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THE RIVER PRESIS LOCAL NOTES. from Wednesday's Daily. We learn that Mrs. Frank Lepper has two sisters living, one at Colorado City, Col., and another at Cheyenne, Wyo., on whom the news of her death will fall as a heavy blow. The many friends of Mr. and M rs. T. E. Collins %yip regret to learn that their ele- gant new residence which had just been completed at Great Falls was totally de- stroy,ed by fire at 3 o'clock New Year's morning. Fortunately for them they had tot moved in, having intended to com- mence moving to-day. The 9rigin of the fire i4 mystery. The b ilding cost .lThut $10,000 and wasinsur for $4,000. I e Episcopal church was /filled to its t.. I apacity to -day 14 fhe mourning trnds and neighbors of Mrs. Frank Lep- per who gathered there to pay their last respects to a noble woman and a devoted wife and mother. The services were brief at impressive, and brought tears to.the eyes of all. The Rev. Mr. Clowes paid a beautiful tribute to the life and character of her whose remains rested before the altar of her church. The Rev. Mr. Van Orsdel delivered the last prayer when the services at the church closed with bene diction by the pastor. The choir service was beautifully' and impressively render- ed. The funeral cortege was a very large one and was composed of Fort Benton's best citizens, all , of whom held. the de- ceased in high esteem. Mr. M. E. Milner was the recipient a day or two ago of a comfortable looking box which came by express. It bore the shipping card of the Westminster hotel. New York, where one of Mr. Milner's friends resides, who is none other than the ce:ebrated Nate Salisbury. This gentleman has the credit of originating and carrying to success Col. William Co- dy's English tour with his world renown- ed Wild West show, by which both • Mr. Salisbury and Col. Cody coined money. We strongly suspect that Mr. Salisbury was the sender of the package, which, no dthibt contains articles that would make glad the heart of the meet fastidious ep- icure. We congratulate Mr. Milner on its safe arrival. It will probably be a pleasant surprise to him. !rum Thursday's . Daily. Mr. Thomas Clary and family and Mrs. oseph Hill and chilthen, all of Fort Ben- ton, are at the Brunswick hotel, Oakland, Cal., for the winter. The- Holday number of the Minneapolis Tribune is a daisy. What it dOn't tell about MinneapolisIsn't worth knowing. It is finely illust&ted. One of the most pleasing and instructive series of cuts shows the inner workings of the great es- tablishment. A letter received at this office to -day from an eastern party states that large colonies are now being formed there for the purpose , of settling upon Choteau county lands in the early spring. Come right along, gentlemen. This county has homes of 160 acres each for something over 100,000 families. There was a delightful social entertain- ment at Mr. John Neubert's house, on the Teton, the evening of the last day of 1488. Many citizens of Fort Benton went out and took part in the joyous occasion. trip- ping the light fantastic toe over the grave of the old year and welcoming the new with feast and song. All who participat ed say that they never had a better time, and speak in glowing terms of the hospi- tality of Mr. and Mrs. Neubert. Mr. John B. Turton, who has been for some weeks past attending to the closing out of Murphy, Maclay & Co.'s business at this point, has about completed . his task, and will in a few days take his de- parture to assume a position in the Great Falls house of that firm. The RIVER PRESS takes great pleasure in saying that Mr. Turton has made an \enviable record for himself during his residence in Fort Benton, and he leaves here with the con- fidence and respect of all our citizens, re- gardless of class. He has proven himself competent and faithful in the discharge of every trust, and we heartily commend him to our friends in the cataract city as in every way worthy of their esteem and confidence. The eclipse which occurred here New Year's day. as it did elsewhere arrived on time, and conducted itself in a manner that reflected great credit on the manage- ment. It played to a crowded house eve- ry seat being taken, and every member of the large audience being provided with glasses. The performance commenced at about two o'clock local time, and lasted about an hour and a half. The only com- plaint we heard was that pale Luna who took the leading part cut the play a little, and did not favor the audience with her part in full as she did at some obscure points further south and west. Old Sol, though thrown somewhat in the back- ground by being compelled to play second part on this important occasion, rendered his part most creditably, and toward the close shone with accustomed brilliancy. During the sad, dark, pathetic parts of the piece, the reporter of the RIVER Piss whose seat was so situated that he could observe the movements of the domestic animals on his premises, observed that the faithful cow sought the shelter of the stable, as though milking time had come, and the chickens went to roost. They were so disgusted with the way they bud been deceived they staid there after the matinee ended, not deeming it worth while to Dome down for the small part of day left. Taken altogether the eclipse was al that could have been expected. From Friday's Daily. Died --At Bynum, on Friday, December 28, 1888, Mr. Bynum, of consumption,aged 66 years. Ex -Governor Hauser has returned to his home at Montana's capital, after sev- eral month's absence in the east. The gentleman has not been idle, as numer- ous enterprises which are gradually as- suming shape and activiV under his able financial leadership fully testify. Gov. Hauser always succeeds. 0. G. Cooper, near Choteau, recently lost 150 tons of hay and some valuable sheep sheds, the whole valued at *4'3,000. The tire was undoubtedly the work of an incendiary, says the Calumet, and the in- tention was evidently to destroy the band of sheep as well, but the tire was. fortu- nately discovered in time to save them. 1'. L. Hensley, one of the well known Hensley Brothers of Case was in the city Monday. Mr. H, is one of the own- ers of the smelter at that point and think it will boon be started up again. He says the Cumberland Mining & Smelting Co are in a fair way to recover from their recent embarrassment and that work will probably be resumed at an early- day.— Herald. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Collins will be glad to learn that the de- struction of their handsome residence by tire was not a total loss financially speak- ing. Mr. Collins had taken the precau- tion of placing $4,000 insurance, which, with the foundation and portion of the wall uninjured will go far toward rebuild- ing the structure. Mr. Collins will have the work commenced RR early in the spring as possible. Mrs. Collins has the sympathy of hosts of friends in being deprived of her handsome and comforta- ble home just as it was ready for occupan- cy. This was the most serious loss and hardest to bear. Messrs. I. G. Baker & Co., of this city, yesterday had a patent money change and cashiers' elevated railroad erected in their mammoth merchandise establish- ment. It is perfect and noiseless in its operations, and saves the busy salesmen many steps and much trouble. The cash realized on every sale, is in the twinkling of an eye, sent to the cashier's desk inside the office, and change returned as quickly to any part of the store. Messrs. Baker & Co. always keep up with the procession in store improvements as well as. selling large quantities of goods. This is one of the largest and most successful houses in the territory, not barring those of Helena. the capital, or Butte, the world's greatest mining camp. Mr. Stephen G. Bynum, father of the Bynum` brothers, of Bynum postotlice, this county, after a long illness, has pass- ed to the other shore and was buried at Choteau Sunday last, the Rev. Mr. Little, of Sun River, conducting the funeral ser- vices. Mr. Bynum was an old resident of Montana. haNing come from his old home in Missouri via the Missouri river to Fort Benton with his family early in the sev- enties. He went from here direct to Hel- ena, where he resided for many years, en- gaging principally in prospecting and mining, at which he finally met with some Success. Of late he began to grow feeble with the weight of years, and went to reside with his sons at their ranch, where he passed peacefully away. He leaves a wife, several children and a mul- titude of friends to mourn his loss. Ile was widely known and universally re- spected. May his ashes rest in peace. We are glad to be able to report that Jake Harris, better known as Jew Jake, who was recently stabbed in Helena, is slowly but surely recovering. For a time fears were entertained that his wound was a fatal one. He is well known in Fort Benton, where he at one time resid- ed. He was liked here by all classes, and bore a ,,good reputation as a peaceable and - SOnorable sporting man. At Great Falls he was assaulted by a man with a razor, and being forced to the wall was forced to shoot his assailant. Jew Jake was not to blame for this, and only acted in self defense, and was duly acquitted of any blame for the shooting. He regret- ted it as much or more than any one, and nursed the wounded man until he fully recovered, paying all his bills. We no- tice in dispatches to eastern papers that Jake was referred to as a tough character. Whoever penned those dispatches did not know the man. Jake has the ridutation wherever he is known, and especially in northern Montana, of being an honorable man, who dispised brawls, and who dealt fairly with his fellow men. - Entitled to the Best. All are entitled to the best that their money will buy, so every family should have at once a bottle of the best family remedy, Syrup of Figs, to cleanse the sys- tem when costive or bilious. For sale in 50c and $1 bottles by all leiding drug- gists. Are We to Have Another War? Seine political prophets aver that we shall. Be that as it may, the battle waged by medical science against disease will never cease until we arrive at that utopian epoch when the human family shall cease to be afflicted with bodily alaiments. One of the most potent weapons which the armory of medicine furnishes, is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which is of special utility as a family remedy, as it is adapted to the immediate relief and ultimate cure of those disorders of the stomach, liver and bowels which are of commonest occurrence. Indi- gestion, billiousness and constipation are insepa- rable companions, and these alaiments are com- pletely eradicated by the Bitters. But the remedial scope of this superlative wholesome and genial medicine takes In also nervous aliments, rheuma- tism and kidney troubles; its action in these, as in the other ccmplaints, being characterized by un- equaled thoroughness. E ir A $3.00 premium and the RIVER F REm one year. for $3.50. Business Mention. Bob sleds. --best make—for sale at I. G. Baker & 10 Parties desiring to buy property in or near Benton can do so through W. H. Todd. . Call at H. J. Wackerlin & Co.'s for gen- uine imported china and glassware. No auction stock or cheap goods, but genuine articles. Miss Maggie Finnigan, of Boston, Mass. will hereafter conduct the millinery and dressmaking department at '1'. C, Power & Bro.'s store. Direct importation of genuine Austra- lian glassware received in original pack ages at II. J. Wackerlin & Co's. No cheap John imitations, but genuine goods. * The Manitoba railway announces Ice Palace excursion rates in effect January 20th to 20th inclusive, from Fort Benton to St. Paul, $40, good for 90 days from date of sale. 11 For genuine hand -painted imported chinaware go to II. J. Wackerlin & Co's. No auction stock, but the genuine goods, imported direct in original packages from Carlsbad, Germany. Those buying holiday goods would ‘1.) well to call on Dan Dutro and purchase photographic sketches of northern Mon- tana, including the great iron bridge at Fort Benton, Indian scenes, the great falls of the Missouri river, etc. They are nice holiday reminders to eastern friends. 4 Among the people of to -day, there are few indeed, who have not heard of the merits of Prickly Ash Bark and Berries, as a household remedy. Teas and drinks have been made of them for centuries, and In hundreds of families have formed the sole reliance for rheumatic and kid- ney diseases. Prickly Ash Bitters now take the place of the old system and is more beneficial in all the troubles of this nature. - Several years ago Chamberlin & Co., of Des Moines, Iowa, commenced the manu- facture of a cough remedy, believing it to be the most prompt and reliable prepar- ation yet produced for coughs, colds and croup, that the public appreciate true merit, and in time it was certain to be- come popular. Their most sanguine hopes have been more than realized. Over three hundred thousand bottles of Cham- berlain's Cough Remedy are now sold each year, and it is recognized as \the best made,\ wherever it is known. It will cure a severe cold in less time than any other treatment. For sale by M. A. Flan- agan. • The New South, For several years after the close of the late war for the Union, the southern states remained in a state of poverty and exhaustion from which many thought it was impossible for them to recover. At- lanta in 186.5, a dilapidated and half -burn- ed toe n, is now the Chicago of the south, a city of magnificent buildings and the center of an enormous trade. Birming- ham bids fair to surpass Pittsburg in iron manufactures, and to become an immense workshop, while the continually advanc- ing prices of real estate is marvelous. Nashville and Memphis are metropolitan cities, pushing to the front under the guidance of alert and energetfe men of business. New Orleans has renewed her youth and held two magnificent exposi- tions. Everywhere progress is the watch- word. A tour of the \new south\ will re- pay the thonghtful and observing trav- eler, and the best way to reach it is by ob- taining tickets over the \Burlington which has the best southern connections. Inquire of your ticket agent or write to W. J. C. Kenyon, Gen. Pass. Agent, C., B. & N., St. Paul, Minn. The weakness and debility which re- sults from illness may be speedily over- come by the use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. This is a safe but powerful tonic, assists digestion, regulates the kidneys and liver, and cleanses the blood of all germs of disease. People Everywhere Confirm our statement when we say that Acker's English Remedy is in every way superior to any and all other preparations for the 'throat and lungs. In Whooping Cough and Croup it is magic and relieves at once. Remember, this remedy is sold on a positive guarantee by W. J. Miner, Fort Benton, M. T. THAT HACKING COUGH can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. M. A. Flanagan. Fort Ben- ton, M. T. WILL YOU SUFFER with Dyspep- sia and Liver Complaint? Shiloh's Vital- izer is guaranteed to cure you. M. A. Flanagan, Fort Benton, M. T. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miser- able by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. N. A. Flana- gan, Fort Benton, M. T. CATARRH CURED, health, and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Ca- tarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free. M. A. Flanagan, Fort Ben- ton, M. T. For lame back, side or chest, use Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents. M. A. Flanagan, Fort Benton, M. T. SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. It cures Consumption. M. A. Flanagan, Fort Benton, M. T. SHILOH'S VITALIZER is what you need for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Dizziness, and all symptons of Dyspep- sia. Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle. M. A. Flanagan, Fort Benton, M. T. CROUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. M. A. Flanagan, Fort Ben- ton, M. T. Wood, Coal and Lumber Wood, coal and lumber for sale by Goodrich & Hawk. Orders by mail or otherwise promptly at-' tended to. Residence for Sale. Brick house, story and a half, five rooms; two lots, barn and outhouses. The property is located in Fort Benton, within a square and a half of the court house. Also, four lots in reservation addi- tion to the townsite of Fort Benton, well located on Main street. Owner anxious to sell. Address RIVER PRESS, Fort Benton, M. T. Advice to Mothers. MRS. WINSL0W:8 SOOTHING SYRUP should always be used for children teething. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for diarrhea'. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Seed Wheat for Sale or Trade. A Small lot of Choice No. I hard Montana raised seed wheat, from beet Scotch Fife seed. Will sell for cash or trade for first-class oats. Apply to Wm. II. Todd \191Nrar PnEss\ office. City Property for Sale. - — I offer for sale on reasonable terms the follow- ing desirable real estata situated in the city of Fort Benton: One house and four lots on upper Front street, viz: lots 5, 6, 9 and 10, block, 6; also lots 13, 11, 15 and 16, block 100, reservation addition to the city of Fort Benton. For terms, etc.. ap- dly to MRS. 19. B. TIE RNEY, white Sulphur Springs, M. T. Treasurer's Notice. Fula BENToN, JailltUtry let, 11989. I am now prepared to pay the following warrants Interest on which will cease from this date, viz: All registered general fund warrants. All road fund warrants registered prior to January 5th, 1 5 / 4 8. All poor fund warrants registered prior to January 3d, 1888. W. J, MINAR, Treasurer of Choteau cciunty. C. B. NOLAN. JNO. BEAN. NOLAN & BEAN, LAW OFFICE, Cold Block - - - Helena, M.T. CD. CRUTCHER, M.D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Fort Benton, - - MT. rfr - Will answer all calls in city or country. Orrica--At Grand Union Hotel. Dissolution Notice. Notice is hereby given that the partnership here- tofore existing between George Bickle and John Ilagarty under the firm name of Bickle at Co. has this day been dissolved by mutual consent, John Ilagarty retiring. The undersigned will continue the tininess, collect all accounts due the firm and pay all indebtedness. GEO. BICKLE, CYPRESS CITY, Mont., December 31st, 1588. Notice. The person having my retriever dog \Tobe\ will please return him at once and save trouble. Ii it is not done immediately I shall prosecute the offend- er to the full extent of the law. The animal is a black retriever, with tan colored dots above the eyes, and is about one year old. Ile wears city tax paid tag No. 15. CIIARLES HOWE. Fort Denton, M. T., Dec. 31, 11448. Horses Estrayed. Strayed or stolen from upper Wolf creekone hay horse 19 years old, weight about 650 lbs., branded T on right shoulder and monogram 7 6 bar on left thigh. One iron gray mare six years old, weight about 900 lbs., branded S on left shoulder; one iron gray mare five years old, weight about 1,100 lbs., branded P half circle on right shoulder and thigh: one bay mare four years old, weight about 90(9 lbs., lbrauded P half circle on right shoulder and thigh. All of the above are branded T on left shoulder and are work animals, the last two hav- ing on halters when last seen. A liberal reward will be paid for the return of the above described animals or information leadiag to their recovery. Address DANIEL THOMAS, Stanford, Fergus County, Montana. Lost. From Lethbridge, Canada, N. W. T. -One dark bay pony branded number 2 on each front foot: heti% y mane and tail; star in forehead: both hind feet white; had on red leather halter when lost. Any one finding same Will be rewarded. Address W. ATKINS, Lethbridge, N W. T. SHERIFF'S SALE. In the District Court of the Fourth Judicial Dis- trict of the Territory of Montana, in and for the County of Choteau. Alexander C. Johnson, plaintiff, vs. Jacob L. Gjerde, defendant. To be sold at Sheriff's sale on the 23d day of Jan- uary, A. D. 1889, at 11 o'clock a. m.,at the front door of the court house at Fort Benton, in said Choteau county, all right, title and interest of the said de- feudant, of, in and to the followingdescribed prop- erty, to wit: The west half of the northeast quar- ter, and the west half of the southeast quarter of section twenty-six in township twenty-one north of range eighteen east. Dated this 27th day of December, A. D. lada. B. F. O'NEAL, Sheriff. S. II. McIntire, attorney for plaintiff. vrovr-R 6,000,000 people believe that t• pays beet to buy Seeds of the largest and most reliable house, and thsy use Ferry's Seeds D. M. FERRY a CO. are acknowledged to be the crgest Seedsmen in the world. D M. FERRY & Co's Illirrarated. Descrip- tive and Priced SEED ANNUAL For 1889 Will be mailed FREE to ad applicants, and to last year's customers without ordering it. 1 n aide to till. Every person tilling Earnest Cauliflower Garden, F1: Id or Plower Seede in eristeace. should send for it. Address . 0. M. FERRY & CO., Detroit, Mich. The WN Shot' \la9tiziv FREE FOR 4 MONTHS 1. % II 't.% ho he it'll I v.. 1‘.4 ' , A0/011 , '1 • f I A K3.00 premium and the RIVER one year, for 83.50. Buffalo, Bear, Badger, Beaver, Coon, Chinese Dog, Wild Cat, Angora Goat, Wolf, South American Bison, Russian Lamb, eff.ff AND OTHER FUR OVERCOATS JUST RECEIVED BY GANS & KLEIN, FRONT STREET, Fort Benton, —WHOLESALE DEALERS IN— LIQUORS * * St Mont AND CIGARS The largest and best select- ed stock of Imported and Domestic Liquors and Cigars in Northern Montana. Mail orders receive prompt arention. G-ANS 4:ST Front St. - - Fort Benton, M. T. f't • N 1 , JEWELER AND OPTICIAN,, Fort Benton. - - Montana. DIAMONDS, WATCHES AND JEWELRY, , , Fine Goods for the Holiday Trade Arriving Daily. WHITE oi - b SINGER SEWING MACHINES. GRAND UNION HOTEL, FORT BENTON MONTANA. HAVEN TG assumed charge of the above Hotel, and thoroughly renovated and largely re -furnished the same, the pro prietor is prepared to furnish as good accommodations to the traveling public. to tourists and those seeking a change of air, as can be found ,anywhere in the west. ar- A TRIAL IS SOLICITED. \WS JERE, Proprittor. Broadwater, McCulloh 8i, Co., POST TRADERS, DRI116 I. GENERALARCHIMISE We carry a full and complete stock of all Merchandise demanded by trade of the Territory. Connection : Broadwater, McNamara POST TRADERS, Fort MaFrinnis Montana. & Co, Fort Assinaboine, MONTANA. .flies 1 a f4 a. se Ii In t pr pe na asi di: k. sou pa. MO has Pa to • fue Vv M . o trial ap take term here Hoyt' is sti gene etrou full a the u sions FA • ciety sode. ing hi Minn: . ed his .. practi corned *AA , 'Areatiekimmo,\

The River Press (Fort Benton, Mont.), 09 Jan. 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.