Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, November 19, 1915, Image 4

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st....cssass. 1.0.1•04 , 4 4 4100Stallit •*aaasinligigh, 11111111.16 11 • 11 1 114411 . 91114 \ 4 \ 1.1 GE'i 7 sEiz fil6i1 1 14rASfl4tIMtS ,, ,rt•-‘-t••••••••••••••••••••___ GEYSER JUDITH BASIN TIMES Published every Friday at Geyser, Mont. _ C. B. Dudley. Editor and Publisher Entered as second-class matter March 25, 1911,at the postoffice at Geyser, Montana, under the act of Match 3, 1879. Saitseriptios: $2.00 Per year ix airtime,. Now that we have our Fite efiaille paid for, it is time that thit building was under construction. The fire ap- paratus is housed in Carl Dietsch tna• chine shop for the present, but Js a lit- tle out of the way in ease it should he wanted at once. We tuiderstand there are stifticient funds for the erection of OBITUARY Lei, Bain was born at Brighton La, • Deoernber 14 1857 and died at his home at Armington Nov. 10 1915. Mt. Bala was one of the early settlers of this section, coming to Montana in 1881 e living on Wolf creek, near Stan- ford for several years, where he was engaged in stock raisin-'. Later mov- ing to Armington where he condncted the Burlington Hotel. He is survived by his wife, Mary Banmgartner Bain, and five daughters. Mrs. Fred Tintinger of Cascade, Mrs. Frank Spencer of Geyser, Mrs. Henry Simpson of Roundup, Mrs. Pau/ Jan- etski of Gr , at Falls. and Mrs. A. L. a Fire house and no doubt the commit- Ijoyer of Great Falls. One son, Homer tee i4 charge will let the contract for i of Armington, a sister. NIrs. W. B. Its erretion soon, as by December all Peck six brothers, two of which are taxes are supposed to be paid and the I Zeno Bain of Uvalbe Texas and J, P. .connty will deliver the wliFre•ivith that I the taxpayers of Geyser had to put up. Bain of this place. However, it is a good thing and only a The interment was at Belt on Sat;:r- few squirmed when their taxes were day, many frirnds and relatives gather - paid this year, but they may tif the first i jng to show respect to ones to need the protecttion. gan't ever tell. i friend and cozen. au honored - II IDES, Furs, Pelts, Wool. Realize Highest Market Price by Shipping to WALKER & ANDERSCH P. 0. Box 226 GREAT FALLS, MOVV. Phone 6205 • • • ***** •-•-••• ********* • • • • • • • Good Teeth SAVE • your traveling and hotel expenses by having your work done here. 12 YEARS IN MONTANA Are Attractive at all times and in all places' They lend beauty not only to the mouth, is, the whole face. In fact, the absence of teeth is the first disnosition towards positive plain- r-i-sss. We are adepts in the care of the teem ,,sr young Of old of either sex.. We are skilled in all branches of dentistry and would be glad to Ise fa cored with your work, We are particularly successful in the ex- traction of teeth painlessly. $30,00 plater, Gold -Lined, for $10.00 $10.00 and $15.00 Gold 22-K. Crowns for $4.00 $10.00 and $15.00 Bridgework per tooth $5.00 Perfect Porcelain Crowns $4.00 Dr. W. F. GUY First National Bank. Rooms 703-704. Great Falls, Montana. Examinations Free. All Instruments Electrically Sterilized •+.-+G-+++ - +. • • • - 11. • •-•-• • -1 *41-• -•-• • • 4* •-•-• • •-•-•-• • • • The Installments. Patience -They say she got all her furniture on the histalltuenf triee—She did. She has had fettrirue-; hands, and she got a little furnitur e with eaeh one. \How's ,. Hug on?\ \Badly poor fellow. He's In AIL\ \How's that?\ \He was retained by a horse thlat to defend blur, and he made such aqmod plea that the Judge held lilost as au aecoaaery.\—LIpplueott's. uceese. the lawyer. 'gat. RZIORT 0E THE CONDITION OF The First State Bank AT GEYSER in the State of Montana, at the close of business Nos'. 10, 1915. RESOURCES Loans and discounts_ $74,028 34 Ovardrafu, seen' ed and unsecured * Bonds and Warrants Stock in Federal Ite• serve bank__ . Banking house (non - tore and fixtures._ _ Cash reserve in bank, Gold coin Sliver coin ** Currency Due from :Ippon ed Rescue agents . 7,918.38 None 420.32 1,820.00 32,586.64 Due from banks and bankers Checks and Exchanges for Clearing House Other cash items. . Toud LIABILITIES Capital stock paid in.$25,000 00 Surplus fund _ • 7,500.00 Undisided profits, less expenses and taxes paid 1,426.81 52,55 192.74 • 79,273.63 • • None • • • • • • ** • '...^• - ***44-•1 - • - •*+•-•••-+•-•••-e*•••-•+\\****** THANKSGIVING I We are prepared to furnish you with all the good things you ; need for a good old-time THANKSGIVING dinner. 1 Celery, Tomatoes, Grapes—Tokay and Concord—, Bananas, 2 Lettuce, Oranges, Cranberries, Sweetpotatoes, Pumpkin, 'etc. Call 1 and see us and be thankful for all the good things you can secure • at reasonable prices. , 2 34,826.96 46.26 3,21108 None 120,276.31 • Inlividual deposits subject to check _ 1,001.81 . Time certificates of deposit _ _ 1, cgs. 67 I . Certified checks_ ._ 275.00 Cashier's checks out- * standing 2.647.5 Time cii tit:A:ate of de- eosit due on or after 30 days • Total $33,926.81 75,509.03 10.840.47 $120,276.31 State of Montana, County of Cascade—ss' lumber offici a to their new site just f, L. E. Younggren caihier of the sbove named bank, do solemnly swear hat tiortli of the Fainters' elevator. This the above statement is true to the best of in) , the emnpany better location a knowledge and belief. it is en the main road and a block near L. E. Victusuosiss, Cashier. •-•i• the central part of town and much handi-r to the eoal sheds which aye io. Subscribed and sworn to hefote me 111.5, 18th day of No, 1915. eated beside th.! tracks. R. L. Moony Notary Public for the State of Montana, residing at Geyser. My commission ex- pirea Aug. 15. 1916. Correct—Attest: John I.. Muir) , J. 1.. MEARS We have secured the services of Miss Frances Yule in our Dry Goods department and we assure our lady patrons that their needs in all lines will be attended to in the most courteous and satisfactory manner. COUGHLIN BROS. & CO. \The Store of Quality.\ • • • 3lisse s Clam. and Emily grier left To .day for several days visit in Great Falk. 3Iiss Emily will return tonight while Mis s Clara — read particulars in ',outlier column. (no Heine, of Wapheton, N. D., has - hiutsed the Mat tin Anderson ranch of kat ilexes located Dear Spion E.Op. Th, , purchase price was $35 all aere. Mr. ine ham haul a threshing rig workinu ii in here for several weeks and liked our emintry so well he made this pur- chase. Ile will not take possession un- til spring. 1)itectors • I , Great California America's The Exposition, Panama display been \The Mountains, the Northern\ fornia's Medal\ Special Great the —California's Tickets journey later Take Call mation GOLD awarded Great Great Falls, Great than advantage on of Exposition things Round permit and or regarding -California SCENIC, Northern Northern or Northern December write Northern San to Lake \Northern -to -see. Special Trip Billings, Exposition of are good of your MEDAL Francisco, the Way\ Chelan, Pacific Cities. Excursion Lewistown, Railway stopover for 31st, these local the \GREAT Expositions Finest Exposition, Agricultural Great to Pacific\ Cities at return 1915. special Agent of takes Spokane, \Go to the and Northern you Steamship to Great Reduced Tickets as Los --are principal three fares for NORTHERN Way the San via San well Angeles, on and descriptive Ride Panama GOLD Diego, and Industrial Glacier Seattle, Company's Francisco Northern\ from as other San sale points months visit -Pacific Railway. Tacoma, Anaconda, daily on from to -by National Fares points Francisco either California's literartire WAY.\ -Rail MEDAL offered Resources Portland, steamships and San and enjoy in until going date of International for the Park,Cascade Diego—Cali- these Butte, Montana and San November or sale, Expositions. and full , , of the bcst have aboard \Great \Gold Helena, on Diego 30th. return but not infor- ri, ,5 I it...:1\ J. T. McGAUGHEY — — - -- - ! - .t c , 1inceit A 11PN 1 .. URE A I Ilelenti, ON N CI\ I \WAY /IAIL Mat. Gen. Freight and Pass. Agent Mont. H. A. NOBLE, Gen. Pau. Agent St. Paul, Minn. 6 It orb i E141 1101 IN 11 \ -- N ° WAY RAIL (11,5, It I' \ A 11411)0 I i I A rk \ I ali k r' \A t e, k A=F r i,: i i r cTtani s Sf au Ctiacier NatiOnal filat it' r Nat i4/ilelil PArk • T . , r , ---..... 1 he Nli•Caull and Webster Eumlwr eompany has leased land front the G. N. and this week is busy moving the 'Ow Congregational church is enjoy- nig larger congregations than here•to• t ore, but there is still room for others. Ind you know that we have with us vecy earneat and eloquent speaker. , who delivers a splendid message at each ineeting. and it is a pleasant and profi- t tahle place to spend an hour of the Sab hath day, whether ,s'oti are a church r . goer iii\not vo i are most weleonte. On November 2s the pastor will deliver a strta0/1 it there will be spee , o1 tout -sic. Church at II a. tn. and at 7:31 p. A blaze started back of the Geyser Barber hop, Wednesday evening but fortunately Dr. Brant saw it in time to prevent a lire that might of been of e 'tenon s nature. There had been some old greasy clothes thrown on the ash pile, which caught are. although there had been no fresh ashes throw» on the pile for several days. The building when fully equipped will give the Raynsford schools manual traininr and domestic science ,depart - merits seeond tut but a very few in the state. The ground dimensions are 40x n0 feet, exclusive of an addition I4x30 which houses the stage. The sidewalls are wainscoated to a height of four feet,' with . , plaster run - CHURCH NOTEls thing to the ceiling, where an arch fin- ish has been used S the . At the rear I i • stage, 10x18, with tlx8 dressing rooms Sunday school at 10:00 o'clock. The Sunday school is inereasing III interest. ' s) \ side ' r\ a Harrow rim\). at Cumw and stii, h- the lessons. It will bavk ' In thu Inv-win -1g are lorated . tlit; man- hidp D you in 'i's work. wiii lio pri , achitry nal traming HIM (10IlleStie the foimer cii She east side of the tieV4i1 this Sunday, as the pastor will be at Merino all day. ; building and the tatter on the wett, I each 2000 fe1 in size; the boys' and girls' shower baths, with three showers each; a bath room RftirpTed with an The new uttilitorium at Itaynsford ss - it s opined with all interesting pro- enameled tub; toilets, and the boiler gram last Friday night. and coal rooms. A gravity water sys- tem has been installed. For this a At the program U. NI. Moss, mineipal concrete tank w i t h ' c pac ity o f ,if the Itaynsford schools, delivered the opening addreis in which lie explained 000 gallons was built on the hillifide, the purfwse of the strtutture and lin- 150 feet above the school level, whleh the fact that ,preased upon the audience i3 supplied from a spring of pure water, Ray»sforil posaessed the first country school and She only consolidated school to be opened in Cascade county. The dedieation n11111074 was given by .J. Murlingarne, followed by talks by other instruetors of the county and members of the school board. The musical part Ladies And of Congregtional chuKh of the, program was also very interest- will hold a Bazaar and Supper Dec. 2 ing, there being several good selections The bazaar will Start at 2 P.M. and Is the girls' chorus. After the enter- su tainment a fine luncheon was served Xmas at 5. Come and buy your Xmas presents. hr th • people of Itaynsford. piped to the new building, and also to the old one, with a two-inch line. The building is heated by irteam and with its furnishings will have cost in the neighborhood of $9,000. AUDITORIUM DEDICATED RETIRING FROM BUSINESS THE METROPOLITAN FURNITURE COMPANY of GreatFalls is going out of business on December 31st of this year. Between now and that time we have got to dispose of our immense stock of House Furnish- ings entirely. Everything tnnst be sold. We don't ask for profit now. In many cases we don't even ask what the goods cost us- But we want to sell them and we are going to sell them. Now is your chance. We have $12,- 000 worth of Furniture, $5,000 worth of Rugs, Linoleum and Bedding, $3,- 000 worth of Crockery and Kitchenware, $3,000 worth of Stoves and Hard- ware. This aust be sold and if price counts with you who read this adver- tisement, you will stock up with w . hat you need at prices which would make ' even a catalog house faint. We have no old stock to work off. All stock is clean and up-to-date. We have just what you want to fix up for the winter. All goods purchased will be well crated, wrapped or burlapped and, deliv- ered to the Great Falls Depot. Full railroad fare to Great Falls and return will be allowed on all purchases of $50.00 METROPOLITIAN FURNITURE COMPANY GREAT FALLS, MONTANA

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 19 Nov. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.