Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, July 28, 1916, Image 3

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GEYSEll JUDITH BASIN TIMES DARE OSfil I V MOW ACTORS Some of the screen stars risk death every week in order to pro- vide sensation lovers with thrills -women of film drama will try any stunt opee NE way of earning a living is by JuntitIng from one speeding train to Malt her ; by riding motor cycles off (lien dra‘ .. vbridges; by running pen- men over moving freight trains, only to clutch an overhead cable Rini to hang suspended in midair; by grap- pling with au infuriated man in the of an onrushing locomotive, and in a hundred ways risking life and limb. This is what scores of motion picture actresses and actors do every day with hardly the wink of an eyelash in the per- formative pif the stunts. It is all ill allsWer ti. Ihe cry for realism In the movies which has revently been raises! by directors. Realism is 'tow a watchw.trd. Above all, the pro - (Mellon must be realistic. The directors argue that die !While has bee.stne tired of faked dangers mid mechanical feats that make ordinary scenes appear lirartliptis. 'Hie desire for realism may be all right for Ili.. public and the dirt.etor, but it Is hard Isis the Palrons of the pictures are so familiar with KeelrieS1 (iepteting rough riding. descents of mountain aides 1/11 horseback and leaps front cliffs in which the rider falls clear ill the mount and In other ways flirts with death that they never stop to think of the real ilaiwi•r inetirred by those actors who dare so Mitch fist' the silent drama. 4)f eotirse there are 1sis-tlus'- III whieli the ilanger is faked. But those piclures are almost equally by the kind which depicts it rid danger to aecomplish the Iii•Slred result. Jumps From Moving Trains. \NVIien I firs! la,. n to jump off moving trains.\ Said I lel.. II I I Ohne,. When aSii..41 for her impressions daredevilling is I Ile inusi enta,•ss I was 1 , 1.111CAV11:11 111111 , 1. 111i 1116W I fake it as something which must he done to ennaidele the picture. oil,. It tore ill %%Isis -is I IVOrkell al/salt six months ago I went throng,' the action with my heart in IuI ltt,sitli.vv..] for a iii..toent at least f felt like a railroad picture in which I was to drive it sit111e across a bridge ‘vhich was to be blown up as the engine reaelied the mid- dle. 'A torpedo on the 11;iel: alaill1 twenty feet from the spot whore Ili, dynamite charge was placed to %% reek the ',ridge aa, to give Ille illy signal to from the cab to the riti•i. thirty feet below. Erma the moment that the engine reached the wooden trestle I kept thinking w hat xviould happen jf Itie tOrpeflO slid not go off and I should la- carried doWn into the Wreekage, of about thirty yards seemed Intel - Min- able. tail oVI•17111ingt Worked according to plans and 1 illaile llie dive safely. jail I was shaking like is leaf w tished from the river. I was so fright- ened I cmild hardly myself afloat. \1:111 ri0W I lieedillie s.i 11Sed to risking nlY neck that 11 as a matter of course. It is much like the ills. , Ot iator when he starts fly- i ng _ At cautions and only makes slight aseents and safe de-re/ifs. but Sosin ale spirit of daring enters his soul and lie is looping the loop tutu sis.i111: S1.11.111, ..2,104111 `ell ill the air, and 011m: - dangerous stoms.\ Danger in the Quicksand. There was Marion Sway its', N‘. Its, Illong'llt it 'Wert!: hard when slip , ',la's railed 1118M I'm -4.1111y lip allmv herself to be ri. , :cuell froat ill:id:sands on it treach- erous hit of picturesque Florida beach. It Phil 5111115e tip bilVe• 114.1' 1011.1,s1 tt II San. I Inds. 45/1 a SOlill e , f die beaell V, she could easily eXtrictileil to herself. 1learge Faster 11111T, V. 110 Ciires ling the live -reel fea- ture entitled -The Ni.:.\ insisted that the hest re- sults could only be obtained toy luriing the star caught in the reol Outside the of the camera it group sf men were ready wilh planks and rope to rescue the actress P. ease l as planned iiiis , arried 111111 she slmilld need idlier kelp offered by Ben, Delaney, the leading man and hero. Aliss Fwayne was reluctant at first 10 try the scene, but hlnnhiv consented am, timidly went out to the treacherous sanilbur. The feeling (of helplessness tIttil Caine (e'er her her feet saiik slowly frOIll 11111Ier 111e:IIIS of staying them alarmed ilie screen star. As she saitk to the her fea- tures registered a genuine fear. 111111 nit 1his point Ills' camera man began \showing\ the seem. while the gallant hero 's's ills a 5I01111 1.0111. ller. It required all his strength to drag 114.1 . f1 . 1.111 Ills. saussls 's's Isis -Is ‘u rre engin 1,11g iler. \\ Alen MI Solid grollIni again Miss Swayne with ;t tremulous voice said: - I suppose on the sereen that will look easy. but I don't care to trv it over again.\ Leap From High Cliff, publicity w once gi‘eit to is stunt ph.titre In who Ii a trained acrobat jumped a horse from a huiiitislt int. , a chasm, inflicting injuries upon hiun- s,'if and the uslstttsl and getting ilito trouble with the humane ss.s sty l'his elan was 1 . 101 ii regular member of the picture eiiiiipany, loll was engaged al a big price to perform the daring :mt. Anna Little had a some‘vhat similar experience, ani na igh part of it ‘‘ as too done intentionally. Un- der file 1:1 - 11111: Itorzage, a OW tila fur realism, Miss Little was to shish. down the side of a cliff 2401111• Scs.1•111y 1 . 1,1 high MI IlOrSehaeli to i`Seate• up band of Indians in pursuit. The ride valleil for a skilled equestrienne, unflinching cour- age and to saire-footed horse. It was ittipossible to rehears...the !Wells. Ill'eallSe the 111111410E klIeW after having gone through it puts',' 114.11boT Miss li lt s horse could be persuaded to repeat tIts' action. se ose Nvas to be the big thrill in the picture. 4111 - 1. W11S 1211k1.11 in preparing it. Three cam- . era Men %Veil. SI a lelivol ICI catch (lip s lid e f rom three different angles_ thus insuring a good plc- , ture from 111 le:ISt one of Ike Infi eld nes. Barely Escaped Death. l'arefiii instructions lino, liven given the actress U1111 14Ie started on the slide. At first Ilie horse 114,d:tied. litit urged on too his forefeet and prepared 111 reach the bottom in safety. Every- thing swiftly. the eattiera Illen ground their machines and the ilireidor shouted elle011ragellient I IhrolIgh 1.11.11e. itIlt :Omni t%1 *III f.•et from the bottom the horse caught his foot in a rock fissure. stumbled and hurled Nliss Little 0% el' ills 114.2111. Sill. 114.W through the :tii - head first. landing In II Of Itlesilllite 'MAWS IllOre than tell I arils a WILY. Speet:oors ruslied to her side. expecting to lind her either dead tin serionsly injured. but aside triplet the shock and a untidier of scratches she eseaped unhurt. The (Minh actor in the scene was less for- tunate, suffering two broken legs, and hail to he Shot. This Untoward incident in making the seene caused it complete revision of the scenario. Miss Gertrude MOVIoy is klIO‘VII hIS an011ler flare- ileViI tsf tile screen. She gives a g04.41 net -omit of herself in every branch ..f it 111.S1114.S a skillful driver of a motor ear. Miss McCoy drives her oWn ututis hilie 311111 has USIA it Its allVallIage lip Of the pictures in which she is slurred. 11er 'most recent exploits have I.een in connection with what is vermieular its \wider stuff.' Strange its it lialy set - Its, StWIN in her picture do not show up with the same dan- gerous thrills that really characterized their Mak- ing. l'his is often Ille Case its Million pii'lllreS; What lsp,,ks hard is often easy. Foolhardiness Meant Injury. A - wster-stoilr' picture vviiich almost pat Miss Nieroy'S life 1n jeopardy was taken for \'I he Isle s.r Lave\ and \vas made near .11teltsiitiville, In olle of the early Seelig, , if 1111. plad..iilay the star yields to the temptation 10 1.:s1 Notting in a pool upon 15 bit of coast. The shore at the point where the picture was taken happened to be made up of nor -h i d, of shells and peldiles compressed into 1,('i'hslitisiiiig.514111e 101 . 111:11iMI. The Wil- ier, moreover, i% :IS far iimre than 'Altss Mc - coy sitspected. Despite the warning of her director. Edwin Nlid- Melon. she .lutimed Mildly into Ole water, cutting her feet, ankles and leg.: sex erely. She was too gossll 11 pictiire player, boowever, to slop the camera Wa. grinding. .11though suffering from is number of extremely painful 1.1•11%,ly fin- ished the svelte. Tlik episode, which certainly wits nol down 011 the program, laid her tip for near- ly a weld:, As tbe final \punch\ ar \Lost his ihe Everglades.\ which is part of \Clorla's Itomance,\ the film serial his -hi Billie Burke is appearing. a IterfecillY Win I • Ittlit'` ,11 :4ttr atitotholoile driven straight ta this' t lip ri Oreall off Elm This niay he termed recklessness ia• pure extririaganc.•, according is, one's point of iew. Needless 1.5 say 110. dons. 10 Ills. ear by II\ tile • %% aim. was eansider:i1de. T.\ ja•me 111at ill,' tihltP malilifaeltirors aren't the oat:, people who call reekiess. Burke wore a Ladle .1111 [inn Mal had been '.1''''' kill) designed for her Ilse in the picture, and utterly regardless of the cerlain ruin of the frock -Ile 1101/100.11 .5111 ol the rim:ISA:1y auto as it eleared the first tine of hrealters, found herself up to her knees in the surf, ly and 111..11 wailed I shore. Auto Jumps the Gap, in order too eliminato 4 as lino+ daneer :is pos- sible, this seem. WaS rr aefill befolrelland ; I h e at is, t et. I king tvas sm iplified . . 1 i sloping plat- form 'silt's ereetell at the phii•i• wher, ihe leap was la be maili. and well re -enforced. .icross Hie ditch s o m e f.irty feet a‘vay a pile of hrush I laced 110 break the fall ;IS Ole 11111' 11111 , 11 . 11. I 4.1%11 a sloping piece of ground approaching the tuniping-off place Miss Ent:: %% lilt lightning speed in Iler lit tie Ile and look Ole leap While l .1 , , elieliefi. She Wi I 1110111 SeriollS Inf.-11:1p in tile Idle of hsi'ui-Ii i,lssl Ile.• I :I NeVere Shaking Up and a feW WaS Ilene the WAITS, f. o. her experiellee. ••it'S the bills :Ind ifs connected with such stunt, as these. - she remarked hoer. \that make the dan- gers imilerinme really greater than they seem 10 be. If something 1131s1 1:0111. xvrong there alight ilaVs. been % sly differeot story to tell. But - awl here the hut 5.01511.s S1111Ississ. WS 2111 in 1111. Shy's: wistk, s. 1 have nothing to eotliplain of.\ she emi- r] 11,1,41'sill h i5 is sight, The dangers 1.,1% IIISO I to II, (111\1.11 by 1111. (linters A li e xampl e h., the recei,h.•xpertence of a , man in Ms. \ ;cu. A pictorial ‘veekly Ii17,111%... hearing III:II hMly Was being l's Chihuahua for identification. hurried - om the time I crossed the border until re- 1 1 1 1 1 : 1 - 1 ,,o \Fr : sold, telliow od his sushi Pitt \I ta as target for :11..Nican abuse_ II was aid ill I l'e:icheil howeVer, 11111 • -„ iea ll iiilenee was olTi•red. Theo there \vas a ,i,,,,,, T1 ,tratiott In the market pillee despite ilk. 1311-t I WI1S under the foroolectioon of ollicer. Shots were fired at nie and I was ..f.hol us: • 1Mk I :01 11111 :: Pretty g“4l \ g k i l all l'li :n -1 \ istih 11 g r ud In Woman's Realm, As an Addition to the Skinner Wardrobe, There Is Nothing Better!: Than a Frock of White Georgette—Design Shown Is Pretty and Easy to Make—Some Little Accessories That Give Appearance of Coolness. Frocks of white georgette continue to delight those who find it necessary to supplement the sunnuer wardrobe with an extra dress or so. Women who are discriminating find In the re- finement of this sheer, soft fabric, in white especially, a cliarin that 18 not Its be resisted. The designer of the pretty model shown had midsummer days in mind and trimmed it with the molest -looking of itil color combina- tions. It is banded with green and white striped satin, and the green is in a vivid and brilliant shade. The skirt is plain, gathered In at the waist line and straight his Its blouse, bee/1138e these may be mad\ of the sheerest and softest materlabij mere clouds above the world of fatsi rleS. After a glance through the assort -1 ments of blouses and neckwear, orgaal die, crepe georgette and crepe del chine are firmly impressed upon th\ mind in materials. Hemstitching, eyttei let work and embroidery and afashi Ion for contrasting colors in trimming\ have developed Into the strongest tea -1 tunes in the decoration of summer) blouses and neckwear. There IS no more to be said. for the pretty stem of these summer styles 18 tildShed. OF WHITE GEORGETTE CREPE. A wide booroler of the striped satin fin- ishes the bottom. and narrow bands of it are placed shove the border. They are all cut on the bias of the g Is and finished with tiny machine -stitch- ed hems. Besides des - strut Ire rattle these bands give to the skirt the required flare at the bottom. The bodice is plain /Ind full. lin- 'slush 10111 It rape rollisr iirening 111 11 V at the front. The sleeves are full owl long, with shaped. Miring cults 'that extend over the hands. They are joined to the sleeves with liar:Nov bands of satin. '1'111 , bodice and skirt are 111 tine piece and joined by 31 wide girdle of the striped satin. A slip of white talTeta is worn un- der this frock, and flit. cool sheen of the silk is one of the charms of the froch. ,- - In spite of Its airy texture georgette proves to be a durable material. A little gown of it like that shown here two CI•lhirs with jabots are pictured here. The cape - collar is of white organdie wills scal- loped and embroidered tugs' and band of lienistilehing. lietween the hemstitching and Ills' edge are little wreaths of embroidered blos- SIMIS centered with eyelet work. The collars with jabots are made of white crepe de chino. finished with ph-. cot edges and hemstitching. its one of them large einliraidereil ilats are done in color, Copctiltagen blue and tight green being ilulisuig the favorites. 'rids collar .meits his Is loll.: point at the front, mid tile jabot is gathered to a bawl. Th.. other collar is a n e ff ec ti ve pattern for either organdie or crepe. The frills tire plaited :Intl finished with picot -edge. The V opening at the Is\ short and Hie jabot fastens with srtuuil 1, oblong, pearl buttons, down the front. Neckwear such its this provides one IN THESE, WEARER LOOKS COOL. success:idly even by the the Mean , for looking cool In torrist amateur ill dressmaking. weather. A good siopply of it will help Filmy. fresh :in.' ...I -looking dot nes mit the tourist. Anil roach of it Is only make tile \lila 1111., wears il 71 111:111er of !welt). frills. .joy to look upon itt the hot days of mitismmiter. When she provokes 1,1.0 - isle to say: \I wish I felt as cool as ..011 10.11i,\ it IS ;1 ,, i/ 111 nee that loss aeldeveil the hest results in her summer apparel. Slimmer blouses and summer 111410% r 11 re among her first :lids in arromplishing results that Make her a refreshing preSellee. 1111 the thi,'u'ntu , sliis-1 'Is hiluitis, Its Iii,' pre , ence of crisp. 111M 111111/14° or - 11111u. or Units 1t1551 filmy crepe, that is its ,..1111 looking as a IlliSt. There- Wt. try 10 rinse it mit II its h e ld fore, the eharnt of the summer frock by the oil 211111 W-111 1101 e01114 , i.uit until & re nd s upon its collar and cuffs, mid more Soap has been put Oil illid then that of the summer street suit, upon riused until the water rums vlear. Rinse the Hair Well, It Is a 11110 , 1 het ter not Ii. wash the hair 311 till than to kills. is In IL There is WI Iket I el proof th. the Oil has hot been thoroughly wasla•il than l ei h at llie 'map telinelnlINIT

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 28 July 1916, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.