Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, February 04, 1916, Image 1

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ho , labia .3 S . -s VOL. 5. usistaleass- - \ \ . 1 11011/., , , / ,,--.--_- \,,,, , \t, tquill . ,.. Z. -‘---- ‘--.....L- -, 1 • ,'‘ \.,A i . ,, ss.a......----' ----...,_ ,.... - S . :•• - ......: — ----..---. - • • ..A4 1 , 6 J.. • - • . 1. 5 5 S GEYSER, MONT., FEB. 4, 1916 NO. 49 Good Markets and the Hog Industry OPENING UP OF A CLOSER MAR- KET HAS STIMULATED THE RAISING OF SWINE A substaatial increase in practicalls eacry lint. of livestock production in tht state, despite the heavy consumption ot the past year, is shown by the report of the United States department of ag- riculture giving the nuniber of livestock on the farms January 1, as compared with the number a year ago and lies year s ago. In almost every case, also the prices prevailing are higher than those of a year ago or - of five years ago The moat notable increase is in cattle. not including milch cows. According te the government's report the number of sin -h cattle on the farm s January I of this year was 894,000, as compared with 791,000 a year ago and 813,000 five years ago. The prevailing price January 1 W&4 00.40, as compared with $49 a yea' ago and $27,60 five years ago. The largt number of cattle in the state five years ago was due to the great numbers o . range stock kept on a few large ranches at that time, most of which ranches ,since have been cut up into smallet farms and are cultivated. The increase in the number of cattle alum ally shown now by the government reports is due chiefly to the fact t hat the nuniber of farmers is increasing rapidly, and nearly all of them ari keeping some cattle in addition to theii much cows. he number is estimated at 3,940,000. Hie figure s for other states for this , rar are not now a railahle. The average !nice prevailing for thee') January I, was fixed by the goy. rnment at $5.10, HS compared with is -I.40 a year ago und $3.44 five years .go. The decrease in the number tit .heep is due partly to the breaking ti if the large raneh is where they hay. ieen kept, the rapid reduction iii till selvage of t he free range where they Save been pastured. and to the feat prevailed in the mind, of many iheepmen that the removal of the tariff 'rout wool would rethwe the price o: wool in this comitry. That hair 'nosed .7roundless so far as the past year was ioneerned, since the price of wool re• amined uniformly high throughout He 4418011. Growers very generally attri ‘mted thisc ondition to the Europeap war, however, and the number and size if the flocks was redueed.—Triburet. - takes into considerainm the true- fective that ean be given. It should : ly w Bin sseil her pa ssill;: 7111:lt niss of 1 ; epe of it partieular kind or be the at,,, of Montana tin to have the The funeral set vi..cs it iil ls• het Iirt variety. the . proparat ion giinsiit•ci beat ache.] of mines in the world, the 11'ashingtaii state winii 1, •r Plat i Vt - 111e1IS for exhibit, and other conditions Katt agrieultnra I college, the lii st reside as soon as I lie lash rt lie at the time of judging. veraity the best normal 'school. Moan- pared. IlIcr tont:tins a ill be tics iimaitnied 111.• potatot s enterad in this contest dal supptirt alone will not bring about by her loll !a ii I aid hitalapo. NIA.. doll! become the pioperty of the Bank- each It cendition; there must be th.• Have , ,anitt to olir tett ii about a i. at .ng Collar:it ion of '1,alitettia, to be us• -ery plaint attendance of Montana ago as a bride. being marrit .1 to 11r. •il for ad v. ri ;sing pti rposea. The ex- itudents at these schools. attendance Hoyt... in SVaishingt it 5 , ,,rt:•. Shpes hihits tv.tst In• placarded, \Compet- Adel, is the best proof that could be 51 veal t. tiM at the I'm, of lits for t !to Banking Corporation $1110.00 .riven that Montanans believe in their and haves to lilt ti II a husband and iebools and are proud of them. XVIien broth. r. II. Parkios iti P 11. .s -h. Montana parents send their children to Mu a. Rewee has many I. i.•,.-Is I.fontana schools—then unit not until during lit r brit f at in alit midst art ! will the situation be what it should many friciots of Mr. Poi; \tend i fernal synipattlit. in this hour of sa.: lies , - Dui in! w ill pra2shit bh t Ake place a 1 Pa lotote. 1Vashingt Big Potato' Special.\ Phi,. a rds fur :sueh exhibit s will be ppl hal by the banking corporation and ,tiay lii oht :tined either at tine bank tit he Seta...tory 's 'Alice Oil(hi' Faaii - M.1;1 tutu Ill Iii tgio , ..• ok and operates ti, every a-ultio a I dist : ta our Stale. They ,the t los oi ter to tar:enrage ititereat U one of t ur most staple pi odat:ta am or the favorable advertising that may lot: be had for our agt oral tern - hen be. RAILROADS GRANT OW RATES cii cominced that you are taking di is ti Loch will place Montana per• nanently and conspicuously upon thv CHILDERHOUSE CIVES BAIL tummer-school map,\ wrote an educator Daniel the (:. t.iii iii ' if national reputation to Director J. P. who was re centhy In oll!7'.1 itt 1:, , 111 iowe 01 the summer school of the after ha v ine het II lot 111 , 1 oo, :nivtrs tv of Montana, last week. As the plans for the summer erasion it tlw university develop, this year, here Seellli to be good ground for the .pinion taiiiili i s coiAained in the quoted oulsiier.t. The list of instructors and A pr , •lititimsry meeting ,of the pro- of sp..ciul lecturers includes men an a,sed 111.- . ..ick as.eiciAtiiiit was held in NVOILI:.•11 \I 110 are experts in their lin '.1.ttisttat ii out Tu. -slay, .hinuar s I§th. rf educational work. In the quality • products it is almost true h. re a, ir It %%brit tine. a temporairy organize - :ts fitrulay the Montana summer setae he \ 1 . 1 Pr\verh. ..\ her\ the foot it: tiro i, as pt a fist',!. This organization is ill the front rank. he sheer' t\Iiiihe`- the g'\\I 1 . 1 turas t\ has called a meet Mg tor I lie purpose of Dii eet or Rowe is making (lug; told. - cli , I ing pt I ma ii -tit \thee! s and ad pot - arepa ration for the aecom mode t ions ft possibly the gloa( free pss I loc. o here tog by la tt s and ,•,slistit it lilt an.1 to the students at the summer schoc Iii' tlo k itsaster might fetal sheep in t j: itsaia other lei sins at a, may , There are quarters. for 80 women atm ten and even hundred s of thousands in properly 111111e 11,'S 1 01 . 1* t h e meet ing. It -nits in Craig hall P1111 the dining rite The number of mileb cows On tle aands led by sheep herders. /11:ly hi. MI had b..tai decided to hold this meeting vvill take eeie of 110. Arrangements at farms January 1, was 129,004), as coin iii. Willie. As the lands beC01111. Settled. at the offi..u. oil tile t ty Agricul- wing ninth' which will insure good a pared with 114,000 a year ago and It..). loWeVer, sheep ill small liii ui-Is in kite , ; tort -4 local...1 with the I. wistown oniniodat tool outside the dormitory i 000 fee years ago. The value 'per hear .,1 pasturea may become more and more I liani.i.1 of ticitini..1.... masonable rates. 444 1 1....a. Is p ea osd al $77.50. : pared with alm:uroux. On me Otte farmer bought sixteen At the •Ii ttt i t a irymeeting held (hi Montana railroads brave granted . 197111. 4 4 1 .1.7 gen optail,, , Ye eate . ilioep for 1.5(11._gm . ailmfratis the flock •folloaing II II were appointed rti a 'amend -a -third rate, for the mourn. ago.' • This Alhmlier is batmen ng rapid n wool and lambs during the first year , ontinitt mi menibership end boosters: .eholil and the expense of the session , ly each year, due to the fact that th( were $89.0. IVIiere earl a farmer get I.. I. Wright. of !intim Mont.. E ig reduced to the minimum. Direct( farmers are keeping more and mon I return of $1411.1111 lit ot l ie year frolll a c. Imam Rossfoik ; I. 1) NliiMaster, Hil 1{0We will issue hits formal bulletin ii milch clown each year and more heani- t5t) investment in any other stock! A !ter; Autos Snyder, Beckett; M. C. San ..he middle of February. ere are being eetablinhed, while thow small band of sheep will practirally live !ers. Buffalo; \V. I'. Bczileb, Lewistown. already established are increasing theil on weeds, waste grain and s:.atteriogQ f. E. Boller. Hecsac. herds, ae the population of the stab • for five -sixths of the year. Carl H. Peteisen. temporary chair- increues and thus raises the demand A wool .r and a baturer from tilt for their products. U. S. Dr artment of Agrit•ulture ail' The moat notable increase in the past be one of she feature s of Bozeman Far five years haa been in hogs, due largely triers' AVet k, January 24-29. Thursday to the efforts of the Great Falls Meat 't 'urinary 27, is sheep day, when a he4)11 company and other packers to impress vention of sheep and wool growers wil - upon the farmers the advantages of he held in conneet ion with Farmers raising swine for market. The number vs „.k . si„,s, „ titii ii„„ w i ll he 41,,,..„ 4 ,,, of hogs on the farms in montane five during the winter to inter( sting fa.mici... years ago was '298,000, an increase of in sniall flocks of sheep. more than 140 per cent. A year ago . the ituthber was 298,000, an increase of: laroo.tao COLD PIR2E-IS OFFERED more than 140 per cent. A year ago , The . Banking Corporation leis all the number was 276,000. The price of _pounced that they will pay a sperii: hogs has fallen in the past five years, pri z e o f 8100.00 in gold for the boa the the average value on January 1, in potatoes exhibited by a Shaitana farm Montana being $9.00 a heed, as coin- at the State Fair at Helena thia fall pared with $10.80 last year and $10.40 Th.•ir offer, as listed in the remittal five years ago. Montana bogs still book now helve got,. n out by the command a higher average price than State Fair otlieiala. is 314 f0110W4: Merrill. Moll. Ililiticr Itabild, Hon. I that for the United States as a whole, - For the ten largest and best potatoes I : . Iturdiek of North Dakota. Prof( the national average January 1, being exhibited, regardlt ss of varis•ty, i , 1- 11 . ed that eaeli lot of ten pot:ilia. , must ',,,''''' si '''' .- 7 .1 \\ f \\\ II\' U. pit:torte et Agra till 111... ' 1! lie of one variety, exclusite of till tithe! - Itlall, I.. WiSZOW:1, 1:114 1.V. V ick roy tempoi a ry 7 ,1 -et 771 f alo. If yin. ire not a memher of this committet •clisider as 0111•. Get you ii.•iglibor and emu, to Lea iatown.- -Car I. Pettit -am, coni.!y or 60 cents below the Montana s‘. rage. Montana has long been one of the WOOLY MONTANA It mai not be so wild as form•rly nit Montana is still rathei a stein Th- atest federal statistics plc' alonta its! irst among the United Stat.- , it: sheet lots or special premium:, the Bankine Mtrittma I' :1k' cs been secured ftt leading states in the union in the pro- Corporation of Montana at Helena, of ( `' ji \• \mitt nti \\' ” 1 duetion of sheep, and a year ago the fer s the . following prizes. to lie pai.I in i da iryni! al. county agents. I rela government reported more sheep on gold as follows: suet irn workers. sugar beet field mei, farina in this than in any other state,: Potatoes will be judged int the basis' ; 10 , 11,141mA insp., tot s, and Yeterinai the number being 4,370,000. This year , of commercia vaue. I l amnt• 'oireistl !,1 n are s, sltileil during the 'Neck. ..rd a. a ....Ilea -other' itea•ting for taint • . i I., v. Linn. 11 1 2Nt • 4 , Wont:se . - tt -,11 not Ise neglect I • u • • a the larsi 1 tits 1:.iy ihritr• 4 4 : headed by M. , - Harkins will b • iii ppm led by Ms- . Ncllie J0/11. • ti Vtia't,iisiii At ,s, ..s•rtrude NleChavn of 11th. Miss K Is Hire ..Iptlit'11, .7: MEETINO OF FERGUS COUNTS PURE BRED LIVESTOCK ASSOCIATION :.cwistown, February 3, at 1:00 p.m 30ZEMAN FARMERS' WEEK PRO GRAM The Agricult itch College ha s prepare, it b. st hit itra s! 11 . 1, 171 ,7 11n/111 t11:1 71 , it I 1' :rrr\:1TipPrI irt NI s milop Iii tahlit L, 111111M1, lit ill1:11ily. illt'111,1itil: Oft. , Sor COCI1 1 Ka II Ilto lot,olt1;11.2 reeogiliZo Ow greet with ns•I aut hot ity on me: pi ivhiet i.sit. Di sin It. S. Shutt' of Nlich .7 1 • 1 71 . 1 1 . 111 (Init.:11 1111•••g7 . . hob's -or t :1 11,miesota. Profi ssesr F. V •-•-••••••-•-es•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•••••-••-••••-•••-•-• ho 1 1 Go On Like Old Shoes and feel as comfortabl. too. That's what we claitn fur OM men's slit es and we car prove But because our footwear is so comfortable don't think there is no style about it. Just st ip in and ask to see our latest models and if yti know style, you'll rec- ognize it in our shoes at a glance Try Walk Over and Chippewa shoes $2.50 to $5.00 Studebaker harness and collars. Everything in hardware • Kennedy -McConkey Company \The Quality Store\ lit,.''. 111011. than a s ore • [1 1 11, riot a • peeial leet t trers • • r , 1• I h• t a tie r by Dr. Vi :trren It • I . 111 . 1.111 , III of A! , rictilttite ot • • I !raise 1Vater supply and demonstration . .It home-mak int!. lt,tlitia,ls ull Vt• ell a •;peeia 1 rat for the round-tiip. of one tatty fare on • ‘ , 111/ 7 -t hit 11. 110(7111 , lilay lle 111'0 • • 1 brongt, It. I). %Nal- is. • • man. • • MRS. ROYCE DIES • MONTANA SCHOOLS FOR MONTANA Mrs. Marc . , wije of 11; B. • • STUDENTS :over.. died l'uerieltir morning at the • T 1, 11. Maim iie-Ctut ion. for iiighei lumbus hospital after aubmitling to • • . Hi?ssri. it are the iastitiitions ii ihi ii operation shoat ten (Jaya ago. 'Mrs • • stsIt •i silt ;lay are not the lit 'asap neyce has been in poor health for see- . • I uny s!ily- at seet icii. \Iliect nil with', and on the 21st of last le el I Is; ..t t ide inlet, at in hese ; etorith was taken to this hospital at •• s 55 f , Irti• r .rrpl in their snippet' I. ; Great Falls for an operation for gall •• iy1 -Pt ri support to accord these st st. She rallied nicely from the 4 , • is ..tni thing more than merc as•ration tare! for several days great : 1 a isyropr t a I I t it s ; imp/111111f. 7 1, 1 I he'll. ie./1,es were held for her complete . rbe rummy( a hich i repreetontial toy tie i recovery but she became weaker. whrn ' H:11•;• of alontana atualenta It tea brother from Washington was sum 1E110011J ..11 7 11111I is the most cf :waled, and mu ill' her husband. helpless LOTS OF GAME According to Deputy Game IVardci. W. Nelson there was never a mori ieautiful sight of wild game anywher. hen can be seen now around Gardine: tt the entrance to Yellowstone park Me standing at the depot or anywheri long the main street in Gardiner can tra. 1,000 elk. 200 antelope. 75 ntountait, theep, including some large rams, snit. 'itindreds of deer, both black and whit( tail. The animals eat from the govern - neat haystacks and the government outs from Fort rellowattin - e diet Ii rite hay for the „animals along the road he deep snow has forced the gam, at of the hills and they have icongre• sited near Gardiner where they cai .01 feed. The animals are very docile I tame. They aro• not afraid of th mos which run from Gardiner ti lummoth Hot Springs and sometimet it:whines even have to wait for th initials to cros s the road. Many pen .Ii• are making the trip 10 Gardiner ti and get pictures of the rare sight :11: shipping is now on anti this prom WV to surpass any other year in thi umber of aninials %hipped to ()Hui arts of the country. Over 130 anl everal buffalo have already beer reight and shipped out. Orders from Some of th.• 1.ttle 11 ewer the United States are being abseil, on iltv , ttrt iht 1,171 W ',It 11 •I h . eh'i %ea 'by the interior department foi We are irly a n ,ost s to I, !o• Its it Ise elk. Th., shipping makes a lit li• ochool again. soot for many people during the winter nenths. They get the elk Into a corral oy means of feeding theta hay. Thcy ire thi n loaded into wagons, like cat lb .1..1 taken to Gardiner and placed jut •t , s.k eats which are protected from e wind and cold. Some person al- P r( \\\ t\ h tays accompanies the shipment and their mw there is very little loss, as caper Hits the ...II slice has taught them just how to care am , s y „ tit et them and how many to place in si hi Arthur !Imitated 11 . 71.• Iii,. 1,t I, : enr. 14;1 they hail conaiderable Its -is with their shipments.- (\frie:1411. grad' I It. I jut - h Itoa'h. 1 1• Ito. \ and Hilja Salo ant- the 1,•a.1..i. 111 :, tiitttu iet tuitIrt ,II Si el11•1;.., • a 11 of mortgaged It p rt..% . is. I. a ! front I 11'40111 ys , :t 7 17 11 71 . 1 11.• r j• furnished hail in he ot Great hills Loader. 'bile the tywn tn . 1: .1. •1•1* :h Ile' 11 1 the Its St at-'., dited with a plinth, nprudent citizens. it is not the wish I our littli• city of hat tire a . • ot, !I of these lilt It happ 1fli5 T Is , 1)aniel abo, e :,-• I 111) Other than e ltay1I-1.)rd iii,' it lteing sum I'nele Sam! , it.'' af mail earlia..1. I.-',,, Mg ill .11:1 to the Kibley am! tithr I. t s- Is %., SOrti. • 1111 , 1101. a I . 01111i V , 5 made ii mistake iar.• I p:1 •-• !r.' Brays g.t ever... I hoot rood!, I , . ....It r , r • Gerier part V. Gait had • -1. I 'ream of Rarnsfor.l. Thi lsi a a 10-1 ite ittle u Wag.. wo - at e al :is m thtatt it awl one ot II,, 1 .1c t5i5:5- it iZt Ils 1111111,lia !eh !“si ,.51 I !(II )111..1 1 711111 IWO: lel I 1 it .ol !l• 7, • thing or I a o. mostly imply in': I , vere la w -abiding II iii no ..1111. dosila - 'hat 1 and that this part i, islam- part • a-aa f ri m GI.:1 - SP:I1 and riot Bryn N1.1 1111111)t t lilt 1/ . .W117 . 1111 s 111 - Chihli rhonse is in at the 151cs , tit t int vill soon Ir. cll.:fled sited we ino•t -is erelv hop- -All hilt 0,1, 7 , Mr Po 1301.11:11ri , tt't \ D I ar i l 11 0:f I ;+•:t arr. SCHOOL NOI ES Thef ollee Is'II•ol , ' SI/01111g la , . it 'Is:Ft. -t Ilimmtii..'tills:: II:rrA.r 5 r. I; I)orp• ‘4:41,1‘11 ,to 1...r.;;IN.Iirr P.,,•• .1. - Hi\ Salo, l j etwi•11 ['owl .ati.1 Nla ins 1 to:1y. I., 7111 1 : 11 1771 1 1 7• 1 1 111171 7I. •••• ri'f•Ilt :I P,: p I'l-K 1,11 % , I' SI, - I Ihil entire nomtli of la toi i! 1. t ot% ell I. Ill t. F..1111.1111 S t ilit 11117 le it -I III ••It p far (lit• past meet h. Althea. 11 itas , tithe meek. P HIP! r .1 • I s • hliimiilil and 1:,,, at, Is ; . tahearl age it, sit I '11,.rt u 1 account ot se kn. ss 1 tail.' it eat lel. THhe seeon.1 grail •ti are 11 , Will' the second reader. They ale .i.sies et. >ditto %toil, a ea! its 11 ,.•• 1 ,, lilo tll III lle 1111, .1 v1:1.1e lo . Of tile tel Ill. lint 1111 I.11:771- 1, 1 1 V. let ;II P .t lit - I 7. l• •11 V h. It III .• tk • so t 1...••.! llve 2.. I et at 011-• t Ty to rat- • Ho 'link jot this na nth. folliaving in I hp ski I, a I • 1 civet! an sit et a get. ot \la lot I: l'axson. (ail Iledma .h Tillie Lane. I 'tar, - I • Binion r. - 1..1 •••••.-It. Coil II 'dip rs Ir.t I. it i:11 :•r; pragrr of IC: : IV hi; lA t h I .it il t LrI:rd • 1.. I. pd thP folIrry•inr.. It Ur • • I.1 I !i s I toein.-II 9!, In, P - I, I : 1:oital , 1 I ant. ./ : 1%11. l'1. I 1 hi,-,, ui Ii • III /1%1 rae,c RED PEP'S LOSOPHY t\ \Early to bed and ear- ly to rise and yoit wAll ne'ver meet any of our prolilinent citizens. Nlackinaws 1' .1 no. A . _ 's ahumr tot Big German Drive in 'Itee,5 Lined Coats $14 va'in.. for .. ‘Vas $4.75 no‘‘ 1.ea . thei ett: St0.00 3 4.25 ,G,olden Rule Store C. R. JOIINSON ItMerld Vann is a real for , aura 8th vi n il, . tvnti ys t.tthpitsied Physiology ia :men the latter part of ./nn. Ronald feelt sat i :lied that a little hard work Helen NIelSonnell was on the sick list las: week. Arntts l'eteSel l is on the sick list this II 1 , 111 .• ..q111,lh.j lhuit ui the Wel k. sist 1s grade ere studying Physical eeliipbv. X isit s hoot and hear a -its I EC, 11.11 •,,n. 77 it ill ' , lease yam and ell:',11trage loll II • 1/1t1.11/ 1 HMI - teacher. - his , tollott sag y ere pia Icet iti spell- ing hist ti .-ek Fifth 1 grtile Citrelia Its it and thu Is Theme' : Third grade-- Zell Let' •1 11 't tlay Wit It !tell' pare-ite fin Nelit 511 b it as absent the first A11 , 11111 Islau reel th e on p ro enat 'i.e . , . licev croekett., eoon. N.0 refos nt-s his,. 1 persuaded the ;al t„ 10 .o cal off it. nefarious iii. I It , ...ow their are no more de- -a...1.1e its , Ilion mere financial iciperity. 1...‘ pprovinial 1011 of the Nei.' :11 of till sit AV011Itl be a great es -I- It t capable modurn young wo• a , ha, only asademie inter- Foreisti rations should never try to 1111:f this .•,aintry. Here is where the II e as it, uen, ed. In time os hes .1. prepare for Hobson. T.II scc, s, to Is, the autocrat of the t lole. The Folokter e,t1111.1111 find tile dove but at least they had a lark. ill, olds party this ssiuiitl ry pot. surly is lest in is 11•00.1row 11,11. 1PM 14 •ee if we can get the Isis out of the irezeilits hy nest thritt- In YC aS 11,1 areat surplice to the \-ad'i it hear flint Ill/W lillt1 it 1111-10,1 01 impala - Ina.. \Val. Vali iv ail ill ii have its faolt \ tsstio 11..1 it. , \ that it is .1 11 \ L.' . 1 \? \ \ 1 Pl..\ a. ; to sr:lir ... 9; up Ii e , boll/ I' l's 7I Iii.' prip. 11%11 Al I he .11ilel tutll pre,l4 actually on.. of flys s lIst Spring Ihs as 1....1...1 l,ki the veriest hon.2y- m...n-11,11. , . 1 s, nna tent on sin -stir to 01.11' 110t?. That 7110.nuart.i.. eommander sent an- other. S.

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 04 Feb. 1916, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.