Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, February 06, 1913, Image 1

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• VOL. 2. - '...e.\.\.\---.-- '..• . -.7 ,,.7 . ..........-.............r .\.\--.- --- • '4 --'' :: /id i‘ -,...q t ,,7 Pg•rAVAr t '\-• • - A'AN . ,, , • — 1 0..; GEYSER, MONT., FEB. 6, 1913 NO. 47 10=101=101=101=10=0=01=01 10=10 i!o=o o01 0=10 0=10 U=10 01=0) t00S :Freseman & Moody Farm Loan GEYSER, CASCADE COUNTY, MONTANA. Co., 0= Ild o We Insure: 0 We Prepare Correctly: Your Eu3iness house or Deeds, Mortgages, Firm Lands, dwelling. Your Auto- Leases and other legal Ranches and ii mobile and yours crops. On Farm Lands. papers. City Property. n: .. 0 101=0 OLIO/ 10=10=0=101 0=0 101=0/ 0=10 0 0=0=101=0=0 0=10 01=0 10=10 0=01 101=01\ WE SELL We Have • Ai Money to Loan on Will Hold Election February 10th A Bond Election Will be Held at Schoolhouse Next Mon- day. $8.000 Bonds Necessary for a New Schoolhouse and Site. Next Monday, February 10th, Gey- scr school district No. 68, will hold an state, it will go along wry toward in - election for the issuing bonds to the ducing people to settle here, and even extent of $8,000 which a school house now there are people who would make be purchased. The Geyser their home if they could get a house to live in and the school was larger. This is a question which is of interest to every individual who is a resident and legal voter at Geyser. So fat there is no talk of doing any- thing else than voting for the bonds. It is a fact that cannot be disputed that we need a new school and the only way to get it is to go to the polls next Monday and vote yes on the bond and a site will bonds are to bear rot to exceed six per cent, in and run for a period not to exceed twenty years. A school house, and a good one, is the first step in the line of progress that is always taken by any new and progressive community, and \have you a good school\ is one of the first questions asked by the prospective set- tlers, and if we are able to tell him that Geyser has one of the best in the question. KNERVILLE Floyd Turner is spending a few 7 days at the Mansfield ranch. Born, at Belt, Jan. 28, to Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Dickson of Knerville, a daughter. Mrs. S. Cooley of Chester, Mont., is visiting her brothers E. L. and W. M. Earl. J. P. Bain took a four horse load of dressed hogs to Geyser for shipment Monday. Dick Reeder of Conrad is visiting old neighbors in Knerville and Lone Tree this week. Mr. Reeder and family resided here for several years. Blessed is the man who is too lazy to worry. Those critical prsons who class old Santa Claus as a myth would be closer to the truth by ranking him among the sure thing doctors. His anti -fat treat- ment for pocket books has no rival on the market. Having a Good Time. The Times received a nice leper from Mrs. Jensen. who is spending the winter in California. She se*s to he having a good time but is count- ing the days when she will !her native state and friends. writes as follows: Editor Times— ,he haying a tine time, but I am counting 1 the days when I will see dear Mon- ew Firm Launched ta the a again. Wishing my Montana ' friends a pleasant winter. I will say good bye. NIrs. M. M. Jensen. Well Sam C. Purdy is again at the head of the State, Bank of Geyser.' Mr. Purdy Again in Bank. On Sea of Business Knore , n Parties Enter New Field of Operations. It Present In Small Quarters, But May Build Purdy was one of the founders of that \We are now in Long Beach, one Office in Spring. institution but for some reason dis- of the most beautiful cities in South- A new firm has made its appearance' and not desiring to leave Geyser, ean California. Today is like a July posed of his stock last summer and lin Gey'A.r and the firm is composed of formed the company of \Fresemen & green. withdrew from the active affairs of the i day in Montana— grass is A. A. Freseman and R. L. Moody I Moody Farm Loan Co.\ At present bank. Mr. Purdy was the first presi- ' flowers in bloom, and beautiful palm who make the announcement in this they have office rooms over the First dent of the institution and at a recent week's paper that they trees in full foliage, but the people will handle all State hank, but the spring may find here say it is the coldest weather they election of officers was again chosen president. kinds of insurance, loan money, and them in a inure convenient office on have had for thirty years, but still it is . do a general real estate business. The, the ground floor. The members of as warm as the summers in Montana. NIL Purdy was formerly engaged in .. young firm are nor strangos to the i the new firm need no introduction as On the 1st day of January..Mr. Jen- b ismess in Belt leaving about tie e people of Ge% ser arm vicinity, both I tlitn are well know it having come lore years ago to found the Purdy Mercan- sen and I went to a tournament of having been connected with the First ii hen the town was mostly on paper. Roses at Pasadena, and saw many dif- tile Co at Geyser. He has been a . State bank. but NIL Freseman having l'he) are hustlers and will undoubtedly successful business man and has a ferent kinds of flowers. which were d,sposed of his interests in the bank. ! , occeed in their chosen profession. host of friends who are glad to hear that he is back in the harness again., I He disposed of his interest in the met . - , tintile business at (;erser ago.—Belt Times. very pretty for the 1st day of the year. Last evening we enjoyed a fish sup- per, and the meat was taken frou1 a fish which weighed 400 pounds. 'Al th's writing Mr. Jensen and Mr. Dick- inson are strolling along the beach watching the breakers roll. We are day at the bond election. Will be Friday Even in The Geyser Literary society which was to hold its weekly meettn t .; last Tuesday evening, has postponed this weeks meeting till tomorrow, a ridayj evening. On Tuesday evening it was so cold and disagreeable no attempt was made to have a meeting but it will be held tomorrow evening when it is hoped the weather will be favorable and a large crowd will be in attendant e As the society ages the meetings are growing more interesting and more people are coming out to enjoy the programs. A wfid. that cheers and the can that is rushed. In its comment on use anitie - in the I l u r amid nail% been ruthlessly . Review. tell n. of strange animals seen , destroyed in one short minim by -one - some time. iii this VICIfIlty, the Gey Ser 1Imes re-,' of our brother: in adversity. who Vote yes at the election next NIon- marks: - Yes. we used to take a little d \ ells on the north • '‘ nd • then ' to tea before breakfast, but lei heap ignorninv upon disgrace, the Judith Gap Journal unfeelingly ob- serves: \It is reported that they are seen at daybreak, but it cannot be weather they are only seen the morn- ing after the night before,' or not. Such is the reward for devotion ta duty.—Buffalo Review. it get a hold on us like that. Has any one seen Yea gods, has, it come to this% Gone is our boasted reputation for truth and sobriety! Blasted is our fame as the emblazoner of the man% wierd and remarkable truths which find nourishment and sustenance in the I n d it h B aqn an d tile B u ff a l o vic i nage .. Francis Harney is the latest to swell \v e ' ve b een accuse d of tampering mth I the scimol census, he having started to flow mg howl; flirting with the cop lschool last Monday morning. Overshoes Jo r ihn, Women and Children At A Big Reduction You pay too much for cheap overshoes at any price. When you buy your overshoes of us, you buy the best grade and you save money. A Special Lot of men's very heavy all -wool Mackintosh Pants, an exceptional good Qt 50 value for $5. Yours at this sale . . . Men's, Women's and Children's Sweaters In a big variety of quantity and patterns. You will save 33 1-3 cents on the dollar by buying now at the Clearing Sale price You Will Not Mind The cold weather if you are well protected and prepared to meet these cold winds inside of one of our nice heavy sheep -skin lined coats, a pair of felt and rubber shoes, a fur lined cap and a pair of heavy lined mittens. No matter how cold it is you will be warm and comfortable. There is still time to buy some of these cold weather protections at the clearing sale prices, but this cold spell has made a rush for it, so we would advise you to buy today, Nvhile there still is a chance for for you to get what you want and save money on your purchase of heavy winter goods. Ladies & Ch ildren's High Top Shoes, made of the very best quality of gun metal leather,. and in the latest style, a very servicable shoe for young and old for this time of year. The Prices are right Why Have Cold Feet? When you can buy a pair of 00,1 heavy felt shoes at your own price. Vs'orth twice the price $ asked. Special price . . . . . 50 Men's Sheeplined Sox. Made of very good quaFty heavy pelt, sold, regular at $1.25 per pair Clearing sale peice . . 85c Ladies Flannel Shirts in the very latest style and patterns and sizes to In everybody. Just the thing need this cold vveather. Come and look then] over and gel posted on the prices. They are low.. Remember our Sale on Ladies d Cbildrens Ifrinier Goats at 1-2 price COUGHLIN BROS. & CO.. GEYSER. MONTANA [4]

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 06 Feb. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.