Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, February 12, 1915, Image 3

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GEYSER JUDITH BASIN TIMES 1 • ;• THIS WOMAN'S SICKNESS Wally Yielded To Lydia IE. PinIthasn's Vegetable Com pound • Bridgeton, N.J. —\I want to thank you it thousand timei for tho wonderful . good Lydia E. Pink. ham's • Vegetable Compound has done for me. I suffered very much from a female trouble. I had bearing down pains, was irregular and at times could ardly walk across the room. I was able to do my housework or attend to my baby I was BO weak. Lydia E. PinItham's Vegetable Compound did me a world of good, and now I am strong and healthy, can do my wcrk and tend my baby, I advise all suffering women to take it and get well as I did.\—Mrs. FANNIE COOPER, Bridgeton, N.J. Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com- pound, made from native roots and herbs, contains no narcotic or harmful drugs, and to -day holds the record of being the most successful remedy for female ills we know of, and thousands of voluntary testimonials on file in the Pinkham laboratory at Lynn, Mass., seem to prove this fact. For thirty years it has been the stand- ard remedy for female ills, and has re- rtored the health of thousands of women who have been troubled with such ail- ments as displacements, inflammation, ulceration, tumors, irregularities, etc. If you Want special advice write to Lydia E. Pink ham Med- icine Co., ( confidential ) Lynn, Mass. Your letter will be opened, read and answered by a woman and held in strict confidenciu Constipation Vanishes Forever Prompt Relief—Permanent Cure CARTER'S LITTLE LP/ER PILLS never fail. Purely vegeta- ble — act surely but gently on the liver. Stop after dinner dis- tress—cure indigestion, improve the complexion, brighten the eyes. SMALL PILL, SMALL DOSE, SMALL PRICE. Genuine must bear Signature more, opus, successfully treated without knife or pain. All work guaranteed. Come, or write for Free Book. Dr. Williams, Specialistoa Cancer 1100 Undrenity Av. S. PAR ER'S HAIR BALSAM' A toilet preparation of nierit. Beips to eradicate dandruff. ForRestorinr Color and Beauty to Gray or Faded Hair. fec. and $1 teat Druggist.. An Unpleasant Subject. You say there are no mosquitoes in summertime in your village?\ \None to speak of,\ replied the sub- urbanite coldly. And he obstinately • declined to con. tinue the conversation. SOFT WHITE HANDS Under Most Conditions If You U Cuticura. Trial Free. The Soap to cleanse and purify, the Ointment to soothe and heal. Nothing better or more effective at any price than these fragrant supercreamy emol- lients. A one-night treatment will test them in the severest forms of red, rough, chapped and sore hands. • Sample each free by mail with Book. Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. XY, Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv. They'd Like to Run. Bill—I see new shackles for convicts permit a man to walk, as usual, but lock should he bend his knees far enough to try to run. Jill—That must be hard on the poor fellows when the dinner bell rings. Impostant to Mothers Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for Infants and children, and see that it Bears the Signature of In Use For Over 30 Years. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoris 4,44z Proof. liokua—What makes you think he is a vegetarian? Pokus—I have smoked his cigars.— Judge. For the treatment of colds, sore throat, etc., Dean's Mentholated Cough Drops give sure relief --5c at all good Druggists. The man who goes things can afford to let his wifo do all the talking. 2ore Granalaled Eyelids, Eyes inflamed by expo- sure to Sen.lhist and Wind ,..., quickly relieved by Morlee yea; Eye Remedy. NoSmarting last Eye Comfort A Your Druggists 50c per Bottle Markle Eyr SalveinTuhes2Sc.Pornookolthetyefreeaq, Druggists or Marine lye Remedy Co.. Chtra AVEZZANO First photograph from the earthquake -stricken regiorrof Italy, showing wliat x‘as the main street of Avezzano. the flourishing industrial city which was utterly destroyed. The arrow points to the ruins of a building where forty-eight persons were killed. ALIEN PRISONERS IN CANADA MILITARY CAMP 'ftiiltla:ettiRS:AgsAU,:SVV.Wslf:Wts:gitAtbliitiAIMI2131S*tAiatbAdtfs3ttiitatstgmmatAallio:1 German and Austrian aliens are being interned in concentration camps at various points in Canada, and have been set to useful public work—clearing land and building roads. The photograph shows a batch of prisoners air- Ing their bedding at Petawawa, Canada's permanent military camp, situated in the wilds of northern Ontario. •••••••••,,,,.. INTERNED BRITISH JACKIES KNITTING British sailors interned in Holland amusing themselves with knitting and similar occupations. GUN FOR A BRITISH BATTLESHIP? --, itawerosserrw-, , ,sec :s..aswwwwwww Big gun made in America and shipped on the .1 bout which there was much mystery, but which is lelfast for one of England's new dreadnaughts. TREE AS A FIGHTING TOP This highly interesting picture Shows a detail of French in the outly- ing parts of the Argonne forest In ambuscade. .t --lookout at the top ob- serves the movements of a detach- ment of Germans and communicates his information to his comrades be- low. One of the soldiers in the tree Is training a machine gun on the un- suspecting Germans. They Took Robes of Piety. When Rev. F. W. Carstens, pastor of the North Broadway Baptist church at Los Angeles, suggested that his hearers clothe themseltieS in the garb of righteousness, he spoke figurative- ly. But someone apparently lacked the power of 'abstraction, and the pas- tor now believes his words were mis- construed. While lie launched the exhortation, in speaking on \High Ideals for 1915 Actualized,\ some per - '1;ANMIA ONE OF THE W01111 PHEIVIOERS Although Canada's real start in na- tional development as pointed reit by the Buffalo CommerciaLcame slow - p , and late, as compared with that of - the United States, it is now sell un- der way, and very soon there will be 11. marvelous expansion in agriculture, ntiring and manufacturing. The paper above mentioned says that \heretofore the development of Canada, like that of the United States, has been W est ward, 'ait unlike this country, the Dominion has a great territok to the Mirth, which has been regardeo as all but uninhabitable, but In which recent research has proven there are possibilities of develop- ment almest inconceivable.\ After snaking complimentary reference to the resources of the country tributary to the Hudson Pay, which will be opened up %S hen the railroad now un- der construction is completed, the Commercial further says \there are those living today c ho will see our neighbor on the north a great and powerful nation, anti a not insignifi- cant industrial and conmiercial rival of the United States. The car may retard, but it cannot destroy, Canada's future. And in this expansion no one SAGE TEA DARKENS GRAY will more heartily rejoice than the HAIR TO ANY SHADE. TRY IT1 people of the United States, because the prosperity of the Dominion is Keep Your Locks Youthful, Dark. The - General Says: Why accept a doubtful guarantee on roofing when you call get one signed by the largest man- ufacturer of roofing and building papers in the world, with a saving in cost in the long run? Certain -teed Roofing' is guaranteed in writing 5 years for I -Ply. 10 years (Cr 2 -ply, and 15 years for 3-oly, and the responsibility a our big mills stand., behind this guarantee. Its quality is the highest and its price the most reason- able. For sale by dealers everywhere. General Roofing Mfg. Company irethre fat-vett mane/art s rent of Rooting awl l'optrs New York City Bostou Chicago Pittshary1 Philadelphia Atlanta Cleveland Detroit St. Louis Cincinnati Kansas City Misaispobs San Fraacisco Seattle London Hamburg Sydaey The Right Place. \I can't find any bank willing tg ' finance my aerial scheme.\ _ \Why not try a bank of coulds?\ • • bound to increase our own.\ Herein is the spirit that dominates the Dominion Government when it extends an invitation to Americans to assist In developing the resources that Canada possesses, whether they be mineral, forest, industrial, commercial or agriculture. Both countries will benefit and the United States will be a gainer by having as a neighbor a country whose resources are as great and varied as are those of Canada. In comparing the United States along with other nations of the world In producing and iniporting food- stuffs, the Agricultural Outlook pub- lished by the United States depart- ment of agriculture says: • The United States in recent years 'oas been as large an imrcrter of food- 1 stun as exporter; therefore she can- not be classed as a surplus producer of foodstuffs. This is contrary to pop- ular impression. It is true that she is an exporter of certain articles, but she is an equally large importer of other articles. In this classification tea and coffee are included with food- stuffs. In edible grains the produc- tion is 23 per cent more than the amount retained; the production of meats is six per cent more—that is, exports of meat equal six per cent of that retained in the United States for consumption; the production of dairy products Is 20 per cent more than consumed; the production of poultry is just about equal to con- sumption; of vegetables, one per tent less. Ali Investigation into the produc- tion, imports and exports qf food prod- ucts of various countries indicates that England produces about 53 per cent of her food requirements, and imports net) about 47 per cent; Bel - glum produces 57 per cent, and im- ports 13 per cent; Germany produces 88 per cent, and imports 12 per cent; France produces 92 per cent, and im- ports eight per cent; Austria-Hungary produces 98 per cent, and imports two per cent; Russia produces 110 per cent of her requirements, and exports an equivalent of about 10 per cent; Canada produces 23 per cent -more than she consumes; Argentina pro- duces 48 per cent more than she con- sumes; the United States produces practically no more than she con- sumes fl. e., exports and imports ot foodstuffs almost balance). With this information before the reader, it is not a difficult matter to direct attention to the fact that Can- ada stands in a pre-eminent position in the matter of grain and cattle pro- duction, and with a large territory yet unoccupied she will always main- tain R.—Advertisement. •os From the Battlefield. During the recent fighting along the banks of the Aisne a man was badly wounded. The ambulance corps ten- derly placed him on a stretcher. \Take him to the hospital,\ said the man in charge. us an top noteh prices. Ben your mnstin t la ir en e t 4 s i to us r b d Tri a l:tri g:fan f; ‘ i m a in \Slowly the wounded man opened Vt',?t-li t a i rs e et-4.1,7etenstortreelt e si.,runelebed g freo. F. ti. PAGE CO.. SO. ST. PAUL. MINN. his eyes and whispered faintly: • 'What'. the matter with the can — teen?\—London Tit-llits. Glossy and Thick With Garden • Sage and Sulphur. When you darken your hair with Sage Tea and Sulphur, no one can tell, because it's done so naturally, so evenly. Preparing this mixture, thoagh, at home Is mussy and trouble- some. For 50 cents you can buy at any drug store the ready -to -use tont° called \Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy.\ You just dampen a sponge or soft brush with it and draw this through your ,hair, taking one small strand at a time. By morn- ing all gray, hair disappears, and, after another application or two, your hair becomes beautifully .darkened, glossy and luxuriant. You will also dis- cover dandruff is gone and hair hal stopped falling. Gray, faded hair, though no dis- grace, is a sign of old age, and as we all desire a youthful and attractive ap- pearance, get busy at once with Wy- eth's Sage and Sulphur and look years younger. Adv. A woman will forgive a man almost anything—except the fact that he beat .. her at her own game. Cigarettes are the mildest and most pleasing form of tobacco. Thus out of four smokers prefer FATIMAS to any other 15o cigarette. \Distinctively lodioidool\ 20 fir 154 45 14 if t 4 4 Xteocoo Cr. ASHAMED OF HER BAD COMPLEXION ;oh. A. Satre? Seed co.. Boa 716. Crone. Wlit. F. 8. PAGE & CO. LIVE STOCK COMMISSION All kinds live stock bought and sold on commission. Wemakesspeclaity of leasin our customers bygettln good POTAT O LOW PRICES gaiter's Pedigree Potatoes helped put Wisconsin way nn , Ltle tu t , 1 , .,p f „writyhoiula 1410 5551) CATALOG S'RSL cn,,rm,,uo potato jleid. We can away with the minister's overcoat and tive, girl is a social failure because of DANCING Book of Instructions tor learn. {nit the Hesitation. One -Step. Fox Trot, One -Step Walqii BOB, presumably the literal one, made Many a nice, anti otherwise attrac- Maxim Lulu Fad% and tta hat and also an overcoat of one of the her poor complexion. If you, too, are .: : s I ng I e di a nc ( • L), , n 1:1 . in e r.;. 3 A 6 drel:forgra cop u_k ls; deacons. embarrassed by a pimply, blotchy, un- 1;!.•. I l d ur ininclng. r Mack Block, Milwaukee, Wis. The police are now searching for sightly skin, resinol will probably clear - one who quite missed the 1915 ideals, it. Just try resinol soap and resinol BEST MARKET for but equipped himself with enough of ointment regularly for a week and see POUL.TRY—VEALe—GREAM ! the garb of righteousness for two. if they do not make a blessed differ- HE D E S —EGGS—ISEANS • Write ton for Price List and Tags. lice in your skin. Sold by all drug- THE R. E. COBB CO..114 E. 3rd Street, St. Paul, Minn. At the End of Day's Run. tists. Prescribed by doctors for 20 --- The war was being iliSellitiled from ears for most skin troubles. Aciv. Virginia Farms and Homes all angles at the regular Saturday 8,1. FR KM CATALOG(' IC Ur SPLENDID BARGAINS. night meeting of the Gin anti Possufn Awful Thought. it. It. CHAFFIN & CO.. Inc.. Richmond. Va. Colored Gentlemen's Social club. Yeast This paper says that 50.000 \Yes soh!\ announced Pomp Dawson, combinatioils are possible with a new WANTED ;` , .',Pewaarj.roT•Zdn'dre:c r Atirocin f rail . a*. lar with a wise look in his rolling eyes, combination padlock. once iisriaarsier. Bast ageser,ney&A,Strawipills,Il. 'Dem Gulinians has got guns dat'll Crousonbeak—Just imagine one of :Imo, an' shoot tub kill at t wenty-fr those things on your front door when miles.\ \huh?\ asked Brother Jack- you got home late at night? son, cocking his head. \Yes sub!\ went on Pomp \Dey not on'y shoot OR, J. H. RINDLAUB (Specialist), twenty -fl' miles, but dey kill at twen- Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat steamship Trans)ivania, ty-fl' miles.\ \Great Lewd!\ gasped Fargo, N. D. supposed to be going so 1 Jackson. \Nigger'd run all an' gi i killed 'bout suppertime wouldn't h e ?- livery man Is an idealist before he marries Faro Directory Shotwell Floral Co. kirowers and shippers of cut Sworn. plants, etc. write for catalog. al dowIgna on short notice Phone dos or night. Vargo, N. LA . _ y W. N. U., FARGO, NO. 7-1915.

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 12 Feb. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.