Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, December 17, 1915, Image 5

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CrYSER JUDITH 13ASIN TIN1r..c 0 • 0 Come to us for Xmas Gins (MAKE '04 flAt'PY I WE'LL SELL YOU SENSIBLE CHRISTMAS PRES- ENTS THAT WILL PLEASE THOSE WHO RECEIVE THEM. YOUR CHRISTMAS MONEY WILL GO A LONG WAY, TOO, IN OUR STORE. WE ARE BUSY. COME IN. Buy your wife soire COMM UNITY SILVER :yid make her Christmas a HAPPY one The most complete line of SCISSORS and MANICC Ri SET'S Geyser Give the Boy something that he will enjoy -Boy Scout Pocket knife, one of our Pocket Flashlights and a Jim Dandy Air Rifles. He mill enjoy Christmas more than ever. COME IN WHILE FHE STOCK IS CONI vi.E FE Harney & Adams Hardware Co. 'THE STORE OF SERVICE and FAlR PRICES - 044•• -•444-44-4-4-4..•44-• •-•-• • • *** ? FOR S kLE- 4 roorn house, In - (Julie of Bert Crabtree. • I C R S.111 A In- . • • quire at the Time office. 1{.•ad Ow iii% tletelipt 1011, then • V .111 1% Ill W a Isl I ti be the iv. ' WA , • ' • 4. Nils. Ltta Niclionid i..,pentling I h. • week it :ti t leer aunt Nlatgaret Dun • • III 1.1 , .it talk. • • • Mi Ihtitahl left the first • ej t he •k% ei k Fort Benton, when. • 4 I 44111 t...4.11 itt a rota! di-Alio • • .0.1 mil.. !toot lit ohm. • • . • Mr. am, Mr:. \\*alter E. Johleaot an • 4 two children were guest• of Mr. Mom son'. cousin at r:rea t jails Tuesday an • 11't alnesday of thi., week. • t W• , 111.1 14‘,%.• ped a t•arload of hog5 to the ;rya • cll. There wert • • ts0111t. -,\ a toutte them t 4 • I unit wo • • tittle I the, week from a ‘i-it at Truly • * sioldana. 'iii-. make, her loini tIii' Pottle iamb tin iitt.r creak. • 11r. at, I III, Lovel airiva • f r o m rdeat Thin .day wi • eiaoltici it -.i.1111•1111 here 111 the I 111.11 • /lentil lug. 11 aiii i or foe tiler announce • • Lit I hi. opening. • • I. N. li•ishor and 1 , ialik lattaesti n • ' • ited ..tItie•day 1,4,1.1 a ....41 . 11:11 111(4 • 11110 ill I 111..1111i 'III, l Or T1 hoyi mi g ht is• ... m e ti l er it II.3 ..10 t 1.411 i 'anti Wit has, to be shown. • I. • ' Lltn • tri will It t%t• Ito • rt. \I 44.. I. \cll. I . 1..41, i • t• 1 ..• .1..kighlt. • • 1.'1 j•• I I. V.111.11 a al Ink ;ace Illt.t • • 1 o Si -nil ill yiair 1 . 1111,iet. for the lilt'all _• Ilia( 3..11 like to have a 11111•11111MNII111111.11_ We have a complete stock of BEAR CREEK and BELT CO.N.L Nice lumps, free from rock. NEIHART LUMBER CO. Yards at Geyser, Spion Kop and lie!t. ' at the big Carriivi , .2-11.. Write yogi .4 1 41 o-tal ttelit.• an 1 mail I i lc. co 'Fi y...T. te ae % l III II I t. Il O I.' W pet !Ile. it today. 11 1.1 . \H.' ,• I ..:••1'•••••. li111111•••C •11 ail id., • III;. • •! . .it 0 44 111,111.14 . U..111.• ailli ....r 1)113 :lig 11.. 11 .1 4 % af t wit t he la -1 minute. Ii, ii R:13.' I), 311 , 1' 4,•11 li11.1 111131 . ,..II he \. cc 1 eat . , 113 II I I 11.11 on New 1 . 1.111.ler 14 IILI/1.1 . 'Hi , lilt p piece uiele•- • tic. I 4.111, .1 114 .1:1111, till' (111I •• I iii,1 tin- 114 IV ''Ill' III. S111010 - 1 - at II 'imin Koji hotel. A pit:11'i'i',1e 1til. Ann I, h o s - i - i di he ' T eti tie , 11 , i , 24.11. , 1110041 I \AIL!, i•N 1•, I, , ii liii ••• M.111 I.. a \ ter 1114 ill, a 1)1...gra. appr. p: late 1. , I Ile ca • c * : 1 1 , 1011. 1..11••Wic .1 a 1:1•-t r4. the g•••• at,. .11 1 • for Ili , 111 :111.1 Ia. ticall le•te %%Ill II, II 11.'100.01 t r . Holm dal fainilI at: tied Tile hi frtin S , nrth- prrkod a arc! %% ill 1 hu miii, ;tot 1 '•..1 r '11r. lIttim, Itas 3 II I ' 1.111 I, a 114 is ill 1.11 114 .1 144.11 1411.41 111 . .1 t • III • :.1c,, iLl . .. - •••`,I I II I /ALII,.\ I I I I -• .1 .4 '4' .11,1 11. .. 1 .• .1 , 11.1 a 1.. 11. 11..1 11..1.11 knout:, II, Ii iroprottle.!Ii •••••Hail Is :111.1 ]. Witte jit 1 IIi.• 11.41.r. T1,1 , '4111 1..• :211..11 111411 M.! t II.• 1.1 I r..1111 111,• 141 ***** a! I.% nem, the Ii. kV' ••011,1•1 I 14,1 II • I II 111 41. 444•.1 ittol the lot ow, cloak loom lot+ beer I $.1 ,III.1•1* SAUERKRAUT 2 pounds 15c 4 pounds 25c In large quantities 5c per pound FRESH WENNERS Fancy Home Smoked Sugar Cured Ricon 23c a pound Fresh Oysters for Xmas and New Years Geyser Meat Co. Geyser, Montana I Last ;v,.-1.. NI ea r. naloadett 14111111 , 4••1•1•:. V.1111•11 r.. iy pity, :it SI. 2ist in the larro-h y..liro k at.. I .144.1 1\. eat %%h t.]. I, „ ! .11 plc I, 1.•11 , II. 44 liele II tI 1 • •••1 IL Pli hi 1 I .•• 44 11 et uti,1 iii ii 4411 liii, ••I 1.1•1,1 44, ha. 1,-,-I-,111,, .1. \I. I 11.-mo rt. 11 111-1,1 :ton h e a .1 of , tm toil] 1104% I•11!.23:\1 ii a sloe'. -bed and 44111 11 11,1 ' .f.:1t 1 le 41 141 ••11,•••11 1111.1111•-• , 1A1.•1 4'..111 ICI 11' ..!.! h. 1.1 1,31 1••• I, • • i,, 11 • • 111111 ‘14.111•1:15. III I •• .• ii••• 1 •1 1••Wi • e ii I , 'Ill • al iiI1l 44111, their I .. ... I II I t t \HI II 1.211 I -• '''••••111.• ..1 jok 3 , • • 1.10 a 141,1, I 1011 •I •••••••1 • eil i 1.i . W h. it. - • lit,i• I • i NOTICE W ill buy turkeys at Cc\ • ser on December 21 and 22 I will pay 12cts. a pound, liN( weight. Creed Pennington -- ,. Mr. ate! Mt, 1.. IL c a l, si ,,,,, I th, Thisted and Anderson hair atarttd 1 'Wit of Ito. A,...k on their circuit woik, building several barns and Ards on ‘playing litb.uit on Monday night. 1 their ianch south of town. Mrs. 1..11 \ lh•litit-14,0111 aitti lilt I.- lii ugh t..i at le Belt ealle14 (I 0111 Sat IrditY I \I ote•.lay. Mr. 1%.ixon. lade buyer, was cal- ling on the (its user Meat Company on donday. Jame, Keitiagliati, formerly of Spion nuii of White Sulphur Springs, ha, wen in this community the past week tilling on iadatives and friends. The dance given last Saturday night .y the Ill. in, Oiehestrat WWI well put onized and 4 teryone ullultyro enjoys tie Mena music. tor it is among the hes hat ‘tsits this section of the country Cliarky Has Itke. the j r oteutia f the 11;e:, Meat ctimpanV will spoi 'le lirdi.lay • %tali relatiites in and iota law:taker. \Via., leaving lot tha• !Ma' ti !yr k. Mr. S. c. Cady has been the guest 'at er datughtei, :11ra. Harry Chamberlain IS aea-k and on Monday tit:. hull, vet e basines; eallera LIt 1114 :110 inade a trip to Great Fails, return ag Wednesday afternoon. The Tanners 1:rain Ele4tor tit 'd et In has 1144•11 opened for business wit' -inythe in charge. Smith seem • .1 leading dame in M. rino, twt loyalties a ill. Smiths in charge. IVO a ease ot conflict they can blame i n to Sindli or Smythe it is all th. •111.e Li., Iii'' Ulm!, w.ty i; I iii'. 1. 5%:es in from .11ettio, th. rat of the week nod slates that Menlo ill sit lie large enough to get on (h. tap. That they are to 11fIVI. ill'1111 lot- cli I U.:- 'A...4.k and will offer thee Lit onee. It is rumored Hit e Equity Society will build a store it erino this full. The Denton In km intent is a r•t• on the exchange table this w e e ] till -ii now has two papers, both we' Irmo/eat, vi It ich .111.,4c a tie' progre- ..t that lit 1 le city. Mtssers 11 Shtick is t 'Moe- and Curtiss Burn ,,f this 114 - 41\ J. .1. Ple%tiat has beam in from Ili melt the past week and has been it sting the boys in getting readv fi . They have ci ntplct.. d ti. .iii, whieh All hough it has )wen i for several months wa., not Aid, I the south side. In the spring the' .11 repaint the barn RIM the.. Its; of the beat looking places - on Mai, •trect. IThe laidics . Aid of the Congregation. - orell will hold a sale in the Buck!), Mondale Real Estate liefirP tomoi afternoon. The articles oifered tt tIi' are those left from the big atilt I two weeks ago and air lllll g thi in at :any handsome as wc11 u 5 useful al ieR. Remember here is a tine pia, h ol y N ittas gifts Is -sides helping rthy The teachers and inipils of the paid; •asol are- preparing,a... progtwo, Alt I in the faevser OiNera flaIl, Deceit) • 241. This is :in neerision when everv ••• ill the community should he preseni will be a X Mils tree for tile \Kid runt everything will be dune t. • • 5 • rv10.4 A pleasant esenim. .,•• -,t oi I Ii• 3 . 11411:I' 11111'n111 all iI,ttt,,I III'' fonds 1.) titian.... the of 111111 !lie arid lt'aellt r•I fir king 1lVer I lune to prepare an ell rta 'foment I hat a ill la log the Nut] ..irit 1.41 fill. Plan too attend anti brin childrin. Read the program tin th page. SPION KOP Niartin Anderson has returned iron trill In vit, hell` he list heel tmki ng over the lanai with a slew of 10 I at ittg t here. Mrs. Boone Barron, of Buneelon. Mo. , here for a short viait with her sis ci Nlis. 11\. I Patirson. %via. K rito o nii , h a s st ar ted (h. cuiui tinction 11t . a II room building to corn .ly %% it li the 'it ate la w on as loons. NI in, Bertha Davis of Neihart spent few daya here the past week \ kit in ; ith her friend, Sophie Iiisinen. Geyser Shoe Shop kinds of SHOE REPAIRING done with Neatness and dis- patch. SATISFACT- ION GI IA R EMT D Shop opposite Pioneer Barn. W. II. Westgate Prop. 1 Herbert Magnuson and Nita. Gladys Itarratt attended the basket 1,111 dant, at Deli last Saturday and report a tine Man's Adventurous Side. time. • Naturally. \I saw Mabel buying rouge the other day.\ \That gives color to the report that she paInts.\-Baltiwure American. II. Rocksted spent seseial days in . ireat Falls, where he had some dentist 'work done and alto istted with 'friends. CHURCH NOTES crysi.:it, SUNDAY, 19 I Sunday sehool at 10 a. rit. Preaching Service at 7:30 p. Subject of sermon. \The Advent Christ.\' This will be a christruas fter• IVe cordially ills it,. all ssho Ca u attend this service. How light flowing from the ad- vent of Christ has penetrated the dark places of the earth and illumined them with joy; How true it is that Christ came ''to give light to them that sit Ill darkness.\ 1.: TRICKING SUBMARINES. Ruses by Which Vessels May Escape Their , Torpedo Attacks. It Is the surprise attack which Its n early every vase enables a submarine to torpedo a hostile ship. There are several maneuvers by means of wta i l;,•at u ship eau trlek a submarine. Several vessels have -.41verted torpedoes tiv swinging round their stern until it points hi the direction of the undersea mart. In thls way the wash of the propellers has deflected the torpedo trout its course and it has sped harm iessly past its murk. Another success- ful ruse is to stoke up the furnaces of a shlp chased by A submarine. and thick, black smoke belehes from Its funnels and envelops the vessei in a Protective shroud. itt this way the sub - warfare gunners are confused and can not perceive the correct directlep Iti whieb to send their torpedo. A speedy ship which follows tin er rade. zigzag course presents is poop mark to a submarine. When a turned, to dispatched against a fast travelituz vessel It is directed to a point just ahead of its mark. and the ..i.aft III erally runs into the death dealio...\ vice. This obviously cannot happen lion-ever. If a s hip l a swinging rapidly from side to side Mitt alternately pant lug the narrow expans e of Its bows stern to the undersea marksmen A submarine seldom attic.ks a vess If it lit 11OI tit011e. for It can only attack one at a tluie, and while it is a torpedo at its drat mark the seamed vessel has an excellent opportunity of ramming the submarine, eau be Located by Its telltale periscupe.-Pear. sou's Weekly. There ill always a temptation to cross a bridge 811101 has been con- demned. man being an adventurous cuss at heart.-Atchleon (noise. The confidence we have la imrselves gives birth to much of that we 'etre in uthers.-La Rochefoncanht. \The Woi:c\ a iranta of worldwide fame will be playedrcly a company of six in the Geyer Hall next Wednesdiq eve, this troupe has leen playing at the G n I in Great Falls and Manager Gale has procured thent as they had a open date before their engagement in Lew i t WANTED TO TRADE. $17,000no worth of improved city property in Great F us, Mont. paying !en per cent interest for improved rauch. Address Box 33, Great Falls, Mont. The Lacjes Aid Society of the Con- gregational Church will hold a Sale at Buckner f: Mundale's Real Estate offi on Dec. 18, 1915 at 2 P.M, Articles left over from Bazaar at a re- duced price. Lost or stray t d 1 crumpled horn, heart and a 6. on Geyser Meat Co. a red con-, with btauded svith a left hip. Notify Ads - The GEYSER GARAGE Repans, accessories, tires for all cars Ford repairing and supplies, a spec - It r. Oil. (2()..S Oil. (itanit ear Tires and I Lilies rubes sulcanized, Boots and Shoe, for worn tires SPECIAL \I HIS WELK Thremue, a non-freezinv solution Try Some GENER 11. \1 - 1 . 0 REPAIRING C. R. Rasmussen, Prop. ••• •••••••••••-•••••••••••••••••-••••-••••••••••-•-•-•-•-• • •-•••-••-•-•••••••••••••••••-•••.•-•-•-•-••••-•14-14 A Friendly Hand There are times when the friendship of a good bank is about the test asset you can have. We have helped more than one man in this community over t:tnes of financial difficulties, and roe world be glad to do as much for yon. It's part of our business, if you are a patron of our bank, have kept your funds with us, have been straight, prompt and reliable, you have es- tablished a credit that will mean much to you if hard luck should strike you. We have the inclination to help everybody, but naturally our friends come first. FIRST STATE BANK GEYSER, MONT. Safety & Service a combination of mutua: interest ••••• Hotel Geyser Geyser, Montana American Plan $2.00 per Day Special Rates by Week or Month First -Class Service Special ,1ttention to CoMmercial Travelers SINIIIIIRNI/111110.11 ANDREW //EDMAN, Profir. IMMENIEM • wor..

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 17 Dec. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.