Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, December 10, 1915, Image 1

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* lter - Eastern Indoor Masquerade Carnival, Geyser Hall December 25th Cr IF\A• - 14 VOL. 5. .--`,),\ \itl i ',„_•-•..,.. , -C-- -----. ...._:......,----„,:::. .... • ao, , '''. • 7- '-5-.7__ - - - -..;.iirrt, A ---\7 ------ ------ •----- ...'-'.:- •'-. - -' : -2Se' r ' 42 -11's • ' .i . -..: - • -• -:-, • * ... -. A --- -•:\)‘ s 14; s„ s 77-A•s---4161347/ '• l er# 111- ::.• .1 1 .7 -, .\ •••' • • `st7. - ^\. \ • \-^ GEYSER. MONT., DEC. 10, 19415 - NO. 11 President Wilson's Message On Monday the Congress of the Li- a common cause of liberty in America. ted States was fully organized and on But that purpose i d now, better under- quedday they assembled and heard the Wood so far as it concerns ourselves. It Ipreeldent's message, the most momen- lis known not to be a selfish purpose. h ous message that has been delivered i known to have in it no thought of 'in the present generation. This was taking advantage of any government ill the longest address that President Wil- this hemisphere or playing its political eon has yet delivered and it is diffi- fortunes for our own benefit. All the tult to summarize the many good things governments of America stand, so far that , it contained. The president touch- a s we are concerned, upon footing of led On almost every question of impor- genuine equality and unquestioed n in- tanee that must be settled by the prea- . dependence. cut oongreffs, but the predominating We have been put to the test in the note of the message was the necessity tease of Mexico, and we have stood the of a policy of military preparednees to /test. 1Vhether we have benefited Me - inset the changing conditiona of the ico by the course we have puu rsed re - next generation as they will effect 'mains 1.41 be mein. Iler a foling., art. in the United States and the continents iher own hands. But we have et iettat of America. proved that we will not d oious age The message was well received +if her in her distress and undettake to throughout all lands and newspapers in impose upon le , r tilt it orde and govei Europe praised the intent of the doe- meld of our own ditto -dog. ument. \We will aid and betrietel Some of the most important pale- wew ill not eoeree I; al1.1 lllll grapba of the message read as follows: -ours\ with regard to her ought to be Neutral in World War sufficient proof to all America t 1 we \We have stood apart, studiously nen- seek no political am...loftily or selfish trail. It was our manifest duty to do ontrol. 00. Not only did we have no part 01 \The moral is. that the states of w interest in the policies hich scent CC thieriea are not Irastile i5als hut ct.• .grow - have btought the conflict on; it was perating ti atinI that tt necessary, if a universal catastrophi ing sense of community of inteie,t, was to be avoided, that a limit ahoul, dike in matters political and mat- te, set to the sweep of destructive wai ters eemioniie, is likely tip give them and that some part of the great lain- a new signitietince as factors in intei- ily of nations should keep processes of ?national affairs and in the politii•al his - peace alive, if only to prevent collective •torv of the o wrld. economic ruin and the breakdown • -. ibis Pau m -Aerican m i , . It has ra throughout the world of the industiles ine of the spirit of einpite in it. It by which its populations are fed and is the embodiment. the effectual ein- sustained. It was manifestly the duty . bodiment. of the spirit of law and ili- a the 'seli-governed nations of this dependi:ffie stet e and owl nal eiesnisphete re4ee64; posaIe, the service. - (balance of economic loss and confusion Americans' Passion Is For Peace in the other, if they could do nothing \No one who really compreheed, the Imore. In the eay of readjustment and spirit of the great people for whom 'recuperation we earnestly hope and be. we are appointed to speak can fail to ilieve that they can be of infinite service. percieve that their passions is fo- peace, ' We retain unabated the spirit that their genius best displayed ill the proe- lhas inspired Its throughout the whole tire of the arts of is•at.e. Ifreot dem- life of our government and which was ocracies are not belligerent. They do so frankly put into words by President not seek or desire war. Their thought Monroe. We still mean always to make is of individual liberty amid of Ile• tree labour that supports life and the un- . 'seven blanked and seven enlisted rut ii. The herd is headed by ti thidight that quickens it. Cott- all told. all seriices, rank , hut' regi 8 \\ 1 bull , his 'II\ quest and dominion are not in our t•inti .by the addition of fifty -two last year for $25,Ouu and his inottei reckoning, or agreeable to our principles. 'ompatites of coast artillery. fifteen tor $7,000. This bull and the females infinitiy, four regiments of field ar- 'kucIwn a mong . ottlearti.., of engineers, tea regiments .of the entire shipment are in what is dairy stock producers as But just because we demand untnoleet - ed development and the undisturbed if ....eivernment of our lives upon our °WO principles of right and liberty, we re- sent, front whatever quarter it may route, the aggreaaion we ourselves will not practice. 11re insist upon securit7 in prosecuting our self -chosen lines of national development. NVe do More than that. 1Ve demand it also for 'Our Citizens Must Know How to Fight • \Ilut war has never been a mere -matter of men mu mitt guns. It is a thing ter disciplined might. If our citizens 'are ever tip light ,fr,,tiyely upon a sud- de l i summons they must know how modern fighting is done, and what to 1.10 when liii suliiiittin, conies to render t es immediately available and i bly effect i e. Anil the gov• ta 'Miami Mils( be their n1-1'50111. iii thig motto, must supply Mein with the taming they need to take care of t liemselves mim,il ot it. The military arm ..1 their government , us hich a [km to direct t hem, they may opiily use It. them ar..I mak. i-it iittleptaide is se, we- -and no indet , •mlents. merely hut th. !iglits iilso of tlii .se with whom thit. 114N e Made ....animal rati.e_ should thies al,, Iu, mt iti p-,..pardy. \lt is a ith iis ideals in mind that , tile maw, ol the Ilepartitleilt tiC foe !me adequa te itat iona I defense wet% I 4.12111 ‘21111 . 11 will be laid betttre y011 and whirl, ' I urge you to sonetion and pot into I Iris -t as soon as they can b( ; propeily scrutinized and di -it - nisei'. They to me the essential steps ant'. -they seem to nie fp;i• . \11;7 - ..piesent sof ficent. \They contemplate an increase. of th, standing force of the regular army from it. present at ri-tmmrthu of five thousand and t us I 1..1.y -three officers and one him lost and I wo thousand nine hundred Aix,. enlisttil men of all sir iii- s to a at t., ilgth of seven thousand one hundred and thirty-six officer, and one hundred and thirty-four Ikons:rail 53e vAse‘.‘wAy your CavaXtmas VYeseAs 1=4 1 '1\044 4 2 = 2 Happiness is the greatest thing in this world, the way to become happy yourself is to make someone else happy. Buy a whole lot of Christmas pres- ents for your family and for your friends, and some new things for yourself. For your own comfort come in this week to do your Christmas shop- ping. Our store, you know, is the popular Christmas store. After this week we will be crowded all the time. --APPLES-- Fancy Washington apples, all varieties, place your order now $1.90 to $2.25 per box. Kennedy -McConkey Company The Quality Store. illery. and four aero squadrons, besides required for a great variety if extra service, especially the all im• ooitant duty of training the citizen force. • • • • \By way of making the country ready o assert some part of its real power iiromptly and upon a larger scale, diould eceasion arise, the plan also eoe• .;emplates supplementing the army by four,- of four hundred thousand dis- Wined ilizena, raised iii inereinents 01 iii ,- !IiIII , 11 .. 1 11 and thirty -three thousand 'a par throughout a period of three • • • • \The program which will be laid be- ort• iiat by the secretary of the navy s coneeived. It involves only t slititIcning of the time within which Ilan. long matured aim Ii he carried out ; Int it Ilees 'mike definite and explicit pragram whieli has heretofore been inlj implieit, held in the minds of the ratimittees int Intuit! affairs and dig !owl' in the debates of the two houses ut boaliere formulated or fortnall .100,1. It seems to me very cleat ' !tat it %%ill be to the advantage ti I (told a comprehensive plan for puffin he iia5y upon a final fool ing Irangth and efficiency and to press tht- r lan Iii eompletion within ;the next Its ',mars. • • • • 'But at and instrtnnents of wi re only part of what had to he col idered if we are to consider the at treitie matter of national self-suffi, ency and security in all its aspects. • -Moreover, we can develop no tru tr effeetier• Altterican policy without hips of our own-not ships of war, bit .hips of pettee, carrying goods and cat ying mud, more; creating friendshij !nil rendering indispensable services t, .11 sts on this side of the ware, l'hey must move constantly back an irt.1i between the Americas. They ar the only shuttles that can weave th lelicate fabric of sympathy, comprelue 1 , -ion, confidence, and mutual dependent( ml which we wish to clothe our poll,. if America for Americans. - President Wilson ciartinued his me' -age with a clear outline of the finan oial condition of the country, discusse lie cost of making the increase in th irmy and navy suggeated, mentioned th defecit it would cause in the treasui tad suggest...I means of taxation tha timId overcome this deficit affil the s0old prove burdensome to no on/ time the danger to pair , :overn from within and severly score(' uvstmurahized A merioans whoos sympa !flies were still with the land of thei ffirth and who were committing deed that seriously jeopardized America' mutrality. In this especially he re •eived the hearty approval of every fac lion in Congress. In closing he suggest eonstrnetive re:, , idation of the coun try's railway a. SAYS THAT NO LAND CAN FOR EVER PRODUCE RECORD YIELDS OF ANY ONE CROP Litilield tar the Boientrtit collegi told the farmer s at NIocertsin this fall that they must not bee -omit f . II Xt'll ill th idea that the Judith basin is going it and produce alleat anil other grain torer. - -r, mail urged them to turn thei attention at once to the growing 0 ether crops ond the propagation oi Hiry herds. l'r3f. Linli eld and other experts hav 1 , ziven it OR th sir opinion that the Jut 11th basin is destined to become, b , eason of it s natural advantages, on , ..t the greatest (fairy countries of th soil(' and alreedy Men who are large ' 1 int 1 . rf , ;(1 . 11 ill flit' Welill I I . (If this ler iile section are planning tale dentiat tirate it s groat possibilities along the tie of endeavor. With this °Nett in slew. ultimateli , ottonwood Farms, tMerated liv .1(.10 1 1.. Beebe, which are loyalist about eight miles west of Lew ist own, shippial in dii ring t lie prevent moot li 15 . ..41, car- loads of Iltilsti-ii eattle trout the east. .1 . 114.4e cattle were personally seleeted 1 hy Mr. Beebe in conjunetion with the sumetary of the Holstein lisimiatitai of I merien. 1 One earlond of the cHttle Wile pup blood, registered animals, and the tithe' 1 arload was made up of the highest . grade Holstiens. i Prof. the 30 to 40 pound class, i.e., they are of families that produce that amount of butter per week, and the bull is the first of that high class of butter pro- ducing families that has ever coine west of the Mississippi river, 'hence there is no better animal in the western states. Austin W. Warr of thi s city, who with Mr. Beebe Owns and operates the Cottonwood Forms. slates that a hot ted nymber of ti ese fine Holstiens us ill he sold to the farmers of Fergus eouti tv but that the hulk of them will 10- i-et:tints' by the Farina as a foundation ot What the (Milers expert CO e5end- *tulle develop into a distinctly large of top class. Th, prime objcit it bringing t hi tine est t le into Fergus count y, how, ever, is to encourage t lie dairy industry tild improve dairy Ma ds, a mos M the right direetion for the !write, - nation of the Judith hasin'R prosperity. -Art!tis. THE SUMMER BUTTER MARKET One guilt difficulty with doh ring iii NIontatitt i, the uneven market. Wait it IF the cows tire milking heely fri•• minim. pasture the prier of !miter is is the ',twist the . ii -or. - t his 'it i-ectiliar to \lout:Nita, althoilgh %soy , . te thrill uI t finy\Wliere else. Fri he great dairy stole of NViaismaiii the', la 12 st\t v per cent, tlecrease in the milk flow from lune to Imetolsm. .low to sell dairy itioducts to ration - 'age in early summer I, raw problem. We must find the answer betorr mak- ug a campaign to inseess • the dairy product. .1 plan lia pr..i.o•ed I im k.• die littlimfarturc tot high grade ram s lipef-e in (mover -idiot' with 1 lie 1 - nited :tato s Ihtiry Bureau, using the early 411111111 , r surplus for this. purpota.., leaving only the tilt inn ry huller sop ply to Rill al that time_ good elieeae to the World Norther', I tg a Tel in Mint is 11.1$111 - .111V 1.111.1 , Ladles . nglum gmiusmis mc 1(11 b eet RED PEPS PH I LOSO Pi'( e e \My father lePt me The whole world to ozt ogt and matte, a livinp in. Gee! I'm a lucky fellow': • Most of the 'grade .Jersel glos es . _ 1 (lc is made in • Don't refuse to pay that street light, they will ride on a rail. Then roar, kick and hol- lar for someone to go your bail. You will wake up broken hearted in that d - - - - old G. yier ;ail. , that walketh in.tingk , ! ness is liable to lose in ninny points. Shoe sale ecmmences Saturday, December llth Nlatches 5 big boxes for 15c 131e reql handkerchiefs Sc able to Oda $1.25 Mr. Ileltner Valid.' of the States B11114111 .maing j,i talk user the ,ittilitiem us ith the Mira c_3rolden RuleStore and stockmen at Itozianin during 1:t2 titers' MCeek. Mi !naiad u foi tuerli lairy emu miss' -r Nli.dtigati. whet, ,fairying alid it ii nation:I' atit Intuit y tat dairy subject-. He i• ated as a lied 11r1.1 . 3114I rich experienee-tition Ishii 11 to ha.... 1 ,, abler% Mimi , . Ill 11-1, with great to i l 1 nri• if Ilelmei iii MM, whit, is a I pit literimark. He organ lied 1 le• 10 .1 n it 1ton tit AIM -1411. • THE STORY OF A WIIITE APRON A Country school ten. -her not meil tic0 It reel... and MIMI 111111.4 11,.. girls ,111 int! t lu'iv tml jzoasii l i ll g, while the boy I tigaged ii is -mail Ida , . As a 1.'21 . .IV ,111 . pro mred some white cotton i II li, thread ihiiuittl,s. awl after a short turmi- Mat-s Brown appeared at home in a nu vhile apron. :Si hit mother among some of the other produe- :rated the apton with the glow of pi cy, •ii I lie lici , 1 dairyman ilot - 3 ti Marv. and also 4,11,eived a I t:1111 t,1 iingr t bid W1,111 III, 22 h114. I 111, - I 1, \\I '''ddt- tn till.' di' ii it A11114.11 : is ill happeti ml the tinver (*. .1011tiStiN ki !die udder along the iMa id u s elidlto ss. A heifer Tit iv it ••1 pood type and have .1 i ; OP oi I .41 - 1 . 1111h. . hot if she Iota a derainied i ilumi'-imal udder t,r is al - ' lowed I.. ' at her hi A. fresh- •ne-g. the is lode !wine it -it -tidines s of I I- ,!,--t t °yeti correspond - lle.t 5 y, ot et en moth -rat ely 'trio It 'dile iii. dep. inlent lit,- the udder folic - t mos. If 1..” h muss ti sling. fever Or chill- ing i s 11.-.1.0.11Slillt• for a lost quarter le. 4,22 iii “t111 . •lit blii carelessness. Ilia if the leAtion M.1 . 11 learned ut w ill at len-st prevt - e'• a ri-peril ii,uu of Ile- at a later IItI• y 0, - c111 - a ',WINN HIP pr0- 2,12• forthwith a mili`ed to ha roe Mary with (Ii'' aproti. la. ale.: 1 \ 1,1 `' \ ' mid \' • and Ifn i rs and 11,v lin, ‘ 111 ::: 0 ( ;- , 11 . 1 - ii .. 1 I, e. 0 x t t i s ia t a n u ig t o 07, 1 1111 . :: hi he lumps y lo.rd need , the attention ill \v\ abinlini\lit' hutu,h I \ I \ iHt :if n' tTi l ' Uee lt t r l s u 0 '1 whitewash t he house. fences. The I rod 1 P.. \ 1 ” - \ I ' _ 1_11 7 ._ ' . 1_ \___“ n • t i ll , i n 0... I t„un. Wert. lit211100 iu1..II, ' 1 .\. 1 . 11.1 _ ly show the I 111 , 1 hooge b, i; an paign. owl all the re -tilt ou the spis-iit'iit'_sArasillito.-1 m ith If. V..141 . '3011. 1111.1 . 1 . III.• clittra . 2111mitt-I :I 2211.1i,__'isiitg t., i lind mu Ina to far product -0 I''' mu. • 11.\.. \ 1 \. t hat It, .r..t II/$.5 :I , /1/1. • III the n.01 , 111111. F.i1.111.1- - Ithum.. wePk•ssill .• ‘1' uitt,l \ } \ I ' \P\\' Y• 1 ins •ii -,-iii mit% t.. farmers Imt ; t.\ .1 I t 4,Ihor too -- PROTECT 1 HE COW •S USEFULNESS thu '-u_ ,„ , s si,,,d d i bo n s . Ili. le. t tio - hell Ile - hoe- . 1, ..% lii,. at, lo the i;allatin Valley le till.- Ihdl Comm , i.i I t Bat in Ui,muitle. tumi' Iii t t ., 001 ' Ile- is the Helena commercial club in Lew - anatomy. Pram Gil lii 1. hole pi iitil i. and I la At Count V. and in other parts 'rota the cow is tkVrl&'laula 0 1 11 - 11 '.0f the state. it t he licst oi .1 lierd-z. When liich it etint p 5.5 ti .•'

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 10 Dec. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.