Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, October 15, 1915, Image 1

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GEYSER, MONT., OCT. 1L1915 • Preparing for Nineteen -Sixteen possible. Let every fainter, therefore, Elsewhere in this issue. is an Raver- ttreat and each installment- of prin• turn over every furrow possible in the tistment of the Equity Co-operative 3.11iey are better than bonds merely (By Prof. Thos. Shaw) I With good farming they autume of 1915 in the hope of getting Exehauge announcing dates on which t a crop in 1910. If the plowing is de- tht.y will ship hogs noel naming points ruaranteed by tlie State b ecause the In the Dakotas and Montana and in I have been there. . Now the question IS ferret' until spring, the chances are froni whi..h shipmenta will he made. A State has 0 • more by actually getting fact in all areas traversed by the Great how to dispose of them. Our advice just so far reduced. writer in the Orstanixed Farmer for aside moth in the treasury that wilt Northern and Northern Pacific Railroads is drill the wheat among the thistles September 30, diacusses fully the plan prevent the possibility of any default. 4. They are amortization bonds. The where the rainfall its not usually abun- where the work can be done, and to he carried out by the organisation in to do total payment n-quired of the borrower dant, the crops have been singularly this quickly. The recent rains will cer- making these shipmenta. The writer is four per cent semi-annually. Of the itates that the Equity Cooperative Ate bountiful during the past season, and tainly germinate the wheat. Soon the toci„tion has a man at the head of thcir t ' tal annual P a Y nwpt of ei g ht r er \ pit, largely for the reason of the abundance frost will . kill the Russian thistles. lii IN'ashington, (let. 5. --Congress prob- five per cent is for interest, two prr livestock shipping department who an - and timeliness of the rains. But what the winter they help to protect the ably will be asked to approve in Dee- (Int is applitai oil the principal, K1111 one Jet - stand+ the business of shipping atoek of the crop of 1918? That should be a wheat. ln the spring they may be drawn enib.a a c?onti tttt ing building policy for A all kinds. ti,•r cent is Ii) ISIVer eXpellIWA Of 111.111i1 - matter of as much importance to the together with the horse rake or stein, the navy, having for it s object main- of gement. With these payments the 1)0).- 11, I hen points old the necesait y farmers as the crop of 1915. Italie any other implement and burned. This toilette. , of the navy on the bitais of st shipping stock iii this manner 'ant in rower pa vs urr hi,, entire debt in 25 'Ac g adeqsate preparations been made for tnay not he acientilie (analog, but it least 48 first class battleships. 'The pro- h Vett NC Tills 1111tkrS it easy for him to at tic.s pareely settled country in this . the growing of that crop? That is s farming that makes the best of the port of super -bottle -cruisers, scouts, reetion, the email nullifier of hogs, or aafeguard his property and would make certainly an important question, Is it ...C11111itiolls t hut are present. lestroyers, submarines rind auxiliaries' his bonds perfectly good, even though ail, thet are for shipment at any not true that every available acre has On c o rn land the conditions are very would be worked out from this figure. a time and the great distance to he tli; , .,] t - e. wire not fully safeguarded icy the m been devoted to the growing of Wheat similar. Owing to the peetiliarities of Secretary Daniels said today that rattled m in buying his stuff akeit it s that could be devoted to the growing of season, the emit land is probablr very the proposal to reemomend to con- 5. The bonds are issued in denomina- , ontat , sible for atoek buyera to operate the same? Fortune smiled upon. the weedy, even so, do not hesitate to sow gresa the establishment of this pot- timis (of Villtlallif each. Them RA. !arm the as they do in the older settled coon farmers and gave them a flue crop, even winter into tInit corn hind. The icy had been discosaed by- him both enough to satisfy the largest investors. ries imid make any in -y for elientsel- from the most careless methods of weeds linty be takiat care of its the with President Wilson and with Each 1 I may be atibilitided into units - . farming. This fact is munch- abundantly spring and on that weedy elirll hind as , 'hairinan Padgett of the house naval :es. iii. also points mit the feet that milling or driving stock to the market, or $11 i.00 or multiples thereof thereby 'A good Loser also knows ' clear by the astounding fact, that in good a crop of winter wheat ma be y ex- -affairs committee. %%Idle he explaimid some areas men who sowed a crop in peeted SA Oa the summer followed land ;dont no definite decision had been reach- vionaly announced is unsatisfaetory. -.11 a certain day to meet bit Vet' 4 pre- I ' ri \' - ' 4 \' -.1 thew withi \ the re \ ell of ' midi Inv -store. how to laugh af kioke on 1914 and never reaped the same, are that is also weedy.. Of (gonna.. neither •d, the sos.notary indicated that he was With these conditions prevailing the en- a. The amortization plan of paying himself and make it now bringing suit for a share in the the summer (allowed nor the corn land in...lined to favor such a plan. The navy ,perattv.. method of shipping seems to off the prinvipal iiisiin cc the investio volunteer crop of 1915 that resulted should have n bee weedy, bu e il t we general beard for many years l i„ qt for the prodtwor of livestoek. ias COM- ' again d st epreoiat ion w of , set ily, be- S ound rg al :' „. from this sowing. teal with human nature as se Lim! it. pitted its constru n ctio it on a cause - .sidle, the acreage remains thc 'The article referred . to outlined .ths In 1915- almost the \entire country was The aim will probably be to groin ;oasis similar too that stiggested. but the Jet hod to he followed in ma k Pig I its \ Inv ' tile dei ' ll 1°111 \ of Ili ' 1°11 ' 1 lul a a given up to the growing of whet. For- large a Iva a of wheat om at tibiae a lnol. proposal towrite the pa n no an l it ap- a! cm it less with each semiainnual pay- , hipmenta as follows: tune has favored this gamble .11t has Thia Wheat will be stubbled in. The mit• ;iropriat . hill as a definite and eon- T their [neut. hey will rick from a mong given the farmers a phenomenal crop, look this fall for a return from such tinning policy never has received the ap- 7. '[Ice bonds are worth more that rit ntlwrs five or six r esponsible parties, but not a phenomenal price cod now the wheat is good. The rains that fell ear- proval of any secretary of the nevy. I. in the pocket bemuse they ar ,v1e, are competent to judge live stock all important question is .cj . u,t. steps ly in Septemher will insure gertaina• Keeretary Daniels declared that if the issued under the supervimion of th. and who have had experienee in the ahould be taken to secure 1-- , 1 crop tion. But that la not enough. Should poliey received the approval of the peo- shipping of livestock. These gent1emen state government and are atitomatiealll , in 1918. fit ilk , next year prove markedly dry the crop pie he bad little doubt that congress per cent while itams..y it wiIi be at each n one of these points to earning live Ti.:4 ino ' I in ; . On Ulna stubbled in will be greately (heap- to come would follow it in principle so the pocket is earuitig nothing. known in the organization as shippers. SIP' t ', . ' '• ( , ' e Onsrarne for pointing. Should it prove wet whieh is that the yl-arly expenditure on the navy 'Float the Assoeiation will deaignate eel-- 8 . TheY \re \ 11, 1 11 \i ie\\t 11 \'eau' a good.erop in •19115 is favorable at the very mc likely. the returns may lw good. could lw computed in advance with a train points on the MilwanktieltAR.% ( hrY \\' w'•' 11 1 n\i \HIS ti'''ir 1 \e\ 11 \' present time. The eopioua rains that This means. therofore, that the crop ctinsiderable degree ,n ollilii tic t tient ei a boo lever intert s. tan. points at which they will receive fell early in Septernber are very fay- of wheat in 1919 roosts largely on the Congress will he rooked also to make otock. A shipper from the .Associattion has accomulated theleon. since the las , oreik et Ike 1 21,V1reat for 1915. acreage sown on summer followed and more liberal provision will b in reserves of interest p -as lug date. Bu Diu& 'de th* traerr followed land On corn lartd. The wheatm that ill be ammunition -0 'a...sever before has beeto e at each one of eliese points to a atock, weigh and .gra . it , i t 9. They hate an espeeial value it is foul with Russian thistles. What atubbled in in 1915, is an untertain thought necessary. Secretary Daniels thr hands of the occasional borrower-, Each rancher will be given a receipt for should be done with thin land? Some quantity. It may be remunerative. lint said the necessity of huge reserve:, of I+. the farmer at harvest tims--heentis• •he weight and grade of his hogs. The say plow it and bury the thistles. That it may be certain failure. Because of ammunition had been the most strik - on la tter collateral for a short -0111 C. R. AllitiSON, 11 . rules of all standard markets will b.. advice ia hazardous. To plow such land this uncertainty. arid because of the lug leaatm drawn nom the European followed. in regard to grading 'Intl dock .\\ ''''' he \IrPr''`I. would .make it lie too open and loose relatively small amount of mummer fail. war. The amount to be nought for this 10. Becautie they bear 11 higher rat ing. No rancher »eed be afraid that 1rthur Landire built on another room to properly hold moisture. Our advice low land on which to gross. wheat, our purpose Watt not disclosed. if inter. st ,, becatute they are better se he price of his hogs will be hurt by (hr is to drill the wheat right in among the suggestion would he to the farmers to tired, b came t (Inc cash is alread s y c . cast Spring and at once insured the thistle. Soon the frost will kill them, grow large areas of flax next p o or and EQUITY'S METHOD OF CO -OPERA- fact that someone else puts in hogs cot 'side in the Stat.. Treasury to guaran puilding and contents, which is very for - poi t poorer grade. At the terminal mar - matte. Of course they have no business there. to grow these on fall plowed land TIVE MARKETING OF HOGS 1 re the pai, unlit of interest mid cover. el '.:- t the hogs still be oteparated accord I ng to th e g The lire dolma -mod. responded at rade and the ran dier wil: ast all ment of princi pal as t he sa m , becomes due. these bonds are bettc Alec Ind. there was little they could do we've the most money. After tieductiris han i onk t • .., Ippo ,i t ,„ 0 ,. ,, atv i iiip IS the 11110 ling was a 11111AS Of flaIlletl he expense of 'elielo shipment. the mon 1 ry the tinie they ea re called. It was I o* , will be divided and after fig -mini -tik e, i \Mits. The }stinks may far he first tire since the new apparatus and even the State may neglect to co! _he last niekle per bmoolocel pminds, th %vas purchased but owing to the fire et its tax. s, or the Legislature tieglec )(dance or odd dollars on each Airmen , 1 make the appromiations to me ,. .wing cruised by an explosion from the !c.d. , there was little that any are Ge- vill be thrown into an insurance an he Straight stalk ,ililigtit . s. but t li i nye stment amoltit, and should an , ,,,i i i,. ; ,,i ik , ad y ( .„11,-t,.,1 aw l „,,..( a .,id paitment could do :is the bnil ding was . -hick ever be Ilitilt in transit, they wii irah d inside and hurried as paper. o preterit any thdatilt in thrse Stat 1 te paid for front this account. Tic- 'at in lama bonds. That the 'Amide family all est-aped , rotects arm -heist against loss ill tran 'itlititil hieing htirie .1 seems quite a To pr,,,,e an that I hare ..ail. I, m; , -it at..1 in a wiry that t Ile I N110.1141• (i. . IiSlire.flee is never felt hv tiny producer -If, u III lind purchaSers for at lea- .oiracle. lie seths of bonds tinder NIontatia• 'arm Linin Law. 1111.1 I tinolertake still ENROLLMENT STHOWS STATE'S Fli at Fa mi Loa1 forty days to put $100,000.60 then r in the hands (of the state treasur: No 10 t..r .i P ii R d, O .N SP to ER th I i T e PROSPERITY oa- r the farmers whoae applicatione hat Isms in the strtc; crifisbe found than en apprtatal in that series. Nei the al the al 1•1111111111ce 'nit - the higher educe - he borrower, the invealor. t Ile TILX1111! ional itraittiti..1.` , A tit -crease in 4-n• The workableness of the farm lone r or thi. state Will be asked to In I „ onnient in viri ilil at -companies P4-. lass' is still an unaettl ed question. Th le ill any way. - A. O. STILLMAN. ifels of tiours..i,,1 depression._ The rea- secretary of the state treasury haa giv ' am is obvious. Nlany students are de. --ii reasons why the art has failed tt reS011ieeS arid wade:It 111101: 1 heir own -.cork under what he cla dna is a wise 1101USE BURNED ,-arnest and coneent rated' elfort to mak. \The Arthur 1.andrie loaiso cc:, s Ilt 01141 te •ei\ia 1 ' l ly e p tit w h a t th f .y can it do so. lie tells why it is imptiaaibl, •I rto•al 1)% tire on Monday night. Mr hiring the slimmer months to carry to sell the bonds. All are familiar witl multi , a f( is , at OtiCilli 1 A. NI. to loo hem through floc college year. Parents no, ore eon s..i.o , ly influenced by eco- 'he reasons given hy him. (4. D. Still ifter the ehildren tool hgbted a gas. Ilion b e lieves that Mr. Rae, the stat, tile la MI), Whiell ex plooled, t hrowing th mimic mud it ions 0nd when bustineat is treasurer, iai not worthy of his fact among .„sisolitie Gaoled , ' the hou -e. n 'v•low normsf• - . 1,11 3\ are unable to $1 1- e Intl that because of other interest a 11( i it Olt! 1 he ei.tIli to, all in a moment the needed lin incial aid to motet or laughlers WIS1 iliVi Wish ft) attend col- luta not pushed the sale of Mese Matt -:lie pushed the baby liuggi, „ emit ;tine: honda. of course it hat does led ma k, lie year ohl daueliter. bill lc I lie 'l rept lege. It is the '.•i oil ignilii•aut that , the When you once buy our hardware you will the treasurer such. but \Ir. Stillman in II the tint.. callimz to. ii,-? lioidomool wi lit yes that he 11AS. unit made an hone, As si.s ping .otiiellv slid Aid not I. ie•• .! , ersity ef' 2.c ntona is one of the ALWAYS COME '1'0 US FOR MORE HARDWARE ind determined effort 10 floe t t hes t the act itlent instil I he Imo- , WO s ell• at:: te an i versit itot in the 1211i011 Wilda 1111(1 to test his belief he 119 S gon oils- , of thiniss inside. Upon ru alizin i'lcieli this yo ar is enjoying aii increase (When you need it) ,0 Helena 1111.1 elaillIR that he will Fiel he situation]. NI r. Landrie haatilt. tiros a enrollment. Reports from the east, S190,000 worth of these bonds within, tiol IN, 4Seti the I wo-year old soon flon he west and Fr '.1: the south. show that •ompensitt ion Item anybody for lir he sciatica to NI 1 4. 1.1111ilt ie Whit WII Inc. mit jorit y of the higher ',hoots have ;ock. In a conimitnieatitin be givi..: tic II 1111. outside_ and immo diately folio]. ois Yi II f eXile. iell.s;.1 a ilerria se ill at - NVe know the best brands of hardware that wear well. :: : , 11. ;:e •in oi r ohi te , t) reasons why tlie bond I the boy thrtaish tit.. window am (hi, I reo had col oolf the way to the dont. Four houldre I note -two atudents are These reliable brands are the ones we sell. Buy your hardware I. The !Houk net live per (Wilt . arid or Outside of a few allow. that M .ow enrolled 1. i the (\nivel y o f 'm o n. and everything else you need from us for this one reason, Wallie 'lot atibjeet to I ilAiil ion in \Ionian. , Audi it- gi :0 , 10 , 1 iii niakiii.. , , his 111151 11-11. Thi. -,.., i I I , 1111ife 111:111 Wer..! r• g• buys in large quantities for his four stores, buys for less and sells af Montana. l'hey are especially good for resideol •.1 real ., ecei a thing Was burned to I lie- v -1.1 - I at Ibi time heat year. This 1.round inelialing a chiekeriiirs piano :Iihtli.4•1 4101114 s only those who are for less -\IT WILL PAY YOU,\ 2. The Yffif . 1019 111111fillii ill 1 ell Mill Mel . kWh le•IOTIgi..1 i ii Nli-.• Lanai'' , awl Wal :11 telohllg elil , ....• e e try day and does aside $25,000.00 with which to pay in- , lierished as a gift tic nil her parents. nol vi giole si me . ollt sse ,inilents. eor- crest and each installment of princi- The house was a two -room slit,. lure repoodeoce stif'y (wields or those un- pal when due, whether the farmer. whose and onlv -dory so burned very tap- ‘ derstraduates a'.,• , arc 110t ill attenJence land is mortgaged, has actually paid in idly. Th I- ' W111 cilliet . critic 1011 at Nl is40111:1 . the inetallment or not. This ft -attire little wiThi. SO 11(1 lliniellit y was had in No 'woe, piss): of t -•• prostarity . makes them better than any State. confinin.! the. lire to the lomat% the barn. avident iti NItaitiont today can be found' : Kennecly--McC]o ti 1\t (,7ompany County; City or School Distriet bond. 'until it co N% teet away waa saved. The than ;17 the .ineriasc in enrollment at where payment when due depend); on home. and contenta wefe iusureil and tbe nittersity. whether the taxes to pay then) have probably Mr. !Andra. will reload(' at 1 I lie Quality Store. Actually been c'ollec'ted. For these once. The house WON . ' ' i:rotwrty of Nliss n Etta 1VeDoahl spent the first Farm Loan bonds the money is already Ed Landrie. and it Was .. . known if of the wed: a ilk her aunt, Mrs. Margar- in the State Treasury to pay the in' there was any insuranee or pot, but et Duncan; at Great Falls. . W e can save you money enough on your winter cloth- . in I, and supplies to pay your taxes and buy the Geysee folks another nice„ new, red up-to-date fire engine._ Ladies unmentionables 2 pair for 14c

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