our Discount Sale . . . on Heaters and Stove Furniture. Every . WILSON HEATER in operation around Geyser is giving satisfaction. Ask the users. If you need a heater buy now and take advantage of the discount. Harney & Adams Hardware Co. GEYSER, MONT. Frank Polutnink, Jr. Attorney -at -Law Montana. Market Report [Corrected Thursdays] The following prices are in force at the local elevator at the time of going to press: No. 1 Northern wheat, per bu_ -$0.62 No. 2 Northern, per bu. .60 No. 1 Turkey Red, per bu____ .61 No. 2 Turkey Red per bu .59 Flax, per bu .98 Barley, per cwt 75c to 90c Oats, per cwt 65c to 90c Geyser Locals Only the best in candy and nuts. purchased. If you desire the best core to the Cash Grocery. 44t1. To the shareholders of the First State Bank, Geyser. Montana. You are hereby -notified ,that --a special meeting of the shareholders of the First State Bank, Geyser, Montana, will be held at the Banking house of said bank on the 23rd day of January, 1913, said meeting to be held at two o'clock P. M. for the purpose of elect- ing Directors and transacting any other business which may properly come be- fore said meeting. A. A. Freseman, Jr.,. Cashier. _ The Geyser Meat Harry Market Thompson, Proprietor. The Salt Best Meats on of hand. Fresh always and Geyser - Mont. Dr. Brant returned Tuesday evening after several days stay at the Falls. Th • e new style letter heads circulars pleasure any circumstances that will and envelopes, any color, at this office. call me within its gates again.\ Violin. guitar and mandolin strings. Cash Grocery 44tf. Fresh dried fruits at lo we st prices. Cash Grocery. 40tf There is a tendency a lllll rin;! the fat -1 niers who find it neciatssary to drive to town on a stormy day to bring witli them a pan of horse blankets and use them while doing their trading. We neglected to mention our in- vitation to the inaugural ball which • was held in the capitol building at Helena. on Monday the evening the 6th day of January. The affair vs.:is an elaborate one, and we would base gone but our white gloves were in the wash and OW cutaway has not been returned yet. Over shoes for men, women, and children. Only the highest grade carried, white they last.vvill be sold at cost. Cash Grocery. 44t1 James Kernaghan this week in- stalled a hot air furnace in his newly 7 . ° 11 = 11 ° 1 built residence. The place is not yet 0 finished but the new furnace is doing its work well so that the work on the' , interior is rapidly nearing completion. 1 They expect to be settled in a couple of weeks. The Kerneghan cottage is one of the neatest in Geyser. 0 OAL Owl Creek and . . Carbon .. Missouri River Lumber Co. GE) SER-SPION KOP Loins Coughlin and wife were busi- ness visitors in Great Falls last Mon- day. The Ladies Aid of the Congre- gational church will give a free social in the church tomorrow evening. No admission charged. The following grades of apples. 13aldwin, Roman Beatitys. Wine -sap Ben Davis, Yellow Newton, which are the very best qualities, are worth • twice as much as the cheaper grades. if out more, because they taste bever, go further, and keep longer. Buy Ithem at Purdy Trading Co. for $2.00 a box. A letter from Fred M. Cole. who • spent the summer here and has been visiting in North Dakota, states he is about to start for his home in Beloit Wisconsin. He hither states that \Geyser will always have a warns spot in my heart, and I will hail with There is much being said pro and con, relative to the results of the last pregidential election. ‘Vhile some are highly elated others are disapointed and despondent. It seems impossible to please everybody in a political way. When von want to please everybody and make them prosperous, happy and Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Dodge left contented, introdu .e a subject that will Tuesday on train 44 eastward bound, agree upon, vis: the remarkable fertilits Mrs. Dodge and son Cole goes to and prOdigious crops in this country. Wyoming for several weeks visit with This is the time of year when the Mrs. Dodge parents, while Mr. Dodge. fool killer is snooping around looking will stop off at Millstone. for the fellow who used an overdose of Don't handle the cheap line of gro- kerosene in getting a musing fire start- ceries, give me a trial order and you ed on cold mornings, and it must keep will be pleased with both qualitMind him pretty busy ., because throsting price. Cash Grocery 44tf. kerosene on the smouldering embers Last Monday was surely a stormy of last night's fire is quite general and day. Yhile it was not extremely cold IS a pretty sure way to start something. ‘ yet the wind drove the snow into the Most complete line of drugs and smallest crevices and v. as a most dis- stationery in Geyser, carried at Cash ; agreeable day for one to be out. 44tf. Grocery. Plowing contract to let - 400 acres The most productive of all agricul- for May and June breaking, mould tural years has been 1912, declares the boards plowing prefered. report of the United States Department E. C. Tamberg, of Agriculture. The earth has pro - Merino Siding Mont. 40tf. duced its greatest annual dividend. The sun and the rain and the fertility . of the soil heeded not the human con- troversies. but kept in co-operation dinie in a bell rings, a nickel sounds a with the farmer's efforts to utilize whi s tl e and a peony tires a blank cart - them. The reward is a high general ' ridge. if one pretends tr) be s level of production. The man behind when the ho, passed. it awakens the plow has filled the nation's larder, him with a watchman ., rattle, and a crammed the s t or e h ouses a n d \ I kinfak takes his picture. I nitut iii t y send liberal sapplies to foreign coun- the name and poS - totlice address of the Piano and Organ Lessons Do you have a Piano or Organ and can you play? Mrs. Dudley has set- tled in Geyser and is a teacher of both piano and organ and will take a limited number of scholars. She is a gradu- ate of the Conservatory of Music of Minneapolis and has taken the B. M. degree and is a pup il of w ill i am H. tries. Sherwood of Chicago. Very best of As a cough cure there is nothing references. Address for appointment quite as good as Foleys Honey and Geyser. Mont. d v 38 Tar: For sale at Cash Grocery 44tf. LI 0 I. 0 U 0 101=10 (001 0=101_ 01=0 We want your Checking Account. NOW is the time to give us your application for your Real Estate loan. Money on hand -no delay. Start the New Year right by keeping an account with the First State Bank, 0 G y se r . Montana. U LI 0 U 0 LI 0 0 0=101 \(01:=10 (0=0 OCIO (01=10I 0=101 011:30:1 tOIMIO C=10) 10=101. 0 0 Buffet 0 The 0 and Restaurant. PROPER BROS. Props, Wines, Liquors and Cigars. 0 Lunches Served at all Hours Znor toclot (CO) o=bt d00_ LI These windy d ai s are no the best C . , co. Raley, the sect oi foreman, of times to have sour ',lidding catch has had a crew of men and le uimi keep - fire. .1 liUle c.ire, In fall extra pie - I caution should he taken as to where ashes are dumped and the sparks are allowed to blow. An upstate contemporary tells us 4f a novel contribution basket for churches invented lw Klahoina loan. If a person drops in a quarter or more in the boo\ there is silence; if he drops a inventor are MO glVen. There aie a number of I. s:eward. in this town who would like to get into communi- ca ti o n with hon. Aft. iCIMMINI mg the crossing cleaied of snow. . I . he hotel pinup ss limb supplies most of the water for the town w e nt dry last Monday, at least it was out of commissson for a day. The wet juice was missed. 111:o or James ( '. I) of ()walla. Nehra , ka. Six sears 111.1% or (if ( )mualia, two terms iiia!,.or of Chad - run. etelit years it deini,cratic national committeeman in 19111 candidate for got ernor of Nebraska. three rem ins sh...riff of Dawes Co. Foley & ('n.. Chicago. Ill. ( ;entlemen: 1 has e taken rolev Idne . \ VMS anti the% 11.1te gist n 111V a great deal of relief so I cheerfully recommend them. 1 - cuiTS Irnly. James C. Dahlman. .\t Cash ( irocerv 44tf. The Cheapest Cash Store NJItCI.I, Montana I have no odds and ends to dispose of, but all my goods are fresh from the factory. My store is full of bargains and if you will come in I will save you money. Read the following: WOMEN'S overshoes $1.00 shoes _ 1.60 union suits 1.00 hose, 2 for _ 25 vests 35 suit cases _ _ _ 1.50 CHILDREN'S Shoes _ _ _$1.35 hose, 2 for _ 25 garters 10 yarn gloves_ _ 25 shoestrings 3 5 • overshoes _ 85 BOYS shoes overshoes sweaters overalls knee pants undershirts $1.60 MerIS Suits, all wool, Cashmere, 3 botton, single breasted, well trimmed and high- class tailored. $12.00 1.00 1.00 .25 .75 .25 BOYS top shirts l $ .35 suits_ warni mitts .25 hose. 2 for _ _ .25 wool draws _ .50 plIrSeS .15 MEN'S all rubbers _ $2.23 \ dress s'ioes.. 2.40 heavy union suits 1.00 heavy dra . 50 heavy top shirts .50 winter cans _ .50 •• 4t MEN'S tine hose .15 NIE.N . :-. sweaters - heavy wool hose .25 - dress pants dress shirts .50 COrdnroy pants . arm bands .10 warm coats _ bar °serails .50 heavy pants nail aprons . .35 suspenders. TEN PER CENT. I)ISCOUNT on all made -to - measure suits. Ness Spring Samples itISI arrived. NIEN'S unlined gloves n.11111 mittens yarn gloves heavy top shirts collars cuff links .._ . , l 1..NRGE. \VELL BOVNI). IMO TRCNKS 1.73 1.00 Price only $6 2.00 .25 64 s 76 double heax% Blankets 1.75 .25 .35 Fa re l'a d . . . to outside people 211 miles each .10 way from (;eySer. With erv . 15 $10 purchase. C. R. JOHNSON, THE CHEAPEST CASH STORE IN MOTAN:1, GEYSER, .MONTAN k 011101.1001.011011111oillemolrflottritoslemeriswim..simettpirlier\\\M •-•• ••-••••

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 23 Jan. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.