Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, October 08, 1915, Image 4

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CRYSER . juarit ASIN \TAMS 3 3 GEYSER JUDITH BASIN TIMES Pub hilted every Friday at Geyser, Mont. C. B. Dudley, Editor and Publisher Entered as second-class matter March 25, 1911,at the postolfica at Geyser, Montana, under the act of March 3, 1879. Ssolueriptises: $1.00 per year iisadve.a. No discerning w rilulir who has ever SCHOOL NOTES a'ead Mrd. litittioinh , v's fashion art ivles The i'dlowrug Pupils were perie..1 I will fail to hunk tot them edi ii week ill I SPe---lig last week: tirade 1—Cltie, ii ry, Ellen Maki, Helen Lemons nod the Times. Her styles ha', the stamp ; grade 2 _ 17.11 nuidk, ni ! of real authority in PVII at t ioular and Iii ijur Salo; grade 3—EdIth w st i t. pre mot to be classed with the fantastic rreations which are the °Berl ngs of liiijt Salo, Edith Wait and t many a \womun's column.\ We ii run r Berry were perfect in spelling dtuill ; t the *very woman reader to turn to Mi a. month of September. Bottontley's notes this week and see for herself that they rank with the la -4 of ii ii r line. * •••-• ...-....-.-..-+-. •-* • • • • Good Teeth Are Attractive SAVE your traveling and hotel expenses by having your work done here. 12 YEARS IN MONTANA at all times and in all placcs• They lend beauty not only to the mouth, but to the whole face. la fact, the absence of teeth is the host disposition towards posime plain- ness. We are adepts in the care of the teeth for young or old of either sex. NVe are skilled in all branches . of dentistry and would be glad to be favored with your work. We are particularly successful in the ex- traction of teeth painlessly. $30,00 Plates, Gold -Lined, for $10.00 $10.00 and $15.00 Gold 22-K. Crowns for $4.00 Dr. W. F. GUY $10.00 and $15,00 Bridgework per tooth $5.00 Perfect Porcelain Crowns $4.00 First National Bank. Rooms 703-7114. Great Falls, Montana. Examinations Free. All Instruments Electrically Sterilized ***** +G.* • ** - 4.1** • •-•-• Friday, fh-tober I, wa s the end u t. first month of school. The tett, were Ilof ii ble to give the children tie o monthly report curds because the \'.. ti.'layCli in shipping. We expe c t each child, his report eard at the • cavi l month Patents please and relit it at once to the t , h • • Kola.' began sehool yesti- L• . • lie is in the sixth grade. The follow rug pupils in the hit.. • dime grades were perfect in ate niH • t last week : Jennie Salo, Nina •i iind Rile Keiriaglian. I I ligh school op. rich Monday !,. ,t it • • Miss Ruth IXenneily as prineipal. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • READ THIS Haul your bumper wheat crop with a Newton wagon. It runs easier and lasts longer. We have them in stock always, Emerson Express Sulkies are built on our specifications to meet your requir- ment. All steel, strong, easy to operate and easy on your horses. 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Great - California America's The Exposition, Panama display been \The Mountains, the Northern\ fornia's Medal\ Special Great the —California's Tickets journey later Take Call mation GOLD awarded Great Great Falls, Great than advantage on -California of SCENIC, Northern Northern or Exposition things-to Round Northern permit and December or write regarding Northern MEDAL San Francisco, to the Way\ Lake Chelan, Pacific \Northern Cities. -see. Special Trip Excursion Billings, Lewistown, Railway Exposition of stopover are good for 31st, of these your local the \( Expositions Finest Exposition, Agricultural Great to Pacific\ Cities—are at return 1915. special Agent ;R FAT of takes Spokane, \Go to the and Northern you Steamship to Great Reduced Tickets as Los Angeles, principal three fares for NORTIIERN Way the San via San well on and descriptive Ride Panama GOLD Diego, and Industrial Glacier Seattle, Company's Francisco Northern\ from as other San sale points months visit to -Pacific Railway. Tacoma, Anaconda, daily on from -by National Fares points Francisco California's literature WAY.\ -Rail MEDAL offered Resources Portland, steamships and San and enjoy in until November either going date of International or the Park, Diego—Cali- these Butte, Montana and San or sale, Expositions. and full of the best have Cascade aboard \Great \Gold Helena, on Diego 30th. return but not infor- ..,,, i• Nwcrit es I i v... C . J . T. McGAUGHEY \St I' AIM VI( A I I 1`.'s1 •• 1 OPEATIrAN ..— 01/111WAY 0 . t Ma ------!:-.----- Asst. Gen. Freight and Pass. Agent Helena, Mont. li. A. NOBLE, Gen. Pass. Agent St. Paul, Minn. opEAT no AO\ ti WA , , •r . \ A t; ,,,, A1 I ) w k R1111,MIt, \AierrkA.rntirhitaGfreiraterp=8. Sz i G ir l a rr Sunonal ice sitinAl PArk Inlets : ...... . / is, i d / ' '—_-_.. • Sensational Sale Of House Furnishings Starts Saturday Morning October 9.1915 Here's an opportunity of a lifetime to secure furniture for the home at big reductions. Whether you want a dining set, a single chair, or furnishings for an entire house, this is the right time and right place to secure just what you want at the right price. This sale will surpass anything ever before attempted in this territory, so be on hand when the sale begins Saturday morning FREE! FREE! With every purchase amounting to $150 we will give away free a $25 100 -piece Set of Dishes Metropolitan Furniture Co. 412-414 1st Avenue South Great Falls, Montana IDES, Furs, Pelts, Wool. Realize Highest Market Price by Shipping to WALKER & ANDERSCH P. 0. Box 226 GREAT FALLS, MONT. Phone 6205 PRESERVING SEASON There's the fragrance of thl orient thru all iii.' house today. The spicy -,1111.11 of cinnamon. cloves, nut meg, and bay, And it mingles with the perfume of the peaches and the I/111 111i ; you recognize this f ragra Dee— when pre.ierving 4,114011 C011114 . 1? There are baskets heaped with apples ; heaped with damson plums and pears; „telly glasses by the dozen ; Mason jars long stored down s tairs, FOURTEENTH LEG - t' washed in boiling water, and now stand in gleaming rows ISL.XTIVE ASSEMBLY And neatly written labels soon their contents will disclose. Take The Times SESSION LAWS 1915 CERTIFIED BY SECRETARY OF STATE Blaekberry jams and melon pickles, preserved peaches. apple jell Bri ser‘eil pears (last season's winner) arid quince ma r mu hr as well ; _111 the sunshine of the slimmer for the winter limit. hurt by ; it ii t he orchard's golden sweetneaa ripilied under azure sky. Like the squirrels of the forest 1,4men folks a ref till of thrift When Queen Nature in her beauty pour.i before us gift on gift, And I seem to read a promise in the Net ti.''. frothy foam That the summer t Urn. will linger in the heart and in the home. Mi., Sadie Wit 4iers ret timed this week ti \In Great Falls, where she has spi•nt t he week end wit li friend. The Independent Publishing Com- pany, State Printers, have the Session Laws of the 1915 session ready for de- livery. They are bound in sheep and the index prepared by the state law librarian has been carefully checked by attorneys who have worked on the codes an I session laws for years, there- by making the 1915 laws as published by the Independent, the most careful- ly indexed of any edition issued. This book is bound in genuine law sheep and s.ent prepaid on receipt of $3.00. INDEPENDENT PUB- LISHING COMPANY STATE PRINTERS, HELENA, MONTANA • • - 10 1=01111=0Q 0 111111=1=110121 01=01=0:1 0110101=101012 0 0 TRACTOR REPAIRS On Short Notice and Reasonable Prices Name _ Address • _ Occupation • Amount Machinery kinds -------- Are you in need Or Anything in Iron and Steel owned and of repairs now_ Fill in and return this coupon today and receive free one No, 2 extra fine pencil and valuable in- formation. Great Falls Iron Works Established 1890 Great Falls, Montana CI:10 1.....,....-X0C;f0 =:=001:XCEPI==0=00=101 Things Worth Kno wing OATS for sale—$1.50 a ctit. at my ranch. Frank R. Spencer. WANTED—a few choice Farm Loans at once. Freseman & Moody Farm Loan Co. FCR SALE A Baby Buggy, In- quire at the Times office. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U S Land Office at Great .Falls, Mont. August 17 1915, Notice is hereby given that FABIAN WARIS, of Geyser Montana. who, on Eebuary 19, 1912, made Homestead Entry Serial No. 026022, for S% SW,.( Section 26: NE X NEX„'S NE, N‘4 7 4' Sec. 34; WY2 NW,' Sec. 35, Township 18 N., Range E. Montana Meridian, has fi'ed notice of intention to make Three year Proof, to establish claim to the land above des- cribed, before Register and Receiver, U. S. Land Office, at Great Falls, Montana., on the 9th day of October, 1915. Claimant names as witnesses; Andrew Leherg, Isaac Maki and An- drew Hautala all of Geyser, Mont. and Nels Ba -ka of Spion Kep, Mont. R. N. Sutherlin, Register, 1st. Publication Aug. 20, 1915. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the interior, U. S. Land Office at Great Falls, Montana. September 2 1915. Notice i • here- by given that ' JOSEPHINE L. DICKSON, of Knerville, Montana, who, on June 11, 1912, made Desert Land Declaration Serial No. 027759 for SE NW, SW( NEX. and n SE. 1 4, Section 27, Township 19 O N, Range 10 E, N1ontima Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final Proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before R. H. 01 Bemis, U. S. Commissioner, at his 0 1 office at Belt. Mont., on the 11th day 0 of October, 1915, Claimant names as witnesses; joie E. Silve, Julius P. Bain, James P. Mansfield and Robert E. Dickson, all O of Knerville, Mont. R. N. Sutherlin Register. 0 1st Publication Sept, 10 1915.

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 08 Oct. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.