Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, October 15, 1915, Image 4

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v 60§4 W11 BASft4IIMES GEYSER JUDITH BASIN TIMES Published Teary.Frldayat Geyser, Mont. C. S. Maur: Sditor and Publisher Entered as sseond-class matter March 25, 1911,at the postoSce at Geyser, Montana, under the act of March 3, 1679. &halPim $2.00 Or year kadfraare. GROWTH OF A MONTANA CITY Washington, D. C., September 27, 1915.—A preliminary statement of the general results of the census of matnu• factures for the city of Anaconda, Mont,. , was issued today by Direetp Sam L. ' Rogers, of the Bureau of tile Census, ;'• Department of Commerce. It consists of a summary comparing the figures for 1909 and 1914, by totals, prepared un- der the direction of Mr. William M. Steuart, chief statistician for manufa- ctures. The census of 1914, like that of 1909, with reference to manufactures, exclud- ed the hand trades, thr buildIng trades and the neighborhood indultries, and took account only of este lishments conducted under the factory ystein. In the last census, also, as in t at for '01 statistics were not included for establish ments having products for he cenaut year valued at less than $500. except that reports were taken for establish- ments idle during a portion of the een sus year or which began operation dur iing that year and whose products for .such reason were valued at less thar $500. The word \establishment\ as used in the census reports may mean more than one . mIlloor plant, provided they are owned or controlled and operated by a si t 'ogle Individual, partnership, curpora- Von, or other owner or ope,rotor, and arelOcated in the same town or thy. The reports were taken for the calen- dar year ending December 31, 1914, wherever the system of 4sookkeeping permitted figures for that period to be secured, but when the fiscal year of an establishment differed from the calen- dar year a report was obtained for the operations of that establishment for its tfiscal year falling moat largely within the calendar year 1914. The statistics represent the establish- ments located within the corporate li- mit of the city. The summary shows a considerable increase at the census of 1914, as compared with that for 11109. The primary horsepower incresse41 108.4 per cent; wage earn camera, 158.8 per cent; wages, 112.7 per cent; capital. 01.'2 per cent; materials, 65.0 per cent; value of products, 27.6 per cent and val- ue added by nuitilifact ure, 13.8 .en t. The copital invested, as reported in 1914, was $935,000, a gain of $440,000 or 91.2 per cent, over 489,000 in 1909 l'he average capital per eStabliSIIMCIli 14 approximately $49,000 in 1914 an $.38,000 in 1909. In this connection it ihould be stated that the inquiry con- :.ained in the census echedule calls for he total amount of capital, both owned ind borrowed, invested in the business. ,nit excludes the value of rented proper - 0 , , plant, or equipment which wits (on- doyed in the conduct of mannfaetur- ing enterprises. In the final bulletins +++144-* ••-•-•-• *At. .4-.-.+. - +-.++....-..+..-.-+ Good Teeth Are Attractive SAVE your traveling and hotel expenses by having your work done here. 12 YEARS IN MONTANA at all times and in all places' They lend beauty not oily to the mouth, but to the whole face. In fact, the absence of teeth is the fir:t disposition towards positive plain- ness. We are adepts in the care of the teeth for young or old of either sex. We are skilled in all Iranches of dentistry and would be glad to be favored with your work. kVe are particularly successful in the ex- traction of teeth painlessly. $30,00 Plates, Gold -Lined, for $10.00 $10.00 and $15.00 Gold 22-K. Crowns for $4.00 $10.00 and $15.00 Bridgework per tooth $5.00 Perfect Porcelain Crowns $4.00 Dr:W. F. GUY First National Bank. Rooms 703-704. Great Falls, Montana. Examinations Free. All Instruments Electrically Sterilized +4-4-•-•-• •-•-•-• • -•-•-•-•-•-• Se* • • and reports the rental Paid for - snob prop ',wrong to erty will be shown separately. Oen. The cost of minerals td lit:1014 ,was $206,000, as against $157,000 if, 1909, an increase of $103,000, or 65.0 per cent. The average cost of meter - Otis per establisbnieut in 1914 was ap- proximately $14,000, anti in 1909 612,- 0 00 , an d t o 1009 $12,000. In addition to ;he component materials which enter in- to the products of the establishment for the et'llKIIH year there are included the cost of fuel, mill impplies, and rent of power and heat. The cost of materials, however, does not include unused mater- ials and supplies bought either for spec- ulation or for use during a subsequent period. The value of products represents their 6754,000, and in 1909 $591,000, the in - :.resse being $163,000, or 27,6 per rent. The average per establishment in 1914 was approximately $40,000, and in 1909 $45,000. Tell cattle of product a represents their 4elling value or priee at the plants as retually turned out by the factories potato and powders in SCHOOL NOTES The followng pupils were perfect in ,eelling: First Grade—Helen Lemons; Grade—EII Dudley, Alice Arnim& Fritukie Paxson and -Itilja Halo; hod Grade--Alioe Kernaghan, Blanche I ihixter and Edith Wait. 1 in. Alaki was absent part on account sickness. Pcrttlit jiemp is absent from school. I Will Wait spelled down the primary ni in it spelling match on Friday. Archie Byrne has been absent on ac- , omit of the illness of his brother at istuwu, of list Aunts Petesch is absent from school. The seventh and eight grade are re- it - ii the colonies. The scholars and teachers were glad olionbus discovered America on ()etc,- her 12 as luring the census year and does not Tuesday. imessarily have any relation to the 11110110 of sales for that year. The 'aloe under this head also include mounts reeeiveth . for work done On ma - trials furnished by others. THAT SOLDIER SONG - (Being„ incidentally a hint to song• writers that \soldier\ mia be rhymed with something else than \shoulder.\) I've tried to write a martial lay, With cher ma and glad Hosannalis, Of troops so gay that march away With drums and waving ha nners. But through my head till I'm insane, Runs one tune- now I've told you— ••1 didn't raise,\ goes the refrain, •My boy to be a soldier.\ cannot write of guns that roar 'Mier challenge to the battle, :or of the glory that is war, or of the musket's rattle; • t • This tune, until I'm almost dead • o p.a.... it seeks to mould youth • •I didn't raise.' goes through • • ''.1!) boy to he a soldier.\ • 4 my head WURry of that senscless swig, ,\hough I Oa /1110t itirget it; .t me now.the whole day long— , know 1 shouldn't let it; \Cs spoiled the one idea I had, hiS will have to hold you- - I didn't raise my darling lad '0 be a blooming soldier.' \Burn down your cities and leave our • farms and your cities will spring up sgai,n as Ivy magic. But destroy our farms and grass will grow in the • streets of every city in this country. - • -William Jennings Bryan. 1 •I••• TO IT London.--Englisli women who have always looked on the use of roiere bad taste, are beginning to use it in !arge quantities. The makers of cos- eticri say that worry from the war is SESSION LAWS making the women pale and they arc they enjoyed the holiday on P.iti ttii s -N. 11. --Please visit school. The third year in the High school tie - tilt ment began Monday with Clarence Knight in attendaace. tltifa Kopell and Henry Salo were perfect hi spelling hist week. The subjects of Public Speaking and kirawing are taken up in all classes of tIi, High school this year. CHURCH NOTES id:YsER, SUNDAY, OrT. 17th. senday school at 10 A. M. Picaehing at II A. M., Subjeet for clouting sermon. - The Preeiousness of NalICE TO ALL PERSONS IN CASCADE CO. WHO DID NOT PAY THEIR PERSCNAL TAX FOR THE YEAR 1914. H IDES, Furs, Pelts, Wool. Realize Highest Market Price by Shipping to WALKER & ANDERSCH P. 0. Box 226 GREAT FALLS, MONT. Phone 6205 Haul your Newton wagon. longer. We Emerson our specifications ment. All steel, and easy on It pays to harrow Disc harrow and We have a full in stock. Everything See us about O. READ bumper have Express your line you your BUCKNER Geyser, It strong, Osborne buy wheat runs them Sulkies to horses. with an peg of Collars from Farm Montana THIS in meet easy Emerson -tooth us Loan easier stock and carries and crop are your and always. to harrow. Sweat a Insurance. with a lasts built on requir- operate Flexible - pads guarenty the Gospel.\ Preaching in the evening at 7:30, sub- ject, \Joyful Service.\ blessed is the person who delights in the law of Jeliavali and in His law dotb he meditate day and night. WATER RIGHT CASE CLOSED After four and a half days had been consumed in the introduetion of testi- The Board of County Commits— many in the water right suit of Neil M. toners has instructed the Connty Trea-, save vs. uh' G. Osnes in the district court the hearing of this action was con. suier to force collections of taxes on all personal property. and in cases where the taxes were not paid for the year 1914 to include 1914 taxes along with the 1915 taxes. All persons who did not pay the personal tax assessed against them for 1914 must pay 1915 taxes before October 15 or the County Treasurer will attach property for 1914 and 915 taxes. LIE DENNIS, County' Treasurer, Cascade County First publication Oct. 8, 1915. Take The Times ENGLISH WOMEN COMING it i Great California America's The Expointion, Panama ' display been \The Mountains, the Northern\ fornia's Medal\ Special Great the —California's Tickets journey later Take Call mation poLD awarded Great Great Falls, Great than advantage on of Exposition things Round permit and or regarding , -California SCENIC, Northern Northern or Northern December write Northern MEDAL San Francisco, to the Way\ Lake Chelan, Pacific \Northern Cities. -to -see. Special Trip Excursion Billings, Lewistown, Railway Exposition of stopover are good for 31st, of thee your local the \GREAT Expositions Finest Exposition, Agricultural Great to Pacific\ Cities—are return 1915. special - Way of the and the San Northern takes you via Spokane, Steamship to San \Go Great Reduced Tickets as well to Los Angeles, at principal three fares and Agent for descriptive NORTHERN Ride Panama GOLD Diego, and Industrial Glacier Seattle, Company's Francisco Northern\ from as other San on sale points months visit -Pacific Railway. Tacoma, Anaconda, daily on from to -by National Fares points Francisco California's literature WAY.\ -Rail MEDAL offered Resources Portland, steamships and San and enjoy in until either date of International for the Park, Diego—Cali- these.\Gold Butte, Montana and San November going or sale, Expositions. and full of the best have Cascade aboard \Great Helena, on Diego 30th. return but not infor- • ,. 4. %up. l'it A I i rm . ' J. T. hIcGAUGHEY - —1 -. .ii . \i»i•eit e% I - r 1 PLATON Nall\*WAY 11Alls Asst. Gen. Freight and Pass. Agent Helena, Mont. H. A. NOBLE, Gen. Pass. Agent St. Paul, Minn. OnEAIEON N CI Alti A Y • ri glIVI— (ii: - ..: - , - '\,,:..,.i.‘ ' . - •. 7 i. RII \'\# ,\ ig k rZ a G F r i Zy n ot Sar t Na ii° \ 1 fila. it r \atilt!) al Park • -; • . . _ ' 4irt 0 garik titisolitire , _ . 1915 CERTIFIED BY SECRETARY OF STATE FOURTEENTH LEG-, ISLATIVE ASSEMBLY The Independent pan), State Printers, Publishing Corn - have the Session Laws of the 1915 session ready for de- livery. They' are bound in sheep and the index prepared by the state IA , / librarian has been carefully checkel by attorneys who have worked on the' codes an I session laws for years, there- by making the 1915 laws as published by the Independent, the most careful- ly indexed of any edition issued. This book is bound in genuine law sheep and sent prepaid on receipt of $3.00. INDEPENDENT PUB- LISHING COMPANY STATE PRINTERS, HELENA, MONTANA eluded yesterday at noon and Judge .1. A. Matthews, who presided, returned yes- , terday afternoon to his home at Town- send. The case is one involving the rights of the contending parties to the waters of a eouple of small creeks on the eastern lo pi of the Highwood indltra/is. Both men are stockmen anti boWare fighting for control of the water. Quite an array of legal talent was engaged in the trial of the ease and about .25 witnesses - were examined. At the conclusion of the hearing yes- terday Judge Mathews issued an order that the plaintiff, on receipt of trans- eript of the testimony, should have 30 days therefrom in which to file a brief and request for findings and that the fendant should he granted 30 days there• from in which to, file his reply brief and request for findings. and tha the plaintiff should be granted 20 days thereafter in which to tile his reply brief. Due to the great amount of testimony it will require the court stenographer .some period in which to prepare his transeript of the testimony and with the 80 days thereafter which have been granted the parties to file their briefs it will be several months before the mat- ter shall be up to the court for deter- mination.—Oreat Falls Tribune. LOGAN FACES NEW CHARGE Although State Parole COM niissioner J. E. Clifford was in the city yesterday inquiring into the circumstances lead- ing up to the recent arrest of Jack Lo• gan, charged with the theft of a horse, lie Ind not take Logan back to Deer Lodge with him when he left and it is possible that he will be left here to face the new charge. T.ogan was released from prison in .July after having been oarolled under his already reduced term f five years. The case is now left in the hands of the county attorney's of- fice for prosecution under the new charge.—Great Falls Tribune. 0 Read The Times 10=10=0= ====010101=111=:10=01==== 01 : 11 9. O 0 O T RACTOR REPAIRS . g a 0 On Short Notice and Reasonable Prices Or Anything in • 11 13 Name . Iron and Steel R. O Add 0 ress_ Occupation Amount Machinery owned and II 0 land above described, O Bemis, U. S. Commosioner, office at Belt. Mont., on the 11th day of October, 1915. Claimant names as witnesses; Joie E. Silve, Juluis P. Bain, James P. Mansfield and Robert E. Dickson, all of Knerville, Mont. R. N. Sutherlin Register. 1st Publication Sept, 10 1915. How's This? We offer One Hundred Dollars Re- ward for any case of Catarrh that can- not be cured by Hall's Catarrh cure. Hall'• Catarrh Cure has been. taken by catarrh sufferers for the Nutt thirty-five years, and has befella• known as the most reliable remedy tor Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure CAS tbru the Blood on the Mucous surface& ex- pelling the Poison from the Bleed and healing the diseased portions. After you have taken HalYs Catarrh Cure for a short time you will sae a great improvement in your gamest health. Start taking Raw. astatrn Cure at once and get rid of cattitrb. Bend for testimonials, tree. F. J. CHENEY & co., Toledo, MS. Bold by al! Druggists, 76o. Read The Times TEings Wcrth Kncwing OATS for tale—$1.50 a cwt. at my FtAnk R. Swenciss. , WANTED—a few choice Farm Loans at once. Freseman & Moody Farm Loan Co. EC R SALE A Baby Buggy, In- quire at the Times office. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U S Land Office at Great Falls, Mont. August 17 1915, Notice is hereby given that FABIAN WARIS, of Geyser Montana. who, on Fibuary 19, 1912, made Homestead Entry Seriel No. 026022, for S% svo, Section 26: NEX NEX, :”4 NEg NW SE4, Sec. 34; NV% NWX Sec. 35, Township 18 N., Range 9E. Montana Meridian, has fi'ed notice of istention to make Three year Proof, to establish claim to the land above des- cribed, before Register and Receiver, U. S. Land Office, at Great Falls, Montana., on the 9th day of October, 1915. Claimant names as witnesses; Andrew Loberg, Isaac Maki and An- drew Hautala 41 of Geyser, Mont. and Nels Ba , ka of Spion Kop, Mont. R. N. Sutherlin, Register. 1st, Publication Aug. 20, 1915. kinds Are you in need of repairs now Fill in and return this coupon today and receive free one No, 2 extra fine pencil and valuable in- formation. Great Falls Iron Works Established 1890 Great Falls, Montana TICIPIF==g 0 g 101 .m.—au 01=F;101;30 \ 1 II U 0 0=10T NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interim, U. S. Land Office at Great Falls, Montana. September 2 1915. Notice i • here- by given that JOSEPHINE L. DICKSON, of KnervIlle, Montana, who, ou June 11, 1912, made Desert Land Declaration Serial No. 027759 for SEX NWX, SW X NEM, and NYi SE Vs, Section 27, Township 19 N, Range 10 E, Montana Meridlan, has filed notice of intention to make final Proof, to establish claim to the before R. H. at his ....rnmON•a•

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 15 Oct. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.