Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, January 14, 1916, Image 1

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GEYSER, MONT., JAN. 1 4 , 191 GIVES REASONS FOR THINKING .heut cammt lit o11taic..-.1 THAT PRICE WILL BE GREAT- ER THAN YEAR AGO • -- --- Many farmers of this section read: Paris Gibson's advice on selling wheat which was published early in the ft. and time has proven thgt that 11141Vit , was good. Mr. Gibson has a deep in terest in the farm prosperity and re (vilely issued the following SialIc111 , 111 t• the Great Falls Tribune giving his 01 jabot of the growing of spring wheat As we enter the new par. lite grail eituation become., more interesting. The (hop rice of wheat will steadily advanc, until last year's high-water mark i reached, if not exceeded, muut be fir parent to every careful observer of th grain market. I col iiiii end to our Mon tana farmers the following comment , front Chicago an 1 New York appeariir on December 30, last, on lite wheat sit nation: \ Thicago--'The year closes widi bri linnt prosper ity. that suggests re, ord flour consumption for 1915-16. sat E. IV. Wagner. 'Abroad we with., 100,000,000 bushels surplus w! Australia anal Argentina that Furor cannot reach for man: weeks. 'I Ii fact raises the question for a i_Itreen premium for May over July wheat. 'fli popular idea is higher grain !mires bas ed on needs of Europe. X.Ve have see' May wheat advance 80 cents. heat receipts, and the question arises its lii market advances when the re,scipi dwindle: Are we to witness a repititi. , of last January and February, when th wheat need of western Europe rard; ed aboveb 'uying displomacy,' and ti highest prices since 108 were recorded \ 'Richardson, Hill & Co. 7 -A wheat market is apparently derelopire to that. ?xperienced at this time las year -radical advancts with !import tor , ate setbsek s mainly due to long profit taking, and in some measure also to e• forts of courageous bears willing t hazard the chance s of reactions froi technical market conditions. Late pri vat,e European advices state foreign sui plies are not tlysilable in slifliaaikant quail titirs. that native movr ment i, no forthcoming as fast as expent NI or a needed and that importers must emu to thi s country to supply their want as Erighln.1 cent rots the Canadian an Avtralian surpluses. Exporters saj large percentage of the ocean grain et, pacity now used is ehaitered on th other aide and great deal of tile grad sold for export is at 1,o. b. terms, th buyer furnishing the freight room.' \In this connection, it is well for ti to bear in mind that we can hardly expect a great yield in the United Stat CB for 1016, following the plienionine yields of 1911 and 1915. therm!. to th immense weight of the XIontana whea crop last year, requiring the undividf. ..ffort of our farmers to secure it, : much smaller acerrtge of winter when can be counted upon for tour stale th present year. During the pres?nt win ter months, our farirwrs who are shot on winter wheat acreage S13(.11111 Seciir the best quality of Na,. 1 iii ii when for spring sowing for I confidential]: believe that we shall see a higher pric. for wheat than has been touched sine , the war began. If No. : hardsprin Iiould be shipped lioni Nt.: (NI linked:I.' ENATOR WALSH HAS BILL WOULD BE ADVANTAGE ENTRYMEN 1. it .1 a loll p•iivtaitug ily•I 1. .al! pow i la . i• • *Pt att,i;a1 Cum listing hioni t.ti,l tilt lea Mink $_$$$$$ it • , iit r y lilgi itlt ['dor darinary 1. loin, trad, I ii• Med a it pr. ...a r.t -• rot- a,• the detail darged 110nm-dead lasts hy pet - Iti- s. Loot ha, 1....•:ne a Ito. before ma kang sin•lt enlitiged In••ite I •• ,•r; !sop a int. ii.l• ri• Nt a ar the lit' oil entiy, heal acapaieed tit Ii• to Ian 11.•• .11 al.i,i le. tate. efli.r the lit itt, , t ail lam., ;tn.! it -1 I !a,- t, . all 1 , 1 $ whiled to make alt milatg< loom 1.1.• . 1 1 1 1 11 1 I lie . .!1.1..11t 1 .1 . Pad ..•utry d at an 1, ; ill , I .... l it 1,1 !:,01 . , jk 1. . 518.0 her lcial.t.a t- i gide' in all t•as, sa Iiit a;t1:0.1 : • I .:: l• Wi original Maui •,'.• a-1 entry um, to ...clove a•! I, :1st •• .1 - 0.i. still 1 sit than ltio acres id lamb Sf•mstor Myer, has trill ii ()siding 1 in all ..-a-••-• Ai *.; r.. Iii .arts 113:ne lalm ii al lait lia•rimil - 1 tek. 111,10 1, .1 .ti•r be allia t•-•1 lend- tat tm• attain t hey arei fa art 1 •I• %t ill 2.5 at . as,h•er ; llort.rn •,;S 101,1 1 .-5 • 1$it lit St ill git e Ii Iset al, • lio:••••,•.. In. II. IL Svt itL tli- itt -! tr.. i! It ltl . '1% ill IV tilt lit:lin:11a ; I.; II . 1 tit 'II t /1 I. • : • . ;1; It's (:1) • • :1.1 t... still lie,, tit t 1 s le. t; -Ai a 1 fa tilt y. • it :Mon rotte ait tiani 1liontati •ii I.. is- • k I..A ..1 1.11t I/ 101. 4 1\. , 1 .• 1 a. 11 . 5..11 la , I i ot t• , I .5 /101$ tit III. , 10.1 II,' 'RI PAW i• 1.1 'ha 111,11 a It 10$ tar 1.. 5 . $ ii:. out t. ..ndairslot II ' le t rie • lit railest ilia --fs.o. gilt- to tin. !•1 117. alt.' I it.e.S. it t she to n. hick MONTANA SCHOOLS FOR MONTAN/ S1 11:1 tt , t t 5 - . $ 101 I $1 .1 111 ' . STUDENTS an tiding Ili, ;tom:\ 1.• • ii ti is at iiil 1.-1.1.; ion to entty itt ft of li•aitc,•••ad pros kite. ; that the entry man shall. der to 40111.1 . 1 V, i 1: pill. 111 , 111 0$111. /I Rat.. 11..1 11. $-.4 ii,, 1.• $.1).1 1 - 001 OP 41.0$,I. or In- ••10; • ginning ts tilt t i101 t. .11' t‘i I all y. and not than one -eight h. 1 ;ning will, the tliiril yiur or the nil nil until linal pita. it. eve ept timt iii ti ase of rntrit• s 'miler the enlarge•I holm ,31..1 laity alk a a.1 iv:1 ii shall , ite.,. ai rids clit••14'.nutria a 111.11,, 111'11 , 1 oh Mawr I lit• tit ymanIii LlTii f ! unix at ion I a• .ay inakka 111,1 1 1.5 , 111. ilia, it iii i,a , iII y I, v - , 1.1-.1iiap... 1 .4:1 tin! , or ill any cilia ay l•repal ing (1.0 land for • till csat r ut iltijaiiii a 111i to i i 1,1 1 - 311. $150. \lie 'tiro i-i•at a, to ••••, •satiort shall not 'dipply to tilt Iis rt er the Het of Apvil 2s, 1901. I hi. lo aid act. or vitt 1 :II.: itki.laT re• lama iONTAIIA IS KEYSTONE OF SU: , \ MER SCII001.. - Nleittari.\ will le- to a:. .11 o• it the 'soil, a th ta ta': tin, Flirt 1 it kiln at Mi-saatila, ti.•‘.t lone 1 -I'li. tallaiwint•.! old 1 IS Lent- in if , :ail. I , essA . I'. /111% 1 10. 1111 . .44111 it •••;114111 . 11001, 1014 111 1.4•11.114,1 it 111 , ....1 .01 interest k.ecoly - Niaditatei -tit L. hr nd :Montalto It a. hers. The eon.- - ii istory will, in additi. n to the g. r.• 11 of tlie subjcat, I. I drill 11 tln es.r - iii , I Ionian I an 1 1 1: • >. 1 L 0.. . 1 11114 °gra ithy, sp• etail I inti a ill le , ;zit en to 1 II\ lit , ' - , 3 L1,0:1 (ti t1.1' -tat 0 111 I 1$0$ 11 $1 - sumo!' r • ••••.y C.; re 5$ 1 tip 11$1?:2: 1,1 \I''' I,:1 10 11 111 r$ .1,1114111,1 ht. DI% 110NN 0 • -• lii tit 11111. 10,1 .1•111:$ 1 1 i 1- . 1,11 • It, , $, t 1011 .71 4 , 1 .111$1 1 1 ' 10 . 1i 5 1 4 tqk in II: at Ism- Iliot N‘ ill give too 1,1111 lit. .1. l• 'or-dem ad tie. Itit.ta• 1);iiiy. l's''' 101 silo? prem c. it c our ow wear is pcndalde :if as .11 as the d:essy kind. \Ve hatul!k• no hues thdt will not .iive satist:ic - MTV scry lee TIO matter lnov hide loll ray for them. We ,cllqual- y afplalr 115 at 1.5 VC . oii looks and conifoit. The Big Shoe Sale is on -Big Reductions Get in on this -It will pay you Closes Feb. 15th Kennedy -McConkey Company \The Quality Store\ ..1 1., d the icsult of his ra-- .10$ 1$$$.1 it IP 41 street friapier a lit t•tte l• :-, 1 ha' tpa , 111roPful !taper ed.tois ..f have theta ! ....0 • pe.1.1,• ad 'I.,. IT stfi ' l rl • • tr, •-i • II , as a 1 1i. 11 . .11...1 or. •i• -. ;••• t •• I.! , -41( - 't a. s 0 to sw..11re III- • inn t - 1, •1 Mimi. It i • a.• iao 1 a • 'azit -la •11 , css it hii• 1,1 larg , . .; 1,:g/11 . 1 ed •!la ,•• r I..•.•ii eny in - • uort a- to it. -this 11 Ili. 1.0$ 11 it (It •; 1' 7-; t •• •• •• ha_ A-1 . .1 for th tai :ie. et hei oimg geoid It -10 id.. it th , for tit at Altslit.;11 I in , tittrl ions 1 , •t •r•d• 11- • • ••pe. to in lit It . 11 1 tar 111•;11. r it ti si- V. III tn.] I.itt t goosl it ta re . iii.tnits Maly o s Ai sI ,, ' . 11 1.. . 11 , 111.11111 hill 1, .1- 11 •3,1 11.1 a hi ;it :3 is i.11. ri• 1 1 '. !.11- $$$: 1 , •.1 , 1$11ill 5 , $ . 5 Vi \II 4.1 -\IL $;.• 1,4 0,-411 111 - ; .11. t • • $$$ i•$;$1. I 1 11.10 AA!. I les.] tl rarrahl . r . to , . it a! a t .1 . 1 al. , hoo La-i': - I. 0 5 1$.111 Ill.,: 10 v it , Nlooten.t. eon mike tho - ..1a. t het II. - .1 e. , 1. -iii. tot lat. a• I s is . : Itai ert.sizt :it , I 1 !..• I 1 . la 11.$ $-$‘1$11' ,1' ; 11.\ $110\ai th • 1 Ir.- 't .1 I a. 'as I 1 s t II 111.00 Ii I .1 :.`11 1t.1 1 $ . .1 1 t11$ lit In la•11$1 it1•I $1 , ,11 1, 1111$$ . I51 't !I I • •t 11 , i 'Ill I. ‘1.11:•••11 I a 1. :It An all twirl' I''. 'Shortly It, fore 6 o'clock just as th. asket *es grow ing hopefully Ikea yy he little gni reached out both liana. aIr a lergei lump the' usual, and oinetloog happened. 'there was a swish jolt mid au automobile swept by , choked .ty came front Clara's lips die lifted two crushed hands to he that Leap Year was so near at soul yes hands that DeVer again will piel They feared that they were doonia'al I' oal, ciery one of the little bow- liiiti . iipointiment in the ulattinioniiii 11.6 hrokett. \ -kir! I was going tog et Mt refill. ?irations during 1916 unless they tool 'Misrules dinner for them, with niaryle ,irotupt anti effective action. Theretata dicey ad Cramblits,\ she said. .hey advertis.'d, init sItt.ot CARDEN AND FIELD PEAS !.• ga raten and field pea. ate tia gtown for years in ,ninty, lint little serious att.:it' too ha , eer been given this most excellent crop I is 41111 . $ t0I1 that will upniversally pro uce and as hardy under most any - ['WI ii itail,, A, A 1i. 1.1 crop it is hardly appreciat il, there being but three farmers wit. test it male' field conditions last yea! t 011 , 1 s three advantages to fermi.) alto ...111,1 profit by its use, is. oily lie Liiiinn tlie • 1111•1tin t its is mi. li.s II, lllll war tall' Thl: •ii3;.2. inliaki ill rows and ruhtvat., le tut oads of weeds are checked. Set in is legume. offering simila cut tit , •1-. all:ilia. Third, its value a let: atge la -lop tor hogs 15 UO111111(1 . logs can he fa tti:rital in the pea fiel about other feed, but being protei t character. cheaper grains would L tad.. if feat with other grains. Thi ging-off is best done when the pea in the dough stage. Many goo rites with hogs all winter on\the 1;er .4.1 alone. As a garden crop it is too often taken 'te best advantage of. If smaller plant ligs are made of frequent intervals, sit, very two weeks, a fresh eupply o ender peas would be secured through It the season, tine of the best ex moles of the value of this crup 'nigh -how IL in the experience of Mr. Sam iel Diek, who lives a few miles soot! Great Falls, Mr. Dick t i a-s tit laildren who are enthusiastic gardeners and he believes in giving his children !mitre to stall t a bank account earl fife. XX al Ii shghtly oser one-lia: 1. OW 4 . 111111reil pin pit rd Natt• Excl.; ••:. il Dainty-, and othe iiieti.s. floss were far enorig I • ;tit to pet Wit hot Se cult ivat icn air • le cultivated (tree times, Peas wer it throughout the senSon the as to the eonteuts of the missives of lure, wedding bells will be ringing be- fore marry inoous as a result of adver- tisiag. \The men iu questioa became alarmed Abell be wants to accomplish sonic _ask. Judging from the restacy of nIt wo young min it has been dedueval ild. ...ley hut i4 Itet mole than p , ..01$ 5, -44 'The y acting ladies not Maly VX111•1.4$••• 11011 a illingaesn to marry, lint took nal mlningit tit Leap Year mad also \popped he 'question.\ ha talr little village of Geyser the, are a number of nlan y tat u Who are alr...0 (tautly sun .t a (It ,reivtd att rapid. It the buys 'it Audit, l;ikp hikkl Makkah good hick. what' Jo to lie Itts:t aat this town la a • happy ha placing advertisements in the Time. S ii 'thug the leaf , year girls know you iddrears. It has always been the objci of the Times to print (Without eci-ot. a. article that would he of Mundt' to tl -outrunnity. hi this ease we g me better. For the next 30 days a till print all - Wife Wanted\ rotvertis. merits FREE Anil on your Wedding kb make you et present of the Geyser Timn for one year, free of eliarg‘ proritliti you allow - ye editor\ to ploy the we. ling 'march. Please brihg your redvi0 tisement early and avoid. the lush. 0 HARRY CAMERON GUILTY Harry Cameron was found guilh:. forgery yesterday after a trial betas a jury iii the' district court in the .1 partinent of Judge .1. B. Leslie. but 1.* nary failed to fix the punishment. Cameron was 'barged by infrarniatia with forging the name of R. W Rani to a eheek for $-20 upon the First Ste hank of Geyser which Was ( . 11511. - .1 Geyser by IV. S. Peterson on Novenila 3. When the ease vain.. tip yesteids the prosecution was handled by A torney tl. A. Judson and Deputy Cou ty Attorney II. It. Eickellit s eer %%MI, liossi • re a ppi eil t lie $it•It . • A jury was secured compostel a•f .1. 1 fire („ t we ly e a „,1 a h a lf ,. ent ,, Copelitt, Bert Flannagaii. Evan lona Found, trought there elltei ilt IS ttellt, , ..Te S. lairtr., NInt I Kranz. Ati•Ir • hill', 11 Mitt front this small' :McNair. Jolta Ntoriality, .1. It. • c of wound. th, IV. A. Remington, .1. %V. /I/delis. IV. at pottnals for fa ed. m r , Di x says he anti William 'Wood ,kcs the Dainty variety of pea best. I Testimony for the prose.iition hy - h is an intermediate pea. and with lifir\ bY NV• flnititm,. is hits,' sigutat ti 11• , • he likes the Notts Excelsior and ; Cameron had used upon (lie 1 111 41 1 1. It 'a' G m e c in tr ‘ 11P i an 1 • Otte maw who bite I. Peterson. who had (*shear the I:111 July tine It,, i 1 k li t P u b i!k e t : l efl o s sff daPlella;;: iFren aaiii anal e% rt . ; Iha•g looked 111,, ,a for Caineron ' il Rai real. 11;11 iy Aa .0.11 1131illire. hi tst weeks thet turn the (\i'at Full,, Nat* a] Wink. I., d around end bloomed ...gain. Younggren. iti the t.eyscr leAnk. it - - lit Ili 11$101 , . 111tP111 11111 1111111 Olj! perkily .111 w ar 1111.1\A the future. It. A Lard had made der s arr. qt. 1.114 . flIrgt•ti 111.41 elm1011 ti (1( . 411111Pd 11 , 0110$1 11191101. lit,' tan eheeks all of whieh hor.• the \i : Im.itti of R. 'it. Banta and all ot alab-ii a, declared t a) he rorgeties with the •• ceptiou mie which Banta hail isstit tat Camelot' few labor. were irttrodu , .a as faXhilails log. 1 likar us o 'oil itteri Fret...matt ft $99.71 *Its la had b. taken from Cameron at the tin., o f I arrest, ht,ks were all rii aay able to II. A. Cameron, Harry rail ta Hoot a Mil tat t ied hoat tv.lie41 ot roots places. T• Met atti r hearing the evneal anal I laa$1 ing 1 111. 141 .1 1 I1P1 ions of t a saurt. lel tuned v er.h. t of entity beret 1.1 but lea ing ptinislottent he fixed by the court. Tribune. •.nd.-ron s-utericed this WON ...Intl tip It\ ;Mut ti doctor d' leserves Vella rellOWIII, 1 Id 9.41 9 given tan three to four year d out tor the i that the it -a the kid Iita sticy I at home and n the P I nit ' ent\\.. - ascade County A grictilttinitt. THE INFANT PRODIGY 1 - olk \ le hefli.1 alia,ut lIt. 11.)1 who leafl- et school. 11.1 the manly kid of six who mi Ii,' pnol ; • If the boy who knows his Harmer ram $ 114 he who plays(' the violin 1 a oy ;• ; e lac w lie t l l ' :•171 ; tier Mliskespeare -t e. I lai.a 1 she oast hi''.tialihiillv at I. `-he. ss rent st R 101 I b‘\ 11 ;1 11 . a t ,,, I. 11:. 1111111110:1111111i 1114 tr1 81141 his smus itittl tor all. .if two and two. `-•• ii; 'iii lit tilt_ I 1.$1:1$1 $ :$1 1;;$ 1 114 4 11 . 1 another latent l'rodigy, fed howl .1114 N\ ho is greater far than these, - lot the pertea little boy o 'aim's al's anti p ' S; knOSS his sphere i 5 lowly, • ol. tit its. I al-Ist:t ed_ lately iltly •• • • lb0 . at• 0;1 111 • 1.1! - ,1 11,14 1.1 1 ,1 11 I111. 1,1 , • $101 41:rita 0$ il$510 :4 1100:1 pass 1,1,112.1i Tike Federal 11 reretire board • , „ V - I rt it lo pta tip the piece.. s.. WEDDING BELLS SOON its mccithly - .Meat Ifi Washingtro • il 1 hail :1 dot in • In eon lllll on leap year's oppor- rhi'' first et 110 41111 411 11 ‘114•1411 . 1 , 1 ' • 1 1- • $ .1.4 1 . • 11, •• evcitiag I, th ,,•iiiti.•, the Judith Gap Journal ,.;1, a: •litit 12 famli.1 1 11 lvo L room. I a -I' i.I.i t iii, made a Its ma viette; to al of this lite'ality, who rellefee distriats stated (kit • . 1 I. al... •• rvic (lie inclination to marry and settle • onslitions u ere good and that hey wert • • :! et i 1 !:•• VI% a'111 1. 111 ;13 1.3 H. hark . lki . ..11 advertising in the want -retCrer gradually le•tter. t o 't! cct mar I), laneey that is bump , ' •Ittimis of the Journal for wives. Ail- It stated that loans ''l Ir. el' the 1It 1 7.. 1.1 - .1 ,1 7 a 1 .3 1 . a a a a 1 ising liii, Isss id I hs iti. This week art bad in. r•aseal. that t ins hail ttt- • , ae.] act' the wagon. a c intern. hare hials •••1 by them from rested sad that exces, I serves had ?:t 3 prof114.1 from the inequalities is.0 young ladies in Missouri, and from lerreased. That factories were all run - of the paccmcnt. aha • t the Journal was able to aseartwin ning and pay rolls were larger. • RED PEP'S PH 1 LOSOVIIY 'Here's to two pezi'Aericut birds! lurite,y oll your ancithe eaple input' packer Shoe Bargains Right Now ,iilies . $4.50 value for _ $3.50 $2.50 values for . _ -2t,0 oy's $2.00 values for _ _ 1.00 len's $4.00 values for__ 3.25 taingni _ .60 When Congress reeonvene, after the r oliday recess, the land mortgage 1,11 crating the olikial martinia ry ita ra•- i tonal banks and s••patata• llamn,i the onunercial banks will be ready for ,oia- ideration by both houses. kiting that the joint coniiinttet. ot rood :redits will do, milli+ hiss becii um king or utontlis in an In of tie , object with a number ot old hills. :is well a s the experience - of -foul, of the j•uropean got eritinelit as Si wet January 3, to 1 1.1 1.11e 01141 pa.- pu e the hill recently completed lay t lee and mortgage atib-eommittee. This measure creates rk MA•111 12 - egional land banks tor the use srm bearoaers everywhere an tio t aa.- eti Statea at a low rate id interest an er control of a eratral hoard AI 11 :1 -la igloo fr,autl al,it eXit , tIllg !It..1 • diluent officers or I. iielai lais toisol iaimprisinti lit,' ill hitie $ 4 1111.. 4 : -111.1$•1100 all( lita II ,r 1 .• $1151 '4;.!;1:, 114111 rilig an t 1111. tilt . 111,1i111 1 0.111 Ine at pi , . .1 y ihr pi' .• •1.11 . 11t •Ithp . 11 lam llig• I.F •I.. - I Al 01 Ow The bill won't' pro% nil• etttititiehat - it't. faint Mortgage credit 0.1 er the a oiattol ;mai 1 , 1,1r1 ••r ...lei al land hank 1•••••itil oi Ill. OP MI:, , a it by the pl.., he approval sal the ...ensils: .ry would he iliVitled Into deli with a regional hank It;: a Ir. : . a at pit al stock of l a .„„,....i o $1 0 shares for purelaase lit the ie. Any soli stock not tak-ri a it mri It) days by private capital ao In' a los st. ',tan organizatitin -ma t,It-itt1-Iaat, . lit 1 I ederal government. Business would 11P 110111 1 41 rf.1 . 1 Is 1/1 .- tween the regional harks awl ill 1st- boalie5 fat illiars would lie authorized to organize tail mu on :o-uperative farm loan :1 -\ea iations i.r joint stock batiks. • harteri tor a I,aa h would be paswid aaii la:6 tt,e lanai batik Magid. Application for loan, apprcivid lay the local a•rganizatein %stmt.! be amintetidial to the •gionai of the district. Tibet 11.111ILS ts 0111.1 be authoriz- ed to loan alit capital Stock or to sell bonds to obtain , atlicient funds to make the loans. and the farmers would be rged itit..10 , 1 the interest Olt the bonds phis 1 lit•r asail. To reduce the rate of inteiest on the loan the appli- cation IIICtiallt(11/1v by the board of directore.--Ilasleton Star. Read the Times

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 14 Jan. 1916, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.