The River Press (Fort Benton, Mont.) 1880-current, March 06, 1889, Image 7

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THE RIVER PRESS. a ?i. Froi dings ofqhe 16th Legislative Assent - sr«. of Montana. THE LEGISLATURE. COUNCIL. HELENA, February 27.—Kennedy gave notice of the introduction of a bill relat- ing to the publication of notices required by law to be posted. Brown introduced a bill relating to irri- gatimiand water rights. Middleton introduced a bill to provide for the levy of taxes and the assessment o r property. The committee on judiciary reported favorably on C. B. 41. concerning licenses, and it was placed on general orders. The council then proceeded to the con- s ideration of Kennedy's Australian elec- tion bill, which was read by sections. *ow progress was made and discussions ,:pring up over nearly every section. Ken- nedy. •Middleton. Bickford, Brown and -President Cole took an active part in s ee‘testing changes which would elimi- nateu number of defects. A general sen- tlinent - was manifested in favor of an election bill, but objections were raised atfrequent intervals to certain proVisions in it. The council will likely wrestle with it during the entire day _and probably c.onsuale a good portion of to -morrow. HOUSE. Unimportant and uninteresting was the firenoon session of the house. One hundreti and seventeen citizens of Wickes signed a petition which was pre- sented in the house by Swiggett, asking that H. B. 30, increasing the license of liquor sellers, be not passed. The judiciary committee recommended the passage of th• Montana law library hill. and concurred in the council amend- nts to H. B. 21; relative ty alimony in divorce cases. Several bills were reported from the committee of the whole and referred to proper committees before adjournment. The bill providing for the appointment of an inspector of mines was read and placed upon its passage. The vote re suited as follows: Ayes—Total 18, viz: Carver, Congdon, bavis, Gillette, Haskell, Hunt, Jones, Joslyn, Moore, Murray, .Pickman, Rea, Roberts, Saxton, Swiggett, Whitney, Willis, and Mr. Speaker. Nays —Total, 3, viz: Blakely, Comfort, Flow- ers, Johnson and Waite. Absent: --Gar- rett. Moore's vote for the bill after his tong continued opposition to it, occasion- ed general surprise. • HOUSE. ,11F.I.ONA, February 3.—The committee on military affairs recommended that the • bill to regulate the practice of dentistry be indefinitely postponed. The following bills were favorably re- ported: H. B. 36, Gallatin and Madison boun- dary. Bills relating to passing anti printing city ordinsnres. Bill relating to licensing of aetail liquor dealers. C. B. 21, supreme court reporters. II. B. 41, limitations,of actions at law. H. B.,45, fencing of railroads. H. B. 32, sole traders, with substitute. H. B.34, to amend . certain sections of statutes relating to location and recording of mining claims. Blakely introduced H. B. 50, to close sa- .00ns on Sunday. and II. B. 33, to enable counties to build bridges. Blakely, Haskell and hunt were ap- pointed a special committee to consider H. B. 1, imposing the duty upon county • assessors to transmit to taxpayers a state- :nent of their assessments. Gov. Leslie gave notice to the house that he had signed the following bills: II. B. 9, protection of game and fish. If. B. 12, to enable towns to incur in- lebtedness. H. B. 10, to provide for compensation of i tices of the peace. H. B. 6, to regulate the practice of med- eine and surgery. C. B. 32. relating to exemption from ;ury duty, was considered. The members took but little interest in it, and the chair Lad difficulty in getting enough to vote to dispose of it. On motion of Murray the bill was indefinitely postponed. C. B. 1, relating to the appointment of ln inspector for steam boilers, was read tal considered by sections. Hunt proposed an amendment to sec - 'ion 1, providing for two inspectors, in - cad one. No action was taken, a mo- lion for recess until 2 o'clock prevailing. COUNCIL. The bill concerning minors visiting sa- ns is in the hands of the governor. Collins introd . uced C. B..47, relating to hattel mortgages, and Bickford intro- Auced a bill relating to public schools,and bill 49, relating to the administration of Public echools in incorporated cities. Gov. Leslie gave notice of the fact that •-e had signed the bill to authorize coun- ties to build free bridges. A number of 4115 that have passed the house were de- •vered to.the council, among them the in - Spector of mines bill, private secretary for the governor and the text book bill. • slight difference of opinion among the members as to the proper word to use !') protect the remains of the dead \sop .11.ure,\ or \sepulchre\ necessitated its dise eferenee to Kef r inedy, Bickford and l'hompson as special committee which •Iit wrestle with it. Middleton introduced C. B. 50, to pro - for executions, levy and sale of cer- , ,n animals running at large. Brown—B:11 51, relating to appeals from he decisions of county commissioners. The following telegram from President :ranville Stuart was read in the council: FORT MAOINNis, February :N.--Presi- dent Cole and members of the council: The board of stock commissioners have found Herbert Holloway to be a thor- oughly competent veterinary surgeon, whose place it would be hard to fill, and we, therefore, respectfully ask the council to confirm his nomination. HOUSE — AFTERNOON. The boiler inspection bill has just been read and is under discussion. Moore wanted it referred to a special committee and printed, so that the members could have a clear understanding of its provis- ions, as a good many of them seemed to have little knowledge of it, owing to the numerous amendments that had been made. Congdon presented statistics showing that the expenses of the inspector were paid by the monies collected from li- censes and the issuing of certificates. Whitney favored the immediate consid- eration of the bill. Mantle did not consider it necessary to print the bill, as such action might result in delay that would result in its defeat by the adjournment of the legislature. HELENA, March 1.—The morning session in the council was dull and uninteresting, the house being devoted to the consider- ation of C. B. No. 41—a lengthy law pro- viding for the compensation of county of- ficers. Thompson of Deer Lodge introduced a bill to reimbarse sheriffs of the various counties for board furnished prisoners from March 1, 1885, to Dec. 21st. Kennedy introduced a bill providing for the printing and publication of all notices now required to be posted. The afternoon in the council was occu pied in the discussion of C. B. 41 (salary bill.) THE GALT RAILROAD. The Charter ()Wattled and Work Will C metier on it in May. OTTAwA, February W.—The railway committee met this morning, and passed the Alberta Railway & Coal company's bill. Sir Alexander Galt says the com- pany has all, the powers to build idto Montana. The capital has been arranged for, and work will commence in May. The company already had contracts for 200 tons'of coal to be sent to Montana. The gauge will be changed on the Galt road, and the two lines will work together. Bryson in Boulder. HELENA, February :N.—George Duncan Bryson was taken to Boulder yesterday by Sheriff Jefferis. The law requires that a prisoner shall be on hand three days be- fore court opens. Court will commence Monday, and Bryson's trial is set for March 11. The Last Cabinet Slate. WASHINGT0N, February itTI- pression prevailed in some circles last night that the cabinet of the incoming administration is complete with the ex- ception of one name, and that no further change will be made in the slate as pres- ent arranged. This is the make-n that receives the most credence: SecrAary of state, James G. Blaine; secretary of treas- ury, Wrn. Windom; secretary of war, Red- field Proctor; secretary of navy, to be filled; seeretary of interior, John F. Swift; attorney general, John W. Noble; post- master general, Join Wannamaker; secre- tary of agriculture, Jeremiah Rusk. COL. CRUSE. The Disco% erer of the Drum Luz:union Re- ceives a Colonel's Commiusion From Governor Leslie. HELENA, March 1.—Thomas Cruse was agreeably surprised Wednesday evening by receiving from Governor Leslie,a com- mission as aide-de-camp on his staff, with the rank of colonel. Miss Cruse had given a progressive euchre party, to which there were a large number of inyited guests. While all present were enjoying themselves, a committee from the execu- tive mansion, consisting of Major Magin- nis, Speaker Mantle, of the house of rep- resentatives, and Col. Hundley arrived with the commission, taking the worthy host by surprise. Major Maginnis, desig- nated as spokesman, presented the com- mission to Col. Cruse, who returned thanks for the unexpected honor. Col. Hundlev read the document to the assem- bled guests, who applauded and extended heartiest congratulations. Opening of Maguire's Opera House. BuTTE, February :N.—The Grand opera house was re -opened to -night, the event being one of importance to Butte, which' has had oo theatre attractions for the past few months,owing to the destruction of the opera house by fire. Judge Steph- en DeWolfe made an eloquent and appro- priate address, and the Rose Osborne company presented \A Celebrated Case.\ The house was packed by the elite of Butte. Two Butte yesterday. miners were fatally injured at Kennedy's Election Hill. • I ELENA, March council spent yesterday also in consideration of Kenne- dy's election bill- \The main features of the Australian system\ and as amended, it was unanimously recommended for passage. Think it will become a law. Remember that Ayer's Cherry Pectoral has no equal as a specific for colds, coughs and all affections of the throat and lungs. For nearly half a century it has been in greater demand than any other remedy for pulmonary complaints. All druggists have it for sale. 1. The GOLD AND SILVE Report of the Director of the Mint Show log the Production and Coinage. WAsnuvoiroN, February 25. --The direct- or of the mint in his report on the produc- tion of gold and silver in the United States during the calander year 1888, says: The gold product was 1,644,927 ounces of the value of g33,175,000. This is about the same as in 1887, being an ex- cess of only $175,000. The silver product was 45,783,632 fine ounces, of the commer- cial value of about 43,000,000, and a coin- age value of $39,195,000. This is an in- crease of 4,515,327 fine ounces over the product of 1887. In addition to the prod- uct of our own mines, some 10,000,000 ounces of silver were extracted in the United States from foreign ore and bul- lion, principally Mexican. The total re- fined product of the United States in gold was 1,777,877 fine ounces, and silar 33,- 14,698 fine ounces. The value of the gold deposited at the mint during the year, not including re -deposits, $41,896,410, or, in- cluding re -deposits, $48,794,988. The for- eign material comprised in this was $7,- 055,046. The amount of silver deposited and purchased was 33,512,789 standard ounces, of the coining value of $41.323,973 exclusive of re -deposits. The coinage of the mints during the calender year was as follows: Gold $31,380,808, silver $31.- 951,833, subsidiary silver $1,084,773, minor $91-2,201; total, $65,318,615; imports of gold bullion and coin, $11,031,941; exports, $34,619,669; imports of silver, $21,592,062; exports, $25,895,222. They are All Right. HELENA, February 27.---Toe committee appointed to investigate the offices of Au- ditor Sullivan and Treasurer Preuitt re- ported yesterday. Every cent was ac- counted for and the offices conducted in excellent manner. ParnellIsin and Crime. LONDON, February 26. Pigott and his wonderful record as a forger and perjurer occupy much space in English newspaper columns. The Times' break down is com- plete. - N. I'. Right of Way. BUTTE, February 26.—Tho district court this evening appointed A. H. Barrett, C. B. IIouser and F. E. Sargeant appraisers of the value of the ground which the Northern Pacific wishes condemned, in order to get entrance to that city. Col. McCutcheon, on behalf of the Montana Central, raised the point that the court in chambers could not decide that ground already purchased by the Montana Cen- tral for railroad purposes could be con- demned by another corporation for the same purposes. The court sustained the point and appointed commissioners with- out prejudice to that aspect of the case, and the difficulty between the corpora- tions will be settled by subsequent trial in the district court. The commissioners appointed give satisfaction to all con- cerned. Exchanging ('ourtesies. WAsniNirroN, February 26.—The train with General Harrison and party on board did not proceed to the station, but stopped at Maryland avenue and Ninth street. At 2:35 p. m. the party took car- riages and were immediately driven to the Arlington hotel. About 4:30 Major Pro - den came over from the White house with a note from President Cleveland to President elect Harrison. At both the White House and Arlington it was said that there was no objection to stating the contents of the letter, but both La- mont and Halford referred all who in- quired in regard to it to the other. It is probable it was simply a letter of courte- sy from Presideat Cleveland, offering any assistance in his power that would con- tribute to the comfort of the incoming president. General and Mrs. Harrison will call by appointment at the White House to -morrow about 5 o'clock. J. G. Blaine paid his respects and spent a short time with the general. In the evening General Harrison and his family received a number of callers. 1 Pleasing Sense of Health .:nd Strength Renewed. and of Ease and Comfort Follows the use of Fyrup of Figs, as it ge.ntly o:t Cie K .;, BOWELS Effectually Cleaning the .3y -stem when Costive or Biltou, ')ispelling CoP.s, Headaches and Fevers and permanenly curing HABITUAL CONSTIPATION - vithout weakening or irritating the or- g:uts on which it acts. • or Sale in 50e and f.:1.00 Bottles by all Lending Druggists. RA.NUFACIT11:- GNU\ Si. THE ALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CY- AN Faaliartico, CA..., Ki.. Na vrstr NOTICE. We have this day. March 31st, 1886. had recorded at the offtce of the territorial auditor, upon right or left rump, as or sheep brand and t ade mark for wool. CLARK BROS. & Co., Chotean, M T. M. S. & J. R. Cockr , 11. Old stock braided on lett thigh, art rhown InCrSgs‘ , branded bU it it I. gh rafi Broke -teeth- and work homes for rale. Range on ilaiiss river. 25 miles below wt Con- rad. .0. iti!dress -Fort 4 . onrao. M. T. C. Barr Smith Son. Brand as shown Of right stifle Vent: No rtock ir old without venting on right ehoulder. Also own horse- iirande 99 arid NE on right etitie. Cattle hranded 96 on left hip. Range: Between i'otton- wood and Rock creek. Post ofwe address: Cottonwood, M. T. J Brand as sho- wn, on the left ehiosIder. Vent: B and inverted on left ehouder Range: Dearborn. P.O. address: Dearborn, M T Chas. S. Roth. Horse brand- : R o left hip. Vent: ame on the left shoulder. Range : Between the Shonkin and elt creek. P.O. address : Fort Ben- ton, K.T. No horses -told without vent. ‘Itei uwu- the toll \ii •ralide : WR cot left o hip; n on right rthouhier in n lett ehould ard We ; ot left hip. JOS. . Horses branded KIP 01 lett shoulder. Vent: sin! Range: Merles. P.O. address: Dupuyer, M. T. David Morrow. Brand as shown, 0 on right shoulder Catt le brand. o on right ribs and right thigh Vent: Same on right thigh Range: Belt creek to Arrow creek P.O address— Fort Benton. M T. Chas. Fish. Brand as shown, on left thigh. Ear mark: Crop off left ear. Vent: Same brand on left shoulder. Range: Shonkin and Highwood. P.O. addresa : Fort Deatkm. CHOTEAU LIVE STOCK CO. (Formerly Davenport, Ray k Co.) A. W. Kleasauey, Superintendent. Range: Between the Shonkin and Arrow creek. Ear mark:Smooth crop off left and a slit in same. Horses branded with a circle 0 on left shoulder. P.O. address: Fort Benton. Benton & St. Louis Cattle Co. Brands: 0 on left ribs, Z on left Abe, Jil on left ribe. A on right hip. — Vent: E on left shoulder. Range: Manse. P.O. address: Flirt Breton. JOHN HARR( 4 , Manager . Milner Livestock Company. M. E. MILNER, Manager, Fort Benton, M. T. Brand on left ribs as shown, called \square\ brand Ear meek: Both ears cropped and split. Also own cattle bought trout other parties with the \square\ brand on the left kip. Since Peel, calves brand- ed wi lit the ‘ 'evutre \ on left side and the left hip both. Also own all tattle bearing the brand shown in small cut. Horse brand on the lett thigh. Range: Deep creek to Ar- row creek, south of Missouri river. JOHN LEPLEY. Brand as shown on left hip. Ear mark: Crop off left and routal hole in rigtar. Horses branded same on left shoul- der. Vent: L on left shoulder blade. Range: Shonkin. P.O. address: Fort Benton. W. L. Lincoln. Prand as shown on right side. Vent: Bar over original brand. Range: On north side Milk river. P. Q. address— Fort Benton. E. F. liowrey. Brand as shown on left side. Ear mark: Two splits on lett ear. Old ear mark: crop off right ear and split in left Range: Judith. P.O. address: M.T. Wairond Cattle Itanche Co. D. MCBACHRANE. Nfontrea', (len. Ma'lyer. Ws. BELL, Clerk. I). W. FRIEI.D44. Local Manager. Brands: WR I ft ribs. AU this year's calves, bar on left hip. Half rircle.S on left ribs; Jll on left thigh; B on left hip; 'Ton left hip. Horse brand: WR Vent: Bar across WR. Range: N. fork of Old Man's river. P. 0 address: Fort Macleod, .V W. 7'. Range: anti rros Coe k V ti II• (\tilt Itrai d as shown, n right tit s Ven:: same on light hip esr marks: Over s ww in left ear, and rplit in right Old • to .k b ateled On r hip Vent: Same on righ shoulder Range: shonkin t • addre s :‘ Fort Benton '-e.EKt itr & I 4 Brand as shown, on !eft side. Esr mark: Two bits out of right. Horses branded same on the It ft houlder. Veto: Sam, on left shi nkler, and h aster left thigh. No cattle or horses sold unless vented. P.O. address: Fort Benton. 114•Devitt & Co. Brand as shown on right ride Horses branded same on the right shouldvr, Vent: Bar under brand Range: The upper Maras P 0. address— Port CO4TCUI, M. T. kEN\Elt & KELLY. Brand as shown, on right hio and side. Far mark: nide- slit in cacti ear. Also owners of the toll wing brands: 01 on right hip and side; EK on right side and hip; mono- gram J D on lett side. Vi : the IWO boulder. Horse bra. d: E o ehouleer. Rang : Ti arias. P.O. address: Ft. Benton. E. Keaster. Cattle brand: EK on left aide; also K on lett side, Horse brand: EK on left shoulder. Young cattle of EK brand marked: crop off both ears and split in right. Range: Shonkin. Post (lite address: Fort Benton, T. P. Murphy. Brand as shown on lei t hip Also owner of P on right hip, and TS on left hip. Range: The lower Teton. P 0. address: Fort Benton. Morrow & Son. Cattle branded on right hip, as shown. Horses branded same on left shoulder, also M and 4 7.1 on left shoulder. Vent: Cattle, Mon right shoulder; Horses, M on left thigh. Range: Between the Shonkin and Arrow creek. P.O. address: Fort Benton, M. T. AMCOTTS & HARFORD. Brand as shown on lett side. Vent: Bar across the brand. Cattle are marked with wattle on }eft cheek. Horses branded 84 on left -shoul- der. Range: Dupnyer creek. Post glee address: Dupuyer, H. T. G. W. RIELDS. Brand as shown, on lett ribs; also same brand on right Hite. Ear mark: Two under slits in each ear. Horses branded OF on left thigh. Range: Shonkin, P.O. address: Ft. Macie od, -V 14' TINGLEY BROS Increase of monogram T5 cattle to be branded bar H. Vent: Bar II on lett shoulder, . Range: Crown butte, Moccasin mountains, Judit basin andrthe Shonkin. . . Also owners of Ton left ribs, right ribs, left hip and right hip. Post o#lee address: Fort Benton, A I I . T. HAY TATE LIVE'I Ii 4 • P. G. W. Sineeost, Preritleet. J. H. Ktiossu„ Vic ..Pres. J. o. MELVIN. Treas. Akostew Nzuo. SCCIelaly. P. 0. arldre5s-29 Sonth Market st., tsoeton. Mass. Tmos. B. M . :_•11ANII, Foreman, Judith, M.T. Brand, half-cir cle block on left hip. Range — Judith Basin. Also owners of following brands: L8 on both sides), with hat-ciacle block on It it hip. X on left side and hIp, with half-cirele block on lett hip. on r'glit side, with half circle block on the left hip On I ft hid Horse Brands. MI Qü erter-circie block en lett shoulder. C on right shoulder. J -D on left shoulder. on left hip. . WHITE WHITE FACE FARM, Six miles from Helena. W. CI. CHII.A7-71. Breeder of Thoroughbred Registered HEREFORD CATTLE —Or TIIE— Most Noted Families in the World. Sheep for Sale! I HAVE SHEEP FOR SALE, Of any kind, tied in numbers to snit purchasers. Purchases can select straight ewe*, ewee and lambs, stock sheep, or wethers. - Address— GEO. D. PATTERSON, . Fort Benton. M. T THIRTY BULLS Vent—Brand inverted on left shoulder. Mark—Wattle on right jaw. Montana Bred, Rang Wint , red. I have thirt good yearling Short -horn bulls for sale at fifty dollars per head, delivered at my corral in May or June, 1. v from cows that stood the win- ter of 1tiS6-7—the test of hardiness. First come first served. Come and see for yourselves or write. W. P. TURNER, JR., Ranch on the Marias, twenty miles below Conrad Post Office, M. T. THE mortr. NA STA !LES. URANK BAIN, Proprietor. Address—Fort Ben- X ton, M. T. Importer and Breeder of Percheron, Clydesdale, English Shire and French Coach Horses. re — A number of imported Stallions for sale, at prices one-third less than other importers. All stock warranted to be as represented. Terms to suit customers. We make regular importations. Correspondence solicited, and visitors always wel- come. Western Horses for Sale. Frank Bain, Port Benton, M. T. D RS. POWELL REEVES and E. BUNTON. Corner of Main and Wall Streets, HELENA. !ION TAN A. Opposite Cosmopolitan Hotel. The Old Reliable Specialist of many year.' expe- rience. treats with wonderfill sticces-s all Luse, THROAT CANCER, PILES, FISTULA. Itupture cured without pain or hindrance from .business. real)) all ferule of Throat, Lung, Nerve and Blood diseftees, all Chronic diseases and Deformities far in advance of any in• etioition in this country. Those who contemplate going to Hot Springs for the treatment of .any pri- vate or blood disease can be cured for one-th:rd the Cost at our private dispensary. Ladies pie B x yi o t n his fr treft ee f tm in en' s t a a ll p n u u r ,n e, lly corn- s ov f e r blackheads, eruptions, etc., brilliant eyes and per- fect health can be had. rirThat \tired\ feeling and all female weaknesses promptly cured. Bloating Headaches, Nervoue Pr. titration, General Debility, Sleeplessness, De- preseion and Indigestion, ovarian Troubles, Inflam- mation and ulceration, Falling and Displacements, Spinal Weakness, Kidney Complaints and Chang. of Life. Consult the old Doctor. Eye and Ear Acute or Chronic Inflam- mation of the Eyelids or Globe. and Far or Near ei g htedness. Inversion ot the Lids, Scrofulous Eves, Ulcerations, Inflamma- tion, Abcese, Dimness of Vision oh one or both eyes, and Tumors of Lid. Bo\Inflammation of the Ear. Ulceration or Ca. tarrh, Internal or External Deafness, or Paralysis, Singing or Roaring noises, Thickened Drum, etc Nervous Debility, Spermatorrluea, Seminal Losses, Night Emissions, LOSS of Vital Power, Sleeplessness, Despondency, Lcss of Memory, Confusion of Ideas. Blurs before the Eyes, Lassitude, Languor. Gloominess, Depression of spir- its, Aversion to Society, Ear' Discouraged, Lack of Confidence, Dull, Listless, I nflt for Study or Busi- ness, and finds life a burden, Safely, Permanently and Privately cured. [Hood and Skin D • isea8\ ' Syphi\--1 disease most horrible in its result—completely eradicated without the use of mercury. Scrofula, Erysipelas, Fever . Sorer. Blotches, Oimplee, Ulcers, Pain in the Head and Bones. Syphilitic Sore Throat, Mouth and Tongue, Glandular Enlargement of the Neck, Itheumatiem. Catarrh, etc., permanently cured when others have failed. Urinary Weak Kidney eak and B n B r l n a lg de r troubles, quency of Urinating, Urine high tolored or milky sediment on standing, Gonorrhoea, (fleet. Cystitie, etc., promptly and safely cured Charges reason- able. Private Diseases Blood Poison V nereal Taint, Giese, stricture. Seminal Ernieeion. loss of sexual power. weakness of the sexual organs. want ol demi•e in male or female ' whether from imprudent habit. of young or sexual habits in mature years, speedily and permsnently cured. Consultation fres and rtre tly confidential. Med- icine sent free from observation to all parts of the United States. t orrespondenc„e ieceive prompt at- tention. No letters answered Wes. accompanied by four cents in stamps. Send ten cents in stamps for pamphlet and list of questions upon Private, Special aid Nervous 1.) senses, seminal Weakness, Spermaton hen, Impotency, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Gleet and Varicoce e. Terms 'strictly cash. Call on or address ' Drs. Powell Reeves and E. Bunton's Privste Jispensary, Corner of Main and Wall Streets, Helena, M.T. Great English Remedy. A guaranteed cure for all nervous diseases, such as Weak Memory, Loss of, brain Power, Hysteria, Headache, Pnin In the Back. Nervous Prostration, Wake- fulness, Leueorrhoea 'Univer- sal Laesitude, Seminal Weak - nose. liii potency and general toes If !meet' eit the Generator Organs, in over- re ex T e a r k ti in o g n, and whic ° h ultimately lead to pre - either sex, caused by indiscretion or Pre- mature Ola Age. Insanity and Consump- tion. Wm a i4OX Or Six boxes for T ro i s n ar k. $5.00. Sent by mail on receipt of • price. Full particulars in pani phlet, sent free to every applicant. We Cuaran tee Six Boxes to cure any case. For every $5.00 order re•:eived we send six boxes, with a written guarantee to refund the money if our Specific does not effect a cure. Address all communications to AftaTaklig. the Sole Manufacturers, THE MURRAY MEDICINE CO. Kansas City, Mo. rgINI\ - - H. M. PARCHEN' it Co., Wholesale and Re- tail Ageate, Helena, M. T. Trade Mark. Murray' Specific. •, 46 • f

The River Press (Fort Benton, Mont.), 06 March 1889, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.