Jefferson Valley Zephyr (Whitehall, Mont.) 1894-1901, December 21, 1894, Image 2

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cieele eit tee EFFERSON VA1.1.E1 ZEPHYR Publisbed Friday at Whitehall. Jefferson county, Montaus, -By- H. M. WENTWORTH. \The Zephyr Blows for All \ SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, one year, by mall $3.00 six months, by mall I 35 Three months, by mail .75 Advertising rates on application. Arrival and Departure of Trains. West -bound mall and pass.. 7:15 a. in. East -bound mall and pass.. _10:35 a. in DAILY` STAGES. Depart for Virginia City. Twin Bridges and intermediate points at 8:00 a. in. Ar- rive from points at 5:30 p. m. MAILS CLOSE. West -bound 6:30 a.m. Fast -bound 10:25 a. In. Postoffice hour -Week days, 7:30 a. m. to 8:00 p. in. Sundays, 7:30 to 12:00 m., and 6:30 p. in. to 7:30. WARNING. Don't mall your letters or valuable packages without having your own ad- dress written or printed upon e the upper left hand corner. This will - Miens its prompt return to you If not delivered, and will prevent its being sent to and opened at the dead letter office. It is not obligatory upon you to comply with this ',mese but it is to your interest to do so. congress would step \monkeying\ with finance and proposing a thousand — raid - she Ohnneeas atia quack nosTrUms for the benefit of the overdoped .end return to first principles -bimetal- lism with free coinage added. 16 to 1. and convene only in camee of extraordin- ary emergency, the ratio of good times and stability compared with the present would be 1,000 to one. Murder in Butte is becoming such a frequent occurrence that if one does pot read of oneat least once a week it seems as thoughsometbingwere lacking In the daily roper. This paper would not suggest the formation of a Valiance committee in Butte for various reasons, one of which might be stated as its be- ing none of our business. However de- sirable it might be to orderly citiseiri of \the best city\ to have quiet reign supreme, the only lawful way to bring about sucha desirable condition Is to abide by the law and take chances. Theettopultsta Of Spokane. Wash., will get another \boost\ for the spring elec- tion through the discovery that County Clerk Downing is a defaulter, the dis- patches say, to the extent of $5,000 known at present, and how much more the good Lord only knows. as Mr. Downing has made way with the orig- inal entry book in his office, and as over 11,000 entries have to be gone over to get at the true state of affairs it will manifestly take 'a long time to get at the bottom of the_defelcatien. When accused by the commissioners of being a defaulter, he brazenly claimed that his salary was insufficient and that be had to have some spending money. Oh, you office holders, ye are the servants of the people, but you lead them a merry . dance. Spokane has been eltigularly unfortunate in this respect, and through defaulters and film-nam games by var- ious officials has lost a sum in the teat five years that will take six figures to express, and not the smaller ones either, ity the way, Mr. D. is a republican. ''hat good reason Is there why one man from each state and territory can not represent his commonwealth Just as well as three or 40, as the case may bee True, it might reduce Washington society circles somewhat: that would he sad. The rounders and heelers during congressional campaigns would find their occupations gone, or at least many of teem would; that would be unfortu- nate -for them. It would reduce the national salary list nee paid to useless ornaments and figereheads, Including their perquisites. from $2.000,000 to a2.- 000,000 per emnum, that is desirable. It would be liable to ensure • higher grade Of manhoo4 in our national council: that would not he objectionable. It would facilitate legislation and largely dispense' with the disgraceful scene,' frequenUy viltnerueel on the capitol floors --few will claim that our \national congress\ is not frequently a \national disgrace.\ Dispense with the notoriety - loving , constituency-deceivIng, bribe - taking, and frequently drunken mob, and if we have to have representatives of that kind and peculiar ability. Iet'e have leas of them as an aggregation. minority, and possibly Mr. Bartlett has introduced his bill with the hope and expectation of 1St defeat,,,,therefore in- suring his futtire ZEPHYRS. Chris, how about the chickens, any- way? Montana weather, at least in Jeffer- son valley, is superb this winter. The time table on the Northern Pa- cific has . been changed. East -bound trains now leave at 1015 a. m., and the west -bound at 7:15 a. m. Engineer hicrionigle was \monkey- ing\ with his bull pup a few Melts ago and when he got through he was nurs- ing a couple of lacerated hands. Mr. Davis, the \tonsorial artist,\ has found room at last In Park's store. Whitehall needs more buildings, and next spring will see a number of good brick buildings in course of construc- tion. H. Schmidt, of the Whitehall hotel, has just received some beautiful sap- phires from Tiffany & Co.,, of New York, where he had sent them to be cut. They are from pink to a -deep blue Inn. and very pretty sparks. They are from the Helena sapphire diggings. Elsewhere will be seen an item about Mr:elPillebury having been deprived of the possession of a lot of chickens. Of course we couldn't say that it was any- thing but a coincidence, but the guests at the Whitehall hotel had chicken din- ner the next day, but \don't say that ) told you so.\ A train robber In Arizona has been convicted and sentenced to be hanged . In accordance with si law of that terri- tory His attorneys have appealed to, the supreme court and will test the eon- stitutionality of the law At first thought it might seem all right to hang a train robber; they cer- Mantle Are nuaideletnue-ulettane have cost passengers a great deal of money, and some of the railroads much more. But why make a specialty of hanging train robbers? Why not id - elude the trusted bank cashier or presi- dent who often takes the last cent from the widow and orphan, the hard-work- ing mechanic, and others almost with- out mid We doubt if many of the train robbers are really as unscrupulous and hard-hearted as some of these bank officials. and many others as well who might be mentioned If we are going to hang thieves make tie discrimination on account of age, ewe color or previous, condition or rewri- tten In life. Make the law inclusive eno exclusive In any fi.epect. But Ilium might met work so well, either. Thc Zephyr will take that back -it w, old too neatly depopulate the whole mintry. eee-se, g resisdi Alf leartlett of New Yore has Introduted 0 bill for the repeal of the income tax, which tax he declares as evicioun.\ If taxing those who have wealth mem which they pay re, taxes. the \nes whom above all others In PAPP ef this country 'becoming in. sol% - e11 in a War of Any description vuld_ the heat io ease of er, -ssful termination .-1 such an mod- wi. reit It one I. I it go at that. Mm I.., , mit iv ,, .prnt and has fancy, let the ramie.. • Ide practior adopted io moat monocrat'm who bee. a ME to...Intr.& ice if t bey are in contras., or out of it e 1.4 heti , a reform hobBy their own. of as, coons the ibeeliat Of 'She late demo,' o tic wilt) to its imposi- tion to their licit. There have been ut Sit,MT respons of this kind 'A- ced for the late political landididie many individitala. nod enteribly a of them P./eight tett sftedently has no feith in let pongee,s of his Mies. Ille diet he - realise , . I pui t me r are against him. Will not sup- ! the aver - Ins Ed Rule and Henry Schmidt made a bet the other day as to the accurateness of their respective time pieces. Neither watch had been set for Wept . Ile_ dayg„ litrWritarnMO Th7r - were set by the standard time. Neither watch had var- ied over a minute, and Rule won by half a minute: pretty close work. Myron C. Young,. who was recently brutall3e murdered in Butte City by one Barnes, was formerly an engineer on the Northern Pacific and well known to - Engineer McGonigle and Jo Swenz- meth of this place. They say that Young was a very fine man. At last ac- counts his murderer had not been cap- tured. Mr. John Paul of Pipestone Springs has been unfortunate recently in the loss of a number of pigs. The animals apparently were all right up to within a short time 'of their death, when they simply gave a few squeals, turned over anti died. Immediately after death the animals bloated up and presented a tough appearance; hog cholera is mug - sawn y Of agreed to by others, who are coneldrably mystified by the occurrence. J. it. Turnbull, driving a hack con- taining three passengers from Sheri - thin, played in hard luck . recently. When within a few miler, of this town 'inc of the axles broke down and the lutesengerti had to \hoof it\ In. Mr. Turnbull, after repair, strated out again and met with the same accident near the same place. Returning once more, repairs were &wain made and the trip to Sheridan resumed. This time the objective point was made only to break down In the same manner again. - AN AltilWL OCCASION. Mr. e. R. Stewart, s Survisor of the Wreck of the Lady Elgin, Lives Here. There are probably reskients of Mon- tana who remember the terrible disas- ter on Lake Michigan, which was the result of a collision between the sehooners Augusta and the large steamer Lady Elgin, and as a result of which hundred . \ of people lest their lives off the port of 'Waukegan tine Sep- tember night in 1860 or 1861. How the etearner left the city of Milwaukee early In the morning preceding the frightful casualty, laden with hundreds 'if happy hearts -strong men, beauti- ful women and innoeent children: how en the return trip during the early hours of the night, while the floors of the spacious cabin tif the Lady Elgin were filled with merry dancers the Augusta crashed into the steamer near amitlehlps .feouling the craft and most of its precious freight to the bottom in n brief space of time, and how the waters of the lake for weeks afterward gave up Its (haul, dashing them on the beach at various points for miles and miles about, or to be picked up as \floaters\ by passing vessels or 'steam - era; how the great city of Milwaukee was for weeks and weeks one vast com- munity of mourners and how memory the event was for a long time pro- longed by wings and dramatic represen- tations upon the theatrical boards. Mr. Stewart la one of the very few surveyors of that terrible occurrence. and it goes without Raying that he will never forget it If he lives to a Methuen - Ian age. Of the many women aboard but three were saved, and Mr. Stewart mind another man together rescued two of them. When he landed he was about as destitute' if clothes as was Monte Cristo when he landed on the toek lele in the sea after *his escape from the prison, but unlike Monte 4.4 lel 0 9fisallin \the world is mine,\ for all of his money was gone. Mr. Stewart is out of the reach of the wild waves now, anti hap a little he- nanza in the shape of a vegetable anch about eight miles from two near the Pipestone. where he and his eiltItn- able wife are passing the declining Yearil of their lives in comfort and eon- tentment. snarler, people, and put in a couple et spurs or sidetracks. A few are of the opinion that it Is the starter of lion. Hum Word's road up the valley. Now \you pays your money and takes your choice.\ The editor is neither mu prophet, a son of a prophet, nor has hc been a prophet -able son, and will take me part in the guessing match. LATER. The suggestion that they were for the use of \Pumphoume IOW' upon which to print his Christmas and New Year bill of fare for the Hotel ml' PUMphonse Is denied by Joe; he says they are net tip te his standard for that perpose. SAD AccIDENT. Ita Menus n Breen of the Patesenge, Train Killed. Last Saturday morning Brakeman Brown of passenger train No. 7 of this division of the Northern Pacific was killed at Bozeman by a collision be- tween the train engine and a switch engine, caused by a misplaced switch. Mr. Brown was standing in the gang- way of the passenger engine, as near as We can ascertain, and the force of the CollISIon Was 8 , , great as to force the tender and engine together; crushing lien. He leaves a wife and child. No Vacant Stores or Houses in Whitehall, And several new building. In course of construction, which are Already taken. Come and see for yourselves, or ad- dress NOBLE & WYETH. t, Whitehall, Mont. _ Base Ingratitude. The Zephyr has been reliably in- formed that some of the bachelors MAMA hati_th alLkindness endeavored to assist In bettering their condition, without giving a thought to the fact that in so doing it might be assisting some woman in making her's worse - and that suggests that for ordinary oc- casions the marriage vow, or a certain portion of It, should read \for better and worse,\instead of \for better or worse\ -the Zephyr hereby gives notice that it has been informed that the aforesaid bachelors' with malicious In- tent and desire to bring the editor to grief, have announced that they are go- ing to cause Joe Swenzrath to resume the publication of the Whitehall Times, if which he was so long and -favorably 'mown as the -managing editor. Their vindictive desires will . remain ungrati- fied as Mr. Swenzrath has been indef- Itely engaged for an unlimited period At an enormous salary to fill the honor- able position of railroad editor for the Zephyr. ,\Avaunt ye fiends!\ --• A Furaitere Store. - The Zephyr has noticed that a conald- erable amount of furniture has been eceived here since its establiedimnt, from the city of Butte: It seems that there is a sufficient amount of trade in Whitehall and surrounding camps to Justify the establishment of a furniture -tore at this point or In connection with some of the business houses. al- ready establimhed here -at least, If not Immediately, in the early spring Another Cattle Shipment. A train of eighteen ears loaded with eattle left here last week for Aberdeen. Dakota. They were delivered here by C, H. Padley. a well known stock man if Dillon, and were consigned to Messrs Dana & Heinrich, the Dakota purchas- ers. They were all steers. Ds, and a fine looking lot of cattle -the kind that has made Montana faMOulli as a stock rais- ing country. WHAT ARE TREY FOR? Large Number of Ties rising Inlnsdod Hare -All Are (Inc -sing. Last week about 16 or Is carloads of ties were received here with orders that they he unloaded east of the cattle pent, They are consigned to the concentretor. It is Said on \good authority •• This fact in connection with the IMMO \well authenticated\ report that entitle') more are to arrMe soon to make the quantity 65 carloads has set the good people to guessing. A railroad man says they arm' not de- signed for redhead repairs or they would be 'Oiling out along the track where needed to F1,old herellIng a siet - ond time Another gentleman, a prominent con - ti actor remittent In another part t,f the -tame ale for the (Peden Sunlight people, al- though conPlAntl to the coneentretor. for they too w, mittil 111.0 want to handl. , them a 'wood time, but would have them delivered at the concentrator on the °aft' track, right where they would be neeileti If the talked of railroad from the mines to the concentrator is to be 'built. In addition to that the Hee are large and find-Plass which would not be wanted for the mine road. which al- m o st bcy o nd a doelit would be a oat rim gauge Another . gentleman. of a mathemat- teal turn of mina, and also experienced In railroading, has figured the matter Out to his own satisfaction and the wily all interested In the progress of White- hall wetild like to Pee It terminate. Hie PAtIniat.. is I ha t that nurnber of ties 'tm It hr. 1,o,r I., mind A track to the IA ml melte I I. , t he Primo t Still They Come. Barney Deeney Is the balmy father rut a 12le pound baby bay. The young man arrived Friday night and took posse,, - mein of everything in sight. Mother do- ing well and father so as to be about Dressmaking. Attention is called to the advertise- ment of Mrs. M. Williams, dreiternaker. in another column Mile Williams is said to be accomplished In her line, and will give satisfaction. New Buildings. Mr. Hutton will also follow suit. only with a frame building nearly opposite Johnnie Reed's stables. The masons engaged in Wafter Itrookee new residence have the foun- dation completed. Six or eight men are engaged there. Chile Eckstrom will soon begin the erection of a building opposite Pills- bury'', warehouse, to be occupied by the Whitehall Realty C.o. for office pur- poses, and by the Zephyr newspaper. Meagan's. Strathearn & Kelly, two of Whitehalr• eoterprising contractor, and builders, will noon commence the erection of a shop building, the lot for which they have already purchased. They are now engaged on the wood work of the Plerrion-Dial building, and this week built an addition to the build- ing occupied by Mrs Smith for res- taurant purposes. A HEART IN EVIDENCE Bill Allen Had a Charge of Buck- shot Put Into Him. HIS BREAST WAS RIDDLED Ctokrie% /511•11111/1t- 1 . 1.111•41 the 'nigger and tit. V4111 It. Helena. Mont., Dec. 18. -It is nothing uncommon to see pieces of bone and other parts sr the body displayed on a murder trial but Valley county , is to Improve on that and offer in evidence the shattered heart of a man who was shot and killed at Culbertson. -WiJJ.lea Allen sod Charlie Elewhin were friends and cowboys. A few days ago Bill Allen playfully shot all the window lights out of a store In Williston and borrowing Sepphic's saddle went to Culbertson until the trouble blew over. Shortly after Sepphic was summoned to Culbertson on bus - Mew,. He loaded his gun with buck- shot and started. Meeting Allen them, he asked for his saddle. The two men etarted for the corral to get it. What transpired in the corral only Sepphic knows. Both fired at the same time. The itecesnot , bored a hole through Allen two inches in diameter, tearing out both heart and lungs. Allen's heart was taken to Glasgow to be used at the trial. One side is torn off. Sepphic gave himself up. He says he had received word before starting for Culbertson that Allen had threatened to kill him. BOILER.EXPLIDSION KILLED FIVE. Aeeldent at West Ray City, Mich., of • serious Character. West Bay City, Mich., Dec. 18. -By the explosion of a boiler In Russell Bros. planing mill and bug factory this morn In,/ five persons were instantly killed and several others injured. The dead ere! John Calcutt, fireman, aged 21: George P. Fund, 17; Albert Rahn, 16: John Brann, 16; Al. Heavenbacher, 17. Injured' Fred Wildauger, leg bruised; cearies Dedge, back injured; George Ilielmon, face badly cut. One boy is still missing. He Is believed to be bur- ied In the debris. -NEXT G. A R. ENCAMPMENT. Arrangements Already Making at Louis stile for Its Reception. Louisville, Ky., Dec. 18. -The execu- tive committee of the council of admin- istration of the Grand Army of the Re- public conferred here this afternoon with the citizens' committee concerning the date and arrangements for the next national Grand Army encampment and which the Pittsburg meeting, respond- ing to the eloquence of Henry Waiter - son, decided shsvciac_seici in_thja_caty, e local committee proposes to go to work from now with the view of making the encampment one of the most slit cessful in the history of the organize tion. It is probable that the dates shall be so arranged as to enable the veterans to1 take part in the dedication of the monumente on the Chattanooga battle field on September 18 next. BEAT THE PULLMAN CAR COMPANY A Decision Which Wilt lake from It several Million Dollars. Philadelphia, Pa.. Dee.. IS -The Mae of the Central Tramiportation Company against the Pullman ['elects Car Com- pany, which ham been in litigation for nine yeare, was derided in favor of the transportation et - meetly this afternoon In the United State, circuit court. The emu. involved 'several millions of dollar,. A master in chancery was appointed by Judge DRIIKP and he will report in silty days Their Denver. Dec. le -Colonel R. S. Scott, of Alabalna. and Captain William S. Davis. of Arkansas, member, of the etimmiesion to treat with the Iftirom- paithre and Inntah tribes of the India& and to allot their land in severalty, left this city today ter Duchesne, and wIll be joined probably at Ouray by Timothy A Byrnes of Atlantic. City, N J., the third member of the eerninimmiee 'rho secretary of the crimmteei, Colonel T. B. merit,. of Maryland. nompanies them. America Will S. Represented. ConfitantInoblie Dec. 18. -It is now stated that President Cleveland will, after all, Recede , In the Vortex request to send a delmante with the commitalion Appointed i , eeeilre into the eteriee of ntroceles mem the part of Turlrien P.1- , 11.111 in Armenia. UNION MEN WERE DRIVEN SACK. Serious Difficulty in the t niontostie ea., Coke Region. Pittsburg, Dec. 10.-A special from Uniontown says: Union coke men have driven their opponents from public places repeatedly, and they decided to retaliate. The non-unionmen armed themselves with' revolvers and congre- gated at the store. Half their force be- ing placed out of sight, the strikers at- tempted to drive them away. The men in hiding appeared on the scene end the strikers, finding themselves outnum- bered, started to run. At least 200 shots were fired. One striker weer shot In the leg. Frtends carried him home. A nu her of others were more or less in - d DEBS SUBMI TO IMPRISONMENT. A. K. I Lela Relieve the Courts Will Groat No Appeal. Chicago, Dec. 18 -Eugene V. Delis, president of the A. R. U., and his col- leagues have deelded to take the penal- ty imposed by Judgee e Woods without :ippeallinn the case. They will leo to the Cook county jail next Monday. They reached this decision this morn- ing without the advice of their attor- neys. Debs says an appeal would prob- able be of no avail. President of French Deputies. Paris, Dec. l8 ---M, Briddson, prime minister on the fall of M. Jules Ferry In 11016, was elected president of the chamber of deputies to succeed the late M. Burdeau today by a vote of 249 to 213 for M. Menne, the French protec- tionist leader. Deed, of a Be spondtrut Mother. Carmelite, Mo., Dec. 18. -At Dry Hol- low, eight miles south of this place, in a fit of despondency, Mrs. William Jones cut the throats of her five and seven year old children with a razor, and committed suicide In the same manner. Two older chtidren and ft baby were un- harmed. WllaY8c a Contract With Santa Claus To makc headquarters at our store during thc holiday season. He informs us that among the vary many articles he will present to your notice will be found all manner of Christmas Novelties, Toilet and Manicure Sets, Musical Instruments, Silk Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, Satchels, Picket Books, Children's Cloaks, Wrappers, Table Scarfs, Fascinators, Wool Hoods, Jewelry, etc. SPECIAL PRICES IN Overcoats, Cletning, un- derwear, and all kinds of Gents Furnishing Goods Ma II ice 1 , 1 ---New Dress Goods-- epol than cr6 leoos'oc It 0. HICKMA.N, President J. S. CRISMAN, Measurer ED CARDWELL, Vice Pres. C. J. ECKSTORM, Sec. and Manager The Whitehall' Realty Company WHITEHALL, MONTANA. Paid Up Capital, $50,000 Neg,)tiate a d handle nines, ranches, real estate, tc. A number of choice investments now listed. pondence s()licited. Address WHITEHALL REALTY CO., Corres- Whitehall, Montana. THIS SPACE BELONGS TO ----DEALER IN W. M. FERGUS,, GENERAL MERCHANDISE WHITEHALL, MONTANA. All live merchants advertise and Many of them are constantly on the outlook for something new and orig- inal In the advertising line I have something entirely new, to you, but really so old to me that I am i tired looking , at them and propose to give you the benefit at your own figures. For some time I have done an Immense credit business and have sent a NEW BILL to each customer every month. Many of them have promptly respond- ed, and to each and every one who has done so I am grateful; but I find there are many who have not even made 811 effort to settle their accounts, and as it Is perfectly legitimate for a person to advertise for sale all his goods, wares and merchandise, I 'hall on the first day of January, 1895, make a complete list of all unsettled accounts on my books and for 30 days advertise them for sale in this space here occupied. All accounts so advertised will be guar- anteed as correct and will be sold to the highest bidder fer cash 5% M. FERGUS. PERRINE & MILLER I )ealers in IENIEWitiritAL - V.TE.TT C3-00E:IS lai lm 7Ir Alt 4U IL AV 4IL it AIE hitehail, - ontana. :VVhitehall Hotel. \ HENRY SCIIVIDT. Proprietor. Rooms and table fIrst-clo,ss. Charges moderate. Stag -113 for Simriil in Virginia City, Twin Bridges and all other stage points leave this Hotel daily. I M'rs. M. Williams, TO BREWERS. Men's Shoes Si to Si per pair We , have just cited a flnl. line of samples a t 25 of linotartorer's priers T. D. HIND & CO. DRESSMAKING Whitehall, Mont. Satisfaction and good work as- soral In All I will furnish a g“od Slit, neat depot, w;th finc running water, free to ao)one who will build and oper- ate a Firewery thereon, not neces— sary that it should he an extervive plant. For Niftier particulars ad dress, W. R. T. COMMON, J. F. ROBSON, bivery and Sales Stables WHITEHALL, MONT. First-class Rigs and Saddle Horses at All Hours. E. W. BURDICK. DENTIST, WHITEHALL, MONTANA OFFICE AT RESIDENCE. L C. WATERMAN, General Blacksmithing ird NH 11(p HORSESHOEING A SPECIALTY Corner 1% Wteha,1 and se, nrid 11. S. NITAI)i)EN, Contractor and Builder Whitehall, Monteefi All people contemplating building are respectfully in- vited to give inc a call. A. W. PILLSBURY, BRAIN, FIER AND BAT e gent for lee Betterobt Milling atei Lumber t eonettny Nails, Bolts, Farb Wiro, Etc Agent for HailhlOrd Wagon. M em borne's Mower*, Ii. keg and Model., 41.

Jefferson Valley Zephyr (Whitehall, Mont.), 21 Dec. 1894, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.