Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, July 17, 1913, Image 1

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VOL. 3. 41 , IAMBS IJii •.• • --•-•••••Th 3 TWK; ANITSC; -..• • •. • 7; • e ::: - •••• • GEYSER, MONT, JULY 17, 1913 0•' as 1 fr ..4 - • • • 1 NO. 18 aoca 0 0 Griot 0=0 10=10/ a Pt io=ok (or= 0=10) t00 0=0 — - - - 0 = 0 r -- .• ,. ..401111110===l0=10===1 0 CIO 10= 0 Reliable Hail Insurance! We represent a Company which has written Hail Insurance for 15 years and never had a lawsuit. Losses Promptly Adjusted. Freseman & Moody Farm Loan Co., 0„ 5 GEYSER, CASCADE COUNTY, MONTANA. 0=0/ 11 0=0=0=101=0=101=0=10 4 e1 0 F. Suspects Arrested And Taken Back. Deputy Sheriff Kernaghan Rounds Up the Bunch and They Are Taken to the County Seat. Sheriff from Wyoming Takes Them Home. Last Friday Deputy Sheriff Ker- naghan receiyed word that a bunch of horse rustlers was in the vicinity with a bunch of horses, and was given orders to go out and bring them in. Immediately he made preparations and proceeded south-east about /5 miles and came upon them and ten head of horses. The sheriff and his assistants covered them with their automatics and relieved them of their weapons %stitch were two Colts re- volvers. The two proved to be bro- thers and the older assumed the name of \Cheyenne Kid\ which he\ Won at a bucking contest in Wyoming. and later winning a riding contest at Har- town where they spent the Fourth. They were supposed to come from Lander, Wyoming, where some of their horses come from. Sheriff Ker- neghan and his assistants brought the ten head of horses and the two men to Geyser, and Great Falls deputes took them to the County Seat, where a Wyoming sheriff took them home. Their horses were in miserable shape and are now at the Kernaghan ranch and will probably be sold at auction. The prisoners deny the charge of stealing and claim to have a bill of sale for their horses. Shearing Ends. The Kerneghan-Mitchell sheep shearing carnival which has been at old Geyser the past several days has come to an end. They have sheared about 5.000 sheep and have at a rough estimate about 40.000 pounds of wool which will be sold for from 17 and 20 cents. Buys the Restaurant. Jim Hines has disposed of his Gem restaurant business to Mr. William Lindquist. who took possession on Monday morning and opened the doors for business. The Gem has en- joyed a thriving business and Mr. Lindquist knows the chef business from doughnuts to pancakes and will surely make the Gem a popular place for a lunch or square meal. Bonds and New Schoolhouse. The bond and schoolhouse site election held in the schoolhouse last Friday and Saturday terminited in a unanimous vote in favor of an eight thousand dollar bond issue and a site.' The site for the building will be on what is now unplatted ground south of the Congo. church and is on high and sightly ground and one of the prettiest building sitesin . ckyser. Arich itect G. H. Shanley was in (OLl n the first of the week with plans and specifications and it is planned to have thc work commence on th€: building in the very near future, so to have the school commence on or about Sept ember 1st. A Big Dance. The Pavillion which was erected here for the Fourth of July dance will be the scene of a big time next Satur- day. Judy 19th. The proprietor, J. J. Vert has made arrangements to give this one big dance before the building is tore down and has selected the above date for the occasion. The Crescent orchestra of Stanford has been engaged for that evening and to make it a success Landlord Hedman of the Hotel Geyser has con- sented to serve the midnight supper. There will be a large crowd and plenty of room for all, and if you are not there you will miss one of the nicest dancing parties ever held in Geyser. You are inytted to come and bring and your friends. Strayed or Stolen. From my ranch on Merino bench two cows, one large red cow branded 90 on right ribs, one horn broken down, weight about 1300 pounds. One white fared cow with tips of horns sawed off brand on left hip 2 P. P. Suitable reward for return of cows, if strayed. One Hundred dol- lars reward for arrest and conviction of any person concerned, if stolen. I. G. Finfrock, Geyser. Mont. KNERVILLE . Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Mansfield and ' son visited at the home of Mr. Ed Pon - let near Black Rock last week. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Harris took supper at the Bain home Sunday. An enjoyable entertainment was giv- en at the Cottonwood creek school Friday. A doctor was summoned from Stan- ford Monday morning to attend some of R. C. Petty's children who are ill. E. E. \Varner of Square Butte, made a business trip to Geyser Satur- day. - Mr. and Mrs. Mike Larson of Gt. Falls, but now residing at Geraldine, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dick- inson Sunday and Monday. Work on the new Milwaukee R.R. is progressing rapidly. A large crew of men and teams is employed at the grading near R. C. Petty's place and another at the summit of Arrow CrOek tuff a few miles farther on. Before many months the \Bad Lands\ country east of Knerville will have trains passing daily, and in all probability a town also. Grain is ripening rapidly and harvest will commence in about a week or ten days. Mr. and Mrs Warren Porter visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hut- ton last week. Chas. Tillotson accompanied by Miss Dorathy and Master Verl Mac Duffie was a business caller at Twohv Bros. camp Monday. W. H. Delany and Mrs. J. P.Bam were callers at the Mac Duffie home Monday. Thhy also visited the Rob- , seen. — inson R. R. camp, taking dinner there. . Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Warner spent Saturday. at the Will Dickinson home. Mrs' R. S. Dickinson and Mrs. Lu- cy Brach were recent Geyser visitors. Congregational Church. Regular Sunday school and church service at the usual hours. Subject of Sunday evening address. \The Need and Purpose of a Dav of Rest\. The topic for the e , following week will be \How to Spend a Profit- able Sabbath\. Praiser meeting and choir practice as usual. Merino:— Sunday School and the church services at the usual hours --ten and eleven o'clock A' Ni. Ladies Entertain. Last •I'llursdav, Ni us. Alva Moore of Stanford entertained ihe I.adies' Aid Socsety of Merinor I'here %ere about i twenty present including the pastor and family from Geyser. Seven of the par- ty went down on the morning Stub, i and after spending a most delightful i dav, returned on the evening local. The presence of Mrs. Moore's father and mother NI r. and i\Irs. J. S. K ess- ling, of Oakdale, Neb, added much to the enjoy ment of the occasion. Desks for Sale. This office has two desks for sale. One is an rh hard wood and in the best of condition and the other is smaller. If you are in need of either, call at this office where they can be 17 advt John Walker and Pat Moran, two Spion Kop businessmen. were in Gey- ser last Monday. Telephone Bids. S ea l e d bid s will be received until 5 : 00 p. in., on Saturday July 19th 1913, at the office of First State Bank of Geyser. Geyser. Montana, for the construction and equipment of a tele- phone line from Geyser to Knervdle post office, according to plans and specifications on file with S. C. Purdy at (;eim!r and also at 38 Tod Bnilding, Great Falls, NIontana. Certified check for $100.00 must ac- company bid. Right us reserved to . re- ject any and all buds. Geyser Davis Creek & Knerville Telephone Co. By S. C. Purdy. President. 17-18 J. A. 1\ leDonottith. Secretary. It stands as a matter of history, to the everlasting disgrace of this country that m the ten years from 1901 to 1912, inclusive, a total of 39,808 peo- ple th e equivalent of nearly. forty Iregiments—were killed injured in the the relehrations of the Fourth of ,fulv. Last sear was America'ssanest Fourth, with the lowest records of casualnies made since records were kept. The figures in detail were: Dead.20; class- ified as follows: l3 firearm , . 6; gun. powdet6: toy pistols, 1; can non. 1; run- away.1; firework, 5. Injured, 659.. classified as follows: Byfireworks.328; cannon, 47; fiiearnis.84; gunpowder.96; torpedoes,33; bomb canes, 7; by pistols 48; runaways. 20. While we haven't any special bar- gains in our Grocery Dep't. we sell the very best grade of fancy and staple go - ceties at such reasonable prices, as that grade of merchandise can be sold. • Fall The New Fall and Winter Line of Samples Just Arrived. 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Take advantage of this money saving opportunity which will save you big sums of money on your purchases. Our items of bargains are too many to enumerate in this space. Conic and Sec Them! .0- • a 41.11,1111111

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 17 July 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.