Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.) 1911-1920, September 01, 1916, Image 1

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VOL. 6. • ••eree 1 - %stem it • • ' 4. ` 1&a. •,.. . . 'Os • • t a .. 4i 4 ;•:/aFs' / \4114114, •s, • fr/ • Wrv - 1 GEYSER, MONT., SEPT. 1, 1916 - N ro,e7, \ (P-\ /2 / 4 1 1,7 if' /.0 \/' e‘'/ / 1'.* 1 • L. • • %.1\-d •. . .e\ %St • °la a Fhthdost nosdr _ 1 Order for Strike is Issued The 6-10 eommitteemen representing 1 he 111 /IN ay brut hennaing left aVaaliing- t mid. r ordera NOT the railroad st rib. Out has an long t fireatened the room ry Ciii Nlooldey. September 4. This date:, it i- millet at nod. w fixed becati.t t hat hig.. number- would March in the 1.a1111/1\ Day 1111 1 a 11t. 1 a, :1 st 1 1,1 j11/ 1 sit 11141 l•a In -pile of he ha I t hat hese t. -native ot oler- tor a at 11.111 111•1•11 iss111•11 11)1 , 1111 ii -till doing all in hi- power to a -it P fie strike a 1111 is sl ill 111 1/11411 1 11:1 I 111. 01:11y 111• slle1.1 , S1 iii. Th1,1111 y 1131 111.s. p.1lVe t lo• tollow a cc oui t i Lit t -if ita bon : Pre-idart \i!.. .ti definitely thaadial to go before emigre- , in per -on t 11/111 /I - ruin- or Ii reeommend leg isla I• aimed to at tat Iii.• Mom temst nation -it id' railroad st rike. or stoic it -if it be fore • emigre -s Pen act. HI' worked tilt il In le I onielit itt. Ilia m, - ii\\ 11 dell Ile Will 1.11 11101111NT , of 1 he :OKI te a111 11011...t. if ti,. negotia • lion. to date anti In before 1 hem a defin it program. The pea .itlent reiretwil t his ilecisiot alter coat erenee at I he White Hon-. wit I. Dm commit tee o f eight rail. president s and t he four lona het ho,. beads on a lien' propo-a I for set I le merit ni dif feteitees suggested hy fle exeent ices and aft.,- a pi 01 ,,,, di- CIISSillql 01 lime .it tia I tom at lie ea pit ol wil ii t lie member: of 111.• demoswa tie steering commit tat. I f liii. ..,.ti-.. 1. The promosit ion of I le• railroad 1•X 1.1-11ti 1 I's Was that an in ve.t igat ion of a 11 issIll la• 1111111 11111'11 Ily a 111 iS- toms mimed by ti.- pre.hlent, t he invest iga tam to its -4 tor a period of Doer nt lour month.. no :whim to be .1 :ikon 1 / 3 ' Idit il/ tine meantime. anal at t ha ...milli -ion of the inquiry the ait tett ion lit he what it now is. t 11.• em- ployes ha ing choir.. either ..f or- bit rtiling or st taking. The brotliehood heilds pi oinked a itply I ototiri oiv morn- ing and t hee 1.VOS f.%\1•I'y i 1111 iI`a 11011..14 Ice Imlay orable. 1V hen lit,- railroad bro.! herhood heath went 10 lit.' White I foii-e tonight the pre-MI/ail at rongly tirgoal t Wi- tham! ce a t rut a iv.. st lake d.•I• *tom,. day mid nap. iao.unit , stand lllll eaTient.• heat and cold slit . re•teriiki - -oil, Wet to. rel.... ..• . 1 11. fun,. rio.a..dt ion „ than Torkey ale! i- more drought mg 101 walkout of tin- -normal 1.1.411- , 1 4 ito.. I ant . 11111 V Ile done at all 1 erhisal manlier, at 7 a. tit. I.a how Day. . „ 1 inte bet meet, August Da It and en, avotw '1111 thi-. 'Amy ieere• 4 ' Thi- re 'l ue ' t \ II \ ( i • v Ii.-- tics co. lwen tom 1.1.. t etTeet 1\*.- 11,11' \' Ii.. 'AI' -\ 1 11 ' 11 l '''t\' pd • hr h. \` IP \ \\ lY I he • -at i-fa et orv o•1 t lenient :tool a -1 rik.• ''\ \' hi \ whwh arc a \ hilt lit tinder ii,.li ii- I he II. 1\..•rite otea pre-elit . 2 1..5. it nod a- :1 11 i 7.11 1011 , 1111•1•111111. ,,..•t i1:011 1011 ye -14 rday. had power 11 1-1•4'.1 II I 116, fill 1 111. 2 . 111.1i113.1 ily ea PI he told II ille.1 tonlet 4.11 Ile. .11 \ of footman The . latr I. 1916. at 7 topic , of t ho• -t lake order wen. bang,. _ 1011.11 116, jo format joo \ ty \ i io y w i no! b..iit o tue p esidenr , at t ent :litec tr they '11111.11 as ( l o p I 110'1'1 , 1 ell Wi 1 I moler-ta n.I t the y \• had go...L. it into he posse.sion 1111 to tai . It ow . chief nolvalit age , . :e ' a ili oad execut es. II had h eel , 4 ; nowt' It -u- l\ 1\ . \\IT \t\'Y• •• f 'a i :it fine -Da et'. which makei tutut t member: of the committee of it wear.. able for bay than later ar- Hs n1 P. al home wit It them a tenta GOVERNMENT EXPERTS SUMMAR- ietie. with coar-.• -I raw ; and itc t hin 11%.- ornet bet no eme mit side the broth- IZE RESULS OF EXPER1MNET liii. hicli gist.. it a high feeding %able, erhood had -111)441Pd that a CONDUCTED AT MOCCASIN Since it i. atom it for feed rat her than da e hal been ..4 and I he president is lot market the yellow color r.,1 the. ker- sa id ft. later lea it preatit pertorbed by The Department of Agriculture at re -I , .; not 01, - ticnable. it.e info] unit ion. After the refusal to w a .4,inri on ha'rut out IL\ It how -P . • r: v\t 'mu - : mportaii; , wiIIsdrti W the Onlef, Ile elO111 111111110:11 , di lap if11.11 111,1 o..11 I .1 r tile < , il'et VA • 1.II /IX , 1 1 't 1 1 III .is XI Oat a na, (1 0 .•,!ah • wit h lIe railroad presidents, who livid firm+ mia.ic a 1 1. In Mo. • a ..i tt 11 5 pc, insets! 111.• 11.-..‘ add. cut Nloecasin pi -1 Ii U meeilin:: tlint until late in the station: the belkel ,that it should be more eX1 ell - I night. In spite of the apparent final fa dor.. of his efforts to bring the two sides to gether, t he president was represented tonight as beire -till hopeful of a %ert - Mg ci -t rib,'. The legi-latiie piILI_ni m pr.•pitro .1 I . .. eottgre--‘ ita•lude- the tollow lug nem- rte.: 'Ai. eight -hoar day la f,ii tLIjlt,Lct,l • toploye. 11,1111.41 il 1 , 1 'l'.l HIV .11 . 11140a.1.. t Itri.ri I 4. 1.,1 . it ; la W pa 1 lel 1./1...1 a flip t na him indit-tt ia 1 di -pate- met. maw - ing for iii ve-t igultisiui of indiett ria I di-- pude , railr , o0t1 , 113 a oamoni-aion and ittg I ro Ise- or lo -k petal t out 1111 of the iiii..-tiga 1 ion. - le a thlitioat to the -c• tie-a-th e art. under eon -Okra t ion a re-oilut ion I'' inero a.e the ri t mows of t he rail, ..:1 11 itu - rase - their:\'exp;d1. , c , - are inert-a:4,f And - s law ereal irg alit hority for t op- -rat' of the railroads under t he feth eral gio.ern men(iii t he 1.% VII cif .4 I ike. TI la • Wall (1 11:1 2 11 Was ill 113%.• fir -4 t wo. mea -the , int 'mimed as intendment , 1 a t he hill it Melt already I \\ • Tan plia - la id upon the inipor- ba. pas.....! t he hoes.% itterea - ti.- titer.ta to. commerce ethuniksi on from 7 11111 '''' \ 1 usiog good• 1 - lean `Pet\ Of the ., mint. etwitil..-ts. Alt hough sal hi,,- -Iii ri ..trike ma , rer tonight liar, it .'%i - r 11 4111 1111111.1,W 1• %t f.% 1 01 , 1•• ...I of -41c c.i, lc. tutu It,. slot - Welt, 11 , 10 , 1111,1A i.otl i. t1111,1 \ eelf...1 of resold nig the alkonf The pn,,,d, via -it iiihr .its -.mall farms a I. ler i- roo- m lib Ii would I 01111. Ill Ile i.1,1111 1 1'V it' i \' I be railroad, an. tied ills. a , „ a ca tally -t in led ii1•:1 IV1 II 1 1.1. NV 111 at is II , 11111 , 1 i rupor- tletertudned to prevent a strike al hod dr:. laud grain viol. Montana any coat. In his rootlet -olives with ex eeetives he st -.nigh. urged that tiles \P t i \ the \ -1 \ . \ Part .it t he state. 1.1 licro , iii,',,' (la Ilger tof Winter - change t heir Mat herto unyielding at tipple, and when he w the employe- Isilling• It' 1. 1 \ 1 '1\ 1.1 11 111 161t. (\di mated at IS:2;2 1 .5,0410 busht•la exceeded Ile 111.11111 1111(4 I hat all „sinowat from During the past ti -ti years there has been an gnomons influx of settlers into the vacant lands in Montana. These homesteaders nave for the most part cense from other Stazes and are un- familiar with the general farming con- ditions its Alotitana. They are thus con- front ed by a mull it tole of problems. A majority of t hem ha e little capital iii,' ill -1 a 1114. 1.1 Illa II1•1 is greet in many eases, nod the lotek of knowledge of t 111-4 1•11 Oils NI pion utt luv farms is ' -1.1\ilttl lla Wheal I.., ti L1,.- of alike ble eropa the verago. aet t ler haa III he guided Ita• the 111.1.i'ss0 tor grow Mg a emit for which I hero. is a ready 1.111•11 market. The arititi crops fill t he bill, especially it t ;1101 flax. :Ls their value is high iti proportion Iii I heir Milk. .A. ride the dry la11111.1\ Itaa at first little live -t us -k. hut as the a mount the pi -tablet ion of ioaaling tame-, ft. huts rley and iii-.. likewise ittetea The , no matter ‘t hat -a -teen of farm- ing i- pract iced. eereal I role -c w ill a h. leays be of importance i li dry - land' fa II its'• in :114 , 111 a 11:1. /1 . . ..Teri:II interest. then. of Farmers' Boll. I 749 ja-t issued. emit:lining in- fo,' illation regal ding gt a in ...flips for the Mont atm .1 rv lands Imbed in part upon experiments iiattlueted for the pa .t b v eat. al thy .1 11.1 il 11 I 1:1 s 111 S11 11,1:1 Ital al Alta:ea-ha in co- operat ion wills 'he Montana _Agricultural E x .nt •:.1 al ion. In general tla• dry „ taw' farming se e - ' ions of Nlotitatia 11.. in the eastern wro bud , of Sit\! -- it ito, the western '100 11,11 11..1111! 111.11111A 111 , All ate' 11115Uif 1 Ille 1111' \Ali II pal l/11, MIX.1-111•111 is • II about the geograt plitea I center of the state and t he reaults obtained from •••: (Jeri/new s there are a pplieable to a la ige part of I his region. It has. been found that the period Ilay :lad June is the lust time to bleak wit lye .a f ter plowing 7ii,, lie- deep, depending upon the eat ot t he, t he land he :nicked t he sa 1111. nil!,a roller or If a -pi mg clop is 1 1 1 III• g'111W11 sitil la 11.1 s111111 111 111• Illi.W1•11 1-31.1y to al- l. a early seeding. If winter it heat is 1W he plow , not b.. vo. early. sumo, r ine tiot recommend - 1-11 a . .:1•11/.t. :11 al•I Illit y .01,11.• i MI' , IOC ad% ...Al, every third year when e hater 1.\ 111.:1 1 is I ,, be gi.M 11 (1111 a 1.1 l', ! 1• 1, hi is cull ex pett-is e until-- Hee. for tlw land is plowed fii ate.' without any r..t n that yPar. A .•1111 iiat -orb as eion, may bo. cm- a -tilt-t it et.. for fallow, as gr. in on oli-ked . 010141 ground •Ids era tly w.41 a- et a in on fah are t .. I. It' pall,. tliar a 10 • 1,11.1 11 11.11s. :11 11.1 for Doi. 1 11.• 1.1 1 11111 1- :Id 10 groa hi- 0, /1 srvil III 11.1 1 ‘-'-1 1111. ! .1..- i.-- of ..... bine- - not Montana. On lai a,.-,, • a 11. :1111,1 ..111/11 11/ 111• 11'1 , 11. 1 kat of -ming liwit by about 2,500,000 Its.- exeentii..- -hould be gi %I'll s 1 • 11411 1 11.11 , 1(1er:0 ion. 1/11,111.1 The strike order is brief. Ti is ad, 'The best v I let y of winter wheat lo drati,ed to 10 . 1 ownlio.r., of ow four aroaa in Montana I- I he lOtarkoll, the herhoods, i- signed by 1l,.. %at -ion- I htall I \ 1 \\ 1. 11 ' 4 ' 11-‘ • Thi' , ! ..1)..1 eltitirmert. and 1 - 1 . 11 , 1 , fol11,11 1\\- 1\ 11\1 k 11\ i' I I\' \r\\'\\ -sirs and ittothers: This is 10 fl(1. - li.iihl ii 11 \ r ' l \ Illt.•r heat , and 5 i-o• flint 1114' 1 , of the empl.'s es in t Thrke ) . wite\t ra arob etig i nor I Do. eiold \ hid \ - 1 \.\' t 1. '\\\'\ Il Y gm\ , it aively' grown. There are two main groups of barley, the hulled and the naked or hull -less, ill both of which occur 2 -rowed and 6 -rowed and also bti rded and beardless varieties. The hulled barley are used for brewing and feeding purposes, while the hull -leas varieties are suitable for feeding only. White Smyrna is considered to be the best bat ley to grow on the dry Ian& This ia an early variety of the hulled barley. maturing in about the seine 15.'10 I. el trine as the Sixty -Day 011 la, and seems especially adapted to reg- ions where severe droughts are likely to tx.t.ur. Is barlec is desired for hay• or hogging otT, the Netts I ( White Hull -leas) is recommended. Partial Election Returns - ' , ill.. tow 1... i.-1 weather and t deter \ titan of every farmer In ;Ads -ection to make good use of every Id liable minute resulted in a- very -mall sae beteg polled iii the primary la -t Toestlay„,ti tot al of -o Item hing like ixty-six votes being all that were cast. Ehe large number of can Iodates fur Mflice on eseli t ',bet and t he kirge HUM ciet of offices Ii he taken care of has nude the count mg of the ba Ilia a %era ll f fieult and It. dale t he ret Ilftus art tar from complete, however it is k n Hod t little checge will be made (rein the terult.; rdv jim end Thursday'- , ‘t . ta tches eon ...cited 6 lb.' lien- ut ton; lairs follow - on the state ticket: United Slat. settat or- :Myers, dem- acrat•ratritr, republican. Hovernorc--St ewart, democrat; - w -a rds, republican. , Congress- - a us. democrat and Cutts, detnowrit I ; Farr and Rank:IL re -- Lieutenant gavernor---MeDowell. .1. 'wrist; Allah'. republican. At tonwy general- -Poindexter. dem ocrat : Ford, republiettn. seeret H ra• stafe-Swinila4hurstl. •rat. NMI Hazelbakt•r_ republivan. trenattrer---4'nlierttaa. demo - ra . Hedrick. republiean. amid or- - it ea t Mg, .1. mot -rat ; Fenner, !epliblica Railroad e, mod:sinner 1 : rr • o t epoldiran. til insl met ion - O'Donnell. 111'111 'u -rat ; Trumper. f 'bat; aureole instil I 'a [Toll. ilem• ..era 1. I a clip. i pulthean. County Contests It i- a ppa r. ii 1 hat t ent Ire 5..10 for the county will not be available on- ttil Saturday evening and until it is ell in it will not be possible to state Vho the nominees are. The Tribune gave the following concerning those tiflica iti which the keenbt interest had been excited: In the county returns now available Burns has a considrable lead over all opponi no' in his ract• for the demo - sacral nomination LIM sheriff end .1telaon is far ahead of Smith for county at - orney. Biel:rotated and Bennet t are ill the lead for t h nominal' for imunty cotioniaa' 11 11.1 Iiiihimi leads for Koninterts it. keeping up Ilia It•ad jum the county for the republican 'tontine - \aim for sherifT. Meig. has it good lead lor county lit torney. Ito sevelt 'vetting for county auditor, Blommtist apparently ha; ir •lictlit ail% ant age in a close rate t.:: 15,e4 . 10r and the rai-c for commi.zioto r is close between Jocelyn and M. Danough. with Jocelyn having a slight advantage. For Geyser tcwnship Tros-m.ln end !Murphy wrre nozniaated for j11C't the peace, with Fres , man sLghtly in the lead. llosohke and liedm - tn svil array on the ticket f , )r iccai t'orwtzbl-, M. ily•rru he derno.ratic pr?.nct ornmdteeman ..11 the demo,rv t ..• BUILDING ROADS The count y i eaol Wilding out fil s are 111131 W -moth of tom n con-truct • ing a graded road Iii the Cobb rut 11011 takes are dri , en outlining work NI beyond I hi.\ and it is pre atmad that Do- toad wilt be built a- out lined \'Ilia grad i re..13 W 1.0•11 1 heir tra:i ill.. Heyser from the e cat and it good graded road now -dretelees f hew praet iii Ily Belt . l'hia road is II little hea vy ti ..w u,uu arcount of it - 'hue but /1 good arm!, ia est a Wish tal and a. soo 11 /IS it rei-ei 1., a few rain , and gel,. worked dem it it will be an .\ number one road. Mr. M. E. Idle, who ha. (+fir:re of the ['tided Stale. Bridge company's work in this seet War\ in town Thursday. Hi. Merl are also working in I his sect on rapIneing all the bridges I hat de•it eil or ilainitgeit by the vv ra -I apring. HAkELBARER HAS PLAN TO ADVERTISE MONTANA AVithin the next few weeks Ft a nk Ha zelba ker. vet retary of the Montana Exposition ..Ccnimission. wd -reeeivo the medals of award from the San Francisco E::jr>sition Commbssion. which were won by residents of Montana for arieult oral and horticul- tural display.. ,if the great San Fran. eiaeo fair. Thre are some seven hundred and thirty of these meoals, representing the greatest agricultural and horticul- tural achievements in the Itietory the world. They were won by Mort*Ili at the greatest of all world's placing Montana supreme above evety other atate in this union in agricultural and horticultural pursuit. Mamma should make more of these great achievements than simply dis- tributing promateousl the meda's a- mong the various winners. While every winner of a medal will prize it highly, yet few will know just who woo the medals and why they were won. Mn. Ilanelbakeas; has thought of • plan that will uable Itybody to leant who the winners were acid where the winning products came from, and the advertising that Montana will re• ceive from such a plan will be manifold. Mr. plans to have a pile cabinet mad, at will contein each of 730 reed**. Each medal will be la- beled w1 the name of Hat man 10 Nvhoui 4 was presented, h'.it asidttess, the certain product that the real was awaried fpr, and where the *bruins r de r :a du6 :e # 71P rui4 . ir o ad a \ e 4 71 4 ih t it )li a s str 9'414 vstkl:::s disPIIIIY at the state capital at all holes. The cib;net with its precious aintenta could be racily moved and eould be exhibited at all land shows, land expositions and milliner occasions a el us ould undoubtedly attract world- wide ii t tent ion. The co -operations of the winners of the meals and ail others interested In eeln Alontans make the beet of her awards at lb.. San limns:taco world's fair is solicited by rbe Ntosstiaa Expos- itiers Commission and any maggeolloas that can be made to further mach a movement or will iraprobe such a plan will be appreciated. PRICE EASTER MOOS DEAD Pricy Easter M0111.1, the five year old son of Mn. and Mrs. Gurnie M. Moss. *died yesterday morning at 715 Sixth avenue north after a three weeks Ill- nesa with Wirt -oiler meningitis. Mr. Moss. who has been principal ot' the Raynesford emisolidated school'.. had been in the city with his family attend' Mg the teacher- intl itute before go- ing to Valier In take the superinten- dency of the ''hook there and it was while here that the child became era - ilk The hotly is at the roust' of the W. II. C-eotge company and the 'funeral will tAke place probably on Tuesday as sc:n as the child's grand- mother and uncle arrives from Net - folk, Neb.-Tribune, PROMPT SERVICE Al\ THE ROSS MI RCANTILE THE HA RVETS RUSH has no terrors for shoppers at this store. It may be hot everywhere else hut the minute you step in here you remark, \how cool and comfortable in here.\ Not only is this store the coolest, and most comfortable store in which to do your shopping, but the Greater Values found here these days is a double attraction. And best of all the Service is Prompt and Courteous Abundance of New Merchandist. Coming in Every Duy Just received a new shipment of \Armor Plate\ Hosiery. New hand bags new dress goods, trimings, etc , and dozens and dozens of other things. And besides there are Special Clean-up sales in every department. re ROSS MERCANTILE CO. Incorporated The Home of New Things • \ 4 • ; ;t:„)'

Geyser Judith Basin Times (Geyser, Mont.), 01 Sept. 1916, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.