Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, December 17, 1915, Image 4

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- • Ssass a GEYSER jUDITI-I I3ASIN TIMES II 1.1 Li f I GEYSER JUDITH BASINr CORNERED HIMSELF. TIMES Published every Friday at Geyser, Mont. C. B. Dudley. Editor sad Publisher Entered as second-class matter March 25, 1911,at the postoffice at Geyser, Montana, nadir the act of March 3, 1$79. Sriscripties: $2.00 per year 1st adv.:are SCHOOL NOTES The following pupils were perfect in Spelling last week: First Grade -Arthur Hautala, Hilda Pelto, Lola Peho, Nel- lie Lemons, Ray Kennedy, Charlie Dunn Ellen Maki, Gust Backe and Iliden Lemons. Second Grade-Eino Maki, Eli Dudley, Franklin Passion. Harold Strutthers, Hilja Salo, Mamie Dunn and Roy Struthers. Lowell Feurt, Alvin Krier, Franklin Paxson and Helen Lemons are absent from school on account of sickness. Hilja Salo and Aloys Krier have re- itruned to school after several days ab- sence from colds. Everyone is working hard for tie Christmas program. All are cordially invited to attend. $1,000 IN PRIZES Bozeman -Nearly a thousand dollars in cash is offered fo exhibitor, at the Third Annual Seed Exposition of Mon- tana to be held in Livingston Januar% 18th to 20th. The premium list has just been completed by Prof. Alfred Atkin son, Agronomist of the Montana Ex periment station, who is secretary of ,the Montana Seed Growers' Associa- tion. This list offers the most attractive permiums that the association has ever listed and besides $850.00 in cash in- cludes many special premiums for par ticular classes. As an example of the special prem jams, the Northern Pacifie Railroad Co Offers a fifty -dollar silver trophy ros the best One-half bushel of oats, 'no State Nursery Co. offers ten dollar@ , gold for the best peek of alfalfa. The Gallatin Milling Co. offers twenty dol Isis le gold for the best one-half bushel of wheat to be judged on the basis of its milling and baking qualities as de termined by the State Graiu Laboratory at M. atate College. The Seed Association, which has con- ducted the two previous Seed Exposi- tions, bans that it is doing substan- tial service to the state of Montana. particularly in advertising the super- ior quality of the seed grown in the Treasure State. It was the winnint sample from the First Annual Seed Es position of thi s Assoeiation that won nearly forty potent of the sweep- stakes prizes at the National Corn ex• position in Dallas, February, 1914. When we remember that these samples were in competition with sampler' from thirty -serest etatee and the Dominion of Canada, it speaks highly of their Quality. A TWO-YEAR OLD GUERNSEY IN MEAGHER COUNTY LOOKS LIKE A WORLD'S CHAMPION W. It. Fluhr. a deputy in Ow Ale, of the state dairy emumiseioner, owner of the Belt 1'elley Creamery has discovered over in Meagher counts a two-year old Guernsey heifer which looks to him like a world' s champion ,in the way of a dairy cow. 11'hile iworking in hie official capacity a week ago Monday at %Visite Sulphur Springs Mr. Flubs tested two cows for thr 'Meagher county farm, one a five yeas old and the other the heifer referred to. In writing the Timer' of tie' re markable test made, Mr. Pula said: \The heifer will not he two years :old until next March and has been hiv- ing milk Slime October ot this year so you are she is quite young. Hes mime is 'Ada's linside Lass,' and is a [granddaughter of 'Dora's Ada,' owned iby Wm. M. Jones of Waukeshn, NVis 'The loaf's made a test of 9.5 psr cent ;for one milking, which is the second 'highest test of its kind made, the Ihigh test, 10.2 per cent, being made by la Holstein owned by Franci o ,lone* of Syracuse, N. Y. \ 'Dora's Ada.' the grandmother of , the heifer, gave 704.5 pounds of butter fat last year, and 100.15 pounds in August of this year, nearly as numh iii louse month as most dairy cows pro- Pdtwe in a year. So you see that Slon- qansi has a very good chance of devel- frilling a world's champion in this !wi- lier. \ I am running these eows for the ad- Ivanced regiatery of the Guenisey oat- ,tle Breeders' Association, and the lest runs a full year. I test them two ,lays ,in each month. They hare a well [bred herd of Guernseys on this place, :all eastern cows. The composite sam- 4 1e of 'All the cows trotted 11.2 'per elan. sto you see they are good rows.\ - IValley Times. Read the Times Thar. Was Only One Way Oet. and lb. Just Had to Take it. William Is. Cody one day engaged in a spirited talk feat with a white haired. gray bearded trapper, who o as bysoas of being the greatest and ileist mists:- cm:18Ni liar In the locality. \Sho Cody. that there hair story o' yours ain't puppy high to u little sennce I had with a ol' she grizzly back some twenty years ago. 1 Collie 011 that plzen critter at lb' mouth of a caisson. Bing! I plops a shot Eons my or muz- zle loader into her, but she don't evenu tarry. On she comes 'thout givitS we uary chanst t' load. I tli\ows tit' giiii at her, bits her on th' snoot au' takes out up (Ii' canyon with tit' old gal. plum' mad, pitty penal' after me. \We rims fer 'bout a mile, she ssul diu' along behind un' &return' it kit Them curiyou walls kep' groin' itleher an' smoother an' narrower 'mil tl.ey was about thousau' feet up. 1 e'.1 most touch each side. couldn't n chin' 'ea' If I'd tried, an' that she variessit wasn't globs' we no chaust. Allot ie suddlut Hi path got still siarreres till me an' the liar heti to most SitueeZe through, an' then 1 come slap into si straight up wall in front L' Me. 'flier'. was, slick as glass walls on three sides and ' rued b'er piny pantie ten feet In te' rear. Couldn't go :aloud. turn round tier go straight up\ The trapper paused, esijoying the deep silence of the crowd. \Yes but o hut did your bear do?\ asked Cody. The old man's face began to take on the purplish hue of twist emotion. His features strained and twitched as his brain sought a way out of his owu mendacious cul-de-sac. Looklins help lessly around and meeting tor frienals glance trusts the audience. he Miens blurted out: \By gum, she killed me!\ -Samuel .1 Lewis In Harper's, Transitions. Transitions are ever full of wills Thus the eagle wheu he molts is sal( ly and to attain his new beak must harshly dash off the old one upon the rocks. -Carlyle. A Social Tragedy. Jean's Inatnlint is not particularly ao the socially. Si,' is kept pretty buss with Jean. who is just over three yearn old. Hot she keeps in touch wait STARTLED TRH LADY. friends who still mingle in the smart ,et, and JtIst night or sts ago she ran 'vet. to see how Nexdore looked In ten war paint for some affair or other. She took Jeau with her. Sirs. Nezdure was dressed in the mau FINANCIAL ECONOMY. - On. Man's Scheme When He Found Hie Capital Was Shrinking. What one man did when he discover- ed his capital was shrinking is told its the Americas' Slagazine: \A frieud let we itau a secret of his tinaneinl economy which strikes rue as valuable. Ile Is of middle age, with a email family, surd has an Income of r.3,500 a year. He has put by a few thousand dollars. Ills investments are In gilt edged securities. \At the end of every six months he figures out exactly the value of his property. Each share of stock, each bond is reckoned at its present market price. and the sale value of his house is placed at the lowest figure. To the current value of his estate he adds his life Insurame. The result is the capi- tal %%stitch would be available for the support of his wife and children should he suddenly die. \At the last three reckoulugs my friend found that his capital was shrluklug. There had been declines lit certain stocks aud bonds and a falling off In the value of his real estate. What did he do? Commiserate him- self? Not at all. Ile went to a life in- surance company and took out a policy large enough more than to cover the shrinkage in his capital. Comparative- ly speaking. It cost Um very little, but It added a neat sum to the value of his estate and guaratiteed an (mho- puired to his wife.\ PENS OF THE PAST. The Old Time Quill and the Art of Putting a Point on it. Quill pens are no longer used except In rare old fashioned instances. but people still use \penknives\ -you Can See the name any day in the cutlery store windows- but they do not use them to make or mend pens. iii feet where is there u luau or woman who hnows how to put a point on it quill! It was once an art which every man had to master, though women were generally bad at It. as they are now at sharpening pencils. In the old days the first question asked of a scluxrituaster was the one whether he was skillful in pointing quills, for he bud to sharpen the peus of his whole school and headentally in- struet his pupils in the art. Alas! There is 110 modern pen of steel or gold thnt is so smooth, so swift, so alluring '14 II /41)14 1111111 pest. The writer is very sure of that. Oa. his rather used to tell him so. The art of handwriting, has certainly declined since the quill pen went out of ase. The old fellows could really write. We still pay them an unconscious trib- ute by calling a writer a \quill driver\ and ['hawing the pen. when- ever we have to make an abstract rep- resentation of it. as a quill. -New York Sian. A Diplomatic Official. During the reign of Emperor Napo- leon ill. be aud the empress visited Nornenely and had arronged to speed a couple of slays at Evreux. M. .1:He- ssler de la Sbode. who was the prefei t, learued that the revolutionaries iiiteutl- ed to hiss the sovereigns as they pass- ed, and so he summoned the leaders of the movement amid told them that lie Lilco. of their plot. \lf you carry out 'our plum\ suld he to them. \you will get six months in prison. If yeti do tea your friends will accuse sou of cowardice arid treason. As a way ,sit of the difficulty 1 propose to lock vets itp itt onee untl+ the ent•peroe hos esoblems. The reading course is in• gone.\ The conspirators accepted the s-srerms offered them. Mid so Ilse emper- or was greeted only by cheers, as the revolutionarlers frightened at the ar- rest of their chiefs. had not dared to utter a sound. tended to occupy two years, although it may be completed in lea, time. _To Geist. oho complete 17 books within two yeare front the time of regisstering, will lie awarded is National ilisral Tesehers' heading (strait. tertitieate. Exchange. The Tail of a Fish. A fish's tail Is its wings. Owing to I machluerv of unssale set atom , Its 110W TO GET RID OF WEEDS .ier that once tempted Nora Hayes , sp i ne and to its cleaving fuses it trout lay of herself, d o n't snow whether ! or salmon can dart through the water on \fonts - inn farms. is to be the subject I am dressed for an opera or an opera- t in a tremendous pnets though its rap- a a tont . ..rents. at the State Seed Grow - :ion.\ hi nights, unlike the bis t ro, ar e no t N os Asst. -Vint toll In insinary. 'flue As - And gathered about her was a flimsy socialiser will meet in Livingston on January Ti... second (lay is set ereut pooer, and by means of It and assert f 4.1 till 111.11.111,11011. NO other saying: .int . erfere with the 1voliderhigly and startled the lady by !lie writhing, sisaki:Ilke tlexiim tar the ' 11 \ . \` t ` smissos to the ' , /.1'11 rorower' etTert as [ort of a wrap or cloak that seemed to !ming Housethitig to little Jean's mind l'he latter looked tip at 'Mrs. Nexdort leng trues. It is soon tired. The water Is not so friendly to tlioht as the air. The stroke of the tIsli'a sill is otie of \Is oo g„in' to take a bath's\- Detroit ! ! \\ IY \ high Is re \'\ ed s Tile strength behind thia speed is shown in ii p1,1 th P 14 \ wer ' \ re Reston:on How to get rid of weeds seturday Night. the war a fish or sea malltnial out of going le etinsitler this subject very flit- Making It Plain, An Irish.drill sergeant was instruct- ing stone recruits In the mysteries of marching movements sind found great difficulty in getting a countrytnah of his to halt when the command wits given. After explaining and illustrat- ing several times he approached the recruit, sized him up silently for a 00 Isle of minutes'. then demanded his hame. \Fitzgerald sins\ wart the re- ply. \Ind you ever drive a donkey, Fitz?\ \Yee. air.\ \What did you say when you wished him to atop?\ \Whoa!\ The sergeant turned away and immediately put squad in mo- tion. After they hail :oh -rowed a dozen yards or so he barwled out at the top of his lungs: \Squad halt! Whoa. Fitzgerald!\ A Wise Precaution. Vero few people are ambidextrous - that Is, able tit Use tile left hand HS ; t'\'gue readily HMI skillfully as the right -but' there is an amusing story of one Irish - roan Who was etirefUl to cilltiVate that art. When he was signing articles on board a ship lie began to Men lila l'aule with his right hand and then changed the pen to'his left hand and finished it. \So you can write with either Moor Pat?\ asked the officer. \Yls. sorr.\ replied Pet. \Whin I Was a Me father always said to me. 'Pat. leans to cut yer finger nails wit yer left hand, for some day ye might lose yer right.\ the water will raise its tall and strike r he ground or boat. Victor Hugo. Hugo Wits the svealthiest of the nieettossith century authors mid also the hardiest. At mits time lie made ieos than LIN PO frillies last him alai Ida brother for eighteen Molillis, mai tine (amp would serve him' hinds three days fis suceession. But thls earls abstl- nenee did not spoil Ilueo's tlissestion. for at the nets of eighlr three he [ - rack- ed nuts with his teeth mid site oranges as some folk taut apples -peel and all. ly. Pr -f. Thomae Shaw of St. Paul is Ilse eubject of \Destroying in Diy Aretta.\ Mr. I. D. O'Don• null or Itillinge the subject, \Weeds P n tail Farming l'ossominitiea.\ Prof. .1Ikinson. Director of the Slate Grain Labor:it.' y and Secretary of the Seed i;rowers' Will tell whet are -Our W[ost SV[seds\. In addition to these. there will lie one or two epeak• ere from outside of the state, and the Confesenee Frontiers to be an improtant one. Then the Row Started. Mrs. Snappem (who has. beet' suffer- ing from toothaches -Thank emalness. . THE WORK TIIAT MUST BE DONE Esti had that tooth out at lost! Mr. '1Es not the %took like to do, Sliappem-ilappy tomb! Mrs. Snap The wsi th 1.1 pleases pent -What flit yoll illeatt? Mr :Oleo- repieolite the beat pill, pent -11'S OM or 111.• 1 . 4'1101 or your t it hide it.:i ny bon it ; . 11 W1/1 ther'a [haw flour loyalty, _ _ lion means t t Humph won ; The Grind. t•sits• Iseit work sa eVer he \What are you duties setwr ml „., l'he %%tat. that all'ST be done. 'Two a ill', .\ t he %;lielevine embir. \.% yogi?\ F'or time assl tide wait tot no man, \1 call'l Mine eiplal that,\ re,pooded Ilie popIllar liovelkt. \Tor a week i s Oild Duts's elation call ['how my limit\- Kansas City diem- old; you do the best you can; It le a greet step hi the interpreta- tion isf life when we ii;, at' diseovered that all events are ultimately spirit - on I.- BrIerley. You give your heart and all; Thollgh oft the heart is full of tears, Asel hidden be the stun, The otold will judge yin'. it appears' Its work that MUST be (Ione, the apblication le•-•-••-••••••-• •-•-••••-•••••-•-• YOUR XMAS PRESENTS • • • We wish to call the attention of our patrons to the fact that we have on display for their inspection a large stock of assorted Jewelery consisting of: Lavalleeries Bracelets Gold Rings Ear Drops Necklaces Lockets Crosses Tie Clasps Sewing Sets Manicure Sets Match Safes Hat Pins Brooches Guard Chains Charms Pen l Pen Holders Fountain Pens Cuff & Waist Pins The above articles are all of the latest patterns and of first class material and workmanship. Prices to suit. Also a large assortment of Xmas tree orna- ments and decorations. Call in and inspect our dis- play. COUGHLIN BROS. & CO. wrhe Store of Quality.\ •-•-•-•••-•-•-••-••••-•-•-• ******** -•-• ••- EDUCATING THE RURAL DWELLER What though the task heartbreaking be, I The greatness anti prosperity of the Sosessiitio people who dwell Hi alliall 1..s114 Sea farms throughout the sontly depends on %%hot they are able Or scarce seem wrth the while? The painted (down you sometimes see alight reason in this style. His surrews--What are they to you? Deplaved as they are of His to provide the fun; -e.- iss the elese communion of their And thus he doee, as y0'.I ho, and, frequently, adequate The work that MUST be done, ilie yeung 111.111 IA the small II /L1114 1 Ile faun may g00% ell 1.1St 1-3047 1 \ e\ 111 1\ . \' \ 1 \\ \ 1 \' RESTORATION To ENTRY OF had better 11,IN outages. For the LANDS IN NATIC)Is:AL FOREST imrpos• of educating these people, the .. ! ..iernitimit is promoting tlw organize- Notice Is hereby given that the lands tr..11 the National Rural Teachers' described below, embracing 93.44 acres itetuling circle. No tuovi Ment started within the Jefferson National Forest, i ; more worthy of entourage- Montana, will be subject to settlement meat, ediwati.,i, eau may he attain-. eil Mooed' [sine:nous who are 111-Oper- and entry under the provisiom of the f o r ri„.ir „„ i k, fo w l homestead laws of the United States ! plate, ale tieing orkisi out by the hut and the act of June 11, 1906 134 Stat.! rean of eiliteatiiat its its with 2331 at the 1:nited States land office at emninittee of state super- Great Falls, NIontana on February 4. an,i is now really to he put 1916. Any settler who was actually and list'' /111.1.111 1/111. so that feather s and ed. , in good faith claiming any of said lands may p•gi-ier at any time. :to stairs Int‘e . 11111111.11 1111. circle, am i, for for agricultural purposes prior to Jan - 1 the pre:eut. oiiiy teitellers residing in Miry 1 1906, and has not abandoned those states which have expressed a same, has a preference right to make a 1 : &rare to co-operate in the work will homestead entry for the lands actually be permitted to join. A complete course occupied. Said lands were listed upon el it ailing fi.r teachers hes been nesppe.1 out, et[nsisting non-profeSSional the persons mentioned below. who books of culture value, educational elassies, moil principlee and methods hare a pr.iference right subject to the a education. rural education and rural prior right of any . such settler, provided such setiler or applicant is qualified to ' make homestead entry and the prefer- ence right is exercised prior to Febru- ary 4, 1916, on which date the lands will be subject to . sei.lement and entry by any qualified person. A tract of 93.44 acres, within what will probably be when surveyed Secs. 29. 32, 1'. 16 N.. R. 10 E., M. M., described as fol- olks: Beginning at Corner No. 1 a I lime stone rock marked H-1 whence I T the North quarter corner of Sec. 29.'1 16 N., R. 10 E.. bears N. 18 0 W., 42.50 chs.; extending thence W. 21 chs.; thence S. 6° 8' E., 37.53 chs.; thence 35° 25' W., 14.66 ells.; thence S. 72° 45' E., 21.83 chs.; thence N:' 4 0 45' E., 57.20 chs., to the place of beginning, application of S. D. Ator, Geyser, Mont. List 1-3047. Nov. 16, 1915. C. M. Bruce, Assistant Com- missioner of the General Land Office. 1st Publication Dec. 10, 1915 E. SUNDERMEIER Registered Optometrist Member of state and national as- sociation Eye strain is a waste of nerve force and produces serious func- tional disturbances. I relieve this condition by properly fitted glas- ses at the GEYSER HOTEL, First Saturday of each month. Permanent office BELT, MONT. C. H. DIETSCH General Repairing Oxy-Acetylene WELDING Vulcanizing NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of Cie 'Interior, U. S. Land Office at (.:r:7at Falls, Montana, November 27 1915. Notice is hereby given that CLARK K. GREEN, of Raynesford, Mont., who, on October 10, 1911, made Homestead Entry No 024482, for W'.4 NW ;‘, Section 12, Township 16N, Range 7 E, Montana Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make Thrze year Proof, to establish claim to the land above descr,bed, be- fore R. H. Bemis, U.S. Commissioner at his office, at Belt, Mont., on the 6th day of January, 1916. Claimant names as witnesses; Chas. A. Beckstrom, August Anderson and Nels Nelson all of Raynesford, Mont. and John F. Gahan of Monarch, Mont. R. N. Sutherlin, Regi 'ter. 1st. Publication Decenber, 3rd. 1915. • •-• •-•••• •-• *************************** •-••-•••-•••-•••-•-••• • • • • • • RAINBOW FLOUR I Made from best Montana Hard Wheat tinder new scientific sanitary * process. Every sack bears our unconditional guarantee. To introduce Rainbow for a limited time only. $2.50 per 100 lbs. FREIGHT PAID To YOUR STATION on 5d0 -lb lots. 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Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 17 Dec. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.