Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, November 19, 1915, Image 8

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CRY8ER JUIATti BASIN TIMES -ans. aS Things Worth Knowing WANTED --a few choice Farm Loans at once. Freseman & Moody Farm Loan Co. STRAYED - Fram my ranch near Dover, 1 Bay Mare, 5 yrs. old, brand- ed MAX on left shou'der also I 'bay colt. $1J.00 Reward for information concerning either. Lester Black. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Great Falls, Montana, October 21 1915. Notice is hereby given that FRANK CHURCH - WELL, of Geyser, lalontana. who, on July 16, 1912, made Homestead En- try, No. 028312, for N !a SE!.. NEY, SW'. Section 20, Township 16 N. Range 10 E. Montana Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final Three year Proof to establish claim to the land above described, before Reg- ister and Receiver, United States Land Office. at Great Falls, Montana, on the 30th day of November, 1915. Claimant names 3S witnesses: FlOyd Skelton, John H. Skelton, Edward Gaa. and Fred Morgan all ot Stanford Montana. R. N. Sutherlin, Register. 1st. Publication October 29, 1915 NOTICE TO FAX PAYERS 'Faxes on all properta• REAL OR PERSONAL must be paid on or be- fore November 30th. 1915 as requited by Law. taaes Ind paid on or before November 30th. 1 ( ;15 becone delin- quent and a TEN per cent PENAL - TY and all Costs of ruble:mon must be added as if mined lw law. Flease see that }our al axes ale paid on Of I e - fore November 30th lali and save costs of Penalty and Publication. Dennis. Co. Treasurer t f Cascade Co. AIRS SIIIP TO BIGGS .......... [ \EIGCS AT KANSAS CITY\ pays bittost priers for and Furi nut YOU get all -Pot or,e cent &ducted an e,mmission. Honest and n beret grading -motley by return roan. Fur ski.- rn•nta held menorahs on requ5•1 Gear di y•ant sousre d. aHng-•half smillion satisfied 10.,JDP<OP• _ _ We do Tanning and lt•onfactur• Fur Goods or all Hods. Catalog free. .Vf • puhitrn a itont,ly Naas. r or. \THE TRAPP1,11S' EXCHANG). fitit of cdual errolienc,s of trappers everysbere. Bob' 'lotion h., to 117 y fur sh . ! . pper. lrappor's Supplies WR1T t: 'Drool V. I . ilti'l.; for Vri,, !Jot, 13111psAm Tags. re.,1,1 &reel \TRAPPIA' E. W. BIGGS & co. 6,..,•„„t rt ,r,-,!tt $100 Reward, WO The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is et least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all its stages, and that is catarrh. Catarrh being greatly influenced by constitutional conditions requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts thru the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the System thereby de- stroying the foundation of the disease. giving ttre patient strength by building up the TnstItution and assisting na- ture ir oing its work. The proprie- tors hay no much faith in the curative powers of Hall's Catarrh Cure that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that it faits to cure. Send for list of t.!itinninliii , r. Addr,as• i 3 riTTINEY & CO. Toledo Ohio. tioid Lruggica, Notice to Creditors Estate of (;eorge \V. Isaacson, de- Ceaaod. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. bo the undersigned, Admire- istrator of the ES'IATE of George W laaaccon deceased to the creditors of and :ill peon ms having claims against the ated deceased. to exhibit thern with t l ee nu. esaare ‘inichers within FOUR '11 , 1 p of tb;st, in ille cad Adoomistrator. t!..e -.tore of C.mehlin Bros. & Co. at ( ta•er. the same bona the place for the iane.., nee of the imainess cf s id tetaie. it theCeono I ):“...11 !sep vinher 311. 1915 Coueldm. Admmostrator of EmAte ;o f (;o„,.:..c. noaeson, dece.IS ed. . First public ! ) •tober It. 1915 [Time of Trains ( rent Northern \I nue-Table Na 14 -For Kansas City, St. Louis, ('ii I .`n and eastern and southeasteni points, riii train) 11. sU a. 43 and 44 on the division from Great Fee• Billings stop only at limadview, Ju ...I Gap, Hobson, Stanford and Belt Nc 237 -For Great Falls and intermediate T . nts -- in. No :38 - For Lewistown and intermediate No. 247 -For Lewistown 10:15 a. in. Facept Sundays. No. 2e41 -For Great Pulls 5:35 p. m. Except Sunday. SCHOOL NOTES Catherine mid Mitigaret Mumhile teneti the primary room Monday. Thef ollowing pupils were perfect in ,Spelling last Nteek: First Grade -Ray Kennedy, Ellen Maki and linen Lemons. See -oat! Grade-Itilja Salo. Lowell Feurt and Mary Dunn. Third Grade - Alice Kernaglian. Willie Hobo re-entered Rehool Oda trick after over a months alas nee. Bertha Kemp is absent from school. HUGHESVILLE The second dance of the winter sea- son which will be held in the new school house between Barker and Hughesville on Saturday evening, November 20th, prionise,i to be a brilliant (Muir. The slices es Of the that dance liehl in the month of September has encouraged those ie charge of the coining ball to make strenuous efforts to provide for tie - entertainment of those who will mine here on the 20th. Ticket s will be sat at $1.00 each, ladies free, and it is expected that it big crowd will attend. Cakes and coif -t' will lie served. %Valiant Thorson, Nliss Pearl Daniel an I Mis s NI, Childerhouse attended dance tit Geyaer last week. They rcport a most enjoyable tittle. The Montana Milting Sytif.leati - i, and the 1'right i Edwards company each ;hipped a carload of excellent ore to he smelter Cilia week. Alex Ariet iriving a earload of ore hauled to MOH- reit fur eally shipment. It is report • that the iiew operators of the Cap, Nome mine haves truck a tie w lead that 1,, 41111i41,1 Iii 111•VI4011 titles ten or. tasty it good pl . oportions. Murk satis- ;no -ii'' .c and optimism is eXpresAed crinip over the continual rise in th. in .e of lend and the prospect for . rine smelter in Great Falls. SPION KOP Ole Heine. tVapheton, N. D., who recently shippod his threshing rig into this 'action of the country has purchas. eel the Martin Anderson ranch and will make his 110111.' here in the future. Mrs. it. Rockstrad has returned hom after visiting friends in 'Belt and vi- cinity for some time. Alex stomach was a Great Falls pas- ,..inger Tueslay. linos Moe and NeL; Severt, who foi a number of years past have been em- ployed on the Hobert Johnson ranch, left Tuesday for Alhambra hot springs. %% here they will stay a couple of weeks and then will go to California to spend the winter. MIS. Martin Anderson mude a trip to Great Falls Tuesday of this week. Arthur Johnson returned nesdav 'tom Great Falls where he spent afew John Boyer of Shonkin was calling ll old friends here for a couple of days he past week. There will be a dance in the Spion iaop hall on Thmsday, Nov. 25. Every i come and dance to the best of music. Myrtle lloblere made a short Geyser the had week. LIVESTOCK THAT PAID That the. raising of wheat is not the only paying proposition for the ferm- i eel Phi' Judith basin is shown by the ‘.11, facto given tml It .1. Q. Hitch. Ito, with him son, D. N. hitch. owns a • 1,000 acre Hindi a short this - ties' west tel this city. Mr. Hitch dales that three years ago they ptar- deists, a ear load of year and a half ad heifers from one of the prominent an.kgrowers iii the another\) part of state, paying $1,554) for the bunch. lie first year they got twenty calves ''el the seeonil year thirfy calvtia and sa:is the increase of this livestoek north today $2,500 more than the iginal bunch ,cost them. Last year ley bought 200 head of sheep which cleared them $E0 00 anil the sheep Ai than . ' practically nAthing to feed. These farts are something that the old t inter, as well as nig' new farmers in the Basin. should conaider well, as too iie attention is paid to the diversir 11,..1 side of farming. -Hobson Star. - Read The Times! %JIMMY ;Cyser Shot ..ihop All kinds of SHOE R EP:\ R I NG done with Neatness and dis- patch. SATIsFAcT. GUARENTEED Shop opposite Pioneer Barn. Followed Suit. In the highlands of Scotland n chief- tain Is always addressed by the name of lila eattite. An amusing story lii eonneetton with this custom Its told of Sir Frank Lockwood. On Ogle °Cell - slot' when . allialatue of Loehbute mid a* wife arrived at it social gathering they were announced - quite correctly Icy the butler as \1.oelihine and Mrs. Maclaine.\ Sir Frank rind natty Lock- wood happened to tinive nt the saute iliac., 111111 sir Frank. Iniving overheard the other announcement, whispered hurriedly to the butler. The nun' heal- nted, but apparently Lockwood eon• %Meet] hint. for m hen he flung open the dour to admit the Lock woods the but ler announced, \No Forty-three, man Square, and Lady Lockwood.\ - London Languages In Switzerland. There is nu swiss language 21H such. By the federal constitution of 1818 and 1874 French, German and Italian are formally recognized as national languages. Debaters in the federal parliament may be carried on In any of these languages. All laws and fed- eral acts appear Inc three versions. There is a hiatorieal dialect called the Romansch, or Latin, which Is still toted by some of the people, but this dialect ls not recognized politically. A Matter of Weight, Mrs. Junaing-Dis hyali new minister am a tine preaebah, but be am de lean- est an' skinniest young man I ebbah see. Mrs. lilack-Yes, an' be done tole mall husband, what weighs two hun- dard and fo'ty, to bewar' les' he should he weighed in de balatic' art' foun' mamba'. Poi k. Tough Lodgings: Some of the cheap lodging hottses in London are called \penny sit-ups.\ rhey provide mere benches with wood - in backs. Each lodger plitees Ids arms tie the back of the bench before him Ind then. resting his head on his arms. ries to steep. Trick of the Trade. ''Strong men\ who break steel chains 'y the expansion of the biceps usually 14. that the chaiii contains two Hicks made of it peculiar klial of glass which bretiks upon very slight pressure. Hand Laundry CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS. WE ARE PREPARED TO KEEP YOU CLEAN IN EX- PERT STYLE. GIVE US A TRIAL. N ERIDETH NAND LAUNDRY Geyser, Montana. General 131acksmith Horseshoeing Wagon and Carriage Repairing An Work Guaranteed Garrage and Auto Repa; - s. J. A. Sanders Geyser, Montana ,ji! Information from the AND OFFICE tat Plat:; Furnished Promptly HERE are enough uncertainties about trading in !ands without guessing at the title. Be on the safe side -demand an Abstract of Title. The [ubbard Abstract Company Great Falls, Montana. [THE ROOD DUPRE RUTS. ABROAD HINT rotors A 5141 MAN. W M A STOR BLOWS UP, ) IT MEARS HARD WORK FoR THE MAT II. j-- - WH,EN I HAVE THE ecussosti OF THE REAL TOBACCO 1 DOtt'T MIND HARP WOKM CHEW G ET a pouch of W -B CUT Chewing -The Real To. bacco Chew, new cut, long shred. It is pure, rich tobacco -doesn't need to be covered up with licorice and sweetening. You get satisfaction from a small chew. It costs you less In the end, too. Made icy WEYMAN.BRUTON COMPANY, SO Unite Square, New Yotk City WANTED -a few choice Farm Loans at once. Fresetnan & Moody Farm Loan CO, H. W. BRA NT, M. I). PiJ1RICIAN AND SUR GEOA Office at Drug Store, GEYSER. MONT. Jolin13. Muzzy Attorney at law Office over First State Bank Geyser, Montana. GEYSER Livery, Feed and Sale Stables. Prevost & Sons, Props. f Market Report [Corrected Fridays] Tile following prices are In force at do local elevator at the time of going to ,areas: talc . 1 Norther'. wheat, per bu__ $.81 N. 2 Northern, per bu. .80 No. 2 Montana Hard, per bu__ .76 No- 3 Montana Hard, per bu___ .71 Flax, per bit 1.66 Banal, per cwt . 1.00 to 1.00 Oa'S per cwt .65 to.75 PIONEER Livery, Feed and Sale Stable. Work 7 earns, for Hire George Meredeth, Prop. Kimball's Day* armer_ •it GREENS Fruit Grower JULY flw G porNr MfISOM le I 31 $2.00 -Our Paper and Any One of These C1ubs-$2.00 S EVERAL leading publishers of magazines have joined with us in one o'7 the greatest subscription bar- gain offers ever put out in this country. Through this combination everybody will be able to get a yearly subscription to three magazines in combination with our weekly paper at en. .. • 1. 4- a price of our paper alone. (1 In this list you will find forty different peniodicals formed into to ,' ' r- 4 :::aeria. clubs. Each club has 3 magazines, except one Special Club which has four magazines; some ot these maga?, zines sell for as much as $1 a year. They are all good and cover a large variety of choice reading matter, including History, Music, Religion, Eklucation, Fashions, Fancy Needlework, Illustrated Currerrt tvents, Home Docorations, Fiction, Literature, Drama, Art, Science, Inventions, General Farming, Dairy Fai irihrg, Live Stock, Vegetables, Fruit and Poultry. • . Oct account of the lipLcndid contract we havd made with the publishers of these magazines, we are able to glve our reael 8 a choice of any one of the clubs in c'ombination with our paper one year for $2.00. Just 25c more than the price of our NK r eiti0P. Trlia offer is made to everybody. If you have never subscribett to our paper before, we ask you to take advantage eltlass seffer. If you tire a rigthscriber to our paper we ask you to renew BO that you too, may get 3 magazines extra. 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OFFER CLUB No. 1 McCall's (with tree pattern) Form Life Everyday Life CLI - 11 No. 2 Woman's World Peoples Populaa Monthly Gentlewoman CLU11 No, 3 Hearth and Home Farm Life Household Mot orin• C1.1•11 No. 4 mdrioan Woman Form Life Household Guest CLUB N..5 Today's with free pattt‘1 1 01 Farm Life Honaehold Motoring Ns, 4 Today's (with free passoeint Everyday Life Ornthrwomm• CLUB 14•. T Fancywork Mugs rin• Everyday Life Woman's World CLUB No. 11 Farm end Fireside Woman's World Home Life CLUB N..111 Farm And Honie Woman's World Household Quest CLUB No. 10 Today' (with free pattern) Woman's World Home Life CLUB No. 11 Good Stories Fairm Life ,fiveryday Life CLUB No. la Green's Fruit Grower! Everyday Life Farm Life CLUB N.. 13 Today's (with free patters) Prairie FifirlItr Houriehold Moto:Ina CLUB No, IN Todny's (witb free pattern) O n !Ism. omen Home Life CLUB 19 Succeisful Farming Horne Life Everyday Life CLUB No. 20 Formers Wife Home Life Everyday Life CLUB No. 21 Happy Hours, Furm Life Gentlewoman SPECIAL CI. CB Woman's World Home Life Same Price ea Others Poultry Item Perm Life CLUB No. la cLuit N.. 22 P eeples Popular Monthly Form, Stock end Horns Form Progreso Woman's World Woman's World Homo Life CLUB No, 15 CLUB No, 23 P oultry Item Vegetable Grower Today's (with free slitters) Today's (wish free ratters) Farm Life Everyday Life CLUB No, 16 CLUB No. 24 Goys. Magagine Woman's World HorneLife Firm Life Gentlewoman Today's (with free pattern) CLUB No, 17 CLUB No, 25 Kimball's Dairy Farmer w omap's Home Weekly Horne LDS Woman', World Gentlewoman Horne Lite Faneyw Gennep. Todsv's free patterni fr• Konen, City , Y et * kly Star Farm Life Everydrly Lito CLUB No, 35 CI on tl ewx, reed n woma ry• Warfel Home Life (3.1:11 No. 2R Kowa City Weekly Sea', Everlrdsty Lite Home Life CLUB No. 30 Sompern Rbrettet Harnepfe Gentlivoman CLUB st Farmer'•Wkly Chipateri'S.. eara1 Homer -ire Farm Life CI.UB Ne s , 62 Rural Weekly (3t. Pawl Oehtleworinto Illyoryday Life CT.UTI N. 33 American Flame Womfin'y W0!14 Dentiewoinan et.un No. 34 McColl's (with fire potternI Everyday Life lioustholo 'Guest ...molam.•••••••••• V . Z . gt„ . 26 W. it Westgate Prop.

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 19 Nov. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.