Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, January 22, 1915, Image 1

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malbes the following 10 suggestions: crisis wit lima a single comnicreial fail - I 1 Wherever ice is abundant the cOst tire. exeept al llllll g those engaged in sin ., oat - tee Ian mg. The deumnd ot harvesting a ml 1001'11W is a .11.111y here; priees are good and will grow 'era' (2) If a stream of water is avail - better; financial eonditions are sound; t aireeney Will 111. supplied in ample vol- able a small ice Pond can generally be. „ Inv , to itwet „ very lexitimate demand -oust nmeted on the farm by building a I industry. It is a time for every dam. J11:111 to get huts'. for 111. is certain to i (3) In building an ice house care should be taken to provide for proper ps•eive a mph , rcim aril for his iilits- d ru in age and . emit that ion. Th. drain. t na Farmer. build up a no iii i l ma I supply of live stuck mi te itig 11(.4. 41 a I tutu. - - -!...111•1 t rim pp -•.I to 1 .r.. lit in a generation. At the same moment. o d is the may n ay am it bait otIl 1811.1 'OOR QUALITY OF BUTTER OFTEN from entering the bootie through a s. ;., so depli 'ped our supply of I .ra can rise to this great opportimit CAUSED BY LACK OF COOLING he drain. Ii i asils that we can barely feed as well as the great national ditty. Fime OF THE CREAM tit The ellieiena Mg of lee •. e people. In this connection, tunately our financial siturtion i M the most eommon causes of 1\al'\ is of the tit most impoi tauee. t consider our census tables,.. In solutely stoma. We will eulogy fron 101o, vfe had on American farms,' 00,- I this crisis the lea:ler of the mc mid it 080,000 beet•lanimals; in 1911. the mum- finance. The new Federal Reservi her had fellen to 01,225,800 in 1012 to Law gives tus a flexible asset eurrenes 67, 950,000; in 1913, to 60,527.000. To Itasca upon the induatry of our country confirm these figlwes• It may he an hi The power to rediscount pi ime ps pet that the number of cattle received at run nun Ii- th e basi s thas•lop niii the ten leading niarketa foe the first 1114'W atIll better agrieult tire. There will six months of 1914 shows a red itetion iti it.otoot.c,y e 11-4. if any banker of nearly 8 per CPlat from the nal - ober seeks to ra ise t hi- ; ate of int er•-.1 received during the like period in 1913. d ee in o .„, ex m c l o t m ho l isst Turn any way you may, and y o u will , fanner ample ir•redil. TI they r• -fuse to he confronted with a demand for the display ihia patriot ii• and helpful spirit st s i ss i in winter to be -used the tollow- products of our farms which will ex- then we imiat organip• 4-0.1 1 ermit i ve ing imilimei 011.• of the requirements 17 \ ' 1 \ .1° : -: als.°11 34° lie eeed our ability to supply for years to banks and go direet to th e government for the m olor of the poor -but ter prob- tad mole should be packed than is ay - come. From this eonellittimm t here is for our rediseount privileges. This t em . 1.%.Tio9.1's Ado. alrPaill slat- ually needed. This amount allows for . . le el A shrink age and for household is to help agriculture efficient awl 1 .1s. titular. This is his particular field and his first concern. Moreover we believe tt no escape We are entering a long . golden hour of opportunity has been cesstull,m deli . et ing goo. pHs i i . this is the chief eorner stone of the talinadringnill do considerable at the work period of high prices for farm prrshicts thrust opium t he A memii-an fa ritic-s and m he cm -,-a mery limit e usna Ilj prov iili•il for ilseg• 1 _ whole rural st rue-tun-, and that in pro k po in ; as we a're atieceasful in ma OA coining tiring. -Great Falls which no governmental investigation It o 1114 lie 'net in a I ' Mai l bil S ine S8 man - . t heinselves a c ., sis ,.„„.„t smls ,.,. ,,i ,op. I • I II: 111(• dairy farmer should providt t• Tilbune. can prevent. The prices of these pro- • tier. I trust that our farmers will lead 1 ply foi Ilit• i.e. snitalile houses hi st or- it , Il 'i ll , ItY is : ° . i i i, ' , 11:11 I. , f ' m i n i m i i i , °1 of ie. ' Is and I 1 :' . per it g v hrec tote altra...tire, cultured, 11 ' 11.1 a r a ricull tire profitable will the ducts must rise, until tiny reach the I the nation in this imperative call to ha g tile ice. and ice -water tatika fel the '''' 1 ' g *I PR • , , - t . . . - ... t .• 2 ton. lel 1.•1A i f w lade milk 1,, ....dol. place w liomesonie mina orsiren on 11 Jive A STUNT FOR HOUSEKEEPERS - lepentling upon fla• loiatilty all ----------- - . , line id the features (if Farmitera' - '11 - eek illist it hat is meant by profitribls rig - at Botenta ea will he a meat cutting dem- 'flu t i 7 s- 1; n cake of ie.. IS kept floating rieulture ! Just this. There shall oust 'talon on the closing day, Slant • ri tits natter -toll lllll ding I he cl - P11111 ca119 ; Ise il rensommide ret urn on t he valiant thAy. January 300. % hen time ordlinall#7;miling cans tire i invested in farming and a reasonable The 'Iiintana clia mpion steer, fed ased, lbe I etapera t lire ii ill remain at , return iiii On- formers' Mb a r and imis n- and exhibitts1 hi' !tarry Summer* of 'gerbil a bilit y. , liont lit deem Pes E. rollege View Farm. will be slaughtered /1w • :ors! ite- mi. a ter tanks ca ii usual- A farmer. like all% 0111.11' 111,411 iii any early in the p ce.k, together with 801111.1 1 la- • mist i ilete.1 for train $5 to $20. otlp•r business. ii entirbot to ju.t What fat . hog. and sheep. At eleven o'clock \ at h \ , in the drill hall amphitheater, which .. he earns and no more but 1 A REMARKABLE RECORD giros should he guillemot to give him Seats over a thousand people. the ea r - The following interest ing letter from inn nts ramify some ot the more es - P.1 -!.e.. Will he cut Anil the diffeient ent. !. I. A. i Not , * General Pa asenger Agent ient MI conveniences of modern life. explained_ demonstrated. and compn tisl -i t he I avat Nort lo•rn. to the agent- .... shill:. . \erne reerea I ion. and an 01 . loll I li.. informal ion of those in n t ten - v ill hi , of int crest to all th e people 01 1101111110 y foi education for his child antler. Ilei•ides the people enrolled in , . hi- community : -en. With some money in his pocket the various short courses in domestic \Flo. I !dental Limited, train number t he farmer will support the church. acience and agriculture the Bozeman i •11.. a 4.9111011111d. Ilss just completed e p i are sor ,,,. n a. m .,„ i n la s h ome, niamt . \ Woman's Club will attend the demon record for on t ime arrival <`.tit Sella'. aim, and !Relater.. on I he sit 1 ing room stint iiiif in a body. Lunch will be lint. accot ding to the best in format ion -able. and send his children to the very served in the hall at noon and the in- - daunt:11de. lois never been a pproachet h es t .ehoola. Arm l et ion will conlin lie With011t it'll pi.- , iv a ii,m o.urland train of any railroad i t i, s oh t h is b e li e f t e st t h e d e . rupt ion ,tinil completed. There will be iiid in all probating y will stand as I Iii- p a i s m om of a grleult ore i• II sing its an opport unit Y for housekeepers to pur- 1, no pion -hip record for mime time to est in shill II/ to encourage such de- elia se and take home. the choisest meat ; umnstral ion v. ork al has for its iml mit m,,,,t,tha oin produr, YOU'LL BE WELL REWARDED VOL. 4. ......--*--)„„ --...._ __......../ -;_\'\A . • -----......_____ `---..„.. -* *N:,....z. ,: X• -------------... --..\:---...._-.. --------------.... . ok-,„ ...„ , *N------- ---_,--- ---\'\'\ - -,' = \ ----.4- •: : - A , L -' _......_,-- --. •.. .._.: 7 ,-, : ..„,. !. .-.„ ,......- • _ .-----,e-t.- s tawny' '?,... 4' , - - 1 s 7- ' • ' , „ ...atita*I- .::' ^ ' • '7 ., - 'e.77/5'j,, • - t _ - , 4 1 1 */.. 1 \:;.' . * • 1%. 4 - 35, • - - .. n tn^.),„ s , ; , AZ\ - 1 - .s. GEYSER, MOM., JAN. 22, 1915 tae . ase ''•••• .e - s• aCe• _..........., S . ---N \ -- ------- i• :••••:-- ,.....-- ..... ..ews ks NO. 50 ----_-_-_-_, The Effect of War on Agriculture am batter and more profitable oat : loll lit:mediate cooling of the milk and . Northern. tore. reittn. .In parts of New England, al- l'on Pall find twiny persons who are bum thia hour of temptation of high though Ike dairymen often hold ..r.Pa 111 110.1 aut.. 11. (hat they stand a ninth bet - in ices. It toe urge you not to itaciiiive \ 1 the tarot four sloYs ill the 'warner ter clia nee of \gett ing there\ on time tour breedingherds or reduce 7Pleni and neten days in the winter, Hwy ` -e. ia the Great Northern than by other `.. ' liver practically all their •aluel he I roads. You can bank that an, time below the proper level. Remembef that am high prices are here to stay for urs Sweet. After it reachea the creamery it Great Northern trains are off schedule. and not for days. It is time to.enlarsre ia Pasteurized and \hipped a ' Hata \' .delaya are due to unusual conditions not of from 50 to 300 miles, and may I : your operations and We should '.which have moat probably put eompet- cripple our future income by sieling he sold in these remote localities in jog lines out of business. Million s have useful breeding animals even to sis the form of sweet cream. / I been spent to safeguard our tracks in pease the desperate hunger of tha hour. Tilt expense connected with the lib. the mountains anti there is no safer, Do not hesitate to go modrat eAli . in eral.utte of ice in this connection is so 1 si t aa4 ... and the result so satisfactory , ott more comfortable and certainly no , . debt if necessary to enlarge your tie- tivities. The next legislature must en- that details have been compiled for the line tan.) , more dependable Traos•Oint Mental consideration of those . interested in t than the Great Northern. net a model mural credits law, ore can, This is a bad crop year in Europe , limit of the ability of the pui chaser I Before 'war broke out, it was es. to pay. We are faring for the first Mutated that the continent would be shaft more than 300,000,000 bushels of grain as compared with a nominal yield. How great this shortage will be since men have been called from the fields, leaving the harvests to lie rot• lime in the history of our nation, a period when the necessities of life are to be 111e113.111VII out to men, not in pro- portion to their ability' to consume, but in proportion to their ability to pay the piece which the hunger of tlw ting under the sun, can only be con• world will place upon an inadequate lectured. Truly, war and famine have food supply. This is the inevitable re - come hand in hand. With grain prices;' stilt of this stupendous erinte against based on peace conditions, last year • future 114 W1.111 IIS the present civilize - we imported 2,000,000 bushels of corn tion of the world. wore than we exported. This year, un- Now, what is our duty i-s farmers ! i nawever , it itli pee j er t ss t e ty go A n . dai•Yins' alasi are now walled In the forum der normal conditions we could not ex- Manifestly. it is to exert every effort ,witril moler the new Foleral Reserve of a Iola; Fatemers Bulletin tNti. 023) w tinction of port a bushel of our corn crop -our tem drive our production to the maxi- at. All legitimate demands of protium -untitled: \bee Houses and the Use of tire industry will be met and lee on the Dairy Faritt.1 , 1.,The bulletin is no posaibility of a money pi finch should be useful in dairy *teeth:ins where t W -t tl • I o •k of this Iti is general summary the bulletin I B as WI. ha 19. 10.4.111 familiar with in thia ice is obtainable. • ' Bozeman, Jan. 3.- -Charles L. Ilan. Agriculture past. P Int 19 1. 1 V' holler is Ille lack Of lilt- eonsequently great care should be ex- ( erased in the selection and installation t ough eisiling, (.1 I hp Pre11111 lifter separation. The Dairy Division of the inaidating material. 151 About 411 curt of space should • filo. department has matte a care- prginarily..he allowed. Jor a tank ail km'. ful invest igat ii.11 of conditions ros\ . .a .1 cubic foot of ice weighs about 57 rge iiiiimilier of dairy farms, met the data obtain...I show that. if pm operly P\timi a • i•rva in id the best gm ad, call be oroditeed still, but little extra LC ir (ir 07,11.41Se. The principles involved are very simple and are easily underatood. A liberal use of ice width has been limo ( - oder general conditions about 1 pound it iee will be required to cool coil keep I pound of cream in good comfit ion until •Ielivered to the PIPS m• it hen 11C11%el IPS are made three s a week. supply. The world faces famine condition n is Europe while we have a scanty lOt sitopi, in the United States. 11111111 limit and hold it at that point until the world is well fed. 'We t shorten this period of semi-starvetion • ; ; lowest possible limit. This l\ nwat Products, the world is not mi•ans larger am•tivities from every it: nale. It. is well known that a, tm•, progressive farmer. It is most European countries now at war fortunate that we fai niers tan promote .., not grow a full domestic supply of our own individual fortunes and at the meat even under their low staidard of same time benefit mankind in the living. The soldier will consume more greatest th•gree. I.arge produellton meat on the battle field than he woold flout our farms means both of these home. It is certain that bree , ding 'pa results. To do this, our farmers must milk herds will be adze(' lot alaughter, avail theimmelves liberally of ereilit. A sustained war will Sc. diminish brood sp l en did am k o ll one ley usin g m o ney stocks of anintala that Europe eannot strrowea at low mates ou libel al lei in-. fierce Commissioner Daniels. The hearings will mark the begin- ning in public of an important rate ease essentially different from the eastern railway cases i that the western roads are not asking for a horizontal increase in rates but an increase based on traf• lk conditions and commodities. Some of the advances proposed ag- gregate as much as 30 per cent, while others amount to only two or three per cent. On sonic kinds of traffic no iuerettnes have been postponed. It is uderstteal the westein roads have endeavored to revise their rates SO as to not bear too hard on the gen- t•rtil shipper. All of the tariff.; submitted by the western roads have been anal...aided by the conunission. Protest a !mod it -ally Rom the railway commissiona of the eastern states have been filed with the commiasion and concerted action by the state commissions will be taken in op- position to the increases. It Was announced that February IS, Iti, 17 and 18 would be devoted to the presentation of evidence from re- mpondent s supporting in general their claim for increased ratea but not in- cluding 11% itl support of increases ot mu t r rates . NIonilay Mar. 15. import on it will be gim en for I he presenta • of ei i•tramee in r e . butte' of such general testimony.\ BIG LAND DEAL Another big realestate deal was eon - .1%241 yesterday through the office of W. W. iluntaberger of this city, when the Find. National hank sold to the Cook•Reynold s couipany of Lewistown a tract containing about 2,700. ae_res near 46 of •Nhutford. • Ate price was given out as approximataly el3 an acre. The land is in an excellent mm for your troub!c if you come here when in need of first class goods. You'll get best quality for less money, better service in every way. Why delay when to come at once offers so many ad- vantages? Pay us a visit today and join the ranks of the thrifty and particular people who are our best customers. Men's spring hats, nifty novelties. They're all in now and the changes in styles are . marked. You'll have to shiftsoon-better shift now. History don't record who wore the first hat, or whether he purcha s- cd it -but this we do know, that the swell dressers of the town buy their hats at IMIIMINEMO11111.0111WMINII11111.1••••\ CO UGH L IN BR OS. & CO. ba cc Iss•11 aware thii t • ha oid lawn unusual, for several j Is la -I. I or number one to reach ! Seattle sii . n the tlot\ for a • th si .tr,4•11., but the train.. recent fo; Illallee it not so. orthy. The Oriental Limited teas iin from April 14, 1911 to July 19, l udo.. 97 lla Vs; late four times bet v. ern -I mmii-2mi and 27, (delays being due to wen, it graduate of the Montana State college, who has recently been made county agriculture?, agent for Missouls county, had some good things to as in his first letter to his constituency. about the function of the agricultural agent. As 1 Ilese iillf•wia Is are becom ing somewhat no inei iimis awl it is interesting In loam hal m hey are trying to do. Mr. Hansen says; The tioutity agent in a part of 11 great agricultural moovement. :se -ventent ha s fur its purpose 41 building up of a country life, thai tihnli be wholesome. attract it 41111.1111\ I..1, efficient and ptaititable. There an. utany seetions of our country that haw one or more of these conditions, but the ones where all arc Jo' •d ii, happy desire of those who are thinking tit rural problems is that the rural cunt munitiea every where shall be whole sonic, Itttrattive anik cultured, and that each individual shall have a fair re- ward for the labor done and for eapit - section of the country for farming and al in rotted. it is understood that it is the plau to 'The ciiiiuty agent has one dominant ein it into *moiler Iraeln and nell it part in thi. program. While he ma , aff to persons desiring small farm., take other parts, his printery functiori The company making the purchase owns large acreage in the same section and it is not taking the land exprei- mentally. It is said the company piano colonizing the section they now own Ornate purpone the very definite thing of inereaming the farmers' net in• ono. Therefore this extension work must he based upon a t borough rural sur• of' all Vie fro -tors aryl forees iii- Thi, will afford an opportimit y for farmers and housewives to learn the propel way ti. Pat Meat.; produced it home. It a ill also be . aluable hist rue• thin to loisi• lio buy the meat sup- it'tteing rim rat life. plies for lain ilies in town. Aim expla - The coon t ag. ni I. idea situated ion sm u h • cs stet prep.' ratios co% n make dn. et' stieb %..y, it Ili,It the various eiii v of mail- tv aecom diniild bring together all lit, fact. 1 e- , hit i \ Ii \°- d ''''' 1°1°° \ 1 \ f \g . 1Zed„ec.1 rat., obtain on all Nloitta„a hig`kt in. 1.1 , 111:11 i ,, t mine) construe- ricoll um I :mil count ry life. It is only juc tI,i- Lies: - .1 illy 2••• to Is.-. mber IS. inclusive, au -ii -u I II days. To r ot it :ta..Litet ir a 1. • :1113 • 1ilt iii , i11113. out iut 2-12. flii. - Ii imli I wiiislerfol recoil!. The j on I ism- art iva I of the fast, heavy pas - .411;1,1 haul, like the Orential Litnite4, aftar a 72 boor run over 2211 miles of 1 rails, including the climb of the ' Roeky - uh u nint a ins awl Ca riende is a bunion ;lila Media nical triumph. tal make on u line arrival a regular is•- cora nee. mai pen is' , opera( ion, roadbed, rower and mc 1 iul -HI must neat -hi 11101 .4311..101A uul etliciciicy. XX lotml,- - Oriental and \or ••I her passim• gem Irani,. 104111 ! Is 1 , 9-11 119 'is erla n.1 --- are doing it; nbnoltite proof of the *Oen- did ilivskal condition of time Great iifter sin+ a siir.ey has been made that is 1111111 progra in can be fortnithilr.1 and ittitil it In made there 15 like•Ii)1 1110 1 1,1 I_lit ...linty ;opera, and, for that mat ter, of all the de iiiii !intro - lion workers. being -like I he fa riner -- extremely Moir . but more or less ineffi- cient because a definite campaign has r,ot been developed. Nothing could add greater y I.' the agrietil I ura I agent ttttt P111..111 111411 I lie 4.1014 1111. a m11111111111 (IPA ell . 1 11,1 rural pro- :frarn for each eionniamit V. -- TO DECIDE WESTERN RATES VI a .13.11 I. liea 1 logs ri.•ight ra I, 111Pft.11.-P9 pi ( - Tested by railroads co-st of the Nlississippi river will 'hegin iii chirago, February 15, and ' will rid civil is I cret te Com- railtietila during Farmera' aa:eek. Jan - miry 25-30. BUFFALO REVIEW NO MORE The \ tut tali Hei i, notiliec. thin this week when the plant Nis eliis el up by Editor Cowan of the Jonrnal. Ths plant us shaken over the first of gest and was conducted in connec- tion still, the .foornal imiitil this week. -ituhtits to la non nil lion( a newnpap.a. IT], ppm win quite probably be mom ist to .1 iplit :a p in lIt. near future, end Iii,. slip! 111:11Pria I wilt he added I o I lie p. 1 01 1 .01.10 01 iiu dituvral. By this mold ml ion the Judith fin! p I w ill lie be hest eipiipped \(Ike itu Memmli- un count y, despite the feet that we hate 'not yet a linetype machine.-Judilt (lap Jou, nal.

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 22 Jan. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.