Jefferson Valley Zephyr (Whitehall, Mont.) 1894-1901, April 12, 1895, Image 1

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JEFFERSON VALLEY ZEPHYR. THE ZEPHYR BLOWS FOR ALL. Al $2 PER YEAR IN ADVANCE. VOLUME 1. WHITEHALL, JEFFERSON COUNTY, MONTANA, FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 1895. COAL MINE HORROR Terrible Explosion in the Blue Canyon Works. , TEN BODIES WERE TAKEN OUT thirteen ()there NMI in tile Mine, and all ire Supposed to mite Perished. U-allI'-,Ai,ilo A. New Whatcom aPe - t lid to teie Peet Int ellig - encer says: Neves has bee, eoelved here of a ter - .lid' explesion in the- Blue Canyon coal If.liar-, Nall Lake Whatcom, seven milee from this city. Ten dead bodies have been taken out and 13 are still In the mine. Uvery effort Is being made to rescue them. A steamer has gone front this city wIth the superintendent, three phymiclatie and 10 miners on board. OLTalLe oF THE ACCIDENT. Tacoma, Antil laidger special from New Se hatcom gives these details of the ooal mine explosioh: An explosion from fire -damp in the lilue Canyon coal mine, on Lake What - corn, this afternoon, killed 21 men. W. A. Telford came from the mine tonight He was at the bunkers when the explo- - Rion occurred. He went to the Incline and found James Kearns at the mouth of the shaft nearly dead from exhaus- tion. Kearns said all in the mine were dead. He had carried Ben Morgan as far lin he was able and dropped him. Merren, he thought, tees dead.- Kearns and X. , ersilum were the only ones who escaped at of 24 men, who were at work. Tern valentine and J. 0. Ander- eon were the incline men and they es- caped. Al the switch of the gangway, 800 feet from the mouth Of the tunnel, Eklund and Telford found the body of George Iteberts, and beyond were three loaded ears which had been blown el the track. They next found the body - of lien Mor- gan, who was dropped by Kearns, Eck- lund and others. They were unable to go beyond room 21, so0 . feet from the angle of the tunnel and gangway. Their safety lamps went out and gas drove the explorers back. In room 21 they found the bodies of Thomas Oonlin and James Kirby. It is supposed that in ad- dition to the four found 19 perished, The gas was so thick that the rescuing party was able to Stay only a few min• utes. The cause of the explosion is un- known. 7HIC MISSING MEN. The minsine men are: D. Jones, superintendent. Andrew Anderson. James McAndrew. Charism Stiverson. Mike ZeIllinkl. !mesa Late*. E. P. Chase. Thomag Conton George }tuber! s Den Morgan. John WIlliam• Alec Ilende,rson. William Evan•. !fume Johnson. William Lyster charles RAM berg% Sam Oleson. .1 A Morgan. Martin Itiiiin. TI - 4 E TPA N , ,,ANDEAN RAILROAD. tetcrtiritte.1 in Chill of Its errm• mot len to a Few Years WanhIngton, April 8. -United State, rnielet•r eltrobe4 at Santiago, Chile. ati- nonnces In he report to the state depart- me m th e ! Ti,' t'hIlenn congress February 9 passed a law Whit' h guarantees for I went y years to the Trans -Andean Rail- way Company the Interest at the rate of 414 per cent on .he cat.!' al stock of 1.1,300,- Uan The English , aottelist with whom the holder. it 'he a Naloat. , ... Clark Brow) had berm negotiaring to raise the amount required to 1,110 Ieto the road demanded a guarentee of 1, per cant, but the Chilean corigrram a -raid not fro ha- eonel Pe. As work I. being continued on the Argentine stile hope le generally. en- tertained In Chile that with the persertge of the law sufficient capital will be Oh- taioad for completion of the coil, road lie both companlen within a few years. The enconipleted portion. hxyra‘tir, Com- prlans the most difficult por tion. The line orr the Argentine Side IP It ta tah e rt aa far.. ituerta cia Vai seal arcl on the Chilean sad. as fnr to Colter I /elnado Thin leaves iii preaerit, tinflrinthed shoat fifty mile*, i• .1 i vIded bet ar..en the tate reiphb11011. This dIntanne IA 1.4.1.../ at prement tree- eerwai tneeveeterfe hours., and the whole trip from N'alparalso to Iluenom Ayres oc- enpying four daya. THE RUNNING OUT OF MILLS S r I. s o ld lie Imre Ilelp rind !moorage mem to n PrinIxerton grv flusir•, Jdeho. AprIl 7 It is that th e offeniap of the miner Mliii. whO we ron out of the Gen, mine and mit of Can- yon \reek Friday Mehl by six masked soon. lay In his having helped a Pinker - ti,, detective 'alit of the country. During the rocrooreble struggles lending up to the blowing up of the ' , rite, rolll end the bat Ile mt i ',ire, on ' , reek a Pinker t delecti , natural Her trip , 01115 Wit I. 'Le Con a joined the union limier the noun of Allison. and ham -Arno ati.. rote, H , OMR In the employ of the mien , end regularly eaerled fell eml r •r11 . • role - win to them of the proceedings of the 41 Mall. At tact tiot•plcion netionicl d to Allison and another rivollher, and lean moved off In a hurry It wee that Mille helped hit. nut ./ the oanvon, a nt the enein men vowel thet he •heirld ▪ n gc• enti•110. 'petit In a tank, ',dim A few 'lays ago he was put to work, With th• result erevleeery reported. CONVENT e •N OF CIRCULAR CARRIERS Colnenbea. obi°. teiciiI•d I pen ale the Meeting Place Piqua, 0., April II --It ham been deeldsd that the propOsted north-mai conx•rilion of American ageente, Olreeler 11/1 1 1 en/ ',seders •heil he hold at the I'Mtrifl W e t.. h o tel I n 11olltarrahhis on Jot,. 17 end rollo-wins date.. Th• Ant, have boon Redacted at the iimoreetion of egee te th r oug horit the country The old, Iot the cr ii , x e o tIo n will he to form an In' r, • iorml Or gentretion of circular v., lot with a sespreme lediele and Wetted roe &is e rt.& lodges.. lefan ,t111 liar Hone Kong, 01.1,11 I It Is amid lt..r 4.4, re r • a nane tranxport• are errishoic t „fr Pe...ester* teirseche it is rumored the t effeek l at em •antam la nonterimletoni ror 1`... 1 \\ tutees beset plareel fl he river for iha defen.... of the Milt- CRAZED BY YEARS OF WATCHING I ets sisters tried in lili.itC11 their End, but ere Itissuaded• New York, April 8. -In the Mantle pa- vilion of I3e.Uevue hospital there are two spinster slaters whom the phyisiciene will examine today. For twenty yew. these woliten have tended their mothei, who is ',tisane and bedtidden. Their fatiun r was M the lawy luM ve year.. Yesterday, worn out by the watch over their mother, and In the belief that bottle day they would come to her COlidltittli, 1)0111 worrier; tried to kill themselves. The wornen are Mary A and Harriet MeArdle, the first 40 of nee, the oth- er 34. Their father, Jame. Meerdle, now 80 years old, is a retired builder. Shortly before neon yeaterday the father went to church. Mary, going Into the kitchen, found Harriet pouring carbolic acid into a glass of water. Mary watched her Me- ter until she put the glass to her lips, then she dashed It from her hand.e. After that there was a struggle between the two women, for Harriet instated that she Must kill herself, and tried to jump out of the window. The cries of Mary alarmed the neigh- bors, who hurried into the house. After half an hour Harriet became calm. All the neighbors left them except two wom- en, who said they would stay during the afternoon. Mary In telling them about the troubles of her life became so excited that suddenly she jumped on the sill of the open window and would have thrown herself to the courtyard three stories be- low had not the women preeent grasped her about the waist and dragged her back. It was Sister Harriet now Who quieted her sister, but Mary grew worse until Harriet, in her efforts to calm her sister, became hysterical. When the fath- er returned late in the afternoon he saw that affairs were beyond his control and called in the police. The asters begged to be given pistols with which to kill themselves. They also pleaded with the officers to kill them. When the doctor came the women became calm. They said they knew perfectly well that they were Insane, and were anxious to go to the hospital. MALIGNED OUR CHIEF EXECU-TIVE Ite, Lansing Denounced as a Liar cud .; -eandalmonger. New Yore ill 8. -The World says to- day: ' • of the most intense kind , lee among the demo- crats h• other cities over ildent Cleveland the at, ell act ol c o o n n . f e c ha reir g n heal•e. • it enness at a . e preside], ; din''-' to at ',\I , . Af • ta •1 • !IMO of his elec. • ; eleihis inaugura- te,' ere; t e 1,11, irciact.14 denounced the story as a he and in trait terms expressed their opinion of the American citizen, who without the shadow of prof, on a simple hearsay statement, would malign the char- acter of the president of the United States.\ Chancey M. Depew said last night: \There is only one reply that can be Made to such • story. It is absolutely conn temptible add absurd. At the chamber of com merce dinner I sat near Mr. Cleve- land I can nay that he was absolutely eober an 11 CoMmand of hls faculties. Lie con In the way that the air hi at rang., of expect from the president of .lie redted Statea.\ About tie .,... expreselons of opinion were Made tub •, k , ' , .Ittlert, E. El- lery Anderson ie , in Vibbert ^e Many of the publicans, who which Cleveland CITY ELECTION - \- MONTANA. A. P. A !Victory In itutte Democrats Won at Anaeenda. Butte, Mont., April 8. -William Thomp- son, the A. P. A. candidate for mayor, was elected by nearly 1,000 majority, beat- ing E. B. Howell, the democratic and polb treat candidate, and J. H. Monteath, re- publican candidate. The -A. P. A.'s aline elect the balance of the city ticket, with the exception of one aldermen. The tight was hot and a surprise. TIS electloni passed off quietly. ANACONDA DEMOCRATIC. Anacionda. April 8 -Anaconda elect, a demoeratic city ticket entire, with the exception of one alderman, who tied with, a republican, each receiving 184 votes. W. M. 'Monitories plurality for mayor over M. J. Fitzpatrick is MI; T. J. O'Leary over C. J. English, for city attorney. 168; T. •J. Fitagerald over T. Roekweil, 19 John Delury for city treasurer had no e; Position. The aldermen-e(ect are Denne Shovelin. John I), Rom. John Leppert. ONE TIclelirr AT KALISPELL. Kalispell. Mont.. April le -Election day 'am, lie qirielest Kallepell bee ever seen since its organisation. Heretofore moot- elpal electimis have been ehartu terlsed by bIttet - contest. There was hut one ticket iti the field, W. C. Phipps, being re-elected . meyor, Charles Srulthers, J A Itoblnenn and Thomas eufford were elected alder - Men. LINCOLN'S SISTER•IN•LAW OUSTED Cie* gland Appointed • Men to lake liar PoetoffIce. Washington, April 8. -The president to- •• a t Frank W. Joplin postman- •i 'town, Ky., vice Emily T. ed ; a one of the appointments TRIAL OF NEW YORK POLICEMEN ac the session of congress --- --- which the #40 .•te failed tO confirm. Mrs. Inspector McLaughlin's Case I. the First Helm I. a‘ Weir -In-law of the late Pres- 1 0 Corn. rep. ident Linyeite and lies bud the office for New York, April IL -The opening Year.. April term of the emirt of flyer al Gilbert FI ittrcc.I craa el t• , inted post- miner attracted Imnieme , . crowds master at ,t•I•. morning to the ced • ; • .••••.',1 0, ; lay Justice Barrett ,,, e to tr. t,ict DISASTROUS I' . e4UIT OF A TOUGH that the r'e...\ ^ \ COVERED WITH SNOW Recent Storm in the West One of the Worst Known ALL 1HAVEL WAS STAGNATED Ito trgc 'took Killed by the Hundreds i rains Are Now beginulug to Come Through. Denver, Colo., April 8. -Belated Day- eters from the east report that the storm through Kansas vrae the worst ever known In -that section.' Many passenger trains, now more than 48 Mous late, are still battling with enowvand sand on the prairie. Superintendent Bogard of the Union Pacific, with headquarters at Cheyenne Wells, has a large force of men clearing the tracks. In places with- in 80 or 75 miles of Denver the snow has drifted in cuts from 30 to 40 feet deep, being over the tops of telegraph poles Trains are getting through on all loads today. The lose of range stock in some por- tions of eastereMolorado, it is said, will amount to 20 per cent. of the cattle Many cattle drifted into Hugo, Colo., and perished, which had been driven before the wind from the north over 100 miha FARMS; HOMES AND MORTGAGES Statistics of Debts on the Producers of Necessaries of Life. Washington, April 8. -The compilations of farms, homes and mortgage statistics made by the last census is interesting In view of the decision of the supreme eourt. These statistics do not, however, give the details concerning the rents paid. A summary of the statistics shows that there are 12,690,197 families In the United States, and of these families 62 peru-nt hire their farms or homes and 48 pt, own them, while 28 per cent of the can. .14 families own subject to incumbrani; 72 per cent own free of Incumbi Among 100 families, on the ai ;fie.; hire their farms or homes, 131,, , , A it with Incumbrance and M with. • , ,ni- brance. On the owe , I toe •, - „ liens amounting to -, 1.2 '- 17 per cent of the vele, et . • , e , farms and bonds, and this 1., , interest at the average rate- ' per cent. Each owned and Ire • farm or home on the average le n .• • t.l.362 and Is subject to a debt of 21,2I.7. In „regard to the families occupying fermi, the conclusion is that 34 per cent of the families hire and IN per cent own the farms cultivated; that 28 per cent of owning families own subject to ineura- beam, no,: la., cent own free of incum- bronco,. Anions 100 farmers, about 3.3 per •ent hire, et per centAivn thelL farms with Ineutnbealace afel17pet 'Reef ttEin iamb chum' nu the owned farms there are Hoe, Arc A tine t , Ora , e.t.a lona, which Is 36 pe• eii , of it able of ii: timbered faro,- I t t''' ',it at the r r I 'wrier rfll fff ' 1 ff.. It , ,,age worth 1...101 iuo. a 1411117, f' a debt Of 91,22e. HIS NECK MAY YET BE SAVED Strong Efforts on Behalf of an Uafertn• nate Criminal. I r ver. April 6. -This le the date upon • according to the eentence pro- ', ed Icy JIldge P.C..\ 11 enry• Tyson • • e heneee • • e. Irder, over six ci , 0 ,,g, of Chid; ie. Som.\. The Mate • , • • eurt, however, granted a su- e. • e ed last week, and consequently Ti 1,011 0 1. a new lease of life. Public sym- patby b ic been aroused in his behalf, and It I. icow very onigliely that he will explar• \'m t , ,, gallows. Ty- son .. a , has I r• 1 1.1 ti ranel in the crime,. history thin or any other comer, 111.11 , I n one Charles Sumner, he/ . I with I s wife after seducing e. ;1.ntrinding this strongly mit- , d •,,dtance, however, the jury, to ; hrought to trial a year later, found lam guilty and the death sentence was pr ;nee& Thereupon the unfortu- nate n,ii oi; his reason. and In turn his stele ; • , eerie and his power of mo- tion. 1 b the gallows Wait not to be cheap , • ;Is prey, and so the • .re got at hlm ; in time wirceerled it ix toring his re.',, and all hit 1,, ec h nes Then tie wes resin house. , it ••• FI , ,nthetr Jury, seri h pronoun • d e where- upon he was for the e• • me s sentenced to hang de ir •er t iiterion of the supreme court at the t time is based upon the tlalm of Tyra,. , .iwyers that a man can not be senteneeir le death o eerond time. The appeal will be argued later In the year. Mb with t,,s‘ . „ Its. 1.,11c,1 and the Deeper. on th° ' 0, , • 414 I -ii, p o d Mho- P the tr,\ ' -----tin,,ghlin l..111 4 1 • 111 11P1 •• -t• .a, e pr.. •o , to•I e'l f' 4 , 1 of / anrerall ' • dun) insi k. Joetlee itrar --I , e Michel - gr./ Ile pa r1.•1 that h w ae it ; , ,, , • Net , eie; h taw 1 • a , . '11 . eon f In, ea 1Ir A', A,.,.!Kafue-ley night, r RI • 11.atts of I. 3, & ' 'eh , eilv .e, Mot - yen Ask, JIto !ilea an r anti Mr Willtins, ',riming of the who' e,, teem. of a IlOtert• Car thief I, to known I a Ione, Dill,\ tk • o . a 't'my 'th ft Iii, 1 `,. f fi /41 ' • , rat 1 '[lie ItOgro wars/wed In the derk 11 I, ia iii I r\ o gr''' I A, 11 1 he, Fie.. row ha'ng that a eonei • \ro x i •ly ' , i np u t'', th e prose , f lha reel of the dofendents Loule a c I Is the leading counsel for the 1,1, f A SCHOO' , I it SUNK IN COLLISION , , ,,„„ „ vi . tn A 7 „,„, Run Into ey • Serge in free on the Sr tenth: onat 1 • a- • n •.. a e ar.. I la 1,- , •a•' all la rseral ItaVet, Mass , April I The 7 , 1 at , • 1 na ram , 1 , I a ao • • 4fflor frielah II Smith of t1, 11, from l'Inlahrhat.o a Htaa.Inlara 1 TO1 o ti I N,•Iro.‘rn to 11noilon h 5 e erie , o f 'al I. .• • ,•• info end wink lest night three II'h. s'• breisra I • .. I to.... ..ff , :er Hemel light InrIng thick ()Mahe a 1 A c • a I' e mob. , th e barge, tan.o flier, In toe, '1 ta the eteea oa t a 'aptaln Freeman imp enr livery Ian. we, I.•ttotol anti 4crew of seven men were saved by ; t „. ,,„,„, ,,„ • , from the Icralog tar the barge •• Iti,h ,e le, „ e , tar •r1,, , ,m•r vra• otokloa, I I', ii TI HG RACES IN SUNNY CLIMES t,ete,,n1.- of \ii' -PO trilni.• tie A 'Arse premed, In. Toni, a, 'AO n nopt7.1,1orl tr. Iin.v 5' e Atte... In Alet.leao.......1 I5. II... dfll,, I 11 144 1 butt I Ilia, 164{11111 1 t 1 11.. Apse it C o h oo xi In e fa 4 , 4 1 . a' -''•red e'nerifie l ;,irn th e reeled, nfficer whir has , -oe,1 to Oa Mt • to m ootnomorler ohlef of tha mai g••• • Not,. I .rien the lothino, i colon, A 1 . , -11 I The steamer 11pl.throthie ha. her/Welt from Caste. Rica to the' Pori I e number of reoloereblen reflea. The 'Dike Of laborers along the line of the Panama can& cantinnes. army. hem roelano.1 owing to a illexteree. went with the Move gneernment. Th• French erialeer. Partin end DuPete Thirere, After being ettarked hy the tend battery. bomhareled the novas at Poore- st - 9. near Tumatavo The reply of the Bova/ eras without MGM. WELL KNOWN MEN PASS AWAY Republican Governor of Deities,. use Gone 10 Ills Long Heat Dover, Del., April 8.-Govertsur John Ii Marva died at lel& He hex berm elowly sinklog for a week. and he death wan as peeled for tierieral day.. tiluyernor hiallT VII defeated Tinint-1, the democratic ziom,uu nice Jo .100th teta7 MAW IL* Iirst rapuhilean goy ernor for years, JUDGE SCOTT SLOAN. Milwaukee, April 8. -Judge A. Soott eilostnerif the third judicial circuit filed at Beaver Dam last night, aged 75. He served in congress from 1.041 to 1863, end was attorney -general of the state twe terms. EX-GOVNB.NOR KEMPER. Charlottesville, Va., April 8 Exeloy ernor James L. Kemper of Virgirila died yesterday near Gordonsville. V._ aged '12 WILLIAM HENDERSON. Glasgow, April 8. -William Henderson, the last survivor of the founders of the Anchor Line steamehipn, and of the firm of Henderson Bros., the famous boatbuild- era is dead. THE LOTTERY KING. New Haven, Conn., April 8. -\Charlie\ Chase, aged 72, known throughout New England ae the \Lottery King,\ died to- day. WILL INTRODUCE HOUSE BOATS company is ith Si 00,000 Capital to Build summet 'Ionic. Near Philadelphia. House boats will moon be introduced In this country, a company being about or- ganised with a capital of Duell(10 to build them In Philadeuphla, Says the Record. It is proposed to establish a floating camp or village near Philadelphia next summer. Each boat will be of a standard pattern, complete in Itself, with am many rooms and berths as may be required. They will be supplied with kitchen, store room, and lavatories, with open ehuded declee for fair weather and a small boat for landing and visiting. This style of boat Is common In twine parte of Europe, es- pecially in London. PARROT GOT HIV INTO TROUBLE Celled tem • Liar and He Mistook the Voice for Anotheree A woman who was carrying a parrot in a cage stopped a Baker street car at Twelfth street, New York, the other af- ternoon, and as she got aboard she seated herself close to a man at the front end of the car. No Bootie, had the horses started up again than the man made haste to get a seat on the other wide of Hie car. \Polly won't bite you!\ snapped the woman as she looked across a; him. \No mebbe she won't,\ replied the man. \but I'm not going to take any ricks on a parrot. One called me a liar a few days ago over in Windsor, and I've just got over the worst pair id black eye., s ever saw poulticed with beefsteak THE COMPLICATIONS IN NORSELAND Rumors Of itopernlin - ii - Wer Sete ten Nor. ururn 01,0 suede.. lirleilatia Aprli 8. -Estimates to be ememited to fitorthing have boon pub - netted and cause touch oomment. They gino freah Impetus to wild rumors of Im- pending war between Norway and Nee - den. The eatiusaleas e feee exceed *4y viseturerrmweeireallIte aims - , is to be devoted to the construction of Ironclad... In addition largo credits will be asked for the purchase of munitions of war and for the complieUmeofi the forts at Tonsburg harbor, WAS SHOT .DOWN BY A BURGLAR Phulip Geffron tiertens Wounded Intl!. own lionse. Denver, April 8. -Philip E. Claffrun, a watchmaker, Wee shot by a burglar abeut 2 a. in. today In hie own house In High- lands. Oaffron was aroused (tom ble sleep by his wife, who told him that burglars were in the house. (taffeta; ...cured a re- volver and ran down stairs in his night clothes. One of the hut - glare Med at him twice. He fell dangerously wounded In the abdomen. Two men jumped from • window and joining a third on watch outside escaped. DIVISION OF NEZ PERCE MONEY Preparations. for Its Distribution Are Well lnd.r Way. Boise, April le -Senator Shoup, who has returned from the eastern state* In an In- terview, said that he was advised by Sec- retary Smith that the preparations for the division of the Nes Pero. purchase money among the Indians untitled to It were well under wed, and that the distri- bution of the fund will oceur In about 90 dame The proclamation of the president opening the Near Pen* reservation will ;speedily follow the fo•portionment of the money. SUPREME COURT OF WASHINGTON Printout. in •n Important spoken. Case Formally Announced 0 1Yrvi in. April t,,, a ifrefrn• ooart has 1, , r w. It Der le r e, , • \VIllahlhgt011 Se- a,1 1.••' • ' • • oontiont, vs. II , I., • • • ., appellant; reini Si. keno , •,al. tither enprene ciod. i„, i.lons oers: 0. Brodek and John te. • , 'stonier, respond- ents, vs. W. C Stehrei eetedlant. troll) ing county; re • es, I t -au lee Hill, re- d pendent, vs. IA E 1- 'ink. respondent. W. F. Gehres, et al , respondents, D. C. Hayes et al., appellants; from Lincoln. Affirmed. KING CHRISTIAN'S ANNIVERSARY. i si ma rk tieheivrated the Revente• !avian b Veer of Rile Life. New York. At • -A Copenhagen au - patch says an 1.. r Ark Is en fete today in honor of the ••• hIrtloirty anniversary of Klee Chtietie, in this city Melina= i s 'genera l', ses i - and there Is a ley idh dixplaf ' • , ng. A large number „r d ee , . d• suldreases w•re pre. 14.11, 1, f . 14 ,• y this morning, anal roa• . ' •t a -, - a • - •ar greeting were raced. , eft ft o I 1 1n tries. This evaining theta v , ball end gr•rol RESULT OF TWO FISTIC ENCOUNTERS Coatelid • Winner treedon and Rake, Fought • lees. Montreal. April 8.- In the airtne n _opeg e t to fight. Griffin was brie Cal out In the third myna - ettEEDON A'. I • it A le ER cheese.. April IL- I he el s tal roon.1 !o a t hn woierti Dan l'reeden and loire Del.\ ienieht was fif , fared a draw Killed by • Site of • ii., Laporte. Ire , Atell 7 Henry Farrtheim wee killed bete the morning bv • blew from the net of he tether -in law„raceh Off Perhelrn eam• herr.e tirtink and he. gee alweIng 1,1. wife IF/ h.414. lilm e postrerfet blow on the bead re...11 In, le he deeth t hIttett tettleon gate 'aleiattet, A t irli 5 trispateherii from Plro la eav lleh •nd Regale will he necepiwt by B r i t i s h fa r ce* from th• clew of Chitral_ A report which reached Ninth' confirms the Annotincement that the gee - dam of Chitral le safe, but •ttempts to open eommunicatiott with that pleas have Watt. SPAT IN HIS FACE Governor of Arkansas Wanted the Blaod of an Enemy.. AND PULLED OUT HIS PISTOL trier • Sharp Struggle the Two Engaged uusbatants Were larted-Lsgis- 'atIve Row Ccused It • Little Rock, Ark., April 7. -The spec- tacle of an honorable member of the Arkansas legislature. livid with rage, spitting in the face of the governor of ibis commonwealth, quickly returned by a violent ensimary of executive sa- liva Upon the features of the lawmaker, and a flourish of fire arms in the hands at the governor, was wItzteseed In the lobby of Gleason's hotel here this after - 'moon, and was the result of the first ieneat tel charges of bribery ip con- aection with the fire commission Inves- tigation bill sprung In the house of rep- wantalivea yesterday by Representa- .1ee Yancey of Phillips county. Mr. tones, one of the principals of this af- 'air, rose to at point of personal privilege tnd denounced Governor Clark as be- ing at the bottom of the charges. He mid that the governor was a demo- eogue and was going around like the essansin in the night, stabbing In the ack men who were his peers. This afternoon Governor Clark went .nto the lobby of Gleason's hotel and re- mested an interview with him. Mr. Jones replied he would accompany the 4overnor nowl 'ee, and if the governor , isel anything nay to him he must make it known then and there. Hot words followed and In a fit of anger Jones spat in the governor's face. Gov - emir Clark, trembling with anger, re- lurned the Insult and quick as a flash irew him revolver, and the difficulty night have resulted in bloodshed but or the quick action of bystanders, who 'harmed Governor Clark. The goy- emor was later arrested by a constable Ind released on his own recognisance. Fie %yid, he says, plead guilty to the :barge of assault ' , morrow morning. Further trouble nu.... 'hue. JONES TELLS rtIS STORY. In a statement of the occurrence, giv- e, out tonight, Representative Jones \I had just left the dining room after !inner at Gleason'. hotel and taken a «sat In the °Mee on the west side, faci- ng the east wall, quietly smoking a Agar and not expecting any trouble ehatever. Suddenly I heard the front lour open very abruptly and on looking tp I saw Governor Cie, k enter the Office. saw from hie c'.1.1t.tnilfilICC that h, tweet troUble I cht`iiit ci inty chall tiltroOl - Tie . Trille - relich'ed •. The governor, n a very abrupt said, 'Come eack with me,' and at the same time motiened towards the rear. I was to- tally uriermed and felt that he Intended to kill me. I said, 'No, I will not do It. If you have anythit .o sey tu n,e, you an say it to me here.' \He then caught me by the right arm said commanded me to go' to the rear tffice,at the same time puttieg me a step it; two. I then stopped and again de silhed his Invitation in language exact ly as repeated above. He then dente irately spat in my face. I returned the Insult by spittire ii his face. When 1 lid the he let I. \c .f my 111•111 fltld made for his ; •• .i; • ely charier was to km, e t. -1, I 'A:, ,r, I struck at him with 0 a , any might With my left hand. ffe eloang back towards the door, and my blow failed to reach him. He was reaching for hie pistol. I sprang and grappled with him and caught him around the waist, pressing beth Arnie to his side, but lea' leg es items free to act from th• elhee By this time he had his pist ,, i e • Just then Rep- resentative ft, I. , r .cnig in and grab- bedthe wviIi'ot , lighted to free the gun, WI: it, e •• 1. I 051'1 'Turn that plate! • s. Atte,' when the g• ,, ,i111:1 you Roberts, turn tt a' ; s' .1 loole \About this eh , one gra hind , me around the e se' the pistol be tit k• - relate. him. 10th.-,'. I then said, 'Give n • I and tut 1\.rn 'W l h oo e n se th w e it g h II',.,. • eiit overpowered, he . ,• •,, I 'epe to rn the pistol loose, and said. 'I will not kill him. I promise you positively that I will not kill him.' \'Senator Willard then requested me to release my hold on the governor and naked me to KO to my room, saying that he would take Care Of Governor Claret. Finally I did go to my noon,. remaining there 10 seconds, end returned to the offiee. but the governor was gone \ THE GOVERNOR SILENT. Governor Clark says he does not care to discuss the trouble through the proses further than to pay that he did not go to the hotel with a view of making trou- ble. but only to tell Mr. Jcitiell that he must desist from lugging hit nem• into enntroversies existing between members , f the house. The trouble which foi- e ru wa• not of his making. FANING GEORGE WASHINGTON to Iti• I IneYor ilt.j rad erer .l ea lhovonal. linnovstIOTA Philati•lphl•, April ft ite.nirga Waxhing- tone 0.11110 Plit h •tned• In front of In- elreeleionee hall am though vending it. sac reel 1,-,7 to•In. I. onalorsolng it. nest ' , leaning In *even veers So mireh of th• Mit and door of the tJusker city ham ed- h•re.1 to It In that period Pet It hap to- riiilred the Imo of chisels anal nee In the hartd• of atone earver• to reetore the mar- ble In Its original 0010r The I...a Is noer nearly eel...10.'4,A tend It le esp•,,,set teat the- eountyrfelt Snake of the Immortal t'iworg• will been, r•a t alettal•nt In a clean hlb and lueker on Meeler eiAW AN ABANDONED SHIP ON FIRE •Mele of the R•rk Copies Reports • Itleemisr et fees. AelOrta, I mr, April V. Certain Cartoon of the ItrIII•h bark copt •\• ''••' liottl on a! •• N. a- 11 .1a, . 1 .1. loll,/ y et , ft I.n. Hwellah hark he ••• • h, woe epee a r.a ara Wh•n alploa,1 a. Ins t fretsal In•pe. a • ' • wit:, of life end he thooer 0 lho. nine-. 11141,14 , 41. TRAIN ROBBERS BROUGHT TO BAY One Killed, Two Wounded end the Its maindered Cornered. Hennessey, 0, T., April 5.-A part of the posse in pursuit of the bandits who robbed the Rock Island train near Dov- er Wednesday night came upon this gang 36 miles west of Hennessey at 3 ,yeaterday afternoon A flint ensued in which one of the robbers was killed and others wounded. As soon as the rubbers were sighted the deputies jumped from their horses and used them as breastworks while the robbers made an attempt to retreat. Two of their horses were shot from under them and one man was killed. Another's leg was broken but he managed to get on his horse. Another was badly hit, but he, too, succeeded in getting away. The marshals gave chase to the retreating outlaws and finally cornered them in a bunch of timber about two miles from the scene of battle. A waiting game Is being played, as the outlaws must have food and water. The dead man was brought to Hen- nessey at 11 o'clock last night and has been possitively identified as Dick Yea- ger, alias Gyp Wyatt, on whose head. there is tin aggregate reward of over $5,000, Including $1,000 offered yester- day for each of the robbers by the Rock Island. He was identified by United States Mislabel Grimes and G. C. Krepps, a farmer who was acquainted with Wyatt. He was Identified as one of the Dover nee by the entire train crew this morel, , • • palmed here. Conductor Ma, ie the leadee. In his possesel.... an aim I. dird the sack the porter was compelled to hold while the passegers deposited their val- uables in it. INSPECTION DISTRICTS OM THE ARMY - - Aseignn•ents of °Moors Made 'subtle by the sectetary of War. Fort Sherman, Idaho. April 6. -The changes that have been In contemplation by the war department for some hint relative to the system of Inspectors In the army, has culminated In an order by the secretary of war, which is destined to simplify matters greatly. Six inepeetion Metric's are created, to he known as the North Atlantic, the sinth Atlantic, the Middle, the Northern, the Southern and the Pacific. The inspec- tors assigned to the several districts are to exercise a general and comprehensive nhertvetion over all that pertains to the enleiency of the army, within their dis- tricts. The following amignment• have been made: Colonel R. P. Hughes, to the - North Atlantic, station in New York city; Colonel CI. H. Burton, to the Pacific, sta- tion in San Francisco: Lieutenant Colonel H. W. Lawton, to the Southern, station In Santa Fe. Lieutenant Colonel P. Vroom, the Middle dietriet, station in Chicago; Major J. P. Banger and Major S. A. Gariington. to the South Atlantic, station in Venier These inc\ 'ore are directly under the control of ri e secretary of war. Their reports WIII ese through the hand, of the COMMet. I rer generals in whose de- eartrnente 10. are stationed. I; ',Wiped ed the Irepections made taN ho Itiniana tol s gt floral the COMMIllatilara At tepertments win sem make trinpeetione ennuCee In order Dim II. .,, not) be to; posted In every matter a et- tix to 'de f thi*ceiriPclionm.meannddlelfare of the troupe under •LLINOIS FOR A DOUBLE STANDARD Cleveland Will Get Cold consfort From Democrats Thera, Chicago, April 6. -The Times -Herald prints today the views of 163 of the 304 members of the Illinois legislature on the sever quemr•e Seventy-three favor up - conditional •• eeiriage and 41 are op. Leered to it, • ; eit•Or colnatgo of the Amen. 'an product . ••• .; .!.; are non-commit - al. Of 67 der. 1,0 . 1, . , ..t.ore - Interviewed a are for f, , • ,,,,d only four are • mrainst it. el • - ic the favorite can - mime for ; • r In an Interview on the subject of a ii ir a state convention to discuss the en ..• liiestiumn Posomester teeming said the ii•Ii rmit to commit the democnitic party to free coinage can have only one effect -to draw from that party voters. \I had • consultation with Presi- dent Cleveland on this subject.\ he said. \He expressed to me the hope that the beginning of the movement for honest money would he made in this city, for he said that he felt that Chicago, with Its push, enterprise and enthusiasm, could give an impetus to the movement •uch 'a could nowhere else be found Huch a overnent should be started.\ in an interview today One ee •ir - Alt- -.Id Intimated that the dee: • • tarty ' Illinois will probably de, .• • • e free Ivor at the state convene., hell ,ne I. \I believe,\ said the /41 . ,, rnor, 'hat four -fifths of the democrais and re- iblieans of the state are in fever of free MAPS OUT NICARAGUA'S COD , Z If England Attempts to a ;Meet Indem nity Morton suggest. a Men Washington. April 7.--8eorteary Morton thinks the purpose of the English gov•rn- ment in sending • battle Ihip to the Nicar- aguan *oast is to enrolee. the demand which will soon he made for Indemnifica- tion, on account of the expulsion of l'Oneel li•teh. and It is believed th• Royal Ar- thur will take the matter In heml and cure the Indemnification by collecting th• outdone duties on Nicaragnan Import. In that event he thinks Nicaragua's wie sit course would be to convenes her eon gram and pass a law for the eihnieeion of all Importation. free of duty In conclu Mon, he said: \The other nations wouhl never consent that their exporter. to Ni- reragua should pay duty to England in the absence of a tariff In Nicaragua.. and England's policy would be •ffeetively blocked.\ A FORT WORTH BANK SUSFENDS City National, Which Has City and Coun- ty Fend., Embarrassed. Fort Worth, Tex., April 1. --The City National bank felled to men ilia morn Inf. On the door was 1.. , •••• , 1 thin no tice; \This hank ham a !oat 1.1a N' ment by order of the tumid t Ii• c. I• a Alt di e ei•ei,,, tic ton' I o i nt , . sem.000 ' lee a II • term as • 'IP 9th, Ife; te 'r the fund. I..iod Tt • • k le the ' ty I terte , lrer Owe awl the e Slate Pythise FUNDS FOR THE ' , it FOR SILVER 0.1 ton Mtn. tnt'...v, I, Relice Ilatf A l ert a ha , e .ao [Amine 1o• tile -al 10 • at a , , • for I ot r-ounele , • , , Ii,,, hltnntAni • j•,f t , II ....rid period. ha- a 1.11 aide gliut1s. Priest A.. 'vat K ermine/41 end t'orit , eiiatIon who h e ,,- id,. e•i•i • an alas, far horning At . • I, will ha rel....owl tenor row a, • 14. , ,I•rniottep,i Th e neuet , att..1141 Lae ....ermine.' that the •videlle• is orci a”Molont ron v1 , 1 NUMBER 20. IS NOT A DRUNKARD Cleveland DtitIOUlletn Clergyman Who Spread Such Reports HE SAYS IT IS AN OUTRAGE Love of Notoriety impala Minister* of the timspel to ltat.oftle (..•1 UflIntaftltte Washington, April 7 - When the re- port of a speech made In a Methodist conference at Salem. Mass., by Rev. Landing, and his subsequently p \...- fished interview, accuelng the preside at of intemperance, was ehewn to Mr. Cleveland this eVening. he sald with coneliterale warmth, .\Thla 1,. aImply an ,,.:!ruge, although it is not the first time thing of this kind has been attempted 1 ean not avoid a feeling of tridignatien that any man who makes clehns to deceiley and especially one who useurnes the it Christian, ehould permit tin become a dismentinator of wholesale lies and calumnies not less etupid than they are cruel and wieked. \I easily recall other occasions when those more or leen entitled to be called ministers of the gospel have been in- etrutnental in, putting Into circulation the most scandaloun falsehoods concern- ing my conduct and character. The elements at factors of the most as proved eutilt fer placing a false and barefaced itertumation before the house appear to be: Fe st, some one with baseless motives eufficient to invent; second, a minister with more gullibility and love of notoriety than piety, screed- Ily willing to listen to it and gobble It, and third, a newspaper anxiously wi'l- ing to publish it. For the sake .4 the Christian religion I am thankful that these scandalmonger ministers are few, and on every account I am glad that the American people love fair play and Justice, and that In spite of all eft,. Is tes mislead them they are apt to form a correct estimate of the character and labors of their public servants.\ CHIEF JUSTICE HAS THE BIG HEAD Cerieni Mulligan Not Sparing of Ills honor, Mr. Id. of Samoa Washington, April 11-1n the Samoan correspondence lust made piddle by the elate department there in a merlert of let- tere from Jan... 11 Mulligan, United States consul general to Samoa, which are interesting from thelr free and easy style of common ellun concerning diplo- matic aff•Irs. Speaking of Chief Justice Henry me who preehle• over the court cet•blished for Samoa by the three powers -.Great Britain, Germany and the United S lates --he says. j 'Ielcsaimt and agreeable m ustic Ns eis tu . a re 7.r, se been laveh with him In her gifta iedlie Ii iou up to the guess of Daniel Nebeter. lie Is violently impressed With hie own importance •nd the most melan- oholy feature about him le that he labors under the IMprelislon that he la very 'mere \If the land litigation was once eleared away the powers end public. would wake up to the •bsurdlt y to rixtorilng an ordin- ary Justice of the peace with the title of „ chief justice, whose lutea would be con - toed to the treel of an occaelonal native for hooking bread fruit \I shall lay before the department In the oroper time and way the fact that this Vermont lawyer has actually recom- mended and secured the enaettn•nt of • law depriving the king who is. I think, at least he sue, In ability, of the pardon- Ing power, save by he consent I protest that I have no rupture with Mr. Ide, but his greeping, pet t) ambition is so acute, th• humbug •o apparent, that 1 feel It my duty to eonvey to your eye clone, for your correct undmetanding, the Impress-, %ion of a mere stranger, fret from all friction or ent•nglemente It'DGF. PIPER'S FRIENDS I EF.I. BURT - - Put TM. %inch stress I pon a St•tensent kegardIng Ills Decisions. Moncow, April 8 -The sentence in the Spokeeman-flevewe dispatch from Boles In yeeterday's Goole Mating that \Judge Piper Is being reversed wtth quite pain- ful frequency\ by th• supreme court sm- elted a great deal of comment here. where Judge Piper has resided for a number of yearn Th• Spokeeman-Ito clew corres- pondent Interviewed Judge Piper last ev- ening with referenc• to the Item, and was very courteously furnished with quite a number of facts bearing upon the mat- ter, which would end to put It In • eornewhat different llghu, The legal busi- ness of the judicial detriet is the lemma In the state, with the i.salble exception of Judge Richard,' It has been wad that a larger perrentage of Judge Piper's de Melons hee teen toetained by the higher cotirt than of any dietelet judge, with the execrpt Ion of Judge Standee& In the pres- ent In•tance, five of the decisions of the dietrict IticIse were mu•talned and five re- versed The iereent•ge is, your dorms - ' , melted wee given to understand, • vetrY Mali one All of th• most Important , axe, that tin, • .-orre before Julig• Piper ha,e beet -1 . 11M, Ir110.1 by the hIgh•r court, 1m -haling IteN•ral of the heat known In the entire section. Vi'lth tics large •rnotint of litigation In the detriet. a larger Mun- i\ of eases may he appealed, but the per- centage of reversal le not as large as th• Bottle dispatch we'll,' indicate. MEAN SALVATION FOR NEBRASKA Bettie Plaine and Snow Dave Itrok•n he tortIttle Droeth. (moths. April 7 -From all part. of the . t,es ra have been received telling ef 're heavy rain. tine snow and the eon- ••,1 1 .1.•nt happInotts of the farther@ and Dub- in... ,ten Songs of praise are eapeehelli ...Ina from the heart of the drouth- atrl. Men realm, nf twat year. There the roan hem beer) I h• most abundasit Front Nliek01• COnnty west, taking In ;he vem area consorted by the emirate, Of Aderns, Webster, Franklin, Kearney. !Mar- ine, Duffel°. Dawson, Phelps, Teepee, 1 , r,,till•r, Reel Willow, Lemma, Hayes, littehenek, unease Perkini and arel In fact &cream the state to the northern booteinry, the prectipttatten has hewn sufficient tn gather the roost calming orltle Where •Itt ,0 tirainterit abounded • weak ago, hope has resumed her sway and levee net eel forebodings, replacing t tern with Need/anaemia treat. lint not only has Nebraska been betineed by the eopious rains, but the ailed -up 'it. nitns •Inng the Karaite. Calleesda lad\' gold It Dakota border, have bees wetted Iii •s extent In exert of any etterietee• In years. in the northweetma oeuatise 111 inehee of snow has tale greatly delay- ing railroad traffire Petters, of , ionitte. rarneworth WershIngton. April 1.-Tbe remains of General J. D. Farnsworth et New Ise% who died here last Matt e will be take. la Albany tomorrow, einem , the flisefSl sloes will be held Watiessdair at I Wel.* It M. Peter's elairei. - 7. exPo-re of •peehe from lrow ork let Ilwt Week amounted tit me at in geld. and $4111. 210 in silver. The Inaporta were. 0 °Id• 11 . 166 AS: $100.709. Thereton aella rot ill• • Plan Frienelme, Awn It L, A Thereto'', Itateralten minister to the United States, sailed today for Ifoactinhe

Jefferson Valley Zephyr (Whitehall, Mont.), 12 April 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.