Jefferson Valley Zephyr (Whitehall, Mont.) 1894-1901, April 12, 1895, Image 2

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Jefferson Valley Zephyr, • Published Friday at Whitehall, Jefferson county, —43Y— H. M. WENTWORTH \The Zephyr Blows rot All Editors, - tar & Joe\ SUBSCRIPTION PRICSI One year. by mail Hix months, by until Three months, by mall Advertising rates on application. $2.00 135 .75 Arrival and Departure oi Trains, West -bound mail and pass.. .7:15 a. m. kast-bound Mail and pass.. .12:05 a. in. DAILY STAGES. Depart for Virginia City, Twin Dridgew EEnd Intermediate points at 8:00 a. in. Ar- rive from points at 5:30 p. m. MAILS CLOSE. West -bound , 6.30 a.m. Rast-bound 7 8:00 p. in. , Postuffice hours—Week days, 8:00 n. tn. to 7.30 p. in. Sundays, 8:00 to 12:00 m., and 8:30 p. in. to 7:30. WARNING. , Don't mall your letters or valuable packages without having your own ad- dress written pr printed upon the upper left hand corner. This will insure its prompt return to you if not delivered, and will prevent Its being sent to and Opened at the dead letter office. It is not obligatory upon you to comply with this reouert, but it Is to your interest to do so. The school election is over, a good *an di as been elected; even if he does not prove so upon trial, nothing but harm can come of constant \ rag -chew. 44.\ Take a rest now until next elec- tion. t Senator Palmer of Illinois, one of Cleveland's most servile cuckoos, is warmly opposing the endorsement of pilver by Illinois democrats, and now Cleveland is telling what a great and good man Senator Palmer Is. ; France and England are now making faces at each other and calling names. There's no danger of a fight, however; the parley vous' would not take water, but England would, she lights nothing ibut savages or broken-down, bankrupt 3ations. Great heads. Rev. William Cleveland, brother of the president, has been mixing theolo- gy and politics to such a degree that the Presbyterian congregation over which he- presided in a New York vil. lage has asked him to resign by a vote of to 1.—Troy Times. Yes, and if a petition was to be circu• Slated asking Grover to resign the the job for which he is a misfit it would be carried by a greater ratio than 18 to 1. How the Butte Inter Mountain, Salt . iLake Tribune, and other prominent re- publican papers of the west can consci- entiously claim that the republican par- ty is an honest friend of silver passes all understanding. They are either de- -;e1 ving themselves or trying to deceive the people. Depew, Reed, McKinley and all the republican Josses declare that the party has no use for silver. In fact it is only the other day that Chauncey Depew said that the \ Ilevab- Beans will steer clear of the question.\ We hope that the close -down of the Golden ftenlight properties near White - 'hall is but temporary and that these Immense works •yill soon be running full blast. Elf the stspenslon of opera- ' Dons on these properties the prosperity of the flourishing term o: Whitehall will in 90 way be retarded and we are wl,ling to bet dirmonds to doughnuts that the Whitehall Zephyr will be found at the same old stand for years to come \blowItig for all at the usual rates.—Ba- An Times. Glad to have your good will, \ pard,\ 'and it is safe to say that your wish will be gratified, and that you will win all She doughnuts you can get put up. r - Washington adylces state that is now pr t! ally certain that \there will be no r artcipation by America in the pro- posed monetary conference, under the provision of the sundry civil bill. It Is regarded as doubtful whether the dele- gates elected under this pro•Ision would have authority to consider any question except that of ratio and. tree coinage of silver, and it Is said that Mr. Cleveland does not expect to ap- point any commissioners under this plan, if at all. ui not belleyed now that the mon etary conference will be held, but. If it is this country will either not be rep- resented, or else will be represented by tielegatrs se.).acted by th.f president tin der the gen7ral law. In other words the action of congress in authorizing the selection of three senators and three members of the house by the re spective houses of congress, and of three private citirens by the president will amount to nothing. This Is real. iced now by the members of congress , selected on tie commirtion, and the president Is said to have no thought of making any appoiritteents. \In view of the almost certalo failure of this move for an interha,tional con - ?trance. iv is being urged that in•ita• tiring ehntild be sent out by qt',.• country for foreign nations 1,0 join tic In a con ference to he held in Den - , cc, Colorado. This proposition. cosy -ye, riom ene „- peal to the plefil.Innt, aril here is no probability of It • being vat''el out.'' Tact o Is no danger of anythi,ng being carried ont that will be favorable to sil- ver !teals( on, If Our swelled bead pripshient can block it eutryinan both adults and minors equal- ly, and the subsequent failure of said heirs to reside upon or cultivate the land operates as an abandonment there- of. Mineral. A corroborated protest against a lode claim, alleging non -discovery, warrants a hearitg thoegh the report of the dep- uty mineral surveyor may show the ex- istence of ore in streaks and kidneys\ in various parts of the claim. Placer. A placer location of land kir building stone, tha, fails because unwarranted under the law when made, cannot be validated by a subsequent discovery of some other material that is subject to entry under the placer law. THE SCHOOL ELECTION. The Following is ()no of the Results of a Warm Contest. To the Editor: I hope you can favor me again by granting me space in your valuable paper to corre:t another mis- take that Is of Interest to many of the people of Whitehall and vicinity. At the school meeting last Saturday a gentleman quoted me as making the following statement in my school: \I have been told by the trustees to pay all the attention to the larger scholars, and let the smaller scholars go.\ I would say to the gentleman that I made no such statement, and I would further say that the trustees have never even Intimated that such a course would meet with their -approval; and I am certainly surprised that any sane man should entertain such a thought of me or the trustees for a moment. Now for the explanation: While talking with Mr. Noble on school matters at the beginning of the term he asked me to give the advance class all the extra time that I possibly could; \ for,\ said he, \ they will prob. ably not have a chance to go to schooi again.\ However, he did not Intimate that any extra time should be taken from the regular school hours, nor did such a thought occur to me. The other trustees never referred to the subject In any way whatever. In my remark. at the close of school stated that I had been requested not to neglect the ad- vance class, but I said nothing about letting the smaller scholars go,\ and the remark I did make was suggested by a conversation I had with an old expe- rienced teacher some weeks before. Now, it seems that some one has mis- understood or misconstrued my words, and has prematurely saddled the re- sponsibility on the trustees. I take pleasure in exonerating the trustees of any and all such imputations. They have said nothing to me that savors of partiality, and 1 can honestly say that the retiring trustee has always been ready to sacrifice his orn time and interests when school matters required attention, and no reasonable Man will believe that the imputation made last Saturday cat be substantiated. I be. Hese that the whole business can be traced to gossip pure and simple. I will now state for the benefit of the patrons of my school who did not have time (11 to visit the school, that my program was arranged so that the smaller scholars always had the advan- tage, both in study and recitation, and I am ready at any time to have the matter Investigated. 1 would further state that the extra time given the ad- vance class was taken before, Or after school hours. The school averaged 50; this would give each pupil (1 3-1 minutes each day, if taken separately. I hope the patrons of the school will study these figures carefully. I am ready at any time to discuss this subject publicly or privately, but I sincerely hope the trustees will not be held responsible by ycur humble servant. I feel justi- fied in saying they have been attentive to every true interest of the school, and have been conscientious In the dis- charge of their duties, and they are peer to any school board in the state. I do not wish to say that this exag. geraticn has been intentional, but the \silhouette\ they have drawn may re- flect their own folly in the near future: at any rate, the whole affair reminds me of the story of the \ Three Black Crows,' T. T. ELAM ECHOES OP THE RAD. Coneerniag Northern Pacific onductore. Engineers. Shopmra, Stationmen, Etc. Shorty McFarlane and crew of car- penters are putting in a new pier at Sappington, on the Jefferson river bridge Conductor Vd Winston has charge of the •arnis:led cars on the branch for the past foor or five tripe in place of the regular condnctor, Jim Onnn, who is taking a lay off Engineer John Mayer is running en gins 603 on the passenger rue between Butte and Bo, emus in place of Engineer Browse who is taking a lay off for a few weeks. Condector 4,Iasa was upon the branch last week with the work train getting rock for rip -rapping on the main line Roadmaster Walsh had all the ties loaded on cars that were plied op in the Whitehall yard, and Is going to distrib- ute them on the mountain between Pipestone and Homestake Station Agent Kennedy Is goimpto have a side track put in his frog ranch so that he can losd his product right on the cars without driving them a long distance The supply car, with Barney Allen in charge, passed through here Saturday Illeteee pf J and and Alloerel proloion.. trarniaberf hy W liar -Ian. iarrd and llibaing VI , ropy. Wiltritotit nth'. Wbatligilipmestoacier dick leaving *kik die* inform st ;Arils nue lit a ik alliesteed law, iVt - - 1 - tt to ac %bi4IesS t ti'- belts of the BOULDER .lorriNcis. A (holm Melange of and General Nene From tilt: I omit) [Special Correepoudence.) Boulder, April 10.—the Zephyr says: It appearances and sounds do not de- ceive there are many bluebirds, mead- owlarks and nightingales potting in an appearance.\ We can say ditto to all, even the nightingales, which appeared recently in the form of several young ladies, and we have no doubt the \ jays\ will appear later. The Ladies' Aid society of the Meth- odist Episcopal Church South gave a dinner and supper at the I. 0 G. T. hall the 3d inst., doing quite well. Boulder no* hears the whistle of a new steam sawmill, operated by James Simpkins. Loads of fine sawlogs are making•their way to the mill daily, and predict a good business. Boulder is to have several new build- ings this summer; among the most prominent will be the ins:lute for the deaf and dumb and blind, and some rail- road buildings—reports say a round- house—and several residences. At the school election Saturday Mr. George Cowan was elected trustee. Mr. Lees Taylor Is absent, and will be for some time, superintending the build• Mg of the Gaffney building at White- hall. Base ball has returned with the warm days. An exciting game was played last Saturday between the Basin and Boulder nines. The Basin boys got the best of the game. Firebugs seem to be In the vicinity. A few nights ago the China wash house was found to be on tire. The whole building was consumed, and with it many clothes belongleg to various citi- zens. Toy, the well-cnown cook, was so badly burned that be died the next day. The building had been set on tire previously, but discovered before any damage was done. This time the plot was a success. The grass is starting and severaNe- rietles of flowers are in bloom. Con- siderable plowing has been done. As warm weather begins prospectors start for the bills. Several new quartz dads are already reported, and this promises to be a busy and successful year for mining. Mrs. George D. Green left last Satur- day for a brief visit to her home in Oberlin, Ohio. Contrary to his name, the senator looks rather blue, but ex. ;nets to soon begin a handsome resi- dence, which lc to be finished by his wife's return. Miss Maud Poor is the successful seamstress in Boulder now. Miss Maud completed a term of Instruction tuber the efficient tutorship of Mrs. Glora, last December, and since then hat had all she can do. Afternoon teas are the rage now; Mesdames Gaffney and Belcher each entertained a number of friends last week. La grippe has laid up a great many of our citizens laiely There never wall a time when so much sickness prevailed. Two cases of scarlet fever are re- ported in town. They are in the family of J. H. Evans. Both children have been quite 0. 0 T. Jefferson county now has four Good Teteplar lodges and two Juvenile Te ples On the filth ult. Miss Clara N. Belcher, D. G. C. T., assisted by Mrs. Lena Johns of Elkhorn, organised a lodge at Clatcy, which commands one of the Sliest fields for work in this state —•lz : Lump Gulch, Clancy and Alham- bra. The lodge started with Id mem- ters, initiating 10 at their first meet- ing, with more names on the ptopos1 Don book The following are the offi- cers for the ensuing quarter: C T., Wm. B Reading; VT., Miss Metta Winslow; Sec'y, Miss Eva Will. lams; F. Sec'y, Thomas !Schlenker; frees., A. L. Stapleton; Chaplain. Earnest Marks; S. J. T., Dora Haynes; Marshal, George Stamm; Sentinel, Hattie Bailey; Guard, George Haynes; P. C. T., Charles Hedberg; L D , Mrs. Leua Johns. last Engineer McGonigal was up on the mountain most ol the thine lastlicuidat night, switching care at the burned bridge Engineer Tom Capp with Engine 229 brought op the material and crews of carpenters last Monday night, from Braeman to this place, where Engineer IdcGonigle with hog engflie 476 hitched on and took them or to the burned bridge. The boys wormed day and, night until the damage was repaired, and traffic was delayed tint 3 boors Conductor .1or Wilcox, the Italian all- around sports and crew on the branch with the wort tromp last Wednesday. Condoctor Rents y passed through Weduesiay night with an elthiaralit. henna eise Butte; the train consisted of 20 carloads of time freight—letaanas, beer and coal. ZEPHYRIETTES. The l.ndiese Aid society will meet in the vestry room of the church on the afternoon of April 24. at 2'30. Get ypur laundry to depot by Monilay night, as it is sent to Butte Tnewilny morning. A H. liazeiner, agent ('. O. D. Laundry. Butts Sam ‘l ado has rat ablishod a stage tins be- tween title place and the county seat, leaving here Monday., 13 ednewinte and Fridays, re- turning each succeeding day. Three spans of bridge 70, near Romastake, burned last Monday, causing NOR. 7 end S and nil and do each to lode a trip Theilem• age was repaired inside of shout 80 hours. Pennine having mail bound for points west of Oarrleon will esprdite it nearly 24 hour hy mailing It In time to atnrt on the east bonthi train; by tidoa layover of a day in 'Muftis avoided. A cirrus procession, if a good ono, IN often an amusing eight, hut sever hall so ititcrest- low nthe proiriwion of ore teams to be even daily on Otir Ore. -Y. from the AM nra, Broad - war and High Ridge minew A petition hap loen eirculatod in Boulder and extensively signed, praying for is direct mall service hetween here and the county moat As iii. now it takes two , dsysi to send a letter 33 miles by railroad Attention in called So the ad•ortinernent of Sirs, Inez Robison. in another column. Mrs Robson has bade wide eifierlebee In the and dressmaking beeinwee, and also carries an ample and sselleselected stench. There will he Eastern nervires In the M. Z church on. Nnildisy night A lino progragh 'Good Toling• of (Feat Joy to all Propha will be rendered the children, with en address from the paatot. Everybody cordially In- vited. .OT ispinenty wirla were Out with their f ratinn elands for a Canter, slew days since, and In, roosting the creek went of town One of the csynowe mired And got down; the gi Is were i,s,ilr fright. Pried, and Indeed it old bink Ma,* for the pony for • while, but eyesteelly he sae - &Iced to extricate himaell. Tom Hind ref wrned From Policy Wed,. Slay night, tie C1W-fey's f•reff, •' way he mimes! -hut he didn't want nil to tot anything about It -not a Zephyr; if we did we'd have it, tell all About. the wimple and matiienre rose he loet, how I ho picture of the \best.\ got waten•nalted end spoiled, and bow the , ologne ii ok lir,ke in hie poet. t. as • e• ti,- narrow swaps , he and th e rep l an heti from drown ng. It would take time Cr, relate all tame things. and the v• Josh Tom. and we don't believe In joPhing to swill Piet keep quiet **boot Tom's 11111411111 vir prices. etsert.t1, 1 1St, Whitehall Realty Co., OWNERS OF THE stiNnxas. Northern Pd61116 Addition TO WHITEHALL. WHITEHALL BARGAINS - Choice lots, 8 . 9a150, in the popular Northern Pacific addition to Whitehall, at prices from $25 to 8100. A business lot 50x150 feet, one-half block from the postoffice, for $200. A business house lu best location in Whitehall, on liallroad street, for 81,- 1'4 4 3 witteent lea fan a month. A building suitable for an 0 -room lodging house, in good location, for 8:nn A 7 -room brick residence with three lots, nicely located, in Whitehall, good barn, for 83,000. One of the best ranches, with d i good water right, in the fertile Waterloo farming distfict, at a bargain. A 300 -acre stock ranch with good knUtidaga, near Whitehall and adjacent to an unlimited range, for 54,000 We have some good buys in acreage within one mile of Whitehall. Correspondence Solicited. Realty Company, C. J. ECKSTORM, Manager. *** .4+ 4+ 4:i 4 :+•4• 4 +tri:+++rt • **************** A. MATSON, Contractor and Builder ..„ Estimates Furhiskod on ail ktiols or Wood Work Mpecini Attention givou to $s run., olof *torn Fittings, Pique owl Dr*WIO1101. A. OUIMET & CO. CityBlacksmiths Horseshoeing, Wagon Work and Stock Brands. Repairing of all Kinds Promptly Oftwao. Shop One Block North of Hotei :WAIN AND 1 , 12/STblItriliTiti.. E. W. BURDICK, ********M10101MHIMMliit L . DENTIST, WHITEHALL, MONT. —0 -- Office lit Residence ear ollimsamar H. S. McFAODEN, Carpenter and Joiner, OFFICE: RESIDENCE Mrs, M. Williams, Dressmakingj ilithollatee *See attteldtelailiffeMS* WHITEHALL; MONT, Satisfaction and Good Work Assurer! In Alt Instances. ... , , , ,p 4:: ;:.r t zi k vkyx e .I A . :zf kazg f g s q r gk,:t k , ; mtegr • a A rc y ou G oing to Build?._ it so You will want • 1. u tuber, Builders' Hardware. We have just received a large stock of Lumber of every description, which Is for salt) at market W. M. FERGUS, WIIITF:IIALL, MONT. ;•• Just Arrived Fine Line of GEN TQlSum inerCloth'g I Furnish'g Goods All, THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN DRESS 0001)8 Consiating of Canvas- Back Duck, Twinitem- Duck, Justin Stripe Hays, Satin Stripe iporpont In° Cloth London Float , . Fren-th Rattles, - • A tnerlean Satinets (i,msiiies, all colors In Cashmere* All the Latest Styles and Colors in Prints. No house in the OW Wiii Offer .rhollitrer Roods than we Ion • - year. Hive is a tall, and vre oto confident v',, will he rotivineeti T. D. Hind & Co. s When You 601116 To Whitehall anti wish to (smoke ono of the ehoioest im portal or domestic Harem have a glees of the bent boor of any brand, or oil the Mort winos, whiskies Or brandies on earth. Don't Mau inn Watch Cleaning and Repairing The Swiss Watchmaker ▪ Main 00 Jewels, each, Loo A )ttn W A (MA NTF711 All. A. GROSCLAUDE, 1 '1-.11 on v. address If M. Wentworth.. In the Postoffice. - , Whitehall, Mont. From hicK AY & CARMICHAEL, Wholesale sod Retail dealers In Foreign and Domestic Liquors and Cigars. Glass Front Opposite I te pot IF YOU WISH '1(,) Buu - OF Sell A Mine or Prospect Jollcrson Lima Flux 60.4 BtiANIUIPACTURIN3 OP Common LUMP LIME Finishing Al! orders Filed Pronmtiv. Uar-Load Lots a Specialty. LIME ROCK CRUSHED ' TO ORDER FOR FLUXING; °Moo and Worke at LIME SPUR, MONT. I MOItlif`O/N. Mitliaw•r. PERRINE & MILLER, DF-Al.E104 I'. • .. WET GOODS •tw' WHITEHALL. MONTANA. Mitchall flotoL SCHMIDT, Proprietor, VAS* ilt***********SniSinaltdi Man • Rooms and TableFirst-Class. • Charges moderate. at -1•••• ****** •••••• et Stages for Sheridan, Virginia City, Twin Bridges, and al Other Stage Points leave this Hotel daily. SUNDBERG & CO. Architects, A. W. Pillsbury, Contractors and Builders GRAIN, FLOUR I CAii.V.ING WORKS. ; , Mice, rtore and bar flat I I urea made to order. Re el pairing and varnishing a : •firo 141r, * l** * ***** ***** ***•**** All lobbing Promptly Attended toi I , . Ii Box 67, Whitehall. AND HAY i Nails, Bolts, Barb Wire, ift•nt t/4 on.d Sam Wade, \ \ LIVERY, FEED, Lime and Coal SA . ES STABLES J. F MAXWELL Will POP, rk ,, 1••• , . tiro'iet n 01°41 General ; Blacksmithme, iinti teams. the, eountry Alnavis ready at shoe, notice. Hearse for Funerals I c' and Gents' Saddle ROMPS , , n ('mud land for sale at all Omen STARILEN liZAS OW rummer Krona • • Horseshoeing, Etc. Ship at thr old Watermar place,,North of Sara . WArle'r, Stib19/ 1 . „ A good 100111ilin *ant,' ••••••• ega to t Don ft ft ftit 4 1 AIri and Mot it, a kide tri an, tiet ner and too aid and thir da hol Or I Lak pro ric ban the rea gha hilt 111.1 SF wit wo ter lee wh haE and 4ra lte tha pro th me pr hr h et er go ce Ri ItI P° to su a ye th ma di wt co vi Pr th ar , In r„ Si a is ti . 1 11 -S ii 1.1 ts, -C - t

Jefferson Valley Zephyr (Whitehall, Mont.), 12 April 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.