Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, October 09, 1913, Image 1

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f • ••• • • ••••* 4 / •: ( 2 :;`, ' - • •••• VOL. 3. 464.. • _ 7. ` n i-s a n N. GEYSER, MONT., OCT. 9, 1913 .1F A . . 4611e 4 19W Arar PA NO. 30 c.0=110=10=10 54 0 0 a. 1 3 1 0=10=0=10=0=10 It's Hard to Resist 10 = 10 =0= 101 :==i01:10p==i01:30====101:1010=100=10P — w - 101:101 -- 10=10===== 01:10 such a chance for investing your money as we now offer in Geyser. Buy a lot now. Others are building and incre4sing the value of the properti, Why', not take advantage of ,the opportunity ,when.yolLtan buy a lot now for $1 . 50.00. You - seilblin'4 . it a pay- ing investment. GEYSER, != =0=10 0=0 FR . ESE -1 MAN & 1VIOODY Farm Lxian Co. CASCADE COUNTY, Picture the Load of Money that has been lost in real estate. Most of it was lost through buying without proper advice. If two heads are better than one, yours and ours should be joined when you think of buy- ing real estate. We may save you from a mistake that might cost you a lot of money. 'Think it over. MONTANA. loao=====to 0 40 o orso ormor-----goctoc===o=o=oao====ociot Interior View the I First State Bank . of Geyser, Montana. •-• held that the farmer may avail himself of this opPottunity of getting some good cows at a very reasonable price, their trade just as much as it is wanted by out-of-town merchants and a little Land Sale more, by the oat —and they will begin There will be a public land sale held coming to you. But if you sit and ex - at the Court House in Great Falls, on Peet them to hunt you up. you are go - October 15th. at 2 o'clock p. m. the ing to be very sadly disappointed. 1611niving lends in this vicinity, . It . costa more to keep goods a year Loll 1, 2,..S% 17N 10E before serni them and th?y get shop - 162.04 worn and out of style. You can't get business withcut as .ing for it and the best way to ask is by attractive adver- tising. SE( N54 NE% .2 17N 10E 160. 28 17N 10E 80. 28 17N 10E 80. e terms of sale are 15 per cent down and the balance in 20 equal pay- ments at 5 per cent interest. This bank on Wed - With nesday unloaded two recping car load of dairy cows sit up and take notice. There is no use ene,ling the resident i - of this which will be disposed section to go around with a mu roscope Of ve reasonably as trying to find out whether this or that is sold in our town. The only plan . * - iNeteRreefroesible. Watch for dateof sale. Should Raise Hogs The ptg pays the rent in Ireland he'll help you to lift the mortgage in Montana. I paid a farmer 25 cents per pound for ham the tither day; ard heard of a Great Falls provision pork can be produced for less than +ha , - :4441\4\-••••••-•6104-- 1 - Ifeitrihb — l'Th tfiirti;taert/treii., riv- , with the thoroughness of the work. telling them what you have On hand. ing three rulei mutt never be lost That is the way up—to-date merchants sight of: get their trade. There is no reason (I) The easiest way of k Wm ; 74 mistakes by beginning in a modest' why the people of this vicinity should Canada thistles is to deprive them of cents. In other words, at 7Y.; cents way .—F . S. cooky for M ontana , be expected to adopt any different their tops continually. thus exhaustin; pork production is profitable here. Farmer. • method in regard to trading than other t h e mots. m ew 0 , y a ,„„ is „ w h o & Pigs are good gleaners in grain stubt have; of keeping down the tops ; there is no The shipment of cattle which the ' re i t iu t : h es eM k i n e o li t v ihe s: 1 11 it what 4... ),. ` 1. : :1 • Wes and make a clear profit of all gain shrl`v one best method. Each field presents increase cost him about 18 or 20 cents hank is getting in here arrived Wed- them our cm sat e i h em little and a problem in ii self :Ind iii iii he handl ,, , ,i under those conditions. ‘V here alfalfa a pound. Controlling Canada Thistles Being a perenn . al plant, the Canada thistle propagates itself both by i s underground parts and its seeds. The character of the u iderground growth inust therefore be understood in orticr to attack the weed mteligently. Canada thistles can he eradidated in a comparatively short time with hole or no loss in the use of the land. 'Die length of time required varies inversely out of feed and was forced to buy, the local price being 2' cents per pound. It took seven or eight pounds of grain for each pound of growth so that his Me Fall Trade. the beginning of the fall trade out, our bustle s men should - - -- - your store. Tell them about you,: bargai is. Show them that you want nesday mornmg. Th e y wi ll h e taken inone Its buying m ying fro t o a n. nd their according it, ,.,, i . oi nsta n,„'iii „Hy dealer's offet of 7!/2 cents alive for a pasture forms about half the ration, its , Another man started tvith one brood ca a n w re of after their long trip and whe they ill coine to our store and nit' carload of hogs. Professor Shaw says cost is next to nothing and the profits sow and w shape e c m worked up until last year he in sha they will be offered for salt' hoe [nail order catalou p ,s. sonic form of clean cultivation is the best, either with a trots Or by bate he can produce live pork for three should be large. marketed two car -loads of hogs at a at cost for the purpose of getting them • --------- re hundreds—yes thousarub fallow. , (2) Outline a systematic plan of attack. (3) Keep the plan in mind at all times and follow it faithfully. H. R. COX. Bureau of Plant Industry. cents per pound. With 60 cent wheat, good alfalfa and pasture toots, which grow so lux- uriantly in Montana. it is certain that net fit of profit : 0,000. I know a man who began in the p out among the farmers. Among the —of people within a short distance of hog business before he was ready.. In pork production the stock, the lot are some fresh ones and about 40 t iwn who scarcely suspect what there He got forty brood sows and raised feed, and the shelter and facilities must coming fresh so in. Announcement ; is for sale in your store. Let them three hundrA pigs. By July he ran develop together. One makes fewer will be made when this sale is to be , k tow where you are. Invite them to Not how Cheap But how Good. It isn't our object to see how cheap we can sell cheap merchandise but on the contrary it has always been our aim to see how good merchandise we could buy, and give the best possible values for the money. Sheep lined mole coats Sheep lined duck coats Blanket lined duck coats • $6.50 5.00 2.00 Summit all -wool Mackinaws $6.00 to $10 Men's Sweaters 72c to $8.00 Men's blanket lined overalls 1.25 to $1.75 Men's heavy wool underwear per garment - Chamois lined vests in corduroys, moleskin, etc., heavy all wool pants, flannel shirts, mackinaw caps, wool sox, in fact everything for cold weather that you would expect to find in a firstclass establishment. We Use Plain Language in describing our shoes. Don't indulge in hifalutin talk calculated to bets ilder or deceit(' the inexpenenced buyer. The result is sir' tery rarely indeed receive any r•omplaints reuarding our shoes. People come here and h i w dull- exec wide open and get exactly us hat they think the, are getting. Rubbers and Overshoes. We are exclusive agents for the BALL BRAND RUBBERS. We have them in I, 2 and Three buckle overshoes at $1.75 to $3.00 • COUGHLIN BROS. &CO.. GEYSER. MONTANA. 01— --•• — wirIPPMPIIPTIPPIPIPWIMM I I\.\ 01 \. 111 1.111WWW\1\

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 09 Oct. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.