Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, February 04, 1916, Image 4

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CRYStil JUDITH BASIN tiMEg • --• • •-• o GEYSER JUDITH BASIN TIMES Pfrlished every Friday rr G sitar, C. B. Dudley. Editor end Publisher Entered as second-class matter March 25, ISII,at the postoffice at Geyser, Montana, under the act of March 3, 1879. Subscription: ,f2.00 per year in advance. NO DEBTS \We do not owe one eent on our great University, con agricultural aehools, our charitable schools or inslitulimfr, our prison or its big farm, or our indus- trial sehools,\ says Earl Akers, at ate trenaurer of KIIIISIZS. \In fact, with plants which represent an act ual worth • of over $20,000,000 not a eirpper cent of indebtedness stands out against . thent.\ Ile further state5 that the banks have $132 for every man, W01111111 and child of KfIllia:1-Whiell is more than three times the per capita wealth of the na- tion. 1Yith an aggregate of nearly $10,- 000,0010100 as the value of our harvests for the year 1915 no man, woman or child in this hospitable land Should g4 hungry. And we venture to say, wen America swept clean of the liquor traf fie no man, woman or child would gi hungry. No objeetion it heard to the Paw hyph •.-.. it certainly Ives tomi feat. iNhat j..4 so rare as a dayiii .Ja,ui*Hrv I lii Op II .411.0111 1' 01 . sawing \False teeth Kill ilim.\ says a tin /nig. headline. They are iiither hard ti kligcst. The rabid anii-Wilsonites Who are si \a dollar's!\ to lie A iii, Phil 11. may la i.rninduud t Ikat the ocean is free and Ito. %%Tann..., 14 CX41.114 . 11t. El ..1111110\ 1 11\WILN\MBI\101611113b, Don't start to read our next serial -- THE Lone Wolf if you have an im - portant engagement or you ' ll miss it, sure. The author is Joseph Vance has made the career of the \ Lone Wolf \ so adventurous that you will read chapter after _chapter with breathless interest. We are glad to give our readers Mr. Vance's best romantic work Out Soon Don't Miss It • f 0 1 0 0 1 31..\\:&\6111\11INIM\11.111.1119111.‘0 A DIVINE COVENANT. God Almighty gave Eve to Adam with the pledge that she would be his helpmeet and with this order of com- panionship, civilization has towered to its greatest heights. In this rata. tionship, God has hltased woman and man has honored her and after four thousand years of progress, she now proposes to provoke God to decoy man by asking for suffrage, thereby by amending an agreement to which she was not a party. Woman, remember that the Israelite scorned a divine covenant, and as a result wandered forty years In the wilderntas without God. Likewise man should remember that It Is a langerous thing to debase woman by law. Rome tried lowering woman's itandard and an outraged civilization :ore the clothes off the backs of the Suntan race and turned them out to roam in the world naked and tua. 'shamed. Stereoscopic Surveying. There is ln time a stereoseonie tnetho 1 of photographicatur% eylug. Photographs are taken at two points o irli o sun lag camera. the plates being exPo'cil the vertical plane passing thrunich both stations. The dot - eloped plates. or itivea from them'. being then :placed it stereoscopic measuring mad/line th comillines the pictures. a brief calciiI. , lion gives the exact ii; - uslt Mu 9r any du• aired po/ut. The razigr. ef lir, instrument is pm or about five miles • nerd the method Is said to be of pal - lieu lir tidrainfoge iii mappine large areaa' of suotittlaltiona taaltilrY• LIKE A MONEY TREE. Simple and Profitable Scheme of a Kongo Trading Company. The possibilities of a really enter. prising trading compaily are realized at Kiflitu, central Africa. where the Kongo Oriental company owns all stores, where money can be spent aud fixes its own prices for ivory, rubber. labor and trade goods. \It was as if by planting a few francs:in the ground homey bearing trees had sprung lido existence.\ The lucrative procedure is explainell in James Barnes' 'Through Central Africa.\ \As soon its n native %% as Paid cash for anything. either as all advance or for services rendered. he hastened hot. foot . to the company's stores and bought anything from a barn ..... Icon to it secondhand gold braided uniform, and as the profit In these articles ran from 100 to 2.10 per rent It call easily lie seen where the money trees tome in. \The man who had brought In Ivory was paid for it in cash at a rate MAI insured it prom or airout El° per (amt. and Immediately lie repaired to the store. where Ile ipought things Ile had no use for, giving :11R/tiler profit ilf ,•e lit. per cent at least. The mimes - was aent from the store to the company's offices. where the native was paid for carrying the ivory on the first stage of its long journey to the coast. The money received was the sitttio• that had been paid for the ivory Jo the first place, and the bearer woolul surel% eonte back and spend his wages at the store again. \It was it lovely system, and ilk, utnly real elianee for hiss wais the weal :dud tear lull the money Itself and the expense of bookkeeping. If the with c demanded all extra price for ivory iii labor there was very little trouble made over it - lite extra cost was mill- ed to the articles in the stun . .\ TOO HAUGHTY TO WORK. English Servants Will Not Do What They Think Beneath Them. The Lowells lived at ill Lowniles square, having moved there from an other house in the same square. 'flick esta blishment Was not 111:1\ZIsitivelit. hit Adequate, with a sufficient couiplenieni • if servants. Tiles(' seridikts %%vie ell .aged for special 1.11 , 1S 111 I lit' •1S IS always the etisfum lii Eitel:it'd Ind each Aram a stickler for his Iola - ie.:a lies and perrmisites foul p1111 1-. to re sent any demand that did led fall it the pro - rime of his sharply defined ilti ties. It so happened Iliat In mos ing a ear pet from the former house had been 'tit down in tile IleW ieaVillg it 1 . 1.0 illeheS uncovered in a corner. w Melt tin tarnishers had overlooked. As ther was a dinner party at the embasay ilia; night find Mrs. Lowell posseaseul Piece of tue C:11'111.1101: 10 1 . 1O - 1`1 . I he 11:Itt spOtk OIl 1he floor, She unug 'for 000 Of the 1111 1 11141 . nallIS :11111 11S11 1 .1 him If I. , would kindly lack it down for her. 11, lrew himself up, distinctly offended in hii pride. 'I your pardon. your excelleney.' !le Said. \hilt it IS 1114 niy plave to d. - lint, I will ring for .alfred.\ Alfred appeared. :mil his answer ti - the same request was: \I beg pardon, your excellency. lilt it la not tily plit - e to buy carpets. I wiII - - all Charles.\ And l'harles rattle NA MI the salike aru :Wer. Mrs. Lowell eaileul up. 1 think avers' male servant in the house, but ate and all stuck their hoses in the lir and looked with disdain upon the 'itintillating hammer and lit , ks. She then had them stand in a row While :he herself proeetuded to nail down the unroll corner of carpet _and instantly lismisseil them from her servibe.- Princess Lazarovich in Century. Wood Pulp. Observation of nature has often sug iested ideaa to busineas men. NIatia% 'ears ago .lannes C. Blaine said to I/r 'fill that there was a rapidly diminu siting supply of rags and for , apermaking. l'hat set Dr. Hill think lig. One day he came Into the office if a paper manufacturer holding a 'iorners nest in his hand. \Why can- aor pm noose paper like this?\ lie sold. Dr. 11111's trained eve had seen hat the Lornet began making its nest • tubhy.\ The banana o ,111 NN hy chewing up trarticlea of wood into ire all familiar is mily 1)1,e (of 1:1.1113 1 fine pulp. That illustration lei to the 0, cful spevies. Cochin Chino pi - educes ow of wood pulp for making paper. r single fruit that is all amide Inca; for three men. and in East Africa an in Killed by Fear. ouvicatting drink is made trim the het Frederick I. of Prussia wag killed by tit e liana no.- Londiun CI , ruinicle. rear. 11 is wife was insane, and one day she escaped from her keeper and. dabbling her clothes with blood, rushed it Poll lour illIshatill while lie was dozing Ill his 1113111*, King Frederick imagined her to be the \white lady\ whose ghost was belie: ell to invariably appear whenever the death of a member of the royal family was to realm and he was thrown into a fever and died in six weeks. A Henpecked Bird. The male rhea. it feathered inhab it lift of South An 1,.a is very intsch pot upon. for four 4 , r lit t' liens combine 10- L1Ot 11(.1' a Oil 1 / 1 1; tlieir eggs ill one nest till the total reaches twenty or inurc. ellen the females depart. leaving ii rnalo bird to sit on the eggs and attend In the '11:111is of the young birds. Mean Retort. \Ile says Ile intends to be file archl trf t of his own tontine.\ \I peed!,I a terrible stagnation In the 1r:111(1111g lima\- Judge. Good Reason, Indignant Costumier - Barber, why yon drop that towel on my face% Il:nhu'r- II Was hot, slr.\ - Bos- ton Globe. Prejudice squint:: when it looks and lies when it talks.-Abrantes. The Reason. \The first sear of married life is :C Ways 1114. 1 11110,4 couple passes that safely the grc.i' ,laager ,,f separation is ove!'. - \Why 110 :toll say that 'It usually take,: a 1111111 :I la learn the futility of :114111tig with Ili , o Ife \ - Detroit Free Preas. Tearing Sounds. 'I'he ear con he trained to accustom itself to the soon,' or the tearing 11 1 parlous materials. The noise accom !rallying the Iva.ilo.t..r Thai a !lino'. Tr.,. rr:,tri his ind are Milne quite another. the Ilaa being shrill. whIle !tie latter Is 111.' (11111. Those Dear Girls. .111ve Oust engagetio What do you th1nk Jail: 3:1411 ,, 1110 hist 1,1•4111 . ! That if he hail to choose Pith. r tre ot sl he %couldn't look :it Cie monev 11:o Dear_ loyal fellow \ :1-1: Ole temptation. I S111 1 1\“-1. 110 rr:tnnc. nut. -- Tao Timid. Given 11:ta fortone 1101 er itt,''- Il lie i Itiown's door? 11'llite 1111. yo , 1 , irl ltr,m la 4114111 *hire one!. 11 for tett . ItAAJis a bill collector! New York nieelea • ENGLAND'S THRONE. As One of the Heirs ta It, this Gorman Emperor Is Very Rennet*. In /11.1si1er to the question, \Was Ian, emperor of Germany ever' conoldered an heir to the English throne and did Queen Victoria have tt :ow intastal to exclude him from the succession?\ the Philadelphia l'ress says: -The possibility of tile German em- peror ever auceeeding to the throne of England is so %cry remote as to cause little thought. There Was more or less talk on the subject at the time of tlie marriage of the kaiser's mother to the heir to the t:turnain throne In 1S.58, but we are unable to find that any paella. Itleniary aelimi Was taken even Hien. \Aft gr King George ('tame his live sons 01141 one daughter and their chit- 4 . &cll , if any; then King Georges sls- • ter Louise, Dueltess of Fife, her two daughters and the still of (lie elder: • then Princes::: Vietoria. then Queen ; Maud of Norway and her sun, making • thirteen lit present living in the Hue of succuussion. _later that t he succession reverts to the descendants of the late King Edward's brother, Alfred, duke of Edinburgh: Arthur, duke of Con- naught. and Igutimild, duke of Albany. • As these all married and had lilt nerous children anti grandchildren, there is a o long line of heirs to the throne before the situ - cession woulit come to the de • seendants of the oldest siater of King 4 • Edward. the Intl' h' iii of • C0urniany. the first of wilier' line is Eun- peror NVIlliain.\ • • PITCHING IN BASEBALL. Lack of Control Will Render Usolosc • All Other Ability. • \In illy len years • conneetiou vidth • the American league as umpire I haVe SeeIl the fact proved again anti again • lint control is 111(51 llIttly Ile , eSS:11 - y 10 Will itilly EV:1101 Ill St. Nic11111:1S. \'Ile more one studies thi• different features of the art of pitching Ho- uton. clearly does he see Ihe value that ciintria plays in the so., or an. padier. the pa. - krr knows Ireakmrs, , If ow barter ana intends giving law a rasrl,Lihh oo the inside anti then delilc el'alely pitches to the opp.,site side 111., hitoWle,L;4' of the hailer is of 110 lust' ti, him. Lack of control has remit:re:1 hi , knowledge useles, 'If lw knows the shortstop is t11 (41( er and then pitehes a ball to the hattic for hint to hit Val :11 ell by OW rellgt 11 of control is again that makes it easy throttali the position shortstop he itullities his infield. Lack of the 4:41W , 4 4 . - If the catcher sigteds ter a waste hail in order to In 41 biller 110Sition , o throVV 011t a runner trying to steal iid instead he gels the ball right over the plate he is handicapping . the cateher. f.ack of control is iigain \After all. most of the titter points af pitching are haSeti 011 ability iv cuu trot the ball.\ Stonehenge. No sooner had we set foot on th. First swell of plain than I 11,a aware of what looked like a herd ' elephant a, half a 1111ie ahead. did not move, and slowly it tava ovum ore that this Was :410114.114.11 . ..r.e. few minutes hi: Pr. seated within circles Of thOSO 4'110111101N St,no.s. I v. asking myself the old questions th...1 so many travelers have asl:ed. worship. at least. these rude masses were erected; that seems fairly certion And to eunimenuirate a. halite, if oai. luaY iodize from the barrows thin orown the - neighboring , ' 11.11 elim and tviir-Ille tivo 111;1: have channel ahil ruled and t:irt . .ire 'he world. SO tOYSIO1 - 11111.1 i U, V if Ilfe. ahke moral and physic: d. 11:1 P the haunting . ..wonder our Stonehenge : Ticither Inereaseil Liir lessened lv whaI then I SaW,-- alefelefejefefefeeiefeieio CLEARANCE SALE IS STILL ON Grasp the opportunity of getting BARGAINS. This cold snap will last and you need the GOODS we are offering at cost to keep you warm: SHEEP -LINED COATS SWEATERS SHEEP -LINED MOCCASINS When the cold wind blows, Take care of your nose, And wrap up your toes In warm woolen hose. CAPS GLOVES mirrENS COUGHLIN BROS. & ( \The Store of Quality.\ •••••-••• THE BTCE HALL. fa 1 , a It Spit Not ViLators. but tho Oc• c;:part:, of ti - e I• An: 11111...4 1.4.W 1,, 4. 111. io! The roolu it. t 1st, it iu usually given ill the as ail ahaumit attentimi Out' ' t Sou'111 1till 1 , 1 * all f•rolairzion to ti Alia yet tiie : , it lie a Were , I i11;111... Slqicitills 11111 11( the cole , style or, 115 i. tilt present dtly .1-Itt. , 11S. a part or the living room -it 1 , y :in lifeliAvay, Is 4111114. 4111 , 1111Sftle It is unsatisfnetury for this rea. -that the elitralwe way is designed d .lecoritteil from Hie Stanitiooint tut ..,• ilapres.tott it makes on visitors. 0011 1 311.1 [he 1111111'esSloll itu Sho11:1i `04.1( 1.111t that made gliests_ hat noon .:11'selves. the oc, - etiant.\ Iron, Too ort,r, We Live Ow olltrait , -e ast. • Pre tre:11111e111 11111t 1111111eSseS I iO stu dent of beauty or that amazes the less discriminating %kilo! . by the other ex i reme „r .lispr:* nor hot.. do., .•riker or rin . .•,r tii,s types of entrance iff4.0 those who collie into 1114' bolts' . . 11141iy times et cry . the good inaii 1,1 his i rt. 1111.1 I lutir 1'1111111 . On . : 'A it 11 1 . 110111 1 1111 IlY its sitggestion ,/1 I (••••1 1111,1 1 . 1.111/ , 1. tenrois one after i. Mint Illy . .., 001k :11 lite 1i11i, - 0 to liron. Mtuu the hest easy chair that /soma- •iliutig. or Aloes it irritate Coe tierces and Keep olio goina. restless anti uneasy wandering fouto the entrance to the 'living room and from the livin;.; room It) the study and thence to the attic ti3 way of fin : : lysvnienc , Many Species of Banana, liallan3 as a substitute for the aotalo would have tine drawback. hi has been found that those ua hu, five maitily upon this article diet soon tend to become w hat is a suety , Tbe Instaarnents. Pallor:et- sa.0 silo got all he' ipit rite hist plan. o-Slie i!•11 had four hus handy. end she gut a illre furn vith eai 11 one. 0.• ter 11 OBLIGATION OF SPRAYING. • Spraying with insecticide us the life insurii WV of 11 11.1111 life. If it • 15 Ile . .e1'11 , 1 there is 110t only ioss • to the owner ot fruit and now- rt., but danger to the neighbor. ••• If Sante sOpell isiuiui Is Just blvd • over all nurseries (lint plant dis- • eases may not be dissuminated I I. • • • • • • ••%. • • there certainly is a Moral oblign- • • tion on every plant lover tO keep • • Iil OWII StOek free Of pests -* 01 . disea al` that. Ilk neighbor may • ,oiner • of•I•f•r•i•firf•t•••1•1•4•1• PASTURING ALFALFA. it Is an Acute Pro- blem on irrigated Farms In Certain Sections. It Is one thing to seettre a good stand of alfalfa ou an irrigated farm, but it 13 ( - toile another problem tO maintain a good stand of this legume when it is being continually pas:tared down. In iii IllS Pt us sectiims of the solithwest. where the season is long /111111 animals are kept on the field practically Ike entire y - ear. the problem becomes matte, says 111t' Country tientleman. Contintions (14, ,, e cropping damages tin s plants by root start atom, wkila tramping of the soil by the live stock. especially when the soll Is wet from irrigation or rains, does further dam- ' ans.. The result is a rapid thinning of the stand. This allows Bernina . ...rasa and noxious weeds to gain a toothold oil the fields, the turn:Welk its - if which rapidly deeri•ases. \To obviate these ilittletilties a sys tem of rotation is „..4„,.h ig is Iit'i hug inlopted on Arizona farms,\ reports II. of thy federal office of farm monagement. \In this system GB; aiLt11ptj showed LQ grow until :he crop - 1 have ltl:tl, i cnreful study of sot - ! era! farms where this - system appar 1.1111Y Ilas1 us0`;',1 :1 0111 to Fa - rte. - tem raw of these 1:,11::s :•watt -41 mar Phoe. bis..1riz.. %All,. a Oatry and silk tarn, of 1110 lieres, a hi ill alfalfa. Tht• alfalfa Was 411Videl 11,1”p pp lit , .....•hts vfleitty acres each. I, it'cri. M11 , 1 foo, - i - u ti. held tirst. t it had calf .. ., id the 14.4 .! ii, y pat into a to\V 114'11 alP1 other W:14 into 1114. 110111 10 . t:i Li up thtu feed left the coos. xvioua I hut' lieht AV:1,4 weil c!Palle: 111, 1103 sc.•• otal ilot of sitick wits take: , i.f the fie..! watered awl not risturi• a . „Aill not I. anuither crop hail nititore.. '11 lien a teid was .1:t fur fk.ty the i rut, via: pot eti %Intl ft . y the stccl. turned i:. lip the waste hay. The field w I he:, I :ea Ient it. 110. 111:1111Ier :Is 1110 lie:.iS 111111 11:111 bee!! 11:1S11/1'ell. this Stern thiS 10:1:11.111:11' r... er keeps Ifi8 animal Wilts. tip of IN hit It at . . dairy to. on It . for t1A tI up ttionflts. mid leis if sorpIr,s 'lip the fore,. the. 10.111.4 ta•lue, : 'he 1:y this - f aiffli bias I Ni! CO10111 /11 1111 . -- Gcnuire Art. \T1111t Oil 11 SIPS S 111. W:111 tq hits ple lire , to look perfectly tiatitral.\ said he pro!ographer's assisratit \Alake it ins handsome rrs post - '.le.\ , eplieri the proprietor. - \But he 1nsiata that doesn't want he picture to flatter him.\ \Ile wunft think it Patter: him. !fell think that at last auunielaudy has managed to coldi the way he really A Rea I ,Grieyance. :Magistrate - How conies it that you dared to break into Oda gentleman's house hi the dead of night? Prisoner - Why, your worship. the other time you reproached nit' for stealing in broad daylight. A lilt I to be allowed to work at all? -1.011 , 3011 Telegraidi. Her idea. \The spelling bottles all wrong, mom - nun.\ \Why so. Ethel?\ \Because it don't look right fur a lit Ile thing like a kitten b. have six !ot- ters and a big eat to only have three.\ -Yonkers Stateauran. THE GEYSER TIMES Can Handle s Your Job Work E. It SUNDERMEIER kegistered Optometrist \ !ruttier of state and national as- sociation strain is a waste of nerve force and produces serious func- tional disturbances. I relieve this .(indrtion by properly fitted glas- ses at the GEYSER HOTEL First Saturday of each month. Permanent office BELT, MONT. NOTICE FOR - PU BEI CATION pepartMent of 'tie Interior, U. S. . Land Office at (:r::at Falls. Montana, January 10 1916. Notice is hereby viven that JAMES STRONACH, oT (;ev St - r,, who, on January 31, 1 1911, made Homestead Entry, Serial No. 0 1 1951 for S' S ,! W 4 ' 3sW. Section 1, Township 18 N, Rangy 9 E. Montana Meridian, has ' tiled notice of intention to make. five - scar Proof, to esriblish claim to the land above des,ribed, before R. H . Bemis, U. S. Commissioner. at his office, at Belt, on 16th day of Februaiy ! 1916. Claimant names as witnesses: Joseph , •trotql., George Kernaghan, and Char-. 1 , ..s Barlow of Geyser and Willien Kemaghan of Spion kop. Mont. R. N. Stitherlin, Register. Read The Times 1st. Publication Jan. 14, 1916. ••••••-•••••-•41-11-41-••-••••-•-•• • USE \RAINBOW\ FLOUR THE FLOUR TIIAT IS SURE TO PLEASE Cheaper, better and 'goes further thal any flour on the market. Every' sack sold under a positive guarantee. Price $2.75 per cwt. f. o. b. Great Falls. This price is made for a limited trine only. OSTER-POTTER MILLING CO. MaillIfal•IllreTS, Great Fans, Niont. ' MEMBiirrly , ruin. IDES Fui s, Pelts, Wool. Reale Nlarket Price by Shipping to WALKER & ANDERSCH P. 0. Box 226 . CR FAT I A I 1 S. MONT, Phone 6205 • 1 4 ...4..00.111111•••• ••••••••MI•Em.... 4

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 04 Feb. 1916, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.