Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, July 21, 1916, Image 1

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, VOL. 6. ••••• -.1 I / /••II // -- ••.,r- - -- s-s------ e.m...-m, •e• ......,..., ....*............ '1C4- -Xliba `...\1:•:. - . ..11.ii• t: ..'\ (7. - ,-1 ^ S ' iib..1W - • a : 4-1 - . 1 XIV . s.....•'... 1 :4 L. - r::•• . 7 . - : , •••• s '\ . 'nr . ..‘'n -- + I . .: ••• ......- • '; 1 + - -\...„ - GEYSER,. MONT., JULY 21, 1916 I IF I KNEW YOU and YOU KNEW ME If I knew you and you knew me, 'Tis seldom we would disagree; But, never having yet clasp'd hands, We might perhaps not understand That each intends to do what's right, And treat each other \honor bright.\ How little to complain there'd be, If I knew you and you knew Inc. If e'er we question by mistake, Or in our bill some error make, From irritation you'd be free, If I knew you and you knew me. Or when the checks don't come on time And patrons fail to write a line, We'd wait witLyut anxiety If I knew you znd you knew me.ts _ Or when complaints were made to us, That otherwise might start a fuss, We'd take it in good part you see, If I knew you and you knew me. With customers, some thousand strong, Occasionally things go wiong; Sometimes it's th,i, fault, sometimes we Are not quite right arid fail to see; But would not thaws mote pleasant be If I knew you and you knew me? Why dm not truso, rely, confide, Have business faith on either side, Eat h du his best ti alue give, Living ourselves, let others live, So any time you oane this stay just tome right in, most any day, Then face to face at' each shall see And I'll know you and you'll know mc The St. Paul Wholesale Merchant meeting his customer face to face on the recent sociability tour. On Tuesday forenoon it was demon- I accompanied the boosters. They earrieil started to the business men and citi- i the Minnesota Stott. Band 'with them zens of the Geyser community that and gave an excellent emicert on tlie St. Paul had about the livest and Street while the train remained in town. most progressive set of jobbers and Space does not permit going into de - manufacturers in the whole country. I tail as to the men on this trip, but The \Boosters' Special\ arrived at t hey 1 , 4 VD. all bitosters of the progress -iv e 1 / 1 :25 as scheduled and remained in to w n for the full thirty five minutes leas - ing promptly at II o'clock. During type. g I hem ss.i. I.. 11 . l'resident of the Greed Noi thrum who, 111•1 11531111. was the biggest boost er Inc this short time many new acquaintances St. Paul and !Omani's in the bi inch. were made and many old ones renewed. Mr. Hill is well no:quaint ed with all and when the train left everyone who parts of Montana. hat ing ttiornisl the had been in town and who had met and state many- times. it spoke very fat - talked to these men were glad that they orably of the progress the country lived in Montana and hail the privilege was making. He stated that Minttana are to lx' oust two weeks covering that Ithusiacm a bit and it WaS evident that territory of North Dakota and Mon lie was going to continue the work of tana traversed by three railways. Some- tipbuilding ftie Treasure state which thing like fift• hIlainP5111 firms were wog started by hi , father. lb• stated this] trip by some 100 that since the Biltings y of the three railways Cong.r ., e,s more land hail been 110nle- +teaileil its the state that watt 10 be found in the state of Iowa. That fact is all that need be stated for Montana. Mr. Dow, representing Ile National Corn Show that is to be held in St. Paul Deeeitilter II lib was with the speeta 1 and stated that the corn front NI manila in many instunees surpassed that of +111111. of the eastern +titles am! 1. xpre..-ed a desire to have this part ii•fc the state represented next December. Silt., Jack [leek ha .1 a large acreage of corn il should he possible to send samples from fbi., community. of transacting business with sueh a hail undergone a hard winter an d, like may yet pr o ve to be is m on t o na ero p. Music will be forni-leal IltritiothotO onto Ile 1- a -nail . % ii , to .11. t• tit i 10 a 'WS% 1111114. 1 1/11 progressive buineh of fellows, the greater portion of the country, was Stops w ere made at Spion Kop and the day by . NI. If. t tamer' Band 0 1 IstYii Ioec I'' , II I I , , ,,, Ii,.- In- , . ts• i , i s i ng The itinerary of this second annual +offering from a loss o f p ar t iii hr Rat ne sf ord a t w hi c h pl aces th e h aw ; thirty x • 1,1044 , and the Deoloti kid pin- it be 1- s'iii' that the seed , trade tour of the Si. Paul wholesalers crop hr winter kill i ng. How i•ver. this gas coms-rt s and th e b oos t e r s ca ll e d ' Montana Rand both of whieli are st I ong , lisolut els pure. Its' Ali oliii ...Iv time ),,, p „,„ and manufacturers showed that they fact did not dampen his Montana en- ins Iii.' business men. • musical organizai soils. Th.. I is., 11,114 111 , 0110 MO' 1.• 14.1111.: .311.1 1 111111: II., ”t•ii••• I 11•1 •1“11111 111.1 111i FrO111 here (i.e trails ran to lireat . vie st ill. eavh \Owl - Int I he 10 \\ I ill. \ 11 \'\ \\. \ 1 P i ' 2 \\\ 1111Sir .11 ill lit 1..• .111S 111 hue op• Falls, spent Jlte nigiat and today are i offered, and which will • be • derided- ho- '4 weed If a ..1 ti. poi 1 1.1 hevoiri• attn. land • from „ n th oteou h o : ne h .: T umuli - ow the people holding membership tjeket, s eed obtained iii thu Nor! its i•-t ti I, g „,„ „, „ it - lit •m„. i s t i ii . will he spent in Butte. Anaconda and 1 in the a:soeiation. Every ham) orgs St.i le, I %%mild ii \\• r \ ' \ let,/ ol Si'.' AO a ito•it.Iiiig Iiit• at 1 pro •rh e re t urn t o st. P au l w ill Filiation in the county on• took re.i 11•11. 1'11,111 thP, ;11;01 T eV 1.111 'i.hhiiif , „ Is' Satitiday, 2901. an imitation to inter the eontest hot of the oi.eiori t 11,1\ pure :„,.f iii ,.,, f i f 1 ,„ 1 , •• fa , the two bands named above were the only ones to announce their intention ntering. Th, b all game o Ishii will be called .1 ::50 will is. litt wenn Iloy and Both Ins are exeept irma fly St ton. Slut! have played high class ga ti.. pin4 fen' Week , . anti hot Ii hits,'prom iseil to give the crowd t he lie -t that is in them. The ball game will be fol lowed as 11.1 Willi a Lot 'non aseen-sion by Prof. Frank Brook who was the stellar attraction at tb. 1)entoll Days . celebrat ion In +t a . Besides aerial trapeze work. Mr. Brook • puts on a very pretty flag paraeliut - act while goie.^. up and explcol• s in mi,l-air that iii I, io•aul and when • a mere -pech. sti i 1.. 1 al ••• 1011.1. With a flit ilhin pa in, lint leap. n cat le I may ititci tote I• mop extrrit NI E. II• la' 11•11 tvitrils. Hen. then is is sure and profi- table line of work for many growers. Who o ill Ite the first to take it up? \PREPAREDNESS FOR AMERICA FIRST\ Fallowing it. iced prepar- oi keeping plot ahead of II., , 1,1. of immierat u.n. the Great \ouch,' ii Railway, at a cosi of $2..000, - otiti s non i- ltiiiHno? 4.11•• 1111ill•s lif If there a e, d 1 ,-, titan atir''xt,ti ill %Vest ern Ntir1 11 Da - slur in the Not tits% 'still,. States in a a ILI E\'ter\ NI\\1\\\ which will elation to its aoi tinIttite. it is Tim need pleted t 1i -totter I. opening to the or pure seed . aot Id a bountiful pain and stock rais- This is. ed i- greater in t lie a 1 0 - a ing Area of about 2.1551 square 111111.A - i'err...1 to than ili many other parts of 3 tilritorY \1\\I t\ tl\' \ 1 \'le s tate 4 111.. (\hi/ea Stales Cu.r lie rea , t1i. firat. Doistwaro- that the Nortlis estern 5tH t'es are .0 exel- are now alttnI1 1,11011 ae111Iera represented in men. Officials e , ;.T NO. 21 - • - B. & It. AND DENTON BANDS WILL vill be ou the grounds in full uniform. only it few grains of admixture by some PLAY AT MOCCASIN PICNIC o r the variety, these will continually in• NEXT FRIDAY Titer expeet Si, leave 1)enton on the crease. If that increase were tincheck- 210 and i.still ii -a, here i ii ample t ea, the time would come when that oth- to meet Governor Stewart when he er s-ui riet v would form half the crop, arrives in the morning. providing the inherent vigor of the two A risk tigeownt s for shade and rest arieties is equal. room have been made through the se- ()nee started with pure seed, the work euring of a large tent lot that day and of keeping it pure is relatively easy, whieh may prove large t•iitt ugh to hods' providing the grower uses his own Iii.. speaking in. In aims evi-nt it will threshing maiiiine. But should the ad- o•iii hie a Mph. shell, r tor Ii goodly 1151 55 lire at the first be even so alight ••ron•i •1101.11•1 t he day he i-xcessively with -tititle 411 her variety of the same SN 111'111. 111115.1,1. it is scarcely possible to separ- Alt hough the gi el iiiiiitlier of the i ate eompletely theae varieties after- Made 111.51 \Get Out and Get Under\ GET out at the R. M. C. store and get under the roof on the inside, where you can find everything in fresh fruits, vegetables, groceries, meats, hardware, harness, shoes etc. If you are having trouble with your bread try either Roses or Stanford flour, they are backed with a \Money Returned\ Guarantee. We will be glad to show you our stock and figure your bills and then furnish you the best money can buy and at the most reasonable prices TOO. You need the Goods and vv , _! need the Money. ROSS M ERCANTI I ,E CO. ncorporatcd The Home of Good Things At rangement a for the Eighth All Judith Basin Farmers' itt the Judith Basin Substation, t wo miles west of - Motant•sit, on July 2Stli, are shaping nicely and fill but at few minor details are well in hand. The picnic this year will be eimiluct • ed along much the same lines as in former years, there being the visual +ports, races and contests, band eon- eerts, ball gut use. balloon ascension], Anti exhibit of live sisal and farm iiroiltiets. These, together with thi splendid program of speaking that i- assured will round mit it day that wil' ae the marking of allot her successful The speaking program. as art ange.' by Prof. F. S. Cooley, director of (hut Montana State College of Agriculture I.. an exceptionally' good one. lie+ide• Goteruur S. S. Stewart ; L. IV. Robin oat. president of the Alontatia Farmer Federation; a member of the Agrictil tura! College faculty: is representatiti of the United States Department o .kgrieultitret 1)r. Crane, agriculturis• for the Great Northern railway; the program committee has been at smireil of a fine address by blotto ellor l)r. Ed- ward I'. Elliott of the University- of Alontana, 1111 done by F. I.. t'untimim_T-. the newly elected prineipal of the IO-r. jots County High School. The latter has announced his siii, ject as the \Function of a County High School.\ Mn, t'umminga is the strongest county high school organizer in thi , Itecked. The difficulty next mention, northwest, and cornea to Fergus calm t hat is, (hit mixin g of g r a i lk.. by ell tonnage tit the railWny Will , Of ty from Kalispell, where lie tlid won TI ll 1 • is ( th e d r. , 1.11111,1. 411111•••1 1 11..ntly intli big is, its!aork in the high school tit that ion- ktep the shattered figures. In the intim. this New Riad:- city. His address will lye partieubir i A -proof Mg Ilion • s eat 1 • ford • Lew ist is to lie extended interest, as lie will tell the is•ople jii-I nor her. II bi n ...loin, I me; .1- moia-I w est t hi olIgh flue Cirs'it'• Jordan and %that he intends Ii, it,., ail./ initkr ion si ..1 I. in fo t lt,. ra j/ 1 , 1 d.. I Its h.rritory. Itt 1-1on II, guidance our muut y 111211 still ' Wu. ill , at sills 1 • 1•••1 Iii 1 .1111,1' 111 ti111.111 I 'irell• laS1'0111111 Pr•all y .11 .31111 111' 1.1 .,,l 11 •1 111111111g. 1 Ile lo• -1111.1 a a 1,11 I(l \0 T W.` loss .01 . /':1/1Y penple. Nni one -Iiitill•I Mks /hi. 1ii,'' ••• 11111111 11-.11111111y p m .. It 11.• ss ail ing for the rAilw .1 v Iii \collie address, a+ if itti ii subjeid of iltsh gt tin it ••it 10,.‘ it.!. 11.• , mitt -rust Ii, all- 1.111. II. I'. Of Oil 1 li ,11111•• ;1111111 Si III1• 'HI 11 g 1 011 .1 4,1 Raft011 - will preside (ISM 1 Ile l teti tin ! : oltit.r land. 1 In. to, a;,-. t,11'1 :I.. I ENLARGED 110MESTEADS platform and promi.e: all ;1 fAir allot ot i,'u-i-'1 .111.11111•••1 ;.! 1.1 111. FT1 - 1111 S1.1111tird VVOTI• 4 . 'tient of time. I lu• tat met is irot.i hi; 11 \ 1.•11 1 11 ' t ,• i ii. I bIn k )11 , 1 1 , 1'11 1 11 s ••• 11. i• • T.1 lit.- grounds in .1 it Utis, rsam , eirient are living made for the ii-tia/ 'educed late of a fare stud mei hiril over the Glint Nal Tlivrti, mil all trains are to stop al the north Hiram, to tile gl liot 11 ning ind c.v.-Mug. 'ha-. A. Iturdiek. Secy. Pure Seed -.01'1 ti,‘ II/ (lie grow ilig ol grain an.Isis I, t hat it is much more ill - tlt'tult to keep grains from mixing it. t hest. states than in slates Is hetet In a in loll is greater. 13evatise of the first teason. the mixing of grains still lead It) serious loss, it allowed 1.0 go un- still lie ti pv.1 elit . This wor k enti lit. t•opithit•l••.1 wi th great est ••111-1.-1••••• ill a 1•11i.ratiVI• !WS, 131111. T111• f1•11,011 for 1.11 1.11/11Ta illn hes in the fael that tin. grow et :.r of 1.1 , 1 1- -•••••1 -1,111,i 1..1% , it 4•Si. it,,,-- IOW! Ilia• kale. \ t•S.S still 1 111 III II .6•11 Iut.ttuii, Ii. 11 tint 1 oil I • t../ - t1a bite the ! it.ityer ..1 I 1,11 .1)he I.e.. .• 1.1 -i••••1 .41 1 lie 111 .irut • • 1 . •• hi 1.• on.. st; i•• , . And to ty ot iii in-trre , , if tio• s•-•-1 one:, br,:ns %kith ii,, kcy Re I li.• -11.1111.1 .511. •! .1 11.11 ...Filet% ..1 I ../...11. lii /11.• .1• ••1••••4 :11 WI •11 - 4,1 I IA . u_,1 • ,;iii. 1•11 . l i e SS 1 111111 ii I\ I....., It 111 a 1 1.111 utf 1 ,,uttuui , i 011 Ill .1:2,101 , 1 1111\ ..t (II.-.'. SS lit -re 111.111•1S Fill. 11 1..111 i1 is .• I kit 11.• The eNhihi , toil and farm -1 Is•gi ti l oil li-ohit puti• and hOlile K401114 . 1 tsill he alaint lie- 11 1111•• ,111, e11 1 '11.• i I lila% Iii1 usual and for tvItich prizes have beet] -soli y- ri, im to sele.1 heads by ban donated by bosiness houses. For the in I he llia1 tire 2 1:i ill. Till. is 1.. - best driving team, IV. Conan of dim! , pos ess, lint in the u lid it ss 110119011 will gice a Stipetior lOoming j peobably plait,. that tho time on- , st NI ill; seemed prize. a pair of -Fits-All - hie nu .t ill 11111s 1101 , 1. collars. by n. It. Kim!. Mo/-/-a.M. :11111i .0%1 II 4111 I land and will prc I Rest brood mare and colt Twent y rod+ p ai .A. it i ll in, all a v. of l'age woven wire fine*. hy Basin 1.. so.... 111 a.•1.-. , Lumber t'o.„ I.PWistOWli 1j....11 se...1 sou 11..1 . emir.. „ tort yet secured. Fin the I,e+t looter. fo li o -di atttt Ito l e . 1 . 1..• 011ie Power Mercantile c patty . Lewis- ;1 t ory t a re,. ,,,,, „ o at I„. siul.l It i town. will give a fine ra riding bag; I doe, not ak.- g . I 40411111 prize, a silver gritty laille, by ,t a rs.,I ;, I),,' Moccasin Mercantile Co. For the ! mord it would lie it ell to treat for -omit best bread made from Alontana flour, int lie ease of Who t nod for wilt in the Moccasin Dispatch offers $5.110 sn tic cash as first pti:e and Preston Bo; . \I ii ,a ih.,t it w „ ii ht Moccasin wiii ati Aut (*Lift rim A 111.1 1•1• t,i iilitain -it:a alisoliite second prize. I Is toile from otote ! -.111.Wel• When 1.../11 It is quite likely that the Di n U, lii o.• bi Viii b. bat it does m oo, t roots of Hoy Scouts, tinder the lead.r- Coz.: it or-atly if/ref:ant to be sib - ship of Serilli 'Hasler ‘Valton Hood •I't Grant, will hike across country. and frozn aii impotit, •. If th\re arc iuu this and they are rejoiein'g iiver thi+ preparation of the Hill police of - building ra II W31 y to serve ahead of 111. , actual readiness of settlers for ttansportation facilitie , .\ it ii, estinutt- eil that theie probably w ill lie 1000 Ilea set t lerit begin far g ill t Ills See - il111 1.1.'it liii, HMO Ile i• year The inereas- 114•11 111 1 110V111•• 1'W all t•ii:artregi lionl• - .4.414 - nitro , . 1:1•111 Ila I y 1 9. lotto, to e adding a II , W ....A loll S.' IN• 1.111W. us ..1•1111011 se% ell, lie it 11131 . 1•41 he senate and house epre.eiti at iv.-- flu- I tined tu of .1 merica in roviere-s 1 the to t v10111..1/ , - z111 a. 1 ill irts ol.• for etilato..1 ',ad. Feb - lo. tome le• h . !. .1 lath t•I., art a•l•ft I tonal -,-, t -ion to be. I u,a n I • r •••-e, tion 1 hat ant 1.1 1 , 4711 tilt:dt• or -11.111 1E41. t,I.mi Arad ir.try of tlivn tbri- hiltrirol anti twonty ef :Jo- ril I. lt! I -11 II to) tl III. hi Id I . uiil, i oat', hods o.h e ct Its la 11S i• i•111- ail 1 :WI. hal C11111 , t•,11 , I,' ti, -t cony, shall not a. i11, IIo. .•111 1111., .1.1.1 I •...I.•-: ells 1, 11,11 1!..• na oi 1. 2 in:111V 111-1 , -1 i.-1 111.• • .115:51 4•111 1% 11 1 II , 1•ill'S ta.111 i•• -111,j...1 to this art a- 11111,6.1. .1 hy -...•1 'too I Prot ided, !lotto:I. Colt to no ... I sis parint issue for the Loot eovereil ti t such additional ry moil the per son ma k same hail hat I' :lethally it 11.1 in intiformity %till!, he littlite-Aellti Ian - upon ate/ ...sit he a ti•lit .'111 awl , 1•1 I ldiPdis 411 ',Mil kW , . PC - .... I I 1 Iris Wle•re 1h,' lit int eilihraret1 in II,.- i,,l,! 1 ui elitt t is loiated not i•X co....ling t went. % from the 111 lid ...miff:14441 in the original entry. no resi- donee shall Is. required on Pinch addi- tional entry if the ill,' yma ri is te- -Aim ! on his former' entry: And pore:bled further, that this gee - lion loll not be emistmed as affecting any ro-hts as to location ef soldiers' a 1,1 itional homesteads tinder SeIllon 2:`06 ot tt ,, - revised statntei. Approved ; July 3, 1916.

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 21 July 1916, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.