Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, December 31, 1915, Image 1

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I •-• fl i 1 Eastern Indoor Masquerade Camilla', Geyser Hall New Year's Night VOL. 5. -.---_____ ..,..........„,„____-• -'.... .\-..\..\--..... ___.- -- \-s.... ...---....„.. _--......... • .sa--7.---...1.' ::--:-...... ..-, -?;11,1).7 R. ••• •.... 1 04; • s' \ _...7--7----z---z----- -..-',„:-',._.„•-.--'-- - -:.:_e .t.ti - 2_,.-_,--_., .1.•;,.':',;^ stipaii.,. .;--.--••••••-•:7\-Cs.e.44d _4\dills. ---- -- -• -- - -'-`':'' ikain- ...if' \r\.' .. f... ...\.•'• '''' '''''' --'' ,-•••• ,i, EL .., ,.: frt - - 7: • GEYSER, MONT., DE,C..31, 1915 !ts NO. 4 Growing Alfalfa For Hay trot. Thomas Shaw writing in the Moirtaint Farmer gives the following valuable advice concerning the growing of alfalfa for hay: The advice given more commonly to farmers who grow alfalfa for any tve in dry areas ia to put it in rows about 38 to 42 inches apart and to cultivate it like corn. The reasons assigned for growing it thus are, that it is a sure Icrop. when grown thus and that it will yield larger tonnage per acre. This may hold true of it where the conditions are N'ery- hard but in our experience in Da- dota and Montana it has not held true when the alfalfa has been grown feu hay. We have gotten larger yields on the average from alfalfa grown by tilt methods that we follow than when grown in rows widely spaced. The dif- ference has been marked in favor ut our methcds. NVhat is meant by our methods! I will try and make this plain. We he gin by putting not less than 10 tons o farm yard Manure on each acre of lam if we can get it. We apply this manor - before we begin to prepare the land fie alfalfa. 'We th.rn aim to sun lllll .rfallov that land or to grow on it n crop o potatoes or corn or field roots. and t. is 111101 better yielda of alfalfa. mall. u community, a state or an empire. apart, using only one or two pcunds of 11, the crop is grown for hay we The a riti r came to Brown county seed per acre, is becming quite general. e -et •i• to grow it thu s for the following thirty tour years ago and some years Better crops are secured in this way deeply and when manure has been pre- (11 It calls for less labor to vionsly appliiil as stated, a strong ilt11 , 1 in v1111'111.11 ilitimi when growt h i n t h e p i nt a s ;, t i„ fi rst ei. ;, groa ii in Wide ;pared rows. Year, and thus is favorabhe. to id op pro- 10 , 1%%.4-11 tile Inlior of ear- duction in after year. Thi, &Mon- rig a Itifa 113 1%1111 A disk it may be. fridn the feet that the plant - root more deeply on glooml that ha. I wen, prepared. After the ground has leen suniniei fal- lowed or after it has produced a i all i trop. it should not be again id .a • 41 when preparing it lor alfalfa. iii fel the reascti that to ploa it a ould 'Airy a ',Urfa:, that ha, keel, elealy-d. .ind that aiaild brine up a wit 11th he soil Wore or I, told a it 1 . 11 , 1 , .. The better alau loll in I lie swing and lei. 441 . ell a s it 41•11..../it to III 11 ti I. .1- ( Roy all areal gtoan t helot. 1 1. , • 11,81 it ii sown. 11 1 he 1.1:.,1 is ' lean on the ,1111.14 4. lilt- ;111.411.1 ...hold. s tia Ii i t) 11,ty. Ii mil it1.-aa title. a. .14•1. iii d it ing 1.. , 11.• pport tor 4 14 _! laud. our Tilsit is them ti ...w it. • alialfa hieing not More than to fiao hounds of good sl el p 114-14.. It .414,111. , t • put in oith the IL Ii. thic titt th, to stop Up ..% ry tab. 'lila being. the 144a , front 12 to ii ii , al, reliotater :old a corn cub ittoi is very material. With the ii ii II.,eo•t mole. (21 that 'ii the a lerage We get aore !..y when the hais are about 14 ?al.- , apart than`alon they are 36 on 4 3, 1Ve timid that when caenot eit .11.-11 ch•an hay frour the plus aa from times that .1e the rows are wide, eking the hay makes it dusty. 1VIten r the alfalfa stubbier ti ii, the hay above the dust. ! 11[1.11 1111 , d by the advo- ,.. , iot I it, •;O:tl . 1.1t I t ott the 14114 11111 I. gilt by :I -.ell rake reaper. 0 lit lea- costs Be 1•••• • '.! nk.. '4.114,1 11,141 eten a mow- , %till I. it t ot ;ill the erop. When in J4b• tans many of the stems II .1, -in on the grolind. and in etrt• hit.. inn ••r t h.. ren per pa ales ... • then.. 1VIlen gr:Ai 4 ti ip ti sii-taio ea, bother. 'flier - .11... a tell lima- in those fallen *talk seed and this se...1 is iipt t kleprit free from weed life while thi :lea maiu . 11 i. ol.j 1 . te. , ht is 1- e too Illany plants in the line o e -r9 1 0 ill. being grown. 'r ase the ill-tal. III t IA1'1 fi ii .).•441 . 11 , roa Iffing th e ' la t be reill,ifilier..1, how. err, tha ,,. iv 4 / 44 J11.111 . , . 4.11 4. this respect it n ever fails. phil- groutil Ii, -t tie le a ill 1, !..•i .• ..•4 d 14 flit ohje.-t t II al s oaophy by which it does this I can not Sonic weeds in the crop le -p.a., .1 itiay answer t par , ' 110t explain but of the fact I am sure that no m o ean s f preventing it. Th o .. n ... • 1, -4. .1- to that a 4 only''.' ' alfalfa will do much h,,.. s o n lend thin! , that ean lie done t dip .-ii 111- Dui allt it hay is sought we pre v i rt o, t ., tilt a thin seeding and 14 in that has been thus treated. In fact weeds and the ilies risen to row. that are 36 to 42 in• western areas where manure may b.. prevent them from gmilg to thus Applied, we do not pay any further The next sp:•ii.g . 41: 4'41111 it •114 apart. and yet lee an. ready to come' attention to inoculation. liot too severly. li•st th • plaid- Thu II\' with. s\1s - i'tl tl'\'s may ii We like the land to be plowed deeply ish„, ) 1,1 s .,, ) „ iil , „,„[, ''it 1111:! 1 t. dry give a better re • when it is being prepared for alfalfa. .s eqemialy we disk a l ... 1 -lilt. I a ..111.1 like . 11 o drop a caution Al The more deeply the better, ery that rt -.1, tint l U4 , ;or g headlong into th• the coat its not too great. It ahould not low the .11.1eitig a ti the ...21ov. it is one 0 . be less than 7 to 9 inches, and it it has It ii mg lip He \ tl\' ..\ 41 \' been subsoiled it is just that notch imite i sm ] ,h,kit,,2 it it. a hi. 11 fit it .1 , l1. V 44,4.14/44/14., hilt tit' suitable. 1Ve have found that in nearly like a pleaed field. Tit, lall instances where alien's has not pi, it, k in & It 'pin. it iip t tem - - - ----- ducted • paying crop of hay, it has been ran go in. It make. a 'lit it hen GIVE A DOG A BAD NAME AND - sown OD land that was n ot plowed deep- followed by the harrou 1111 1...•1 , 111. IF 111, result. And the sam. 1 Y. When the land has bee\ . 'the utin1i. itt moi-tio.-. It I. Ilot s in th e ea se o f a orts - b-7 , ; .fr- WHEN YOU ONCE BUY OUR SHOES youn BUY THEM AGAIN Because you will like them when you see how stylish they are. You'll like them better when you slip them on -they %yin feel so easy. You will like them still better when you wear them because they will give you long, hird v ear: Thcn ) ou will a;wv.ysC n - e back to us . - cr !Lc( s. We have oily high quality shoes at low prie2s. Walk -Over shoes for style, quality and comfort $3.50 to $6.00 Chippewa shoes for hard wear, !lime better $2.50 to $5.00 We Sell For Less Kennedy --McConkey Company The Quality Store. :Ater hail ti go down to the Twin Ci• than by broadcast seeding. The culti- :ies and take in a Buffalo Bill Wild vation between the rows and occasion- Xest Show in ordtr to get a close ol croas•harrowings aerates the soil and . .iitrk at an Indian. Breit the bleat -lied conserves moisture. Half a ton more 'roma of the extinct buffalo had been hay per acre has been secured from rots - up and shipped off for camititer- culture than by broadcasting. !jai purposes prior to that time. And The county agriculturist s in extension ;et. even today, such is the result of service are carrying on an alfalfa -in tensational stories sent out by local row program over the state. Lantern :lapels and sent to eastern papers, Slides showing the sucemea of this work friends in the east think I in in hourly will be shown -at Bozeman, Faim-0. 'angel of an Indian massacre or re week. January 24-29. . smug trampled to death in a stamped. -- -If ponderous bison. There's a tribe o. CROP Ra4PORT ittliatN on Long Inland -didn't you Crop production in the State this yi-ar it:. Look it up. Yet du the stun iggregates in quantity about 35 pel tier r , -sorters build barricade's for coat -rut more than last year. Prices on non rewire? the sew York an. /ecember I average 12 per cent lower trooklyri papers fly danger signals all han a year ago. making total value of oreast a amain -re if an uniusnal eioni rop production oil this haaia about the stilln. ss! 9 per cent more Onto last year. The The Minnesota Immigration Com stimates are halved upon those crops : itissioner tell s me as an actual fitc atom- value ifl the last complete crop hat out- broiling July day three di mous represented 75 per eent of Ore our year :lige a perspiring lad :due of all crops. imply sui,g I 0.1 A train at the Iinld For the I.:tilted States iiroduelion thie %lad at S- . 1. l'au' mid asked the net ear aggregates in quantity ablillt mutt ii the way to the --IC • per cent more than la it year. Priers A 1.AcE. ii Dna-tale r at et age 1 per vent lower Such was the result of the wron• han a year ago, making total %dile 1 `lad of publicity. If you lived in Min lop production, on this basis, alma Arpolis in the late 90's, everywher per cent more than last y eat ; the. pit WVett in the east you were [ton, stimates ale based opal crops a Imo tided with questions as to your pe slue in the last complete crop eetill Ina] exp.rrieneeS with Harry Ilnywari epresented 85 per cent of the value i I' von air from the %Veld River tom I crows groan and may he regarded : --y tinkly, folk.... want to know alit .prest nil at ive of all erowe itcitil puidection you wear against rat lesnakea. True, there are snakes it ;le butte,' and sand hills, but wits mphasize the fact! Why should th nly dispatch from that country be : eport id the ittliaculous escape of td efant films the deadly fang -0 The \Big Muddy.\ If there ever wit slander there . a one. No more majes ii - St ream pin is its floOd to the oia-iti low different the impression left b It.' pleasing phrase \The Iltautiful Blu binube.\ That stream is glorified ii ong and %tory and its mere mentim tils till the remain. strain that lies i he human brtast. And yet, as a mat .-1. of fact. the Danube is a tint, sluggis! .•Ilow dirty stream. of about the eor. .istemy of a bil poster's mess. In con- •isat, the scenery at most any pond - long the Missouri is entrancing. IX is 4..nyway. As a boy I heard a poem or SON' few lines of which have ever remaite .1 in map)' memory; the grand proves- . -11 of worila and sounds mole a deep .oression upon my mind and gave me -.inception of grandeur and dignity , •I s i•Npresaion: to the west to the land free, ...len- the mighty Missouri roll down to the sea! lust roll that around a little oti or tongue and see if it doesn't leas • nit ferent impression than to speak . ar noble stream as tha \Big Muddy The bad or unfavorable in:ipressi. atiole on the mind of the newswire 0-01 halter readias to the east of 'is 11 1 , ilward l,iu,ut 44 nter. ivy. II 014•1414. upaaril (hilt of the snow, hi drytnesa of a drought. II. a drunken Indian. the fra- .1 a coyote was sighted in the I , . that a kid sat, a rill t t sitak hat 0111T hills are blaek, that the Mis WaShei4 its bankg. has kept thous CI prospective settlers anti in s out of this country. etardei •ettlern.-nt and progr.-/..1 by vi,ira. There is no lllll rat to point in all this I .,115115; it is just a preterit against th noticing and mentioning only the sena° ... nal and disagreeable and a petitior all my readers to hunk around am' lize and spread the neWli that right , •and us we ha ve \God's Own Coon • ,• where the Mighty Missouri Rolls to the Sea.- Dakota Fanner. REDUCED RATES TO BOZEMAN The railroad s operating in Montan iave granted rates of fare, one -thin roan the rotund trip to Bozeman ng Farmers; Werk. Tickets can I bought trum about January 20.b he 27th, going and returning, probab y up to February 6th. It is expected that the numl certif ates plan ii ill be followed ft11.1 thu alyers tul liozaman transportation silt 'resent noun' certificate s can purehas lw return tielett at imedhird the re; der price. A ride -mini livestock program is ii ng arranged with Professor Corbel. is .ansaa, Dean Robert Shaw, of Mich. .an, Profeasor II. R. Smith. of MO iegota, professor Thomas Shaw, and therm including the livestock faculty at ;hould we prepare? Should we prepare! Itizeman. SUMP special feraturra nev• ii RED PEP'S PHI LOSOPEW lb ov. Mary a yout9 man's noose is cooked with a chicken': Shoe Bargains Right Now ,adies . $4.50 value fo:_ _ _ $3.50 ;irl's $2.50 values for 2.60 loy's $2.00 %aloes for. 1.00 Men's $4.00 values fro _ 3.25 ctainbow corsets_ .60 Golden Aule - Store C. 1. JOHNSON In order to let these people know .vliere they stand and to save them t1D- . teeessary trouble and expense, this in- :•cirmation Was given the press by Mr. adore 1.1 ied in Montana will be put i hi s year. A school for horse . breed, wool dinitinstratioil mutest 'lb.] nitration are among the things pla ned. INFORMATION ON SQUATTERS Squatting hilt land that is imn',iars it H. been practiced a great dial in th nil district and in many instances ha- iived profitable, but in some cast apple are deceived as to the benefit derived front this procecdure. R4 1 1 iii•Ily, s,, t: a lido.% mm Land ()Ili endeatored clear 004 matter it little and has given inthrmation to 11 'go , ( - fa i nt v Items rat a loch th. .1.11111 4: 1 la rt:e of. .pri I t lo v a (.. i font towaships ill Nort kern Fergi 'linty, are Witloalt any rights. and n eaating their time and money I -y r ' on lands. whiell have been s.•li.•. 1 Its the state. This infermation aa liven the rk. lllll crat-News yesterday I. tegistei I html y kmllv of the U. S. Lae illicit, who (J. -sires to have p e opl oily informed. . suite selections include al/ of th string tit four towniehips deaignated ii nwnship 22, in rangea IR. 19, '20 1111 •11, and lie just south of the :Miasma .iver. being 24 miles in length and si • ide. The state's aeleetions were approve. hn October 5, 1914, and persons squat tins( on the land prior to that det will have their rights fully guaranteed but those squatting 'since that time hay. ALFALFA IN ROWS I '30 S ta nding. . Squatteis alio located there prior ti Hie forage problem on ii nun itta teal t hat dal I. Vali wit sell their so- calk(' • ilises is One Of the most important in rights. whieh would make lame void Montana. With plenty of forage dry but must tile on the land themselves Ind permanent corn file °ins farming None of the land in these townshipa is ! A Ness- Vetir'i N.4..11111011 usually and farming can be aaaured of toiceetw later on alien the lands are surveyed 'sir. Kelly anya that settlers tare atta i t ; ii l ' l ia b r P i t •s t i e il r vi t u t :g r i ' s .4 :1 1 ::n . e to la:t it' o l Z tt d e a r y eY o e u n t at prevent surveyed. wittingly living on lands in this re- o r cae h year, right your battles a day 'jis'mm rat fliiR hush', \1\ 4 'ling to' lodeT at a time and you 11111 etiliqUer. PEACE RECESSIONAL (Apologies to Kipling) Goddess of Fortune, known of old, Fate of our thin brown battle line.. Beneath whose kindly hand we hold The love of Peace front palm to pine; Godelerni of Peace, make us aware Ire tumult and the shouting dies 'he peace *hip sails to foreign shores ,'e hear the thundering protests rise, I's watch the flag which proudly soars, 1oeldea 5 of Peace, hear thou our prayer. ihould we prepare! Should 'We prepare! If (leaf with din of warawe lose 111 thoughts of bitter aacrifice, tr miss the greater good and choose A golden calf to cononize, Goddess of l'eace, do thou declare, Should We prepare? Should.,,we prepare! HERSLEY LONDRIE DEAD Ileraley. the 15 s veur old delight r of Mr. and Ales. Aleek londrie, died at the home ot her paients 11.-ar Wolf Butte last lllll ruing. County Ciilotier aro! l'ilnlurt a km'r Wontior took ellarge 4/1 the nausea.: whieh were laid to ri , t ill tie. r cemetery. Londrie 4111101) ‘.-•1 resident,. it i;eyser HeVertil years ago, but are boa located on siane hind n. am Wolf Buttv near the Jack Skelton ranch. :Miss lieraley )111., be1.11 in poor Iii alth for several months and about a week ago reformat from Orem Falk, where she had been receiving treatment at (Oa. of the hospitals. but consumpton claimed her last Friday. The case i s partietilarly sad. it• the family are in poor eirettillitallers, I lit savings of the father being, used to store the daughter to health but with' out atweess. The Times Wi‘lles tu expless tlwir sympathy of this tinnily in their trouble and may the Ile.% year bring ntore sun- shine than 191.5. • . olieme well in ninny parts of the state. I • qr..I alfalfa is the best natural supple' merit to corn. The enterers a alfalfa on dry lands depends largely on getting a good root tystem the first season. To do this plenty of room is needed. The plan ,of sowing in rows thirty to forty inches i file 1 -*(,'mi,l oil s• Others are just now goitig ttmu (hits ' 'a. All this I is absolutely toeles... as tue State's Sp lections are bona fide. thing that Read the Times is oim forgotlen, but

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 31 Dec. 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.