Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, May 14, 1915, Image 1

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• .r r •1 , • at 28 26 24 22 46 00 35 Mom. ily et rs VOL. S. • \\,\.\\\\\ idt. / / 1 W I '' ' ,, - \ \\u -I - . ---. --,,--\------- :- ' ----- -- ..$ - ---.. -;--_,.,---- --- ----,--_-_-_ -.;:- - : - -----,----:-. . - : :1--- .:. - .;• . : i v iati t.e:': ' - Th-* • - 7- . c.--• . ' ; ' ---1-41L-* ' f 1 7 1, 4 . 2 ..!'. \Iiir... . ----, W r zw.ev.e*s..- . • ' -. -s -7: ' • -\ --‘ - 4 fairs\ - • :- s' --. ' --_-_ 7.....-- . „..... '-• \:. ••- - - • -: • \: . c .--- -- ' - s ' s ---. -- - es .:.• - s. ,. •-. -- - ••• • • • • • . a- sa es• GEYSER. MONT., MAY 14, 1915 `'•• NO. 14 Volunteer Fire Dept. Organized. The First Meeting of the Volunteer Fire Company was held Wednesday evening at the Geyser Opeta Hall. The meeting called ro order by T. B. Harney, who acted as chairman and Kebel Murphy served as Secretary pro tem. Before the meeting Mr Harney called upon a number of our • itezens with a paper asking for volunteers, the result Was 28 active members and sev- eral honorary memhers. The matter of apparatus was talked over and it was lecaled to purchase a chemical engine, well equipped with hose, ladders, axes etc. to cost in the tie ghborh.)od of $600, Thursday a petetion was forwarded to the County Commissioners Lsking them to levy an assessment on the property in the fire district which is practially ad of Gey- ser, for the sum of $800. to cover the cost of the chemical engine and A building in which to house Cie engine. A. P. Harney was elected as Chief of the Fire Department and C. W. Bradley as Assirant Chief while L. E. Younggren will serve as the Secretary and Treasurer of the organization. The paper, which was passed among the citezeni and which was generously signed was as follows: We, the unders:gned, agree to be- come members of a Fire Department in and for Ge-ser Mo-t as wyser VoInnteer ment and to aid and assist ganization of the same. Thos. B. Harney Charles F. Haschke L, E. Youngeren Kebel Murphy John Annala J. A. Prevost Jr. James Kernaghan Judson Cady Thomas Lane J. A. Sanders George K thn A. J. Leverton Henry Isaacson Henry A. Liberty Andrew Hedman C. V. Bradley H. W. Brant, Physician services gratis to active F;remen, case of tire. Arthur J. Landrie In the or -- R. L. Moody A. P. Harney 0. Buckner C. Re istlitISSen B. J Muzzy A. A. Lamm C. R. Johnson Louis Coughlin C. H. Dietsch P. J. O'Hara H 01101.16 N I embers Oscar Swanson George Nleredeth Stanford Skelton Andy Williams NI ichael 3y rne Peter Petesch George Isaacson H. B. Thompson Harry Pollock F. Bahrenberg J. B. Nluzzy Peter 9ergeron E L. Montgomery NI. Lynch Jr. Plague Subsiding . The annouripentent that on .1prif 1 for the first t -.ince Iii,. a !pea ra nos of t he disease la fettalits t here el. 111/ /110111a 1 . 4 It 11011 ii t it lie A Itcel 4 , 1 liii Ii'.' 1040 - a 11/11114.1111I 11 the hut • IPS, IS 141114 141 ill ilillit - at e 1 hal end of I he long mint iglu' is sight. Adolat atonal ell WS a e froni I illle (4 I 11th' ill act t 4, 11..11 herds were reported from liii hIll t h. nmrning after till. anatomies:men( wa made - but -such cases art. regal rdasl as noire or less sproa . clic :suit if prompti,_ ' reported Call be dealt w illi before (he emitagion has had an opport unit y spread widely. t ' aider t he 11111 , 1 a Ile•• , . It :14 ever, it nill 1.. some 11111'' heroi e .1 !I danger of a MEI 111 - el . 4411.1\ the . has las ri 0 , v:111 - n1 the contagion is to litigis Ill nia 1111re. 1111 feetls Ill 41111'llI. 1.111.1 , . A 1111 oll I he . 21.1111.1 s4.1f. 1 iVell :liter plea! 11.•re the ohs , 101-40.1 ha been t .1 isi rift ,t osi it is not eonsidered w is.. to jilt roduce new stoek lint at least till ila s • 11114.• III the opinion Of till' mit boarit it . s. however. the most essent ial t 'ling now I; that there .110111.1 lie 10 co111 . 4 . 11 led sources of infection. Ft ar tile ` infor - mation of the path, - and the stock tea•ner s in particular the Itepartment of kg] i. titian- is issueing a re% ision of it s former publat 11 111114 on Iii,. post ilenet: Ind (hi'. pa k n II Farmers ' .'.11111ct Ill coal. \Foot -arid- Mout Itisease, - will he -esat flee oh application. l ' he hull, till colltillaS a 111011g other things brit f descrapt ical of the symptom, of t he .1 i ill pall ielllar Iii,' cha rote - terist ic vesi. les - which make t heir tt p am . eIll the month and about the foot . liIllllIglI till'\ les are pe culia r tI I he fold and - month iliseaat they meat het tone rupt Ii red and eont aim -01.1.1 by other microoragainisms to such lii estent that it is frequently difficult There are. 11141E1 . .1 el - , two ot her discs s, s coimaton in livestoek, known (a tiecrot ie stoma sill lit at0111 iI Ili,W kirk aired the moult la iii it way solah,‘ ha ( similar to the foot -and-mouth disease. For eatiOrl fa ralerS Who notice anything suspicion, about thei -lock should report the matter at ond. and refrain from 1 arkinif chants - 3 whiel mar pro% e disastrous not only to them ...Ive s but to the whole country. 10-11114 Ill the past six month - - lees...yen. done much to eiltieate thr public to the importanee of dealim ill 111111 ( 11% 'Hit Ii t Ile 41 iSease. 'III,' (lire Federal qua ra lit um was alechired 01 lellther 1 11, I'll I. and III i. t hat (hit 014114. tilt 11 I 411.0110 a 111111.1 I , 1111 te becom. lIltisl A11.1 ill 1.011 , 4,111eliee ha ye beep la tiglit.•1 ed. This Me. has been. thvid ,I 4.1y tipepailly utilIluig state, iii t ii„. In -di -let of Columbia, whiel •ase been atheetetl. fly far the great Si losses hat e 111 1 . 1414. 0 a lies ill 14 111111 t here n as ii whit s -.prea: laelief that Iii'' polies - of inimiiliati -Liiitlu1t of all infected :in : limits and ri .phs a a tit me of all itiftsht II dist tie( , Illieccssa I aft eta d Iv anal 1 rouble oitie. Ex pet ic lace. however. ha s conth anal th. dila - oil a. ito.‘ t hat ofaly in 11114 way cal the disease eyed lw eradieatd. I ri cer .1111 vaunt ries iii Europe. notably ii 'mina ity (hi' pest deuce lias gainecl sin+ tool hold I li_it the .slatightei of expos 1 .1111111141 -lIIl 1140 III' c4itri.41 o anti Iii .11-.-.hIlli..' ill' a 'Militia end prevalent . . O Iii' pi si Ilene,. is a lIlt 1011 mai ex ia it -1 Olg .1 ra upon the hal niers ' re I IA I. or ex:* ail pia... it wa s .ai 1111.41 i,I that an Germany there Wel' t • :11 1 .6112 .9'2; .,11.• I l.o.and goa rira 010 t oi se. SOOT I he 411.11 1111111 gel ..1 lie - • .1 11i111.1 1 - ill he • I...I 0,111 1 rts . 11 101 four times that 11 lu r ma ie..! he loss to Iiie count ry rrould be P1 111 1 1111 1.101 I ely greater if the istead ai slaughtering exposer' animals has heel, advocated at various times, and (Ica.. IS 1110 doubt that under cer- tain IA t la vorable etillilil ions fill' rally ...filet. Sat Lifaettory results. The as 944 etantagious, however, and t may 1.. etmiwainieated through 40 man:, dm - el-tau eliamiels, that any a f feet o:1 :oiima I is a constant 1111.11ftee illa the net s :clam' hood. Moreover, the ills - 111114,11 Alice oaf t he out ward symptoms :Ind 1 fe• mai rent nit urn to heti It li is by no 1111 - 0101 11 guaranty either that the uaimal may not spread the in itlat 11. 4 • t.a called typhoid carriers - Spread yphoid among human beings, or that I any moment it may not suffer a re - apse ia self. 1111 1. Iao the comparat ively isolated •osit ion t he United States has kept it rcina I kably free from the diaease i'his is the sixth t inie that it has visit - I Ant. iea, but on each preVi01119 ix' - ii has been successfully stamped ut mith cotnparatively insignificant 'ost. ' Ile earliest epidemics can be erac - ii to the importation of foerign ani- na I t. Suelt importations. however art , :hienii is certain that foot -a ntl- anout iSeis se dues not exist, so 1 he danger toil Ilais ootaras may be Said ill have eon eliminat ed. The epioletnies of 19412 nd I (atas were caused by the ampor at son III vaccine fa - Whit+ .ait in some tvay become contaminated vith the infeetion. The avenue is els. telieted to have been closed by legis ation told administrative regulat tom The 01 ig,ion of the present outbreak chit Ii is by far the most serious the the .seintry has ever experienced, i• low permitted only from etilllat riei it -till unknown. It has been aseertaints ' liouever. that the germ found its we. itto •entliern Nliehigan and that neil milk from infected cows was re iirrn, d by it crea mery to be fed to hogs ni.• in return are Klikken and v hipinent passing through Chiestio in the lice.; in the NI oekyard , ititir shipment . of livestock passin, Iirmigh thee , 111019 carried the di 1104 I,. Sta t aS far apart as Walthillgt01 .n4 .N fa ssa (hosts! t 'nu. £101111.11 all. ..Ut 10.4101 1041 . 11 111.41 been 111414AI`a 11 . ) lie W/1014 . 110 We Meat lif St Oek ittVIt . !tom and not into these sect ions. After 1) ,,'Ii overy of the existent:: t ht . disc.a •t: (la, rust effort on the par a the authorities 4115 tot race all th •Iiipments from tbieago, round up all: •'..tiaglater the exposed stock. and plat : 1111 11w 'ht sect ions into which they hat brell ta kelt. TheSe 1114 . 11 surem a pion ret o cheek effectually the spread of th li-IllO . Were eler 110 bet - tittle peralalleal - 1,41140, bait they inevitably caused tnuel ly o•st a blislied lose. 1.01111,3 rat hi„. list orb:mace and indirect lots to farmer :and stoek ant . n. email a till' eland i ales I Is rate t he policy of quairtutining ioll; appeared to warrant it - . therefor. Ii Mure general movement of -- Byelaw! %%as permit I ed. It is - as found. how r, (lui.t an eertatin ill 41 a awes shipment of stock from here the die ,ase had been prevalent spread the coil I a gion once more and it beca men eels o-ary to inst it tate fresh quarantines Ii .1 number .if seetions. Oppositi ea 1. the !wilily om immediate alatighter It elopes! in some - states, hindering an. at - laying the work of killing the expos -.1 animals. This opposition, however ias now dose ppearc.I with the resit) rhil I t ht. disease is more thoroughly ur. • lei control 1111111 at any previous tiro , NEW MATERIALS AND TRIMMINGS Do NoT PUT orr BUYING YOUR DRESS GOODS AND MATERIALS ANY LoNGER.. THE SooNER YOU GET THEM THE LONGER YOU CAN WEAR AND ENeloY THEM. ALL or THE SEASoN'S SHADES AND DESIGNS AR.E oUT. WE HAVE THEM. CoME SEE THEM. WHEN YOU BUY YoUit MATERIALS AND TRIMMINGS FRoM US YOUR COSTUME WILL BE HARMONIOUS WHOLE. oUR TRIMMINGS \MATCH\ OUR DRESS GooDS. We carry a 'complete line of McCalls patterns in stock also the Famous American Lady Corsets. Kennedy -McConkey Company The Quality Store. spirit of the inquiry and discussed with sincerity the problems that confronted tiitclu and the aid which they hoped to obtain from the Government. The few exceptions only served to make more impressive the widespread interest in a ..1 111 sire for rieher anti fuller life. t;inee no direet 'latest ions were atiliC41 0111.1 110 definite replies expected. it is Hilt possible to state t hat t he women tai the country ha ve toted in favor of !aa. tlepa a ment . 14 1111lielaak ing t his or that form of work. It is, however, inost evident that the women do ex - ; set the department to furnish them with practical inf orlon t ion which will lighten and al the same time make more elfeet ive their daily tasks. This ilesirt Ili ill' III 11101 lii01 , anti instruel ion ki per• pi' the dominate nol in (lie eorreto pondence. I any 141410111 ea II at Co the fact that h more has been lolle It, 1110iterll Ille I 110 I, into stgrieulture than into tie Ii' mes of the agrieulturists. Farms, it •-s Whieh the Most Rata need ma eirclitery can be found in successful op - ration are uterlv lacking in householt ' con ten ielaces and comforts. NI en win have been taught that it is good burn nes* to invest in labor - saving devices rir the field and stable decline to re !lir , ' similar devices indoor4 at ant !hing but useless waste Of money. shiny 01 the writers, moreover, admit they themselves are ignorant it. rate hies Nay 9 and means of accomplishing theta 'usirt d results. N1liat they ask from lite department, therefore, is largely in• -.traction in household matters similar tan . (ta othat which has been furnished in • the production of crop; and livestock. Thi, information. it is pointed out, 'mold not be confined entirely to the 14 rut t II page, but there should be per - ...nal denionsPratiorti, lectures, exitib - t'.oet- in faet every educational wea• on should be utilized. Many of the 1.1 eapondenta also express the earnest ish that ti ilemonst rat tort work ould be a mplified nobler the bet• er orp ti len t ion .ii ermine, I ir social • t 7 • great I .ti• slits ing -• 4 more efficient no . u.• ration of ti.e house - rim I t eel , • I Mk. et. • 1 , • •• 1 ..11•• y mar !WV -ill 1 I I ' 1.4 • .1 1..r more ad r is • te. diet tual life is VOiCelt with as much arnestriess as the need for easier mat - al 4 . 411i.ilt .1111A This claire is praetically noticeable in hose letters which discus-; the problem If bringing, iipeltildren on the farm. 'raetieally all ol the writers attach the Ireatest importance to keeping their hiltiren in the country. They have no to See their boys and girla leave he farm for the city, but they by re to mearis Hind thernleyes to the many .-asonivViiielt may cause them to tin se ' hey mire. therefor.•, the 411 pnis Palen' ind ettell4i011 of etineational faeilitier the etaintry anti in partafitlar the es shlicliment if agrietiltural %entails ea more titan one writer puts it wilt not (silicate their chiltirt n a WIt: oin the farm. \ ta ,th, j . m at tn. wh;efs 154.11 vies tit ention of many writers is the dif alty of obtaining labor. Thin, it i lid, is fully as important in the bons in the field. In many aections it i lid to be an absolute impossibility It nre atitquate essistanee no matte pressing the need may lo . , and th 1 , S1111 is a perpetual and heartbreak ig atI uggle to catch up with the multi iii' of things that are always still t. e (Ione about the house. Singgcsstion re made, IllierefOre, for ellIplOy root' areaus anti t he di veraion of the strean f immigrants from cities to the farm 'ait in general the writers do not loot . or legislat •- or Government action t. ,rovide a direct relaelly. Instead tlat . rust that a general improvement o ondltions, brought about by increase. nowbrige and by the introduction inple water, beating and lighting sys Ills. still result in mak nig count ry lita fficient Iv attuul,tnt• to haing to u)., ra has rod at tempt. d to edit I lie lel if is nottruotilly that many cor- ium he requii ed help. In t his con JIl \ \'\ ''‘ \ 11 Y \1 II 1 , \ 0 the respontlent a are eon fitlent t hat the way . s ettrita Med iii t how The lairpose II. make 41,.' girls interested Ill dottiest ie rr the coattail my an °Haut unity to ex- work is to teach them how to do it 1 'he inqu iry was to a ffo rd the women •, their OW/1 opinions awl the re Such topics as I hese belong distinct - '1 is a collect ion of information different aspect 4 of tool life In. all 94'11110 thug to. er 2,0011 he r, re revel Ved 11 nil these haws been in whole or in veil, although ol filet. ex prt-seol Ill•W'S prat . ' ical . .‘ Indent I 44 11 h those Ill \II\. 1 ' 4 ( Pan make largcr pitifits from their farms 1\1\ '''\'\'-'1 br \ 14 r ''s ion' •s their W 14 , 4 Nt ill have greater comfort s. - Mon w e wr Men I'. person! to facilitate pr.clItable ontlitions %vitt let lets ca me f I OM users al A tit. A idvly different•rtatiees. Prae - fit the housewife. The g,reat majoritr, a sit that is within its power to bens- lir dly all, bowes-er entered into the For thisr eason some go so far isa to AN RURAL WOMEN ' s NEEDS replies to 1 he letters affilresso• 44 the Secret a ry of A gricult iare stun t ago to t 11011 tieW af 55,tal correspondents tit the depart iii tt hivh he a skosl t heni to suggest way hich t he th pail ment could rendu eerie direct service to !arm It,lIlId'll II (11111 try, hate ' , Oil Millet ins. ' The replies col er : al Mt s -iibiect s. but ma',' d Ill four general groups dealing it -pet - lively, with (1r the social and la need s of fa um women. C.1I their dc ta, le needs. i 11(1.11 etharationat Nei is. arid 141 their evil nornie ntssis. I. ',Ia.-long these Ittilipt MS the derail ly to the hoaisewives ' own sphere of aet iv it v. The majority of the writers, yrs ihoweter. pit her directly or by implicit - \' .tion state that whatever benefits the population as ft 511011. Will belie- f them individually. If tile farmera however, wish to see the department ' s work extended to inebide the field of d01111eStie economy. To a large meas - ure this, of l . 0111141', has been done al - ready . and will be done even to a great• er extent in the future. 'tie, however, an unfortunate fact that much of what the department has done and is doing is totally unknown to many of those who would benefit the most by it. In these letters there are, for instants', ntany suggestions that a bulletin he written on one aubject or another which has been already eovered by department publicatimis. Many of the writers are, of course, familiar with these publica- tions, but they express the belief that their neighbors, as a rule. are not. With such an enormous field to cover, progress in the distribution of this in - formation must. of course, appear very slow. It cannot help, however. but hi . greatly facilitated by the enthusiasm vvith which these wotnen await it. From thin point of view the letters contained in those bullteins are full of encourage' mt•nt and st • his. As a step toward familiarizing the people with what the Government has already stone, the bulletins contain, in addition to the letters, references in footnotes to existing publications deal - ing with the various subjects discussed and appendix with (gasified lists ' of all Government literature in this wide field. The bulletins should be applied for un• der the titles of Reporta Nos. 103, 104 105 and 106 of the office of the tivere- Don ' t Rock Boat Washingto f G. 1` ., 8.--4 . pnator Stone, ;chairman 4 111 Ile ilivirgit4 rela- tions tionunitte , ,ofraLlinottppg 11 ' \s , of tiongrtioa, today(' litisnatt,t,. t 1 t litateniont csta i t i e 140#0 I n dpiormaisn.t- Inger, and foing os r. 'Thayrd t r d it a h bil it orefv, ,:ly re- gretted)1?614 , 14 gs s ivijost of life are troe • flottktiounithios III thiliivil - ized world eelyn aird 4 e eliDideifi r ke i t \But faik oainguttliateesystlitirtes that we keep attillthaiarilaWilell we get our bearings.Itlltdi hiftl e finiel l fio r etch rat - tled and aa l 1kCtl a t,\!‘roik the boat. ' was n ute fig liar', r• .ritticdy - The Lutittmt vflo, s k ,11-ttisli ship, flying the 1110,; , ilic fitly. and , subject at any time to 1.411)541 into adapt naval service of the gdvernment. .! British . Ship is \British Soil\ \It is stated that at the time she Was attacked she was carrying mili- tars - reservists to England for service in the British ariny. \American eitivens were aboard, but they went aboard a billigerent ship with full knowledge of the risk, end after official warning by. the German government. \When on board a British vessel they were on British soil. Was not their posiI ion substantially I:trivalent to be- , ing within th,. walls of a fortified city! \If American citizens stand within city beseiged or threatened and the nemy attacks, what should our gov - clnritent do if (pure itizena should be untied !' e express no opinion. ' I am merely maintain our equilibrium, and not ' rock the r boat ' until we know what we are rascal.. \ Aside front the possible loss of Amer- ican lives, let u9 ask ourselves j•rat where we 1 . 10111 . \Flom our st a nollsoint as a nen( rat ill ( ion. the ( atiltlight ease presents a more delicate Rail serious ei.1111111iVat 1011 I hall the ease of the Lusitana. \ COMMERCIAL CLUB MEETING The regular meeraig of the Geyser t'ominereial Chili Was held on Thati -- olay evening of last week. The execte t is e comniittee repratIA thiu the re- quest of the clith that the property 41WrIltril clean up their premises : mud !Well 411 y generally complied wit lu. making a decided 1111p1114 VITO ust ill t he appearani • e of , the town. Leiters from the county cleik were read stating that Ill,' requests \ o(., , the club for improved streets and for a jail had met the a p prova I of 1111' count y lllll missit lll erg, and that the improvements would he a rent - al v in the near fiat tire. Inch of the meet ing as 11 , 0.10 1`41 Ii. 1 Ile of our needs for belt er tire prot eel ion and it m, as the unanimou s l , 1mo1l that It tire tsaitipa lay should he to gaili/eti and suitable a ppil ra 114 11111 st..1 itl Oare• St ell , . are 11114V loin'' 1.1k. 11 hot art{ the organization of such a company and it IS belie% eil that (1 sea all 1....01 be :ally equipped in this respect. 1

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 14 May 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.