Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, May 07, 1915, Image 3

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_ GEYSER JUDITH BASIN TIMES atalcs1.41.11R • oWsmitalk FARMER'S WIFE TOO RIO WORK A Weak, Nervous Sufferev Restored to Health by Ly- dia E. Pinklaun's Veg- etable Compound. Kasota, Minn. -\I am glad to say that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has done more for me than anything else, and I had the best physi- cian here. I was so weak and nervous that I could not do my work and suf- fered with pains low down in my right side for a year or more. I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege- table Compound, and now I feel like a different person. I believe there is nothing like Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege- table Compound for weak women and young girls, and I would be glad if I could influence anyone to try the medi- cine, tor I know it will do all and much more than it is claimed to do.\ - Mrs. CLARA FRANKS, R. F. D. No. 1, Maple - crest Farm, Kasota, Minn. Women who suffer from those dis- tressing ills peculiar to their sex should be convinced of the ability of Lydia E. 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Sr Cklitsge, /IL Iii Montana IN Important Doings k of Pest Fo iv Days Throughout tho titate. Edited and Arranged for Our Headers. COMPANY TO BUJLD AIRSHIPS Firm Organized by Butte Miner -Inven- tor -Machines for Exhibition and Commercial Purposes. ------- Butte.-J. W. Pinkerton, who is now a miner of Butte, and an aviator and inventor as well, has launched the Butte Hydro Aero company, the ob- ject of which concern is to build a ma- chine that will not only comply with the specifications required by the Unit- ed States government, but also will be a practical machine for all commer- cial and exhibition purposes. Mr. Pinkerton has been hr Butte for several years, after working with avia- tors and exhibitors in Colorado and Texas, and has designed two ma- chines. The design for the first ma- chine was about completed last fall and a model constructed that was ex- hibited in Butte and elicited favorable comment. However, Mr. Pinkerton was not pleased with all of the de- tails, and took his model out of exhibi- tion. Ile spent several months in building the second model and in mak- ing the designs for it in preparing to apply for patents. MONTANA LANDS TO BE SOLD State Holdings In Two Counties Will Be Put On Market In May - 100,000 Acres Involved. Fort Benton. -About 100,000 aores of land belonging to the state of Montana, lying in the eastern part of Chouteau county and the western part of Fergus county, all adjacent to this place, will be offered for sale next month. Sales will be held in Fort Benton on May 11. 18 and 25. This is about the largest body of land now belonging to the state, and most of the lands subject to homestead entry have been taken in this vicinity. Settlers have looked with longing eyes on this tract, but the state has not urged their sale and has held Prices thought by many to be too high. The minimum figures at which the land will be sold range from $10 to $20 an acre. Most of the land lies ad- jacent to the new Milwaukee railway's Great Falls -Lewistown line. The rail- way company is Interested in having the land sold, so that it may be put un- der cultivation, anti the country set- tled. A rateiof $30 from Chicago has been offered by the company to people who desire to inspect the land WATER PLANTS MEN TO MEET Representatives to be Called From Over State to Discuss Rules s and R egul ati on s . - -- Great Fails -Under instructions is- sued by the Great Falls city council, City Engineer M. L. Morris will call a meeting of representatives of all water plants in the state, whether publicity ,or privately owned, to be held in liel- ena, May 4 and at which to discuss matters relative to . the various water plants - and to decide upon a plan of procedure before the -state. public ser- vice commission at its meeting of May 6. This action was taken following the notice issued by the commission to all water utilities in the state to appear before it May 6 to show cause why rules and regulations governiug all such utilities in the state should not be standardized. The city council takes the stand that to impose the same regulations upon all such utili- ties in the state will be impracticable. City Engineer Morris was authorized to represent the city of Great Falls at these two meetings. Anaconda Has - Cleanup Day. Affaconda.-Thc announcement of cleanup days met with prompt re- sponse on the part of householders, and yards and sheds are already well cleaned up, with the rubbish heaped in the alleys ready for the wagons that will be furnished by the city for haul- ing the refuse away. Dr. C. R. Ban- croft, health officer of the city, and M. F. McHale, sanitary policeman, made a tour of the city, and were well pleas- ed by the preparations in evidence. Sunday School Society Meets. Belgrade. -The Gallatin County Sunday School association came to a successful close, after a large attend- ance at every session since the open- ing. The invitation of the Rev. G. W. Thomas of the Presbyterian church of Three Forks for the entertainment of the association next spring was ac- cepted. Hospital Granted New Trial. Ifelena.-The order of the district court of Silver Bow county granting a new trial to the defendant in the suit of Julius Steiman against Murray hos- pital was affirmed by the supreme court. Stelman, who was employed by a mining company, met with an acci- dent and suffered a broken leg. He was sent to Murray hospital and af- ter a number of months went East, where he had the leg amputated. Ile brought suit against the hospital, alleg- ing he lost his leg because of malprac- tice at the inatitutuion. BIG INCREASE IN VALUk.iu , • Beaverhead County Makes Gaift---Land Entry Records Shattered DUP. Ing the Last Year. Dillon. -The Beaverhead eounty's valuation has increased to the extent of $100,000 during the fiscal year end- ing with April 15 is proven by the records taken front the books of Coun- ty Clerk and Recorder Ray Baker. During this year all previous records for land entries and final recelets have been shattered. Four hundred and twenty and one-half sections of land, or 27,287 acres, were taken up or proved upon during this year. The necessary improvements which have been added, increase the valuation of the county to the extent of $100,000. This sum, however, does not include the increase in agricultural and other resources which are of inestimable val- ue to the country. During the ensuing year, thia valuation will be increased by the addition of the crop valuation front the land filed upon and the in- crease in cattle and sheep herds which have been brought into the countrY by the new homesteaders. The greater amount of the govern- ment land which has been taken up during the past year is located on the dry land farm bench near Dillon which a few years ago was considered an arid region. • This increase in county valuation will increase the taxes, but will not place Beaverhead in another class. RAILROAD HAD PRIOR RIGHT Supreme Court Reverses Decision Al- lowing Damages for Operation of Coal Docks by Company. --- Helena.-The district et rt of Mis- soula county was reversed by .the sup- reme court in the suit of James E. Smith and T. M. Stevens against the Northern Pacific Railroad compaij. the plaintiffs sued to recover damages by reason of tile operation of coal docks by the railroad company. Th,, lower court gave 01(111 jud g ment on the pleadings. and the railroad coin pally appealed. In the opinion. which was written by Justice Sumner, it held that as the coal docks are on haul granted to the railroad company 1) , the government, when the property ow- ned oy the plaintiffs was unappropria ted public land, that the railroad ha. , the prior right and that the grant t , the railroad company contemplated ic the outset the construction and man; tenance of such structures. equipment and machinery as might be necessarJ for the operation of the railroad, and since the coal dock in question is necessary for that purpose, the con- clusion must be that the plaintiffs. as subsequent grantees of the land ad- jacent to defendant's right of Wit ; i taking title from the same source the defendapt. hold subject to line rights vested in it -by the prior grant. Butte May See Liberty Bell. Butte. -Butte may have the \emir - tunny of seeing the old Liberty - bell, famed for having pealed the first notes of independence of the American mi- mics on the Fourth of July, 17;6. This will be an accomplished fact if the Daughters of the American Revolution of the local chapter sue. teed in carrying out their plans. At the last meeting of Silver Bow ellep. ter a telegram was sent to the mayor of Philadelphia surging the routing of the bell by way of Butte when it is sent across the continent to the Pana- ma -Pacific exposition. Just what time of the year this will be is not known, as information on the matter is' not very accurate up to date, but it has been - decided Hat - the bell will - be shown at the San Francisco exposi- tion. Probably. it will be sent across country in July. It is understood that the bell cannot leave Philadelphia un- til after the Fourth of July Oil ac- count of some special ceremonies in which it will figure in that city on Independence day. Automobile Accident Proves Fatal, Great Falls. -As the result of in- juries sustained in an automobile ac- cident, W. H. Graham, a grading con- tractor, died at Gilman and the body was brought to this city pending ar- rangements for the funeral. Mr. Gra- ham, who held a contract for the ditch work on the Sun river irrigation proj- ect, was on his way from this city to his camp and at a point near Gil- man lost control of the car upon a grade and it turned over several times. One lung was punctured by a broken rib and pneumonia set in. Fire Damages Dillon Church Dillon. -A ere originating front a faulty flue caused a loss (it about $1,000 to the building and contents of the Methodist church. The prompt work of the fire department saved the building from destruction. although a number of the furnishings were de- stroyed by fire and water. This is the second fire in two successive (lays in Dillon where disastrous consequences have been averted by the efficient ser- vice of the firemen. Paying High Price for Wool. Helena. -The wool -buying seas\ 11 is on in Utah and a telegram reeeked by F. D. Miracle, a sheepgrower of this city, from the National Woolgrowers' association, has this to say about the prices being paid: \Nine clips sold here at 27' and 24 cents. These clips graded from three - eighths blood up to fine p.4 were all short clothing wool, girl ing about 63 per cent. One clip of arter blood sold at 26 cents and 27 1 / 2 centS ..155 offered and refused on the Allen Cots- wold. Please advise your neigheora.\ The man who has to go after his revolver seldom shoots anybody Drink Denison/a Coffee. Always pure and delicious. If a man will refrain from combing li.s hair over the denuded spot the Probabilities are that nobody will no- tice the fact that he Is bald. I Ot OWN DRUGGIST W11.1. TIC1.1. YOU TrY Morino lly• Remedy for Red, Weak, Watery Bre, and Granulated Eyelids; No timarting- lost ilys comfort. Write for Souk of dm Sys matt Free. Morino Rye Remedy Co. Chicago Baseball. The team is playing pretty good ball these days.\ 'Yes, they've practically got over I s, effects of their spring training 11,11 now.\ OVERWORK and KIDNEY TROUBLE Mr. James McDaniel, Oakley, Ky., writes: \I overworked and strained myself, which brought on Kidney and Bladder Disease. My symptoms were Backache and burning In the stem of the Blad- der, which was sore and had a constant hurting all the time - broken sleep, tired feel- ing, nervousness, puff- ed and swollen eyes, shurtnessof breath and .1, McDaniel. Rheumatic pains. I suf- fered ten months. I was treated by a physician, but found no relief until I started to use Dodd's Kidney Pills, I T1OW feel that I am permanently cured by the use of Dodd's, Kidney Pills.\ Dodd. Kidney Pills, 50c. per box at jour dealer or Dodd's Medicine Co., Buffalo, N. Y. Write for Household flints, also music of National Anthem I English and German words) and re- cipes for dainty dishes. All 3 sent free.-Adv. A Difference. \Does Mrs. Holdup play bridge?\ \No; she works it.\-Iittiti more American. WHY FAMOUS PASTRY COOKS USE BAKING POWDER, The patrons of our first class hotels and restaurants are exact4 lng-they demand the best. Women go where the pastry and 'cakes are noted for their excellence. Men are attracted by hot bread biscuits -when fresh and moist and light. The pastry cook with a reputation uses K C Baking Powder; because he knows that results are certain; every time everythingl is as good as his best. Then, too, with K C Baking Powder he can mix the various kinds of batter before the rush of the meal begins and bake as needed so that every order goes to the table fresh and hot, yet the last he bakes are just as good as the first The reasons behind these reasons is that K C is really a blend of two baking powders. One commences , to give off leavening gas as soon as moistened. The other requires both moisture and heat to make it active, Dough or batter will remain in a partially,, leavened condition for hours, and when put in the oven; will come up as light as if mixed a moment before. For cookies, pancakes, doughnuts and the like, which cannot all be baked at once, K C is indispensa- ble. For all baking the double raise makes doubly certain. Follow the example of the professional , • cook and your baking will be equal to his. MEN'S $2.50 $3 $3.50 *4.00 *4.50 *5 *5.50 SHOES WOMEN'S $2.00 $2.50 *3.00 *3.50 & *4.00 SHOES BOYS' $1.75 $2 $2.50 1 3.00 MISSES'*2.00 & *2.50 YOU CAN SAVE MONEY BY WEARING W. L. DOUGLAS SHOES W. L. Douglas shoos are made of th• best domestic and imported leathers, on the latest models, carefully constructed by the most expert last and pattern makers in this country. No other mak* of equal prices, can compete with W. Is . Douglas shoes for style, workmanship and quality. As comfortable, easy walking shoes they are unsurpassed. The 113.00, 83.50 and 84.00 shoes will give as good service as other makes costing $4.00 to 118.00. The 54.50,56.00 and 185.50 shoes comp•ire favorably with other makes costing 116.00 to 118.00. there are many men and women wear shoes. Consult them and they will tell Douglas shoes cannot be excelled for CAUTION I roolltTolrillnil2Th stamped on th• bottom. Shoes thus .tswped are always worth the price paid for them. For 32 years L. 1Douglisa has guaranteed their Wile and protested the wearer aindnet high wises for inferior shoes by harlot his NAME AND PRICE stamped on the bottom before they leave the factory. Do not be persuaded to take some other mete claimed to be lust OS good. You are paying your money and are entitled to the beet. If your dealer cannot supply you, write for Illus- trated Catalog showing bow to order by mall. W. L. Douglas, 210 Spark St., Brockton, Mae& AO , 'Wherever you Ilya lug W.L.Douglail you that W. L. the prim. Douglas oboes ANT) PR E The Battles of Peace. There are difficulties and dangers before our nation today just as great as any our forefathers faced. To meet and conquer them requires all the moral brawn and muscle this na- tion can muster. There are the prob- lems of corruption in business and politics. the terrible scourges of in- temperance and the drug habit, and the social evil, deadly to soul and body alike: there are the problems of moral education, of marriage and di- vorce, of the treatment of depend- ents-prisoners. defectives. paupers, etc. Any one of thke left - uncon- quered would devastate our country as no war could. -Rev. N. T. Houser. Important to Mothers Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for Infanta and children, and see that it Bears the Signature of In Use For Over 30 Years. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoris, iztee Outclassed. Member of Anarchist Society -Gen- tlemen, I veils to resign! President -But vy, brozzer? Vy vould you leave us? Member-Ach! der !AS no more glory in dis bomb business; eet iss becoming vulgar; everypody is doin' it! -Punch. His Question. \Seven men out of every ten are confounded bores!\ emphatically de- clared Alexander . Akinside, the dys- peptic dissertationist. \Why except the other three?\ snarled .1. Fuller Gloom, the widely known and cordially detested misan- thropist. His Action. \Ah squire.\ saluted the village bore, \what are you doing for your rheumatism these days?\ \Examining the doctors one after another,\ snarled the old codger, \to see ltow much they don't know.\ - Judge. Dramatic Criticism. - How is that new play of Scrib- blers?\ \Dead slow. I took my old maid aunt to see it, and it didn't even get a blush out of her.\ Kill the Files Now and Prevent disease. A DAISY FLY K ILLER will do it. Kills thousands Lasts all season. All dealers or six sent express pith! for 111. II. SOMF.RS, 150 De Kalb Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Adv. A man seldom gets it in the neck by keeping his mouth ahut, If you could Haft the W. L.Dougla• factory at Brockton, Maas., and tee how carefully the shoes are made, and the high grad• leathers used, you would thin under- stand why they look and fit better, hold their shape and wear long•r than other makes for the prim. , BEWARE OF 'sussrrnrriz Always in the Making. In one of George Macdonald's books occurs this fragment of conversation: \I wonder why God made mite,\ said !es. Faber, bitterly. \I'm sure I don't know s hat was the use of making me\ \Perhaps not much yet,\ replied Dorothy; \but then he hasn't done with you yet Ile is snaking you now, and you don't like it.\ it would give 118 more patience with ourselves If we always remembered this. We would not get so discour- aged with our infirmities, itnperfec- lions and failures' if we_ always kept in mind the fact that we are licit yet made, that we are only in process of being made, that God is not yet through making ul. . . .--Rev. J. R. Miller, D. D. Decorated With One When He Left. yo' honah,\ explained Brother Stimmerjohn, \de genleman come to muh house am' 'gunter norate loud and coa's 'bout foil' dollahs, and \Oh he had a bill, did he?\ \Nussals! He, never had no bill when lie come dar-he des had a com- mon, ev'yday nose. But-ult-yaw! bawl haw! haw! -yo' ortuh seed it when he left; sahhah, yo' desa °Huh seed it!\ - Kansas City Star. Rotation, \Are you going to have a garden this year?\ \No replied Mr. Growcher. \It isn't my turn to make a garden. I'm going to keep chickens this year and let my neighbor make the garden.\ A man who is pound foolish may not be penny wise. ;7Zr' BILLIARD TABLES Seward moon(' - ha nd Tables and Bowling Alleys. Complete line of accessories and supplies. Old Tables correctly fitted w lth epees] y n ew cushions, easy terms on outfits. Koehler & Hinrichs Co., MSS k. Sea St., Saint Paul, Minn. 0 -R -E -A -M Beat cash market -Handle poultry and veal. Write for price Bet and taws. THE R. E. COBB COMPANY, 14 East 3rd Street. St. Paul. Minn. FILMS DEVELOPED Me per roll. Ail elife. We are Elm specialists and make amateur work our note business. En largements a specialty. Mall orders solicited. EASTMAN S COMPANY, FARGO, NO. DAR, SRI? TOr 1,/ VESITOCK TO RosCiere tEis Rosters D et Nal Ille• Ti yr. experience IncomrokestonbosInesa t lieany mercantile agency or business house In M. Paul, Orders Died far meek sates BaUsfeetles gametes& W. N. U., FARGO, NO, 19-1915. W. L. Douglas shoes are sold through 80 stores In the large cities •nd shoe dealers every - whore. Fargo Directory 111 ,1 ci 111 , :.,. G 711 e l s ! 11° Imam. Wm. 1 1 - KODAKR I. Shotwell Floral Co. 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Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 07 May 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.