Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, February 12, 1915, Image 1

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0 dti ' • • VOL. 5. • Rev. E. B. Sikes' ft' - .-s.-.1 1 ?,--„,...h or • 5 55 .a '• s • _ • .: 77 . • : - f7' 7 \ --- -C i .e. 1 .- -.61•61'. .• ; Ova. # • #N t. GEYSER, MONT r , 1+11. 12, 1915 • Ooto Endeavor Societ is the pride of Interesting Letter Ins lit -art. It i, tholotighl:. organized • Dear Friends; - So many of tny friends have expressed a desire to know about Demonist and my work that I will lay aside other matters for a little while and draw up circular letters In this nay I eau reach you all with the least expendi- ture of time. Demorent i s a little town of some $110 pomdation. situated in liabersham County, among the foot -hula of the Blue Ridge Mts. It Was laid out by a large company stone 25 years ago with the expectation that it would become a health resort center, with several industrial planta. Hut Ii proj-t ha ye partially aueeeeded. There are many people living here because of the health- ful conditions -climate, mineral water, good elevation, etc., Among the indus- tital enterprises we have a large Sail - die -tree plant, a broom tawtory, the Demoreet Novelty NVorks. a foundry and repair shop, fruit -crate manufac- turing. But with the exeeptimi of th Saddle -tree Factory, ..not a large num- ber men are employed. There are some 20 places of busines of all kinds including professions. Titer ate six generil stores, each handlin about the same line of goods, and noe with a complete stock. The businei of the town needs organization. The alio need a newspaper. They Ave good job printing plant. We hay. ‘vater•worka and it good electric ugh plant also telephones. The thing that makes the town, how ever, is the college, which also conduct the work of the High-school (Academy and the grades. The Dean of the Col lege le the town Supt. of *hoots Domestic Science and Manual training are a part of the regular work. There are ISOM tbarty teachers and asais tante in all departments of the school. , The total enrollment, including grade , and College, is close to 5.00 per year some of these go but a part of th year -a very small part. There ia a. compulsory school law in Georgia, bu we are after one. Even minister a the Southern Methodist and Baptis eommunions have quite commonly op- posed education. Many of them ar (.-1y poorly educated. A seat ago oi two a law was passed in Alabama tha no man could preach the gospel wilt and is iletiio• ill all I of practical pad not at leaat had the equi‘aliatt of serv fee. It is ome ol the largest in the a 0th grail.. ...location. I mention this slate, tho, tool the largest. The 1.aolies• Itenesodent S.wirty wtia4 pronotineed by a leading mato of Atlanta .is Doe sinalkst. We lia % , at present 1This . doe, mu 'I hoodoo!, an .Issosiate 94 after a partial resision of the rll. o nranbersh ip (al Iproofesding eloristians sod church member) of fifteen. I. f rtudent'a are :ileiles.114.1a and laptists. NI...ern...141e , we have some if the strongest student, an olinstruc- fact to how great a resistant, has had to Is' overcome in order to, secoore general attendants. in the public schools. to In. of the Ian best in the state. I ‘Ve hare splendid learliers here. quite I think it Ints a membership of about' largely from the North or of northern parentage. notieser (loose of Southern' II it. \ i. \ 41 lur ( \ en \ . extract are joist as „Me. a„.I ha ' ' 16 ' A \ rune *311151 .\\ l1 there ing Ow ads antages hat.. loas never heol o a ,piarrel iii its entire really superior. I think. The boys and11 Aitt \ruing aupper girls t.;its from is glien i a month, the ladies meet - mountains ar., , spkiidid ong tor at anal business iii the a f t er - loam. Va. Society always give.. a work upon. There is a natural refine- ment abinit them and great mind,. ,44.11 slilitlier and entertainment ; told a WardoingteaCs Birthday supper aloility. ne.. iii bazar. The monthly sowials are a greill Ilis,et to 1114. Work. the Baptist, afethodist and (Migrega- Nom as 10 Illy 44W - 14 Oork : I ueitally tional. In membership, I think ours iirearlo hike it Sunday. Siiine times we have ii iii,. iespers, at is hiel. various men speak oftention..ta mosaic. talent; and a g1.4.41 deal oof Coal roomy, our way. 1)r. Stocking of the First (rig. church of Washington, la. C. was here a week ago,. Profesaor Phelps, brother of .Elizabetli Stewart Phelps. lulled my ; pulpit hat -it Sunday. Ile !ma (-mite here ors voimeeted with liar I van 'so say that ther e is r e al fellowship j to till the chair of Biblical Literature owing the c!iiirebea. W. halo the \lege- lle ii a ver)\ \hi ell\ .rave?-nmeting, mot , p e r month. and l im.sessed el a very winning per- metime,, ll i .. n vesper novices. We sul \ IIII . s • I r \i\. s. \ m y i'''''\ d \\g ver Y much, and I find this oecusional aye by far the best plant. 'the buiI.1- iuitro- I duction superhir talent a great in- ig is of cement blocks tavo 1.044411s ahoVe MI Six below; water and electrie light 11n11t itili I. bet Iii hUthiit 'a iii -eating eapaeity of about 4 .10. The This is the liist time I have done :due of our property is about ao..00, real pastoral wo.k. I enjoy that too. to \. It a real revelation to so many a, least it would take that moth -pine ,. what ste halve. :qv t people in trouble and ill tired of ail - Iwo per year. Nil hut ,,lie and (saioraoleship. 1 hare aver- ir this country. V.1110 i s pa id by tin aged about 10 calls per month. That NI a We are al Ming at self -,(topport is DOI So many, butt there ia a reason. his coming year. I thiek we shall I h e \' a' 1 \\\ls t!\\'\ \In\ h' the e°I - ake lege other building. Ilere I meet any- s it. Non as to Coe work itself : Ilse wl\ re I ii le lu Pconle Per and hturch i a well organized for a Southern the s e are \1°'11! men whom I ti 'till o f this s i ze. W u . h are a . g „„d Aiot meet aa a pastoral caller. nub -as !ratted S,inday seined with :di ...ild go in the evening- 1 3 . ()Pen nenta a -ell represented. I have never ,I\\ir s \re fro'\ 9 I\ hI A. N. n'\I een a better corps of teachers. The , to 3 P. N. r aserage over 1.4 i,oimrs per vork is thorough. The Bible clas s has %hi): in in) . Ober stint) . • bout 314 members I think. It is I arn Scout nmater of a local (rote deal moor.' time besides, taught by a man who had (barge o f it of boys. There wi-re 13 three weeks Tue , akt . evening etintinet a teacher; totheran inissi(lo in Liberia. .1frica. for :ago., 110W We ha at. 21 Is it 14 three more daa.... made tip st_ an fteen years. 'the Senior classes are i t o 4.40111e ill Ilex t W4s k I. 'that as ill • ii icing 11'. m.n and women. From thi wh tautest by members of the college I ?is three patrols. It is great work lass I go into the Night School class *acuity. Other classes ere largely I enjoy it immensely. I give Nion.14u aught by graduates and students. 1 night to this work regularly end 44 “\ 1 \ ) of \hid' I w in ten a.\(I below. ! Wednesday evening is our regula HOME TALENT PLAY Mr. BOB given in GEYSER OPERA HOUSE Saturday Eveining Febuary 20 1915. For the benefit of Union Congregational Church of Gver CAST OF CHARACTERS - Philip Roysar P ‘' Robert Brown Rebecca Luke Katherine, her neiee Marion, Katherind's friend Patty, the maid Jenkins, the butler Ralph F Knight George Knight Mrs. Celia Du ey Miss Gant Kr; Miss Emily Krie Miss Mary Eismann A. A. Lamm It's A Hit Spccialitics Betwcea Acts Prices 50 35 and 25cts. Reserved Seats at Kennedy Cash Store QUALITY You know it's good if it comes from this store. No groceries of indifferent quality are in our stock Our quality standards are high and our inspection of all goods is thorough. Before any line is added to our stock it must answer to our exacting require- ments. We have an unlimited variety of first class groceries. We don't want you to take what you don't want Substitution is not satisfactory to you or us neither. Order what you want and you shall have it. Yours for Quality anp Right Prices v COUGHLIN BROS. & CO. irayer -met ting night. We averag ! rem sixteen to I amity. At one unim aeet We ha.I 50. I has 1. a lay111;11 ad every id 111,•r at. ek. 11. - 4. all enjo uo variety. We hold all ot our bolsi e95 sessions in connection with th (*ed. evening meeting. FridaY evening is My 0111y open nigh nil that ia usually engaged alle:141 'itesday, TImrsday and Saturday even ig. are taken up by the Demorest isle League. There is a large number tat illiterat. nen and .41.14r boys in Demou est w are t, , it had advantage... Some ime /ago I proposed the idea . of a nigh' ,chool at one (of our prayer•meetings use they seern to like to play too aty people approved of my taking bob '' .i we do not know but maybe we have f the work if it could be developed. ould d le seem t„ find ail opening. si in Trull ''' . I 11° \\ 'nee' for debate and the reading of the cash outlay of $10. The barbed wire Civic. League Booster,\ our oflicial or- knee can be limited to two milts that an. which I half dare to hope may is netientiary to fence around one 100-aens ventually olevelop into our loan OM% e• field, a bich will 11(.1. The hog aper. Ita Mat at dream, but stranger fence requireuwnts :nay be cut in half, Ines hate emu... true. W c ulao attend to winch asill coat $35. It badly cramped II of our business at this session. Al for nitiney, the new . settler can start ore s sent ne hair l MeMbers in the with five cows, coaling Van. He can libtait 341 baking regulartteh , toi s t ar t with IF..541 worth if hen s and line 'wk. The Dean of the college is our brood sow taisting $15 . lie should not thletie dintelor and is des eloping a for $2,110. Many farmers have the ire all a ell and seem to be ver y happy. team, . and tools and stock, in which Ve ha se jos( moved unto a !nee rommo- rose they could start with $1,000 cash, Mum hoes'. on \Professional Rove.\ Nly in addition to the first payment on the rife say, ,se shall hate to believe now, hind. • ha t Weal re irr 'ittelo so.dat e comps Mans men who ale now \comfortable aid somehow etle as they \ II \ . tu our %Yell off\ started on dry land farin a with much less, but they had hardships that they would not care to repeat. One of the most succeasful dry land farmers in Colorado haul a one•rotini bhack f inlilt on his farm and took his wife told three babies to it with cash assets, $4.00. Hut ymi nil iindi.emtanid it ia here jumt Ile uorkial for neighbors, borrowe j .iiii- ,, ' I i i t e ing li\ m t m. t ii t i .t 0 :tglit I wa si a lgIv a ii s t i t o . r (i t on( ml ja d i i ii - as it na.. in vi.eidiiei. and mnntana pitmen's, got hold of a cow or t WO, 'and get so loudest up in the IIERE and made a good ineome esery year. He i ..thool department. He liked the idea.poir l NOW* that the T111.:RE and the is the kind 'it man that will succeed any - or publie mpeaking and entertainment. 1 I '' ''' l'il'Ellii)AY find Phil \' milr ill Ill‘ where, 'wo nighta for school work and one , lie a noI one of the men interested then t h \ rl and Incm°\' Anather man had the money to put up <lade a three days' eantas,l, resulting Nlay the dear Father keep 144w1 Wes.. a entail house and a shed. Ile had two brought with him i II h o r. e s and a eow and \cli 30 nocts forming the Demorest Civir . ‘ - ' -u '' - ...ague. 1\... mayor UR , chosen previ.. • lent. I is RS delegated t 44 work up the 14 -Inn \ it ' \g. 01001 end of the a ork, and sueciashst. / \ ..1 '' Pah ' IIII5 ' . In getting the Dcato of the college at, „de. ..1 loanker heaid of it and sent a minister. the druggist. two able col- ' G( tong Started , . . • ,„ ,,.. thi. man. The banker told loom to the professor of science, the Baptist , 1 .4ge atudenta and the manager of the an intusually good one. 'the banker said stay. 1 he thy 1111 farmer s cow, Was \addle -Dee Tao tom -v. to act aa haat 411. The building. fencing aback, in) that he would loan the farmer money au.1 1.iol, 1....mmenaed for 1 enongh to boy a nottior ewe, taking the ors. 1 . W a a 4•141.ted pi illeilal I of I. le. ' 1 414-r o osls 1 '11001. We occult!' loot' Oa .4.1-1001104 11. , 1 he 1410.t ailsaillageolis equoprnent 01 a it wo for seeno0 and to reveive one -ball . leaolenly hull -one large enough for an 1-3211 ae r e dry land farm require AII in -1 of the cream money until the note Assembly room. Aunt xpert ivriting %est ment of $3.10411. besides the first pity -I was paid. The fa rater reditetantlY con- 4leneher oee'll'iej the ' 4,0 half hour; i went on the land. Many men who seided to try the plan, a, there was a then the men pass to their Yariolia class I hope to build homen on dry land farma I large arreage of add grass pastore near rooms for an hour. I keep the mixed !do 110t hale .0 much money. ! i iliviaion, and 4401 3 the help of all Sc- i Pm- losing adebe brick, which are home- i cow. 'the banker loaned hist mnoey on . hia place. lie anon paid for the ircond milit44441 ear.- for Iwo o r three gronpa in ' made, the ...At of the 11011.44 ran te.' i the same terra.. to tally faro MOre. the t one roam]. In the 'other three rooms retheed iinethird, and that .4 the Stu hle I lllllll owns a gls , (1 heard and is ail eolith - t hi. groill1S are well classified. ', At the ' ,,h ed, * I n d hen house, one•lialf. The eost i siast cia the advitiol 41gP , '• of dry lend (-nil of the 114.11.- the e n tire 44+1401 re-; of the Imil.liug al ill he 1•041101•41 from terming, bolt hi.; fiost etruggles were 0 ssembles for spelling (a. nit ten I a fil'r : :Z94141 In $:0 1 \. Tilt' 114'W settler using in . louder than Most men would endure. whirl.. I ; T he II 1Willit V ninth(' ! bad me ' 1 hin c.v., hi( 141,01. H o l d time :n.d cad ot ' .% good dairy herd ewncol from the start We th e n adjourn. Satitidily ni4 1 11 vie i A small pit silo -4144 li e Imill far , a , given him a weekly cash ille0111e, i n mild t, am' vre1Mited thia hardship and on the history and civics oo1 Cliairgia.' money. reduce the expentlituie for horses, as oast basket -ball team out oot ten of ' air twat ni ma They play the college horme power in one of the great . asaels. team this coming Saturday. IT in stuce.,sful dry hind farming. lie 0111 t ill he their first Ville. rent a grain end *SSA $100. With h\ ch \ -i\g I \ill uttis Yull that thesis cuts, a -Lair outfit can be secured 18%e a wile and three children. They 1 truat that 1113 friend- ill start .41 tait ith one 1111111. AI ale en , . r feel that I hale sliglIded then]. arid'. .f three week a, the pre.44•111 Mayor cut • iie ton n came into my iiffiee and know that t hey will 110t Wish Me to proniinidinn ie kagio. w rile them again for a g000l long while. ill (tic' ; a fair stisik la fa rut implement.. Ile ' 1- , a rt.' to raise grin only. Drought Elt1 f °Ilea 4,1 Ile oleo ideol to) 14.111-0 it,,' 4.4.11411 ry 11/04i oft . ..led his good s Inc . ‘') 4 SIM

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 12 Feb. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.