Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, November 19, 1915, Image 5

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A • O• •••••••• •• - - •+#.11 - 414 1 141k•-•-•-• • 14+ 14 1 6 . 11 . 1\*.G. - 44*. • your: husband to buy a nice new Ranye ASK HIN TO LET YOU COME TO OUR STORE AND PICK IT OUT. YOU USE IT HE DOESN'T. WHEN YOU COME IN YOU WILL FIND A RANGE WHICH WILL DELIGHT YOU. THEN THE BREAD AND PIES YOU CAN BAKE WILL DELIGHT YOUR HUSBAND AND THE WHOLE FAMILY. EVERY BODY WILL BE HAPPY. ASK HIM TO -DAY. DON'T FORGET That We carry the famous line of guar- anteed Beds, Springs and mattresses made by the Salisbury & Satterlee Co. MAKER OF GOOD GOODS Harney & Adams Hardware Co. The Store of Service. 111111111=111=11111111111• We have a complete stock of BEAR CREEK and BELT COAL Nice lumps, free from rock. NEIHART LUMBER CO. Yards at Geyser, Spion Kop and Belt. FRESH OYSTERS Every Thursday 50c per pint 95c per quart $3.25 per gallon ,Geyser Meat Co., Geyser, Montana CEYSER RibITH BASIN TIMES FOR SALE— 3 room house, In- quire of Bert Crabtree. FC R SALE A Ba'iy Buggy, In- quire at the Times office. The town pump back of the Geysei Hotel is being repaired this week. faelis Coughlin was - a Great Falls visitor the first of the week. A. C Thtxter spent Monday tine Tu. at theat Falls on business. James Kernaghan was a Great ISM! visitor Wednesday and Thursday. Albert NI. ..Cumber, of Great Falls, i spending the V i ek at the home of bit sister, Mrs. Kebel Murphy. The Belt Creamery manufactured 3, ;WO ptunds ef butter during the mont] of Oetober. Square Butte is to have a new model% hotel. It will be 21 X 92 feet, tw steak : , and steam heated. George Dok ni•ty went to Great Fall . Wednesday morn\ng and Thursday WA U wit IA at the Ney and Kiier nuf. Horn—( iii Tuesday evening to Mr. an Mrs. John Taskila, a tine boy. Di Brant reports all doing likely. 'Booker T. 1Vii shingt on, foremost tend or and leader of the negro race, die Monday at his I • near Tuskegee le stitu..... of which lie was the found, He was 57 yaars old alai eonsidi•red 1 - 4 . 11141t k1lible /HMI ever workling for th uplift of hi, race. William Lindquist has di -posed of hi rain+ to O. BucknerAnd with his fein ily will soon become residents of Gey Fen For the fin -sent they will cavity fi house recently moved on the lot e the !Aim s Ohm. A. .1. Landri-t returned Tihtsday frol a trip to Vali,. r and will oversee th con.ti ricti on ia his residence reeent I lest I, fire. \I r. 'Andric vain,- sailin into town in a neat little Ford rune bout. lb member there will be no prertehin in the t ongregationa I church next Stu day on account of special services he! at Merino on that .ii)'. Sunday schist will be en 111 ( 1 al the word hone. Capt. H. II. Roberts ; chairman of th local board Oi at /1001 trustees, and Mis Myrt le Chililerliousii, teacher of the k eal sehaol, 14 ft for Raynsford -today it t4 end the ni,r1 aliment at the scho. here tonight. Miss Fraikes Vide arrived from Gres F:1 l'ilesday and has arekpted kship i.i.• Coughlin Bros & 04 Nlis a Yoh • former how wa at Nliniariti aii.1 dots not emu° as stranget to eau town and she bias ofte been the gin•41, of friends in our tiling. iss Bolles. who has been n guest a the Neil Silve ranch for the past tw wi-cks. left 1Vedmisiday for Seatt Ii where Ake Will he the guest of friend fun. kit lug the fairs iii l'aliforni: Miss Bolles home M ielii f tan an the. tail, her first ‘Isli 10 I.tuis S.eet i0 iif Montana. Int . she was glut.' delight re - with . se •iv tlihr umIiiut nt. H. II. IlaOtt. itotlit or of the 11fonlan , Cent oil Elevator Co., was a Inquiet- • ea Ile, in (fey •er 4.11 W141111 , 41i.. Mr II., has jos!. been rel a out iron , I, 1..• ha% Mg recent ly injure-: his ft. I in it railroad aleci17kt, and (him hile 13).1 up a ith that thought it HO Ilbpart tine I into to part with his ap- . pend i S.IloW 1014 11t - S ii falling for two days • and 414111 1,11111.9's are rejoieing and pie pal ing to take to the woods in pin. snit of game. !leer appear to tie plea severn1 been killed in vicinity t his season tin 1 i.f CIMW hiell l.a. ri•t a riled limit elt't I VI( IVA. It. H LePanl, of Great Falls, was the gut at of Ids friend. Dr. ltrant, 'Tuesday. Ii.- Arr o w ef ( - dosed its term last Friday. 31 iss Ifolaere was the t. 1,. r. Tie te vi DI , an ti it limi tie con t. le IS,' iii . lii .11 -a Creek and the \ 'omit a in VI, a si hood- and till' ATTOW . teek s:114 . 4111 it 011 Iv 1 2 points. a fai-t 111ii. 11 liii. well a., the teach era are proud of. Otis. the 12 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. L. Noll:Her ..f Raynsford, three lingers add 11 111111111) Of his left kind blown 1 . ):T by the accidental ex- plosion of it 11.V lia iillt e p• hid was id:lying t. it hi Ii.. (1111 he \roma 41 it awl caloo•il it to explode I.i , left hand. Only the link e,eaped injury. •Mr. and NIrs. Many Kernfisnider. NI i I 4.11.1 Nenipsnider, Ferdinand 1-c( iuipsui ider ii iii holy friend, left on Thor obi v for I )(elm% Nebr. t heir fin -riser feano. They %IA attend the wedding ni p r soon and spend several week at home. They will CNIEWYPEWV so gui•sd a of hien,' and 'datives. The. first ot Mardi they still return and take charge t f Hie land recently pm oisiseil front 1'. 0. Pviper sout heist,. of town. WANTED—Girl for general house• Address .1. B. Densmore, Belt. L. N. fia•dior and family have moves itto the Poile...k ',utile for the winter. ',Yoe P., iost made an inipottant budi 1(85 t ! I, (r. -at Falls Wednesday. Mrs Is I. Kennedy and Miss Feetr Beata sere Great Fall, visitors Ibis week. Miss Louie Rasmussen returned Sat• trday Joon attar Billings where she has been teaching. Mrs. Villia,ii 5 and two little daugh- ters, oi Raynsford, were Geyser callers ruesday 4 A g , (idly number enjoyed the testi vities at Itavtisford last Friday night ind report a splendid time. Rev. E. S. Ireland left Monday for e *ew days stay at the ranch home of hi laughter near Lewistown. Remember the Donee at the Geyer, li t tera hoitse tomorrow night. The Rost trehestia of Great Falls will furnish he mune. The 1;-ivee house is nearly completed. ut ha, k•en to a stand still for several 'ays areou»t of the illness of Con met ir TI pson. The Metropolitan Furniture Co. ol :rest Kills his Fen interesting adver- isement in this issue of the Times. lead it and p-otit by it. Als.F1:11.k Proper left for Maiden Montana. whe:e she joins her husband ho lia foand emploinGtit for the win- -r at the mines. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Gale returned I nestiat after filling an engagement at utton on Monday night. They play. I \The Power of Money\ to a fill. °use for the benefit of the Publie hools of Dutton. 4 W. S. Sider.] of Great Falls spent he first of the week at his home in leyser. Miss Sadie 'Witsiers is manag• ng the Confectionery store at Great t'alls during the absence of Proprietor iiefer I. E. F. NIontgomery spent the first of .he week at flue Rae Byrnes ranch at Merino. Mr. Byrnes has been building wo moms on his house and \Monte\ I slinging the. \Mud.\ Mr. and Mrs. George Upton and son lobby, left Tuesday for Minneapolis, here they will spend the winter . Mr. in.I Mrs. Upton have summered on heir ranch east of town for several 011i0114 anui it is alWii Vs with regret lint we see them return to Minneapolis ut Mr. Upton has business interests hat take his :Merit Mn during the win er mouths. They will return in the arly summer. man hits been detained at the jail 11 \ i week ter several days. On Tuesday awning the 'Onager called at the see - m% I oust- an.I Section Foreinan Mar in lisked him to pail ake Uf food but lie -eh ned as he said the officers were Ger him and In must hide, and after 1 , , 1 remark 4 it was • thought the hot was demented SO hA W9 placed 11 Sio . jail -for- safe•keepiagiii rstla y w np lie as released as' shiiihttii •ation seemed to disappear after a few \in- rest. II is thought . by those it) 'a ige that sell Was due to over ffclice of - barley - and exposure to he .. Id. NEY7 - KRIER Mr. Frank Ney of Clallin KansaF ind Miss Clara Krier were united in narnage. Thursday morning at 9.30. it the St. Ann's Cathedral at Grea 'ails. Rev. Father Dineen effficiting. The bride looked chartnitig in a tilt of chiffon broadcloth, trimmed in 'link fur, with hat trimmed with vhite ostrich pompoms. They wera attended by George D.dierty and Miss Emily Krier, the 'iride's sister, who vias tastily gowned in a blue suit with hat to match. Both bride and bridesmaid carried large bouquets of rosebuds. Mr. Kriel - , father of the bride, attended the cert - In 01'.. After the ceremony the bridal party enjoyed a wedding breakfast at the Gerald Cafe. Mr. and Mrs. Ney will spend a few days at the home of her father before taking a honeymoon trip to Chicago and Milvi . aukee, before leaving for Claflin, Kansas where they will make their future home The groom is a stranger , here, While the bride is well klown, having held clerkships at the Kenndy & McCon- key and Coughlin Bros. stores. While she has only been a resident of Geyser for past year, she has many friends viho offer congratulations to Mr. and Niti Ney. May their pathway be streit , n with roses throughout life. - Miss Myrtle Hofacre, of Spion Kop, Thd *sees Kennedy, ismann, Brady W5 s a business caller in Geyser Tues- and /Verson, teachers of Geyser pub- . She will soon leave for a visit lie si.diool, leave tonight for Great Falls It It friends , in Mona re), and in the where they Kill at t4 nil the State Teach -- Am( expects to visit her ri la fives ill era As:qieratiori that oon yellers in that flier home state of Iowa for sevetal eity for Dove days =meriting Satur• months, i day thi 2001. 1 111:10111=20=0 ===1101=0====10\ 11 0 11 0 0 0==0=0 1 ._ --t TRACTOR REPAIRS 1. On Short Notice and Reasonable Prices Or Anything in Name Address _ Occupstio Amount Machinery kinds_ Are you in need of owned ai.d repairs now_ Iron and Steel Fill in and return this coupon today and receive free one No, 2 extra fine pencil and valuable in- formation'. A 0 Great Falls 0 Iron Works Established 1890 Great Falls, Montana 0=10 01:10 1 Geyser Garage Standard Auto Supplies Goodyear Tires Double rubber inner tubes, Portable vul- canizers and vulcanizing supplies —FORD SPECIALITIES— Champion X spark plugs, Double leather fan belts, Imperial radiator hose, Autobestos brake lining, Brake shoes lined —PURE OH; CO.— High grade lubercating oil and transmission grease Special prices to plowmen in barrel lots. Repairing solicited—All Work Guaranteed C. R. Rasmussen, Prop. Little Drops of Water Remember how it goes: \Little drops of water, little grains of sand; make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land.\ It teaches the value of little things. Little savings, little dimes piled up until they become dollars, and dollars in turn saved until yo li have enough of them to buy a little of that \pleasant land.\ There is no better investment than land. Population contin- ues to increase, but there is no more land than there was a thousand years ago. Our Bank will help you save your dimes and dollars and eventually show you where yuu can profitably invest them in land if you want it. FIRST STATE BANK GEYSER, MONT. Safety & Service a combination .of inutua: interest otel eyser Geyser, Montana American Plan $2.00 per Day Special Rates by Week or Month sumasso-ca first -Class Service Special Attention to Commercial Travekrs MAIMAIWANNII ANDREW' HEDMAN, Probr. prisearrialsgba. ti ) [ICE—Geyser public schools be closed all next week, for the \Than- - - - wire • knIVIng Nacstion.

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 19 Nov. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.