Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, December 17, 1915, Image 1

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Fastern Indoor Masquerade Carnival, Geyser Hall New Year's Night \\\ ‘\ 1 1 N ' \\\ - 1-.•-• • tt• VOL. S. GEYSER, MONT., DEC. 17, 1915 one NO. 2 Geyser School Christmas Program 11 ,',\ GEYSER SCHOOL, THURSDAY EVE, .... DEC. 23, at OPERA HALL .... oinperaHall \Christ Inas Joy\ By School \Welcome\ Anna DU1111 \What They Do\ .... Primary Children lThristmas Stockings\ -Charlie Dunn, Coast Backs, AlieeKernaghan, Fran- klin Paxson, Edith Wait, Roy Struth- ers, Mary Dunn, Eino Maki. Recitation -\A Progressive Santa Claws\ Helen Lemons. Exercise -\Christmas Wishes\ Stanton Chamberlain, Roy Kennedy Lowell Feurt, Franklin l'aXH011, Gus' Backe, Charlie Dunn, Harold Struth era, Eino Maki, Alvin Krier, Ellswortl ...litrita cleats ( att. et.i. aai eat. la . 1 „ j,,,...,,..),,, ..,,i,H, I I,, d.ange 01, that tritorrnatitar, receive the 'worms IROWNIEs • aiii iaated regarding general comb ailv...rtip llama' a: ea, ice.s and prices. Irighteyea ._ .1 aloiteie % ;idol \In the absence of the Government re doonlight lace Per, -.11 DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE wet the country would have to deperie iliadew Ilenry flaklza I EXPLAINS MONTHLY CROP holt..., upon privately prepared report:. toubletongne. a ik. itlicli 1.el.a Ito •1,ii -1 REPORTS .14 li if these repoi ts were supplied fre( leariatifal Tongue, faii . , 110/el P0 s.-.0. - - ---- , .1111.) s n mild have to guard themsel 'airy ...Hold:tuts demi:- sal.. Liam.. I 1.:1 .sei t 11.- 3 1915. a- in othi- - a• -Anal having the informatioi Petaselt, Selma Ila ii; a hi. a - the ii, l air iii. iii ia :tali, ulture p , a. I. tat in only alto it bad been use. ; 4 .181,:. 1 .1 ',tit •• ghat', Cicelia Krier. I. mei.. Salo. Be I sic Amundson, Itutli 11.0 :der. IA i .1/ Ilti-itia1011- -\lin Saila I'M. , Land - Nlamie thstniali. .114 , o. t'!ay- \Santa (la 114 alp] the r.,1 :1 Acts 0 . - I ,t0.111. Characters t•at `tttt Amtwittson, Roy Strut liera, 11.0wni\ .1..i tti ia a ti ii ha. u --ii e I it. n1,440113' el'o •:* I I% tile speculative purposes. and, liohn and Eli I)udley. ii)' %falai.. II...tool, ' , Too -, lost pi ..1...1.1y in ii., year 1111V t•Ht i• tn. would be under the neeeitsit Song ---\A. Christmas Lullaby\ ;Retie i n , pa at I le ..• I. ia.ri • ;lit aet ii •Ii4 witlespren . determining whetlin the privatel! Alija Salo, Blanche Thaxter, tarY • .1Ita la mon. ill it ti. lii., -• rttssild) (41 tli Ti Mated reports were colored ley pri Petesch. I mi , . It, •:•. %emaida.i. 1 hI Ile y .1. all . ..NI h big 1igurv 1.' inter, St., or, as is true of some c c. a ., h a tit i,•• r:Ict t 1) 311111M . 1ll e01, ••'repert 4 privet( Is'circulated, were i Recitation -\Spelling Things\ Lowell Feurt. ulia lb len Mel rama e.:11-...1 1.y the great Europtia •len-odious.: effort to publish accurat Exercise-\Chriat mai Dolls\ largie Marie 1,..•1 . 0 V s • p••..1. , 1 I l.a.• siieli a win • . 1 . 0 .1, 4 „ The purpose of the Govern Mamie liedman, Emma Poteseh, Mari inliaftl- _11: ti• I.o itt. 1.1 WI . Of A Mellen • at erop report is to furnish simul Kernaglian, Edith Wait, Mary 1)erir TI I . ti Fit. 1... lii 10.11tv 1 list all 'es pit ii. orisly to produaer and buyar tie Alice Kernaglian, Blanche Theater \ , i\ In that priee• •his..1 estimates of yield and probab Hilda Petesch. ,I„\ i t . t ii a, l a pidly as t h. y ex petted ... Mel ion. Th, estimates as issue - \Christma s Candles\ ..r e i ra„ t r; ea,p did net bring r • ampiled from facts reported by i thou...Olt it would number of volunteer ern!) Triad Helen Lentona, Margaret Nlandel. Illlja Salo, Helen Maki, Alice It. c. • t\ , a scrItcll ;a.; and these facts are supplemen1 s glian Blanche Theater, Helen Gal for I F. riii ro the pro,: and natural- ,y ta t a rmation specially gathered I Alice , Nellie 1.1.1110114, Ili I 1 v lilt 1 1k , Pol. h.' depart merit's State field agt nts, w' ja P Katherine :Mondale, him 11,11 ucii 1.kir , in had ..or Ira...lied i ire iegililed to tiavel widely OVer pimp • . ing tie. 1,1 oba tde yi.dtl, and that srkte. enel In oliserve crop conoitim. acre. it. Nicholas.\ I 'Ali\. elaugliteN: Cie . . , .1 1. . Fed pries to the advantage it tir.,t hand. Harry Raymond Pt teaeh • ea he -pecii1.11.0.; rat he H t ain prialueers I ''In establishing tarn' prices or oth. , '• Charlie Delbert herniae:I Marie AI'' , ' ,L s t, I, To nholg 11.-: lii.. III.' , lIctrt- prices accurate knowledge as to all Dora Hazel Paxami Tril'Y ...canna 11(40131:1 ii iii i j Iis I plies is essential. The Bureau of Cr( Jennie Salo Mrs. Itillings* Katie -The 1 icp.irt iii. nt of .1grieniture. ha- E-•.ernatca collecta such data and car -4.01We Tithe laia. C:...ce • . .• • Ai i it st_litci 1. to in its F.. NMI .11-1.4od ( i dly en n a t ei . and analyze.. them.. TI lobn Clarence Sanders Ami , - la- 01, wAY• would clepartment so surrounds such inform: 'Font Backe Keteltie Mel% in . 1 ttti‘l -t it in.. titi Ili a limo -au llie Wrok 01 t i n y, w ith sa f eguar ds that it is imp° Bess Emma Petesch IgItt1.11, .44tri ski Tou 1 ,-. 0 ,.;. p 1 ,,, 1,i, .0,i. 1, could in any it proc. del ri ...Ode for anyone to gain a hint es Mr. St. Nicholas Mosess Kom•ll Vann. ice mai ta LI '1,c11.!! 1/11i itEtt`ti 4. .tii, (h i fi gu r e s mint ii the de part ment'a e Santa Claus Edward Eller Breit:dim' -Johnnie', 1 1 i - 1,--• -it ttf Ilea t•t- roitttml iiu s.r% i.e i t 0 titillate.. are Made accessible at a atat- \Norwegian Drill\ lv Tha \ler. 'al\ I'M.' toil %% time to all classes interested. Aliee Amundson, Alice Kerna I 11.1010110n F ou i.da 110r- t •' 1111111:1,•.1 11 , 11111.1t . . In Soine few ellt,ea individuals has llilja Salo, Mary Dunn, Blanche my. refriaed to cooperate in gathering au 1,-. ria rel im.l. rtoak the furnishing local information as to t r. Theater, Edith, Wait, Ma rgaret Play -at 'ler ma. :Mondale, Nina PaXSCII, Mamie /led- Characters .,, a, • las1.1111,11.• 1p it 1u t. . 0roditet ism to the department becate. man, Emma Petesah, Marie Kerne- Miaar . heel , if a gritnnillusi fear that such inform Ho solo m I. ong \( kt It. tt I. I F• tt :'citation-''iti. in! %hi I,t 1.-01 lay 'ilap e 4••1 ( liti it s t Characters Luitt Itillines. ai.low I: hill; \ , ;!•tli ii Ii Mr,.. By Tat% . tiA III!'I. ner It makes a difference Where your presents come from. You want to send gifts you know will be liked. When anybody gets a present that comes from our store they know the quality is good. Do not wait until the very day before Christmas to do your hu) Mg. It is not comfortable in a crowded store. It is best to do it now. Big sale on mackinaws and all heavy winter goods. 20 per cent off. Don't miss this Kennedy -McConkey Company ihe Quality Store. F ion Might be liele41 as the basis of a increase in taxes. The department. 4. pritirge, hits nothing to do with levyin; air tea. and and addresses of in liv iklual reporters, it, well as their re ports, are treated 114 strictly vonfiden tial and art'- neVer 41.144e101041,.. - - -NOW GET HAPPY -At Last Something New niere still be sic old time ea ttern in , ..r . rarnioll and Nlasqueradc Dal! ten in the (ley era Opera ban Min Xmas 14 IN'eember 24. l'Ite Mid -Way of the Carnival open' at 9 p. m. sharp. There will be every' • ing on the \lid- \Vtly from ccMexio. ost to n tisli Is rid. All lkiliabt of Ain ki;enient t. Singing. Dancing, Quartette Shows. Dare 1k dl Ike. lhe fs.r Life, t he Leap Sister team. Al k311,1'1 of sta tisk and Booths. Not hin hot real fun. S. met lung doing ever: minute. Alii.ks called MT by the Kin mid Qui eri at II p. in. sharp. Tim- , ho chic not care to mask need not tl The Grand March at 11 311 shag .1 by Pages of the King and Qui0 . I t ikpeidikgs ot the NI idway too indite .t to mention. Everything for II 11 en from a {Xliist ling balloon 11 I. the Midway. Noise makers. A re. - key!Su pppr 4:1 the Geyser llott • my effort will Ile 1.10( forth In mai I. is the grandest athiir Vet' •:'.ScI. See big A night of nigh' • me long to lie remembered. The King and QUIN n ol 1.111\ Cain art. to be elected by the vote of t piddle so kindly sik nit names of yce eleidee of lady 11114I ge111 tertian for Kul it Q111 en 10 I.. IL ilale. Geyser, I pest card at your palliest cord eidetic. Music for Oil , ' affair a ill he tuinieh lit he fantail. Piof Jrc,i I . 4,11e,t3i • p.ree or, beanie, both lor the ( 'sYnis Arid Mask Ball. Thia nuts,, a t. costunie; may be tented 1 ions NI I ;die, gist' irk your order early and avoiti i ppoint meat. kets to danee $1.00 per couple. It in‘itation is extended to both ..1.1 and 111 iii I lie children itnt stoke theiniiiippy too. Es ftrybUtdy 1..4111 .4111.11//tr 3'11111 %%lint to or not. X Ma e, His mho 2.1 Ilt Date of this enterjaiikment has been changed to New Years Night. Henry Salo . olleeting such advance information as Get Rid of Weeds l'etesch h,tv could unit using it to their own 1:‘,10111 ‘ . 000 stIvantage. Today many speculators ind large buyers of farm products do Getting rid of grass, weeds and un- A nio Pet4itch Lot depend wholly upon the Govern- dergrowth about the farm during the , nem ex op report for their information. fall and early winter one of the beet Edith Stronger' • 1:0.„ Huhn Flea' maintainva regular system of col- protective measures the farmer ean use pvtold. listing in through traveling against crop•damaging insects the 101- alit .6. 11,01000 aients and a corps of reporters, lowing year. NVelids, matted grasa, dead a al kill vets who, in exchange for their vegetation and brambles along fences, ltc Sehool roadsides, margins of fields. bank's of little streams or ditches, especially in irrigated territories, are the natural hiberrtating and often breeding places of many destructive insects. Thi. oi44. (dation gives grasshoppetk, chin -11 huge, and other insesatia most favorable amditions for reappearance the follow. •ng spring and stationer. Similarly, vol. artery growths of wheat harbor the Acciaiaa tly ; while stray alfalfa plants u the field's and around them may be he source of he incursion of grasshop- iers. The Hessian fly in the abeence of eolunteer n•hott at times Its., its eggs in the young crab grass which may pring up in the fall after a tract has wen burned over. At present, in some art, of t he country. the late -sown heat is being infested by liesaian tiles hat have dela loped in and spread .'rom volunteer wheat. Late sowing can = not be expected to protect waiter wheat Don't refuse to pay that itom attack in spring if volunteer street light, they will ride heat has been permit red to grow up :her in near -by Meld s or among the you on a rail. te-sown grain ISrasslioppos lay intl , Then roar, kick and ho!' cons tat eggs along the batiks of eanels lar for someone to go your 1141 ditches in the weatein country. 'hind' bugs hibei nate in burichea of • bail. room sedge, and nis:ny other destruc- You will wake up broken ive psts could not endure the %Onto hearted in that d - - - - old vere it not for these natural nurseries. The entomologists therefore !wow Geyser ;ail, need to farmers that they fall -plow He that walketh in dark- od lands intended for other than grass rop a another year, and clear up road- nese is liable to lose in many isles, fence margins, and all waste points. aids, ditch banks, and similar places .te burning over, paaturing, or in cam. Shoe sale commences .f ditch banks by plowing or (Raking in Saturday, December llth he fall. This will tear up the roots and expose the eggs of grasshopper, to Matches 5 big boxes for . _ • 15c Z lie excessive moisture and cold of win- j H igrade Jersey gloves. 10c tel and will also turn up those insects Big r.d handkerchiefs. Sc which hibernate in the ground. Burn Ladies' n - ight gowns with feet ing vegetation where possible will de- \ PIT\II\ tie cultural mvII \ n14. In Golden RuleSto ' r L25 e pockets stroy many insects, though in the case of grasshoppers it probably will not be addition, cultural methods by turning . liumua into Ore soil benefits the land.. R JOHNSON - -Sheer. of course, are the great . erre - mie l of weeds, and %here sheep can b turned . into .a field or a flock lterde, along the roadside they will etTectiveh . clear up waste vegetation, and in aii dition the trampling of their feet wil destroy many insects. The sheep at , he same time turn waste material into nutton and all they require is .1 1.1 ain for finishing. Frequent I. :old they return a profit, but the ento 41014igist a bold that even if they mere!: pay for the extra grain they eat titei function In destroying weeds and ' thiwn insects makes their 1190 well vorlb while. Weekly Nrw, I.etter. WILL CONVINCE THE MOST SEEP TICAL THAT YIELDS REPORTED ARE AUTHENTIC Reports g 111M1 title ilia 111.1.1,1 c. he Judith basin during the We've. seaaim just passed reveal such large am oh sist c-ut v iclils t hat realest:de mei itch oigunizations interested in the cle 'ligament of the country have made at mists to secure affidavits from th %eral grain grt , wer4 coneerning t i op yie1414. These a its a pre III1 tight because of any tendaney anion; ,dih basin residents to doubt th uth of these reports, butt because thes held., are sot large that it is difficult [ti -c' an pastel is farmer who is aeon. - 011.1 hi, pitrilent with a 20 lir ;el yield to believe arse report N .1..piointed with tlic basin fartnin ..uld mmcl yiciki tepoi I and Iliosr pall ritcl s %%hit h.1%, LPI•111 I 1/1 . 11iliatet en0111/1 ci t..t( ut in hat o• -it doubts not Illi-st t at k liL. at 4. but many easterners visi thi s country at timea when the grain i• not in evidence and it is for these that hese affidavit s sire obtained. Somea eeks ago the Lewistown Chamber ,,,,, meree enclosed a rani in their mont 'sly farmer' o bulletin am' have received se% el al re p0144 011 yields in this way. The Democrat -News of the 27th inst , ha, the following I.. say concerni tip th.-.4e y °anis sent out esp Fly for the purpose by the Chamber of commerce, - RED PEP'S PHILOSOPHY S. \My father lePt me The whole world to pt . ova anc1 make. a (wing ii. Gee! U lucky Fellow': have been returned from 0.5 farmers in all Pni 7 t 4 of Fergua county with data covering the number of acres in fall wheat and per iii i' in 1915. The information received is sery in- terest ing. The 65 cards represciets 8.5S7 acre , , having a total yield (.1 270,94a raaja or an average of 31.-i bd.!, Here. The highest yield is 67 ho-F. to the acre, the lowest 10 bush. There are farms represented that hate an average of over 1,000 acres ;ri one plot, and from that down to b0 -ere tracta. The cards elan give exellent data on other grain yields, sin-I,as oats, barley, etc. Oat st ;how Us high as 75 10 101 bushels, and barley from 40 to 50 bu- shels to the acre. These carder are to be sent to the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul exhibition ear, which is now in Minnesota. They will be 1110 Va 4( l- uable pros ing to provitep i ve *likes that the literature aent out from the 1 .1uslith basin is not exiigemaled, tor 11101 mil bears the signature of the farm owner himself. It nos the pm psksc of the Ulm inbei of Commerce to s.ekiie this data and st nil it on just NA It. us becatile these personal testimonials of farm owners are something more than \hot air\ on the face of them. \I\ie in- formation on the cards it entirely sat- isfactory Thare are a %%hale It [...tide olio do feet ',mitt the .1.1 tool... bow.. n and 'Ma ;CI .11 the I.,!- pecia thy alien loa hubby hai a &tie with some other woman down town. A man i; sure to notire that, a girl's tIcs k iliga ate %%ell tilled. A woman is Sure t.m 'Italie that they are cotton. Even the people a ho believe in call- ing a amide ti spade still sometimes call a 111.1I1 it rake. a a 1111111 Is Well ill'eS44041 she feela that she is entitled to some at - tent hin. .11......r.......•••••••••••••••••••••

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 17 Dec. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.