Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, January 28, 1916, Image 1

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.4# • tGr VOL. 5. • ' \ , •• _\ .7 4, .ti , . . . ----- .......... -- .7.::.\...... ----- - .. - '-' ...---------__ •_,L.,,,,..\ - .,-7-„-, --- --.,-- . .. ------7-.-'1 401;;; :- :SW , ilk , . ...- . ..... • • s, - 0 , 10 1 r :r • ---. ,z , • - ' (1 ' .-: ' - '4.Ni,o; ': , ..;_:•,_ ., - 1 .': . :,_; , , . •_ :_. t.,,1 11 . - -- .. s •••••••• It „•-•;•••, / • • s, s• ;„si ; I l • 1 1 it .\ %a- _ - • - ' 4 ••••••• GEYSER. MONT., JAN. 28; 4916 NO. 48 Home Made Hams and Bacon The freak poi k is first well cooled end then cot up according to retablislied liars. IIn ins, shoulders, bacon and uniform snicke so that it a ill he irther euts. All cuts are trimmed up treated eveuels. An iiri ei ted bier rel Will to look neat lend attractive. Tiw scraps elusive] the purpose Iii smoking a 'distil are either made into sausages, or if Inset it . of 'twit. such its a eintple ot fat, rendered into lard. It is important i wigs. A trial: Ii sap lor• dug in the in rendering lard to cut. the fat in small zrormil. A -.heel metal plaiwil ii ‘ er i t. i pidl i woe first. Ref ores etst t ing up the leit‘ing lot 11 end, of trelieli open. Place pork, a very good phut is to wash the iiii I i • i -a t.i - e - e•t t•Ver ielit• opening a lid tire ps ,:. porker'', hide thoroughly with soa hrough tie. other. E p aiiii. een or siiirking it a m t a teperao tre s e esriel es ia I 01 the depa rt 'nen* who ha vs ti Alll eninnication s concerning the . ight to 2.4 water. This remoses dirt ariel infee- , ilegroc. higher or lot.% el' tliiiii the churn- 1. “*\ \wiYillg the \I's s'il ditfrveut Intits elub audits tour should be addressed lours are - 7011g ellottgli 1 . 6 it h a •-it eille0 :111toke tie • II I •• le:1111. a 11.1 haciell. lip to R. I). 'dankit0- 1 manager, Universitv i- .-i a eelp..try ev Etitire l quart t ion which later muy start baeterial ,, ing leinii, ratio i•. with appl petion in the pickle. :argei• r at.,.,....., Will take t lie hellg of Montana, itHilbduli, Mont. IN hem the plata a yf o bolt e•r made in i\- ' • \t e'!\\t\olles dos' (- 4 IIPPI's col all mould 'spores are killed. Then take: e spoonesful of lye. Then add: 2 nes o f - scalded out. aired in the sun to be sure ' Five gallons of good rinking water iSs s pounds of eastern salt. 2 dessert A clean barrel ie secured, thoroughly :etain their natural juices and have ro a- time. 'endency to mould if they are dipped ii hot lard after they are smoked. This The bacon and ha Ills will kl.s..I., la•tter me churning i, notch li-ss than listial. it III. 'HI\ \ialli Pie , '\ 41 \Klid be lust cur :, twee s,ary till If Olt it a greatvi ,Iel tit le% Ulla 101IN Ot the eliurn than asual in order to pioduce the same re- drib; on the butter. ered ',title water and bpiled Until the I fruit is seat. Strain tbil juice through aweseelcth. Add to the pulp the semi :mimeo of water a s at first, boll the sound of 'the trolley ear and supplies wit h the. fa rill tele phone, is kept in The felym home of today, wales -YARN • IMIP,ROVEMENTS ,., cc ) 1 . i ! / ./• lets like a covering of paraffin in pre. Ext re noels- IOW t ellepenit lif es of churn l'\Il' \ fteemIti tim - ce iltral\ *A before A i . lel combine the two Iota of juice. It di eleily toitch Wit% the whole nada lis mg, washing, and working should b. 3 .eugar and 2 ounces of salt petre. ee,rving and retaining the flavor and in .Some people have trouble if Salt keeping the juices from drying out. Tie 'voided, because they produce so firm :..hreie b - e fot i t u r i tlts ce aa s nd m b u o ch il s a u ga fta i r n. by measure and trough the msildelivery. The isolation of farm life is gone impurities in it. So that one is mud lacking 111/11SeS Nehl0111 411 this on ne mint of tin' added expenme. ieulty . that the salt C1111 he worked uni is done when a few drops T te h k e en iel t:; , with a mixing spoon ! will flake on tlw Formers are neighbors more than the, ['he farm home is one swing many : sl i o rirt r y ise to a b n2 d d and Lake salt is used on Recount of the II butter that it is only a illli great dif \safer to use eastern pure salt. The lye may be objected to by some, al •ains and bacon; dust over them finds Now take the well cured and finishes. fornily into it. High temperatures ol loarning, washing a lid working natal spoon a s it cools instead of dropping,oti of it. Pour the jelly into glasses. altieli ivied to he. 1 -hut the end i s not yet. The (aria house that is dwarfed by never meet .aity our .4 ;11. aids in clearing the solution cnd seem though this is a small quantity. I iowdered pepper. This will keep ascii, also be avoided to prevent an almormn . tare just been sterilized in boiling wit- the big red barn near by is not as kiln prominent citizens. it's and inseeta. Roll in a cloth o. los, of fat in the buttermilk end alt mon as of yore. The term house may to make the other ingredients more the making of a greasy. leaky butter. .-r and thoroughly drained. Seal Het ood paper and hang up in the relief lasse s the ordinary way. be niaile as uomfortable as the town soluable and they penetrate the men Or summer use. t•reat variations in temperature du i tissue -better. Ordinary Lewis lye eai be used; some replace it with washire: ,f,, s ys h e av o ided. Under normal col ng the manufauturing process shoo The pulp which rein after tl house. Mee has been drained off for jelly es ars It nay be moderinized easily. deal and light and water, with bath' was W $1( t:flit n's Mackinaws strIth Re old solution. A long, 1'011(0 t‘kei degrees of, that of the butter toil . doers call it. The pulp should I fbe farmyard of the future will not A Big German 1)riN . 7e --$ i 47 n :8550 ,..da. Hif..., oa. t,.. i ..rata. f th , oe' wa,', listd to make excellabt quaratalade , aid closet*, are all possible In the farm now _ _ Bank Meeting i ,,itter should be 1.11'S' same as, of with - fruit cheese,\ as old-time , hous tonse-thanks to the inventive genite. $5.85 values for . The halite and shoulders are injectei if man. i ......-. At ths omit's! meeting 0 ithe stis k. w het , the ilitu . n room is so row tbl i issed through a sieve, an equal weigl needle with perforations. is used at l'iolders 0 (the First State Bunk of the butte! becomes ehilleil ,before wort' i! sugar added to it, sad boileiel unl e a dumping place for the neglested sheep Lined Coats •-'n'' ,,4 tilts .Inje0-fsri system, it i , fe. the persesm . 4 of Ow bank. Mr. .1 The hem* are injected fill around th ;eyerer. Montana, held on January 22 f}Ont , until the swell up. In the ab tached to thb hose (ruin re forts. pump 916, the following changes were made imently the result. To prevent this i' et transformation i possible Mg is completi el. moll led butter is fre is preferable to illel'eetSe the 1111101111t • . is thick and firm. It must 1?e sti he thick osarmalede\should be'pour. el frequently so that it will npt but lachinery or abandcrned wagons. A dis ssible with $14 va l ues f or few well selected , trees, some • good IN'as $4.7 5 now - ..$. , 1 , 0 3: (1 5 0 0 eitei freshly scalded glasses Or jet ris e and properly made walks. %Tide the color is not quite so good r To every farm home there will be at- ! Leittltel tests 42 - j . 'well to split the ham to the bone te i'. Sinclair was • elect eil Pt esident 10 lilt .sorking rather thrti to raise the teal • allow Use pickling solution in the een he Vara/bey roused by the re,ignation d etainee ot the wash water. Il the flavor is distinctive and goo, cited a farm orchard and a farm gar- lter of• 4hesce large cute. The ma reov f Mr. S. l'. Poi ily a her I. ii- it hilraa in.,. Mottles] butter, then. may- be preset y, (Iolden 1.ule Store „„I pawl' \fruit cheese'i is deliclot n. The intelligent farmer cannot get ,in the ham hone i s dug out for shoo rom the bank. Ali. sinelait lonyint , ...I ley using methods that will instil i tiniteilin distribitt . of Salt. .lien used for tilling bread-and -butt. long without them. l'hey add grculls four Inches and the cavity packed with irrehased all of the stock owned by C. R. JOHNS'ON . salt. We now take our clean bar fr. Purdy. Mr. deilin I.., Mein, all- ands. ii he's . If less sugar hi gelded i 0 the comfort of farm life. MARKET TOPPERS taking marmalade, it can be toted : In the barn or implement shed Nt IIi eel, sprinkle a layer of salt over tie tested to the office of vise president lace of fresh or dried erodes for Rios a found the best implements to be bail over the matter. and a call bus beers . bottom. Then lay in our hams aii, ueeeriling NI r. Si itch L. E. Yonne It is the. aim of every live -stock fain, - i•tly 11114 \similar fruit puddings. 'our machinery, or that which is not issued and is prieted in this Week's is- ehottlders, skin -side dosvn. using th I'M Wa. reselecteil eashier aeel tIeei •r to ha VC. thlk . Imyer say to them, * - Tli bacon to fill in all slack places and the' I. Westrum ass:stent eashier. Tie op ...the market to you. - Experience. A ii jilt paste somewhat nimilor I est adapted to the work in hand. neve! I sue 1li the Argus, requesting former to fill the top with the balanee. Peel sink HMI the eli/1111111O it ?, tit lee ...en.. evolves ttelli:•%e it. hull raise -iv heginnei- tin malade is well known in the Drier -aye any fai mei. Competition i s fierce Iowans to meet at the Farmers' room ind test, have shown that (Tauber. a fa rmi lig as in other t hinge mid the in the coult house on Saturday. Feb - the -meat as snugly as possible. Whet .re to he highly isingiatulateil lipw Pig -club member . hare tempi el Ili • the barrel is filled have it heavy weigh le cleetimi of Mr. sinslair to tloi psi , narket eiii the first hogs they have raj- ind apple make a paste of excellent (La nate who wins must make use' of raily fumy 5. fea the pm po it' 01 perrectino %ars, menthe rs folios , . ed the ill o. Ana that it can be readily made t he best tools end methods. (II, ill\gateel.0/11C.11. -a clean stone will do --this is place. dewy. Altho he i, not a resident I. re ii on top to hold the meat down. :eyser he is in a position to lie iit ter tiii\tions given them by the pig-ehili, home. Cook thep itlp which 'teniith . IlliprOVed breeds of livestock are a i. Mr. Hi driek is from Ottumwa, one The solution is cooled and then porn .reat service to the liank. L i;eilit stet ioned in t Ii, ii Slate. They from jelly making, with three:6)mq t48P1Itial as good grain for seeding pur , of ths good cities of lowa and there of its weight of sugar, Aintil it is vet -; fell' a. ...Scrub stock is an abomination are it large inumbei of other torturer ed over tint ii it ie about two inches dee -rh, policy of I In , bank 1,1. ill ler• I- .1 balanced cations, kept the hogs Fr,-. over the top of all of the meat. 0 .inibiet itir bli-iites. along the lin . i 0111 bee and NI ol 111.. ;1111 1 made then thick fallout three-quarters of sha hole) J Woo many' wait for better knowledge Iowans in the city and ieuntys whe not use a pitch pine board to plase o (insensitiv e leatikIng 'melee -Me ;skis ,,g , .. ,..iintr a,,..., ,.utequ i.,.. l, a, , t m „, (a „ t l y. F „ r tr , h p ,,,,,,I \-but they' may Wait too long. • will no doubt be happy to units ! with in one-fourth of a pound of fun Ii- CO to bring the farm home near to its neigh- , With the change which ha come aboue an organization of the kiad.-Argus. top as the pin,. n ft ,-r will he teken ri o the. fainters and rattle mesn that wit sit a venture,. t ' fruit -it is the oriental etistorti la etie I by the meat: An Oak 11ORTd Will .10 1 4.111 build up the batik. the town am lie (ILhilienea 2:1 liov, :141.1 1 girl sold . I place the weight on. Keeli the Itiels 1 'ie seiminunits en a hiele M. I. ill': all le lii.ji ri g , ri„ i l„. 1,., „ i ik k i h. ii . h . cii Mit S (T 1 /14 11 ) . ItIt11011111.14, tI)941411.1),el-011 hot and near to the towns and sillages, * THE CORN SHOW barrel in a MOM, free of 04101's a. lit'.. sr ..„ 1 ,.s . wi l l, j i s . j„.,,,t, , ,,,,,,,,,.,,,„ii„, ti - k11,„ hi .11- , •••• it Top. 1111-e %retinas, and other nu may i. g011ig • there is NcOming a demand for bettor ' St. Paul, Jan. 3. -- - If the boy ccrn te be tor are absorbed by the meat. f tle eiiiiimunity uhiell „i• cut' to •••••1 , lit, :Ike , . ,• tic. - to p of the market f t the housekeepers convenienbel aa neat of the farms themselves so that , little powdered cinnamon ;MA befor hey will be a delight tii all who Ike g ri ' w \ 6 r ' t Montana \ nti \ e the p ro - 1 . 11111 piekle bcsirrel S1101114 ' 111 , . :le - all $ 111 11 , 1 all 'le .. 1 11••Ne.. hogs averaged er, either mute or cinnamon, or both may sour or turn frothy. If it does i-ering you always of our careful a:. , eight. ['devil! of them were judged rank as a produce! of juvenile agrieul- ay be omitted, at -cording to taste am tin and duet and back to the farms . pour of f and rs- boil it. CI)111 it a ii lii teous considr;ration of any 1111Sille , 4 - rievt market type by the buyers, at aceineling tic Pia. It. A. Moore eference. Spread the paste in but [hey realize, perhaps better than the tell ''''' .. then pour on again or (Ise make. up s ,t may he entrusted to iis. Tli 111:e Olie Score befow 90. The avera; of the University of Wisconsin who to- -red tins in a layer about one-half inch arm resident@ themselves that tin , mod. hush solution, brit keep in a cool pia, sas s o f Di rec t or , an . a ll tic ii V i at ii In.ssi out %Vila 84 per cent unehilled. day finished judging the boys' exhi- 'lick, and set aside to cool and become- Tn farm with all it s advontages am In ten clays re-tertel: the barrel so 8 credit to tit.. 1.1111k. 11.1e. iit,11g oi MONTANANS TO CALIFORNIA ini. Then cut into squares or din omfort s. much as it unkt lw made eves hits at the First Xatit \\ 1 Conn Shmv ,to got even curing of the , nit st end most e onsm cat lye riss hoe toads. spread the pieces on tin plates held in the ma mood h Hill Railway e After 15 days to three weelks• tic id ill'e kl•-1. 140110M:1: .111thia I:. Simla i Thin:duds gas,' t pi .... l ieu it y is I. ii f it is not yet so -is the plass. for the , Ituilding. title city. Trophy cup awarde bacon may be taken out, soaked i •esieleiet; .ledin I.. Mell 1 S. I ice p1.....i.1,•1) . i.,yi ii to good 11 , 11 ant age hi the liii._ ;deal lite.•--Cattipbell's Farmer. mu' dry out in a warm (but not hot valued at $504I0 were given be the First cell for a few hours. Whea the past. fresh v..ater a couple of days and the . E. Youeiggren. esiskie 1. awl 1ViIliai umber ot reserciitiews iron! every sei National Runk and the Northwestern smoked. 'rite hams and shoulder ernaglian, John II. Min,..:i set NI. N ein iii tle• state for the Third A1111112, . dry enough not to stiek, pack it • MONTANA LEADS ALL STATES Trust liiinpany. An exceptionally fine should be left in 30 to 40 da vs, the i en i wi , di r e c t o rs. Iiiiitsin spe•Mal 11:1111 1.1 Los Angel.. ay in tin or other airtight boxes, put Washington: Jan. 10.- Wool produe• quality of corn Wtlq raked by the boys 'naked Omit area smoked. In smokite .liell,1,y 21 st at Il :310 p. in.. over tic my paralineri paper between the layers ion in the United Statea during 1915 of Montana. Washington. Oregon Wri- the meat, cottonwood is be.t. Hang ti YREVENTING MOTTLED BUTTER , regoti \goat Line lailioail, from Butt 'he pieee• of paste may lie dusted wilt was estiritated teday by the depart It,,, I he thekota4, W1•14 . 0/1iill and Man- like meat so that it does not touch. . Mott led lint t er is frequent ly teemed iss i in'' in Sc, It Lie k e CO y the. followin seadered sugar to keep then\ from stiek- msnt of ..agriculture at 288,777.001. Honing. „Iii le a thirty minute. lay .11VI ng. if row prefers. pounds with -. a value of $87.573,t41 4. ill tic -iota it 'r PX111111lital Ill t111.4 Show. These C• \flame greats - iti the cote) raising tidd , ill lie ;211 , 7e. 1111111 , t 0 I,,,, A lirvIi Such fruit postee are also very fine $14,000 more - In last year. 4 c‘i- tree :salt ..i •' ROO P. 011 - 11111g I Whelk lila& `A it 11 (1111/1t - e aline or with Production ell 1,4'5,000 pounds its- are rapidly putting the Northwestern : 0. Aiewlis cited:I.' S1111,1114 - aftel'11..oli. th , l uin \' and HI'Ple. Or $ it he \1 \ berr ' y \1\1 than lusf yeatted 7.398,000 pounds less states on the map as a new and won- i 41 liq we've Never Been : l a..., ihaa 'at .nai,\%it lip ,swiee of unwashed derful corn belt. \Why the corn laid (4 - i lf ,f , N , -:: -. '4 if/ - NI Found ()tit • The railroads ii cc granted the lii„,s• 1.' rod paste is not so ear,. to make as wcol paid to prodm•ers has aiserage: down here for me to judge has proved nisi. • • like most surjoising in quality that I s -4.4 M'iti'' 4 .: ' 14'1, .. ; ; in an attempt to deceite our cut. • iinnii-tilp rile or the year; ii , 5-1.1..i fin marmalade. lint is a very palatable and 23.4 cents per pound compared with :. re' '• '- :ss . \' I r&S tolt_ l i ''. rir.14,,;,,,J the round -hip. going awl 1.4.111 ll 1 ll g ‘ IR, a \I\\\He 4We\ii. thee 01' two pieces of 18.4 cents last year and 15.7 (slits in turners for the simple reason that : 1013. have examined in the long rears of my .11 , Snit Lake r‘itit... 1 . 111 ,, rate hal heel, association with the grain. - said Prof. i • „.7.11 -- -((1 - / - '' , „III . , .. .... „e don't attempt to do it. in huts : -,appleinent i d liv- ot hers equally :41 ail - , or ill 11ie knell box, while grewn-ups will Montana lea in production a ith -29, it will please the children for dessert Mieere. Cookiileting Prof. Nliiiiie' s great A it' . i ..l• • •. vantage-0ns. ronsidering t he difference enjoy it as they do crystallized or can 1 4 0 .000 Pounds. Wyoming Waa :1 elf.a.' reputation throughout the Isiuited i ' '- !\). '' r • . 1 : 1 ine grocer . es we insist on getting • iiit• , . 1 , -... * . ...- 1111 ' ii • , i,,,si.. ii exactly what we pay for and we . in mileage ot her I han direct i mite re, died fruit. It is worth while for 0 second with 28,682,000 pounds. Othe• States ace a cOrn judge. this statement ; 5 0 i '1 ,44-• N\./ 1 . 1 il belicve you are intitled to the t . turning, home. ...1pril 1. 1916, is the final housekeeper who likes to economize ii tates producing more than 10,000,001 eutdd to. „aid t. t,.)1,0,.1 s,that in this by him spells the highest tribute that .'• ..ig4si same privi'ege. ,tio we give you : limit proviiii d iiv this special cite for labor to remember that the paste keer monde each were-. New Meseco Is country. ' ' s '2 !, isOsOV exactly what you order whether I the NI onta na Special. If the limit pro- well and that not much more 'ober i. .21,000; Oregon, 15,600,000; Ohio, II. 2 -se•- - _!..- '' . .- ri 's. ,. . you come in person. send . our • vided 11V illiS special rate i s tem ehort. ( r i en g n u n i t r i e t d y. to make a large than a smal 150,000: Utah, 13,320,000; California i -T-7-ito.,7-; little girl or boy. * ' months limit, have lwen announted by 11,590,000 and Idaho, 15.286.000. WALSH ASkS LAND FOR STATE : , other rates. includi ll g oae with a sis- ! • STATE Word has betCH re lFil c O ri L Yed in M.isculo the railroads. There will be no other STATE UNIVERSITY WILL TOUR FORMER IOWANS WILL ORGANIZE • fee nia this winter. The University of Montana Glee club w H ean orl e9,1 E . . 5. °- al l u t: i 'd il l o i o ' l k i. c t, V i a i s i t : 1 ,, ttIo n i ‘t t u 'it t s n t h h i n! i S n en t i, a h t i o n r ,,,,, T 1 . a d. t. 1 . %: i alis i li n otfh.,Motnntiatnr, nit, -.I • isseursion rate s from Montana to Cali- i . under the direction of De Loss Smith, from a business trip to Denton. where Stat e s s s nste to giant 100.16X1 aer,s ui i Try us on Hardware, Beds and . . • head of the department of. music ant t he attended the annual meeting of the public lands for the support of the ' Matresses-We sell for less • . Good vl'hings t irofikeor of voice, will leave Missoula Denton State blink. of which institu- echool of leo...illy of the University of . I•.•-•-•..........,,,,...-....4,- t I. t () Eat Mareh 6 for the annual tour of the tion he i51 president.. +tate. Tlw NTh u (lob's itinerary includes ile here Mr. Hedrick nfolded a intr o diess it l bill in the senate to ap- :Montana. Senator Walsh has already i : . Deer Lodge. Anneonda, 'Butte, Bozeman plan Which he has hail in mind Poi p o rt' plot of the res.. ..\ of the mi- ld% ingst on. Rig Timber, Billings, some time, which was heartily 1 . 011441r I l o na! lot .....t s in Montana to the obi- i Kennedy-IVICC,,oriley (:()nipany • it is iiii,,,i . ile1 - Hied fliehant age \$$ tile Forayth. Roundup Lesiristown, Great red in by other parties intereetel. whiili ieroly si lii sil ot forestty. : •aousekeepe r t ake jelly out id a Falls, Helena and Mierrobla. i \The Quality Store\ i eumlenation of fruits- oontetimes lie Sever a l c iti es on the Great Northern County Society Of forme' icSidents of the forestiy editail. the foreetry revenue will mean the organiz!. - e .if a Fergus In the opiniiiii of Dean Door Skeels of entise the voinhiped flavor may he pie- railroad hare Made attractive offers Iowa, While in town Mr, Ikedrick eon- will help the itehool more et first, but terrible to either alone and sonietinies to the club and if satisfactory arrange' (erred with a number of former low- the land grunt will mean more in the • - because it may be more economies!, IS, menta can be made, a loo will besuade ans and all of hem were enth Mille Jong MIL ••••31•-• - • +++++ ••••••••'••••-• •••••••••••-•••••••-•••-•-• 11 114-••••-•-•-•-•-••-•-•-•-•-•-•-• • pies. they base made it! the last year a cold place; edlierwise, the solutio ,.„„„,• and r e m., atipiaimalw, ninths of age and :1-11 pounds .e kettle is token from the fire. How ision them. TI,.. ..• . 4 a 11 flleelly he city people to get *rusty fiiim tl„ II \' ` 1A1 ' . ai \ be in 1\\\ steady tire is neve:4 , 111'y tie keep t tee Itt a 1,111 . 11orni temper:glad. 111111 the market at this time. of the year, and fur instatree, when she has too little of from Forsyth to Clenelive and Miles eN, - 11 theiogli it may lie eel sery gOpsi either fruit to use for tisk purpose, or, City and then to Sydney, Malta and itiecor. it is stiiligly diseriiiiinated agittist t.. cite another instance, when she wishes 1:041° `' k * b t , Ie. i•A tend the flavor of some special Cecil Burlsigh, professor 'of violin y he purelisser. As t his defect is one id workman:hi it on be y ermine by- :Hot as quince throUgh cu eousiderable ailment of material less highly flavored, c. he pait of the butler -maker. Mottles aro eatised pi iniaiilv by all A' ' t il de . SOMetilnea, too, there is an iinesen disteibution ,.1 stilt in the but- 'th\\t\ge in both 11 \v\r \Rd color , as to. lit' just& wheal cranberries are eombined with mild flavored apples. Ii Wm o1 king of hi.' butter or bs shinning. svashilig. ii iii working it at cxcellent votnbinktion of home' cc (el , : low temp,eateire. lev (Yashiro.? made aecording to home economies and musical theory, who now doing special concert work in New York City and Boston, will be one of the club's soloists. A quartet consisting of Prof. Smith. E. Orb o Bangs, assistant prof essor .of voice, and Clarence Wald and Paul Bacheller, two undergraderati, promises to be one of the big attrac (ions on the club's program:, RED PEP'S PHI LOSOPHY

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 28 Jan. 1916, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.