Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, December 17, 1915, Image 8

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GEYSER IUDITH [..\ SIN TIMES 4. , Barbed Wire In Ws War. In war barbed wire is used in vari- ous ways, but its main object is mail stopping. It is Interlaced with ground pegs In front of treuches for the pur- pose of tripping charging troops, it is strung across bridges and main roads to prevent the passage of cavalry, and It Is used for fencing in camps to guard against rushing tactics on the part of the enemy. Whenever possible barbed wire entanglements are bidden in long grass or in hedges, so that advancing troops will be trapped while the ene- my rake their Hues with shut and shell. Barbed wire concealed In un- dergrowth is particularly deadly where cavalry is concerned, for the wire grips the horses' hoofs, causing them to full on the spike strewn ground. -London Times. Things Worth knowing WANTED -a few choice Farm Loans at once. Freseman & Moods Farm Loan Co. STRAYED-Fram my ranch near Dover, 1 Bay Mare, 5 yrs. old, brand- ed MAX on left shoulder also 1 hav colt. $10.00 Reward for iuformation concerning either. Lester Black. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at Great Falls. Montana Novernher.26, 1915. Notice is hereby given that SUSIE P. LILLEGARD whose post -office address is Spion Kop Montana. did, on the 2nd. day of Feb- ruary. 1915. file in this office Sworn Statement and Application. No. 036337 to purchase the N NE. & SE 1 4 NI - 0,(, Section 21, Township 19 N.. Range 9 'i.ast, Montana Meridian. and the timber thereon, under the pro- visions of the act of Juve 3. 1878, and acts amendatory. knmsn as the Timber and Stone Law. at such value as might be iii‘ed by appraise mem. and that, pursuant to such application, the land and timber thereon have been appraised Three Hundred and Ten Dollars; the timber estimated 38011 poles at Skis. each and the land $120.00; that said applicant will offer final proof in sup- port of his application and sworn state- ment on the 12th day of February. 1916, before the Rgister and Receiver of the U. S. Land Office, at Great Falls. Mont. Any person is at liberty to protest this purchase before entry, or initiatate contest at any time before patent issues. by filing a corroborated affidavit in this office, alleging facts which, would de- feat the entry. R. N. Sutherlin, Register. 1st. Publication, December 3rd. 1916. NOTICE FOR PUBLICAT1ON Department of the Interior. U. S. Land Office at Great Falls. Montana, December 1, 1915. NOTICE is here by given that 'LILLIAN - 0. AND- ERSON. of Geyser. Mont:ma, uhv on March 27, 1912, made Home- stead Entry, No. 026498, for NE!‘, Section 5 toiAnship 16N., Range 10E., Montana Meridian. has tiled notice of intention to make Three-year Proof, to establish claim to the land above described, be- fore R. H. Bemis, V. S. Comissioner at his office, at Belt, Mont.. on the Nth day of January, 1916. Claimant ILtilleb Witnes$t-s: Alex Anderson, Thorval Amundson. Nlatt Oja and Ray Brown all of Geyser. Mont. R. N. Sutherlin. Register. 1st, Publication December 3rd. 1915 FURS SHIP TO BIGGS, Hithest Prices in Years .1 1 ,k;;;;;,,••\. gritibl• la•t 1,•••r•• pfloo s . ii. Z.1 harry., and pav th• pew, to get throe_ Immenes *rears on MINI. We alway s pay blithest pekes but thla year more than ever. No coma...none deducted. You get •very rent. FREE Illerie g :tr oo lcr7 r e on Try et \Trapezes.i. bi I alWeNUtZelpt ion F re • to all Trapper,. Full of picture...and actual stories of trapping ant, hotting •deenture. lilbooriborr totrop moos for and how to get the most Toney for thern. 'SU eFe I It 111. Guar, Aznmunition.Trap• Fattest Aram, Payton , Coat. We want your Furs. E. W.111013 & CO., 41,1•At I stl\ LIVE STOCK HUSBANDRY SHEEP ON THE FARM. They Perform Valuable Service by Cleaning Up the Weeds. The present seasen Is .lie La W vegetation of all kinds is lint hi ex ceptIonally rank growth. In Many II aeld weeds and grass have taketi com- plete possession of the ground. These weeds, if allowed to mature, will sow . the fields with foul seeds to hinder the crops of next year, says the Kansas Fernier. There is only one way to harvest and turn into cash this rank growth of veg- etation. and that is to get a Minch of TI is a long u'ouled811*...-1 , arid t. i• largest of all breeds , is noissi% e. 1. I Thr k • is SuilieWila' r s,00l I. . 1 is Is. the body and nen at.ii 551 it IP :I ep it is not C3.0 Se. It IS kitt,ic brhed for itilitton and .001. 'rue aroirsi 2,114CA !I IS a Lin - out WeItler, lambs and turn them into the Field, „atiths will clean up a hat of vegeta- ion of thLs kind and leave the field as dealt as 111 'Etie one wflo has had no previous ex ',Nieuwe with sleep had best start lit it till not 10 eNcc(.il out. cal:b.:tit aid f) - Ite of land, for this to oil; of cleatuing ' op eoretionis out' about lit . ty pounds anti ill a fair ettitilition slimy silmuld ordinarily he puri•hased in September and usually van be mar keted in a little over teal months, or as soon as taken out of the field. iVitile some like to fetal a littht grain in addi- tion. the surest profit comes from put- ting them 011 the market when they are lit Leo from the fields. A g.,,, , (1. thrifty lamb ought to gain from right to fifteen pounds dining a feeding pe- riud'of this length. Feeditig sheep are likely to be high On the market this fall. leo for the pur• pose of converting into cash such veg et a ti mi 0 4 he pre , :ent hi great alitioulatice there is little eh:owe for loss Malt,: litrt,111:11 accident Of hind. If niarloitc.1 dirls•I from the licit! they Will II:1i Nitetu nothing that has oust any Immo . . They cott1.1 go to market for the same price Pet Ill I they cest 119 feeders ;tad Still Mahe a little profit. flat eVelt if market condi- tions should be such that they barely pay expenses the farm would still be theati for the weeds ttould lie harvest- ed. Iiit seed %% mild mature In make the land foul the next I'll', and the hulk of the fertilizing value of this mass or ii11111 lie si (lyrist er the tields_itt taingle with the soil. HARVESTING WITH HOGS. Swine Lighten Farm Labor When Al- lowed to Feed Themselves. The !leg Is it successful harvester if _then the job to clean up a field er r:. or corn., %%rifts it eorrespondetit or tLe Orange Judd Farmer. Not °my does he do the toot': it ell. but he gr.ov s ft so hil.. he is performing the ta.k. ifi. works While the farmer can eneage himself at something else. The -; of pigs Will ml,, !lie work, and thia e id be no U11.• :1( . 1 - e .4 rye. yielditig I win• hustle's, 'will run six ahonts at eragi:t.: ponnils about siN weeka. If hit ii. age is provided it Wu OM rye g' 'ii will Le the result. Tina, ill erep of latiats .eittly for a cornfield. They will hal %est the ...tit as Well as the plehel W 110 }Deis tr. ita 4 to 7 cents a laishel Ili's( they ...limed have a liehl of No ern. If. N. fl.111)Wl.11 haler iVitIl 81111f II. lit./4 .4 a later sariety. This pro , . 1.1, daily feed for a hunch of shoats f i• .itietist to Noaeltilocr uii.I it - ill hours of Hine. The h.< Will lici litany a former solve the hilair tem. Wliete it Las Moot tried it has been a success. Watering the Horse. Water :t °Ur hors c s as oiler, 115 pom- sible. So long as a herse is w\rking water in small quantities will me hurt him. But tel him dr1/11: .aily ti fea - st% ali...%%s ff h e f S p..111:1 1.. I Da not f.iii to water him ti iil-:it ter I\' 11.I' ,r\1P\ 1`\Y When a ...?...'s 1.1 atter work spormit eff $100 Reward, $100 1 0,, ham.- woo, The readers of this paper will be , ',Is nose and moot h tool lit,' Wa,h pleased to learn that there is at h.ast one dreaded disease that science has I I, not his h.g s , been able to cure in all Its stages, anti that Is catarrh. Catarrh being greatly Influenced by constitutional conditions Brewers' Grains For Horses. requires constitutional treatment. emonininc Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts thru the Blood co the atueolia dried breaers - 2 r :t i let I s mix e d as Surfaces of the System thereby ae- lows: ,six plaint, of ha*. * pounds stroying the foundation of the disease, giving the patient strength by building ''1'dried liri-wers' grains. t wo tanind tura in doing Its work The . , tors have so much faith . In the cproprle• urative I .41 w \''' lulls 'ell fnlin e n'• il In girt' 't faclory re•alt, frq oafs, so if liii Ii' 1.11C1...1 V. hen. oats are mere evoelisive than the mixed ra- tion.- Rural NeW Yorker. up the constitution an asniating na- of bran feur tannuila etwi l powers of Hall's Catarrh Cure that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that It falls to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address: F. J. CHENEY 116 CO., Toledo, Ohio. Sold by all Druggists. Ho. fee'. Famous Dams. 'rite construction of the gigantic Jac: age wall. Limo ii as the BurrIii, .. dum,• the most hilereling part oil I' • New South Wales irrigation salve. was a clever Moe .4 ( *Rug work, indevd, it ranks as ime of t. :greatest dams in the world. both in ie head to height nod VI , Itittle (sr tualioUndeti, it feet high, feet thick at the base, tapering to 1 feet at the top and some ;so , length. The faitenis (lam at ,,n the Nile, has it Oita! height or ifal feet, while h11.' great Croton a, Roosevelt (lams tit America et -Map iturrinjuek structure toy °illy a few It IS a IllaSsi re WSLI ut e ener o, thirty feet higher than the lam , ' ruotiumetit. This cotossal styli I , however, had to be built across the of it river subjected to floods. In it ,I. gorge whose sides were so steep II It was impossible to establish wet . , shops upon them -Loudon Mail. Thackeray's Appetite. Thackeray, tellieg of a diluter joyed at .intwerp. said it consisted •• green pea soup. boiled s:0.111011. iii crimpled skate. roast meat patties, on. carp stewed Nom imistiromus trattoria, roast turkey. eau:Mower. of venison, stewed va If's ear. roa - veal, roast 1111111i. Ste'd cif cherries, I ly Yere cheese and about twenty -Le, cakes of different kinds. Except Ii su- thlititnelL find fourteen I ate all, wit three rolls of bread and it score of p• tatoes.” 'Elitosto twenty potatoes remind thc reader (of the dreadful disillusion ot, I harlotte Brunie to hen she vaute London and sat her lama; Ilion at dinner. 'a oh, )1 I . . Thacker:4 . k . she cried In shecLed surprise as II :itched him eat. Slue luml never MI a hell ., 1111, :at' 1. , 4ili..1e5 by tO , Spr:ng Versus Fa!! P;owing. lie aVeValle tiN years el to 11113, iticlusive, show that sprir . .... piolvIng was hotter :him f.111 plotving for moisture I otea•rt iii yield ot _rahl atal eost the stpritug ',toe in 1. 1.111,.• :lit iixerage yield bushy! , r comparel elf!' les bushels 'Li1..:1 ilia to this diffcrcia ,• .1 and it! c to'bat 0st \i plod!). lv i! 51 101 [111)‘‘Iir.: gall. :1 net r , ! , tit of iit.rre i:alt 10 , 1 Report. 1 Hand Laundry CLEANLINE8S IS ,NEXT TO GODLINESS. WE ARE PREPARED TO KEEP YOU CLEAN IN EX- PERT STYLE, GIVE US A TRIAL, ERIDETH HAND LAUNDRY Geyser. Montana, General Blacksmith liorseshoeing Wagon and Carriage Repairing All Work Guaranteed Garrage and Auto Repa , -s, J. A. Sanders Geyser, Montana A1! Information from the LAND OFFICE { Jussa.Thars THE FIRST WARP. THE SLIM 51.0005LIVE TIISRE-NSAJILV . ALL OF THEM usa THE REAL TOSACCO CHEW ITH11 MAYOR POINTS OUT NATTERS OF INTEREST.) (OF COURSE 'MEV WANV THE BEST. Ai 01 -AD MATURE suephir3 CtIEWiUG if As WILL As THE. 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Market Report [Corrected Fridays] •: he following prices are in force at th.- local elevator at the time of going to ,sress: N. 1 Noriherp wheat, per bu__ $ 88 N.. 2 Northern, per bu .84 No. 2 Montana Hard, per bu .87 3 Montana Hard, per bu_ .81 1.1,x, per bu 1.73 Bkz.Idy, per cwt 1.00 to 1.00 02 - s. per cwt .65 to.75 PIONEER Livery, Feed and Sale Stab!e. Work 7 earns, for Hire George Meredeth, Prop. Wi l la:BINA:FE, DairyFarmor_ :s freer GREENS Fruit Growl* • FARIVI6 WIFE cflo 004 - •14 \CVO ••• •,41,11 1 Y rcilvtAnh. 1013 ••••••• $2.00==Our Paper and Any One of These Clubs -$2.00 t EVERAL leading publishers of magazines have joincd with us in one 1 he greatest subscription bar- gain oilers ever put out in th:s country. Through this combination ever541.xt1y will be able to get a yearly subscription to three magazines in combination with our weekiy pi pc; at practically the price of our paper alone. 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(with free pattern) CI.1•11 No. 2:1. woman's Home Weekly Woman's W crld Home Lite 111•••••••••0••••mm... 3..77 N LRID, \tiO N i1\ ;.‘ A.. i ,‘ TTnA , \ 1 • L icx -2 1 SISK C1.1'11 Ns. 211 Fancywork Magazine Gen(lewornan Today's with free Vattern) 19 CIA' if No. ? gamma City Weekly Star Earn, Lite Everyday Litli 20 C1.1711 No. 28 Gentlewoman Woman's World Home Life C1.1 . 11 N., 29 Knneas City Weekly Star E veryday Life Home Lite cur,: No. 30 Southern Rue abet Home Life Gentlewoman Nr.. F armer • s Wkl y Dispatch S. 08.1 Home Life Farm Life (1LI'll No. Rural Weekly 1St. Foul) Gentlewoman Everyday Life CLUB No. 33 ( rnerlran Home Womanls World Gentlewoman No. 8-1 McCall's !v. ith flee pattern) Everyday Life Household Guest:

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 17 Dec. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.