Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, February 12, 1915, Image 4

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MTH BAsils1 TIMRS FIFFI•11=11111111=1 1 114.8 1 . 1 . 1 •••!! . . ' ' • , `\-S4 ' . GEYSER JLTUJTH BASIN per cent over the Imbiber lVyear - age TIMES Published every Friday at Geyser, Mont. C. It. Dudley, Editor sad Publisher Entered as second-class matter March 25, 1911,at the postoftice at Geyser, Montana, under the act of March 3, 1879. Sithscriptiois: 12.00 pr year is avast( MORE STOCK NOW TI1AN A YEAR AGO. For the Mat time In many years, in - ,formation collected by the department shows that all classes of live stock in the United States are increasing in numbers. ( Thus the real facts contradict, absolute• tieneatioaal reports that priees for meat and shoes would rise to improve - dented figures in the immediate future. It has even been said that a Government statistician predicted 11104i 1 at 50 cents a pound 111141 shoes :it $10 a pair within the next two years. Such a prediction, the real Government staticiags, say, is quite unwarranted. On January I, for example, the number of beef cattle showed an incrotsti of 3.4 Spend Your SPARE TIME in a pleasant way playing pool or bit - lards on good tables at the Pastime Pool Room G. W. Isaacson, Prop. and an actual increase of 1,212,000 heal Hitherto the number of beef cattle the Cadet! States has declined steadit sinee 1010. There are also more mild cows in the country than last yII t inerease being 2.5 per cent, or in numbei 523,000. Swine, however showed tli greatest increase of oh classes- 0.0 ent. On January 1, 1(114, there wei only .18,033,001) swine in this count... on January I, 11115, 64,011t,ta10. This i accounted for by the fact tleit the pre ,duetion ofswine can be increatied one :aridly than that of other classes lie? stock and consequently . an enlarg. denwito can be met more rapidly. The prediction of 511 cent meat an 410 1.'11101 Sr accomplistusl by the nit C4(1.111011 II ha t France alone has take %from America nearly 300,000 horse within the last th e months and thes Otenther countries at war have dram 111. 1 011 0111 l',` , 01114Ss fl tint !lame pro's., I fni'. The fat -Is 111e that more lei, were on the farms of the United Stat. pn January 1, 1915, than there were . i vear before, the Merease being 233,01 , head. or 1.1 per cent. So far from Iran pion.. having taken 300,000 from us, th I total exports since the war began ha. certainly been much leas than 100,001 .:•1.1 very likely 73,000. Sinee there ar. vpia•osimately 25m54,000 horst. a ltog,tb 111 die Un it i Stn tee, the drain on a. v ann of th5 11111 - is /scarcely alarming. It is, in fact. pointed out Gm en) rent statistieians that the market vat ue of farm horsem has aetually decline. o such an extent that the average i now about $0 a bead less than. a yea ago. This 11041111• 1111/St notieeable in he cotton -dates and in those Slate p Inch make a hu.iness of breeding hor i tes aide in other i4eeti S. Altar , [ t he ve &alined even mere than tetra, their value now being $11.50 per hea. l Lisa than a year ago. The explanation i ;sit. he found in the depression on at•eout, 'of the eotton situation in the Smith I' huh lie great ina rket tot mules Ilfl iiiimmement in this respect will .1. \ mud/ III 11,4011. Ill, 11,1118mi for 1.../ m. that I kiVerliment specialists, wit ii Montana Central Elevator Co. Handles all kinds of grain and grass seeds Call at office and see samples 0. Buckner, Agent Fine Gifts Here is a handsome gift that you can send to any relative or friend as a souvenir of your state. \SOARING EAGLE. Emblem of United States. 1 \01 0 FICIAI., SEAL. Minnesota or Wisconsin. I MOOLDEN ROD. Our National Flower This Is really a , band - Rome teaspoon. Full size. for everyday use. and guaranteed Rogers' ware the design is tvery attractive. with the soaring eagle, the official state seal and the golden rod. Two Souvenir Teaspoons Freer to eaeh person send- ing 81.0e vith a NEW nuhscrlptton for th.i daily or daily and Sunday St Pant Dispatch or St Paid Pioneer Press Ese the followiag SOUVENIR SPOON COUPON a F • •1• 191... DISPATCH PillNTINC CO.. St hull. MArin Enclosed find U.00 (one dollar aor which please lend me the St Paul Dimpateh or St. Paul Pioneer Press DAILY AND SUNDAY for TWO MONTHS or DAILY ONLY for THREE MONTHS. I am a NEW subscriber an yolir Paper and am therefJr• entttled to TWO Rogers' sttnasseta isr sviseonstn. ...(ilver Souvenir Spoons. Addreps the papers to the following: Name ft. F. I). pox St. rad Dispatch 4 4 'State.. 4. 3 an Chao( pare • re.sX St • Pad Num Press want with . `I clipped thin coupon from 4 • • •40. Nam* ef eaeor idienlifie the nntton of A taw*. famlit e; re et/minced that farnier d find it addable to use good work wares for needing more stock. As fur hides, the situation is not quite r clear. but even here there has been web gross exageration. From two-fif- as to less titan one-half of the leather sed in this country is imported, about 3 per cent of the foreign hides coming Argentina, 15 per eent from Catt- le, 11 per cent from Mexico, 9 1 / 11 per• tit from front European Russia, and 'I A per cent from France. Since the atbreak of the war importations have ,own a certain falling off, those for , pternber, 1014, for example, being on - 34,00l),000 pounds, instead of 45,000,• 10 pound, ' the year previoua. There nowt.% er, little reason to suppose that us deerease will be permanent or of illicit-utimportance to create eny real arcity. Since . the great bulk of the im ted LrjJe e011111.8 ii011111 COUlltriC8 (lint e not at war, shipments are not inter• '1st with in any was, and the wily .v tat -tor to be C1/11141.11,1t11 is the pos. ,bility of an increased demand by the arring nations. It is believed, however that the United ates is now in a better condition to ee such a situation than for years past. no tide, it seems, has turned. lnatead livestock steadily decreasing year af- r yeat, this year for the first time, as been sail, all classes show and ap- ..eiable increase. Including horses, ii les. mild/ cows. beef entitle, sheep, .t1 sir rue, there Wen' iii, January 1, 15, 7.712,0011 more farm animals in the ailed States than on January 1, 1914. 1,1 inerease in the total %ahoy was $78,- 1,9151. or I.3- per vent. It is quite true at this inerease is not yet t. the i t/ grease in pi.pulation. approximately 2 per rent ; but the .t, that there i„ nu increase, that the le $11•11111 definitely Iii hale Ill T11111, in :laded as a sufficient answer to a- exagerations and misleading 11104. TESTING SEED NOW Every tanner who has spring seed- ; to do should utilize some of these •nier days in gett dug the seed in shape id testing it. Espoc;,./iy is thia impnrtatwe it, the growing of al - 'fa and vial'. 31any times ha, my att- rition he, -ii called to poor stands. and , one ease almost a failure. through wine guess that the seed was O. K. fore it was planted. I kin't gtiesa at IX • that your need ia strong and iII grow at least tIM per cent. It is a iy simple thing to count out Ithl .als and mark them, keeping track the ear they came from and testing ern for germination. The same can done with alfalfa, and the, work of e State Grain Laboratory in to ac- mplish that very thing. Planting or seed means Iona of maney, for it expeitairc to plow a field, disk it, ark it into' a tine Seed bed and m ow carefully, when the result in it poor op or a failure. The loa.a is not only , labor and sortl but also in the use - ...Ilk -is Of Ilk. field. one ot the chief causea tor foul land weeds is the weedy material used ..r seed. Too 111Nily noxii11114 WeVIIS Ave beeome apreall through /wed shipi ed front one state to another. Make .ii re that you have clean seed. The 'ate Grain lalstratory will test your unpins for adulteration as well as for ermination. One man had 11 fine stand ypilow terfoil in hi s alfalfa field , liotigh ad/literate/I seed. The seed of ,,•11.ow trefod looks mueh like that ol ifalra and one of the most corn- aretly toted for adulteration. Fan weed • spreading at an alarming: rate. Oft- otintea the so -v(1 1114 -n sell s dirty seed smamaeiously and it is up to the far - tier to know his goods. -e of irn- a.rted Turkestan Walk. •o d. The :overnment is warning farmers against t. It is lower in Aitadity than any -lb ti- and sells highoor on iterative( of its inportat ion, in spite rif being the shealii•St European seed. A little time lie who\- gi.en t,i the see! :• r lest spring's planting Will amply re - sty the man who know, /b k. seed. /I. A. Blanchard. County Agricolai uriit fur ( . 111.10:1114 , Bob Sleighs for sale. O. Buckner. 1ARN1ERS TAKE NOTICE Any 011e has In tla \ to sell. please bring in at once. as is e are going to ship out all flax on hand and dis- continue buying flax for this seamn. Montana Central Elevator Co. Geyser aati Nlerinn Station. --FOR S.11.1 . : .1 Kimball piano in first class condition tot less than half the purchase price, used onh five ears For terms apply to Mrs. R. H. Dudley Geser, Montana. Found- neat the Geyser Ti. .:5 office a pair of eye glasses with silver boWs Owner may have them by calling at this office and paying for this notice. FOR SALE- A new cast iron cook stove. Bert Crabtree Time of Trains Great Northern Time -Table No. 43 -For Great Falls, Spokane, Seattle and all points north, northwest and in anada broad train/ 12:07 .pm. Nr. 44 -For Kansas City, St. I.ouis, Chi tgai and eastern and southeastern poinii, -lad nand 6 .29 5.10- 1 o. 43 and 44 on the division from Great Fa' s to Billings stop only at Broadview, oh Gap, Hobson, Stantold and Belt Ni 237-1-1.1 Great Falls and intermediate , Wins 1041 a. m. Nt 1 33 - For Lewistown and intermediate po nis p. nt NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Laud Office at Great Falls, Mont. Feb. 8. 1913. Notice is hereby gi‘en that ,. ANDREW HAUTALA of Ger, Mont. who, on Feb. 8 1912 made Desert Land Entry Serial, No. 025887, for W,q SWYs. Sec. 35 T. 18.N.. R. 9 E.: Lots 3 and 4. Section 2. Township 17 N., Range 9 E. Mont 11Ieridian. has filed notice of intention to make final Proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before Register and Receiver, U. S. Lana Office, at Great Falls, Mont. on the 23rd day of March, 1915. Claimant names as witnesses: Nels Backa, A. A. Freseman, Jr., John Annala, and •Ilioinas Lt11011111 all of Geyser. Mont, R. N. Sutherlin. Register. 1st Pub. Feb. 12 1915 NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Lapd Office at Great Falls. Montana Feb. S 1913. Notice is hereby given that ANNA SI M PSON of Roundup, Mont.. who, on October 24 1911 made Desert Land Entry Serial. No. 016755. for S E S NE. SE'! i SW.V t . Section 33 Town- ship 19 N. Range 11 E Mont. Mer- idian, has filed notice of intention to make [Ina! Proof, to establish claim to the land above described. before Re- gister anb Receiver. U S Land Office at Great Falls, 11lont. on the 22 day of March, 1915 Claimant names as witnesses: Albsrt °Wen,' Frank Spencer, Kate M Spen- cer, and Peter Oreham, all of Geyser, Mont. R. N. Sutherlin, Register. lsi Pub. Feb, 12 1915 NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior. U. S. Lind Office at Great Falls, NIont. Jaimar'y IS 1915. Notice is hereby given that MELVINE HEDGE of Great Falls Mont. assignee of OLE. PEDERSON, who, on January 25 & July 6, 1911, made Desert Land Entry, Great Falls, No. 020496 for Lots 1 aud 2; Sec. 1, Twp. 18 N., Rang,e 10 E.. and Lewistown, Mont. Land Office. No. 01482r. for I.ots 4, and 5, Section 6, Township 18 N., Range 11 E.. Montana Meridian. has filed notice of intention to make Final Proof, to establish claim to the land above descriced, before Pegister and Receiver, U. S. Land Office, at Great Falls. Mont, on the 24 day of Feb. 1915. Claimant names as winesses: Albert Owen, Peter Orham, Frank R Spencer and Julius P Bain all of Knerville Mont. R N Sutherlin. Register 1st Pub. Jan, 22 1915. General Blacksmith Horseshoeing Wagon and Carriage Repairing .411 Work Guaranteed Garrage and Auto Repairs. J. A. Sanders Geyser, Montan& H. W. BRANT, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEOA GE nVER. MO,V7' Offwe at Drug Store. AMR , •-•- IL In Fergus Co Company Incorpo- rates To Drill For Oil And GAS The Fergus Oil and Gan C pan)-, lute. intends to drill for Oil and ita in Fergus County, and after vety careful conaideration has decided that the following plan is the best one to pursue and one that eliminates 99% of the risk attending the development of all oil field. Th company will ask for options ONLY for oil and gas leases, and only' in locations where they ronaider the ilillicatious g/aal, will the leases, themselves be required. To show that this Company is absolutely fair in this matter of option and leases, land owners are given the privilege of consulting the company's attorney or an attorney of their own choosing free of charge. The Com- pany. Will Engage Best EXPERT In The Country' and only in localities where the expert sitters the Oil indications good will the leases themselves he required. The company will in the meantime :.ave purchased an up to date drilling outfit and by so doing reduce the c ant of operation, place itself in an independent position and by owning 0 4 (Mil 011tilt /10 11/110, tfl drill not only one well but meveral at a vciy II viNI. will 4.110)14. the C pany to develop the whole of 1 . ..1. r :us Comity. • 000 ares Of The Fergus Oil & Gas Co. Have Been Sold at $5 Per Share (Par Value $10.00 Per Share) If you are one of the fortunate par' :es who l'elTiVell soltIC Of this Oust selling stock at that figure you are tes be complimented, not only for your true public spiiit in behalf of Oe up -building of Fergus County interests, but you are also to be congratillated because 3,000 of these shares have already been 80111. This of it,elf shows the tremendous in- terest that is being taken irt the Fri gtia 1'0 and Gas Co. We have now placed on the niarket. 2000 SHARES At $6.00 per share -$10.0O par value. Fully paid, non assessable. TERMS -$3.00 per share down, balance subject to 30 days call. This stock will be rodekly sold because it is nn exceptional opportun- ity to secure an investment, that idlers wonderful Tennis, and at the same time will give a boost to the best interests of :Fergus County. If you .are a man with red blood in your veins and have a desire to help this conuminity as well 1V. .V11111404. WE WANT Vol - WITH US, AND WE WANT YOU NOW.! Wire, phone, call, write communications to Fergus Oil & Gas Co. (Ineorpor:ted) BROOKS BLOCK 207 MAIN St. Lewistown, Montana See Our Announce: nent on Page 8 11111111111111111111111111111.111111111111111K

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 12 Feb. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.