Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, December 24, 1915, Image 1

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„ Eastern Indoor Masquerade Carnival, Geyser Hall New Year's Night • tfi VOL. 5. • .. • Th'4i\liliii0e,,,:,,,/ _ • 1/ .>:„........................................'_ ..._,............_/..- / -r - 4. -- N........._ ... ?.._..i..........„../- - . . .. .....! . _- 4. , .,._...._........../. ..-.................____:\.--...----.'- ... ---\ -- . ..... -- Z -7.-- .. --,- - :. - . 4. 4 ), 7•4 . - '4, ' . : .: 7 . :---- A -.‘ ' I' . ‘4:! • \1\11.-- W \4: 4 \ ? - 49-4 ='----' 1 • 7?4, : -taTtzr. • ..•: .: 4..:,^ )K•-.‘ - ... - --,, .4\•'' • •• n l, .......\'... • ..:-_^ ‘.•,, • •. . , '',..:\ , ,...., • • . ..\ - \3 • •• .:•• .•-•-• - ' -Z-7..... - .7:. - ......4 •\' . 4,...... . ` '•-) .) .k. • ,ir•144:14;4; .4 ' .4..2b.• el t 4. '- ..i.• GEYSER, M - 0 , DEC. 24, 1915 4.10-1/ -0•• NO. '3 ely Al I . of st.g, a des. y lot during I be day. This hould be anning Clubs are Great Suc:..ess 441014•14 % % 4I Man th leI1 V 0. V.111110'11 1111.a 1,, 44/11144 ..1r0Vided Wi at protpe s ted„ shed, 1/111• 1 fish for the first time in their experience. -hat is thoroughly dry and well provid- ;:.:011 1101. 1,1 11110:10. ia 150 4111:11111S Of peas. with bedding. While nature does ,.„, „ ,,,„!,' wr it. ier part and pioteeta the horse with a 1 • Ing. Iwo aords were: \F:sery body wavy coat 4.1 hair during the cold aas d to .1tio ,,,ito„ but I shall al- tiontlis, the shed is necessary in order .23 ,,,„ .o afford the nts-essary shelter and pro- , yew I allies. - section against rains, snow, and cold o„. 1 .„, I „ i • „„ i k . r„ di g . %lads. 11 inter winds come mostly t I,,,„ Ai r arid leach rids the roma the /ha 01 and rierthwegt. and ti.. : . 1 , . t „ 1 • % .,, itta „ 1 tAt tj j htd slit...all be 30 situated and constru 3 0 , 4 o.lio• Motit.iiia mother,. ti•il as to give the proper protection a het liot . hilt %%ono ot not ale awak rout this quarter. -tow! t los biggest pie, -44 411 t•441111111111 go' 1 . , - ding of idle horses OH ,1,‘ not Is s. eau av.aon- Ligh'Pri\ should he avoided hi . 1 114 -It 1a-1 14,1 11t1.14-r-lallilillg of titer ,rder to keep them in proper condition sr , .0,-1 alii,11 makes h oloo ,• aor ti, t tlw touest cost. It haa been found lint ill,- horses do very well on a win• Miss Grace and Opal Holt, age 1: and 16, daughters of Walter Holt o Deer Lodge and students in local high school, have established a precedent ii Montana for members of state girlu- gardening and canning clubs organized under the supervision of Miss Augusto' D. Evans, state organizer of Loy's and girls' clubs, for Montana State College and United States Department of Agri- culture. Miss Grace, aged 15, cleared $148.62 on a 1-10 acre garden. This is a pro- fit at the rate of $1,486.00 on I are. The land was measured by II. B. Grant of Deer Lodge, civil engineer, and all records of labor and value of products are vouched til)on investigation by Miss Putney, Deer Lodge, Miss Augusta D. 1ctual cost of canning 'A k 'oat of canning outfit :oat of marketing Total cost .. Miss Opal llolt Receipt s from %egel lilt sold Receipt s tvg.•1:11,1. - 1'egetit1111• , fur h' iii,- ii - Seed ant ,rd Cost of Neil profit ltoth girls s,, , toied ithookel awl ii \u'l 141W keted at pr. ales. VI cod 1 .° 11 ' flower fell 111 1 4 , 111 :1 111.1.14- hal rel 4-.1 itlif eo piol, le. a hi. h CLAIM STATE WHEAT RECORD „my have sold for t ii,.,lie la . gcst a hea t .% i eld pet „L e w 01 Evans, Bozeman and John NN I I I ler, practical farmer, eents a 11111111d aim% 1.11I•if hi hot% A Tilt h. y Rod ander %%heat on dry lain In a written record, account is kept line example of business enterprise. is report. .1 was griia it by Quint exact date of planting, exact receipts l'hese girls have raised and (sinned Hi“thei , oil their lint -acre rail .11. li‘i from vegetables sold and exact labor successfully Nlay 22. 22 • s soolha cst lhoolCattion, NIon account, both child and adtdt. This les. They have used only a %sash hoiler taws. labor includes e.atual cost of production, marketing, also cost of jars in calming. Miss Grace Holt. Receipts from canned vegetables sold to customers $01.59 Receipts from canned vegetable; sold (to date) .35 Value of vegetables for home use (fresh) 19.40 1 . a1ue of vegetables for home use, (canned) Value of vegetables for home use, (root crops) 08.10 Receipts from vegetable seed saved 1.30 ;Merest,' in education. li-a 1 11; It s2.1. prip- v award' d lb- I is oil 25. ; tor - it, 25 , i, eget:, Idc es.h ,'Iii - bit of vigetabt s tai icl v, ti 11 1 . 11. 1111.11 (Ira . e. 85. lie: ,; E.% ans. ago lii. wo.i e jIlt a rack .111 directions c:e titi The h. to•res Isv actu ea ti-ed i.I n the hay, oat straw, corn talks, or ShIghttins they will eon :sumo 0 that little graiu is necensury. Idle- lea_s Mho p. -units of a more thorough 01 the teed, thus in surim -roper digest ion. From six to eight weeka before sprittp ..ork in started the horses should be put it light work and started on small graii. ation in order that they may be ii roper condition for the work required Joshed hy the -ALA • Icadet Ohl at 4. .11 ...III 11.% 1 111. 111.11 . 1tII11 . 1111ot - qtrs. oo A them. The grain ration may then b Ille• II 11 , 1.4 Ily t bib At I /40 4-14e .1 V..1, 2.7 11 1,11,110.1 thi I s i t . N1.. 11 1 ; 4 1 1:1. ! •1 6 4 1 t „ .gradually increased until the regula 4,, ii,, „ I „.. 1 n ' ;110a -once has been reached for th • .yorking s,-ason. :it I 411 ?Mi . ; , • Grossifig colts require considerable urnislied hy a 1.1.mi,:! , ait 1 cit ' .111, 11;1,4 of 2(1 •h-hl,dj.,ming 10 ..„ 1 . 1 ..,.. 1 an i ,,, r rut in. They should be so fed as t- 011,1ecure proper development and at 25 oats at 32 lis411114 is 1141' .1 h-t:toe. dilini11111111 cost. Rough feed, 411111 e itiodslis Fu . • lean mixed hay-, alfalfa, or clover, ma ..lmer w fed along with -a mixture of brat sits and coin. WINTERING IDLE HORSES .11 this time oi the year practically third prize. $10. • all the loots a ork inoso Nliss opal I bolt ha. vat 11/41. its. 11.1 155. 0 .1, and a il he apprintoli Caet of proiLetion \46.14 itug priat at , contest wititi.k horses are more or and state fait- tIll. 1.I. M I ; ici• 7 , 111.1. pile 11,11.4c. g itg. Ito retion in la - Net profit $148.51: Itti, eained. itichtd itg pi hidv pet lot med. I he feeding. should lit Cost of Production air and oil garden. ii41. - 6 .00. .1IIV get! 1•4411. ' hiltI II il 111144j1111... prupei Rent of land in NIciii.:11,1 eat' get into this gamo :1 11 1 ,arc -1..40,1 be taken of the animals ill Preparation of seed bed 1 -till 'mi... .1. Montana ha r that they may lie in the best of Cost of seed or plants 3.28 portunities for it... git Is ill gal -lento:. \add ion tor a k in the early spring. Cost of planting (labor) 2.-18 and canning. Ho, se-. should not lie cirilitted t.i the Cost of manure 1181 During the past seasori NIontaila's Ita in illil it g 111/4of , 011 a liberal slip. Cost of cultivation Cost of gathering vegetables Cost of cans, jars for canning 2.181 1 . 011M1.1.1 1.1 gil ls a nd one•ii ; id% ti t: . It 1 liii ii, t t. i Iii\reugh - 5.95 1 71141. Mott l e], c...11,„...1 a ill, I heti ittl. hem 1 he cold mold They 10-15 yoar, lige canning fruit., and should he gt%i Ii ill,- run i of the yard in We wish everybody in the whole big world a heart full of happiness. We are happy because we are concious of having treated everybody right who has dealt with us. Make yourself and your family happier by coming in and getting some new things to wear. Wallie has laid in a large supply in every depart- ment. By buying in large quantities he has bought for much less. That is why for 1916 we are prepar- ed to sell you for much less. Kennedy --M cConkey Company 1 he Quality Store. AIM OF AGRICULTURAL CLUBS The principle objects to be attailsei hreugh the promotion of boy's a s mi ultural clubs in the south, as define , iv those in charge of this work are: 1. To eneourage and train leols t. the lines of the activiti, mintry life. 2. To put into practice the fuels o agriculture obtained fron •pooks, bulletins, etc. 3. To hi ing the school life of the into ch,ser relationship to his home 1 To assist in the development . ot Lie spiiit of cooperation in the family Ind in the community. 5. To dignify and magnify the vo- lition of the farmer by demonstrating riturns which may be secured from fanning when it is properly conducted. , 0. To enlarge the visitor ot• the boy arid to give him definite purposes at an iniportant period in his life.. 7. To furnish to the aggressive, pro- gressive ntral school teacher an oppor- tunity to vitalize the work of the by correlating the teaching of igliculture with actual practibe. The aim of the boy's work is the same as that among men -viz, to see- m,. the adoption of better methods of -aiming and greater yields at less cost. 11,,,,v of the boys in the dohs who be- gin 10 study agneulture in this way a ill continue the study in the agrieult oral college; others will continue ',u,-1, ---IT- nt. on their farms, and all of them will mak , . inure useful and more etTic• citizens. From the pleasant and 'ill table experience of owning awl manageing their small plats. they will I 14111 into independent, intelligent farmers. UNIVERSITY DRAWS STUDENTS FROM AFAR With the exception of Big Horn, Fah :a al. Phillips and Valley counties, every wilily in the state of Montana i s rep- ..ented at the University of Montana 11,11 year. The other 37 counties have a I, ores( ntation totaling 479 of the 5.39 iiidenta enrolled. Missoula county, of eourse, leads all -t the eountieij with a total of 204 kinds of retreshria•nts. Nlioso• oleo( iiI 7;1i . ; is beeatise so many of the stuthait- v, ill v. hist le 11 111 II, in....I. 1111 III 114 / 104 attend the uni%ersity make 111 , -. , sh ,1 bd.. I„, Is re. - repreaent ea - at the university. A CHEAP MEAL Role man, Dee. 10.- -To prepare a mai in %chid' the cost of material is to b.• less than 15 eents per plate is the task of three junior home science girls. They tare to plan the 1111•1111, bus- the material , 00k end serve the meal. Those who will prepare this in,•1,1 are Nli-._s Mary Kretloa, Helena. NI u. I. kiss of l'hoteati and \ lady./ W1 of Aillarlinkla. This i; sect11111 of a series tot anvils to be pi. -pat, -,1 at a nom Mal ,,tat. Last week MI-, Edith Foa hem uf GI eat Falls. NIi-.-. Ada It.s. 1 steeher. of hi. !grade and Miss Josephine liottiotz iii 1107.1111t111 pri-pared a meal for nine people in whieh the total cost 01 low (-wit are a decided Mtlet4 , 44, tV material was 7:4E73 or 19 0403 plate. 1 111,41, meal, prepared at much LACEY-DUDLEY In Lewistown, at 8 o'clock on NI4tholity occured the mai Hag,. ot liam Lavey and Mrs. Celia Dudley - . Th.- ceremony was performed at the M. E .arsv,notg., ltev. '. NI. Donaldson of- ficiating. The couple w as umt t tended, has iia quitoly gketi their ft ionils dot slip l'hey rutin ned Tii, sday 1/11.riiihig and re at homc to their friend's in rooms 'over the Times office. . Mr. Lacey is the eldest 4011 of Thos. Lacey, of Shotokin, and belongs to osie the 01,14 ime fn of Malta tia. I.' has 1314.11 it, the 'wink 1\ LI tleyset the past 14 .vcar4 and 114 W, 11 1.110011 11. Ut111.1 number Os t hi Itt (.011 t rut t has sit in ileyser for the past Doe , ycars, aving had i•loarge itt tlw Tine s for the past two years. Through intals-ay iv,. fra iii fritit ruttier eoinuo lit. but .\ht. and 11i- '-acey wish to thank the 6eyserdes lot th,•ir hearts welcome that been Ite stowed upon Do in, it hen the nea s I. itk- s.1 out. CARNIVAL Au Dld Tim.. Fiestern Indooi I al lit sal anti Mask Ball at the (hi yser ()peril 11. .use ii N, -w Year's Night, Saturday. laintary I .1. Something doing es -cry moment on t N. ay Side Sli.iws Vaud. % ille. liocths. stand-, Every form if .-% muse 1111•11/. F -to - 11 el11,114/. Nil. 1104. .• 111.1 1•4 m, 1111 the children. There will h. dancing 'loin 1 I'. NI I until 4 A. NI. and between the dances! ithere will la all known forms of amuse. ment. These who do not rare to mask-grulad alfalia , 14 - shipped /heed not do so, Not a411111 11101111 . 11/_ •olt where it is blended with 11101Rssea, COT I) the Midway -on the donee door. Nothing 'lineal and other feeds Recording ti, pt,i• like it ever given\ iti thia emilltrY b i- ' , pose, and then shipped East a 4 dairy fore. NVe are away from them all. A feed, eau feed, hog feed, poulti v fe.‘0, night of nights. A something long to etc. The farmers who grow the al- ' be rementhertsh isa a ill 'never regret coining mil, a to see, MO11 fella receives $7.50 per ton at the mill. tone's best has been secured. The ground alfalfa is worth $14 at Prof Jusii tannAls Omaha. Dairy feed costs $25 to $28 orchestra will the cal to cir• „ „ , 1111 -sew 1.011.: , .massaentisetts. NIS ft 1111 illa 11 . 4 111ie 11/) 1.11111i1. NVI . 1131.1 . install; .1 a poi,' t ill Elect ri. flal\l alfalfa liaY \f Prime quality Spot light awl eolor ale-, I awl midi., `is worth its poaerful hat,- the orig toted. inal Moon Light 11\altz an -I It tin Boa dam.. 4. a a -01'r 1111k/14 'a,, 11. - te Iii - for.. NI a, s ailed MI Ii I'. M shut p. F'rieinls. the Kiiig and Queen tit this grand IT it be elected Iv vote of the puddle, so kindly piek lull your choice of lady and gentleman t, . king link opieon and send in their na I,, L. II, oile at Ge . V.a.f .4111 It Isl. , / ( - 41141 / ;rand Tiirkey slipper will be sorved :it I;4•V ser litt/tk. Ftlibm irt - sef a here there I,, something poi% going on. Nothing like it ever 1,4•tor, held in this part of the country. Every body w het r you Went th or Tad n 'uke ea round s all the rear farming the Bring t he ch Nlake Coen' ham ,„ „„ only kind SO lanai 111) :stilt le. too. -- -e ha% evervtbing for thee More livestock lit better quality is from a whistling I libber balloon up. t. „ ar niers' Week prow a in at Buteman a muse t hem while you are danci Int. e ng. .11 4g• RED PEP'S PHILOSOPHY SI \My father lePt me.. The whole world to g•et e ogt and make. a fivalp in. Gee! I'm El lucky fellow': Con't refuse to pay that street light, they will ride yuu on a rail. Then roar, kick and hol- lar for someone to go your hail. You will wake up broken hearted in that d - - - - old Geyser ;ail. He that wall:eth in dark- ness is liable to lose in many points. Shoe sale commences Saturday, December 11th 111alches 5 big boxes for. 15c Higrade Jersey gloves. _ 10c Big wd handkerchiefs_ 5c Ladies' wght gowns with feet pockets_ $1.25 (jclien Rule Store C. R. JOHN.YUN ilia their home and give that eity ,,,„„ t i„., • 1.4.11 1/1114.1. of resiarlire. NI 1 , ....111:1 0141111 high sidles has 74 Iv aduatc+ now ilo I Ii tie unisersity. I eysi r House lia itiN4 place, ravoilli county follows witli 42 students. .i„thus i i„,„ itt , it 11 ,„51 . trim, i - s Ii %. '-, ken Bow with 31, Cascade with 26 an,i 1. I lowstone ii it it 20. Flathead and I.ea is end Clark counties each have f 0e1nt Retnettilier lie ilia etagein. lit ot tiest k Hoe ti 11131k, - of \I oi ing l'icl ill, Irom,•loines atid are- gi% mug I heir legulat picture Sllu'as 1 T1111 I , s1:ty night 4,1 irpresentation of 19. each Weels. Slioa iimg only lit,' la.:11 'Twenty-three states other than Mon- 0.. .„ ‘ „jn., 1,11,1 ‘ 1 ,,i„„n ra ma Ii 1-,„01,1„, Inns. are represrnted with it total mini her of 76 students. 1,Vishington 'cod- a ith Ii atudents and Illinois follow. II sevefi‘sat silents. Four foreign countries, China. Canada. \, :t•W Zealand an dthe Phillipines Islands two 011111A Intik are day grinding up altalia $11.1 to °Inaba. t Ile mills are ho - It helps settlerA trent , ii.lotisly to find a ready market for irrig,ited al• 'aka at stieli good prwes. demand, however, is limited and the markrt wants the bright green color of a % ery dry section. on most Montana projects, feeding is The only practical way to market alfal- fa. This requiles shelter and equip- ment and should hay,' Well Releciell 41 OA. Banks are generully roady to adsanee Motley /4i buy feeding cattle or sheep. to farmer, who have plinty of (coal, proper shelter, and who will take good care of the 'stock. Tills January 24-29. A BRAND NEW TOWN 1:..yser. Dec. I7 .1 It Villa's of (iu,-uII Falls 11 I I 1V0,41 111.1.• 441.1:1 to suivey she townsite 111 N11.1 . 41.14.11 111111.4 44 bete. I. t;. Fin I ock is the tia tiler 3111,1 IS Vt - t•V u% yr the pros - peels for the new tovret. The phi, e i4 surrounded hy ti gocd agricult oral awl stook count ry. 'the, o :ire I a gra 111 tki.Silitaffi in operat iou now, u•ori, of which is doing a good btiai- Adv. Hess. It is estimated they will handle the neighborhood of 200.000 bushels THE ALFALFA MARKET of grant seltS011. Several well lin gone 4,1 Ilse le. '•1 41 .14 04 - lir k 11113411 4. ai /II MS EL If efl‘ly have night 01141 Llif!Ilifir4I thu. Ii of building at hay. This the Pica' /OW 11 In t he near future.

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 24 Dec. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.