Jefferson Valley Zephyr (Whitehall, Mont.) 1894-1901, February 01, 1895, Image 2

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• e e• JEFFERSON VALLEY ZEPHYR Published Friday at Jeffarreon county, Montana, i. IL WIIINTWORTIL \Tim frophyr Bleifit for AIL\ SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. one year, by mail ILOO Six months, by mall Three months, by mall .75 Advertising rates on application. Arrival and Departure of Trains. West -bound mall and pass. .7:15 a. m. East-botand mail and pass.. .10:35 a. m. DAILY STA- GES. Depart for Vtrginia City, Twin Bridges and intermediate points at 800 a. m. Ar- rive from points at 6:30 p. m. MAILS CLOSE. West -bound 6:30 a.m. East -bound 10:25 a. In. Postoffice hours—Week day's, 8:00 a. _m. to 7:20 p. m. Sundays, 8:00 to 12:00 m., and 6.30 p. in. to 7:80. WARNIN- G. • Don't mall your letters or valuable packages without having your can ad- dress written or printed upon the upper left hand corner. This will insure Its prompt return to you if not delivered, end will prevent Its being sent to and opened at the dead letter office. It is not obligatory upon you to comply with thie request, but It is to your interest to do so. The Zephyr hai received several prop- ositions from eastern publications to club with them, and thus \boom\ its edition. To publishers of such papers the Zephyr would say that ifrit cannot Mike Itself succeliiMTTiR (\77ii merits. it will quit the business. The ZePhyr is here to build itself up and net to aid Iri,WiltIrtg - big Irculailone - for 'other - papens, infifiq of which are \advertis- ing fakes.\ This paper has also had numerous ap- plications to insert patent medicine ads. and some that are worse. To such ad- vertisers the Zephyr would say that if they want to pay the seine rates as home advertisers its columns are open to such as we approve of; otherwise they are not. Country newspaper men do. themselves, their readers and their home advertisers an injustice in accept- ing every patent medicine and \fake\ ad. that comes along. especially when they do so at prices from 50 to 75 per cent. Tit Make one price to all, and sink or swim on that proposition and you will be winner, brothers. • The populists of the east or a portion of tliem, tinder the leaderathip if Keep- off-the:Grass Coxey. have declared themselve ass seceders from the western populists, in effect, by coming out (let- t:4248W atteMetate.46meck•reritertma -est -akar:, and in favor of greenbacks by the car- load. Whether this departure of Mr. Coxey's is an evidence of the tine Ital . - Ian handiwork of the goldbugs or riot, it looks very much that way, and will separate the populists of the went and possibly many 'of the south, from them, of the east, and prevent all possibility of the removal of the governmental af- fairs of the United States from the . baneful control of the republican and democratic parties. The populist party has been accused by both of the old parties, ever \Ince its formation. of be- t'-- lag compoeed - of cranks, anarchirtelffid agitators and it must be confessed not without some grounds. Thousands of voters, men of both ability and respect- itbility who are not notoriety or office seekers, but laboring men, tradesmen, and commercial men wholcompose the bulk of the population of the United States are vainly looking for some re- lief from the oppressions that have been thrust upon them on the one hand by the republican_ _party apici_ on the_ other by the democrats. There wits a strong hope entertained by many that the populist party would prove in some manner or in a measure a savior to the 1111allseS, but as time advances this hope seems to have been constructed on saw' and the foundation is crumbling and with it all possibility of relief from the control of those now infamous, rot- ten, itoe tweed polOtiemi oreantzatione known as the democratic and repub- lican parties; parties In their earlier days noted for patriotic men and bril- liant statesmen, but now simply the tools of thieves and- corruptionists. Ill, almost • sure thing from the pres- ent outlook that there., will be no less than five presidential tickets In the field In INC and that the election ef n pres- ident will be thrown into the house, which at that time will be overwhelm- ingly republiean, and the electihn of the reputairan candidate. the popular vol., for Wiionl will not reach over one- third ef the number of ',nitwit cant in November et' that year will be assured. One of our elleged great statesmen has very aptly remarked that You can fool part ef the people all the time, all the people part of the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time.\ He might also have just as truthfully added that as between the democratic and republican thimble -riggers they can 113111 Alit eneugh of the people all the time to keep inte or the other of their monstrosities In power constantly. And this suggests the old time ceintroversy over the difference between tweetile lee and tweedle dum. ZEPHYRS. There Is talk of a masquerade ball In the near future. Noble & Rule have had a crew at wet k the past week filling their ice house. The resurvey of the route from the \Y\ to Gaylord makes the distance less than . 4% miles. Mrs. Williams, it Is reported, will soon build a nice cottage residence near \Wes\ McCall's. Charlie Wagonbreth will soon have an ice house built and filled for Use In his market the coining season. The concentratotaat the Golden Sun. light was laid up for a brief spell the past week on account of a broken shaft. The construction of the roundhouse Is to commence immediately. it re- ported that it will be a \attendant\ or flat -roofed building. W. II. Fergus received a carimid of !,11 the other liar everything seems to come to this attire In carload lots— even to matches. A large quantity of ice has ittN`11 re- eeived and stored In the w4iiemiti sec- tion ice house for the comfort of the em- ployer the coming season. For fine laundry work trY the C. G. a 4team laundry, Butte. They pay ex- press charges and give you itutte prices. A. M. Maxeiner. agent. Whitehall. Hamer Kennedy is putting up a fine little ice house on his new purchase, Ind will have it filled for summer use. Ills new residence w:Il be censtructed later till. We venture the reentielt . that Post- master Davey etill hear the back ilot .4 a residence open and close quicker and at ia longer distance than any alb,. man id Whitehall. owing le the funeral services tor Mt, Lewis 01 Wednesday afterneon ..1 1:1,1 week the Christi:al Entleavei •.... , .. , rifeffalriment Was nesday evening next. In order to accommodate all the vaults ..f the public eehool without overerowd- hag them It might be a good plan to \double deck\ the eents-atemething will have to be done soen. A second survey of the line for the e pur front Whitehall to Gaylord was made last week anti the line thereby ehortened the biggest...part of 1,000 feet thereby. This was from the \I\ eppe- eite the depot. Mr, Tewnsenti, the well-knewn rust- ler f NVisterloo. will build tin Ice lows*. The investigation by the coroner's jury of ti.- Butte horror is being care- fully watched by the Anaconda Stand- ard, and it is to be said to Its credit I It is taking more interest in seeing no whitewashing is perpetrated are the Butte papers. Over half R ired flees were lost at that explo- e scores maimed and disfigured for r.• and yet it hat, been stated that the at that can befall the people respon- for the pregenee ef the explaeive o. the warehottees In illegal quantities le seats for damages. and thst the •foree ee pi timeliest by means of their wealth f,-, xe or etarve .eit the plaintiffs .11PPIR, Well. the latter is too ..fl. I true. More is the pity ..tIve Bucket ef Jeffereon corm , \ItIntrerlei it Tifl . prolfifflh r, , ',ion of the eoldierre home at eione Springs. The Zephyr is net ..f it.. opinion that it will he passed, but h.q..* that it is mistaken. No more vorit hie situation in Montana could he found The proposed location is de- light full. -it ilated in a sheltered spot, where trio. .•1 .to , during the win- ter non I its 10. ••., i s as pleasant. eve mere •PI, • summer time. ette-e. Intl fill It for use b'y the taborets en- gaged in the 10 nstructt..n If the Parret e•erice the eeming eurnmer. Net leng Han. the frest kporked .mt the Jeffersen valley banana elloio (“1 . lilt. '9Z: .itetiten, and a few days age tau east Aire! blighted the orange trees, anti It looks now as though Whitehall will have depen.I en imported fruit af this na- <Awe (or the emoting .\ , •11E. An Inebriated null% idual had a very' itttrilitet fram cnilng under the wheels of i,ne of the west -bound pas- eetager trains a few mornings ago. The 4tation platform was icy and in making lunge for the car step he slipped and, fell against the train, but was luckily thrown on the edge if the platform in- stead of under the l heels; bystanders O aught hold of him as mein as he landed Ind kept him from roiling off under the train. The editor made a 'trip into the 'cellar 41 W. U. Fergus' store last week and was surprised at the quantity of goods stacked therein—and only perishable goods are there stored—and yet \Billy\ Is deubling its capacity. Fruits, canned Roods, bottled fable geode of French and tiemepolc production In endless pro- fusion Even a great big ice box stacked full of cigars --he don't haVe to keel. them in ice. however—and yet he more than deubling Its capacity. We are informed that one _of the prominent members of the Good Tern plans in vesting her vote for secretar> - .wrote his Christian names only, RI141 those transpoetel—\Dare Shirley.\ IT may be that she is \Dare\-ing him; not believe that Shirley is the lad te be dared She says that ehe has 'ailed him sweeter names than that. 'hough. and he apparently felled ti take the hint. a The It1.1f011‘,1 kIlloit If the • r,: seatelter means th , coerced to Dillon 011111111110 1 . — it meat. MK\ are ors. .:Ionicle wants to al at Uk• Parrot ..Ilding of • branch cdeed It does. pro that and much of the bent state on the old MAI2 had gone because he has no ear for music, and we were past mas- ter in mitsical lore. Come again, gents, and our' spagioue, _firestorm and wine \ cults will again be placed at you dis- pose I ECUOES OF TUE RAIL. concerning Throttle • Pullers. Firemen, Ticket -Punchers, \Snakiest EN. Engineer Mavar says that the throt- tle pullers and knights of the scoop are going to organize an Annaniaa Club in Bozeman. We would suggest the fol- lowing gifted disciples of Anniltrtilita as officers.: Grand. high priest. \pus\ Hanscom; assistant high priest, Kid Lyle; inside watchman, \Snappy\ Has- kins; outside watchman, Engineer Cam- eron; custodian of treasures, EnIgneer J. Foley; janitor, Roundhouse Foreman BalleY'; trustees, Pete Sorenson, \Nig\ Hill, \Main Line\ Tracy, Old Porter, Engineer Lyle Van Zandt. EYerj , mem- ber must be at the lodge room at 7:30 p. m. sharp and give the grand hailing sign by kicking the door three times in a soft tone of voice. G. R. Taylor, the efficient and popular cashier of the Livingston freight house, was a amen of Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy recently. Mr. Tayier gave Kennedy some invaluable hints as to how and when to seed hit beer garden, and what fertilizer% to List.. He said irrigation in ,his especial branch of gardening had proved a failure, as It was. very liable to be overdone. In fact, Mr. Taylor stated lryness was ene of the peculiarities nest eseential to good returns in beer gardening. We are Infermed that Station Agent has isaight six acres of land .•st of town and will lay out part of ... ground for a frog anti hen ranch, the remainder as a beer gaTden. ••enedy says that in all his experience • miaaa'sa0C - tierITtietter achiptetihr • rderting. Ii. N. thinks that next .torner he can supply his many French German-frienelt•- - with- their farm* , dish and beverage. We are told that Pat Cummings, the .eut master on the main line, contem- d lates committing matrinetny. Watch oit, boys. and give him a good send off al recce; he mixtuM log married. Pat to a boy and ought to be reniembered .y his friends. The Zephyr will donate Iris' broken promises that will conic in !tritly for Pat to use to the t)00r trust- ng lady that premises ti become Mrs. .atmmings. operator alaxeiner has hie hair cut c.mpadour, anti says -to everyone that steps into the depot office: \Say what do ffrtnk T. ray irate - CUT . t. i unity? I will ,catch un 110W. sure.\ Conductor Dodds Rays there Is a lot of grief running* train nowadays, when ean't ntop anti draw your salary at orne. Ihidds wanta his life all velvet A Rh a gilt edge. Engineer Pete Sorention. on the main quite an authority on the merits .f the different brands of minee pies ilong the Montana Ile can .•Il where the pie is baked by just tast- bg it with one hand tied behind him, ,ott. It takes a whole pie for Pete to make reliable assay. Engineer Tom Glifeather and Fire- man Robert 1,9Ie we're pulling the pay on the 22d. Fireman Lyle says it a as a base slander—that he did - not :limb a telegraph pole lately, but that ic eniti lifted Over the fence by the boot a the Yo9ng lady's father. It is reported that Chief Storekeeper H. L. Soar at Livingston is going to lffrirtrit IMOVITRICalreltiee he hid his hair , :ut curly; he is kind of stuck on his Cleat. now; please forward one to the / .phyr, H. L.; we would like it for a to in our , cabinet qt wonders. The 1.est Rand Dance. The dunce given by the band boym on :he night of January 25th was not near- ly an largely attended as on previous ...easions. Much of the cause for this was the very inclement weather then ;irevalling. and also lee fact that the revival being held at Fish Creek kept, many away who had heretofore been egular attendants. The music was fur- nished by Professor Crane at the pi- lule. Professor Mills of Twin Bridges ..ornet, and Mate Gorerilel violin. Among ,ii INV present Were: Misses Ethel Hind, Lonie Woolverton. Lh.eney, Messdames C. J. Eck- strom, Mrs, H. Winkler, and Mere C. Perks, city Mimes Townsend of Water- loo and Ida Heinman and Mrs. U. Hein - man of Camp Golden; Messrs. C. Parke, It W.e.lverton, F. Woolverton. Fred Wwks, Charlie McCall, Fay McCall ; C. Nawkistoss.4.- Woftlieer. T Hind. J Morris, W. Langdon. , ish Creek. R. Norval, T. Ketchum of iS aterloo; F. Tehny. W. •Tebay, Jeffer- ;on Island: .1. * Deeney, Spire Rock: J. 0. Jordan, J Patrick, D. Morris. Fish Creek. At 12 o'clock supper net, served et the Whitehall hotel, after which dancing eats relearned and kept up until 3 \'dock canglit I \Bob\ Cat. A few darn ago Johnnie Pfhol. bridge watchman between here and Home - stake. set a large trap for mountain Ilene near bridge 42 Johnnie I lid not fully realize the height of his ambition :n that line, but last week succeeded In eatehing an enormoue \bob\ cat, which is really almnat RR formidable its a mountain non when It remelt to a scrap. A well directed rock knoZited the eat insensible, and a club goon flnitilaed the animal. In skinning him tireceit of where ha had been filled with gun -shot Si some previous time were found, the wounds must have been inflieled POMP Ome ago as they were entirely healed Since the above was written John hap caught another of the critters at the same place. Whitehall Troshadoare. The- home and marine editor of the Zephyr, Included with other prominent and notable Mistime of wwitoran, was treated to a delightful 'serenade a few . -nights AO by 'Messrs I Etude 11144. M Mat xelner. The romtkmen appear•d after the old man had left and played a amp selection of Spanish and Amerloaa sirs. Both gentlemen Cr,' artists with the guitar and month (wean Mr itode plays the mouth omen and guitar at one mill the ARM. lime, and Max sniele th e haute°. max say\' they wafted until Engineer William MeGonigle informs that Roundhouse Foreman Neteberg wearing a broad grin on his express- . phisimahogany since he got that se :suit of clothes, but we hear that .. pants are so loud that you can hear -in_ in the peat block Pumper A. Lowell of Logan Is gaining 'Ii very fast since he goes dining up Central Park two or three times a k -at least that Is what Billy Greg - says, Wonder if leis the good feed 'tune fair lady's smile that Is work- pg . swat wonders. It is. rumored that Engineer Haskins 'a ill tithe his string of fast horses east coat' racing seareal. We would advtee the arliroad bop, to keep their small •tainge in their several pockets for fear \Snappy - might throw the race in favor if a better horse. They say that Engineer Hill of the main line pretends to be good authority at placer mining -ever since last summer when he worked in the placer mines on Pipestone for Ile days. Wonder If he -an tell gold from braes filings by this Hine? It ts rumored that Engineer Billy Gil- . rt will try farming in the near future the Gallatin valley. We will bet dol- ! Ire to doughnuts that Billy - can't raise , disturbance let alone a crop of veget- tides or grain. is it. William? Engineer Mt ( Gonigh. and several °th- is have made a number of quarts loca- ia e - d ns in the Pipestonistrict. and we leeerely hope to see Mc wears diamond ui big as. the heallight 1 , f the - hog - in ihu near Damara. Fireman Parker says \Give me a roundhouse or give me death.\ C. C. nys he does not like to dig the \hog\ tit of a Imo* bank every morning, which has been the case of late. Engineer John Mavet says \Pus\ lleneeoru Is flat on his back at Wise- -min with his old enemy, the gout. on 'pp We would advise \Pus\ to live on mush and sunbeams torn while. 'Pus\ Haneeton says that Station Sgoot Michels, over In Butte, has the mate airy \(flee on the branch; there are Ti,, dome or windows to open or shut elm.. the explosion. Engineer Glifeather with engine No 415 was. pulling the passenger on Friday. The regular passenger engine was held over in Roseman for rgpairs. Entrtnewr,H. L. Rose has lately ac- quired a broad new mile, which he only wears on state occasion\ or when Ii,' meets his hest girl FREE DANCE! , -- St. VALENTINE'S DAY, Thursday, February 14, —AT Fergus Hall, Whitehall, - - Montana. Charley Perrino. Floor Man'gr MUSIC BY Butte City Musicians. Everybody in Whitehall and sur- , rcurding towns and camps cordially invited. Supper Will be Served at the Whitehall Hotel. Supper Tickets $1.50 POI' COUr110, For pale at Ball Ticket Office. MRS. R. scampi', Whitehall, Mont, I HEINZEMAN PRABTICAL Brick and Stone Mason ALS0 Plaster and Stone Cutter Engineer Pete Sorenson ea me threugl: on engine e53 In plat , . of the regular en ginear. J 'reat, on freight with Con - - -*— Granite Window Caps, Sills, Water Tanes, Etc., MINIMUM ON SHORT Norms. Tile Floor Setting a Specialty. Estimates Furnished on all kinds of Mason Wurk . . Pime• Kniriiie Etl?i i e r rie i d t r!. Terms Reasonable, Whiteba I, Montana. A. -ovatEt--&-Ge; ty Blacksmiths Horseshoeing and WagOii Work - . . . AND STOCK BRANDS' RepairingOP f r o a m l p k t y n c l i D s o n e GIVE USA CALL. Shop one Block North of Hotel Main an First Stree s D W. TURNEY. Contractor andBuilder. The Oldest Established in Whitehall, Careful attention given to eke msk- irg of estimates, and all womb done in • tnorongb and satisfactory manner. Give me a call)! von have anything in my line. __gib e pay ear passed through the burg Tuesday. the 224, and made the rallrjetti 'hive 11111my fey another month conductor (Oland crew came through on M. east -hound. Tuesday. JOHN MOORE No Vacant Stores or Hoopes in Whitehall, And littoral Dalt bentnais ta tearer of construct ton, which are already taken COMP and see for yourselves, or ad- dress NOBLE & WYP:TH Whitehall. Mont. or Salo ChooP A good new double harness Omani complete, at Dohyna Drug Company's. Price, $22. WHITEHALL MONT PAINTING GRAINING KALSOMINING PAPER HANGING Whitehall, All work entrueted to me will be promptly and skill- fully executed. H. V , VINKLER, Dealer in Choice Wines & Liquors Beer The Natural Supply Point of Six Separate Mining Districts. •4 4 •41•4.40•11 e•••••••••••••••••••• I The Natural Supply Point of' Six Separate Farming Districts. 4 , .1•••••••••••••••••-•••• Whitehall - Montana, The Northern Pacific Addition TO Whitehall, Is 1\To - vcr - oit3a.e 1./Etaxgmot_ 11lis Addition is li , cated south of the Northern Pacific Depot and adjoining the depot grounds, within two minutes walk 01 the Post i flice and le •dirg toward the mammoth melting plant of the Parrot Milling Co. that will be erected this summer at a cost of one mil- lion dollars, in which direction the town wilt naturally extend. , Lots are 50 by 150 feet and as\ level as a floor. Soil 10 to 15 feet deep ; streets 80 feet wide, alleys 20 feet wide. Title perfect gi od wel water at a depth of 15 feet oi any part of the addition. A limited number of Jots will be soid for $5000 for inside lots and $60.00 for choice cornets We have fistrd Some of the best hay, grain and truit ranches in Mont an>, Correspondence solicited. WHITEHALL REALTY CO., 9494.4P.tre 004.4 , 44 , 004 , 94 , 44 , • Whitehall will make a Record! for 1895 that Montana Will be Proud of. C.J. ECKSTORM, Manager. I as 4 11,44••••••••••••••••••••• We have a Peerless Combi- nation that is sure to win. 2 \Merit always wins.\ All notes and accounts aavertised in this spaze for salt guaranteed as correct, and ill be sold to the highest cash bidder. All bids are to be sealed, and I reserve the right to reject any and all bids. All accounts sold or settled will be cut out of this list o the week following the. sale or *szttlement and their name will be replaced by others. • Prof. Chas. W. Birchard, (note) $17 00 Walter Bumby 7 80 J. E. Darling 29 10 J. '11 Harmon 5 00 Jack Patton 14 00 John Tyldon • 5 75 Homer White 2 00 F. W. Rogers 3 75 Washington Black 4 25 Robert Delaney 5 ee Frank Littlejohn 7 75 Z. Liscombe it 50 George McCormack ' 7 16 Chas. Walters (Silver Star) 6 60 Chas. Miller 13 80 Frank Hale 14 65 Dan Stanard 9 78 Mrs. Susie Robert 10 30 C. F. Ellison ' 29 35 fetewart Young 16 62 To each and every one ow ng me I would say: You are next on the list, and unless you settle your note or account I shall have to offer it for sale same as the above. W. K. FERGUS, , Dealer in General Merchandise. Whitehall, Montana. [NOTE —The ZEPHYR publisher (llama one week in which to correct typographien errors, if nny there he. in the above T. non...ex lee omits ] PERRINE & MILLER — --Dealers in *Ar WJEAUMAritg W - = G OODS *MMWW4ilt - Montana. Whitehall Hotel. IIENR1 SCIIMIDT. Proprietor. Rooms and table first-class. Charges moderate. Stages for Sheridan Virginia City, Twin Bridges and all 'other stage points leave this Hotel daily. Pcpular Frauds of liquors Ni. Williams,‘ Pool Rodin in Connection Corner. Near Posta:flee. The Whitehall cornet band will give a dance In Fergus hall on the night of January 25th Everything possible will he done to make this the in0a$ enjoyable affair of the season No objectionable rhanietere will be admitted. ERNIE METALL, CHAS. M'CALL. MATE GOODINL. COMIlifttte. DRESSMAKING Whitehall, Mont. Satisfaction and tood work as- sured in all instances. TO BREWERS I will furnish a good site, near depot, with fine running water, free to an one who will build and oper- ate a Brewery thereonts-- sail , that it shou'd be an exteMive plant. For further particulars ad dress, W. R. T. COMMON, WHITEHALL, MON rANA J. F. ROBSON Livery and Sales Stables WIIITICHALL, MONT. First-class Riga and Saddle Home at All flours E. W. BURDICK, DENTIST, WHITEHALL,. MONTANA OFFICE AT RESIDENCE. L C. WATERMAN, General Blacksmithing 1(ji HORSESHOEING A SPECIALTY Corner whitehan sod Second Streets, H S. M'FADDEN, Contractoi and Builder Whitehall, Montana. All people contemplating building are teepectfullv in- vited to give me a all A. W. PUMP, BAR RE IND Agent for Big Blackfoot .billltoo and Lumber Company. • Nails, Bolts, Barb Wirt; Etc Ageat.for linsbford Wagon, D. U. Os- bOrne's Mowers, Rikes and Binders :LAW HIM 3 LIU* PA • • •

Jefferson Valley Zephyr (Whitehall, Mont.), 01 Feb. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.