Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, August 11, 1916, Image 1

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VOL. 6. a /r --4 77,2. 41,11/14\// ,•••• '7,0;4044,, • _ ' II a: p s e. • GEYSER, MONT., AUG. 11, 1916 Federal Rural Credits Act The Federal farni loan act, popular- ly called the \Rural credits law,\ was signed by . the President and became a law on July 17, 1916. The primary purpose of this act is to pronfote agricultural prosperity by enabling farmers to borrow money on farm -mortgage security at a reason- able rate of interest and for relatively lang periods of time. To attain this object. two farm -mortgage • systems are provided: (1) A system operating through regional land banks and, (2) a system operating through joint-stock land banks. o attract money to the farm -loan field the act provides a method whereby those who have money to lend can find safe investment in the form of deben- . tures or bonds, of small and large de- nominations, issued by the banks' and based on the security of mortgages ini farm lands. These two systems are to be under the general supervision of a Federal Farm Loan Board in4lie Treasury Dc - part meld, composed of t Ile Secretary of the Treasury, as chairman ex equivalent Iii5 law cent of tie and four members appointed by Ile , amount he N, t.. liii. rew. Th President . This board has 'riot h or. t stoek t lie ass M. ion holds in it list it. to appoint appraisers. examiners. and seem it y tor he member 's ; regist ills,r who will 111' public officials. 1111111, The /1,-4aq:1111M in 111111. Ill 11.11kle1 the Federal land -bank system plying for .v from the batik. must the act provides for Federal land bank- subset the for st ock iii the hank to an v. loch make loans, for I he lirst 12 Z1111011111 *split a lent t per eeirt of the months, exclosively t hrough local na sum it %%ants t obt ain for it ilir others_ trona' farnoloati avawiations e posed If a prospective borrower has no money of borrowers. These associations shall with which to pay for his association be sharehohlers ill , the banks. and in stock, he may Iourrow the pries. or that that way the inenifiers who are the bor- stock as a part of t he 11 at 11 011 his rowers will share in t lie profits of I he farm, hind, bank. money for the loans is to Cniler this plan. then. every hot rower 1.01111. pa rt Is . from the ea pita 1 of the must be a stockli..1.14.1 in 101 local as - ilk', and lett t ly from I he sale by t so, iati011. ill111 eVell'y I ion a stock hank-, bowls seemed by first nowt - holder in its district bank. Emit stoek 4111 farm lands. \Hie aet defines holder in art ssoem t ion is lia ble for strictly the pit rpose, for and the con- the ails 4.1 that ::ssocia I ion iup Li. I %vice dit ions under wiiielt loans are iii lie Iii,' amount of his stock_ made, mid reqnires that the rate of in. A nut-tidier of a Halloo:11 farm loan t .-rest chargial 1111 farm leans shall a ssaciat ion, before obtaining a loan. 1101 eXlseell It per rent per al11141111. 11111 , 1 III sl fill out an application blank The Uniseif States shall Ile Ili% hied s1111111 ie.' to I he loan association by the into 12 farm - loan district s. and a Fed- Federal Loa Boaril. n •I•1iis op- era! land bank with a stibseribeil ea pi - plieat Mu blank and other necessary I al st oek of it at less tlittll $7:i11,1510, each in pers a ill 1 hen be referred to a haiii share $:1,, shall be established in each nonit to, of the association which distiricl. Each Federal land hank appraise the property offered as innj• esti , blish braneli es in its district. .....111 ity. Such application as is up - Within :at days after the capital stock proved by - the loan committee is then is offered for saki it m ty be purchisled the Federal land- bank sti41 at par by 1111SIme, '1 'herea.f ter, the must be investigated and reported on stock remr.ining unsold sisal] be bought 14y a salaried appraiser of iii,' bank be - by the Secretary of the Treasury for ..., fir,' t he hist, is granted. This a Ii T5 is - t lie United States. It is provided. how- er is required to invest igate the ml eVer, that the d over ii ment shall niat re- ceive any dividends on its stock. Ul- timately, it is intended that all the stock of the banks skill be owned by the IISSOeitailals 01 la wrowers, and IWO- virsion therefore is made ii, (lie la w for transferring the original stock at par to these associations. The set provides for the creat\ of local national fa run- liu n a ssoria t • s t hrough wh hit it is emit ern plat ed that the Fe& in I land banks shall make their loans. In the event that a local loan association is not formed in any locality within a year, the Federal Farm Loan Board may authorize a Federal kind bank to make loans on farm land through approved agents. Ten or more persons who own and cultivate farm boot qualified as security for a mod , gage loan under tlw or who a ri about to own and volt is at,' such land. may t•ornt such all 11,s0Vii11.11/11, rO% It ed the aggregate of the loans desired by t he membership is not less t liar $20,0011. Laid' member mirst Ink. stock in his ;l-1-.liii;Tjuili to an a moon; NO. 24 \Wild Bill\ Endicott Enters For Auto Race T HE first professional auto race meeting ever held in the northwest was that lit tne Montana state Fair line: Exposition last year. There were entered for the twenty-one events which constituted the auto race pm: . grit m seven of the world's most famotia drivers. Auto raehig will form one of the felt tures of the program at this :ietir's Slate Fair, whirl' will he held in Helena Sept. 25 to 30. Aireati) the entries of John Ilainiey of Cin- cinnati, \Wild Hill\ Endicott of Chicago and Harry Kirkpatrick of St. Louis. all holders of world's records, have been received. The accompanying picture shows the start of the big seventy-tive mile race at the Fair last fall It was won by Louis Disbrow, who le also shown in one of his fastest I - a:mg cars. The white car above is the Jay -Eye -See, In ',Web Disbrow drove two miles in a minute on the beach at Daytona. loan. Editor The above is the agriculture depart moil's review of the farm boat Act. in (rt. It will be continued nex eek. CORN LAND IN MONTANA Eightaert million al land kb titans 4... .4.1i pi ed tuu s4411114 101111 s .1 I'll g00% mg according to conclusion rent -hid by experts at t he liozeinit4 state colleg.) 4.1 agrietil jsi re hilt Iii opogi a phy iii i!uu' st ale is s11 situ iv. 110 st Mem. itt can la. ma.1 as 10 the kiwi .stiit able for :Inv ori locality. Select ion of type is. How. tore, the important thin ! tor Li mei land banks are speei The 1.4 st in order 1 hitt they mar -. fierily prohibited front charging, elite a corn whieh r• ipcit Dn . (smineetion w ith idaking a 'loom any fees ii or commissions eshieli are not authoriz- fr \ 3 t• Perii\f• Proof of t he extent to whielt co!' 441 by Iii,- Farm Loan Board. The au: inereasing in popularits• is afford,. t Florins' fees need not be paid in ad. ,att„, but may be math. part of the by comparison 4.1 acreoge and :4 - 1e141, 1i. lb.. len year period 1.11VI.T4 II 111V lir federal 11.11 , 11s. The 01-11,11s of I slit show...1 3.3111 acres of 4.4.1- 11 iu, Nlorit i 1 11 1'441.11 i14141 of 75. 5 3$ bushel - 1 n Ittuil liii'; bad Mere:1 , 441 to 9.51 re- is it h Lu yield of 27 lion 14:1 , 114.1- .11 . 1111 1111•1 ea Se ill t he 111 -year period 4. V- 4-u-nt. The area in Montan a 41.ipt cil t 4. corn owing is 0 . 1i/0 .1 1 I Mee f, iiu lie- ol II,,' combined COT] at r e , ige o f Iowa a rtil The limit Mg factors in ...on liuualuiu huh ulu Montana are heat units au. moist tire. lit I le• us I-hell dist ri 1 tole is an average 44 120 with 11111 frost each year is ith a pp; oyi mat et 31.111.1 11,11its. according In test . 4. lulled by agt ii.ult ii ra 1 expert - This is sollielent lii 111111111' , any VP V PI a 1 varivt which ha % 0 11441411 1114 VI41(11 1 / 4 11 141 -tuui 11144 t ii4.4111111i1 it'll 111 he s111144. 11 is LI fail not g'imera 11 • knios it Ihat corn reqiiires less ruoistur. t Its n many crops which has . .. futuiuuu favor in Montana. Te , ti have 41..mon st rated that t lie amount of wa t ei r, (poled t. lulodins• a mould of It v iii it ter in 4.441 ml rang. , 27: to pounds. %% Idle is it IN heat , 111:1111, Oat , . 8 10 1 I lie requirement is 1 I our all t o 71111 1.01111 , 1s. and tor alfalfa. se eel 4.144%.4.1. :toil I . 1111;1okt - a pl'a, 7711 ot 1. 11511 11.1.1111.1s Ill'e irracer I Ile development of a short , ca corn .111114,1 .1411, 41-.011 state agronomist • say s : \1A - 11wit Li suiuiu ti is lit -f changed 10 a 1111011 ss 11,1 - e 111, Ii.. -1 free period is shot ter than 1% lieu,- if WI, - pre% ion-ly ecim II. provided t lie clia is ma too gt eat the etfect is il la• for t l a. l a / • plant, tt. he injured by fro -1 and 1 . ..11 - 011ly pry earliest to ma • tore. The tendeney here still t ti tuu 4.1 1 .,•,,v ears for se...41 from the eau li-st plant rind the %at iet y ssthl become adjust 4,1 or acclimated to (lie new- (sunlit ions. 'flie stems is ill he SIMIller. 11w len I 414.v, h./anent still be 11-4.1hivetll al l /1 1 h e en is ill not be so large as foil - utterly. After a number of year in do. short vency arid character of the prospective borrower as well as the Vail* of his land. a Iran is granted the a It101111t is forwarded to the hol - 1.4.1% - er through the loan association. The act speeitically defines the pur- poses for which loans may be obtained. These are: (iii To provide for 'the p i -lease of land for agricultural uses. (lit To provide . for the purphase of tam i putenti (el To provide tinildings and for the improvenient Of farm lands. Oil To liquidate indebtedness of the owner of the hind mortgaged, exist Mg at the time of the organization of the first national farm loan association es - laid iS114.41 in or for the county kit which the land mortgaged is situated, or in- debtedness subsetpieflly incurred for one Of the purposes mentioned hi this section. I.oans may be made only on first mcrtgages on farm land. thilj• those who own and cultivate intuit land or are about to own and eul- i vat e such land are entitled to borrow. Si, Iale can borrow save for the pur- 'Mises st a led in the act, and those who liter borroa ing do not use the M011ey ill' I Ile Spetlifilill in the mort fag.. are liable to Its ve t heir loans n.- 11144.41 111 recalled. The secret a rs• • trea o'er of eaeli association is required report any diversion of borrowed money from the purposes stated in the mortgage No hell, i,hush i-sit borrow more than s;14000 4.1. E. vs than 21 0 \ - NO 101111 may be made for 111011. than 50 mg rent of the value of the land mortgages' and 20 per rent of the value of the permoneut insured improvement = upon it, The loan must run not legs 'Marl t Mil 11101'e I halo 44i years. Every mortgage niust pros ide for tire repayment of the loan under an a mor- izat ion plan by means 44 ta Xt'd 11111U - het 4.f annual or semiannual install- ments sufficient to meet all interest and Pay otr the debt by the end of the 14.1111 of die loan. No Fed...m.1 1111141 bank is permit led to charge more than 6 per cent per an- num en it- , farm -mortgage hams, and in 1144 case shall the inteeest. eller - gr.! 1111 farm 1114,rigagl... eXclieII by more than 1 per cent the rate paid on the last issue of bonds. Federal NO AUGUST DULLNESS AT THE ROSS MERCANTILE Tho vvat days of August have no terrors for shoppers at this store. It may be hot e verywhere else but the minute you step in here you remark, \how cool and con fottable in here.\ Not only is this store the coolest, and most comfortab/e ;store in which to do your shopping, but the Greater Values found here these days is a double attraction. - Ss Abundance of New Merchandis , 2 Coming in Every Just rece'ived a new shipment of \Armor Plate\ Hosiery. New hand bags new dress go , 3ds, trimings, etc , and dozens and dozens of other things. And besides there are Special Clean-up sales in every department. RC SSMERCANTILE- CO. Incorporated The Home of New Things nd may be grotvn in safety.\ r season the variety peconlos very 1 lican candidate iox the nomination t .•tinite13 - adapted to the c.on.lit ion . the (Alice of ataarney general, gives the follow - ing bit or interesting infor- mat on concerning candidates. Thu Primary law provides that the Geyser Scliot)1 u•r sheet. The of each t Pet must be r III II , i::V4•11 all the tickets Of and ht. It111,I ,elvct the ticket .,1 t hi. pa Is tot w Ile IlehIl'eS to % it I._ Tlisi I. , . rallillOt vote a part of uuliu I ickel 31111 a part or parts of -..111.• of her tI het ..1 t icket s. litit a x etc! may %of, for a te whose 11.1111, a 'peal - 111.1111 .1 1114.11 011Ier t Ila 11 ; 1 1:1 \' .1 1 . . 1 :1 ' 12 t 11 .441. 1 :.; 1•1 : 1g Y . ... i l t.p1 7) Y 11 the 1... I he no me of a candidate riu- uuu tut kel . For instance, if roer is ishes to sot e a I tend%crat ie Ii, Let . 1.11 it islie- to %me tor •141111.S, ls I s .1 4 :11141111411 s 11141111 11144 li , •1111111i• 41111 t 14404 1411 III, 1111i4,4 Of Sheriff. In -.111, 11 a 4,1-4. 111. soter may write in 110. nie of tories eitele'r the heading id she' ill on the Demo, rat it- ballot and lila., an ''S\ 1.4•14.1a. t Ile 111111p of Jones, but -itch a tote 1.011111 as a %got llot ii IZeTillbliettll 101ki Illit III1Mber i 15•110.i.1.11 ii• ote for Jones in Ii s same ma liner. v.11.1 as a result Jones resets,: more % ohs. 1 lion alit' 01 the ossillar fit 1141 for t he ofti..- S t hu-u I he younty Clerk, 1 he la it sould he obliged to de 1.41.• f he to taince of the Demo- . 4.ii pa, us 14.1 the ollice of sheriff, and should he a I-0 be nominated upon fieket. he would then be the nominee of two parties. If such a contingency should at i se. the candi- dsie lois nomin fled upon t wo or more I icket , he obliged to elect tin- der whi, I, party de , ignation Ile wishes i„. ,,,,,, • 1,, pi 1. - :d twain t h.. ballot, ,11.1 if lie tral to do ,o the Clerk may I for 14.m_ llosei el ti,. 1 . 3,...1‘11.64.11 of a can - .11,1..4, leane iiiii :lied upon more mie f 14 la i is 1.11 . .1 ' , Mall. and any ,droit Ii, -41 nominate II call - .11.1.0 e nisei mot, than one ticket derieeai,d. ter it only tetala rolitiii.• i mg to I ticket of ono al p] t lle ki1101. is hot mat Led -Ii ill ly actoolance with the us lede Ite , ide-, I he spirit uf the . ill Minty Vase , . nullify the y 1113 I voter shottlit T114 I ti i'uliii..• it ulh um 1 . 114•skl.11 . 1 , 4'0 . :41 II. 1 . 111, ' car still really IN' 1141111 .11441141:1?.. 111 -ill,.- I11.11 4Illt 1. I, Libor -10.01 0111 lll it - 01,01611z.t-1-uiuiu Ii I_ \ I i i .. I - 1 , - • II w I HIS 4 , 11 , 441 11,111 , hir e ! 14.1 14.41 41:15 - 1-4 lia . II,. I $11 lip t 11:11141'. ',Sill , SI I II , 14444111 - liii1' 144•• l4 _OW 441414ill il.1 tight crii.$1 ii1i • w Oh - a coat of 1.11111-11 nil the building a lull11.1 ti pe. Iey-er lilessed w It I. 011, .11 II, best sale ol buildings in t ion rit y. Ie. ciii uiuhui ot pupils em \fled is 4% all .'itt ols ii,,- top and in II.- past 1114 lat s 110011 -ire-11y uupu u. -1.tudazul. flits year plans Its ve been mad.. h-41 waking this work eVell 111•1 I et' t11;111 It IPefill ill I Ii 11-11•0 , 101- .10 1 , 14iteil s pl ty ork a lid arc cady 144 illg 01 lI,, out :144111 - -1 they bust. t.y ig to .1.4.• a 1111/1 1..i 11... I...1.1 s. Tv, l• 1111r 111- 114,11 1111,41 illy 141 I :la 141 hut ill II 11 II NI III41111 /0.11 to 11I1-1 of Sept a .114144,1 yea] \h r_ I'. C. • - 1,11.11 Iii Ii' u ii ecti red ;is principal and he 14,1 .11 t Ice ground %my' swim 7% Fr Ir all ...krt.] i.-aco -1 , c114C.1 toi'l 11 .111ol ;1 44 much lii :add to the y i I oil Last year .10e. tI 11.1 'I juhilluiuII at 114 - inn:rd. Mont Ana. 11. ill ha it' ella rgi• of tile -. .1. Lu t mew. 'FM. %cork ui t hi - •s.. .4,•4; I e, ill be a rra mos I Ii r, . h 11.1 /111111,1111i 1•111111t v .i I . i I. I tio -11E1,1 ill lir I I s i.i• 4 14 P. 01. 111 411014' IS 1114411 '4 114444 4' 44.4 III 1410,1, 1114• 4of 111•1. 1 4444111 s. T114' :2:1 A111111441 1.1111111 W.111 II, ilk 411/11'.2• I •\' - II Kennedy k num..' Iwo. a 'Id 1. \ I .111.11111..1 it 1111 1e,1 v., NIL.- Brody 01 ill thic -.uuiu I 1.114.41 Ilutul hat 'marl, g... .1 is or I, .11 he pi Mali .. own. .0 ill la• uiu 'listge .1 \ii--- 11.14v 115-manti. '41 - sina - % t h.- ser he pa - 11.1 lio•tv I lie' IIII•1 t .1 :111 1.1 t1 , 1,11'011- NVII/ t.1 all 1114• 14111ills. T/14` Ill th• still all 4.14'41/111, f O't a 1011 . 2 a 11.1 11.1111 , 301 a ., 1 111. 01 Ile 1.1111ils 1%111 1/.• 10 1 vt11111 to then A CANDIDATE MAY BE NOMINAT- ED ON MORE THAN ONE TICKET •Ir• 1-• oi Poi% , enuly. repnb Films developed 0:ic roll. Prints 3c and up. Lewistown, Mont. Aviv !ling word Caine from II,. Colombo.: hospital in Great Falls t11:1I a 'hie baby boy 11:1o1 heel] born 10 NIL a ti.1 'Mrs. T. B. Homey. Mr. liai ney vials up Sunday morning and made his way to II,,- Electric city It, get acquainted with the youngster. Both tumu 'this a ml son are doing nicely.

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 11 Aug. 1916, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.