Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, October 15, 1915, Image 5

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'T fp r 4,-•••••••-........÷... •-• •-••• •••• •••••••••••-••-•••-•• • 4- • • •:: - .13 I i Was THE not BIG when LOAN onr T i heardof we bou g ht I HEATING STOVES i t and therefore we were able to give I those necessities our attention and 1 WE DID 1 i We are now ready to show you ; our complete line of 1 WILSON HEATERS i i : I : SOUTH BEND MALLEABLE 1 and CAST COOK STOVES invite your inspection before buy- . ing elsewhere i ' i Stoves delivered and set up free of char g e. I Harney & Adams Hardware Co. : The Store of Service. : I .........-.-....-.-.-..-...., • .-.-. -.•.-................. c , ROOF OF AGES THE Red Cedar Shingles The cheapest roof obtain- able. If properly put on, will last for twenty years. We Can Supply You. NEIHART LUMBER CO. Yards at Geyser, Spion Kop and lielt ---- --- SAUER KRAUT in bulk 10 cents per lb., 3 lbs. for 25 cents LARD In pail or bulk, per lb. 15 cents • Home Made Sausage All Kinds Fresh Every Day Geyser Meat Co. Geyser, Montana -... 1 cg)isER Jtib `BASIN T1Mt $ Fancy Cranberries 10ets. a quart. at Kamedy-McConkeys. Kehel Murphy was a great Falls aitor part - of Saturday. land Sunday. and Mrs. Neil Save were Belt visitora Monday. Deputy -Sheriff Kerartglitin was a Great Falls visitor Saturday and Sunday. • J. L. Mears, J. 1. Lberty and J. D. George were Lewistown business call- er‘ today. ; Andrew Hautaht and Fabian Wris were Belt visitors Saturday. Mr. Waris proved up on his homestead while Mr. Hautalu acted as witness, A. A. Freseman, Jr. returned Sunday after attending several days at Great Falls, being culled as one of the wit- nesses in the Silve-Ostles A number front Geyser are planning on attending the dance in Spion Kop hall to -morrow night when the Mitchell orchestra will furnish the music. Fancy Montana Crab-apples $1.65 for 44 lb. a box at Kennedy -McCon- key. • Chicago, for the first time in 44 years, is a dry city and 7,172 saloons were Aosta! by the Nlityor's orders. It har been predicted by many know-it•alli that Montana will be dry in two years The Ladies Aid of k Alie Congregational ,burch served an exeellent Rapper last Saturday evening. The public patron twit the ladie, paid numbers and the Itureh fund Was eidarecd nearly $30. Mr. and Mn.B. J. Muzzy left Sunday for Smithville, N. V., where they will spend the winter with Mrs. Muzzy's par - Hai anti other relatives. They expect o return in the spring. II. H. Belknap has leased the E. C ,Tanberg plat -4. for a period of thret ( years and will spend part of his Una !arming while yet holding his homestead at Bruce. Mont. George M. estrum arrived from Minneapolis, Minn.. last Similar and has accepted a position in the First State Bank of (leyaer. He will act as Assistant Cashier, taking the place of A. A. Lamm, resigned. \Derr hunting in the Bell mountain• is sonic sport.\ So says .1. B. Wall. Geysers artist. Mr. Wall is now em. ployed at Stanford but recently took time to go to the Mountains and re turned with a fine 215 1)0(1101 buck with two antlers. Caattile County'a Agriculturist, R ( A. Blanehard and his wife are enjoying trip through California and the north- west. They will visit Spokane, Pullman, Washington, Moscow, Idaho, Port land both the colleges of Oregon and Cali fornia and both expositions. Mr. man ,..hard will, no doubt, pick up man\ ideas on Ilia trip that will prove bene- ficial in his work. The Helena Orchestra gave a dance in the Geyser hall last Saturday and is large crowd enjoyed the excellent mush until a late or rather an emit' hour They will be het.. again (hi 30th co- tetober which will be good news for 'those enjoying to trip the light fan tastic, as this is by far the bast mush that has ever been in the hall. Mr.. R. L. Moody left Tuesday Fe. bar mother's how at 1 uihlip, S. D., where she Will s isit for several weeks Miituly exj WC( jOin her about ,the first la the in is - year anil will ai 14:111it make their h lllll at Philip abere then have property. Mr. and Nlrs hate been re , iiients of iievs for the past three years and it is with regret that we see this couple . move from our midst. A. A. Lamm. who has ruled as assis- tant cashier in tlw First State Bank of (•.'eyater for tlw past year, will return to Minnesota. his native state, lie ex- pects to join a party of hunters and will probably sp nd the rest of this month in the mountains !Hinting deer. Mr. Lamm. during hi, t iv in our burg. baa made . ninny friends is ho regret to see 111111 leave na. Mike BVIIII. laft Friday for Lewis• town tit lie with hia son. Edgar, who underwent a very serious operation at the hospital. The operation was per ormed Friday and for a number at bouts following the operation ins life ?lung in a halanee but by Tuesday Ed r had rallied and 11015-9 are HOW Iletit 'or Ilia recovery. it r. and NIrs. Gerald Um., of ,altiiii. Arehic Byrne and Mrs W. S. Seifert', beside , ' the father, NI 11t rile. were tattled to Ids bedside Sat urday, Mrs. Seiferd returning Tuesday while the rest will remain until the dan apr mark is pass.?d. NOTICE There will be a meeting of the members of the Geyser Volunteer Fire Department, Monhav October 18th a the rooms of the Commercial Club at 8 P.M. By order of the Chef. ....•••••••••••- 35cents • EGGS—EGGS—We Pay 35cts. pie dozen for fresh ranch eggs, Ken- nedy -McConkey ege 35cts. • James Burns ws.a in town 'Monday looking after his crop on his land on Merino bench. • Mist Olie Peteselt left lest week, Fri- tlaY. fat Lea istown to confer with the county aaiperintendent of Fergus Co., ,who has procured a school for Mies Petesch tho t a ll. Wanted to buy— a Cookstove, must be in good condition, Write to P.O. Box 236, Geyser, MOnt. Rev Daley. District tipt. of the Con• gregatkiial church, was calling on the Geyser parish Tuesday and %Vedneselay. Miss Lelia Skelton, of Stanford, Was a guest at the Coughlin home Wednes- day. Miss Manilla Pieliette, of Lewistown, ,was the gut st of her sister, Mrs. Henry Liberty the first of the week. Mr. loot Mrs. Cari Sunberg are re- joicing over a fine daughter, who ar- rived at their home near . Spion Kop -last Monday everting. 4 . FOR-SALL-12 Mulch Cows, from 4 to 7 yrs. old, all broke to milk. ee or write to Wm. Blau . ), Ge. ser. Mrs. It. P. Royce received the sad nays on Wt,Inesday that her brother was seriously injured in an automobile accident near Lewistown, Idaho, and ,Itere were grave hopes for his recovery. Teddy William.a Was an over Sunday l isitor at the Nlerrimac ranch this week. The lad is a nephew of Mrs. McDonald ntiti on Monday returned to his home at lreat Falls. Mrs. Julius 0[11, of Lewistown, and Mrs. I it. rtnide Taylor. of NieVille, N. O., were guests of Mrs. Celia Dudley on TIIIITsility. Miss Itillinglittrat informall enter - tenet' a small party at supper and a pleasant evening on Tuesday in honor if her guest, Miss Evans. The evening was ppeut in playing games and general merry making. Read F. H. Sundertneier, optometrist add. A. .1. Thinn was up from Stanford Wednesday and says it is now his plan to move back to Geyser in a few weeks is he prefers Geyser as his home town, taxing filled his contract on the Skelton - ancli, which he has been conducting the aast year. His future plans are indefi- idle at this writing but the family will remain in Geyser this winter at least. School children enjoyed a holiday Tuesday, it being Columbus Day and, legal school holiday. 42.3 years ago we a -ere discovered, that is America was iisawered which at that trillie Wail in- habited by tribe, of Indians, who later became hostile at the whites for invad- ng their country, but today we Are the .mly nation that is not scrapping. May iretiee reign, ks our solgan. Dr. and Nits. Brant have moved into their new house and they may be prowl J their neat, cosy home. The doctoi las taken a great deal of persona I pride n overseeing the conttruction work and it is as good a house as Geyser affords It is the intention of the Dr. and Mrs. Brant to utilize a part of the Iioiist- iii laispital tise whenever the cane de- mands. which %till be a great baton to suffering to not be obUt 41 to go In the city hospital. wii..n Goo , can be .0..1 for in Geyser and he near home. Tuutday Was quite an exciting day it, lia.ser. One of the threshing crews ot NI men had a misunderstanding with tIii boss and quit. They all came to . town, some spending their time on the...streets telling of their troubles while others \drowned their troubles.\ to such an ex- tent that three of them landed in the lotk-tip where they spent 411. night. A pew crew Was procured anti then there t vii-• more \rag stir -awing \ when the men I realizeti their places were filled, hot omit 4i111 . 1/1 a little Iouuil talk, :the band dis perseti peacefully. W'ednestlay morning taa other unfortunates, who were load - to the brim. were invited to sober ott in the jail. Constable Haachke is pret- 'y tail these days, but the town is ( batted of the objectionables and the i streeta are quiet and peaceful. Thanks I, our county cooler. Admis. Wanted Cream Butterfat 29 cents Also, Live Poultry and Eggs. Write us for shipping tags 1 Iennin g sen Cream- ery Company Great Falls, Mont. • affismisiammismisamd Read The Geirser'Tithes • • • ••••-• ••••••••- 4 • • •-••• •••-• •••-•-• •-•-•-• • •-• •-•-•-• • •-• 1 • •••••••••• • . ett••••••a-sa-•-•••••-•-•-•-*•-•-•÷4•-• *., COM- ING!. Jeweler and Optometrist At the Geyser Hotel, be g innin g Saturday November 6th. and the First Saturd a y of every month thereafter. • Bring in your Glasses, Watches and Clocks for repairs. Your eyes thoroughly examined and sat- isfactory glasses guaranteed. -In other words, sat- isfaction or your money refunded. • • E. H. SUNDER MEIER Reg. Optometrist, member state ant' ruti anal association Permanent Office, BELT, MONTANA. Geyser Garage C. R. Rasmussen, Prop. AUTO SUPPLIES AND REPAIRS Try Goodyear tires and tubes. Use a Shaler vulcanizer for those leaking inner tubes and torn casings. Ford kits $2.75 and $3.50. Tire Doh sets $1.00 Vulcanizin g rubber, cement and patches We use Higher Test Pure 011 Co.'s gasoline. Lubricating oils, transmission rase and hard oils TRY SOMETHING BETTER AT THR REGULAR PRICE Maxwell Cars --Auto, Livery BUSINESS, IS GOOD We have opened mady new accounts. There are still a few that have not availed them- selves of our service and we hope that before long they will open - an .tic count. We still have a few safe deposit boxes for ren`. Do not leave your valuable papers in your home or carry them about, as they are likely to be lost or 'destroyed and the box rent will not break you. Just come in and ask for one now before you forget it. We pay 5 per cent on yearly deposits. Come in, your always Welcome. FIRST STATE BANK GEYSER, MONT. Safety & Service a conibMation Of mutua: interest _L °tel. Geyser Geyser, Montana • aisass American Plan $2.00 per Day Special Rates by Week or Month first -Class Service Special Attention to Commercial Travelers ANDREW HEDMAN, Prohr. I

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 15 Oct. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.