Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, November 26, 1915, Image 5

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.341 1211. orxx amentrue 4..1.0 0' OMER JUDITH BASIN TIMES • house. rOR SALE in - 1 B. L. Moody left Saturday for Three Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weaver and den h- i • quire of Bert Crabtree. VCR SALE A Baby Buggy. In- quire at the Times office. 11. C Ander:on aas a busineliacalLer 11 Lewistown the first of the week: Gad 12otila was a Gieitt Falls visitor Satin day ttud S ta;. B. J. Kennedy WAS t4 Reit visitor MIN' (lay. tele+ • — 3 room We are proud °four line stoof of Cutlery' A CARVING SET IS A SUITABLE, ACCEPTABLE, USEFUL GIFT. CARVING IS A PLEASURE WITH ONE OF OUR SHARP, WELL -TEMPERED KNIVES. SAVE YOUR TEMPER. BUY YOUR BOY OR YOURSELF ONE OF OUR GOOD, HANDY POCKET KNIVES. FOR WHATEVER YOU WANT IN HARDWARE, WHENEVER YOU WANT IT, COME TO US. Buy your Boy one of our Watches 90 cents and up Harney & Adams Hardware Co. The Store of Service. • Ciass-•-•-••-•-•-•seste•-•-•-•-•-•••-•-• 4 • • • • • • • •-• •-•-••-••• — TYR\ se GO -A -L We have a complete stock of BEAR CREEK and BELT COAL Nice lumps, free from rock. NEIHART LUMBER CO. Yards at Geyser, Spion Kop and Belt. FRESH OYSTERS Every Thursday 50c per pint 95c per quart $3.25 per gallon Geyser Meat Co. Geyser, Montana P..1. OThri a stole time from the ranch to take a little trip to the county seat, i .eturning on Tot Miss Isabel Brant it spending het '1 hanksgiving vacation with \Daddy' and Airs. firaiit. Air. and Mrs. Gale, calling themselveq the Atmette Gale Co., played at Hob - Monday night. A. J. Landrae left Saturday for Cho trait cetinty, where he has found oft ))loynn nt. Rev. and Mr. E. S Ireland are spend ing the week with Nterino friends ant sr,rit Thankseiving day with Air. an. ••. B. T. Sikes. Di. Brant attended the K. of P. cele- bration at Great Falls last week. R. I. Moody had charge his the drug aton diii ing his absence. Alfred Met ' :other r. turned NInsultyk to his home et Greut Falls after hpend ing t he past v is.k a, a guest at thi home of his si , ter, Al, -. kebel NI r. nod Lemirs Bergeron lei NIonday night for point a in Carraih , where they ‘, ill spend the Winter wit I friends and rela as es. Drineati 1.15ingstori, son of Mr. an. Mrs. .1..lin Li y ingst on, of Merino, it , turned tinkly Ii mit Alhambra Springs %%Imre he has been the past month un der the cure of a physician. For rice. en\I upon George—he had i ditend...1 to 1 • mover lust F t iday, d'net lie eolleits a lilt It every day. 11 filets as if he el joyed it now. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ney left Mon day I'M a several weeks trip to Mil wank.... and Chicago, before leaving fr their home at thulium, Kansas.. Mrs. John A mirth and lit t le (laugh ter rettirm-d Tei.-sday item a sever. days ‘isit with Mi.. A111111111 . 4 aunt Mrs. NE. k i, at Send Coulee. Mr... W. 0. Iii in, of Spion Kop, an \laughter Aire, E C. ('opt' and two ehil ii mu ot Geraldine were calling on Get ,s.rr ft iends the lirst of the week. Henry Reschke came up from Hobso and spent Sundry with his brother t'ha enjoyed the social Imp tit the \per house Sat Imlay night, mutt g to Ilk coin on nlichly. The Thorvill Amundson family at .spending the v. - 0e k on their raneli ef town. Miss Nlamie Ilethrian on be • Thu hke,giy tog y a..arion Is ir home also. NVith t wo freight t ra t o passer ger I rains and a work train all stall. it 4:Cy , er TI14,4131y, owing In t he burl ...I bridge near Merino, tbs. town 100 ta l quite cit A tiiiiiihor of tt 13a.-cligi I's whiled t heir time by eallie on iiur up-to-.1-ite store keepers, and 4.1, :loving the tights of our villager. Mr... F. . fit brerelecrg and for Drii%4.1\ ith. c• -Ai, Will 'HA ing al the twine of her La ter Mrs. Bahrenberg spermi month u-lIlt ber pa etas ill 11141131i When NI r. Balicenberg Will jail' his fain ily lot the holidays. NI iss Nlanill dig Mrs.. Its lirenberg's alearne, Char ivarii seem to lu. t he ,pecia I cy e item. nt I his is irek. on Friday toe! , a party ealled upon \le awl Ali , . Noy at tto. lyi ler hone. with all ken -1 (.1 musical ( rum( rids suett a coy% lii , t les and oilier - ...minding noisy a lit ii-.. Af t. r ui-I ii trig Bie peace iii (hi' neighborhood the:. t Ni ere invited in the holm , where the WPre 44-1-ve.11 ref ealillientS R1131 134•144 ,1314.41 , 31/11 hum- with the bride and ,<211.1ittl It rry Ti lii a.II a ill Toe v !s. h. ii berger earl erra Med a few frit rids mit t iptim h ou ,.• .t.. first of t 1 0 gis ilia a wrest ling niatell. Mr. S. lion berg..r is of the heavy weight elass about len lbs while Alr. about Pro hot the lighter man pro veil in Go, ca u tim 1.. the best man o' .1 he two. Ni , ither prett wiled to be so i the l a el !, si / cull class but wure.01 ill re ,Itt- i A tie Faatime l'eder Forbes, the we 11 k non el,. ger of the iliOlanii Li v--. . 1, ( .. ' i a It, 11 i11. , 4%*. rt ka , wns in OIL ,,t, Lot H‘alio,lay att-lidiror Sc, hia,ito r11 ,1 r IS litio nett billy. Peter tool. toe. ,e, o ; , Ii I-' tell us lit the ;.r.raiii yield- en 1 1 , ' I Jitc-b this ... , ,e-toi. and iereti- 11...1 the 1.7tot net.. I i ..i of u beat i.-1.1.-.1 41 baskets per a . e. The,.. y Odd-. .. 1 ' jot' •13*P41 gout. bili 1'4 , 1pr stai ns ILO ' , IOW I Rholll turn 4 hit /I. Of OW rttia W m- bar - re re st( I, a t he sc w o st o r in i i . 4 r 1,ber lodge.1 la t ter (Lin a I hill .1 of ti,.. ..0 a ill Which Was trot harvested hut v, a- left lor feet) for the livestock on the I itelt• —1Iobson Star. ' Foe , tor several days business trip. It r, rs. Hanel Pierce and little (taugh- t ter, arrived from Shelby, Michigan, last numb. r from Geyser enjoyud the I many to aikuul aevcral week., at t he Aube, at Spiou Kop t night. tack skeltou tench. Mr. Weaver alto Mra. Jant Skelton are brother and silt. Miss Elm - vine Elphtnson of Stanford . :It Saturday and Sunday as the 411 , ,t j Mists Sadie Witsiers. Wake, - Kennedy arid didiu deep ant ocd down from Belt Tuesday in the Ja.l. Situ,., making a business call at I. hen/wily A: McConkey store. Alabd Nicholsen, of Stanford, the guest of Mrs. A. J. Dunn Sat - inlay and returning Monday. mi. nil Mrs. Stephen Colarehek, of .i ford, left Saturday for an ex- .111- 1 phase... trip to San Francisco. ilk. I. this -y will visit both Fairs and \WI points of Merest.. Petlestriana BEWARE. B. .1. Ken• way and \Billy\ Lindquist are both hinp to no i their autos this wet -1, 'iii it you creinot (-limb a telephone .ole in 10 se , .:mnils, better take up your esidereeon time roof. Safety First. It. F. Kill 11 ,, V, of Ilreat Falls, and Maitaer of the Bell Telephone was 'a busines s caller in Geyser Mr, Rice Passed through Geyser Times - Iv on his way to Lewistown, where wil be the Exchange Manager of the tell telephone company, taking the r.f Mr. Green. Mr. Eke comes Iola Denver. Colorado. Fartnera' Equity F.levator at Mer- mit is about completed and will receive rain by the first of next week. The ley atia has a capacity of 30,000 bush- !, and is 28 by 51' feet on the ground Ali 50 foot oh cribbing. Miss Ruby Burkhardt, teacher at the itter Crick school, went to Great Falls attirday to attend the Ttachers iii jun and will spend Thanksgiving Ii het sister, Mrs. Will Goodman. Among those attending the Bergeron as! Prevost nuptials at Great Falls lonilay were Mi. and Mrs. Louis BelI• •Call, Mr. an I Mrs. Peter Bergeron, lifts Prevost, Mra, Orval Buckner and Alight 31 Ada.. im Monday night the railroad brirris,,,? 34111\ 1113 , Dipping Vat Was burned so till n11 trellis Tuesday were from 4 to hours late. It is presumed that the reight that passed here about midnight et the bridge on tire from a spark rom the engine. The a - reeking crew Vag eniployed until late in after• loon making repairs. Harry Thompson entered the Colum- ns hospital last Saturday nioht at :rrat Palk and Sunday stilrunittid to n operation for appendicitis. Mr. hompson has been ailing for several , - ecks and it ie hoped that parting with ei appendix will be the means of n. - toting him to health. Mrs. Mary horupson spent Tuesday by MS le -d - P. 0 l'ieper returned last week front treat Falls where he has bet n conthe .1 for several vet -k5 with typhoid fe- el% Iii was wren:14)a nied by his wife. Ito came from Loretto. Minn, and lil- t a rest of a week at the home of Ir. and Mrs. IL F.. Kemp. they will tart for California. where they will isit the Fara and spend the entire ender in tha leed of sunshine and ND 19 Lena Tint inger and her friend hiss P) terson, of Michigan, were: call- ng on Geyser friend., Saturday aid en , oyes! the ....why] (lance at the Opera Hall 11 Go- evening. Miss Tintinger will At end t Teachers' A s-arcia t ion at Great tile fore part of this week and - Lhen eat turkey with her parents at . f ui ss ili., Petexx4n returned tt, i(eyn.l'erd where elle is the guest tit men consuls, Mrs. Johnson and Watson brothers. CHURCH NOTES GEYSER, SUNDA Y. NO1'. 28th. Sunday sch,....1 at lilt 00 a. ua. Preaching at 11 :Mr es. in. This will he 'rho nk,giviog ,erviee RD11 we trust bat all eh.) sari sti 1 be present. An offering tor the Missionary eanse sill but- Iakea at this service. Preaching in I he evening at 731). Subject i rig of a Nem. Life. - Th.. Lord giveth life, light and libert to all who seek him in eincerit y and truth. Geyser Shoe Shop All kinds of SHOE REPAIRING done with Neatness and dis- patch. SATISFACT- ION GUARENTEED Shop opposite Pioneer Barn. W. H. Westgate Prop. amlisig.1111111111.1111•111111.111111111111 our and the rtunion is MOJA enjoyable. midnight which The Rose orchestra of Great furnished the mitsie foe, tke dance Saturday night. Many aitended fro the r.or rounding country ,and . every OttrU repo, ds a line time. Landlord Hed1Wirt ' served an excellent turkey, supper at W$8 W41 patronized. 10E20 =I 0 =0 0113 0=01. D 0 Established 1890 . Great Falls, Montana 01:20 ====:10q201=301:20=7 °CIO ==so=or T RACTOR REPAIRS On Short Notice and Reasonable Prices Or Anything in Iron and Steel Name Address Occupation Amount Machinery owned kinds tO1120 and Fill in and return this coupon today and receive free one No, 2 extra fine pencil and valuable in- formation. Are von in need of repairs now Great Falls Iron Works minotv..-.3amvaibtaiwzmizalima Geyser Garage Standard Auto Supplies Goodyear Tires Double rubber inner tubes, Portable vul- canizers and vulcanizing supplies —FORD SPECIALITIES— Champion X spark plugs, Double leather fan belts, Imperial radiator hose, Autobestos brake lining, Brake shoes lined —PURE ()II, CO.— High grade lubercating oil and transmission grease Special prices to plowmen in barrel lots. Repairing solicited—All Work Guaranteed C. R. Rasmussen, Prop. Little Drops of Water Remember how it goes: \Little drros of water, little grains of sand; make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land.\ It leaches the value of little things. Little savings, little dimes piled up until they become dollars, and dollars in turn saved until you have enough of then; to buy a little of that \Pleasant land.\ There is no better investment than land. Population contin- ues to increase, but there is no more land than there was a thousand years ago. Our Bank will help you save your dimes and dollars and eventually show you where yuu can Profitably invest them in land if you want if. FIRST STATE BANK GEYSER, MONT. Safety & Service a combination of mutua: interest smitimtsmmaosiaLest otel Geyser Geyser, Montana ion. laming American Plan $2.00 per Day Special Rates by Week or Month First -Class Service Special Attention to Commercial fraztelers ANDREW HEDMAN, Profir. imr ffoK iggeggsgeolisigh t .

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 26 Nov. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.