The River Press (Fort Benton, Mont.) 1880-current, March 27, 1895, Image 6

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• THE RIVER PRESS. • CITY AND STATE. --- Prom Weda-aday's Daily. Meseta- r county is now attached to Gallatin I r judicial purposes, making that m oh additional territory for Judge Armstrong to preside over. Sun River Sun: Mr. J. C. Adams who has been over the Sun R:ver range says that cattle are in fine condition con- sidering the winter we have had. He found several hesd fit for beef. Sheriff McLaughlin is kept buy with the Hollinger & Whitten attachment proceedings. He left for Havre again this evening to attend to business in connection with that affair. Enterprising citizens of Kalispel have contributed $840 with which to start a co operative creamery in the Flathead country. This example could be fol- lowed to advantage in many sections of Montana. The barber's Sunday closing bill has been sigoed by the governor, and is now in full force and effect. As soon es an arrest has been made Under its provi- sions, Me question of its constitution- ality will be tested in the erourts. Toe citizens of Lewistown are agitat- ing the project ot building a pork pack- ing house. That section of Montana possesses superior facilities for the hog raising industry ; and the projected po k packing enterprise would undoubtecly prove a paying proposition. Columbia Falls citizens are kicking because they got mail which was two months overdue. A mail sack fell off the railroad platform some time in Jan- uary itial was covered up with snow; the recen! , l.av; resulted hi is discovery and t oistribntiou of its contents. A state employment agency was creat- ed by the late legislature, to be connect- ed with the bureau of labor and immi • gration, which is now under the direc- tion of Commissioner Jas. H. Mills. Those 'h -siring to secure hired help of any kind can now apply to state head- quarters. Capt L. W. Cooke, of the Blackfeet agency, bas issued an order forbidding some fifteen persons, white and mixed . bloed, from returning to the reservation. If found within the confines of the re- serve without permission from the prop- er.authorities the offender will subject hi liaelf to arrest and punishment for ii,-oueying the order. I trovers' Journal: From the recent re o ort of the Montana board of stock commissioners it appears that Montana supplied nearly two-thirds of the west- ern range cattle marketed at this point during last year. Harry Lander, the ef- ficient brand inspector here, is of the opinion that Montana's beef output for 1895 will be nearly as large as last year. Those who desire to branch out into fruit growing should consult the advt. of the Payette Nursery Co., which ap- pears in another column. This firm makes a specialty of goods that are adapted to Montana climatic conditions, and has supplied fruit growers in all sections of the state. Shade and orna- mental trees and flowering shrubs are also included in their stock, and quoted at reasonable prices for well grown go. erorn Thursday's Daily. The commissioners' meeting called for Tuesday was abandoned, the call for the same cot having been made in the prop- er manner. Dr. C. D. Crutcher returned this morning from Big Sandy, where he had been attending the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Murray. All kinds of fish can be caught with a hook and line during any month of the year. This does not, however, allow trout to be caught during May and June, 1895, as the code does not take effect until July 1, 1895. Glasgow will be the scene of another newspaper venture in a few days; the new candidate for popular favor being named the Recorder. The project will be backed by those not satisfied with the course taken by the Gazette in re - gird to local politics and other matters. `Billings is putting on metropolitan airs, the latest project being a complete aY steal of sewerage. The expense of the undertaking is to b , . o t hy the issuance Of bonds to the amouu:. of $30,000, and the propos,' ion rk;i , he voted upon by the duly qe_oltied etectors of the lour) icipality. Missoula Democrat: It may be loci- deetany observed that the *corrupt prac- tiers act is now in force and applies to spring elections in this state. Under its provisions he total campaign con- tributiocs of a cendidate for mayor or other city office, cannot exceed $100. This is getting to be the poor cuan's Co untry. The condition of the wool market is illustrated by a st :ry told of ou old Ver monter who wee recently offered woe cents ft pound fur some heavy wool. The veteran eneepaian dechued the offer on the ground that he would let his sheep rot, before he would admit that a pound of wool was worth less than a drink of whisky. Butte Miner: It is so long since the calamity occurred which plunged so many families of the city into mourning that the poor unfortunate wounded, who are still being cared for at the different hospitals, have almost been forgotten. Inquiry among the physicians in charge brings the pleasing information that even the most desperate cases have safe - A HELENA FORGER. Pleads Guilty and Makes a Uni q ue De- fense land Explanation. HELENA, March 18.—The case of the City of Helena vs. Harry Brett came up for trial in Judge Blake's court this morning. A jury was obtained upon the first call. After the jury had been sworn in County Attorney Purcell read the in- dictment charging the crime of forgery in wilfully altering a city warrant, changing and raising its value from e7 to $70. This is the warrant mentioned in the first information tiled against Brett. By stipulation between counsel Brett admitted his guilt hut offered as a defense that the city had exceeded its limit of indebtedness and the warrants had no value, and there was consequent- ly no offense. Judge Blake said he would not instruct the jury unless the CARSON. Nevada, March 19. Andrew Mason, superintendent of the Nr w York attorneys in the case desired it. As neither one did the court told the jury assay °lige, and government mint in Spector, has besm in town some time in - without leaving their Seats they did that they might ass their verdict, and specting matters at the United States ' so, finding the defendant guilty of the mint in this city. There are rumors of crime of forgery as charged. B shortage which runs up to something over $75,000. The shortage is said to be licensee.; of three nototinus beer halls *red LIVINGSTON', COURA HOUSE. ir • smelter and refinery department. .1 Lie fact . of so much secrecy caused dives. Out-) of the forbidden places is A Heavy Taxpayer Objects to the Con- ugly Turn.\ the Clipper Shades, run by Jas. Kinney, tract Recently Let. who is well known in this vicinity. -- At the city election to be held in Hel LlViNusToN, March 19.—Arguments enii on Monday week, two propositions were made to -day before Judge Henry In will be submitted to popular support. the district court for and against grant - One is the question of declaring the ing injunction asked for by C. S. Heifer - sewerage bonds of $280,000 outside the lin, a heavy taxpayer of this: city, res- limit of indebtedness allowed by law, training the county commissioners of and the other proposition is to bond the Park county • from erecting the 810,000 city for $300,000 to redeem outstanding courthouse recently Contracted for. warrants. The situation seems to re- A. J. Campbell, plaintiff's attar - quire the discovery of a financial Muses ney, argued that the amount con - to handle Helena's municipal affairs. templated to be expended would Great Falls Tribune: Thomas D. increase the county's indebted - Wright of the Anaconda Standard office nese about 84,000 above the legislature in this city returned yesterday, accom- limit. He contended further that the panted by his wife, after an absence of sum of $4,100 expended several years ago about two months. The many -friends for building p'aus and court house of Mr. Wright will be pleased to learn site should be e ubidered as part of the that his health, which was quite poor liability contemplated by the state leg - when he left, has been completely islature within the $10, 1 00 limit. Should this sum be figured in, tn.:, court house established during his absence. lie will resume control of the Standard bureau would cost $14,000, which is 84,000 more in Great Falls after the first of next than could be expended for any single month. purpose under the provisions of the leg- islature without submitting the question Drovers' Journal: There is every in- to the taxpayers and getting their con- dication that the supply of sheep in Tex- sent as this year is unusually large. In fact, • it is a double crop, for last year the low prices and poor coodition of the sheep discouraged sheepmen so that only a small percentage of the usual supply was marketed. This year it is said that the sheep are much better is quality and prices are sufficiently; high to warrant extensive shipments. Supplies will be gin to come forward about the first of April, and it is thought by many that receipts will be very heavy. Judge Egan. The receivers are Frank Seymour cashier of the Merchants bank, A. H. Lindeke and Peter S. M a e- gowan, general manager of the company. The order was made on the application of the F:warts Manufacturing company, which claims $3,750 for goods sold to the Woods company between January and March. In the petitiou the Ewerts company says that the Harvester com- pany is iodebied to various creditors in the sum of more than i , 900,000, had given preferences to some creditors over others and borrowed money on terms which gave preferences to the lenders, with large collatteral security. .%S,AV trEFICe. A Dig Shortage Discovered iii the Ca r - min I ity Mint. ly- passeo t he danger line and recovery is progressing rapidly. From Fridays Deb'. Good value in California overalls at T. C. Power & T. C. Power & Bro. are agents for the celebrated J. B. Stetson hats. Call and see the tine line of spring shirts, at T. C. Power & Bro's D. G. Lockwood returned last ever: - lag, and 1 , .s resumed his business duties at M. A. Flanagan's drug store. A marriage license was today issued to Thomas F. Burns, of Chinook, and Hattie F. Luse, also of that vicinity. Grain leather plow shoes, $1.25 per pair; satin oil calf lace and congress shoes, 81.50 per pair,. at T. C. Power & C. W. NI iller, the well known sheep buyer of Winona, Mine., was at Havre yesterday, and made a deal with Joseph Hirshberg for about 2,800 head of %eth- ers. The details of the transaction can not be ascertained. The reform wave has reached the mun- icipal government of Butte, the city authorities having refused to renew the ' The Modern Way - Commends itself to the well-informed, to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest man- ner and disagreeably as well. To cleanse the system and break up colds, head- aches and fevers without unpleasant af- ter effects, use the delightful liquid lax- ative remedy, Syrup of Figs. - Ordinance No. 1. Be it ordained by the board of alder- men of the town of Fort Benton: SECTION 1. All persons desiring to use water from any hydrant or penstock in the town of Fort Benton must first procure from the town treasurer a per- mit, from and pay. Section 2. Any person using water from any hydrant or penstock in said town without first having procured such permit shall be deemed guilty of a mis demeanor and on conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not less than one dollar nor more than ten dollars, and may be committed to jail until such fine is paid at the rate of one day for every two dollars of such fine. Attest: CHAS. ROWE, Mayor. T. F. HEALY, Recorder. which shall designate the place which such water is to be taken the rate which such person is to Household Treasure. D. W. Fuller, of Canajoharie, N. Y. says that he always keeps Dr. King's New Discovery in the house, and his family has always found the best results follow its use; that he would not be without it if procurable. G. A. Dyke man, druggist, Catskill, N. Y., says Oat Dr. King's New Discovery is undoubted- ly the best cough remedy; that he has used it in his family for eight years, and it has never failed to do all that is claimed for it. Why not . try a remedy so long tried and tested. Trial bottles free at M. A. Flanagan's ° drug store. Regular size 50c. and $1.00!' When Eaby was sick, we gave her Castori a „ When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria. When she became Miss, she clung to Cagoria. When she had Children, she gave them Owed& INC It in Time. Catarrh starts in the nasal passages, affecting eyes, ear and throat, and is, fact, the great enemy of the mucous membrane. Neglected colds in the head almost invariably precede catarrh, caus- ing an excessive flow of mucous, and if the mucous discharge becomes inter- rupted the disagreeable results of ea tarrh will follow, such as bad breath, se- vere pain across the forehead and about the eyes, a roaring and bnzzing sound in the ears and oftentimes a very offensive discharge. Ely's Cream Balm is the ac- knowledged cure for these troubles. WILL MAKING MANIA. Latest Rumor in the Contest for the Fair Millions. SAN FRANCISCO, March 19.—It DOW turns out that the reputed latest will of James G. Fair was left in charge of Mrs. Nettie L. Cravens, a principal in the public schools who was a great friend of Senator Fair. The will was written in the house of a Mrs. Haskins with whom Mrs. Cravens was living and in the pres- ence of both witnesses. The reason as- signed for keeping the new will so long in the background is that the custodian did not look at the date of the will when Fair died and when the old will was made public she thought it was one of later date. Today it is rumored that still another and later will is in existeoce. • Tile re port is that ten 'days before his death Fair executed still another heliographic will and entrusted it to the keeping of Mrs. Bessie Paxton, sister of the wife of Col. Wartield, proprietor of the Califor nia hotel. The late millionaire and the Warfields were warm friends. Mrs. Paxton has left the city for Los Angeles and the rumor cannot be verified. Ru- mors of other alleged wills were also heard, and it is hinted that it may be shown that t ie late millionaire had a mania for executing last wills and testa men's and entrusting them to the keep- ing of his lady friends. FIEN1J1,11 OUTRAGE. Farmer Round and Tortured by Five Masked Robbers. NEW CASTLE, Pa., March 19.—Word has reached here that five masked rob- bers entered the house of John McMil- lan, near Watts Mills, bound and gagged the hired man and three women and then waited nearly two hours for the return of McMillan. When he came he was bound to a board and leaned head down- ward against the wall while the robbers threatened him with instant death un- less he divulged be hiding place of his money. McMillan had deposited $1,000 in the brink the day previous. After burning his feet with hot coals and whipping him unmercifully the ruffians finally believed his story and departed. Mrs. McMillan and her daughters, who were compelled to witness the tsrture of MoMillae, are in a serious condition from fright. Denver MK a Cattle Market. DENVER, March 19. --The top price at the Denver stock yards was reached to- day by the sale of 14 carloads of steers from Neveda which brought $4 10 per niii i iired pounds. The cattle were load ed at R -no, Nev, and were in charge of J. M. Fulton, master of transportation of the Nevada, California & Oregon rail- road. Mr. Fulton says the train runs were mo-it satisfactory, coming via the Rio Grande Western. The stock will be shipped out to -night via the Burlington. This is the highest price yet paid in Denver by Len cents Harvested a Big Crop of Debts. ST. PAUI„ March 19.—The Walter A. Wood Harvester company went into the hands of receivers to -day by order of the allot. nod a shortage\ had Li ell dis- covered. sit it niot.ti lig.. IL was learned that that tame -Wire/ over $15c,is 6 had ; steriously disappeared, and t oat five cleanups, whien were wade in quick . : au:A:erasion, as it wits thought come cler- ical error had been made, failed to re- veal the cause of the shortage. Letined gold and silver to that , amount disap- peared from the department, and In- spector Mason expects to be able to clear up the mystery in a day or two. There is more catarrh in this section of the country than all other diseases put tegether, and until the last few years was supposed to be incurable. Fur a great many years doctors pronounced it a local disease, and pre bet ibed losel rem- edies, and by constantly tailing to cure with local treatwet, pionoUnced iL iii - curable. Science has proven catarrh t be a constitutional disease and therefore requires csnstitutienal treatment. Hell's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cherey & Co., Toledo, Onio, is the only constitutional cure on the market. It is taken internally in threes from 10 drops to a teaspoonful.. It acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the sys tem. They offer one hundred dollars for any case that it fails to cure. Send for circi4lars and testimonials.- Address, F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, 0. rirSold by druggists, 75c. New Millinery Coods. On or alum; April I-' Mr!.. (' H. Boyle wil l place on evhibiti.ut a oniplete stock of millinery goods, shipped direct from New York and in- cluding all lie newest styles and fashions. La- dies are re q uested to reserve their o ders until they have inspected this larqe and complete as- sortment. MRS. C. H. BOYLE. Stock Cattle for Sale. About HO head of stock cattle for sale, 11111ml-- in ! , anout twenty heat sit 4-year-ol steers, no- , ranging in Sweet Grass hills county. Helve beets well bred, and are an except onally fine bunch of stoct. For particulars address F. . Smith, White Sulphur springs, Mont. Cow for Sale. Fresh milk row tor sale, six years old. Ad- dress Mrs. M. Howard, F. rt Beaton. THE CHOTEAU HOUSE, Fort Benton, Mont. ** **-X-**** Since again assuming chat ge of this popular Hotel; it has been thoroughly renovated, over- hAule !, and largely le-turn shed. It will be found by its old patrons —a• well as new —to be neat, conv - ortahle, and cosy, and its table up to the standard or* its former excellence. * I II*** • 4-** JERE SULLIVAN, Prop ' r. W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE IS THE BEST. FIT FOR A KING. $5. CORDOVAN, FRENcH &ENAMELLED CALF. 4.$3 5 . 0 FINE CALF &KANGAROO. $ 3. 5 .9 POLICE,3 SOLES. toss $2. WORK1NGME N ' s • EXTRA FINE' • $2. $1. 7 . BOYSSCHDOLSHDEi • L.ADIES• 3. s2v$2.$1.15,, NG0 . EsT Ov L I. SEND FOR CATALOGUE DROC KTOtt.MASS Over One Million People wear the W. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes All our shoes are equally satisfactory They give the best value for the money. They equal custom shoes in style and fgt. Thtir wearing qualities are unsurpassed. The prices are uniform,.. --stamped i.i soie. From Si to $3 saved over other makes. If your dealer cannot supply you we can. Sold by Dealer/4i ever3 is here. ill lilt T.' 41 !Igent to take eseiusive sale for this viein ity. 'Writ.- a once. Leave Doubtful Seeds alone. The best are easy to get, and cost no more. Ask your dealer for FERRY'S SEEDS Always the best. Known everywhere. Ferry's geed Annual Cor 1595 tells you wlit.t, how, and when to plant. Sent Free. Get It. Address D. M. FERRY & Detroit, Mich. Fine Book and Job Printing a specialty .; the RTVER Pates office and this evening it was ' sOrAIKAIK4KitsewatiM 04(04MODA).*** - P**** - -)*00:.• . A BEWARE !Insist on !ARP \ AAP HAtiktelkER in packages I Costs no more than inferior package soda— never spoils the flour, keeps soft, and is uni- versally acknowledged purest in the world. Made only by CHURCH St CO., New York. Sold by grc.cas everywhere. Writ.' for Arm and Hammer Rook of valuable Recipes—FREE. KOGNIOKO 1 of imitation A trade marks 1 and labels. JIL A SODA it A A A A { V V V V V V V V V V V . C. POWER & BRO. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES, learned risen Hirecn Harris, melt , r and our long experience in supplying sock men in this section of Monnsla refiner, th st Oniething t itS wring at enables us to fill their order!. intelligently and to their satisfiction. State Agents for Cannon's Celebrated Sheep Dip. Agriculturtli Implements, e John Deere Plows And Bain Wagons. Spring Wagons, BucKbeards, Road Carts, Etc., Etc. HARNESS AND SADDLES. We will state that they have been purchased from s thoroughly ,first-clas:s California manufacturers, who employ only skilled workmen and make up strictly pure oak harness leather. Its reputation for honest value it known everywhere and cannot be disputed. Strap Work, Feed Bags, Hobbles, Etc. IFt C\:0 CO 130 A more c ,, Inpletc stock than ever before. We respectful'y invite an inspection of this department. The quality and prices of goods will speak for themsilve , . Clothing and Gcnts' Furnishing Goods. In this line, both in quality and prices of goods, WE DEFY COMPETITION. FURNITURE DEPARTMENT. A well assorted stock, at prises to suit the times. Wines, Liquors and Beer—the choicest brands. Carl Upniann's Celebrated Cigar.. rir ORDERS BY MAIL OR WIRE GIVEN PROMPT ATTENTION. T. C. POWER & BRO., - Fort Benton, Mont. M. A. FLANAGAN, •••sr. - 4 • A. (sRT'Et(' Ii Y PRoMP1 \rv3 r DRUGGIST, Fort Benton, - Mont. -- DE.1 LER IN— Drugs, Notions, Toilet Article Perfumery, I'at. Medicines. PAINTS AND OILS, Wall Paper and Building Paper Stationer\ and Choler-. Cigar rs. BENTON AND LEWISTOWN STAGE LINE Leaves each terminal at 8 a. rn., Monday. Wednesday and Friday New Concord Coaches, Comfortable Travel and Cood Accommodations. Quickest and Best Route for Railroad Trip East or West. Through Passenger Rate, 810. Through Express, 83.50 per cwt. Special Fruit Rate, $2.50 per cwt. For further particulars inquire of Local Agents, or— OSCAR JOHNSTON, Mgr., Fort Benton. •

The River Press (Fort Benton, Mont.), 27 March 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.